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How Expedia is using deep learning to improve the hotel booking process

Phocuswright 15 April 2019
Expedia Partner Solutions is using deep learning models to improve the hotel booking process for partners and - ultimately - the end consumer.The company is employing a three-stage process with a deployment algorithm sorting properties for its Rapid API to deliver to different partners whether airline, retail store or perhaps corporate travel partner.Describing it as an "advanced, cutting-edge deep-learning model," Nuno Castro, chief data scientist for Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), says:"We have half a million properties, and we're signing 15,000 every month, so how do we decide which to give to each partner given that adding them is very complex because we need to match with competitors and other suppliers?

Winners of the Phocuswright Innovation Platform

Phocuswright 15 November 2018
Phocuswright Innovation Platform events showcase the most innovative companies in travel across the globe. At The Phocuswright Conference, currently underway in Los Angeles, CA, a total of 36 companies - 22 at - demonstrated groundbreaking applications and solutions poised to change the travel landscape, competing under the bright lights of Center Stage for the most coveted innovation awards in travel.The companies who presented at Summit and Launch represent the cream of the crop from a large pool of applicants, and Summit showcased the winners of Phocuswright's 2018 regional events: Battleground: EMEA and Battleground: The Americas.Sleepbox, which builds micro-hotels that can be installed anywhere for 1/10 the cost of traditional hotels, became the third company to claim three awards for the third year in a row, winning the Award For Travel Innovation - Emerging Category, The General Catalyst Award For Travel Innovation, and the Summit People's Choice Award, indicating a strong perceived need in the marketplace for more affordable and flexible lodging options. ConnexPay, which integrates both acceptance of credit cards and requesting of payments to travel providers into a single solution, won the Award For Travel Innovation - Startup Category, validating that there is plenty of room for financial innovation in travel. AirHelp, which uses advanced machine learning to process airline claims, won the Launch People's Choice Award.Summit winners were chosen by a panel of Dragons comprised of travel and technology experts. The General Catalyst Award for Travel Innovation, which comes with a $100,000 convertible bridge loan, was determined by the Dragons with an increased emphasis on whether the company's innovation has the potential to create breakthrough value in the travel industry. Brand USA Award selected the winner for their Travel Marketing Innovation award, and OAG selected the winner for their AI Innovation award. Phocuswright Conference attendees voted to determine the People's Choice Awards for both Summit and Launch."We created the Phocuswright Innovation Platform to identify and recognize the entrepreneurs and ideas who are shaping the future of the travel industry," said Michael Coletta, Phocuswright's manager, research and innovation. "We were thrilled to bring a more diverse group of companies to the stage than we have in years, featuring many solutions and technologies beyond air, hotel and ground transportation in areas such as identity, safety, luxury, advertising, security, cruise and virtual interlining.Over 400 innovators have now taken the stages at Phocuswright's innovation events since the first Travel Innovation Summit in 2008. This esteemed group of companies has brought countless innovations to the market and collectively raised over $3.2B in the process.2018 Phocuswright Innovation Platform Winners AWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATION - STARTUP CATEGORYWinner: ConnexPayRunner-Up: Airside MobileTHE GENERAL CATALYST AWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATIONWinner: SleepboxAWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATION - EMERGING CATEGORYWinner: SleepboxRunner-Up: Perfect PriceBRAND USA MARKETING INNOVATION AWARDWinner: Vivere.travelOAG AWARD FOR AI INNOVATIONWinner: BaarbSUMMIT PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD FOR INNOVATIONWinner: SleepboxRunner-Up: Rentals UnitedLAUNCH PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD FOR INNOVATIONWinner: AirHelpRunner-Up: TinyCluesLearn more about the winners and all of the innovators here: double check these numbers [CM1]

