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Rate parity struggles continue in fragmented Europe

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles21 October 2016
Hotels in Europe are working to drive more direct bookings amid fragmented rate-parity rules. Efforts to convince potential guests they can find the lowest prices on brand websites seem to be making headway, sources said. But maintaining consistent rates across all online distribution channels and funneling guests to hotel websites remains a challenge in Europe, where the rules on rate parity differ across geographies. Some countries such as France have banned the practice, but the reality on the ground is complicated by confusion among potential guests, pressure on hoteliers in revenue management departments to maximize revenue to the top line and, sources added, continuing skullduggery in the world of online travel agencies. "I spend much time talking with GMs. We have a rate guarantee, but we were not always keeping that promise. ... Having a brand means having a promise to guests. We need to clean this up (across the portfolio) and have guests understand the best rate is always on brand.com," Luscombe said.

InterContinental Hotels Tripped Up by Security Concerns and Low Oil Prices

skift.com - Hotels21 October 2016
InterContinental Hotels Group has endured a slowdown in revenue-per-available-room growth as it continues to feel the effects of terrorism in Europe and the sluggish oil industry.RevPAR, which is a key metric in the hotel industry, grew by 1.3 percent in the third quarter but this was below analyst predictions of 1.8 percent and the 2 percent increase it saw in its first half performance.
Evention Cash Recycling

5 Ways to Find the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Hotel

IDeaS Blog21 October 2016
Revenue managers dedicate a big part of their day to managing hotel rates and driving profits. They are constantly analyzing data and various influencing factors to find that coveted sweet spot - and a revenue manager's greatest reward is finding the ideal public pricing that attracts guests and boosts their organization's bottom line.

SALTO Systems to unveil new SALTO Hospitality website

Salto Systems 21 October 2016
SALTO systems, a world leader in access control is announcing the official launch of its hospitality websiteSALTO Hospitality (www.saltohospitality.com) focused primarily on targeting the needs and demands of the hospitality sector within the remit of access control solutions. The primary objective of the SALTO Hospitality website is to serve the highly specific and tailored requisites posed by the sector, reaching a global audience through the site and offering hoteliers an in depth understanding of how SALTO is best placed to empower hotels worldwide in achievin g their broad access control requirements. Rob Zijl (VP Hospitality Access Solutions) Throughout the website, SALTOs flagship products are explained in detail along with exciting developments of the mobile access range and Bluetooth Low Energy devices (BLE), in addition to displaying the extensive stylish electronic lock collection. The primary focus of the website is on personalizing access control solutions to cater for the unique needs of differing hotel types, from large resorts to small boutique hotels. The websites sleek conceptual design enables users to navigate through content in a structured and intuitive fashion. The key areas of SALTOs Hospitality solutions are clearly designated and each section explored in depth to ensure users obtain a complete picture of SALTOs innovative products. The website itself is designed to reflect the pioneering nature of the products and services it aims to promote, offering users a wealth of information presented in a clear and concise format. Moreover, hoteliers will also be able to see when and where SALTO will be exhibiting at trade shows around the world and will be provided with the possibility of filling in contact forms if they wish to engage in discussion with company representatives.The official launch of the webpage is expected to take place during the first week of November, at the EquipHotel trade show in Paris.We very much look forward to sharing the latest news in SALTO Systems expanding hospitality solutions with you. Feel free to visit the site at (www.saltohospitality.com).

Sonesta St. Maarten and Monscierge Create New Technology for Guest and Staff

Monscierge 21 October 2016
Eliska Hesova, Director of Business Development, Sonesta Resorts St. MaartenFurther, Hesova says, "Having real-time information automatically available and distributed in an electronic version is just another part of our company global development plan and a great step forward into the 'modern world' of digital media and follows what consumers are looking for in any industry - including hospitality.""Positive guest engagement is paramount in a resort environment. We want to offer our guests multiple options to engage our team, both for getting information about our destination and making any requests. We expect adding the possibility to do this from your own device will positively add to the experience of the guest," says Lambooy. "Our new Monscierge resort app will be a great tool to help our guests make the most out of their holiday by providing up-to-date information about our resort and destination, and be an additional channel to engage our team."Located in the center of Maho Village in St. Maarten, the resort features three all-inclusive properties: The family-friendly Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, the adults-only Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, Casino & Spa and the luxury adults-only Sonesta Ocean Point Resort. Each property boasts multiple dining options and pools, beautiful events facilities, casino and spa.About Sonesta St. Maarten: At Sonesta, we believe we have a compelling story to tell. Four core principles drive our passion and shape the experience of every guest, employee, and colleague who walks through a Sonesta door - integrity, authenticity, quality and concern. We bring these values to every one of our nearly 70 properties in 8 countries...and counting!
Article by Gerry Chase

