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IBC Introduces 'Omni' and 'Optima' Membership Packages

IBC Hotels 14 June 2017
Phoenix -- IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection) is introducing two membership packages for independent hotels that will enable them to choose how they wish to use the new IBC Marketplace online portal that centrally manages ALL property technologies. The Omni Package (designed for large properties, management companies and ownership/enterprise businesses) is customizable and provides all-inclusive CRS, PMS connectivity, digital marketing, loyalty, OTA connections, IBC One Revenue Management, GDS, Internet bookings, Rate Shopping, Retargeting services and more. The Optima Package (an entry-level offering for single property owners with one to 1,000 rooms) provides all the tools needed to drive bookings and loyalty using Meta and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) budget with ala carte functions, including website builder, reputation management, purchasing discounts and more, but without the additional bells and whistles available through Omni.Both programs include the full reporting, business intelligence, image library, ROI-driven meta bookings, full guest information, proprietary visual booking engine with global loyalty, activity/rental car and cancellation protection add-ons, national and international trade show/sales missions/corporate RFP channels, customizable email templates, packaging, multi-currency and multiple language and much more."By developing the Omni and Optima packages, IBC is revamping its services to better encompass the market's need for a complete solution," said Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of IBC. "Omni is the only bundled service of its kind. Most hoteliers need three different companies to cover what the Omni package solves: lower costs, increased revenue and access to their data in one easy-to-use platform. If Omni is too feature-rich, Optima is the ideal solution for hoteliers looking just to manage their marketing and distribution in one place; in fact, they can self-onboard in minutes here. Optima will enable single-property owners to keep their independence from the costly brands and reduce high expenses of digital marketing companies and preserve the unique character and identity of their property - as well as their name."The new IBC Marketplace is an at-a-glance repository of property information - whether it's a look at one hotel using Optima or several hotels flying varying brand flags across a large ownership or management company via Omni. With access to this type of business intelligence, independent hoteliers will have the data they need to drive bookings and RevPAR.To find out more about the new Omni and Optima packages available through the improved IBC Marketplace, visit www.ibchospitality.com. For media inquiries, please contact Barb Worcester for IBC at barbw@prproconsulting.com.

IBC Marketplace Now Serving as Technology Management Hub for Independent Hotels

IBC Hotels 31 May 2017
Phoenix -- IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection), a leading provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels, announces that its IBC Marketplace has evolved from a standalone Central Reservation System (CRS) to an online portal for centrally managing ALL property technologies, including CRS, property-management system, marketing, loyalty program, rate shopping, revenue management and more. This customizable, enhanced functionality will equip independent hotel operators with the tools they need to manage their hotel assets, including rates and loyalty in one place, determine which channels are generating the most business, and see which marketing programs are succeeding or failing and then retargeting offers for a better return on investment."IBC diligently works to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hotel technologies," said Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of IBC. "One of the largest challenges as an independent owner is the lack of cloud-based CRS or 'Intranet' capabilities like their branded counterparts have. Every property works with a surplus of vendors, and being able aggregate all the data that comes from each system is challenging. By enabling our independent hotel customers to access and manage all data in one central location is key to helping them operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably."The new IBC Marketplace is an at-a-glance repository of property information - whether it's a look at one hotel or several hotels flying varying flags across a large ownership or management company. Where do I invest marketing? How am I trending from a search perspective? With whom should I spend my marketing dollars? Why is this hotel underperforming compared to the other hotels thriving in my system? Answers to all these questions are available via the executive dashboard. With access to this type of business intelligence, independent hoteliers will have the data they need to drive bookings and RevPAR.Enhancement to the IBC Marketplace has been in development for almost a year. IBC's internal team of hospitality technology specialists worked tirelessly to create a central hub that performs "all things for all members."Through the IBC Marketplace, independent hoteliers can:Update ExpediaUpdate all connected channels including Google, metachannels, FIT and many moreCreate a new website in minutes with IBC's new website builder or request a custom design websiteAdd IBC One Revenue Management systemIntegrate with 50+ Channel Management and Revenue Management SystemsIntegrate with hundreds of Property Management SystemsEasily add a booking engine widget with top conversions and design including rental car, activity add-ons and cancellation protectionOptimize administration, reporting, and business intelligence dashboardsStreamline purchasing and automated invoicing platformsMaximize RevPAR with IBC managed distribution"The world's most powerful hotel reservation system and CRS for independent hotels has just been made even better," said Cody Engilman, IBC director of sales. "For independent hotels, there is no better technology platform out there. For hotel management companies that have both independents and brands in their portfolios, IBC Marketplace offers significant benefits as well. If the management company uses IBC, for example, they can log-in to IBCMarketplace.com to manage their independent hotels and see how the branded properties are doing. Rather than logging in and out from one site to the next to check on hotel performance, this central hub does it all for everyone."Hoteliers can create a new website using this executive dashboard. In just a few simple steps, the Website Wizard will give a fresh look that mirrors all custom hotel colors and logo branding in minutes. The process is end-user based, so no third-party designer involvement is required. Hoteliers can also top-off their budgets through the dashboard using Meta through Google and CPC (cost-per-click). Everyone charges for this, but not IBC; it's part of our package. Hoteliers can add money to Meta or a CPC campaign via the IBC Marketplace with just a click. These tools are giving more control back to the independent hotelier.To find out more about the new and improved IBC Marketplace, visit www.ibchospitality.com.

