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Oracle Hospitality Introduces New Data Science Cloud Services to Help Food & Beverage Operators Optimize Every Sale

Oracle Hospitality 2 August 2017
Redwood Shores, CA -- Empowering food and beverage operators to convert data into profit, Oracle Hospitality today announced Data Science Cloud Services. With the new services, food and beverage operators gain the ability to analyze key information such as sales, guest, marketing and staff performance data at unprecedented speed - generating insights that lead directly to actionable measures that improve their top and bottom line.The suite includes two cloud-driven offerings - Oracle Hospitality Menu Recommendations Cloud Service and Oracle Hospitality Adaptive Forecasts Cloud Service - currently available to operators worldwide, enabling them to improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and optimize operations, respectively.The new Data Science Cloud Services bring Oracle's renowned machine learning and data-analytics expertise specifically to the food and beverage industry. This, combined with years of hospitality industry knowledge, delivers quick wins for operators, while saving them the significant expense of having to hire their own analysts or invest in a data processing infrastructure. In addition to Oracle technology, Data Science delivers the support of a team of leading data scientists, database engineers and experienced hospitality consultants."Margins are being squeezed in hospitality like never before," said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Hospitality. "Labor and food costs are increasing, and competition for the dining dollar is high. With our Data Science Cloud Services, we are giving our customers the ability to be as profitable as possible, by helping them pinpoint cost-savings in each location while optimizing every single sales opportunity to deliver revenue growth."Making Every Sale Count with Oracle Hospitality Menu Recommendations Cloud ServiceOracle Hospitality Menu Recommendations Cloud Service allows food and beverage operators with multiple locations to evaluate their menus and identify enhancements to maximize every sales opportunity. The Data Science service can seek the best possible up-sell or cross-sell options by location or time of day, with recommendations dynamically updating based on customer behavior. Assumptions around cross-sells and up-sells can be analyzed, leading to better understanding of guest behavior and preferences.Speed to value is accelerated, thanks to integration between the Data Science service and the Oracle Hospitality technology platform. Recommendations are available at point-of-service terminals and displayed as localized cross-sells or timed up-sells. Such simplicity enables staff to optimize sales and serve guests without delay or confusion.Predicting Stock and Labor Needs with Oracle Hospitality Adaptive Forecasts Cloud ServiceOracle Hospitality Adaptive Forecasts lets operators better predict stock and labor needs at every location. The service creates a single forecast by item, location and day part, and factors in weather, events, time of day, day of the week and Net Promoter scores. Such forecasting maintains appropriate levels of inventory and staffing in all business scenarios, helping store managers minimize wasted inventory, lower labor costs and, most importantly, ensure an exceptional guest experience.For Oracle Hospitality customers, these Advanced Science Cloud Services complement the self-service data access and reporting solutions that are already available, including the InMotion mobile app that provides real-time access to restaurant KPIs and the Reporting and Analytics 9.0 service that was launched in April 2017.

Oracle Hospitality Fosters More Meaningful Guest Experiences with New Mobile POS and Robust Analytics

Oracle Hospitality 24 March 2017
Oracle Industry Connect -- Today Oracle Hospitality announced the launch of two new innovations for food and beverage and hotel customers, at the annual Oracle Industry Connect event in Orlando, Florida. The new Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 provides new mobility capabilities for hospitality operators, while the launch of Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0 provides food and beverage operations with a greatly enhanced solution for identifying revenue generation and cost saving opportunities."Hospitality brands of all sizes are looking for new ways to accelerate growth while delivering a differentiated guest experience," said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Hospitality. "With today's announcement we are providing our customers with a new ruggedized mobile POS capable of engaging guests in new ways across a variety of segments including hotels, restaurants, stadiums, casinos and cruise ships. Combined with the Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0, we are arming food and beverage operators with new insights that can streamline the operations of their businesses."Enhanced Revenue Opportunities and Guest Experience with Oracle MICROS Tablet 720The new MICROS Tablet 720 is a durable mobile point-of-sale tablet designed to allow hospitality staff to engage consumers away from traditional terminals. The MICROS Tablet 720 combines the usability of traditional mobile devices with rugged features and extended battery life to meet the needs of unique hospitality experiences found at bars, casinos, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants and stadiums."For the hospitality industry, guest experience and speed of service are everything. Operators need to be able to provide amazing guest service wherever the guest is," said Jay Upchurch, vice president of strategy, Oracle Hospitality. "We engineered the new Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 to improve the way consumers and the hospitality industry engage with one another by providing a ruggedized device capable of serving customers in diverse environments and integrating with our existing Simphony and OPERA management suites for mobile access to real time data."Increased Revenue and Cost Control Opportunities with Reporting and Analytics 9.0The Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics solution is used in over 50,000 restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, stadiums, theme parks, and other hospitality operations around the world. Fully integrated with Oracle Hospitality POS systems, Reporting and Analytics provides managers with insight to sales, revenues, and other key performance indicators.The release of Reporting and Analytics 9.0 integrates with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Oracle's powerful analytics engine, OBIEE is renowned worldwide for its capability to provide visual reports that enable industry leaders to create a data-driven culture."With increasing competition, food and beverage operators need to be able to analyze their data and identify ways of cutting costs and increasing revenues," said Upchurch. "Reporting and Analytics is an integral part of our Simphony Cloud point of sale solution, which means that our customers are now receiving additional value with a powerful analytics system as part of their cloud POS service for no additional cost.""The integration of Oracle Business Intelligence with Reporting and Analytics is also another example of how the Oracle acquisition of MICROS is bringing benefits to our customers, as Oracle investment and technology are brought together with MICROS domain expertise."

