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Article by Carolin Petterson

Marketers, Beware of Cryptocurrency

Carolin Petterson ·3h
While many people are still puzzled by the very notion of cryptocurrency, others are trying really hard to get acquainted with the technology, as well as the risks and benefits involved. The marketing world is no exception and those involved in it should really pay attention to cryptocurrencies, since their impact can be even more significant in the future than it is now.What is cryptocurrency?To understand how important it might be to you, you should first become familiar with the concept. Cryptocurrency is a type of blockchain technology, which bitcoin and other distributed ledger systems are based on. It represents a huge ledger of transactions and as such, it is an open and shared database. Since the operations are completely decentralised, users are able to transfer and add information anonymously, without any security compromises.This financial system is most famously represented by Bitcoin, which can be used to pay for an item online, just like a traditional credit card. Naturally, not everything can be bought using cryptocurrencies still, but the trend is showing that they will be more widely accepted in the future. Although marketing and advertising are still not so directly affected by this new technology, it's a good idea to follow trends and be aware of what is happening in the world of business and there haven't been many changes recently that have resonated more than cryptocurrencies.How to attract attention and obtain information?The answer is quite obvious: it's likely that they'll have to pay users directly if they want to get the necessary personal information. This will undoubtedly increase the cost of every campaign, which should also be reflected in the final price of products and services.The fact that users have control over networks, i.e. that no one can own a network, means that companies won't know who their customers are any more, if some predictions come true. With the number of people who buy and sell dash rising, it seems that businesses will have to take a much more active approach when it comes to reaching out to customers and start asking users for permission to engage with them.With a great majority of people refusing to invest any of their time or personal information unless rewarded accordingly, businesses will have to be very smart when it comes to finding ways to establish contact with customers. This will undoubtedly mean that the price businesses will have to pay will soar, but on the bright side it might suggest that those who accept to share the information will be much more likely to buy the products or services offered by the business.Anonymity and what it means to marketers?The importance of collecting data on consumers is known to every marketer. Whole advertising strategies are based on this type of information and the more you have and know how to use it, the better your strategy could be. Since one of the most attractive features of cryptocurrencies is anonymity and people are becoming increasingly reluctant to reveal their personal information online, it makes perfect sense that more and more of them will be turning to digital currencies in the future.Every marketer should be concerned about how they are going to collect such huge amounts of information on prospective customers and attract leads. The information that is now sold by various platforms is used to target specific groups, run tests and advertising campaigns, predict customer behaviour, etc.If the trend continues and more and more people start using cryptocurrencies for their purchase, it would be almost impossible for marketers to find out who bought what and they'll also be unable to get almost any feedback on their strategies and tactics. Clearly, this is threatening to become a major game-changer and if you're not ready to embrace the change, you'll be out of the game in no time.That's why now is the time to come up with alternative methods of collecting information, which can be used for making informed decisions. Otherwise, marketers would be running a risk of failing to appropriately respond to customers need.ConclusionIt's very difficult to predict exactly what is going to happen with cryptocurrencies and what role they'll have in the future in relation to marketing. However, neglecting their existence and the fact that an increasing number of people are using them may seriously jeopardise different types of businesses.Marketers are known to be those who are always up-to-date with the latest trends in almost every field, because the success of their work is directly related to following trends. That's why it is important for them to prepare alternative strategies for achieving their goals, since the rules of the game might change completely. Being unprepared for such a scenario is not only unwise, but it can easily be the end of those who are taken by surprise.

Guestline announces expansion into German, Austrian and Swiss markets

Guestline ·4h
Neumann brings a wealth of experience within the hospitality sector to the role, having most recently held the position of president and chief executive of the Rezidor Hotel Group. Neumann's career includes time as chief executive of the Arabella Hospitality Group and President, Europe & Africa for Hilton Worldwide. In his role as strategic advisor to the Board, his expertise will support the company's expansion into new markets, particularly the DACH region. Guestline's new office for the region will be based in Munich with a dedicated sales and support team led by managing director, Mirko Behnert.Andrew McGregor, CEO, Guestline, comments:"The hospitality industry is currently experiencing the most rapid developments in technology for a generation. The time is therefore right for hospitality owners and operators to recognise and utilise the benefits of cloud-based solutions that enable them to not only develop more efficient levels of operation but also reap the benefits of more flexibility. Key to our offer is the human element, providing best-in class local service and industry expertise that ensures we operate as a true partner to all our clients and we are committed to extending this to our clients across the DACH region."Wolfgang M. Neumann, strategic advisor, Guestline, adds:"In today's market, hoteliers have a growing demand for a complete software solution for their business processes rather than just back-end technology running operations. They expect expert insight and a strategic partner to work alongside them in this process as well as comprehensive support services for distribution and operations. Technology providers need to not only provide the software required but also work as a strategic partner to understand how they operate, what the challenges are and most importantly deliver the solutions to meet these. Guestline has a sterling reputation for developing award-winning technology worldwide and I am looking forward to working with the team to build its offer in the DACH region."Mirko Behnert, managing director, DACH region, Guestline, adds:"Cloud-based software is becoming increasingly popular amongst hoteliers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To support this shift there is a growing demand for technology partners that have the knowledge, insight and breadth of portfolio to enable operators to maintain their competitive edge. Guestline brings a wealth of experience from the UK and wider markets to the DACH region and I look forward to supporting more hoteliers in achieving their own ambitions for growth."Guestline's multi award-winning software for hospitality businesses is a cloud-based, modular and flexible platform used by more than 2,000 customers worldwide. The software enables hospitality business owners and managers of hotels, hotel groups, serviced apartments and more, to manage bookings and operations both efficiently and profitably. Innovative technology developments include integration with many leading 3rd party applications, tokenisation for PCI compliance and additional functionality to improve customer service and capture more revenue. The launch into the DACH market follows recent expansion in Benelux, Ireland and Thailand.Guestline is exhibiting at ITB Berlin (Messe Berlin, 7 - 11 March 2018) in hall 7.1c at stand 112.For more information on Guestline please visit Guestline.com
Article by Larry Mogelonsky

