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Article by Karen Xie

Do hotel managers' responses to TripAdvisor reviews boost revenue? It depends.

University of Denver ·10h
New research from the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business finds that hotel managers can improve their revenue per available room when they respond to online reviews on TripAdvisor, but specifics are critical. The research, "Monetizing Managerial Responses on TripAdvisor: Performance Implications across Hotel Classes," is forthcoming in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly."Above-average and luxury hotels in particular benefit from managerial responses in longer length and provided by frontline managers," says Karen Xie, assistant professor of hospitality management at DU's Knoebel School of Hospitality Management. "Our research showed that full-service, midmarket economy and budget traveler hotels benefit from executives' responses. In addition, the speed of responses is important for full service and above-average hotels, and conciseness of responses is critical to budget traveler hotels."The researchers analyzed 7,979 managerial responses and 51,801 online reviews on TripAdvisor, which were matched with the financial performance data (revenue per available room) for 2,652 hotels in 427 cities in Texas over 26 consecutive quarters from 2005 and 2011. Their advice is summarized in this chart:"This study provided important yet specific implications on how hotels can benefit from different types of managerial response strategies according to their product characteristics (i.e., hotel class)," Xie says. Xie's co-authors are Linchi Kwok, assistant professor at the Collins College of Hospitality Management at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and Wei Wang, assistant professor of information management at Huaqiao University in Quanzhou, China.

Generating revenue from your hotel's FREE WIFI will be key in 2017

Hotelient 30 September 2016
For hotels and resorts over the last few years have always been faced with the same issue, which is the urgent need to improve their WIFI infrastructure so their guests can enjoy their favourite series on Netflix, upload and download photos or videos without waiting an age for the task to be completed. Hotels, in general, have been extremely lax in providing quality of service, as the cost to improve the infrastructure could never be offset by the revenue it could generate. Some hotels charge for the service which is not desirable, as according to Hotels.com who released a survey which stated that free WiFi was the most desired in-room amenity. Also, from the moment of check-in, either you are giving a small piece of paper with a password on it, or written on your key card folder, or you are provided access without the need to introduce a password. As we move forward into an era in which a guest will be able to check in, open their room door and pay their bill from their smartphone, interaction with your reception staff will become less and less especially in business hotels.Bearing this all in mind then, how can a hotel generate revenue from their hotel's FREE WIFI service?111The answer is using Social WIFI technology. So how does it work, let's take it in 3 easy steps:-AccessProviding simple and easy access to your FREE WIFI service is key. By allowing your guest to sign in one time only to your service using their favourite social media channel which in the majority of cases will Facebook or just completing a simple form, whether a guest speaks with your reception staff of not, they will able to gain access quickly to your WIFI. Clients will be encouraged as well to connect to your social media pages, which automatically increases your fan base and also provides increased visibility. Guests will also be accustomed to connecting to WIFI using this method especially in Travel where this technology exists in the majority of airports across the worldAnalyseNow, while your guest is enjoying your high-speed internet access, you are gaining an insight into your guests. Demographics, guests interests, how long do your clients spend online and email addresses to name a few. The statistics gleaned from your guests connecting to your WIFI service will allow you to be more targeted with marketing campaigns as well as design offers and services that suit more your guest requirements. However data collection is only one part, you will also be able to see where in your hotel or resort guests are connecting to your service, how they move around your hotel which will allow you to correctly position marketing for promotions or events that will be taking place at your hotel or improve signage or layouts. You will also be able to identify and collect data from conference attendees, Diners at your restaurant or spa users even if they are non-residents. Again sourcing this information will allow you personalise your marketing campaigns.ActionSo your guests are connected to your WIFI and you an understanding better your guest's interests and requirements. Now, it's time to take action. Here's how. Firstly, right from the sign-up page, you can promote any events or special promotions that your are currently offering. By knowing at what time of day the majority of your guests are connected, you can also send via email and SMS personalised messages. You can make them aware of what is going on at your hotel or just simply ask them to provide feedback on their stay which you can encourage them to share on Google, Facebook or Tripadvisor. Another avenue to generate revenue is to allow companies that have products displays within your resort the ability to promote their offers via your WIFI.In summary, by using Social WIFI technology, not only are you making easier for your guests to connect, you are gaining a data capture & marketing tool that will allow you to understand your clients better as well improve your TrevPar revenue and direct bookings. There is clear data to suggest that we are in the final days of rate parity across Europe, so it is imperative that any hotel or resort is wishing to build an extensive database of users to encourage them to book direct, Social WIFI should be an essential part of this.If you would like to discuss with us how Social Wifi and generate revenue for your hotel, emailinfo@hotelient.net.