Younger European travelers are interacting with travel brands in these two ways

Phocuswright 27 April 2018
1. Use of assistants, messaging, chatbotsAccording to Phocuswright Research, younger European travelers - who make up nearly 40% of the entire European traveler population - are most likely to be frequent users of voice-activated personal assistants and chatbots. More than four in 10 European online travelers used a voice assistant or chatbot at least weekly in the past 12 months. Messaging and voice assistants have a range of possible travel applications, from travel planning to in-destination services and sharing. Roughly half of European travelers would be comfortable with using messaging to compare and choose travel products, contact a hotel desk or get local recommendations. This growth is largely driven by the younger travelers. 2. Social's role in sharing and influencing decisionsYounger European travelers are also paving the way with visual social sharing - they're four times as likely to use visual social networks than travelers 35-54. Not only are young travelers using social apps - such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest - to share experiences, they are the preferred platform for staying up-to-date with favorite brands. In the decision-making process, pictures and videos by friends and travel brands on social media are now just as influential as travel reviews for 18-34 year olds. Brands are also capturing travelers' attention through ads: two in five social media users don't mind sponsored posts on their social feeds - as long as they're relevant, which is good news for travel marketers.What does this mean for the future of online travel and consumer behavior in Europe? Learn more atPhocuswright Europe (May 15-17, 2018 in Amsterdam), the annual meeting place for European industry leaders who demand valuable answers, facts and solutions.
Article by Lorraine Sileo

Hotels win small victory: So why are we still arguing about OTAs?

Phocuswright 13 February 2018
Hotels have long lamented their dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs) and their ascribed high cost of distribution (commission or mark-up). Over the years, Hilton, IHG and Hyatt are among the brands that have tried to cut the cord (generating dramatic headlines), only to rejoin the OTAs with fresh, new agreements. While it's easy to say that hotels are fighting a losing battle - since OTAs now make up more than one fifth of U.S. hotels' overall revenue - the fact is that chains are making some inroads. Perhaps hotel loyalty rates - whereby loyalty members get unique discounts for booking direct - are paying off after all.The truth is that OTA hotel sales keep growing because U.S. hotel sales are rising modestly while the shift from offline to online is accelerating at nearly three times the pace. U.S. hotel sales gained 4% in 2017 to reach US$158 billion, but the online hotel segment (including both OTAs and hotel websites/apps) jumped 13% to $69.3 billion. These gains are based on the simple fact that offline processes, such as calling the hotel or using a travel agency, will continue to give way to desktop/laptop and mobile devices for young and old. Still, 56% of hotel sales are offline, including corporate, groups and traditional channels.The phenomenal online growth for hotels is not just credited to the fortitude of Expedia and Priceline/ (annual gains are not expected to recede to single digits until 2019). Considering both channel shift and organic growth, OTAs and hotel websites have both soared over the past 18 years. Most recently, each channel is basically growing in lockstep with the other, meaning that overall, they each represent about half of online hotel sales. This balancing act will continue, regardless of hotel loyalty rates or guest services/features - such as virtual check-in, digital keys and free Wi-Fi - that are reserved only for loyalty members who book direct. OTAs have their own loyalty programs that are gaining ground, and Expedia plans to provide unique guest services as well. The stalemate between hotels and OTAs will be an ongoing scenario, despite the $5+ billion sales and marketing budget of Expedia, not to mention continued gains in the U.S. by doesn't mean hotel loyalty rates are a failure. If anything, hotels would still be losing share considering that most travelers - especially millennials - prefer the choice offered by OTAs1. Hotel chains have shored up their position, especially with older, more loyal travelers. In addition, millions of new travelers, many in the 18-34-year-old age group, have joined programs for the low-hanging fruit (free Wi-Fi and lower prices).To be sure, there is plenty of work to do for hotels to measure the impact of two-plus years of loyalty rates on the bottom line. If travelers are simply taking advantage of them to save on single bookings, they are not exactly loyal customers. Regardless, the fact that hotels are holding their own vs. OTAs should make many owners and operators happy, but with hotels vying for a perfect world without intermediaries, the question is: Will they ever be happy?Gain a comprehensive view of the hotel and lodging market in the U.S. - including market sizing and forecasts, loyalty programs, private accommodations and an update on mobile bookings - with Phocuswright's U.S. Hotel & Lodging: Loyalty Rates Make Impact.Other U.S. Online Travel Overview Seventeenth Edition reports available:U.S. Car Rental: Coasting Along for NowU.S. Online Travel Agencies: The Big Get Bigger
Article by Douglas Quinby

Only One Thing Will Disrupt OTAs (and It Ain't Blockchain)