Keeping Hoteliers And Guests Happy Through Training Technology

Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited ·6h
This leads to the question about how to keep your staff happy? While this necessitates a multifaceted answer identifying both long-term and short-term tasks, one that has gained a lot of recognition of late is using ongoing education as a means to heighten motivation. As is very often the case, though, this is far easier said than done, and nurturing a culture of continual retraining requires a wholehearted and passionate commitment from senior executives if you are to achieve any semblance of fruitful results.While in the past, ongoing education might have meant organizing a few days outside the office for teambuilding activities and some outdoors exercise with a few intensive instructional sessions sandwiched in-between, nowadays the younger generations want to learn in a different way.Modern LearningThe two buzz words that best describe the current mindset are 'microlearning' and 'bite-sized learning' where instead of the hours-long concentrated classes, employees are left to learn the syllabus on their own time, cramming while in transit to and from work or during the few available minutes each night before bed. For example, instead of a two-and-a-half-hour tutorial, a new recruit might be left to his or her own devices and given a two-week deadline to complete the course, followed by an online test and a compressed interactive component with a supervisor.At this stage you might point out with a slight whiff of cynicism that this mentality is a negative result from all the attention-depleting, dopamine-inducing bombardments from the glut of instantly gratifying technologies like social media, video games and helter-skelter television programs that today's youth enjoys so much. While you wouldn't be wrong in recognizing millennials' lowered attention spans versus those of older generations, psychological evidence has long since shown that bite-sized learning is actually far better for memory retention. Thus, while adopting a microlearning culture might be better for attracting and keeping younger team members, it can also be quite beneficial for veteran hoteliers.And of course, the key facilitators for this contemporary proliferation of microlearning environments are the very same digital innovations that have given millennials their ADHD stereotype, including online blackboards, short training video libraries on websites and mobile apps, to name three. Knowing that such devices can enhance so many other aspects of your operations, applying their merits to set up an incremental training program for all employees - young or seasoned, staff or manager - will likewise achieve incredible results.Fiscal BenefitsOne critical aspect of these microlearning platforms is that, through automation, they help to drastically cut labor costs associated with internal education. For instance, if you set up an online team training app that new associates can download onto their smartphones (the device through which young staffers prefer most for bite-sized education), then the initial phase of job shadowing can be cut in half because so much of the grunt work is shifted out of the classroom setting and onto the cloud. In an ongoing capacity, such apps might also be used for lateral promotions as team members opt to explore new expertise in other areas of operations while staying in their current roles within the organization so that there aren't any 'hiccups' when it comes to succession planning.Concurrent to the cost savings in supervisor or manager manhours devoted to training, there's also the motivation angle which needs some further substantiation. Like any family - albeit one that may be a tad dysfunctional given how frenetic a hotel environment always ends up being - we want those closest to us to experience personal growth and enrich their lives on a meaningful level. For this reason alone, any resources you devote to upgrading your training programs will make everyone involved all the happier. Aside from the abovementioned reflection on guest satisfaction, increased morale also means a more productive team and less employee turnover - two elements that not only play a large role in labor costs but can also factor into what ideas your team brings forward to help improve operations.ImplementationWith all these advantages, it's clear that migrating your instructional programs to an online platform is a worthwhile project. However, agreeing to this initiative is the 1% inspiration, yet it still leaves out the 99% perspiration to make it functional.First is you need a project leader - someone to make the decisions about what training platform to setup and who's accountable for its success. Next, and equally as vital, you need a content supervisor, which is often the same as the project leader. This is the individual who is responsible for uploading all the necessary materials and designing the training courses in addition to performing regular upkeep of the platform and completing enrollment. Lastly, there is the recurrent issue of ensuring sustained engagement or daily active use; this is another topic altogether but, to give you an idea here, some worthy tactics include staff rewards, internal gamification mechanisms, regular in-person prompting or even the establishment of consequences for inactivity.Above all, don't assume that it is a cinch to transition to a cloud-based learning environment. The results, however, will more than compensate for any headaches in this regard. And once you are in a groove with such new age incremental training platforms, you'll find that your team is happier, more motivated and fully ready to rise to the challenge of making your hotel better.(Article by Larry Mogelonsky, originally published in HOTELS Magazine on October 13, 2017)
Article by Harvery Norman

How the Blockchain will Change the World of Hotel Distribution

HospitalityTechGuru ·7h
Adopting the blockchain platform as a means of distribution is expected to lower the costs hotels endure directly and indirectly. But switching from the current system and traditional distribution channels is another challenge that lies ahead of hotel managers and their marketing teams.The Cost of Blockchain:As hoteliers consider the benefits of switching their distribution systems to a blockchain platform, they also need to think about the cost of establishing an innovative system. This means hiring a new team of technicians, administrators, and experts who are equipped with the needed knowledge to operate the new technology.The blockchain is a structure of financial data to keep records of financial transactions. Each transaction is safely kept and no one gets to tamper with it. The blockchain has created or contributed to the creation of a new type of the internet. Where information is shared and distributed, rather than copied, digital data is becoming more available thus changing the game for a lot of industries. The information on the blockchain is always updated and reconciled, creating a decentralized network for all data to exist. Since the records kept are easily verified and virtually 100% public, hotel businesses and guests have access to all sorts of data at any given point in time. No single entity has precise control over the blockchain and this means that all parties have the same power to access relevant data. Moreover, it has no point of failure, which contributed to raising its digital value to billions of dollars.Blockchain as a Payment Method:As permanent records of data and payments are kept, both buyers and sellers are left with a lot of benefits. There is no room for hackers or unauthorized parties to access any data. This also means that all records are not to be deleted in case of an error. Buyers, or guests in the hotel business, will be able to check on the authenticity of a seller at any point.The blockchain is one of the trends that we witness as the world goes cashless. Hotel guests prefer such methods of payments as they are safer and more convenient especially when they are travelling away from home. With only 24% of people now preferring to pay in cash, the blockchain among other cashless technologies is on the rise. Hoteliers will have to accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies if they want to stay accessible.How Does the Block Chain Affect Hotel Distribution?In a highly competitive market, the distribution costs of hotels are always rising creating bigger challenges for hoteliers to face and overcome. This is why the need to look for, adopt and master new distribution technologies is more than just an alternative.Hotel businesses pay large commissions which increase their distribution costs in order to land more bookings. Such costs and commissions differ from one distribution channel to another but are always depriving hotels of their rightful revenues. With no other options, hotels can do absolutely nothing but agreeing to pay these amounts of money in order to stay in business.Large chains pay 15% in commission to OTAs, while independent hotels pay as much as 25% due to the lack of bargaining power. Since most bookings are made this way, hoteliers are left defenseless, sacrificing almost 25% of their revenues in order to secure more bookings. Metasearch is another expensive route to go especially for independent hotels that pay as much as 30% in commission for bookings that enable them to make more money. The amounts paid typically decrease for large chains since they naturally have access to more and better distribution channels. In other words, independent hotels who are actually striving to compete with the big players in the industry are actually faced with the biggest challenges. Although in the past, hoteliers depended on traditional travel agencies in order to secure more bookings, the commissions paid now are making this route rather questionable. The high-end large chain hotels pay almost 20% of their revenues while independent hotels pay 25% for travel agent bookings. These costs should turn such distribution channels obsolete. As a result, hoteliers need to think of alternative ways that will help them run their businesses successfully.Will Hoteliers Accept Blockchain as an Experiment?Independent hotels are going to represent the biggest pool for blockchain distribution since they typically pay a lot more through traditional distribution channels. However, there will be the cost of installing the new technology that hoteliers need to consider before giving up traditional ways altogether. This will include hiring the right talent, investing in new tools and training the right people to work on the blockchain platform to maximize profit. Since the bitcoin will disturb the medium for OTAs and other big players in the hotel business, hoteliers are expecting to face some resistance. However, most experts agree that it will be a win-win situation for hotels and OTAs. Only time will tell how all parties will utilize and benefit from the blockchain.