Global Study: Millennials Mobile Use Reshaping Hospitality Industry

Oracle Hospitality 12 April 2016
Redwood Shores, Calif. - Apr. 12, 2016 - More than 9,000 millennials from around the world discussed their use of technology in hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops in a groundbreaking survey that quantifies the impact mobile devices are having on hospitality.Demonstrating, in some cases, that mobile use is pervasive and reshaping the industry, key findings from Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service include: 39% have already ordered delivery or take-out using their smartphones, and 20% have used a mobile device to check-in at a hotel."Mobile is very much here and happening in hospitality," said Ray Carlin, Vice President of Solution and Strategy Management at Oracle Hospitality, which commissioned the global study. The results underscore how technology is altering consumer expectation and presenting hospitality operators with an unprecedented opportunity to win millennials' business."It will require a redefinition of service - one that offers millennials tremendous choice, speed and personalization based on their individual preferences," Carlin said. "Providing such tailored service not only means accommodating consumers' use of smartphones, but for operators to leverage their own mobile devices to better serve them."Among the report's other major findings:Loyalty is a priority for food and beverage: 52% of millennials want to use their mobile devices to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Millennials want to be acknowledged, with personalized rewards that reflect their individual preferences. For the operator, this offers huge potential in collecting invaluable data about customer behavior and delivering targeted promotions to drive order value and revenues.Hotels face a mobile frontier: Make no mistake - millennials in every country are already using their mobile devices to conduct core functions with hotels. Among the findings: 20% had checked into a hotel using their mobile, while 46% had booked a hotel room through similar means. Only 12% had ordered room service by smartphone, yet room service was the number one request when millennials were asked how else technology could improve their stay.Gaps exist between desire and ability: In several instances, millennials' desire for mobile-driven activities and their actual experience using them varied significantly. For example, only 29% of U.S. millennials reported already having paid with a mobile device, but 44% expressed a desire to do so - suggesting an opportunity to grow business by meeting demand.Geography makes a difference: Many similarities exist among millennials around the world, but behavior and preferences also vary greatly by geography and culture. Japanese millennials, for example, were surprisingly less likely to use their smartphones in hotels or restaurants - only 19% wanted to pay for food or drink by mobile device.Voices need to be heard: When evaluating hospitality employers' use of technology, more than one third (36%) of millennials who had worked in the industry said that there was much room for improvement. Interestingly, only 15% said their employers solicited their suggestions for improving technology use.Not all mobile devices are equal: Millennials, no surprise, can't part ways with their smartphones - 87% of survey respondents said they use one daily. The Apple Watch is already being used by 10% of UK millennials. But other devices are used less than perhaps expected: only 37% reported using iPads and tablets daily.Carlin continued: "The other significant finding is that the demand for ordering and paying by smartphone is not universal - there are plenty of millennials that still want personal service when they're in a hotel or a restaurant. Our job is to help operators adapt and define how technology supports a personalized, flexible service offering."Oracle Hospitality pursued the research project to aid hoteliers and food and beverage operators gain a better understanding of millennials, who represent the largest segment of the workforce in many countries. Such insight is essential not only to engage the tech-savvy demographic as customers, but to enhance their abilities as employees to deliver stellar guest service. Conducted by an independent research firm, the survey polled participants, ages 18 to 35, in eight countries, including a subset that had worked in hospitality within the past five years.With the acquisition of MICROS Systems - a leader in the hospitality sector for more than 35 years - and Oracle's R&D capabilities and cloud technology, Oracle Hospitality is dedicated to pioneering innovations. With enterprise management platforms designed for hotels and food & beverage operations, Oracle Hospitality solutions can tackle a full spectrum of tasks, including managing staffing needs, accelerating hotel check-in, improving kitchen operations and providing mobile devices that help enhance guest service anywhere, anytime.Oracle Hospitality develops hardware and software solutions that work together to help produce tailored guest service for hotels and F&B establishments. By addressing every facet of the business, Oracle Hospitality solutions help optimize operations across the board to deliver the speed, agility and efficiency required to meet customers' unique needs.The report is available at www.oracle.com/hospitality-millennialsRelated case studies:Learn how The Habit Burger Grill uses tablets to rapidly reduced waiting times for guests.Find out how Rydges Sydney Airport is improving guest services with mobile technology.Watch wagamama use mobile devices to respond instantaneously the needs of its guests.See how a cloud-enabled loyalty system has enhanced the guest experience at Grupo Fynso.