[Cheatsheet] 10 Tips to Analyse and Improve Your Hotel's Distribution Activity.

4hoteliers.com30 September 2016
Distribution is one of the murkiest areas of revenue management for many hoteliers, it's also one of the most important areas to manage carefully when you're trying to drive direct bookings: Which channels should you be on? Which ones are giving you bookings? What about cancellation rates? And are some bookings more valuable than others?There's only one way to answer those questions: data.To get a quick guide to the 10 pieces of data you should be looking at to improve your hotel's distribution game, here's a one-page cheatsheet.Once you've printed this off and ticked the boxes, you'll be fully armed. You will know which channels are growing, which ones are giving you the most guests and the fewest cancellations, which channels are popular in your low periods, and how much value each one really delivers.

Rainmaker Group Takes Gold in 16th Annual GGB Gaming & Technology Awards

The Rainmaker Group 29 September 2016
The Rainmaker Group, the premier provider of revenue and profit optimization solutions to the gaming & hospitality and multifamily housing industries, today announces that it has been awarded the gold medal for Best Productivity - Enhancement Technology for its guestrev(r) (guestrev) platform in the 16th Annual GGB Gaming & Technology Awards. The competition, sponsored by Global Gaming Business Magazine, is the industry's premier award program, recognizing top performing companies for showing excellence in innovation and practical application in all gaming disciplines.Rainmaker's guestrev platform is the market-leading revenue management and profit optimization solution for forecasting and pricing hotel rooms. Backed by the best revenue management science in the industry, guestrev's forecasting models pinpoint the specific factors that influence demand, so that revenue managers can understand this demand and optimize their pricing at separate customer segment levels. Currently managing over 150,000 rooms, guestrev goes to work for properties of all sizes, including traditional hotels, casino hotels, resort hotels and several of the world's most recognizable hospitality brands. Rainmaker was founded in 1998 by entrepreneurs Bruce Barfield and Tammy Farley, who currently serve as CEO and president, respectively. Since its founding the company has continued to establish itself as the market leader in revenue management and profit optimization solutions for the hospitality & gaming and multifamily housing industries. The Rainmaker portfolio of solutions has expanded in order to continue providing top of the line service to its rapidly growing global clientele."We take immense pride in all of the revenue management solutions we offer, and are extremely proud to take home the gold in this year's Gaming & Technology Awards," said Farley. "Our team is focused on continuously developing innovative solutions for the gaming industry, so that we're always providing our clients with the best available technology on the market to drive their bottom lines. This distinction is a testament to that unwavering commitment."GGB characterized this year's winners as being at the cutting edge of technology, serving all facets of the gaming industry. A particular trend for this year's awards saw a focus on technologies geared towards integrated resorts. Other award categories included Best Consumer-Service Technology, Best Slot Product and Best Table-Game Product or Innovation.For more information on guestrev and Rainmaker's other revenue management solutions, please visit www.letitrain.com.

Agilysys Announces Latest Version of Its Industry-Leading Stratton Warren System for Inventory and Procurement

Agilysys 29 September 2016
Sept. 29, 2016 -- Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading global provider of next-generation hospitality software solutions and services, today announced the latest version of its award-winning Stratton Warren System (SWS) inventory and procurement solution. SWS v9.1 includes a number of innovative enhancements designed to boost efficiency, increase revenue and improve compliance.Supporting a strategic procurement strategy, SWS is designed to improve productivity while reducing labor costs and waste. The system manages the entire inventory and procure-to-pay process, and integrates with leading financial and point-of-sale software products. It allows organizations to optimize their buying power by aggregating the purchasing of all departments and locations for mission-critical items, as well as for the hundreds of incidentals that add up to big dollars. Incorporating a full-function accounting backbone in an enterprise-wide paperless environment, SWS supports procurement e-commerce and eliminates time-consuming and error-prone paper documents. Optional modules include: barcoding; menu and recipe analysis; retail; and SWS Direct, a convenient and intuitive shopping cart experience. SWS can be deployed as either an on-premise or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.SWS v9.1 includes the following key enhancements:One-click capability to 'receive all' purchase orders that arrive 100 percent completeAutomatic item clean-up and purgingAbility to attach and retrieve supporting bid documentationNotification emails for expiring bidsToggle sort view on bid datesAbility to add, modify and view internal notes during processing of warehouse requisitionsEnhanced approval process to include 'ASAP' or 'emergency'Enhanced compliance capabilities"SWS has always been an industry leader, and now this made-for-hospitality solution helps casinos, hotels and other venues take inventory and procurement to a new level, streamlining the entire procurement process," said Rehan Jaddi, senior vice president of customer support and service solutions at Agilysys. "SWS allows aggregation of purchases across departments and locations to lower costs, while helping purchasing staff make more intelligent decisions. We're excited to bring this state-of-the-art version to market."For more information about SWS v9.1, visit Agilysys at Global Gaming Expo 2016, Booth #3602.