Beyond tonight's occupancy - What Every Great GM Knows

New Castle Hotels 21 October 2016
A great hotel general manager is a diplomat, an accountant, a psychologist, an engineer, a janitor and a marketing maven, all rolled into one hospitable, can-do person who is eager to serve others. The best ones know they have one of the best jobs in the world and they have fun doing it. Here are a few other things every great GM knows:Owners' objectives. Sure, every owner or investor wants the hotel to make money, but beyond realizing an outstanding ROI, does the owner want the hotel to be the cornerstone of the community, or is it a real estate investment? Is this a prestige holding that will be retained beyond the normal five to seven-year hold cycle? Do the owners want recognition, or do they prefer to fly under the radar?Many yardsticks. There are countless ways to measure a hotel's performance and the best GMs focus on being the best in balanced scorecard areas: driving revenues, driving flow-through, associate engagement, customer experience. They also pay attention to newer measurement tools, such as Trip Advisor reviews and industry measurement such as the STAR performance and brand rankings, all with an eye toward delivering the best ROI to owners.Balancing act. Just as good GMs strive to keep a balanced scorecard on the property, the best leaders make sure they are balancing business, family life, physical and mental/spiritual health, and they encourage their team members to do the same. If your personal life isn't balanced, your business life will quickly become skewed.Help is a phone call away. No GM is an island. Some attempt to prove their exceptional skills by doing everything themselves, but GMs who know how and when to utilize corporate expertise to effect the best outcome for the property, consistently score more home runs than those who try to be both coach and batter.Walk and talk. Smart GMs walk the entire property every day to inspect cleanliness, and maintenance, address associates' needs and get to know guests. They understand that they can set the tone for the entire day, and use this super power to create an upbeat, can-do atmosphere. The best GMs also take a daily walk through social media to see what's being said, respond promptly to feedback and take any corrective or congratulatory action needed.Marketing matters. It doesn't matter how clean, well-maintained and efficient your operation is, if no one stays in the hotel. The best GMs recognize that sales, marketing, PR and social media are essential pieces of the puzzle, not expenses to be jettisoned every time the pencil needs sharpening.Weed and feed. Retaining and growing top talent is essential to an effective, healthy operation and the best GMs have programs and career progression plans in place for the top performers. Similarly, they are quick and fair when it comes to those who are not moving the business forward.A penny saved. Great GMs are always on the lookout for smart ways to reduce costs without negatively impacting the operation.The great communicator. Great GMs are effective, responsive listeners who are constantly engaged with guests and associates alike. They respect customers' needs, the owner's investment, associates day-to-day challenges and the supervisor's role in the operation.Local Relevance. Today's travelers may have a renewed interest in all things local, but great GMs have always understood how important it is to be part of the local community. They encourage participation in local events, lead the way on green efforts and never forget that doing business in any town is a privilege, not a right.R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Aretha spelled it out for the world and great GMs are willing to give more than they get. They also know that respect cannot be demanded, it can only be earned.Greatest show on earth. Being a hotel general manager is one of the best jobs in the world, and every good GM recognizes that they are privileged to hold a job other people would love to have. They respect their position, the asset they've been entrusted to manage and people they impact daily and just as importantly, they have fun doing it.