Oracle Introduces New Cloud Services for Hotels and Casinos

Oracle Hospitality 27 January 2016
To help hospitality companies personalize all aspects of their engagement with customers while also delivering an excellent guest experience on site, Oracle today introduced a cloud services version of its industry-leading suite of hospitality solutions. The new Oracle Hospitality cloud services enable hotel and casino operators to better manage every aspect of their customer relationships and on-site operations, while simplifying their IT infrastructure and deriving value faster from new innovations."To win in the highly competitive hotel industry, hotels need to deliver personalized guest experiences, increase operational efficiency, and effectively manage distribution," said Ray Carlin, vice president of product strategy, Oracle Hospitality. "Oracle's cloud-based solutions bring significant advantages in all these key areas, while at the same time streamlining on-premise IT management and offering enhanced application and data security built in."Oracle's hospitality-focused solutions, combined with its broader product and service offering, are used by hundreds of thousands of operators worldwide to provide superior service and experience to their guests anywhere. By delivering its full suite of solutions via the Oracle Cloud, Oracle is making it easier for hospitality companies of all sizes to implement new features and business functionality faster and dramatically simplify the IT infrastructure required to deliver a world-class customer experience at hotel and casino properties around the globe.Oracle OPERA Cloud services build upon Oracle's commitment to develop cloud-enabled versions of its most powerful applications. The cloud services streamline and improve most aspects of hospitality management including:Deliver exceptional guest experiences: With Oracle OPERA Cloud's comprehensive guest profiling capability, hotels can capture the guest preferences they need to personalize and differentiate the guest experience. Personalized experiences will enhance guest loyalty and drive membership growth in loyalty programs.Mobile-enable hotel operations: Oracle OPERA Cloud runs on Oracle MICROS tablets and other leading tablets and smart phones to allow hotel personnel greater flexibility to provide guest services anywhere on the property.Secure enterprise data: Oracle OPERA Cloud runs Oracle's technology stack from applications to disk, with unprecedented security, high performance and availability.Maximize occupancy and revenue: Maximize sales with the Oracle Distribution Cloud, an add-on suite of services that allows hotels to effectively manage room rates and allocation of room inventory to various distribution channels.Integrate food and beverage operations: Oracle OPERA Cloud comes with pre-built integration to Oracle Hospitality Simphony, the leading point-of-sale solution for the food and beverage industries.Innovate faster: Deliver service innovations, enable easier upgrades and drive business process improvements by simplifying information technology infrastructure.Integrate with enterprise applications and property infrastructure: Hotels can leverage an extensive partner network and hundreds of pre-built interfaces to back-office applications (accounts receivable accounts payable), payment gateways, hotel industry applications, and property infrastructure devices to ease integration.Hotels can further enhance the customer experience with their guest-facing mobile applications that leverage the web services in Oracle OPERA Cloud to provide key guest services across the travel lifecycle."Mobility has become a key competitive differentiator in the hotel industry. With the ability to access information instantly via mobile devices, guests now expect a very personalized mobile-enabled hospitality experience," said Carlin. "Oracle OPERA Cloud enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively make that vision a reality."With the industry's broadest portfolio of public cloud services, Oracle Cloud continues to show strong adoption, supporting 62 million users and 23 billion transactions each day. Oracle Cloud runs on 30,000 devices and 400 petabytes of storage in 19 data centers around the world.

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Oracle Hospitality By Peter Agel and Sundar Swaminathan
Cloud-based distribution services can boost margins and help hotels engage customers, write Peter Agel and Sundar Swaminathan of Oracle Hospitality. The key is understanding how the Cloud can help hotels effectively manage distribution channels while giving managers information to make insightful decisions about pricing, customer engagement, and inventory management - all while delivering great guest experiences.

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