Phocuswright 30 January 2018
So many innovations - from GNEs (anyone remember those?) and NDC to metasearch and loyalty programs - were supposed to spell the death knell for OTAs. Just one thing: it never happened, and all those consultants and prognosticators were wrong.Now it is blockchain that is supposed to herald the end of the OTAs. Recent and much-discussed travel industry articles - Winding Tree is the new kid on the blockchain set on disrupting Expedia, Powerful travel brands face uncertain future in a blockchain-led world and Blockchain will disrupt Expedia and Airbnb - continue to advance the anti-OTA rhetoric and engage the interest of travel industry brands eager to reduce their OTA commission expense.How will blockchain do this? Supposedly, the distributed, immutable blockchain database, or ledger, will enable sellers (hotels, airlines, etc.) and buyers (travelers) to execute contracts (bookings) without the need for a "trusted" third party. The key innovation in blockchain is the concept of decentralized and un-hackable trust. So, through the blockchain, the buyer can execute a payment or contract without the need of a trusted intermediary such as a bank, credit card, clearing house, or even an OTA, and thus without the fees typically charged by those gatekeepers.IT'S DISCOVERY, NOT TRUSTThere is just one problem with this thesis: "trust" is not the main reason why travelers book with OTAs. In fact, Phocuswright research indicates travelers choose websites for product choice, ease of use, efficiency and the best price. But travelers do seek the confidence that they are making the best possible decision for their trip, and that translates into "trust" for OTAs because they offer better choice, content and relevant search results in an efficient and beautiful user experience with clear messaging."Today's travel distribution architecture is extremely inefficient ... blockchain allows these unnecessary costs to be eliminated entirely," said Pedro Anderson, founder and COO of Winding Tree, on The Next Web. Those "unnecessary costs" are not the result of inefficient architecture. Those costs may seem unnecessary to hotels, but they are very necessary to OTAs, which spend billions to acquire customers (marketing and advertising) and make sure they convert (that means investing in the technology to build easy-to-use websites with plenty of relevent options and pricing).All of the anti-OTA sentiment is not without merit. The costs to hotels and other travel brands are high, as are the challenges of acquiring customers directly. Without a doubt, there is a real marketing problem to be solved for hotels and other travel brands. But as all of these startups and anti-OTA consultants fixate on industry complaints, it is the OTAs that are solving the traveler problem.What is the one thing that could disrupt OTAs? It is a new business model or platform that can deliver demand to airlines and hotels at a significantly lower customer-acquisition cost. That could be a new hotel platform from Airbnb that sticks with the company's 3% supplier fee; it could be a millennial- and gen-Z-savvy startup such as Hopper that has figured out how to reach the next gen via mobile without spending insanely on Google; it could very well be Google itself. And yes, it could be some new application built on blockchain.But it will be a disruption that solves the traveler problem first. All travel startups - whether on blockchain or not - should understand the true customer problem that needs solving before they prognosticate on displacing OTAs. Any blockchain-based startup will still have to acquire and convert customers. In online travel, that is neither easy nor inexpensive.DISRUPT THE BLOCKCHAIN HYPEThe enthusiasm surrounding new, potentially paradigm-shifting technologies can be intoxicating. It is also typically the source of inflated expectations. Break down the blockchain "B.S." and figure out what it really means for travel - and for you with these resources:Delve into blockchain and its impact on travel with Winding Tree's co-founder and CEO Maksim Izmaylov at Phocuswright Europe. Explore the program and speaker listing.

Phocuswright Europe 2018: Think Global, Get Local

Phocuswright 22 November 2017
Phocuswright Europe 2018 is on a roll. On 15 - 17 May 2018, the global travel industry will once again meet in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to discuss the hottest trends impacting the global travel landscape in Europe and beyond.Phocuswright Europe combines unique networking opportunities, fresh inspiration and valuable expertise for industry insiders. Our lineup of top thought leaders interviewed by Phocuswright analysts is unrivaled.Hot topics include:(Not) Alternative Lodging (Anymore): Private accommodation has always been a part of the European leisure landscape. See what happens when Airbnb and other rivals get more established and challenge the status quo.Direct Connect: The Battle of Relevance: Lufthansa and IAG Group are pushing forward their GDS surcharges while NDC is getting to be a real standard. Who benefits? And who pays the bill?Tour Operators: A Question of Uniqueness: There is a strong wind blowing in the European tour operator market, as suppliers push back and legislation keeps coming. How to stay the course amid the noise? Explore the new business models and challenges of an industry in flux.The New Hotel Power: Hospitality distribution is becoming even more complex. Which new hotel brands are trying to steal the show?Real New Activities: Airbnb, Google, Expedia - almost everyone is pushing tours and activities now. Take a deep dive into the in-destination sector.The Ultimate Tech Talk: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Chats and Bots: See and understand the next level of technological innovation.Get Inspired by Asia: Our sister brand, Web In Travel (WIT), takes over for key sessions focused on the global impact of APAC's hottest companies and new technologies.Battleground / Startups: More information about the Phocuswright Innovation Platform coming soon.Get a Jump on Sponsorships and ExhibitsSponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available to get your brand in front of the audience - but don't delay as inventory is limited.View the growing speaker lineup HERE.

