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Intelity Asks: 'Are You Embracing Modern Technology?'

Intelity 21 June 2017
Visit Intelity in Booth #722 at HITEC, June 27 to 29, at the Metro Toronto Convention CentreOrlando, Fla. -- With HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference) on the horizon, technology for hotels is top of mind. But, are hoteliers really embracing the technologies that today's modern travelers are expecting? According to the 2017 Lodging Technology Study, about a third of hotels (33%) plan to upgrade their current mobile app this year, and a few more (7%) will roll out an app for the first time. This begs another question, "what is the other 60% doing to meet guests' growing demands for mobile interaction?"In a concurrent session titled "Mobile Apps - Embracing Modern Technology," a panel of hospitality experts will discuss how mobile apps are changing the customer experience and allowing guests a convenient alternative for those who prefer a self-service interaction. Moderated by Ted Horner, Owner of E Horner & Associates, an information technology and services consultancy, this session will analyze which apps are best suited to meet guests' needs, identify how hotels can modernize services and increase revenues with a mobile app platform, and spotlight best practices where apps are bridging the communications gap between guests and hotels before, during and after their stays."Mobile Apps - Embracing Modern Technology" will be held on Wednesday, June 28, from 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. On the panel areGregg Hopkins, chief sales and marketing officer at Intelity; Jai Govindani, CTO at Red Planet Hotels; Alexander Shashou, co-founder and CEO at ALICE; and Lyle Worthington, CIO at The Student Hotel and the current HFTP Global President."This session will inform hoteliers about the value of mobility as a key component to delivering on what guests are expecting," Hopkins said. "Apps are not going anywhere. However, that doesn't preclude additional, new channels from entering the marketplace. At a minimum, an app should serve two primary purposes: 1) serve as an information resource for travelers, and 2) serve a channel to enable one-to-one communications between the hotel and guest."Apps have evolved from a marketing tool to an operations tool, he said. Today, they are facilitating reservations, mobile check-in and check-out, service requests, in-room dining and much more."The key role of a mobile app today is to create frictionless guest experiences, whether they are confined to the guestroom or property or follow the guest throughout their journey," he says. "Mobile apps make booking easier and they streamline the check-in/-out process. They help track loyalty rewards and increased options and choices for users before/during their stay and for future stays."Hopkins brings more than 30 years of varied international experience in hospitality and technology. A co-founder of Libra OnDemand, a hospitality-specific CRM solution, he worked with various hospitality enterprise property management, sales and catering, CRM, central reservation system providers, online travel agencies, and destination vacation portal solutions. He is also involved on committees or as a board member of select industry associations (MPI Foundation, HFTP, Rosen College of Hospitality Management)."When it comes to mobile apps, Intelity is a leader in delivering solutions that strengthen the relationship between hotels and their guests," Hopkins said. "In this session, hoteliers will learn why mobile apps are becoming 'the new standard' for guest service. Whether its enabling guests to personalize and define their own experiences . . . providing a constant, direct line of communication between travelers and properties . . . or delivering back-end management tools for driving business intelligence and staff controls, mobile apps are here to stay."If you're among the 60% of hoteliers not leveraging mobile apps at your properties or using a mobile app with limited functionality, I encourage you to attend this session," he added. "To see the depths of what mobile apps can do for your hotel, including providing a single, complete platform, stop by the Intelity Booth #722. We'll make you believers."For more information about Intelity's solutions for the hospitality industry, click here.

Intelity to Reveal Proprietary Technology at HITEC for Managing Mobile Devices

Intelity 14 June 2017
Visit Intelity in Booth #722 at HITEC, June 27 to 29, at the Metro Toronto Convention CentreOrlando, Fla. -- To ensure that hotels are delivering a guest experience with zero friction, Intelity has developed proprietary technology that will manage mobile devices used by guests and staff via the property network. The new Intelity Mobile Device Manager will notify appropriate personnel if a mobile device - such as an in-room guest tablet or other handheld device used by staff - is online/offline, if the battery is low, or if the device has left the room or designated area. With the addition of the MDM, hotels now have a single platform that controls the many solutions offered by Intelity.Intelity, an innovator and leader in hospitality guest-service technology, will showcase its new Mobile Device Manager at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in Booth #722, June 27 to 29, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre."Traditionally, hoteliers pay a third-party to manage each mobile device supported by their network," said Intelity CEO and President David Adelson. "Rather than nickel-and-diming our customers, Intelity built this Mobile Device Manager to contain only the features our customers need for their environments. Rather than paying for bells and whistles they don't use, Intelity customers pay nothing at all. The cost of the MDM tool is absorbed into our current SAAS (Software as a Service) fees."Today, Intelity truly has a robust back-end solution to support the more than 40,000 front-end solutions deployed at hotels across the globe," Adelson said. "We invite all HITEC 2017 attendees to visit Booth #722 to see the depth of the Intelity portfolio and witness our company's commitment to customer service."For more information about Intelity's solutions for the hospitality industry, click here.