Why Revenue Management is the Best Profession in the Hotel Business

OWL Hotel Analytics and Optimization >> Hotel Analytics and Optimization Blog20 October 2016
I don't know anyone who has not, at some point, questioned their career choices or doubted the value of their profession. Actually, I believe that if you don't question why you do something you are probably not very good at it. Questioning your job means that you are thinking deeply about it and that's where innovations and breakthroughs usually occur. Think about it, most advances in any industry are driven by people who are in some way frustrated by their work. When I wonder what the point is to all this Revenue Management stuff, I often have to remind myself of the reasons why this is the best profession not only in the hotel business but in most businesses anywhere. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should love Revenue Management.
Article by Mihaela Lica Butler

Converging Perspectives on Elevating the Role of IT Managers in Hospitality

Hospitality Net 20 October 2016
HITEC Amsterdam will bring together the best of hospitality financial and technology professionals next March, in an event that will show advances in the trade with access to innovative resources, industry experts, and vendors. The European version of HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference) which takes place in North America every year, HITEC Amsterdam is a premiere on the continent and promises to be the hospitality event of the year, with some 60 booths exhibiting advanced solutions and innovative industry-specific technology. In anticipation of the conference taking place next year, Hospitality Net conducts a series of interviews with HITEC Advisory Council members discussing relevant industry issues and offering expert insight on key technology topics.Among these topics, the first to be addressed is the role of the IT manager and what steps the industry should take to educate owners and operators, as well as what steps individual system administrators should take to raise their profiles, as their roles now include SaaS SLA, cybersecurity, data privacy, guest technology support, and so on. So far the function of the IT manager remains locked-out of the operational decision-making process, but as the industry evolves, perhaps is time for this role to be elevated to a broader undertaking.Stephen Minall, Owner of Moving Food Ltd., believes that elevating the role of the IT manager should be a challenge to all hotels, and Michael Levie, CitizenM Hotels founder and COO, considers that today's system functions and requirements are of strategic nature for the survival of companies, and, in his words, "need to stand central in the commercial and operational tracks of hotel organizations." He goes on explaining that "local IT managers deal mostly with plugs, office enabling and support, but mostly don't have the capacity to deal with the strategic decisions. The problem is, however, they often are convinced they are and leading, and directing unknowledgeable hoteliers leads to major disasters."Whether IT managers will be integrated into the decision-making process remains to be seen, however, their roles are increasingly more complex as new technologies emerge. In fact, it is safe to say that their function is vital for business growth and the bottom line. This topic remains open to debate as professionals in the industry continue to define new standards, shifting paradigms. Stephen Minall goes as far as to ponder, "does marketing play a role too?"Crucial in maintaining organizational effectiveness and efficiency by defining and supporting strategic plans for improving IT operations, IT managers may not yet have a role in policymaking, but they certainly influence the process. It is no longer enough for such professionals to overview the technical aspects of their work solely, but they also need to implement information technology strategies and policies, and they need to evaluate and anticipate industry trends. Collaboration with professionals in the field is mandatory to achieve these goals and attendance to events like HITEC Amsterdam enables it. Participating in the conference will give IT managers in hospitality the tools, resources, and network to raise their profiles.Planning for HITEC Amsterdam is in full swing with guidance from an advisory council representing eight European countries. The council is chaired by Carson Booth, CHTP and vice-chaired by Derek Wood. For the latest news, follow HFTP/HITEC on HITEC Bytes, PineappleSearch, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (@HFTP) andInstagram (HFTP_HITEC). For more information about HITEC Amsterdam, contact the HFTP Meetings & Special Events Department at sales@hftp.org, +1 (512) 249-5333.

Don't Penalize Guests Acquired via OTAs, Incentivise them!

StayNTouch: Hotel Technology Trends Blog 20 October 2016
While there are many strategies to get customers to book direct, from maintaining a compelling and user-friendly website, to having an easy booking process, to remarketing tact-tics, a strong SEM program etc. - and while doing all of these activities will help your direct bookings, a good percentage of your guests will still book and come via an OTA no matter how good your digital marketing strategy is.
Article by Ahmed Mahmoud