The Phocuswright Conference Announces the Next Generation of Groundbreaking Travel Innovators

Phocuswright 9 November 2017
Travel industry research authority Phocuswright announced the winners of Summit and Launch, held Nov. 7 and 8, during The Phocuswright Conference currently underway in Hollywood, Fla. During Summit, 24 innovative startup and emerging companies and the winners of Battleground: The Americas, APAC and EMEA demonstrated groundbreaking applications and solutions set to change the travel industry. Launch featured nine established companies unveiling their travel innovations. "We created the Phocuswright Innovation Platform to identify and recognize the entrepreneurs and ideas who are shaping the future of the travel industry," said Michael Coletta, Phocuswright's manager, research and innovation. "We are proud to have once again brought to the stage a world-class group of startups and established companies who are leveraging the latest technology to create breakthrough value across all travel industry segments." Winners were determined by the Summit Dragons, a panel comprised of travel and technology experts. Winners represent the top innovation in two categories: Startup and Emerging. Additional awards include the Brand USA Award for Travel Marketing Innovation, the General Catalyst Award for Travel Innovation - which comes with a $100,000 convertible note, the OAG Award for AI Innovation, and People's Choice. AWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATION - EMERGING CATEGORY Winner: UpLift Runner-Up: Mezi AWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATION - STARTUP CATEGORY Winner: Redeam Runner-Up: conichi BRAND USA MARKETING INNOVATION AWARD Winner: THE GENERAL CATALYST AWARD FOR TRAVEL INNOVATION Winner: Redeam OAG AWARD FOR AI INNOVATION Winner: Mezi SUMMIT PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD FOR INNOVATION Winner: Redeam Runner-Up: TWIP and Wanup LAUNCH PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD FOR INNOVATION Winner: ixigo Runner-Up: Sift Science LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COMPANIES Free access to streaming and on-demand video of Phocuswright Conference sessions - Summit and Launch demonstrations, and Center Stage presentations - is available. On-demand content is available through March 31, 2018.

In the Travel App Landscape, Airline and Hotel Brands Are Nowhere to be Seen

Phocuswright 18 October 2017
For more on the study's results, here's Maggie Rauch, director, research, Phocuswright: Click here to view the videoNew research from Phocuswright and Apptopia, The Travel App Landscape: A Study of the Top 100 Travel Apps, delves deeply into the world of travel apps to show who's on top, who's not, what's trending, and where it's all headed.And join us November 7-9 in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida the travel industry event of the year, The Phocuswright Conference, where you will hear from so many of the innovators and leaders in the travel app landscape. Register through October 20 to save $200.

Tracing back online travel in India since 2005

Phocuswright 29 September 2017
The origins of online travel in India can be traced back to 2005. Access to the Internet was scarce, and electronic payments and online travel penetration levels were abysmally low. Twelve years later, the landscape is unrecognizable. The proliferation of affordable Android-powered smartphones, cheap 4G data services and mobile payments have sparked an online revolution. Sensing the tipping point of digital services, investors are aggressively backing digital companies across travel, online retail, payments, food deliveries, logistics, taxi bookings, education and more.There are plenty of signals of bigger things to come. Indians already comprise one of the largest user bases on Facebook (241 million) and WhatsApp (200 million). Other Internet and financial behemoths such as Google, Amazon, Uber, Alibaba, SoftBank and Naspers have already invested and further committed billions of dollars to conquer the Indian opportunity.Online travel remains India's largest e-commerce vertical. Online travel gross bookings will reach nearly US$10.8 billion this year. Online travel agencies (OTAs) account for a sizeable 44% of the total online travel market, and should be credited for moving mountains to enable Indians to book travel online.OTAs' success ultimately enabled MakeMyTrip and Yatra to list on the NASDAQ in 2010 and 2016, respectively. China's leading OTA Ctrip invested $180 million in MakeMyTrip in January 2016, prior to orchestrating the latter's merger with rival ibibo Group, the operator of leading online travel brands Goibibo and redBus. And just when the incumbents thought they had cornered the market, budget hotel franchise upstarts such as OYO Rooms, Treebo and FabHotels are bringing sweeping changes to India's fragmented lodging segment. Founded in 2013, OYO has raised close to $436 million and boasts of 6,500 hotels with 70,000 rooms on its platform.Phocuswright's India Online Travel Overview Tenth Edition provides complete coverage of one of online travel's hottest geographies, including market sizing and forecasting across all travel segments and channels, and in-depth analysis of India's key online players and their prospects for the years ahead.Hear From India's Online Travel LeadersExecutives from Ctrip, MakeMyTrip and OYO take the stage at November's Phocuswright Conference ...register today to gain insight from the executive interviews and explore a startup's rise.