15 things all revenue managers must know

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles29 September 2016
Revenue management is an increasingly important discipline in the hotel industry, and experts in the field highlighted the top 15 things necessary to be a successful revenue manager. Revenue management is a complex but key part of the hotel industry.So, a group of speakers participating in the "(At least) 15 things every revenue manager must know" panel at the recent Hotel Data Conference analyzed the field's simplest elements to establish the most important tools, skills and approaches all revenue managers must have in order to succeed. Here are those 15 things all revenue managers should know.

On balancing modern technology with classic service

Sabre Corporation Blog29 September 2016
Hospitality. It's a word that defines an industry. The English word "host" comes from the Latin base hospes, which means "host," "guest" or "stranger." Historically, many cultures valued the ability to provide hospitality to guests as of the highest order. For example, the ancient Greek principle of xenia defined the guest-host relationship as a key measure of nobility.

Millennials indicate a need for mobile-focused activities

Hotel Management29 September 2016
More than 20 percent of millennials have used their mobile devices to check into a hotel while 46 percent have booked a hotel stay the same way, according to a recent study, "Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service." More than 9,000 millennials from around the world were surveyed about their mobile usage for the report, commissioned by Oracle Hospitality. "Mobile is very much here and happening in hospitality," said Ray Carlin, Oracle VP of solution and strategy management. "The results underscore how technology is altering consumer expectation and presenting hospitality operators with an unprecedented opportunity to win millennials' business.

Duetto introduces ScoreBoard, revenue intelligence platform

Hotel Management29 September 2016
Duetto now offers an application that provides even greater insight into revenue and performance, helping hotels and casinos move beyond spreadsheets to better manage and grow their business on property and across entire portfolios. ScoreBoard integrates seamlessly with property management systems to enable hoteliers to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance data and forecasts, display custom reports in minutes and deliver big-picture insights across an entire company with one click.Marco Benvenuti, Duetto co-founder and chief product and analytics officer, said ScoreBoard tackles another fundamental problem, leveraging cloud-based technology to provide managers something more than the static, inefficient spreadsheets they currently use to manage their businesses.

Revisiting the Guest Journey to Combat Softening RevPAR

Lodging Magazine29 September 2016
Here's a piece of advice for hotel operators struggling with a slowdown in revenue growth: Rethink your definition of your guests' journeys.By that we don't mean their specific travel itinerary--though that does come into it. Instead, we're referring to a metaphorical journey--the story of why the guest came to your doorstep and what their travel objective is.If you understand that story, you'll understand the full range of the guest's needs. And once you understand those needs and how they are not the same for every guest, you can start to create add-on services to better meet them.With base rates under pressure, the most powerful strategy available to hotels at all price points is to create an array of add-on services targeted at the needs of different customer segments.

3 Questions for Centralizing Revenue Management at Limited Service Hotels

IDeaS Blog29 September 2016
With the advances in revenue management technology, analytics tools and forecasting capabilities, there has never been a better time for limited service hotels to optimize their revenue management potential. After all, what hotelier doesn't want to maximize profits, streamline processes and strengthen their internal teams?