Adaptive vs. Full Responsive Website Design in Hospitality

Revenue Your Hotel 20 October 2016
Today, there are two prevailing "schools of thought" regarding website design and optimizing the hotel website for the multi-screen device world we live in: Responsive Website Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD). AWD is also known as Responsive Design on Server Side (RESS).The main difference between RWD and Adaptive Design/RESS is the type of content as well as the manner in which web content is served on the different devices: desktop, mobile (smartphones) and tablet.- Traditional Full Responsive Website Design (RWD) serves the full (and same) website across all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet) by modifying and reshaping the exact same website so that it fits into all screen sizes: From large desktop screens to small smartphone screens. The intent is to optimize the "viewing" experience regardless of the device being used by the website visitor.- Adaptive Web Design (AWD) aka Responsive Design on the Server Side (RESS) customizes website content and the overall user experience to the device (desktop, mobile, tablet) the website visitor is using. This is achieved from the same Content Management System (CMS), and ensures the maximum user experience, relevancy of information and conversions by device.HeBS Digital's extensive website design and development expertise includes the use of either Full Responsive Design (RWD) or Adaptive Design/RESS. Our award-winning Content Management System (smartCMS) is specifically designed to accommodate either design approach.Here are some important factors to consider when deciding on Full Responsive vs. Adaptive/RESS Design:A- Cost: a Full Responsive Design typically requires up to 50% more website design and development time compared to an Adaptive/RESS Design, which translates into higher website cost and longer delivery time.B- Design: Full Responsive Design is practical for simpler, "thinner" websites (15-20 content pages) that require simpler design that can render well on all screen sizes and devices. For boutique, luxury, high-end or upscale hotels or resorts that want to a) stand out from the competition via custom website design (uniquely personalized to the property), and b) create an engaging and highly visual experience for the website visitor, then an Adaptive /RESS Design would be the preferred option.C- User Experience: Fitting the same website into every possible screen size via Full Responsive Design may address the viewing experience across all devices, although it may not fully accommodate other best practices such as optimum user experience, relevancy of information, download speeds, etc.D- Full Responsive Design may provide a sufficient user experience for smaller and simpler websites (e.g. a 15-20 page restaurant website, a select or limited-service property website, or a database-driven website), but may negatively affect hotel websites with deep content and rich imagery.E- You cannot differentiate what content displays on the same page across different devices. For example, you cannot have one image on the desktop homepage and a different image on the mobile homepage.F- A side effect of this is mobile load time. Each mobile page needs to load all of the content of a desktop site. Mobile devices are generally much slower than a full desktop computer so they will take longer to process all of the content.G- Important to note - when creating a link to an external site such as a booking engine, the external site might not have the ability to redirect to mobile automatically. Normally, this would mean using a different link on the mobile page and a different link on the desktop page. However, with fully responsive sites, you may need to resort to including multiple links.H- For websites with deep content and rich imagery, the user experience may be compromised on mobile and tablet devices. For example, The New York Palace's desktop website features deep content + rich imagery with over 500 pages, files, folders, PDFs, images, etc. Trying to research and quickly make a booking on the iPhone 6's 750x1334 screen (if utilizing Full Responsive design) would be difficult.I- Download Speeds: Full Responsive designs typically suffer slower load time than Adaptive Designs because each page has additional script that is needed to fit the page for each particular screen size and device. Although not a significant issue for websites with minimal content (15-25 pages), deeper content websites with big imagery and lots of graphics may load at significantly lower speeds. Search engine rankings and conversions are increasingly dependent on fast load time speeds and travel consumers are less likely to book on websites with slow load time.J- Relevancy of Information: There are differences in a user's intent when they visit a hotel website on different devices. For instance, the always-on-the-go mobile traveler requires short, slimmed-down content with an emphasis on property location, area maps and directions, real time "smart rates" and availability, an easy-to-use mobile booking engine and a click-to-call property reservation number. Fully responsive websites do not let you display different content on mobile.K- Conversions: Due to usability and security issues, six out of every ten mobile bookings actually happen via the voice channel. Very few smartphone users are comfortable entering their credit card information into their iPhone in a public place. Factors like relevancy of information, quick access to rates and availability or special offers and discounts are crucial for turning mobile lookers into bookers. Overwhelming a mobile user with the full desktop content of 100-300+ content pages of the desktop website means the user may not be able to quickly find the information they need in order to make a smart purchasing decision.Digital Recommendations:1- Choose Full Responsive Design (RWD) for websites that do not need more than 15-25 pages of content: restaurant websites, and websites for select-service to midscale-service properties. Design should be simpler and content should be kept minimal so the user experience is not compromised.2- Choose Adaptive/RESS Design for premium, luxury, boutique, upscale and full-service properties, multi-property and brand websites with deeper content (26 plus content pages), extensive imagery, and a complex product.