The Complex Simplicity of Revenue Management Systems

IDeaS Blog 22 February 2018
At last week’s Revenue by Design conference panel in London, we discussed the evolving simplicity of revenue management systems (RMS). It’s amazing to think that the industry has come so far. We now have critical revenue management information in the palms of our hands, always on, from anywhere and everywhere. We are provided data from an increasing number of sources, automatically feeding algorithms, and for the most sophisticated solutions, we can even ask the system what would happen if there was a price change and get instant simulated outcomes without actually implementing one.

Leverage direct messaging to transform guest experience

Hotelogix Blog 22 February 2018
Guest experience is fast replacing a lot of traditional methods to increasing revenue and the sooner you subscribe to this philosophy, the better your chances of success. Hospitality industry is beginning to understand the need to make life easier for their customers. One of the easiest ways in which hotels can transform guest experience is by realizing the importance of direct guest messaging. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand that has its own in-house messaging app or an independent hotel using WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. What matters is throwing open a line of communication with guests that is direct.

Hotelogix to participate in ITB Berlin, 2018

Hotelogix 22 February 2018
Hotelogix, a leading cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider has today announced its participation in ITB Berlin, 2018 from 7th to 11th March. The company aims to showcase its enterprise grade cloud-based Hotel Property Management System along with the recently launched Mobile Hotel App during this event at Stand No - 159, Hall No - 6.1.ITB Berlin is considered as the world's leading travel trade show. With thousands of professionals from accommodation providers to hospitality technology vendors attending this mega event, ITB Berlin has become a massive knowledge-sharing platform.Expressing his views on this, Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder at Hotelogix said, "We are excited to be a part of the most awaited trade fair for the travel industry, world-wide. This is the right platform for a global hospitality technology player like us to showcase our enterprise grade on-cloud Hotel PMS and Mobile Hotel App. Through our smart solutions, we want to help hoteliers across the globe to grow booking revenues, improve bottom-line, enhance online reputation, and most importantly to augment guest experience."According to Prabhash, cost-effective pricing, speed of deployment and scalability, seamless integration with a host of third-party solutions, and ease of managing multiple properties from one place are some of the USPs of today's cloud-based hotel PMS.Stressing his views on the emergence of cloud-based Hotel PMS, Aditya Sanghi, Co-founder & CEO at Hotelogix said, "The impact of cloud-based PMS on global hotel industry is huge. With hoteliers expected to invest around 7% - 8% more in them in next 2-3 years, the adoption rate of this PMS is set to grow. I look forward to interacting with who's who of hospitality industry at the event, especially because Europe is an important market for us."Pre-book a slot for a meeting with our top management, at ITB Berlin, Hall 6.1 - Stand No. 159, 7-11 March 2018 and stand a chance to win a FREE 6-month usage of the mobile app.About HotelogixHotelogix provides a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to increase their online presence and improve online reputation to generate more bookings.

Driving Revenue Efficiencies Through Hotel Technology

Duetto Research Blog 22 February 2018
What are the components of the optimal hotel technology stack? How can these benefit your business? And what is next on the horizon? These and other hot topics came up for discussion at last week’s Revenue Management 3.0 – Where Next? conference, held in London. Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Head of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality and Director of the eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University, led the discussion. Panellists who joined him included Duetto’s Managing Director, EMEA, Michael McCartan; David Turnbull, Co-Founder and CCO, SnapShot; and Andrew Metcalfe, Chief Technology Officer at Guestline.

Trend Digest: Is VR a reality for hospitality?

GuestRevu 22 February 2018
Virtual reality (VR) may have its roots firmly planted within the gaming realm, but the potential that it holds for the hospitality and tourism industries is hard to ignore. Whether it’s used by marketing to inspire travel or encourage booking, or in-house to improve experience, it’s clear that the technology can be an asset to properties of all shapes and sizes. But what is VR, how can you use it, and is it simply the latest fad, or something that will take hold in hospitality? We answer these questions and more.

