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Local Measure Announces New App on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Local Measure 18 May 2018
Sydney and New York -- Local Measure, a leading location-based intelligence platform for hospitality, tourism and retail, announced its new app on the Salesforce AppExchange. The Local Measure integration allows businesses to connect in-venue experiences with their digital customer record, creating potential for richer, personalized customer experiences. The integration also provides real time location context, allowing for a fuller view of the customer and their activity and interaction with your business locations.Local Measure connects with venue wireless products to offer a social splash screen to sign onto venue Wi-Fi. Once installed, the sign-on data along with the customer profile integrates directly into the customer contact on Salesforce.Local Measure leverages the latest Lightning Components, the building blocks for Salesforce apps. These global components form an elegant, streamlined user interface that bring Local Measure's functionality in line with the Salesforce dashboard.Users are able to connect social profiles of people in-venue to existing customer contacts or leads within the app. This provides the opportunity for staff to engage with customers through their social media accounts. The dashboard provides real-time social data as well as reporting around customer visits, social networks, loyalty and the influence of their customers as well as a history of customer interactions with the business.COMMENTS:"Local Measure's integration with Salesforce is a significant step forward for service-focused industries. It is our common goal to provide rich, relevant customer data in real time, and Local Measure is at the forefront of doing just that for the in-venue or in-store phase of the customer journey," said Jonathan Barouch, CEO at Local Measure."We are happy to welcome Local Measure onto the AppExchange, as they provide customers with exciting new ways to create richer, personalized customer experiences within the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors," said Mike Wolff, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. "The exponential growth of the AppExchange underscores the enormous opportunity the entire Salesforce ecosystem has in creating cutting-edge solutions and driving customer success."About Salesforce AppExchangeSalesforce AppExchange, the world's leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies to sell, service, market and engage in entirely new ways. With more than 5,000 solutions, 5 million customer installs and 70,000 peer reviews, it is the most comprehensive source of cloud, mobile, social, IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for businesses.Like Salesforce on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/salesforceFollow Salesforce on Twitter: https://twitter.com/salesforceSalesforce, AppExchange and others are among the trademarks of salesforce.com, inc. About Local MeasureLocal Measure is a leading customer intelligence platform in the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. Headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Singapore, Dubai, London, Phoenix and Miami, Local Measure's clients include many of the world's largest brands. The company merges local social media and mobile technology, to provide customers with live access to operationalize customer data, rich content and analytics at a local level.For more information about Local Measure, visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Article by Terri Miller

How to Deliver Personalized Guest Experiences in the Age of GDPR and Data Privacy Concerns

Concilio Labs, Inc. 18 May 2018
Hotels are faced with an interesting dilemma. We're entering a time of hyper-personalization -- guests show dominating preference for hospitality experiences which are more unique in nature and catered to individual needs/expectations. However, riding the coattails of the on-going personalization trend comes the initial implementation of GDPR on May 25th.For those unfamiliar, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). This legislation, which applies to guests and employees, brings with it a large number of changes relating to the use of personal data.This is where the dueling conundrum lies. With all these rules and guidelines, how will hotels remain competitive in their quest to deliver the exceptional, personalized service guests expect? How can hotels be expected to get personal if they have limited access to personal data?We're here to break it down for you.What Constitutes 'Personal Data'?In order to understand the expectations (and subsequent limitations) of the new protocol, we need to first gain an understanding of what exactly GDPR defines as the "personal data" of guests and hotel employees.In the case of GDPR, personal data is "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject')". Basically, this could include an individual's name, identification number, location data, online identifiers, their physical appearance, and more. Consider this the beginning tier of data classification, while other personal information such as political beliefs, biometric data, genetic information, is considered sensitive and is therefore held to a higher standard of security.Why GDPR?You may be wondering why this new legislation has come to fruition. Over time it has been noted that the hospitality industry is exceptionally vulnerable to data-related threats. From pre-stay to post-stay, guests are engaged in a near limitless number of transactions, which involve the exchange of sensitive information in addition to credit card data. In fact, according to the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations, the hotel industry accounted for the second largest share of security breaches in 2016.GDPR has been formulated in an effort to remedy this trend in the EU, compelling hotels to upgrade their data protection processes to meet new, improved standards. Those hotels who do not meet the standards enforced by GDPR will face serious financial penalties, with costs up to EUR20 million or 4 per cent of worldwide annual turnover (whichever is greater).How Can Hotels Collect Personal Data for GDPR?While it may seem daunting at first glance, the GDPR legislation shouldn't act as an impenetrable barrier between hoteliers and their guests.With GDPR in place, personal data must be collected for specified explicit purposes. Further, data cannot be captured (with consent for a specific information exchange) and then used for other purposes, unless consent is readily provided and documented. Let's consider a common example. Imagine a guest has supplied their email address at the time of booking a hotel. Under GDPR's regulations, you cannot use that email for email marketing at a later stage, unless the guest provided documented consent (likely through an 'opt-in' feature) for that use.Due to the dynamic nature of hotel services and touch points, it's likely that guests' personal details are shared amongst different areas of a hotel's operation (the front desk, spa, restaurants etc.). In preparation of GDPR, hotels' management teams should set aside time to complete a data mapping process that clarifies what data is captured, where that information is stored and how it can be used -- in order to protect and monitor it appropriately.Hoteliers should also take a closer look at their third-party partnerships, to ensure there is no risk to the security of guest data within those touchpoints, as well. Why is this so important? Under the standards of GDPR, if a hotel is outsourcing the process of data to a third party who is not complying with GDPR regulations, the hotel and the third-party processor can be held jointly responsible if a breach occurs.GDPR might leave some hoteliers feeling nervous as they prepare for changes to their current data processes, especially considering how many hotels rely on email marketing as a critical pillar to their business model. However, it's important to recognize the opportunity this legislation provides to establish more open communication streams with guests. In order to access and use their personal data, hotels must now develop a communications strategy that allows guests to know exactly what their data is being used for, and why. Essentially, hoteliers will be expected to talk with their guests, in a more holistic and transparent manner, to determine what they want out of their experience.In many ways, GDPR may ultimately yield a positive outcome for hoteliers and for guests. By forcing an opt-in and being specific about how information will be used, hoteliers will be left with a database of clients that are interested in receiving relevant guest experiences, marketing messages, and perhaps more receptive to booking or becoming loyal to your hotel.Additionally, it forces hoteliers to become smarter about what data they request and keep. The data which hoteliers must access to satiate and earn the loyalty of modern guests speaks to their preferences. What wine do they like, what type of pillow do they prefer, what other items, service styles or experiences will make their stay more enjoyable? The use of this type of data should be easy to obtain guest consent for, as it will ensure their visit meets (and exceeds) their expectations.