Dmexco 2016: The LUMAscape Come to Life

Sojern Blog29 September 2016
The LUMAscape is a useful chart which attempts to visualise all the players in the ad tech space. From agencies and DSPs to ad servers and networks, LUMAscapes help organise a very complex ecosystem, and how each company fits in the relationship between a publisher and the end user. Now, imagine that all these players exist in one space, and you've got the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, Dmexco for short.
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  • Monday Keynote Jer Thorp
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Article by Alex Shashou

5 Ways for Hotels to Counter Growing Pressure from Review Sites, the Sharing Economy and the Expanding Technology Stack

ALICE 29 September 2016
With TripAdvisor's growing impact on bookings, hotels are under a microscope like never before.Guests are evaluating and sharing service observations publicly, divulging insights that previously lived anonymously in the hotel's review systems and on paper rating cards. Because some 80% of guests consult 6-12 TripAdvisor reviews before booking, these ratings now have a direct bearing on ADR.Previously, a hotel's marketing department might focus on distribution and content that supported a brand's image, without concerning themselves with the day-to-day operations of each individual property. As reviews were an internal toolset, the marketing department controlled the messaging and online opinion of the brand. In today's environment, however, guest-generated content on blogs and review sites is driving bookings without the supervision of the marketing department.If you think about the last time you gave or read a review on TripAdvisor, you'll recall one of the main evaluation parameter is service, which means the content of the review is heavily focused on the in-stay experience. This means that looking at the booking experience as the end of the customer journey is not enough. Hotels are under more pressure than ever before to align the brand's image with its actual experience and service delivery at the property level. Yet the foundation to achieving operational excellence is too often an afterthought.Additionally, competitive pressures on hotels are rising. The sharing economy has birthed giants like Airbnb, which continues to take an ever growing chunk of the global lodging business. Each year the piece of the market taken by Airbnb becomes more meaningful, forcing many of the economics in running a hotel to be questioned.And, while Airbnb has been able to run a "hotel business" without the inherent costs of running an actual hotel, hotels are getting even more expensive to run. CBRE data points out that U.S. hotel operating expenses rose 4.7% in 2015, a year in which inflation was just 0.1%.But pressures are also mounting for hotels in subtler ways. The rise of dedicated hotel technologies aimed at alleviating some of these more obvious pressures can in fact create logistical challenges and uncertainties for hotel decision makers, due to limited IT budgets, questions about measurement of ROI, and worries about how systems actually impact the guest experience. So too, changes in consumer behavior and ever-rising guest expectations in technology are making the task of identifying the best hotel technology stack challenging.The answer then is to find ways to leverage technology to improve the guest experience without needing to bet the farm. Here are five ways to do just that:Connect your technology stack to improve service - Disparate systems, each of which are independently meant to improve operational efficiency and enhance guest service, end up creating unexpected operational burdens and can actually lead to awkward guest experiences. Guest to Staff and Staff to Staff communication should be seamless and real-time, regardless of the department.Analog technology may get the job done, but you miss out on data - Surprisingly, two-way radios, clipboards and pen and paper are still very popular tools for hotel worker communications. There are some downsides though. Radios make it hard to log and keep track of tasks. Pen and paper records can get lost and can be easily ignored. Worst of all, none of these tools leaves a trail of data that hoteliers can later use to find guests' pain points and address them before they show up in online reviews.Satisfy the new consumer expectations through a mobile infrastructure, not a mobile app - Guests, particularly younger ones, are now expecting a mobile interface for everyone they do business with. Though it's not a deal-breaker yet, the hotels that provide such interfaces have an edge over those that don't. Guests should be able to communicate their needs and concerns during their stays via a service on demand infrastructure that staff operations are working on. As noted, this gives guests transparency into the work being done for them, allowing them to make more informed decisions.Use data to identify and address problems - Prior to widespread data collection, issues at a hotel might have gone undiagnosed for long periods of time. Since there were no records kept and communication among a 24/7 staff can be lacking, this was forgivable. Now, though, there's no excuse. Search functions can allow a layman to easily pinpoint a problem. Setting up messaging and alarms can help the staff stay on top of their work day to day while analyzing your data can lead to improving operations over the longer term.Don't be beholden to older constructs, think outside the box with your workforce - Software automation gives hotels the opportunity to redefine themselves. This means experimenting with a front desk-less lobby but also empowering workers to take on multiple tasks. With mobile technology in hand, workers shouldn't have to pass the buck anymore, but should rather be able to handle any situation themselves.

Can a real-time booking model influence the economics of hotel distribution in emerging markets?

By Mike Kistner
Hotel room distribution is a dynamic business. With changing consumer behavior, increase in online bookings and more supply partners, the environment has become complex - and cluttered. This has hindered the adoption of online distribution in emerging countries like India. Mike Kistner of RezNext Global Solutions advocates for a real-time distribution model. He shares his views on how a real-time distribution approach can positively influence the economics of hotel distribution.