Essential Tools provides market-leading technology to Portuguese hotels through SiteMinder partnership

SiteMinder 22 February 2018
Hotel clients of Portugal's Essential Tools have gained access to best-in-class distribution and direct booking technology, thanks to the renowned consultancy firm's partnership with SiteMinder, the global hotel industry's leading cloud platform.The deal - which comes one week ahead of Portugal's main tourism exhibition, BTL, in Lisbon - will see SiteMinder's solutions adopted by the majority of Essential Tools' client portfolio of 25 hotels across the country, including OPO Hotel Porto Aeroporto, Sea Porto Hotel and Grande Hotel de Luso.Essential Tools' CEO, Luis Ferreira, says, "Using SiteMinder's booking engine and channel management solutions, our hotel clients can open their doors to Portugal's many tourists who wouldn't otherwise be aware of their hotels' existence or have a way to book with them directly online. We are very pleased to provide these capabilities alongside SiteMinder, which has earned its place over the years as one of the most sought-after technology providers in Portugal's hotel market."For 10 years, Essential Tools has supported hotel businesses to capitalise on Portugal's burgeoning tourism sector through integrated tourist advisory services, destination marketing and eCommerce solutions.It is estimated more than 21 million tourists visited Portugal in 2017 to mark 10 percent growth from the previous year. According to the Hotel Industry Association of Portugal, 2017 will likely form the third consecutive year both demand and prices paid have grown for local hotels."We congratulate Essential Tools for recognising that technology is an enabler of a sustainable hospitality and travel industry, and an instigator of positive change. We are very proud to work alongside the team in offering the technological solutions their hotel clients need to compete into the future, and being a part of that change," says Mateus Coelho, Regional Manager - Portugal, Spain and Brazil at SiteMinder.Appointments with SiteMinder at BTL can be made here.About SiteMinderAs the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. We serve hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.SiteMinder's products include The Channel Manager, the industry's leading online distribution platform; TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for direct bookings via the web, mobile or social; Canvas, the intelligent website creator for independent hoteliers; Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms; and GDS by SiteMinder, a single-point of entry to a six-figure network of travel agents and the world's major global distribution systems. With more than 28,000 hotel customers and 550 of the industry's top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have presence in more than 160 countries on six continents.For more information, visit www.siteminder.com.About Essential ToolsEssential Tools - Tecnologias de Informacao, Lda. has been in the market since 2008 and, over the last few years, has developed a continuous and stable path through sustained growth, which allows them to address the new challenges with optimism and the necessary serenity, maintaining the level of quality of their services using best practices and a sense of responsibility.The success in the practical development of the solutions they present, combined with a team of professionals with superior training and experience in the areas of tourism and hospitality, marketing, design and Web design, allows them to respond and provide the necessary support to those who need help in their tourism projects and hoteliers.For more information, visit essential-tools.pt.

ALICE Named Forbes Travel Guide's Official Staff Operations Technology Provider for 2018

ALICE 22 February 2018
With new hotel products and technologies emerging at a dizzying rate, hoteliers need a simple way to learn about the ones that can make meaningful improvements to the guest and staff experience. That's why Forbes Travel Guide introduced their Brand Official Program in 2017, designed to point the world's best hoteliers towards products and services worthy of endorsement. ALICE, the industry's leading Hospitality Operations Platform, was named the Guide's Official Staff Operations Technology Provider for 2018.CEO of Forbes Travel Guide Gerard J. Inzerillo expresses his confidence in the newly-appointed brand official: "We are extremely pleased to select ALICE as the Official Staff Operations Technology of Forbes Travel Guide. It is essential that staff members at a hotel communicate with each other to satisfy many of the 900 standards by which we evaluate a property. ALICE personalizes its product to meet the needs of each property with whom it partners."ALICE has taken the industry by storm in the five years since the company's inception. In an industry eager to bridge communication silos between departments, ALICE's vision of a single, unified Hospitality Operations Platform has been met with great interest by the community, with already over 2,000 hotel partners benefitting from the platform."We are extremely proud to be honored by Forbes Travel Guide," says Alex Shashou, ALICE Co-Founder and President. "We built ALICE with Forbes' rigorous 900-point checklist in mind. With our mission to help hotels deliver consistently excellent service, who better to learn from than Forbes?""ALICE is innovative and trained to the standards that we use to rate a property. It is constantly modifying its technology based on each client it works with, listening to feedback and adapting offerings to meet that client's specific needs and wants," Mica Hill, SVP of Brand Development for Forbes Travel Guide explains. "In the end, we really admire the way ALICE allows a property's team members to communicate effortlessly with each other, which results in a more engaged guest and a better overall guest experience."ALICE will be at the Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit in Los Angeles next week to meet with hoteliers looking to learn more.

The 9 Biggest Mistakes Hotels Make When Choosing a PMS and How You Can Avoid Them

StayNTouch Inc. 22 February 2018
The problem is that this is a high-stakes game - picking the wrong tool can undermine your entire guest service strategy and prove to be a very costly mistake. So how can you ensure that you end up with a solution that's a perfect fit for your needs, rather than an expensive round peg for your square hole?By avoiding the following 9 pitfalls, your hotel can be confident that your final PMS investment decision is one that will serve your hotel and guests - today and well into the future.1. No list of requirementsBefore selecting a PMS system, you should understand your hotel's unique goals. Searching for a system without this preparation can result in issues ranging from a PMS that doesn't meet your needs to one that is overly complicated to use effectively.2. Choosing a system that does not scaleMany hotels choose PMS solutions 'in the moment,' that is, looking at the current state of the business. Your business needs will grow and change over time-- including your PMS needs. Adopting an inflexible solution that can't scale with you can mean that before too long, you are again looking for a new system that fits your new business conditions and requirements. This can be an expensive process, especially in the loss of additional time searching for and implementing a new solution.3. Favoring legacy technology architectureYou likely want to go with 'old faithful' when it comes to your PMS but choosing a legacy solution comes at a price. Most legacy PMS systems have an on-premise model, which can be costly when it comes to implementation, training, integrations, and maintenance. Consider a modern PMS that is technologically advanced and scalable for the future (cloud-based, SaaS). An added bonus is that cloud-based PMS solutions offer turnkey pricing which includes updates, maintenance, and support.To access the full checklist of the 9 biggest mistakes that hoteliers can make when they move to a new PMS system, CLICK HERE or go to http://www.stayntouch.com/resources/9-biggest-mistakes-hotels-make-when-choosing-a-pms/?utm_source=HSyndicate-HSMAI-HospitalityNet.
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Not your father's ERP

By Nick Price
Hotel companies have been stuck for too long with an information systems architecture conceived well into the last century, and built around a notion of a Property Management System (PMS) at the center of everything that a hotel does or will do, writes NetSys Technology's Nick Price. Building on his ground-breaking article in last year's edition of the Hotel Yearbook, Nick further refines the Hotel OS architecture concept he described in 2017 by revisiting another legacy concept whose time has come: Enterprise Resource Planning.