Scribd and KEYPR Partner to Deliver Digital Library to Hotels

KEYPR 18 May 2018
KEYPR, the enterprise technology company whose cloud-based platform is the leader in guest experience and staff optimization, announced today that it has partnered with Scribd, the premier digital reading subscription service, to offer its library of more than 1 million of the best ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines to hotel rooms worldwide.Scribd VP of Business Development Rama Sadasivan said, "We are thrilled to partner with KEYPR's diverse and expansive hotel network to bring Scribd to hotel guests around the world. This partnership opens up opportunities for us to reach new readers and offers an enriching alternative to other in-room entertainment options like TV and radio."In keeping with KEYPR's commitment to delivering rich and hassle-free content integrations, the Scribd app will be preloaded onto in-room tablets. Upon signing up for the service, guests will have instant access to bestselling and award-winning books and audiobooks like A Higher Loyalty by James Comey or The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, as well as leading magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek, TIME, and People."We are excited to add Scribd and its impressive library to our growing portfolio of content partners," said KEYPR COO Mark Anderson. "The Scribd library is a natural fit for guests who are already using the in-room tablets to look for entertainment, and an integration like this will only drive additional platform engagement."Scribd is now live across the entirety of KEYPR's hotel and luxury residence network.About KEYPRKEYPR is the broadest cloud-based guest experience and management platform available for hotels, casinos and residential properties. The platform delivers a friction-free personalized guest experience, while creating new operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue opportunities for property owners. Guests can access a directory of services, including dining, entertainment, third-party content and more through an in-room tablet and custom mobile app. The app also allows guests to bypass the front desk via keyless entry. Additionally, owners and managers gain valuable insight through the integrated dashboard (GEMS) and intuitive tools that provide visibility into guest needs before, during and after their stay--all while easily monitoring operational KPIs across multiple properties. For more, visit www.keypr.com.About ScribdScribd is the premier reading subscription, offering monthly access to the best books, audiobooks, news and magazine articles, documents and more for $9 per month. Scribd is available across iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers, and has logged over 150 million reading hours. Scribd has more than 750,000 paying subscribers and hosts more than 100 million active readers across the globe every month. For more, visit www.scribd.com and follow Scribd on Twitter and Facebook.

Hotel Tech Stack eBook Explores the Impact of Technology Throughout the Entire Guest Journey