7 revenue management tactics to increase overall ROI

eHotelier.com29 September 2016
While dedicating the last decade to examining, understanding and refining how revenue managers plan and execute their pricing strategy, the industry can learn some great strategies that are sure to assist revenue managers in achieving their desired results. Follow these simple rules and you too can transform your revenue results.

How is Technology Helping Restaurants Today and Tomorrow?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In28 September 2016
Technology is constantly evolving, especially in the food and beverage industry. The Restaurant Technology Survey that the NRA published recently provides interesting insight into what restaurants are doing with technology today and what's on their agenda for the future.

Xn protel Systems selected as Point of Sale provider to O'Learys Sports Restaurant in UAE

Xn protel 28 September 2016
Xn protel Systems have been selected by O'Leary Sports Restaurant to supply their xnPOS point of sale solution to TIME Hotels new standalone franchise restaurant O'Learys - Sports Restaurant as the newest hospitality venture across the UAE.The first xnPOS installation was successfully undertaken at the recently opened O'Learys Sports Restaurant on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road. The casual dining venue has a total capacity for 250, spanning six different seating areas within the restaurant, the terrace, in the shisha area and around the bar. The installation has a mix of fixed workstation and fast order mobile devices, and the web based central reporting give instant access to sales figures to the company.The 596-square-metre restaurant, with its Boston sports teams themed interiors and large screen televisions and video gaming facilities, is set to become a popular venue for drinks and bites while watching the big match, enjoying a meal with family and friends, or simply relaxing with colleagues after work.Mohammad Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels Management commented:"The Middle East is a prime target market for O'Learys Sports Restaurant, with its proven concept and multi-segment consumer appeal. We are confident that diners and sports fans will appreciate the unique concept and lively family atmosphere. We see further opportunities to place the O'Learys brand in key high traffic, high value locations across the UAE and the region in the future."The new point of sales system will provide the team at the outlet efficiency in day to day jobs, dynamic, secure and flexible cloud base solution. O'Learys was the pilot launch but we will follow on the same trend across upcoming outlets and in the future integrating it into our hotel chain, added Joseph Fayad, Corporate IT Director, TIME Hotels Management."Emmanuel Clave , Vice President GCCI , Xn protel Systems commented:"We are delighted to have been chosen by TIME Hotels Management to provide our xnPOS point of sale solution in their first ever non-hotel venture and we wish the new business every success. The successful implementation at O'Learys Sports Restaurant in Dubai is also a milestone for Xn protel Systems as it was the first project undertaken by our new Dubai based office - we look forward to many more across the region!"

Latest Version of InfoGenesis(r) POS Offers EMV, Mobility Innovations, Enhanced User Features and Improved Wireless Network Performance

Agilysys 28 September 2016
Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading global provider of next-generation hospitality software solutions and services, today announced the latest version of its award-winning InfoGenesis(r) POS. Approved earlier this month by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, InfoGenesis POS v4.4.8 continues to demonstrate Agilysys' hospitality solutions leadership, with support for EMV and a set of innovative enhancements designed to boost efficiency, improve the user experience and increase revenue.InfoGenesis POS is Agilysys' comprehensive point-of-sale system that combines easy-to-use terminal and tablet touchscreen applications with industry-leading offline capabilities. Designed for multi-unit and complex operations, its enterprise-grade menu and item configuration capabilities, strong reporting and analysis features, and multi-language support drive service flexibility and increase operational efficiency. The system easily manages any combination of food, beverage and retail services, and integrates with other Agilysys applications and a wide variety of third-party offerings. InfoGenesis Flex, which offers full point-of-sale functionality on a convenient tablet device, provides a guest-centric feature-rich mobile experience for poolside, casino floors, outdoor patios, convention floors, and other foodservice operations. InfoGenesis POS and InfoGenesis Flex are available as on-premise or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.InfoGenesis POS v4.4.8 features a number of enhancements, including:EMV chip-and-signature and chip-and-pin processing capabilities (U.S.)Enhanced wireless network performanceAbility for property to set an off-line wireless signal strength thresholdRight hand/left hand preference capabilities for mobile usersEnhanced administrative and management controls via additional reports and improved auditingOrder display font size adjustment capability for smaller screen mobile tablets, eliminating the need to maintain separate menu configurationsReorder round capabilityMore deployment options"Guest confidence is often created or destroyed at the point of sale, so it's critical that casinos, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues implement technology that helps them work smarter and more efficiently," said Maris Berzins, vice president of product engineering at Agilysys. "The latest version of our InfoGenesis POS system includes new features and functionality that improve wireless network performance, enhance the user experience and boost mobility -- all while integrating EMV chip-and-pin and chip-and-signature payment processing in a way that recognizes and addresses the special requirements of the hospitality industry. Agilysys continues to expand its enterprise POS mobility offering to more fully address customer needs, and we are excited to bring this state-of-the-art version to market."For more information about InfoGenesis POS, visit Agilysys at Global Gaming Expo 2016 at Booth #3602.