IDeaS Revenue Solutions Provides Superior Revenue Strategy Data for The Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina

IDeaS 22 February 2018
Tweet this: @IDeaS_RevOpt provides superior revenue strategy data for @Newport_Hotel. www.ideas.com/news #revenuestrategyMINNEAPOLIS -- With nearly 50 properties in their portfolio, both independent and branded hotels, the Shaner Group made a necessary choice for their Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina to advance their revenue strategy from a manual structure to an automated system.After looking at multiple solution providers, The Newport Harbor Hotel selected IDeaS Revenue Solutions (IDeaS), the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services, to improve pricing decisions and overall revenue strategy. "We found our choice to be rather clear, as all of our Hilton branded properties within our portfolio are working with IDeaS, and have experienced great results" said Geoffrey Field, vice president of revenue management, with The Newport Harbor Hotel. "Knowing many of our other properties were successfully running under IDeaS made us confident in our decision."Overlooking Newport Harbor with dining, live music and proximity to cultural attractions, it is no wonder why The Newport Harbor Hotel is named one of Newport's best locations for sightseeing. Being a busy area of Newport, The Newport Harbor Hotel required a comprehensive revenue management system with forward-looking data to assist with decision-making and enhancing their revenue strategy.The Newport Harbor Hotel has begun implementation of IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (IDeaS G3 RMS) to manage and develop pricing for their 133 guest rooms. "We had a need for a more comprehensive revenue management system that was able to provide us with the most accurate data," added Geoffrey. "Our whole team is excited to utilize the clean and organized data available in the IDeaS G3 dashboard.""The Newport Harbor's management company, Shaner Hotel Group, has allowed IDeaS to better manage room availability and pricing to maximize each hotel's revenue and profitability," said Jane Stampe, managing director at IDeaS. "We are excited to have one of their independent hotels, The Newport Harbor Hotel, join the IDeaS family."About Shaner Hotel GroupShaner Hotel Group is one of the foremost owner-operator companies in the hospitality industry with more than 50 hotel properties owned and managed across the U.S., Europe and the Bahamas.New properties are constantly evaluated as the Shaner Hotel Group continues a conservative, yet opportunistic approach to growth. Shaner is an approved management company and franchisee of Marriott International, Inc., Hilton Hotels Corporation, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Choice Hotels. For more information about the company and its divisions visit www.shanercorp.com.About IDeaS With more than 1.6 million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest revenue management software solutions and advisory services. Powered by SAS and with nearly three decades of experience, IDeaS proudly supports over 10,000 clients in 124 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers with insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing.IDeaS empowers clients to build and maintain revenue management cultures-from single entities to world-renowned estates-by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue.IDeaS has the knowledge, expertise and maturity to build upon proven revenue management principles with next-generation analytics for more user-friendly, insightful and profitable revenue opportunities-not just for rooms, but across the entire hotel enterprise. For more information, visit www.ideas.com.

Sony developing AI ride-hailing system for Japanese cab companies

PhocusWire 22 February 2018
Sony has announced plans to offer artificial intelligence technology to six taxi operators in Japan. Sony’s venture will be with Checker Cab Group, Daiwa Motor Transportation, Green Cab, Hinomaru Kotsu, Kokusai Motorcars and Kotobuki Taxi - which together have a fleet of more than 10,000 taxis in the Tokyo area. in Japan.

The opportunities - and distribution challenges - of blockchain in travel

PhocusWire 22 February 2018
In 48 BCE, the historic city of Alexandria was destroyed by Caesar’s army, including its world-famous library. Today, if a library was destroyed, its records would live on in other libraries and on the internet. This is the inherent power of a decentralized database - and of blockchain. Although still in its infancy with few real-world activations, the potential for blockchain technology to disrupt tech-based industries is enormous.

The Dylan Hotel at SFO builds a clean, easy to update and integrated website

SiteMinder Blog 22 February 2018
The Dylan Hotel at SFO proud winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017, offers its guests the perfect combination of both convenience and charm. This 58-room boutique hotel is located just one mile away from the busy, bustling SFO airport in San Francisco (US) but nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood. After completing a major renovation a year ago the hotel owner Christina Ongerth decided it was time to prioritise the brand’s online presence.

How to Earn Last Minute Bookings

ICE portal 21 February 2018
Regardless of how busy or popular any hotel is, there will always be times where your property is not fully booked. Appealing to travelers who are booking last minute is a great way to fill up rooms that otherwise would sit empty. These tips can help you convert last minute lookers to bookers.

Thought leadership - To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Choose What Works Best for You without Feature Compromise: Maestro's Web Browser PMS Delivers Flexibility and Mobility On-Premise or in the Cloud