TrustYou 18 May 2018
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, released their latest eBook: The Hotelier's Tech Stack Guide - Must-Have Technologies That Impact The Guest Journey. This eBook breaks down the technologies and software that modern hoteliers need to use to succeed in a digital age. It also emphasizes their impact on all phases of the guest journey, from the initial booking to post-stay ROI measurement.The Hotelier's Tech Stack Guide speaks to both independent and chain hoteliers and it provides them with insightful information about hotel technologies that determine the success of a guest experience, as well as a hotel's overall operations, reputation, and revenue management. The eBook is divided into four chapters, the first three of them following the guest journey. Every chapter includes in-depth descriptions of must-have systems that impact each phase:Pre-Stay: focuses on Internet Booking Engines, Reservation Systems, Channel Managers and Live Chat tools;On-Site: includes information about Customer Relationship Management Systems, Property Management Systems, Direct Messaging, and Internet of Things;Post-Stay: provides details on Guest Feedback Platforms and Revenue Management Systems;The final chapter of the eBook tackles up-and-coming, innovative tech concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality - technologies that are not yet widely used, but can positively impact the guest experience."It's no secret that technology has made its way into hospitality, and successful businesses rely on a number of software and systems. However, it is not always clear which technology hotels have the greatest payoff. This is why we wanted to break down the most important and relevant technologies that hoteliers absolutely need in this tech-driven era, in order to ease operations, save valuable time and increase the number of bookings and the overall revenue. Having attributed each technology to a different stage of the guest journey should help shed some light on their necessity and impact." said Valerie Castillo, TrustYou's Vice President of Marketing.The Hotelier's Tech Stack Guide - Must-Have Technologies That Impact The Guest Journey is available for free download here.Find more information on TrustYou and the guest feedback platform on www.trustyou.com.

How Chatbots Can Drive Revenue, How To Attract Millennials To Your Hotel, and The Growth of Instagram Use By Travelers

Snapshot Blog 18 May 2018
"What time is checkout?" "Do you have a fitness center?" "Where can I find the nearest...?" The list of questions is endless when it comes to a guest's experience at a hotel.

10 Questions Hoteliers Ask about Rate Connect

trivago Blog 17 May 2018
“How can I increase my direct bookings?” It’s a question many hoteliers are asking lately. To provide them with not only an answer, but also an effective and affordable solution, trivago developed Rate Connect.

The Vanity Website: The Only Incremental Revenue Driver for Branded Hotels in 2018

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog 17 May 2018
The consolidation and oversaturation of the major metro markets with branded properties, coupled with abundant new room supply and threats from Airbnb have created fierce competition for branded hotels. What should branded hotels do in this environment of increased competition, rising distribution costs, and increased labor costs?

Defining & Leveraging True Guest Value Versus Total Guest Value

The Rainmaker Hospitality and Gaming Blog 17 May 2018
Guests can generate revenue for a hotel in many different ways. Revenue management powered by guest valuation algorithms enable hotels to increase guest wallet share, keeping guest spending on-property instead of losing it to local attractions, restaurants, spas or competitors. True Guest Value, which refers to the accurate valuation of your customer, is distinct from Total Guest Value, which aims to capture data to predict guest spend when on-property. Here, we further detail the difference between True Guest Value and Total Guest Value, and how algorithmic models and data can help you maximize revenue from potential guests.
Article by Ford Blakely

How Hotels Can Automate Guest Requests with Text Messaging

Zingle 17 May 2018
It feels good when someone tells you they like you. But when you're a hotel, someone telling you they like you can impact your bottom line. According to TripAdvisor, 83% of travelers rely on ratings when choosing a hotel, and a study by Harvard Business School found that a 1-star increase in ratings equals a 5-9% increase in revenue. Given that reviews play such an important role in the life of your hotel, it's only natural that you should be thinking about ways to provide the best possible guest experience to ensure that they leave positive reviews.Sounds simple enough, right? Well, expectations are high and good reviews don't necessarily come easy. Guests expect high quality service from hotels, which often equates to quick processes and convenient ways to get what they need.Case in point: 68% of guests want to speed up the check-in process by using their smartphones. If the only way for guests to reach customer service is through the in-room phone or by physically visiting customer service at the front desk, then hotels are actually just serving guests the way they want to - not the way guests want to be served.Luckily, technology can provide hotels with a solution. By integrating tools to implement streamlined processes, hotels can better serve guests throughout their entire stay regardless of whether they are in their room, or even in the hotel at all.After all, hotels are not the end destination for guests. They're there to enjoy some of the amenities like the pool or restaurants, or they're out sightseeing and visiting attractions. Providing customer service to guests no matter where they are is a key factor in improving guest satisfaction - and one easy way to do that? Through text messaging.Text messaging is one of the most convenient and low effort communication methods, especially given that essentially every phone (regardless of how "smart" it is) can accommodate it. For guests, text enables guests to engage with the hotel anywhere they are - on a tour, lounging on the beach, in-between business meetings, you name it.For staff, enabling customer service via text messaging and automation frees them from a desk phone, speeds up processes, and allows them to serve guests quickly and successfully throughout their entire trip.Here are some of the ways that hotel service teams can automate guest requests through texting to provide a more enjoyable stay:During check-in: Everyone loves skipping a long line. Let your guests check-in via text and help them get settled into their room faster so they can get started on their vacation. By integrating texting with your check-in system, hotels can automatically send alerts to guests when their room is ready. Some hotels even offer a mobile room key so guests can enter their room via a smartphone.Room service/housekeeping: Maximize guest comfort by letting them text you to arrange for fresh towels or order room service. This process can be easily streamined by integrating a texting software with the hotel's ticketing system. For example, as soon as a guest sends a text request for those fries, the message can automatically get sent to the kitchen without the need for manual routing.Concierge services: Help your guests navigate the city they're visiting, provide recommendations on the spot, arrange a pick-up from wherever they are, and offer suggestions while t making decisions in-real time. If you know your guests' interests, this is the perfect time to serve up some recommendations to guests via text message and get them booked for a tour or activity. Dining reservations: As soon as a guest knows they want to go out for a meal, allow them to text you so you can arrange reservations for them. Using a time-based automation, hotels can send coupons via text for onsite restaurants and bars to entice guests to stay and enjoy a meal or a few drinks, thus helping drive incremental revenue.Valet car pick-up: No more waiting outside while the valet brings the car around. Guests can feel like a VIP by walking right out the door and into their car by texting the valet before heading down to the lobby. Once a guest texts the valet for car pickup, the request can automatically get routed to the valet team for faster service.Feedback surveys: We live busy and often chaotic lives and the last thing we want to do is take the extra time to provide feedback. This is why traditional feedback survey response rates hover around 2%. With text's 98% vs email's 20% open rate, text messaging provides an easier and more effective way to unlock insight into how to improve your guest experience. Some business text messaging providers offer a direct integration with TripAdvisor so guests get prompted to leave a review after providing positive feedback. If the feedback is negative, hotel staff gets immediately alerted so they can resolve the issue before it makes it onto a public review site.There are many different ways that hotel customer service can use text messaging to automate and streamline the most common requests while also providing a more personalized experience. With teams freed up from the manual processing and managing requests, they'll be able to focus on delivering great service and building strong and lasting relationships with guests.For a passport to quicker and more personalized customer service, hotels need to look no further than the devices we already have in our hands. Not only will automated customer service enable you to provide a stellar stay during their trips, but it could also help make your hotel the destination.
Article by Dean Minett

