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AI Can Comb Through Your Data to Create More Compelling Customer Experiences

harvardbusiness.org 14 June 2017
jun17-14-hbr-Neasden-Control-Centre-01Neasden Control Centre for HBR The world has more data than ever before. In fact, it's estimated that by 2020, we'll produce 44 zettabytes every day. That's equal to 44 trillion gigabytes. One gigabyte can hold the contents of enough books to cover a 30-foot-long shelf. Multiply that by 44 trillion. That's a lot of data - too much for most companies to process. And yet front-line employees are still often left operating with data that's 'too little, too late.' Most organizations are challenged to extract meaningful insights from their customer data when they're drowning in so many data feeds. Data is not always shared efficiently. Many of the world's biggest companies operate in silos - for example, their customer service and sales departments do not share a customer relationship management (CRM) database, and employees don't collaborate around the customer to ensure a powerful customer experience. More often than not, employees in one de

Free Sell or Free Fall?

IDeaS Blog 14 June 2017
Contrary to any widespread belief, hotel meetings and events space does more than just sell guestrooms. In fact, for many hotels, the profit potential of this revenue stream is so significant that it can contribute 40-60% of their total profits. When it comes to leveraging this event space strategically, however, it’s often one of the most overlooked opportunities for substantial revenue generation.

Why Rate Disparity Matters, and What to Do About It

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers 14 June 2017
Rate disparity, if left unchecked, can seriously impact your hotel’s bottom line. Hotels often find themselves with lower rates on OTAs and other third party channels than they do on their own website – that’s not good! So what can hotels do?

The Impact Of Chatbots On The Hotel Industry

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 13 June 2017
The ‘chatbot’ has been a buzz-word over them past twelve months across a wide range of industries. In two years time the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse – according to Gartner. 2017 so far has seen an explosion of various chatbots available on popular messaging apps coupled with easier methods of design, implementation and management due to new platforms and integrations available to developers and organisations. All of this in collaboration with access to Artificial Intelligence engines and machine learning tools makes the modern chatbot something which has already started changing the face of the hotel industry.

The Duetto Recipe For A Successful RMS Integration

Duetto Research Blog 13 June 2017
I’m a self-professed amateur chef, always experimenting in the kitchen, looking to create that perfect meal.When I’m not at the stove I’m Director of Deployment at Duetto — crafting, exploring, and tweaking our system integrations processes and delivering the best deployment experience for our hotels. There may not be many obvious synergies between the two, admittedly. However, the analogy of cooking a meal is a great way to explain how Duetto partners and builds its integrations, ensuring it serves up a solution that is exactly what the customer ordered.

Apple Business Chat vs. Facebook Messenger: what's best for hotels?

Triptease Blog 13 June 2017
Never one to lag behind, Apple are testing Facebook's mettle with the launch of their new iMessage integration, Business Chat. Apple's new feature will allow users to open an iMessage window from a variety of different apps and start a conversation with a business. Unlike Facebook Messenger, whose business functionality is centred around chatbots, Business Chat is currently limited to human-to-human conversations. But that doesn't mean it's all talk - businesses can also schedule appointments and process payments through their iMessage windows.

RateManager: The logical way to set your pricing strategy

Bookingsuite Blog 13 June 2017
One of the biggest factors in the success of your property is the pricing strategy you implement. Prices make the difference between sales and no sales, between good deals and bad ones – all of which adds up to a major impact on your bottom line. If price is so key to sales, how do you decide on the right pricing strategy? We spoke to a number of our partners and saw that they have three main ways of conducting research to set their pricing:

It's Never Too Late to Choose Right Hotel Management Software For Your Apartment Hotels

Hotelogix Blog 13 June 2017
Hotels both luxury and budget have always been the undisputed choice for tourists. But they are not always the ideal choice. The demand for apartment hotels is growing as the hospitality industry continues to mature and gain awareness among business and leisure travelers. A significant part of this growth is attributed to millennial’s travel habits. According to Knight Frank’s 2016 Global Cities Report, over the past seven years, the number of serviced apartments has grown by 80 per cent and totals to more than 750,000 properties globally. Given the scenario, serviced apartments are likely to reap the economic rewards in the coming years. Serviced apartment not only offer the cleanliness and safety that a hotel offers, but they also provide ‘home away from home’ options with well-equipped kitchens, comfy living spaces and other facilities.