Christmas success? Tech investment is key

hotel-industry.co.uk28 September 2016
Hospitality and leisure businesses need to utilise tech in order to capitalise on a busy festive season.

TravelClick's Demand360(r) enhances IDeaS advanced revenue management solutions, a first-of-its-kind integrated solution

IDeaS 28 September 2016
Minneapolis, Minn. - TravelClick, a global provider of data-driven solutions that enable hotels to maximize their revenue, and IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services, today announced that TravelClick's Demand360(r) customers are now able to integrate their subscription data into IDeaS systems to allow forward-looking data that power revenue management strategies. This marks the most advanced hotel analytics and demand intelligence integration currently available in the market.Initially announced as a joint research and development project in 2015, the initiative represents the latest innovation for long-time partners, TravelClick and IDeaS. The integration combines the competitive market intelligence of TravelClick's Demand360 with the world's most advanced automated revenue management solutions to provide hoteliers with a deeper understanding of a property's market position and business potential. The research and development project demonstrated that the insertion of demand intelligence data notably improved the demand forecast and uplift for hotels."Market intelligence is the logical next step in the evolution of advanced revenue management. Incorporating future demand and market penetration data is essential to building a superior revenue strategy," said Lisa Rauchenberger, director of revenue management systems and tools, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. "It is a very exciting and innovative time for revenue management professionals, knowing these advanced analytics will be provided to hotels via an automated revenue management solution. The more informed the demand model is, the better the optimization of pricing and inventory for hotels."Demand360 is the only competitive market intelligence product available to the hospitality industry that provides forward-looking reservation metrics and competitive share by segment and channel. Integrated with IDeaS' industry-leading automated revenue management capabilities, customers who subscribe to both IDeaS' advanced revenue management systems and Demand360 will be empowered by an even more robust demand forecast. By leveraging future booking data, hoteliers will be equipped to better anticipate - and take strategic action via their IDeaS solution - to changes in their competitive environments and markets."Demand360's future occupancy and revenue metrics drive RevPAR strategies for brands, groups and independents around the globe," said Greg Sheppard, senior vice president, business intelligence products at TravelClick. "With a community of more than 22,000 properties that contribute future and historical data, Demand360 gives customers a comprehensive view of the competitiveness in their market. Now, by integrating the power of Demand360 data directly into IDeaS solutions, our mutual customers will be able to further leverage this data with enhanced forecasting algorithms to optimize their competitive position like never before.""As the leader in revenue management in a constantly evolving industry, we are continually seeking innovative ways to provide customers with tools that enhance their revenue strategy, and demand intelligence like TravelClick Demand360 does just that," said Sanjay Nagalia, chief operating officer for IDeaS. "We are proud that our longstanding partnership with TravelClick has led to the development of this integration, which not only identifies the revenue opportunities, but automatically implements and capitalizes on them - regardless of property size or market position."Both TravelClick and IDeaS place great value on the confidentiality and security of their customers' data. The new integrated solution will ensure strict data use requirements are met at all times. Subscribers will continue to only have access to data for the subscriber hotel and an aggregate view of their competitive set.Joint TravelClick Demand360 and IDeaS clients will be able to leverage this first-of-its-kind integration in Q4 2016.About TravelClickTravelClick (TravelClick.com) provides innovative cloud-based solutions for hotels around the globe to grow revenue, reduce costs and improve performance. TravelClick offers hotels world-class reservation solutions, business intelligence products, and comprehensive media and marketing solutions to help hotels grow their business. With local experts around the globe, we help more than 38,000 hotel clients in over 160 countries drive profitable room reservations through better revenue management decisions, proven reservation technology and innovative marketing. Since 1999, TravelClick has helped hotels leverage the web to effectively navigate the complex global distribution landscape. TravelClick has offices in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Barcelona, Bucharest, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Ottawa, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.Follow us on twitter.com/TravelClick and facebook.com/TravelClick.