3 Misguided Trends in the Hotel Industry Today

Minett Consulting 17 May 2018
The world of hotels is a lot like the world of fashion. Every year, new trends and styles come sashaying down the catwalk. Some are eye-catching, some are puzzling, and some are downright ridiculous - depending on who you ask.This constant drive to innovate is one of the things that makes our profession so dynamic. Hoteliers and their stakeholders are always looking for the next original combination of styles and concepts. Sometimes it even pays off. Multi-functional common spaces are a good example. A decade ago, this concept was akin to one of those outlandish puffy gowns with a matching headpiece. In 2018, breezy common areas with ergonomic workstations are less the exception and more the rule.But let's face it - for every good idea that sticks around, there are a dozen that can't be swept into the dustbin quickly enough. Here are a few recent hotel trends that should probably enjoy the catwalk while they can.Wacky butlersAt the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Southern California, a sunglasses butler will tighten and clean your shades while you lounge by the pool. At the Benjamin in New York City, restless guests have access to a sleep concierge who gives advice on getting good sleep, and helps guests select from a pillow menu. Your dog doesn't have to go wanting, either. If you're at the Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy, a dedicated dog masseuse will de-stress Fido with Swedish massage in a room overlooking the Portofino Bay.Some of these butler services are both fun and practical. At the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, for example, a VIP "entertainment concierge" will help you navigate the city, bridge the language gap, and give you access to local hotspots. This is a logical step in the age of experiences over things - but some of the butlers now roaming the world's hotels make it appear as though logic and reason have left the building.Space age technologyWhen a guest wants to lower the shades or change the lighting, that fancy control panel had better be easy to navigate. Otherwise it will lead them into a confusing and frustrating experience, in which changing the air temperature becomes an exercise in advanced programming.The answer, by the way, is not to introduce a control panel butler who helps guests understand in-room controls. Instead, let's make sure to keep those controls elegant and simple. There's no doubt that technological advances can enhance the guest experience, but the wrong kind of technology can make things worse. Products are coming to the market fast and furious these days. Hoteliers should be wary of investing in control panels that are flashy and expensive but frustrating to use. (Interestingly, I was recently asked for some input on an in-room tablet solution and when I pointed out some challenges that guests might have, the spruiker wanted me to use more technology to deal with it. This clearly misses the (obvious) point that if technology is not user-friendly, it will not be used.)Astronomical thread countsSpeaking of things that merely look or sound impressive, let's talk about thread counts. Is a higher thread count always better? Luxury linens typically clock in between 300 - 500 threads, but some hotels have recently been advertising bed sheets with thread counts in excess of one thousand. The problem is, most people can't tell the difference. If they can, they might conclude that a lower thread count is more luxurious.Single-ply Egyptian cotton around 400TC is widely considered to be the most luxurious - especially when they've been newly washed and ironed. Sheets with higher thread counts tend to be made of cheaper two-ply yarns, which give them a heavier feel. It may be difficult to compare and contrast sheets when you check into a hotel, but the highest thread count you've ever experienced is probably not the most luxurious.Keeping it realWe hoteliers face a broad set of challenges. Navigating the landscape of hotel trends is one of them. As we survey our properties, we should strive to know the difference between a passing fad and a timeless touch. As the designer Karl Lagerfield put it, "trendy is the last stage before tacky." There will always be new and interesting things coming down the hotel catwalk, but let's face it - not all of them look good in the real world!