NORTHWIND-Maestro 21 February 2018
Markham, Ontario -- Cloud-based property management is a compelling option in hotel operations today. Cloud property software systems require less on-property hardware and cabling, and maintenance and backups are handled by the system provider. Plus, company data is secure behind commercial firewalls, simplifying compliance requirements.Yet, many operators feel an on-premise property software system is better because it does not depend on a high-speed internet connection, and the property's IT team has control over the environment. The best way to evaluate which system is best for your operation is to speak with a company that offers a full featured solution on both platforms so that the technology does not have to influence your decision."It is important to have options when you make a crucial property management system decision. Do your homework and focus on tech companies with experience in both cloud-based and on-premise property software systems," said Warren Dehan, President of Maestro PMS. "Evaluate the feature capabilities and services each company offers to ensure it's the right tool for your operation now, and that it will meet your future guest and staff mobility needs. Check if the company's Cloud system delivers full-featured PMS functionality, or if it is a limited 'lite' front office system that does not offer the features or expansion capabilities you may need in the future. Also, make sure your provider has a proven track record of deploying on either platform, and has the infrastructure to support you with the requisite services. Equally important, verify the system's security and credit card service processes are compliant with your GDPR and PCI obligations."The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, and the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas have relied on Maestro's Multi-Property Cloud PMS for more than five years. Jack Moyer, Vice President and General Manager for both properties said, "Our hotels are unique destinations. We run each as a separate brand on one cloud-based Maestro PMS with one database. Maestro hosts our system so we don't have to worry about servers, backups, or system maintenance." Moyer operates his two hotels as one business with one call center, one sales office, and one accounting office. "Managing both properties in the cloud simplifies our entire operation. Maestro Multi-Property Cloud PMS is a powerful system with excellent support."Maestro PMS is available as an on-premise Windows or browser-based solution. It also offers a feature-equivalent browser-based Cloud solution. "Maestro is Maestro, with the full complement of features and capabilities, whether a hotel is using it on-premise or in our hosted Cloud. Maestro has extensive experience with cloud operations," Dehan said. "The key is choosing the right PMS software with the right partner to satisfy your business requirements first - the platform is secondary. If a property does not have access to the Internet but wants an easily managed system, we provide Maestro's features and versatility with a browser user interface that runs on a property's on-premise network. This option simplifies infrastructure needs for an on-premise system and truly gives you the best of both worlds without compromise."Maestro PMS delivers revenue-generating property software tools and services that increase profitability. Maestro property software drives direct bookings, centralizes operations, and provides personalized guest service to keep guests coming back. Click here for more information on how to reserve, engage and socialize with Maestro PMS.About Maestro PMSMaestro is the preferred cloud and on-premises PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups. This PCI certified and EMV ready enterprise system offers 20+ integrated modules on a single database including web and mobile tools to increase profitability and enable operators to engage guests with a personalized experience. For over 37 years Maestro's Diamond Plus Service has provided unparalleled 24/7 North American based support and education services to keep hospitality groups operational and productive. Click here for more information on Maestro.
Article by Magnus Friberg

Invest in the Right Technology, and Your Guests Will Invest in You

Zaplox AB 21 February 2018
Now more than ever, hoteliers are feeling the pressure to stay at the forefront of the latest, innovative technology trends. The ideology is simple: invest in the technological demands of your guest's evolving service expectations, and your guests will invest back in you. According to HT's 2017 Lodging Technology Study, 57% of hotels plan to spend more on technology compared to the year before. The question isn't whether to allocate spend to technology, but how to prioritize that spend on technology segments which garner the greatest ROI and guest satisfaction. How then, should hoteliers strategically invest in technology which will facilitate efficient, personalized experiences and long-term guest loyalty? Advanced Solutions for a Simplified, Frictionless Experience In most cases, the most relevant technology solutions within the hospitality industry aren't the latest and greatest gadget, so to speak. Rather, they're the solutions that are solely focused on simplifying and streamlining the primary touch points of the guest experience, without any room for error. In this regard, hoteliers find themselves looking to solutions that have perfected the check-in, mobile key functionality and check-out process for their guests. While these could be perceived as a small part of the entire hotel experience, they are the first and last operational interaction the guest has with your hotel and can determine if your first and final impression on each guest is lasting and positive, or negative and a cause for frustration. Keeping up with progressive industry standards, the entire pre-arrival to the post-arrival process should be optimized for mobile; including reservations, pre-arrival messages, mobile check-in, access to the hotel room with a mobile key and mobile check-out. Offers and upgrades directly in the mobile key app can also enhance the guest experience and help drive ancillary revenues for the hotel. Investing in a solution that offers this comprehensive functionality, without any problematic issues (every single time), will make a lasting impression on each guest. This onus on efficiency and convenience will continue to be the driving factor in driving guest satisfaction. Establishing a Genuine Connection With Your Guests Running a hotel successfully requires the careful allocation of budgetary spend across internal processes, staffing, on-property upkeep and upgrades, marketing campaigns and much more. While these are all critical components, it is imperative to remember that succeeding in the hospitality industry means succeeding in the delivery of exceptional guest service -- so when it comes to technology, the guest should always be front and center. Guests today not only expect seamless mobile functionality and tech-forward offerings (smart thermostats and room controls, voice-powered personal assistants, mobile keyless entry), but they expect their preferences and convenience to be anticipated by the hotels they book with. Ultimately, they want to feel connected to the brands and independent hotels that they choose, which means hoteliers should not only get to know their guest on a deeper level, but need to curate that genuine connection through customized offerings, recommendations, and interactions. Generally speaking, older technology solutions are not able to provide the guest insights that will empower this level of personalized, attentive service. Rather, hoteliers should be looking to progressive technology solutions that offer real-time, visual data analytics with actionable insights at every touch point of each guest's stay. Be Mobile, or Be Left Behind Everyone in the hospitality industry is talking about the importance of the mobile experience, as the shift to mobile continues to rise in 2018. In fact, according to the latest Travel Flash Report by Criteo, over one-third of people now use a mobile device to book a hotel room. With this in mind, hotels must ensure their online booking experience is entirely optimized for mobile, taking into account special accommodations and requests for business travelers, families disabled travelers and more. This also means ensuring the hotel's mobile technology is frequently updated and includes services such as room service, loyalty connections, mobile concierge, check-in, and more. Not only will this ensure ease-of-use and undisrupted accessibility for guests, but it provides the hotel with another opportunity to gather, store and analyze guest-specific data. Real-time, Real Results It is more important than ever before for hoteliers to understand the importance of real-time data as it relates to their day-to-day decision making, responsive guest service, and targeted campaigns. Applications which present information only in historical reports are simply too many steps behind. Hoteliers today need to arm themselves with real-time (preferably cloud-based) analytics that not only enables them to make better day-to-day decisions but also help to optimize revenue and costs, detect misalignments or failed campaigns and constantly present the most relevant offers to guests to improve ROI.

The First Hotel In The World Not Open For Bed Bugs | medium.com

Medium 21 February 2018
We caught up with Hotel F6 General Manager Roni Saari to discuss his philosophy on hospitality, the hotel's new Valpas in-room technology, and why he thinks Valpas helps him increasingly delight his guests.