Intelity to Debut 'Unified Messaging Portal' at HITEC Toronto

Intelity 7 June 2017
Visit Intelity in Booth #722 at HITEC, June 27 to 29, at the Metro Toronto Convention CentreOrlando, Fla. -- With the expectation of mobile messaging between guests and hoteliers growing at an astonishing rate, Intelity will debut a new Unified Messaging Portal this month at HITEC that will make SMS communications for travelers easier than ever before. Available as a standalone channel or as part of the Intelity Ice Control System (ICS) platform, this new Unified Messaging Portal will enable guests to place requests with hotel staff from the moment a reservation is made. Whether the guest is at home, in route to the hotel, or lounging poolside, staff will have the messaging tools they need to reply to guest requests instantly and deliver on requests efficiently.Intelity, an innovator and leader in hospitality guest-service technology, will showcase its new Unified Messaging Portal at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in Booth #722, June 27 to 29, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.Consider these statistics:SMS is the No. 1 feature used by 3 billion cell phone users around the world98% of SMS messages are read vs. email at 20%90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes81% of users are frustrated with phone-based customer service77% of Millennials have a positive perception of companies that text64% of users prefer texting over voice for customer serviceMillennials are 40 times more likely to act via text?Mobile coupons are redeemed 10% more often than print offers"Intelity is answering an industry need with the debut of this new, multi-channel messaging service," said Intelity CEO and President David Adelson. "It's critical that hoteliers have an effective and affordable platform communicating with guests via text messaging. For guests, it's a convenient tool to make requests or voice complaints; for hoteliers, it's a revenue generator and a vehicle for enhancing guest service."At HITEC, Intelity will introduce a multi-channel messaging solution that may be implemented as part of its full-service ICS platform or as a standalone service for hoteliers that want a single dashboard for messaging independent of Intelity's guest self-service and guest engagement apps. Additionally, Intelity's messaging solution will feature multi-channel capabilities that supports social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. "We invite all HITEC 2017 attendees to visit Booth #722 to see why Intelity remains the leader of hospitality solutions that strengthen the relationship between hotels and their guests," Adelson said.For more information about Intelity's solutions for the hospitality industry, click here.

Intelity Recognized by Info-Tech Research Group as an In-Room Tablet Technology Champion