Guestline create new art deco style website for The Earl of Doncaster Hotel

Guestline 20 October 2016
Guestline are delighted to launch a new website for The Earl of Doncaster Hotel, which has an enhanced navigation experience and a bold, new design that reflects the brand personality of the hotel.Guestline, market leaders in property management, distribution and digital marketing solutions for the hospitality market, worked closely with the hotel to create and produce an eye catching, revenue generating website - designed to drive more direct bookings and allow the team the flexibility to edit the website in real time themselves.Jonathan Bradwell, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager at the Earl of Doncaster explains "We couldn't be happier with the new website. The layout is easy to navigate and the design enriches the customer journey with its art deco feel. Since launching the site we have already achieved some outstanding results. From the initial design brief to the launch day the whole team were a pleasure to collaborate with."To ensure they catered for the rise in mobile bookings, the Earl of Doncaster's new site is mobile responsive and has an integrated, three-step booking platform to encourage guests to book direct with the hotel, from any device. The new site design reflects the art deco look and feel of the hotel and includes changes to the navigation to improve the customer journey. Guestline has improved the structure of the content and displayed a host of hotel graphics on the website to promote the wide range of facilities the hotel offers.As well as a new website, The Earl of Doncaster has also implemented Guestline's integrated email campaigner, an intuitive solution to enable hoteliers to send targeted marketing emails in a quick and simple way. With address cleansing and subscription handling, the email campaigner also contains built-in statistics and Google analytics integration so the hotel can review analytical reports at the click of a button.Guestline's WebSuite digital marketing solutions were developed with the hotelier's needs at its core - supported by Guestline's own intuitive and easy to use WebSuite Content Management System (CMS), hotels can make changes and upload new offers instantly to ensure their site is always up-to-date and maximising revenue opportunities from across the hotel.Having already established a strong relationship with Guestline since using their award winning hotel booking system, Rezlynx PMS, the hotel was keen to draw on Guestline's industry knowledge and technological capabilities to create their new website.Throughout the initial planning stages, Guestline worked closely with the hotel's marketing team to ensure the needs and objectives were met with a clear plan of action in place to bring the team's vision into life.For more information, please see www.guestline.com
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Cornell Study Finds Substantial Benefits from Tabletop Ordering Technology

CHR 20 October 2016
and a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) finds that the tabletop technology can both speed table turns and increase average checks. The study, "The Influence of Table Top Technology in Full-service Restaurants," by Alex Susskind and Benjamin Curry, is available at no charge from the CHR. Susskind is an associate professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, and Curry is a data scientist at E la Carte, which has developed a tabletop ordering device.The report analyzes operating results for a full-service casual dining chain that has installed tabletop technology. In a comparison of sales and dining time from before and after the installation, the study finds that dining time was significantly reduced among patrons who used the tabletop hardware to order or pay for their meals. Likewise, the time required for servers to meet the needs of customers declined. The study also found that those who used the devices to order a meal tended to spend more than those who did not."It seems clear that most restaurant patrons see the benefits of these tablet-based systems," said Susskind. "They can use the technology to place orders or summon staff at any time during the meal--say, for drink refills or another appetizer--and the restaurant can ensure its service standards. At the same time, we must remember that about 20 percent of restaurant guests want nothing to do with these pads, and restaurant operators need to be ready to serve those customers in the traditional way."

Evolution of group technology towards a focus on profit

By Ram Mohan
"Think total profitability!" is the mantra of Ram Mohan of GroupRevMax. He shows us in this analysis how regarding the sales process holistically can optimize total profits, with opportunities to apply technology that can help maximize earnings at each step along the way.

Best-of-Breed Casino and Gaming Technology: Meet Oracle in San Diego for TribalNet 2016

Oracle Hospitality Check-In20 October 2016
Oracle Hospitality is delighted to be attending the TribalNet Annual Conference on November 7-10 in San Diego, California. In its 17th Year, TribalNet offers something for everyone in Casino and Hospitality, Healthcare, Security, Government, and Executive/Management. With 4 days of talks, events, and trade shows, it provides ample exposure to unparalleled networking leaving attendees inspired by keynotes speakers, industry experts and industry leaders.