Pegasus Solutions' Head Of Digital Services To Discuss Metasearch Marketing At Hotel Revenue Conference

Pegasus 21 February 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona -- Pegasus Solutions Head of Digital Marketing Services Rahul Arora will explain metasearch marketing and cover four key digital marketing strategies at the Hotel Revenue Conference taking place February 21-22 in Seattle, WA.Arora comes from a family of hoteliers, having worked in the hotel industry for more than 13 years. As the head of Pegasus Digital Services, Rahul's group works with Pegasus' existing and prospective hotel and chain customers to provide digital marketing, meta search marketing, and market and customer analytics services."We often encounter confusion from hoteliers when it comes to all of the potential digital marketing has to offer," said Arora. "We help our Pegasus customers by taking the complex landscape and boiling it down to the specific mix of tactics that will support their business goals. We produce returns on marketing spend by executing a time-tested ROI-focused methodology against those goals."The presentation, called Demystifying Metasearch Marketing Plus Four Digital Marketing Strategies, is open to event attendees by registering in advance. It will take place Thursday, February 22 from 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, located at 411 University Street, Seattle, WA 98101.The Hotel Revenue Conference is an event for hotel revenue generation and revenue management professionals. It provides an opportunity for hoteliers to come together with industry leaders, subject matter experts and technology vendors.

Will automated re-booking sites ruin my revenue management strategy?

Triptease Blog 21 February 2018
It's the start of the season. You've got a healthy base of early bookings, you've adjusted your rates to snare in some more, and you're settling down for an early night before a long day of revenue management in the morning. But then, all of a sudden, you get a cancellation. And then a couple more. Before you know it, a handful of those secure early bookings have cancelled their reservation with you - and re-booked via an OTA at your recently-lowered rate.

Quantum leap into a new kind of machine learning

eyefortravel.com·Requires Registration 21 February 2018
In a series of articles, starting today, theoretical physicist Joerg Esser ponders the question: is quantum machine learning the next step in the AI journey and should businesses be worried yet? When I sat my doctoral exam 20 years ago, I was asked about the potential impact of quantum computing and whether this theoretical idea would ever become a reality. At the time it was impossible to say, but ever since I have been following developments in this exciting field with interest.

Groups360 Offers Industry-Wide Use of GroupSync Sourcing Technology Through March 31

Groups360 21 February 2018
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- In the face of tumultuous changes in the meetings industry including the yet unknown impact of an evolving commission structure, Groups360 has announced its decision to open its proprietary GroupSync technology for free use by all meeting planners, hoteliers and intermediaries through March 31, for a sneak peek at the future of meeting planning technology."This year has already shown unexpected changes for our industry, and we want to help people on both sides navigate the waters," said Groups360 CEO Kemp Gallineau. "We hear every day that current solutions are inadequate. Corporate meeting planners don't know where to start a search, association planners don't have the time to manually contact properties, and brand sales leaders can't easily find properties for important clients. By opening up our platform, which has made our meeting planners and Sales Advisors the most effective and efficient in the business, to the entire industry, we intend to show that providing transparency to planners and hoteliers will help all parties make the first quarter of 2018 their best quarter ever."Groups360's GroupSync searches more than 70,000 hotels to curate a list tailored to the planner's preferences and needs, reducing a weeks-long process to mere minutes. Not only does the GroupSync Market Estimate reveal how much a planner can expect to pay before contacting hotels, the Marketplace Advantage Program highlights available incentives offered by hoteliers for the specific dates under consideration, cutting down the need to sift through irrelevant paid placements and email spam."Technology has played a pivotal role in industries like real estate and car buying, transforming the way those industries transact business. We think intelligent technology powered by great data can make a tremendous impact in adding efficiency and value to the meeting planning process as well, especially in the light of recent changes," Gallineau said. "The transparency created by providing curated, accurate, useful information during the buying process will make transactions easier and more efficient as people become empowered to make the best possible decision."To learn more about Groups360 or to take advantage of the GroupSync suite of tools, visit www.groups360.com/get-started/.

Milestone Launches New Website for Ginger Hotel Chain, Revenue Jumps 36%

Milestone Internet Marketing 21 February 2018
HIGHLIGHTS60 days after launch of a new Mobile-First portal website, Ginger Hotel chain saw a jump of 36% in revenue booked directly through the site.Over the same time-period, conversions on the website grew 16%Page views also jumped in the same time by 26%Average session duration also grew 10%, showing increased "stickiness" of the new websiteAt HSMAI's annual Digital Marketing Conference yesterday, Milestone Inc. announced the launch of a new custom website for Ginger Hotels, a subsidiary of India's leading hotel chain - Taj Hotels. Within 60 days of launching the new website, direct revenues jumped 36%, along with an equally impressive jump of 16% in website conversion rate.The new hotel portal design features a mobile first design approach that provides an app-like experience for guests. "We know that the world has moved to a mobile platform," said Nikhil Sharma, Chief Operating officer of Ginger Hotels, "we wanted our website to reflect this shift to create a more welcoming environment," continued Mr. Sharma.The new Ginger Hotels portal site was designed and built on Milestone's award-winning Milestone CMS content management system. With support for advanced features like personalization, support for over 100 schema types and dozens of add-on modules, Milestone CMS was the ideal platform for Ginger Hotels. "We knew that having a great platform was critical to the success of the website," said Mr. Sharma. "Milestone CMS provides advanced capabilities and is backed by a company we can trust," continued Mr. Sharma.The Ginger Hotels portal site provides advanced features:A beautiful design that highlights the Ginger brand and provides a welcoming and interactive experience designed to capture visitors and engage them.Milestone's Mobile First design philosophy that provides an app-like experience on mobile devices with gesture-friendly features, large buttons and a high attention to image sizes and text placement to create a welcoming mobile experienceEasy discovery of Ginger's numerous properties to make it simple for visitors to find their nearest Ginger hotelIntegrated features like social media feeds, news feeds and integrated consumer reviews provide welcoming features that guests look for in a modern hotel websiteIndividual room panels provide quick access to in-room amenities making it easy for consumers to find and book the ideal room for their stayHotel-level amenities are shown in the same iconographic style to give consumers fast "birds eye" view of what each property has to offer.Milestone Inc. worked closely with Ginger Hotels to ensure the new website met their requirements while providing the advanced functionality needed to drive direct business. "We are very proud to be working with a company like Ginger Hotels," said Milestone CEO, Anil Aggarwal. "Ginger Hotels is one of the premier hoteliers in Asia, and we are honored to have been selected for this ground-up redesign," continued Mr. Aggarwal.To explore the Ginger Hotels portal website visit https://www.gingerhotels.com/, to learn more about Milestone, visit us at https://www.milestoneinternet.com/About Ginger HotelsGinger Hotels is the largest chain of branded hotels and the pioneer of budget hotel space in India. Known for their unique blend of caring and efficiency, Ginger Hotels are an excellent choice for leisure and business travelers, alike. Launched in June 2004, operated under the company name Roots Corporation Limited, Ginger hotels has 42 properties panned across 31 locations in India. Our investors are Indian Hotel Company Ltd and Tata Capital. The concept was developed by Indian Hotels Company Ltd in association with legendary corporate strategy thinker, late Dr. C. K. Prahalad. The Ginger Hotels credo is that the way to the success of India is the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Whether they are guests, team members, or partners, together this spirit will not only foster a stronger Ginger brand but more importantly give rise to a stronger 'Brand India'. https://www.gingerhotels.com/