Funding to Travel Startups Nearly Doubles Over 18 Months

Phocuswright 18 August 2017
Meanwhile, in the past few years, a flood of travel-focused investors, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneur support programs have launched to connect promising travel startups with capital, mentorship and resources. But all is not entirely rosy; big travel companies continue to get bigger, making it more difficult for startups to compete. Still, with more opportunities than ever to receive funding and strategic assistance (and with revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence beginning to go mainstream), the future looks bright for young travel tech companies.This new report - The State of Travel Startups 2017 - is expected to publish in September 2017.See Travel Startups in Action!Register for Phocuswright's Battleground pitch competition on September 12 at Plug and Play in Sunnyvale, CA to receive a free copy of the report.Learn more about Battleground and register HERE.Related: The State of InnovationOn the August 9, 2017 webinar, Phocuswright shared data from its State of Startups research, addressing funding by travel segment, geographic trends and emerging categories poised for success in the future. The webinar also features thought-provoking conversation about the state of innovation in travel with industry experts from Plug and Play, Travelport, Amadeus and Voyager HQ. The presentation deck and audio recording are available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Phocuswright Battleground: 16 of Travel's Most Innovative Companies Compete in One-Day Event

Phocuswright 25 July 2017
Phocuswright Innovation PlatformBattleground: The AmericasSeptember 12, 2017The Plug and Play CenterSunnyvale, CASunnyvale, CA -- Phocuswright has created a stand-alone Battleground event. Debuting September 12 at the Plug and Play Tech Center, the world's largest startup accelerator, 16 finalists will compete for a chance to take the stage at the annual Phocuswright Conference in November.Battleground will feature the most innovative early-stage travel startups from North, Central and South America. This one-day event is dedicated to bringing promising travel innovators into the limelight to demonstrate fresh ideas in front of potential investors and partners.Attendees will have an unprecedented chance to see the industry's youngest innovators live for an entry fee of just $199."We will showcase for our first-time attendees the next market-changing innovations, fresh ideas, new partners and investment opportunities," said Simon Lehmann, Phocuswright President. "With this expansion we give more members of our industry a chance to see the future on stage and get excited about the amazing possibilities for the future of the travel industry."The event will feature a keynote from Sam Shank, CEO & Co-Founder of HotelTonight, a panel conversation state of innovation and investment in travel, and a Phocuswright research presentation of insights from the upcoming The State of Startups 2005-2017 report series.During the Battleground, participants have six minutes each to demonstrate their innovations to a panel of sometimes ruthless and uncensored judges. The top two companies will move on to present at Summit during The Phocuswright Conference among 1,800 of the most influential leaders in travel.Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley is a venture fund, innovation platform, startup accelerator, and corporate innovation consultancy.For those interested in applying, applications close on July 31 - and this year, there is no fee to apply or demonstrate. Eligible applicants will be part of a startup company 4 years or younger, based in North America, Central America or South America, have $2M or less in funding and pass a rigorous Phocuswright screening.Attendee registration is also open.

