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Why personalisation can deliver 6% more revenue for your hotel

SiteMinder Blog 17 August 2017
All hotels are looking for ways to increase turnover. The more revenue a hotel can generate, the more options they give themselves to create profitable business strategies. Obviously converting as many bookings as possible is a core component of this plan, but getting existing guests to spend more is also a great option.

5 of the best go-to podcasts for hotel managers

SiteMinder Blog 9 August 2017
Given how popular ‘5 of the best must-watch TED talks for hotel managers’ proved to be, we at SiteMinder decided to go hunting for an equally helpful resource for hoteliers. This time we landed on podcasts. Podcasts can be incredibly educational and they cover almost any topic over a very accessible time-period. They’re a perfect way to spend a commute or to put on while performing other tasks. For busy hoteliers, podcasts are a fantastic opportunity to learn more about managing a hospitality business and optimising hotel revenue.

Hotel Management Cheat Sheet: 8 tips for creating effective packages

SiteMinder Blog 8 August 2017
With guest expectations on the rise and global hotels working hard to improve their service, it’s more important than ever to optimise your hotel packages. Often, the right package can be the gentle nudge a traveller needs to book your hotel over a competitor.

Why your hotel's channel manager needs the help of a room pricing tool

SiteMinder Blog 26 July 2017
It’s likely you’re already aware, and have seen the benefit, of channel management technology. If you are using a channel manager you’ll know how important it is for expanding your hotel’s distribution and optimising the way you manage your rooms. With a channel manager you can connect to as many online channels as you want, including online travel agents, your own booking engine, and a GDS.

How to price your hotel rooms (when you're not a revenue manager)

SiteMinder Blog 27 June 2017
In the modern and dynamic environment of today’s hotel industry even the most seasoned professionals can be challenged to meet all of the skills required. Hotel management transcends so many areas of expertise including technology, customer service, and finance, that it’s almost impossible to cover all bases. Not the least of these challenges is revenue management. For hotels this can become an incredibly complex and time-consuming strategy to stay on top of.

FREE Infographic: Demystifying virtual technology in the hotel industry

SiteMinder Blog 26 June 2017
Virtual technology may not be an everyday business tool yet, but that day is coming soon. Most industries are investing in some form of virtual tech to improve marketing, sales, and customer experience. The hotel industry has the potential to reap great rewards from applications such as virtual tours and virtual experiences, with many already investing in it.

Hotel Management Life Hacks: Tips and tricks to get the best from your online booking engine

SiteMinder Blog 31 May 2017
An online booking engine for your hotel is imperative if you want to capture direct bookings and reduce the commission you pay to online travel agents (OTAs). The majority of travellers will visit your hotel website even if they discover your property on an OTA.

Do you know your RevPAR from your GOPPAR?

SiteMinder Blog 29 May 2017
Revenue management is an obvious priority at every hotel, but it can often be a confusing exercise. Developing the right hotel revenue strategy will be a challenge at times, particularly considering the fact that there are so many metrics to utilise in your analysis. Consider these two key performance metrics when investigating the success of your business: RevPAR and GOPPAR. Do you know the difference and how they can help you?

Hotel Madera Hong Kong streamlines distribution and rate management with SiteMinder

SiteMinder Blog 26 May 2017
Hotel Madera Hong Kong is located in the lavish surrounds of Kowloon where shopping, dining, and entertainment are almost boundless. With 88 rooms encompassing nine different room-types, Hotel Madera Hong Kong has something for everyone. The body, mind, and soul of guests can be rejuvenated as they enjoy some of the finest amenities available including an art gallery, 24-hour gym, a fully-equipped game room, colonial-style cafe, and rooftop lounge.

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