Gaining Momentum: Cloud5 Adds Key Industry Leaders to Team

Cloud5 Communications 20 October 2016
As hoteliers battle the challenges of keeping up with rapidly evolving communications technology and controlling their higher costs, Cloud5 Communications announced growing demand for its advanced solutions and an expanded team, adding senior professionals in operations, marketing and sales.Cloud5 is the recognized leader in translating complex communication needs into simplified networks and strategies, resulting in unmatched network efficiencies, improved guest satisfaction and revenue enhancement opportunities for its clients. The new hires come at an opportune time as Cloud5 attains its next level of growth, achieving 4,000 hotel clients and receiving coveted network standards certifications for several major hotel brands.These team additions allow Cloud5 to further expand its ability to serve rapidly growing customer demand, driven by the industry's continued movement toward more advanced, integrated data and voice networks. More hoteliers are looking for long-term strategies that take into account guest trends for high volume data and streaming applications as well as anticipate new requirements in new areas such as location-based messaging and mobile guest services.Mark Holzberg, Cloud5 Communications Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer said, "With these new industry experts now part of Cloud5, we're even better equipped to elevate our support and operations processes to serve the complex needs of our hotel clients and expand business development efforts, responding to the accelerating demands for integrated data and voice solutions."The appointments announced today, include:Steven Heselius, Senior Vice President of Operations. A 25-year hospitality industry veteran, Steve manages all aspects of the growing Cloud5 technology operations and support teams, including implementation, project management, provisioning and service. Prior to Cloud5, Steve held leadership positions in hospitality technology and operations with global brands such as Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos and Ginn Clubs & Resorts.Katrina Pruitt-Andrews, Vice President of Marketing. Katrina leads Cloud5 marketing communications and branding, including public relations, web, events, advertising, direct marketing and sales engagement. She brings more than 20 years of hospitality experience with industry leaders such as MICROS, Sabre, and Travelclick, and a track record of helping deliver high value, actionable insight to the market.Jeff Smith, Director of Business Development. Jeff is focused on developing Cloud5 customer relationships in the Western US from his base in Los Angeles. He works with hotels, owners and management companies to optimize integrated HSIA, hosted PBX/VOIP and WAN/LAN network solutions to deliver quality service to staff and guests. Prior to Cloud5, Jeff was with HIS and Quadriga Americas, and now brings 20 years of consultative business development experience to Cloud5.Graham MacDonald, Director of Business Development. Based in the mid-Atlantic region, Graham is an experienced hospitality technology business development professional. Focused on the eastern US, Graham helps hotel operations, management companies and ownership groups derive operational and guest service value from robust cloud-based data and voice solutions plus enhanced networking. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience at companies such as PureHD, Single Digits, Swisscom and iBAHN.Alexandre ("Alex") Fux, Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer. Alex provides high-level engineering and product support for the most advanced customer networks and applications. He builds and nurtures long-term relationships with clients, providing product and technology guidance for complex requirements, as well as solutions design and engineering for advanced networks, specializing in major accounts. Alex has many years of experience in the US and Europe through his work at Single Digits and Swisscom.Holzberg concluded, "Today's hoteliers face the twin challenges of fast-evolving technology demanded by guests to meet their rapidly changing communications needs, and the imperative to contain operating costs with solutions that meet those needs. Cloud5 delivers simple, all-inclusive, cutting-edge solutions in a single place - helping hotels create communications strategies for the long term, and achieve cross-platform efficiencies never available before. We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our team to accelerate our company's growth, and our customers' success, in the weeks ahead."Cloud5's integrated solutions provide innovation, cost effectiveness and operational efficiencies, to let hoteliers save time and money as they meet increasing guest demands for seamless technology with ease, while driving revenue and profitability at the same time.

3 Areas where you should evaluate your PMS provider before 2017

Hotelogix Blog20 October 2016
Hoteliers across the globe are favoring to use property management system solutions for their properties. There are numerous options available in the market but a hotel needs to see what best caters to their property's needs.Different hotels have different needs and requirements based on their category, size and typology - are they a resort, business hotel, lodge, motel etc?

Give consumers a reason to book direct

hotelmarketing.com20 October 2016
If your direct bookings are losing ground in the battle against online travel agencies, here are some more tried-and-true strategies for a bigger payoff.

Next-generation property management systems: Is now the right time to upgrade?

eHotelier.com20 October 2016
A next-generation property management system streamlines operations across the organization and provides better management controls. It reduces overhead and minimizes costs through increased efficiency while increasing occupancy rates, RevPAR and overall profitability through better data accessibility and process efficiency.