IBC Inks Landmark Deal with LodgIQtm

IBC Hotels 12 December 2016
New York, N.Y. and Phoenix -- IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection), a leading provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels, today announced an agreement with LodgIQ to bring its sophisticated, machine-learning based revenue management system (RMS) to IBC customers. In December, independent hotels using the proprietary IBC hotel management platform will have access to two RMS solutions: IBC RMS for full-service properties and IBC ONE for focused service properties, both powered by LodgIQ."After an extensive evaluation of many revenue management platforms on the market, LodgIQ had the platform most aligned with our independent-minded hoteliers' needs," said Pamela Barnhill, President, COO and Founder of IBC. "We are a cutting-edge company, and the services we deliver to our member hotels must be as well. LodgIQ is the only revenue management company enmeshing machine learning into its unique solution, plus it delivers unparalleled value through market insights at an affordable cost. We are thrilled to be offering this innovative solution to our members. LodgIQ turns big data into smart data for the sole purpose of uncovering revenue potential."By placing two LodgIQ powered RMS solutions on the IBC Marketplace (which includes managed distribution, an advanced central-reservation system and soft brand benefits), independent hotels can leverage scalable machine-learning technology that continuously collects and analyzes market variables such as room rates of direct and indirect competitors, historical room rates, flight patterns, meteorological patterns and other demand generators such as local events. As data signals are received, both systems analyze the information to determine its importance, then integrating this newly gained insight into its pricing recommendations, making increasingly accurate pricing recommendations over time."IBC is a forward-thinking company, and we are honored to be selected by them to provide this critical business solution," said Ravneet Bhandari, CEO at LodgIQ. "Our goal is to help IBC member hotels think differently about how to approach setting rates, forecasting and revenue management as a whole."IBC ONE (powered by LodgIQ) is particularly suited for hotels with less complex operating environments, whether independent or branded, select-service or full-service, and can be self-launched by any hotel, in any market, within a matter of minutes. This platform harnesses the power of LodgIQ's patented market-based forecasting and optimization algorithms and machine learning platform, and completely eliminates any dependencies on PMS or CRS connectivity.To find out more about the partnership between LodgIQ and IBC or to arrange an interview, please contact Barb Worcester, PRpro, at 440-930-5770 or emailbarbw@prproconsulting.com.About LodgIQLodgIQtm provides advanced travel industry revenue optimization technologies. Its breakthrough next-generation revenue optimization platforms, LodgIQ RM and LodgIQ ONE, were developed by seasoned revenue management executives and Silicon Valley technologists. LodgIQ's products combine sophisticated machine learning with an intuitive and powerful user interface delivering advanced recommendations and actionable analytics. LodgIQ RM is for full service hotels while LodgIQ ONE is geared to boutique, independent and focused service hotels. LodgIQ is headquartered in New York City, and maintains offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore, London and Bangalore. Learn more at www.LodgIQ.com

STAAH Joins IBC Bringing Channel Management Expertise to Independent Hotels

IBC Hotels 15 November 2016
IBC (InnDependent Boutique Collection) announces a new integration partnership with STAAH that will give independent hotels direct access to the company's channel management and booking technology via the IBC Marketplace. Today independent hotels relying on the IBC platform for managed distribution, advanced CRS and soft brand benefits can now have direct access to STAAH technologies, including website development and online marketing services."STAAH's channel manager is feature-rich and sophisticated, yet simple and intuitive," said Martin Downing, STAAH's General Manager, Marketing. "Our quality technology is backed by highly-skilled people and that is why we have earned top ratings for 'ease of use' and 'customer service' on the software review website Capterra. With STAAH, an independent hotel can not only manage its rates and availability across all distribution channels, but it can also manage its website content (InstantSite), booking engine (ConvertDirect) and online reviews (RepuFact) - all from one login. Better yet, STAAH is one of the most competitively-priced channel managers available."STAAH's Instant Channel Manager brings the following benefits to IBC members:Removes the need to manage rates and availability on individual channelsExpands distribution by allowing hotels to add more channels easilyPrevents errors caused by manual, human data entryProvides tracking and reporting by automatically calculating bookings and revenueDelivers live updates within seconds and a low rate of overbookings (0.003% average)"Connectivity is the No. 1 challenge facing hoteliers today," Downing said. "A hotel's channel manager acts as a messenger between the many components of their marketing stack, such as the property-management system, central-reservation system, room-management system and payment gateway. Therefore, a channel manager needs to be fully and reliably integrated with these third-party systems. As the underlying technology advances and consumer needs change, hotels need a simple and intuitive 'control center' that is proactively evolving, and thereby allows them to react quickly and keep their property ahead of the competition. That is what STAAH's channel manager does and what we are bringing today to IBC."Founded by independent hoteliers, IBC knows what it means to run a hotel independently and it understands the challenges this market niche bears. As such, IBC is committed to delivering solutions for independent hoteliers that make dollars and sense. These solutions are available on the IBC Marketplace - a one-stop-shop, global independent hotel technology network that empowers each hotelier to compete cost effectively against large hotel brands. The IBC Marketplace combines technology with member benefits to drive profits."As a leading global channel manager, we are delighted to add STAAH as a technology integration partner," said Pamela Barnhill, chief operating officer of IBC Hotels. "STAAH will help our members to better understand, control and grow their business through industry-leading technology for distribution through online travel agencies, direct booking and digital marketing services. We welcome them aboard."About STAAHSTAAH is a privately-owned company with its head office in Auckland, New Zealand. STAAH specializes in channel management and booking engine technology for accommodation operators such as hotels, motels, B&Bs, holiday resorts and guest houses. STAAH also offer website development and online marketing services. For more information, visit www.staah.com.

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