No Flying Cars...Yet

IDeaS Blog 17 May 2018
Predicting the future of hotel technology Data transformation and the cloud Evolving guest expectations Seamless integrations and intelligence

How Casinos Can Work Sports Betting Into Their Revenue Strategy

Duetto Research Blog 17 May 2018
Now that the federal government has cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting, the task is on casinos in forward-thinking states to adopt a strategy that will bring them the most benefits.
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UpLift Appoints former Cisco Executive Rob Soderbery as Company's First President

Uplift 17 May 2018
UpLift today announced it has appointed former Cisco Enterprise SVP/GM Rob Soderbery to be its first President. Soderbery, an early investor and founding board member of the company, will be responsible for all business, engineering and operations functions at UpLift. The company also announced the appointment of Tom Botts as Chief Commercial Officer and Noha Carrington as Chief Capital Officer to build scale in go-to-market, and capital strategy and operations."Rob brings the operational skills and leadership scale to enable UpLift in our mission to make travel more accessible, affordable and rewarding for everyone," said UpLift Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Barth, "His experience managing the $20B enterprise product business at Cisco and deep understanding of enterprise needs is a perfect complement to our team of deep travel, financial and consumer expertise. With Tom's proven ability to create value in travel markets and Noha's global capital markets experience we are ready to serve the largest and most complex travel providers in the world."Barth, who founded SideStep - acquired by Kayak in 2007, now one of 6 primary brands of Booking Holdings - and created the meta-search for travel category, founded UpLift in 2013 to change the way consumers are able to purchase travel. UpLift Pay Monthly has been adopted by top travel suppliers and is enabling those brands to drive conversion, enhance profitability and build loyalty with travelers. Uplift is live today on the vacation package sites of Universal Studios, American Airlines, JetBlue, Funjet, Spirit as well as United Vacations and Southwest Vacations."We set out to build the best digital lending platform for Point of Sale," said UpLift President Rob Soderbery. "With that platform, we are now focused on creating great experiences for travelers while driving conversion, revenue and ancillaries for our travel partners. I am excited to take an operating role at UpLift helping Brian and the team achieve their vision."UpLift enables travel providers to offer low, fixed monthly payments to their travelers. Uplift is focused on responsible lending, security and privacy for both consumers and providers. UpLift offers are always simply and clearly presented enabling consumers to make responsible choices. UpLift is PCI Level 1 compliant, and never shares or sells partner or consumer data.Rob Soderbery - PresidentRob Soderbery brings more than 30 years of product, technology and general management experience, most recently at Cisco as SVP and General Manager of the Enterprise Segment, with responsibility over $20B in Cisco products. He is active as an investor and advisor to numerous startups. Prior to Cisco, he held executive roles at Symantec and Veritas Software. He holds a BSEE from Caltech and MSEE from Stanford University.Tom Botts - Chief Commercial OfficerTom Botts brings deep travel industry knowledge and experience to UpLift. Botts has held positions in hospitality, online travel agencies and airlines including mostly recent serving as SVP and CMO at Miraval Group, a KSL Capital Partners portfolio company acquired by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. Earlier, Botts co-founded travel industry consulting practice Hudson Crossing where he served as Managing Partner. Botts also has senior management experience at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hotwire.com, and Delta Air Lines. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and is an active investor and advisor across the travel landscape.Noha Carrington - Chief Capital OfficerNoha Carrington brings proven ability to work with the most demanding global equity and debt investors, with deep experience in capital markets in New York, California and the Pacific Rim. Most recently, as founder and Chief Investment Officer at Carrington Strategic Advisors she provided customized investment products for clients around the globe. Prior to her shift to the buy-side, she spent 15 years as a global equity derivative sales trader with senior roles at Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers. She started her career with roles at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.Carrington received her BS Finance summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut and her M.B.A. cum laude in Finance from New York University Stern Business School. She serves on the Board of the University of Connecticut and is a member of both the Investment and Governance committees.

Fifteen questions to zero in on the "room of the future"

By Xavier Etcheberrigaray
Technology is necessary and useful, says Xavier Etcheberrigaray, but it's not the only component to building the future. Here he describes fifteen perspectives he and his colleagues thought about when tasked with the job of imagining the room of the future.