Oracle Hospitality Confirms Commitment to Stadiums and Venues with Latest Simphony Cloud Release

Oracle Hospitality Check-In19 October 2016
Stadiums and venues can now confidently move their food and beverage technology to the cloud, with the launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9. The enterprise point-of-sale platform has been enhanced with new functionality to support major venues, enabling them to take advantage of the benefits of cloud, which include reduced IT costs and complexity, and increased business agility.

Oracle Hospitality Accelerates the Cloud Revolution for All Food and Beverage Operators with ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In19 October 2016
Oracle Hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9, featuring enhancements designed to set new benchmarks in kitchen performance, cash management and event-driven financial reporting.In its most advanced iteration yet, Simphony Cloud - recognized worldwide as the enterprise cloud technology platform for the hospitality industry - also offers new functionality for stadiums and venues, enabling them to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology.

Hoteliers on millennial employees, revenue management

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles19 October 2016
Hoteliers, like many employers, sometimes have a hard time communicating with millennials in the workforce, as those employees' expectations significantly differ from many of their predecessors.That topic was discussed during the "Revitalize your operations, decrease costs and drive revenue" panel at the 2016 Lodging Conference, along with tips on how to handle revenue management technology.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Mass Market and Premium

harvardbusiness.org19 October 2016
Persuading consumers to pay more for a product by introducing some kind of "premium" element into it has always been a challenging task--but it was one that big, established brands had managed with a reasonable amount of success until recent years. For example, Gillette has successfully encouraged consumers to trade up again and again by continually introducing razors with the latest and greatest shaving technology. A decade ago, the Mach 3 razor was Gillette's premium offering for men, until the Fusion line was launched in 2006 at a 40% price increase, followed by the Fusion ProGlide in 2010 and the Fusion Proshield Flexball in 2016--to name a few of the brand's major releases.

Product Marketing: Exclusivity Doesn't Always Mean a Big Price Tag

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 19 October 2016
"Take an old boot. Burn it. Soak it in seawater."That's not exactly the kind of language usually considered flattering ad copy, but it's exactly the lack of general appeal that makes the copy so effective for the Scotch whisky brand Laphroaig.

Capture untapped revenue opportunities using advanced analytics

Sabre Corporation Blog19 October 2016
Sabre Airline Solutions continues its year-long series focused on the need for a next-generation revenue management system. The four-part article series examines how Total Revenue Optimization (TRO) can be realized by implementing a revenue management solution that incorporates real-time data, portfolio integration, advanced analytics, and real-time decision support. The following is a preview of the series' fourth article discussing the benefits of a revenue management system with portfolio integration.
Article by Alex Shashou

The Real Reason Airbnb is Eating into the Hotel Market Isn't What You Think

ALICE 19 October 2016
Why has the seemingly simple accommodations-sharing concept grown so quickly? The answer has a lot to do with Airbnb's platform approach.The sharing economy is placing a new kind of pressure on the hotel industry. Despite being once ridiculed by the hotel industry, Airbnb has rapidly scaled to become a global provider of accommodation, with more rooms booked every night than the largest global hotel chains. The narrative is by now a familiar one: a service that boasts more than 60,000,000 guests and a $25.5 billion valuation by investors. But a more important question for hotels is why? Why has this seemingly simple accommodations-sharing concept grown so quickly? The answer has a lot to do with Airbnb's platform approach.While some hotels look at technology as just another asset (investing as they would with beds, radios or Wi-Fi), Airbnb has embedded technology deeply inside the company DNA. "This is an end-to-end platform. From reservation, to room allocation, to customer service, to customer rating, the provider rating," says Prakash Shukla, 2016 HFTP International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame Inductee and ex-CIO of Taj Hotels. "Most of the platforms in hospitality do not take care of this." In many ways, Airbnb is neither a tech company nor a hotel company, "by leveraging technology for hospitality they have created a new business model altogether."This sharing economy behemoth succeeds not just by offering up unused apartments to travelers, but by redefining the interaction pattern between guest and host. The technical solution for guests is aspirational to many hotels. Through the same app that a guest uses to find and book a room, they receive a deeply personalized communication channel with their host. Rather than an anonymous front desk agent, the Airbnb host and the guest both have a personal profile, and engage in familiar communication pre-, during-, and post-stay. In addition, Airbnb is increasingly focused on providing local city experts and local experiences, creating a guest experience that begins to resemble a stay at a personalized boutique hotel.

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