Introducing SocialPatrol - Artificial Intelligence at ICUC Social

icuc.social Blog 12 June 2017
When we were building SocialPatrol, our in-house software for social media management, artificial intelligence had yet to gain serious traction with companies like Facebook and Google. Fast-forward to 2017, and AI's 'Deep Learning' abilities have now exploded. The growth over the last five years has been tremendous; in 2016, a Google spokesperson stated that they [...] The post Introducing SocialPatrol - Artificial Intelligence at ICUC Social appeared first on icuc.social.

Scaled Agile Shapes the Future of Hospitality

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 12 June 2017
Technology changes quickly, and so do the needs of our customers. In order to adapt to these changes, we need to be able to differentiate ourselves in our development processes. We have been participating in Scaled Agile processes for some time now, and have continued to train our new team members, as well as update our existing best practices.

Driving Hotel Occupancy Alone Won't Maximize Revenue

Duetto Research Blog 12 June 2017
Hotel occupancy might be cited most often when hospitality experts are trying to gauge the industry’s health, but at the property level it is not the be-all, end-all for revenue managers trying to grow the top and bottom lines. Several revenue management professionals quoted in this article list other metrics hotels should track, along with occupancy, when formulating strategies, including: cost per occupied room, gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR), demand (not necessarily occupancy), and ancillary revenue potential.

Hotelogix all Set to Showcase Its New Features and Enhancements at HITEC 2017

Hotelogix Blog 9 June 2017
Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is one of the top platforms to showcase the most current hospitality-driven applications and technologies that enhances guest experiences. And, Hotelogix is all set to go! Our founders Prabhash Bhatnagar and Aditya Sanghi are joining the four-day event (June 26-29, Toronto, Canada) that brings together the best minds from all facets of the hospitality industry to showcase the latest in technology products.

Machine Learning: Buzz Phrase or the Real Deal?

IDeaS Blog 8 June 2017
IDeaS first introduced automated decisions to the world of hotel revenue management nearly 30 years ago. At the time, many hoteliers had concerns about letting revenue management software implement their rate and inventory decisions automatically within their various booking systems. Over time, however, they quickly recognized the significant benefits this provided, in addition to the value of better consistency, reliability and profitable revenue optimization. After all, why not use the power of analytics to take care of the tactical and time-consuming routines around forecasting, optimization and decision making? By doing so, it allowed hoteliers and their teams to focus more of their time and energy on strategic aspects.

[Infographic] What Makes a Successful Revenue Strategy?

Net Affinity | Conversion Optimisation for Savvy Hoteliers 8 June 2017
The travel industry is competitive, fragmented and swiftly changing. In that environment, an intelligent, flexible revenue strategy is the only path to success. Independent hotels face a unique set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing a solid revenue strategy.

If Your Company Isn't Good at Analytics, It's Not Ready for AI

harvardbusiness.org 7 June 2017
Management teams often assume they can leapfrog best practices for basic data analytics by going directly to adopting artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. But companies that rush into sophisticated artificial intelligence before reaching a critical mass of automated processes and structured analytics can end up paralyzed. They can become saddled with expensive start-up partnerships, impenetrable black-box systems, cumbersome cloud computational clusters, and open-source toolkits without programmers to write code for them.

Casino Revenues are on the Rise Around the Globe

Duetto Research Blog 7 June 2017
Seven trending gaming industry stories that will impact your casino Revenue Strategy.

5 Reasons Why you Should Move From Traditional PMS Systems to The Cloud

Hotelogix Blog 2 June 2017
Have you ever imagined running your hotel without bulky servers, without a large IT support team to manage your property requirements or having numerous servers clogging up the space? Well, this is possible by moving from traditional Property Management Systems (PMS) to cloud-enabled PMS.

Bridging the Industry With Neil Corr

IDeaS Blog 1 June 2017
IDeaS Advisory Services answers some of the commonly-asked questions from hotels across the globe Neil Corr, IDeaS senior advisor in EMEA, discusses the different ways today’s hotels can achieve intelligent revenue strategies in a Big Data-driven world. With the growing sources of data today—especially with new demand, market and travel intelligence data—what’s the best way to ensure we have a smart revenue strategy?