Travo Summit 2016: Defeat tech rust with digital skills, says Tigerbay

Travolution28 September 2016
Adoption and not developing or delivering new technology is the bigger challenge in travel, according to software specialist Tigerbay.Speaking in a workshop at this week's Travolution Summit, Carl Morgan, chief executive of the Cardiff-based firm the biggest change in 2016 will be people, not technology.

Duetto Introduces ScoreBoard, the Hotel Industry's First Revenue Intelligence Platform

Duetto Research Blog28 September 2016
Duetto, which delivers the hotel industry's most powerful Revenue Strategy solutions, is now offering an application that provides even greater insight into revenue and performance, helping hotels and casinos move beyond spreadsheets to better manage and grow their business on property and across entire portfolios. The new product, ScoreBoard, integrates seamlessly with property management systems to enable hoteliers to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance data and forecasts, display custom reports in minutes and deliver big-picture insights across an entire company with one click.

Travo Summit 2016: Play on customers' emotions with humanised tech

Travolution28 September 2016
Travel marketing campaigns that appeal to customers' emotions are poised to become more mainstream, this week's Travolution Summit was told.Tracey Follows, chief strategy and innovation officer at The Future Laboratory opened this year's summit with a session exploring the emerging 'emotional economy'.

Tomorrow's Guestrooms in Hong Kong

By Dr. Basak Denizci Guillet
In 2013, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) joined hands with its teaching and research hotel, Hotel ICON, to organize a global competition to shape guestrooms of the future. Dr. Basak Denizci Guillet of PolyU walks us through the winning entries. After installing the winning applications in the hotel and gathering guest feedback for several months, one conclusion from the exercise was that too much technology can actually undermine the guest service experience.

Introducing the first hotel Revenue Intelligence app, ScoreBoard

Duetto Research Blog28 September 2016
It's a monumental day for Duetto. We're thrilled to release ScoreBoard, the world's first application built for hotel Revenue Intelligence.The entire Duetto team has worked most of this year to develop and perfect ScoreBoard, but for me personally, the path to launching ScoreBoard goes back even further to my start in revenue management. The idea for this new product came from the challenge I faced every day -- and which hotel owners, asset managers and revenue managers still deal with -- of not having a tool better than a spreadsheet to help me shape my Revenue Strategy.

Guestline launch digital marketing solutions for the hospitality industry

Guestline 28 September 2016
Guestline are pleased to extend their suite of technology solutions with a range of digital marketing services for the hospitality sector. With the growth and popularity of digital platforms playing a significant role in a property's marketing success, it is proving essential for hoteliers to outsource their digital needs to a trusted partner.The growth of online and mobile bookings is prevalent across the sector, with 8 out of 10 guests now booking their accommodation online and over 60% of users leaving a website within the first 5 seconds if it isn't mobile optimised. Guestline's online marketing solutions gives hoteliers the tools needed to ensure their website is performing for them, maximising revenue opportunities and driving direct bookings to the hotel.Guestline has developed WebSuite - a complete digital marketing solution covering website design, email marketing, blog design, copywriting and e-commerce specifically for hotels, serviced apartments and pubs.St Moritz Hotel, a luxury resort in Cornwall, has seen their online bookings soar as a result of their new website and online booking platform from Guestline. As a result, direct online bookings have increased by over 400% since the site went live and the resort has reduced their reliance on third party bookings, reducing OTA commissions and driving profit.Simon Bassett - IT Manager at St Moritz Hotel added, "We are delighted with the new website and the uplift in online sales. The website reflects the hotel's brand identity and it is easy to navigate with its visually appealing layout. The editable content management system allows us to make any ongoing changes and add content to the site quickly and simply."With a proven track record of increasing the conversion of visitors into bookers, the websites that Guestline create are fully optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The sophisticated online booking manager integrates seamlessly with the hotel's PMS and hotels have full editorial control of the property's website via Guestline's easy to use WebSuite Content Management System (CMS). This enables a hotel to update and edit their own website in a matter of minutes. Offering bespoke web design to suit all requirements, WebSuite is proving to be an essential tool for hoteliers looking to increase revenue.Hoteliers can boost revenue through upsells, packages and promotions and encourage guest loyalty and repeat bookings through exclusive offers on email. The ability to create and deliver highly targeted, relevant offers direct from Guestline's WebSuite CMS and distribute through the email campaigner enhances a property's reach whilst ensuring they are always maximising revenue opportunities from all profit centres.Rupert Gutteridge - Sales and Marketing Director at Guestline said "It has been an exciting time for Guestline over the last 12 months and I am extremely pleased to see WebSuite deliver results in the marketplace. The team have listened to what hoteliers require from their digital offering and WebSuite has been designed with hoteliers' needs at its core."Arrange a non-obligation consultation with Guestline here today to see how WebSuite can work for you.