Intelity 16 May 2017
Intelity, an innovator and leader in hospitality guest-service technology, was recently recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for its in-room tablet technology. In its In-Room Tablets Vendor Landscape report, Info-Tech Research Group compared nine in-room tablet vendors of which Intelity was designated a "Champion." The report states that "Intelity is the only vendor to deliver on every advanced feature evaluated and offers an extensive catalog of available integrations with major hotel systems such as PMS, POS, and in-room controls."Info-Tech Research Group's Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category. For this Vendor Landscape, Info-Tech focused on those vendors that offer broad capabilities across multiple platforms and that have a strong market presence and/or reputational presence among medium and large-size organizations."Intelity is proud to be recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for its advanced in-room tablet solution and expansive systems integration," said Intelity CEO and President David Adelson. "Our products were evaluated for their features, usability, affordability and architecture, while we as a company were judged for our viability, strategy, reach and integration. Intelity achieved high marks across the board.""This report substantiates that Intelity meets far more than just the 'minimum standard' feature requirements of an in-room tablet solution," Adelson said. "According to the report, express check-out; local events and city guides; reporting, analysis and dashboards; content management; security; push marketing; and the capability of supporting multiple properties are the most basic 'table stakes' or features on which a system should be considered. Intelity goes above and beyond what is standard and offers tools that lead to greater market differentiation and a higher return on investment."Advanced system features where Intelity performed exceptionally well include: two-way messaging between the guest and hotel; the ability for guests to select and play games and view entertainment content on their tablets; the ability to track and recognize guests within a geo-fenced property and trigger an intelligent offer message; the ability to review the room service dining menu and place orders that will integrate with the POS; the ability to display languages other than English across the customer-facing and CMS application UI; enabling guests to set (and remove) a wake-up call that integrates with PMS and automated/live-agent call features; using the tablet as a full-feature phone; adjusting in-room lighting from the tablet; enabling guests to view their folio through integration with the PMS; and enabling guests to set room temperature through integration with HVAC thermostat devices or a third-party control."As more and more hotels begin 'digitizing their properties with an in-room tablet' to deliver hotel amenities, targeted promotions, superior entertainment, and automated room controls to create a more guest-centric experience, Intelity will be there to provide exceptional customer support and ensure a quick ROI," Adelson said. "Our solutions are designed to strengthen the relationship between hoteliers and their guest."For more information about Intelity's guest engagement solutions for the hospitality industry, please visit the company website.About Info-Tech Research GroupWith a paid membership of over 30,000 members worldwide, Info-Tech Research Group (www.infotech.com) is the global leader in providing tactical, practical Information Technology research and analysis. Info-Tech Research Group has an eighteen-year history of delivering quality research and is North America's fastest growing full-service IT analyst firm.About GHRCInfo-Tech's Gaming & Hospitality Research Center (GHRC) focuses on providing practical and tactical advice for CIOs, VPs and Director level IT professionals within the casino & resort market. Evaluating vendors and products specific to the Gaming & Hospitality industry is a revolutionary way to help evaluate current and future technology. Increased value and accelerated business results can be realized when combined with GHRC consulting services that use a structured, industry best practices approach across four major IT focus areas: IT/Business Alignment, Applications, Infrastructure and Risk Management.
Article by Gregg Hopkins

The Hospitality Industry's Not-So-New Platform Paradigm

Intelity 10 May 2017
For instance, a recent Skift report is titled "The Hospitality Industry's New Platform Paradigm." An executive summary states that hoteliers stand to benefit "by using technology to deliver services in more convenient, faster and more transparent ways," along the same vein as Amazon in retail, Uber in transportation and Airbnb in hospitality.What's really new here, though?While I couldn't agree more the "new platform paradigm" premise, an objective look reveals that this same "platform strategy" was introduced to the hospitality industry years ago. Companies like Intelity have been improving upon hospitality platform delivery for years, paving the way for the explosion of innovative options hoteliers are now enjoying.The Intelity guest service platform originally arose in 2008 from a desire to simplify communication between hotels and guests, starting on the back end where service begins, rather than from a guest-facing perspective. Empowering hotel staff by streamlining their relationship with guests is key to achieving high guest satisfaction, solidifying loyalty, and being more relevant than competitors.Clipboards, countless paper tickets, two-way radios, wired telephones.With the number of technologies now available, these traditional methods have made less sense over the years. Now hoteliers have at their disposal instant guest feedback, automated data entry, digital guest data, and direct two-way communication between managers and staff or guests, among other tech functions designed to improve efficiencies. These are game-changing resources for hoteliers that should be a priority for any looking to improve service performance.Smartphones, tablets, SMS, landlines, TVs, desktop or laptop computers.What if you could take all requests from all devices from guests and view them through a single portal? Guests are using more channels than ever to communicate their needs to hotel staff, which makes the platform model even more significant in hospitality.Intelity's platform has long offered one single portal, available on multiple mobile and web device types, for all guest communication and requests to funnel through to the hotel, even directly to the correct department. It makes it simpler for hotel management to stay on top of what's going on within a service organization.Add to that the availability of integration with more other hotel systems (PMS, POS, Mobile Key, In Room Controls, Spa, etc.) than any other company in the space (over 60 native integrations to day) and the result is a complete guest service package that offers both operational and guest-facing innovation, as well as being delivered by the most mature, stable, established company in the industry.Despite the emergence of technology as a driver in the hospitality industry, service remains a top concern for guests. And successful adoption of a mature yet "new" platform technology will be a determinant in which hotels are able to connect with modern guests and which gain a reputation for being out of touch with what guests really want.Join Us at HITEC 2017If your plans include attending HITEC 2017 in Toronto from June 26-29, please stop by booth 722 to learn more about the future of mobile hospitality technology.

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