Crescent's Luxurious Horseshoe Bay Resort Experiences 89% Increase in Group RFPs in 60 days with Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Milestone Internet Marketing 21 February 2018
HIGHLIGHTSDigital advertising and similar audience prospecting through sophisticated segmentation using buying history, website behavior and data driven targeting.13% longer time on site, 16% decrease in bounce rate and a 9% increase in page views in just under 5 months.89% growth in Group RFP leads within 60 days after new site live.172% increase in consumer interactions through local search including incoming phone calls and a 1000% increase in photo searches.A "Mobile on Steroids" website with app like design, Progressive Web App (PWA), and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).Extensive schemas and structured-data making the site voice search ready and optimized for next generation of SEO.New York, NY -- At HSMAI's annual Digital Marketing Conference today, Milestone Inc. and Crescent Hotels & Resorts Inc. announced the launch of a new "Mobile on Steroids" website for the upscale Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas. Situated on the shores of Lake LBJ, just 45 minutes from Austin, Horseshoe Bay Resort is an AAA four-diamond lake and golf resort offering luxurious accommodations, family friendly amenities and world-class golf in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Horseshoe Bay Resort is also known for exceptional meeting and event venues and a private executive airport make ideal for both vacationers and business travelers alike.Crescent Hotels & Resorts wanted to improve their paid media performance by leveraging data personalization and segmentation. The group also wanted a new website built with the latest technologies. "We were impressed by the level of sophistication of Milestone's programs as well as their exceptional design and technology portfolio," said Delana Meyer, VP of Ecommerce for Crescent Hotels. "Working with a world-class team like Crescent and a world-class resort like Horseshoe Bay was an honor for us," said Milestone CEO Anil Aggarwal. "We are thrilled with the outcome and with the results we have been able to deliver for Crescent and Horseshoe Bay," continued Mr. Aggarwal.Advanced Paid Media Strategies with Personalization and SegmentationThe new website launched in late 2017 was backed by a Paid Media strategy that leveraged personalization and audience targeting through extensive analysis of previous consumer buying behavior and website browsing patterns. Audiences included in the campaign included "like" buyers that were patterned on previous Horseshoe Bay customers.A "Mobile on Steroids" WebsiteThe Horseshoe Bay Resort website provides an industry-first approach that combines three mobile-focused technologies into a one-of-a-kind experience. The Mobile-First design coupled with a Progressive Web App engine provides an app-like experience, while an AMP pages for key parts of the property's web presence allows for increased visibility for the hotel. The new website saw a dramatic decrease of 16% in bounce rate and an increase 13% in time on site. The new website also yielded an 89% jump in group leads in the first 60 days post site launch.Deep Use and Integration of Content and SchemasThe support for voice-search friendly schemas in Milestone's CMS was also key in Crescent's decision. "The ability for Milestone CMS to create a website that was ready for voice search was critical," said Ms. Meyer. Milestone CMS provides Horseshoe Bay with support for over 120 schemas and allows them to wrap most of their content in SEO-friendly schema tags including rooms and amenities, greatly increasing the hotel's visibility to voice-powered search systems like Google, Bing and Apple Maps.Large Growth in Local Search VisibilityMilestone also employed its award-winning Milestone Local platform to update and manage Horseshoe Bay's local search presence across the search ecosystem. This led to a 172% increase in consumer actions including inbound phone calls as well as a 1000% increase in users searching for Horseshoe Bay Resort using photo search.Come see us at HSMAI's Digital Marketing Conference to learn moreMilestone will be exhibiting at HSMAI's Digital Marketing Conference at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York, NY on Wed Feb 20 and Thursday Feb 21st. Hotels interested in how Milestone-only initiatives can help boost direct revenue are invited to come by. Milestone is also hosting a free 3-hour workshop on technology, paid media and analytics. Interested attendees can sign up free of charge. About Crescent Hotels & ResortsCrescent Hotels & Resorts is an award winning, nationally recognized, top-3 operator of hotels and resorts. Crescent currently operates over 100 hotels, resorts and conference centers in the US and Canada. Crescent is one of the few elite management companies approved to operate upper-upscale and luxury hotels under the brand families of Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG. Crescent also operates a collection of legendary independent lifestyle hotels and resorts under Latitudes Collection, Lifestyle by Crescent. Crescent's clients are made up of hotel REITs, private equity firms and major developers. For more information, please visit www.crescenthotels.com, www.latitudesbycrescent.com or connect with Crescent on LinkedIn.About Milestone Inc:Milestone offers innovative digital marketing strategies for businesses and hotels around the world. Milestone drives revenue directly to businesses with innovative proprietary software and tailored support. Milestone focuses on increasing businesses' digital presence, growing your customer base by allowing searchers to easily find your business and book direct. Learn more about Milestone software and services by contacting Walter Paliska, walter.p@milestoneinternet.com, or visiting www.milestoneinternet.com.

Closing the loop on the travel journey

By Max Starkov and Margaret Mastrogiacomo
Hotel marketers can no longer afford to have a fragmented customer engagement and acquisition approach, but should engage online travel consumers throughout their complex journey, write Max Starkov and Margaret Mastrogiacomo. How do you achieve a 360-degree past and future guest engagement, retention, and acquisition strategy? They outline an action plan here.

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