Duetto Introduces ScoreBoard, the Hotel Industry's First Revenue Intelligence Platform

Duetto 28 September 2016
Duetto, which delivers the hotel industry's most powerful Revenue Strategy solutions, is now offering an application that provides even greater insight into revenue and performance, helping hotels and casinos move beyond spreadsheets to better manage and grow their business on property and across entire portfolios. The new product, ScoreBoard, integrates seamlessly with property management systems to enable hoteliers to compile and centralize up-to-the-minute reports on performance data and forecasts, display custom reports in minutes and deliver big-picture insights across an entire company with one click.Having built the industry's leading profit optimization solution, Duetto Co-Founder and Chief Product & Analytics Officer Marco Benvenuti said ScoreBoard tackles another fundamental problem, leveraging cloud-based technology to provide managers something more than the static, inefficient spreadsheets they currently use to manage their businesses."Running a hotel with dozens of spreadsheets is an incredibly inefficient way to do business, but until now, that was the only choice," said Benvenuti, who confronted the inefficiencies when he managed revenue for major casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. "It can take an army of revenue managers days or weeks to provide a company-wide forecast, and if one person makes a mistake in one spreadsheet, the whole project gets derailed. With ScoreBoard, hoteliers can now analyze and forecast performance and deliver actionable insights to key stakeholders in real time."ScoreBoard was developed with several features meant to alleviate common pain points for hotels, including:An intuitive forecast builder that allows month-level data entry and boasts a "smart spreading" feature, which takes a revenue manager's updated numbers and intelligently allocates them day by day through the month, reflecting when demand rises and falls.A customizable report builder, which incorporates more than 50 performance metrics, filters and comparisons, ensuring that crucial reports are presented in minutes, not days.Cross-property reporting, which rolls up data, budgets and forecasts for an entire portfolio of hotels, saving time and allowing brand executives or asset managers to see the big picture across an entire portfolio.ScoreBoard provides unparalleled visibility for the entire organization, making complicated and sometimes inaccessible data from the PMS easy to consume for all stakeholders, from revenue managers to marketers to general managers. Anyone who needs to understand how the hotel performed on a past date or is going to perform on a future date now has that information at their fingertips."What good is all the data companies are gathering if it takes too long to access or make it actionable?" said Fernando Vives, Chief Commercial Officer for Spain-based NH Hotel Group, which partnered with Duetto to design and pilot-test several Revenue Intelligence features. "We're confident that NH will be able to move beyond spreadsheets and develop better business strategies across 400 hotels around the world, now that we have far better visibility into our data and the ability to access and share it faster. Speed and accuracy make all the difference when hotel distribution and traveler preferences change so quickly."For more information about ScoreBoard, visit http://duettoresearch.com/scoreboard/About DuettoDuetto delivers the most powerful Revenue Strategy solutions to the world's leading hotels and casinos, allowing them to better manage pricing, revenue and business-mix decisions with superior, actionable data.The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership enables Duetto to provide new insights on pricing and demand as a true cloud-based software-as-a-service. With Revenue Strategy and Revenue Intelligence solutions that address the challenges of today's hospitality industry, Duetto helps hotels and casinos optimize profits and guest loyalty.Thanks to rapid marketplace adoption, Duetto is expanding in key markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. More than 1,200 hotel and casino properties in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto's Revenue Strategy and Revenue Intelligence platforms.

Hoteliers should avoid dropping rates, says expert

Hotelier Middle East (BOH)28 September 2016
During the seventh edition of Hotelier's Great GM Debate, which took place yesterday at Conrad Dubai, Kerzner International vice president revenue management global Thibault Paquet presented on the topic of updated revenue management for the hospitality industry.

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