Waking Up To The Water Saving Potential Of The Shower

Orbital Systems 17 May 2018
Hotels can spend a lot of time--and money--trying to shape the perfect guest experience. Regardless of price range or hotel class, the aim is to deliver a memorable stay that will keep guests coming back. Usually that means higher quality beds, more tv channels, personal touches, decor choices, or amenities such as pools and gyms. Perhaps, hotels are missing a great opportunity with one of the more emotional experiences a guest will judge their stay on--the joy or disappointment of the shower.What makes for a great shower experience? The usual components include consistent water pressure and temperature. There's nothing worse than a disappointingly low, water flow, that takes too long to rinse out all the shampoo and conditioner. Or worse yet, a blast of cold or scalding water.Interestingly, recent research from travel giant Booking.com also reveals that 65% of global travellers expressed an intention to stay in eco-friendly accommodation, thus hotels have a fine balancing act to deliver comfortable and sustainable hotel stays. Many hotel brands have already introduced various eco-efficiencies to reduce their overall water footprint. Unfortunately, this may mean guests are often stuck with low pressure, water-saving shower heads, which can compromise the overall shower experience.At Orbital Systems, our mission is to completely transform the shower experience by introducing the next generation shower. Equipped with sensors, the Oas shower analyses the shower water 20 times per second and comfort-corrects it to the ideal flow and temperature. The Oas is much more than a conventional shower, it only uses a few litres of water whilst letting your guests shower for as long as they like - without any of the guilt. Our certified space recirculation and water purification technology, means water is re-purified to a better standard than what came out from the tap in the first place, and looped back continuously for the duration of the shower session.Plus the system is smart enough to feed shower data and savings to a computer or app, giving hotels the ability to real-time monitor water use and savings by room, floor or entire hotel. Better yet, savings can be displayed in-room to guests or in the hotel lobby, affirming your hotel's commitment to water conservation and sustainability. And with a typical 300-room hotel using over 1 million litres (264,000 gallons) of water per month, a potential 90% saving in water and 80% in energy can have a big impact, in helping hotels achieve their sustainability goals.

The New Voice of The Customer

Benbria Corporation 17 May 2018
We live in a fast paced consumer centric world, where the introduction of advanced technologies and evolving customer preferences are changing the way businesses operate. Now more than ever it is important to listen to customer preferences so you can provide a unique and tailored customer experience. In this white paper we define the new voice of the customer, and how you can implement it into your customer experience program, to earn greater loyalty and maximize revenue.

Improved Booking Collaboration and Detailing in Amadeus Sales and Event Management Advanced

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 17 May 2018
In R28 we’ve added a few new features that make it easier for your team to collaborate on bookings and detail events. Our enterprise customers will also benefit from their orgs being able to support more properties and Competitor picklist values, as well as a streamlined workflow for entering lost business details. Review the R28 release notes for additional information on all new features and fixed issues, including BEO formatting.

Uniting space, staff and guests through art with ARTIQ [interview]

GuestRevu 17 May 2018
Hotel art suffers from an unflattering stereotype – that of the inoffensive but unmemorable image, only called "art" by the most generous definition of the word. Decorators are cognisant that their choices should appeal to (or at least not revolt) as many viewers as possible, and hence they err on the side of benign-but-bland still life caution.

Upcoming changes to Cloudbeds' Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

cloudbeds.com Blog 17 May 2018
As you may have heard, new data protection laws are being enacted throughout the world (including the GDPR in Europe). The post Upcoming changes to Cloudbeds' Privacy Policy and Terms of Service appeared first on Cloudbeds.

PODCAST: Phocuswire PundIT Show #12

PhocusWire 17 May 2018
The PundIT Show returns to the video format for a trio of episodes recorded during our sister brand Phocuswright's Europe Conference.

Hoteliers remain in a 'holding stage' assessing the best tech trends

SiteMinder Blog 17 May 2018
A new report from SiteMinder has revealed the key focuses and drivers of success for hoteliers across the globe.

Hostelling International looks to win more guests directly with SiteMinder

SiteMinder 16 May 2018
The worldwide network of not-for-profit youth hostel associations, Hostelling International, has partnered with the global hotel industry's leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, in a bid to bolster the online presence of its almost-4,000 hostel members and attract more direct bookings from guests. The network has integrated its online booking engine with SiteMinder's platform to automate the flow of information between each hostel member's website and property management system - a capability which is already driving a surge of direct reservations for member properties and freeing up time for staff.Among the early adopters of the integration is Eurohostel in Helsinki, Finland, which has saved over an hour each day manually revising its pricing and availability online."The integration with SiteMinder has allowed us to update our room rates and availability in real-time, directly from our property management system, so they are always current. And, since reservations are automatically delivered back into our system, there are no mistakes in the booking information - each booking is exactly how it was provided by the guest," says Marko Repo, Hostel Manager at Eurohostel.Luke Tarplett, Hostel Manager at the 100-year-old YHA Christchurch in New Zealand, echoes Mr Repo's sentiments on the integrations benefits to guests. Says Mr Tarplett, "Using SiteMinder allows us to offer greater choice to guests using the HIHostels.com website. In the first two months, we saw an increase in bookings, and ultimately the stable and efficient connection continues to offer an easier process for our front desk team."Hostelling International spans hostels in more than 80 countries and is one of the world's largest international membership organizations. Today's announcement forms part of a group-wide strategy to diversify the online distribution strategies of member hostels, with bookings from both third-party channels and their direct hostel website.SiteMinder's global SVP of partnerships, Dai Williams, says, "We are pleased to support Hostelling International, an organization that so deeply understands the needs and preferences of the modern traveler, for the true benefit of its hostel members. If the early results prove anything, it is the material value of direct bookings - and, indeed, of automation - in a world that otherwise moves incredibly fast and demands a lot from every accommodation provider."About SiteMinderAs the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. We serve hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.SiteMinder's products include The Channel Manager, the industry's leading online distribution platform; TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for direct bookings via the web, mobile or social; Canvas, the intelligent website creator for independent hoteliers; Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms; and GDS by SiteMinder, a single-point of entry to a six-figure network of travel agents and the world's major global distribution systems. With more than 30,000 hotel customers and 600 of the industry's top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have presence in more than 160 countries on six continents.For more information, visit www.siteminder.com.About Hostelling InternationalHostelling International (HI) is a worldwide network of not-for-profit youth hostel associations, including YHA, Stayokay and DJH which collectively span hostels in more than 80 countries. Established in 1932, HI is one of the world's largest international membership organisations, with more than 3.7 million members, and offers many benefits in addition to staying in HI hostels.For more information, visit www.hihostels.com.