Regardless of OTA Monopoly Argument, Hotels Should Refine Pricing Strategies

Duetto Research Blog 1 June 2017
The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s new lobbying and PR campaign against the online travel agencies is another front in the group’s ongoing advocacy, but it likely won’t shift hotel distribution dramatically on its own. Properties should not wait for OTA commissions to improve; they should continue to control what’s in their power, namely pricing rooms for maximum profit.

Integrate Your PMS with POS Solution to Get Better Control Over Your Hotel Business

Hotelogix Blog 1 June 2017
A hotel’s revenue is not only dependant on room occupancy, but also on the additional revenue generated from various point of sale (POS) outlets. A hotel may have several different POS outlets, for example, restaurants and bar, hotel spa, tours and excursions organized by the hotel, gift shop and so on. A hotel’s POS outlets can be strong revenue earners for them, but on the flip side it can only create extra paperwork and overhead for the hotel, if not automated.

8 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Companies' Work Processes

harvardbusiness.org 31 May 2017
Today’s leading organizations are using machine learning–based tools to automate decision processes, and they’re starting to experiment with more-advanced uses of artificial intelligence (AI) for digital transformation. Corporate investment in artificial intelligence is predicted to triple in 2017, becoming a $100 billion market by 2025. Last year alone saw $5 billion in machine learning venture investment. In a recent survey, 30% of respondents predicted that AI will be the biggest disruptor to their industry in the next five years. This will no doubt have profound effects on the workplace.

Demand from Chinese Travelers Only Expected to Grow

Duetto Research Blog 31 May 2017
A recently released report on Chinese travellers’ motivations and behaviours showed that Chinese consumers’ appetites for travel are still growing, even off a base of high recent demand. Nine out of 10 Chinese travellers say they now have the means and are hoping to travel more frequently as compared to five years ago, according to a study released by Sabre Corporation. The report said higher disposable income, enabling technologies and access to relevant travel information are the top three factors that have contributed to this increase in travel.

How travel brands are using virtual reality

eyefortravel.com·Requires Registration 31 May 2017
It may be early days but a new white paper from EyeforTravel shows that there are applications for VR in travel In 2016 as many as 1.5 million units of dedicated Virtual Reality headsets were shipped, with PlayStation coming out tops. It sold 745,000 units, according to the games and interactive media intelligence firm SuperData, followed by HTC Vive (420,000), Oculus Rift (355,000) and 261,000 (Google Daydream).

When It Comes to Hotel Marketing, Revenue Is in the Details

IDeaS Blog 30 May 2017
For a lot of hotels, summer is anxiously peeking around the corner. Along with the anticipation of rising temps, poolside parties and sun-drenched days, hotel marketing and revenue strategies are also heating up for the year. With group blocks fairly solidified for upcoming months, marketing and revenue departments are actively trying to fill potential valleys and extend those summer travelers with attractive promotions and offers.


The Shift - by LE Miami 30 May 2017
The days of the well-thumbed phrasebook might be coming to an end. Already, travellers are more likely to swipe through an app than flip through a book; now, new technology means that soon we might not even need to do that. The universal translator has been a long-time staple of science fiction, appearing across literature and popularised by major TV series that depict humans and aliens conversing with no apparent language barrier (think A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy‘s Babel fish, which is “small, yellow, leech-like, and probably the oddest thing in the universe. It feeds on brain wave energy, absorbing all unconscious frequencies and then excreting telepathically a matrix formed from the conscious frequencies and nerve signals picked up from the speech centres of the brain, the practical upshot of which is that if you stick one in your ear, you can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language”).

How to make your hotel's social media a source for travel inspiration (II) - Instagram & Pinterest

TrustYou brainTRUST Blog 30 May 2017
In our previous post, we began to dive into social media and how you, as a hotelier, can transform it into a source for travel inspiration. More specifically, we talked about how you can optimize your hotel’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, in order to make sure that they appeal to travelers and are going to be a reason for them to choose and book your hotel.

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