HSMAI Recognises Tech Innovation of Smart Space by IDeaS

IDeaS 16 May 2018
HSMAI Region Europe Awards recognises Smart Space by IDeaSIndustry's leading solution helps hoteliers make informed decisions about M&E businessLONDON -- Smart Space by IDeaS was honoured by HSMAI, the world's leading hospitality sales and marketing association, for its innovative role in allowing hoteliers to analyse the trends and performance of their meetings and events (M&E) space. April's HSMAI Europe's Best Tech Innovator of the Year awards recognised Smart Space, with the judging panel acknowledging the platform's role in connecting revenue managers and event sales managers with unprecedented visibility into M&E demand. Through its unique cloud-based technology, Smart Space leverages sales and catering data to better manage M&E pricing, allowing hoteliers to enhance strategic decisions and increase revenue growth. "Smart Space by IDeaS delivers an innovative solution to a long-established industry challenge--how to maximise revenue from M&E spaces," said Fabian Specht, EMEA managing director for IDeaS. "Contrary to widespread belief, M&E does more than just sell guest rooms--for many venues, this revenue stream can contribute up to 60% of their total revenue. It's often one of the most overlooked opportunities for substantial profit generation." Historically sales, catering, marketing and revenue management often worked in silos and haven't extended the same disciplined approach to managing revenue to M&E space. Typical obstacles include a lack of easy-to-consume data and reporting from sales and catering systems--and a lack of visibility into key performance measurements for M&E. "You can ask a hotel GM what their room occupancy was the previous night, and they most likely will know the answer or where to find it. But will they know their meeting space occupancy? Or better yet, would they even be able to find that answer," said Fabian Specht. "It's very pleasing that such a prestigious industry organisation as HSMAI Europe has recognised the impact Smart Space by IDeaS is having in allowing revenue management strategies to be folded into sales and catering processes." Users from around the world are now enjoying benefits such as double-digit growth in conversion revenue of inquiries into bookings, space utilisation and revenue per attendee thanks to Smart Space by IDeaS.

IVH Travel + InnCentives Loyalty Club Now Available as a Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

IBC Hospitality 16 May 2018
Phoenix -- IVHTravel (www.ivhtravel.com), a loyalty-based travel site specifically for member travelers wanting to book private rates on accommodations, activities and rental cars, is now LIVE as a mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. The IVH Travel App enables travelers to choose from and book more than 1.1 million global lodging choices, while the InnCentives Loyalty Club (built into the app) gives members access to special private rates with free extras. People can now book roomnights with more variety, receive the best rates, earn cash-back rewards and redeem points for eGift cards or future lodging worldwide right from their smartphones or tablets."People love IVHTravel.com and the InnCentives Loyalty Club; they work in tandem by creating an engaging experience for guests while driving bookings for owners and operators," said Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of IVH Travel and IBC Hospitality Technologies. "With fingertip access to the full portfolio of hotels and a growing base of alternative lodging PLUS member accounts and rewards, we believe bookings will flow even faster - and so will guest engagement and communications. Full guest information is available to owners and operators. Our customers have been asking for a mobile app for some time, and we are proud to deliver."When members log into their InnCentives account via the IVH Travel App, they will see the lowest un-published rates that are not available to the public. They can also publish reviews, track requests and activities, create and manage wish lists, share pictures with friends, receive special offers, and enjoy no blackout dates."The new IVH Travel App is a great way to drive bookings, drive-down customer acquisition costs, and bring hoteliers closer to their guests," Barnhill said. "With this tool in hand, hoteliers are taking back control from the non-transparent channels, increasing revenues, and improving the overall guest experience."IVH Travel, powered by IBC Hospitality Technologies, was founded by hoteliers to combat the lack of guest information, affordable resources and all-inclusive rewards program. When travelers book at IVHTravel.com or via the new mobile app, the IBC booking engine captures full guest information that is shared with the owner.For more information on how your hotel can join IBC Hospitality and feature your property on IVHTravel.com, visit www.ibchospitality.com.

See the Future of Meetings at HITEC via AVaStar

Electro-Media Design, Ltd. 16 May 2018
Visit Booth #1019 at HITEC, June 18 to 21, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in HoustonGaithersburg, Md. -- The adoption and use of new technology has sparked a shift in meeting planner objectives and goals. According to the International Association of Convention Centers' (IACC) 2017 Meeting Room of the Future report, meeting planners are looking to create more personalized experiences for delegates by integrating more interactive technology. Nearly 20% of meeting planners report that in the next five years, they expect increased pressure to stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest, greatest technology. In addition, Meeting Planner International's 2017 spring edition of Meetings Outlook, reported that meeting planners are significantly increasing budgets for conference technology and AV equipment, suggesting that meeting planners are willing to make the investment because of the competitive edge and wow factor new technologies bring to meetings. Next month at HITEC, a new option will enter the scene, designed to bring more attention to the event technology arena. Meet AVaStar, a digital platform created in direct response to hoteliers' requests for a solution that guides staff in providing technology services to their customers. Hoteliers struggling with keeping event technologies updated, developing technology plans and budgets, and providing training to internal AV teams needs to experience AVaStar in the Electro-Media Design Booth 1019, June 18 to 21, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.AVaStar is designed for staff tasked with the following . . . even if it's not their primary job responsibility:Overseeing multiple events simultaneouslyJuggling large amounts of information dealing with meetings management, and multiple systems that track and communicate meeting needs - including audiovisual technologyPlanning and detailing meeting technology needsManaging venue AV equipment and resourcesCoordinating with vendors to order additional equipment as neededEnsuring portable and built in equipment is serviced and repairedProperly manage revenues and control expenses"AVaStar is powerful event technology unlike anything that is on the market today," said Jeff Loether, AVaStar president. "It's the next generation in self-managed AV services, and hoteliers can experience it for the first time at HITEC. AVaStar provides one dedicated platform to conduct all AV Technology activities. Even with no technology background, today's hotel staff must understand the technology needs of meeting planners to ensure the venue can meet their needs. We packed AVaStar with intelligence, making it smart and easy to use ... even for those who are unfamiliar with AV equipment."Hotel technology encompasses much more than just front- and back-office systems," he said. "Event technology is an important tool in attracting and retaining the meetings and convention business. It's time that technology - designed to support teams and venues in successfully providing top-quality event services - take center stage. It's time for AVaStar."For more information on the full constellation of AVaStar services, pre-schedule a meeting with an AVaStar team member by calling (442) AVASTAR or emailing info@avastar.io. For more information on AVaStar, visit www.avastar.io.About AVaStar AVaStar is an event-technology platform designed to provide a comprehensive suite of services. It's an interconnective software which provides systems and templates that cover the entire spectrum of activities associated with operating and managing technology systems and services. AVaStar extends support for professional consulting and design services through its working relationship with Electro-Media Design, the foremost consultancy in meeting, entertainment, and event technologies and acoustics. Electro-Media Design, Ltd. is an independent technology design and management consulting practice. For more information on AVaStar, visit www.avastar.io or call (442) AVASTAR.

What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 4/5)

ICE portal 16 May 2018
So far, our series has covered scoring, tagging and tracking within a visual CMS. The fourth part of our series will focus on the importance of having your visuals delivered to channels in the correct specs...

Moving the global travel industry forward - A Deloitte special article produced for the 2018 World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit.

Deloitte Development LLP 16 May 2018
Executive summary : The global travel industry today has reached unprecedented size and momentum, as disposable incomes grow larger across the world. Although there are factors that make the industry vulnerable, the travel space continues to thrive in 2018. Investments in travel start-ups capable of offering novelty, data derived from emerging technologies, and employee engagement will elevate personalization for consumers. How can these personalized interactions unlock a myriad of new revenue streams? This insight reviews the current state of the global travel industry and focuses on issues that will drive the industry forward. It also discusses how travel suppliers can build a bigger ecosystem by tapping into the value created by adjacent industries such as hotels, tours and activities, and health and wellness. The article also discusses a collaborative approach for online travel agencies and hotels as the path to securing a competitive advantage.

A hotel technology acquisition checklist

By Larry Mogelonsky
Nowadays, hoteliers are so inundated with technology that the tasks of prioritization and selection have become far more than just daunting; research and procurement are practically a job title unto themselves. Unless you have specific objectives with a firm plan and budget in mind, you'll easily be intimidated by the sheer volume of options for consideration. With this in mind, Larry Mogelonsky simplifies the journey through this process by defining hospitality technology according to four checklist categories - so you can keep an eye on the bigger picture.

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