Video Playlist of Phocuswright Europe Amsterdam 2017

Phocuswright 19 July 2017
In total there are 37 videos., Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator of the Year and People's Choice Awards 2017 (long version)Sharewood, Joint Winner of Phocuswright EMEA People's Choice Award 2017bookingkit - Runner Up of Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator Award 2017Nishank Gopalkrishnan, CEO, TriposoAlastair McKenzie, interviews Neil Waller, Co-founder whalarAlastair McKenzie, interviews Sharewood, Phocuswright EMEA People's Choice Awardconichi - Winner - Phocuswright EMEA Travel Innovator Award and People's Choice Awards 2017 (short version)Udi Sharir, Save A TrainSimon Lehmann interview with Jan Peeters of Travel 360 BeneluxAXON VIBE CEO Roman OberliNeil Waller, Co-founder whalarIgor Kaloshin, iqplannerAlec Khindria, Europ AssistanceFabio Angeli Bufalini, B2BOOK.NETAmit Golan, LocoJochem Wijnands, TRVLSimone Lini, CEO, WaynautInaki Uriz, CaraveloDavid Orensanz, CROSS-TINENTALJon Fauver, TrekkSoftKayla Madsen, Translations.comAndrei Savin, dcs+Phocuswright Conference Europe, 16-18 May 2017 - The NetherlandsPhocuswright Europe Amsterdam 16-18 May 2017 - Simon LehmannSimon Lehmann, Phocuswright Europa Konferenz 2017, Mai 16-18.Simon Lehmann, Prasident, Phocuswright - Phocuswright Europa 2017 - Mai 16-18Battleground Awards - Phocuswright Europe 2017Battleground Welcome - Phocuswright Europe 2017Keynote: - Phocuswright Europe 2017Executive Interview: Airbnb - Phocuswright Europe 2017Executive Interview: Trivago - Phocuswright Europe 2017Executive Interview: Paul English of Lola - Phocuswright Europe 2017Executive Interview: Hotelbeds - Phocuswright Europe 2017Phocuswright Innovation Battle Ground - Phocuswright Europe 2017New. Power. Distribution. Simon Lehmann, President, PhocuswrightExecutive Roundtable: The Legislation Debate - Phocuswright Europe 2017Phocuswright Innovation Battle Ground - Phocuswright Europe 2017

Nearly 2,000 Travel Industry Leaders Expected at The Phocuswright Conference 2017

Phocuswright 26 June 2017
Early-bird ticket pricing expires on Friday, June 30. To save $700 and be part of the future and hear what leaders predict will happen next, register today at"Change is inevitable, but understanding what interrupts the present and predicting future trends is what Phocuswright is all about. We gather decision makers and global C-level executives from every travel, tourism and hospitality sector," said Phocuswright president Simon Lehmann.The Phocuswright Conference gathers the world's most influential travel leaders to learn what technology has in store and what changes lie ahead. Thought leaders take Center Stage each day for pointed one-on-one conversations. Summit and Launch showcases the next wave of innovation in travel. And the innovator and exhibitor showcase offers one-on-one time with a roster of industry-leading companies.The most innovative startup, emerging and established companies take the stage during Summit and Launch to compete for accolades and fame. Summit features startup and emerging innovators, including the winners from Battleground: The Americas, EMEA and APAC. Launch proves that innovation isn't just for startups, featuring established companies that are breaking new ground and developing new technologies. The program is packed with market-changing innovations presented in a fast-paced, no-holds-barred environment."The Phocuswright Conference has delivered an unbeatable combination of compelling content, top-tier attendees and an electrified atmosphere for over 20 years," Lehmann said. "It's where ideas are born, partners are found, strategies are honed and deals are done."A growing roster of confirmed speakers can be found online. Executives from companies including Brand USA,, Expedia, HomeAway, Hopper, Kayak,, MakeMyTrip, Priceline, Ryanair, TripAdvisor, US Travel Association and more will offer insight and predications. And no new technology can happen without funding and venture capital. The event gathers the brightest financial minds from Brightspark Ventures, Deutsche Bank Securities, Insight Venture Partners, RBC Capital Markets, Susquehanna Financial Group, Technology Crossover Ventures, UBS, Vitruvian Partners and more.Nearly 2,000 attendees are expected to register, and early-bird registration closes June 30. To be sure you have the pulse of the industry's future, register today to attend.

Phocuswright Announces the European Travel Innovator Awards

Phocuswright 18 May 2017
Travel industry research authority, Phocuswright, has announced the award winners of the latest startup Battleground, held during Phocuswright Europe currently underway in Amsterdam. Twelve innovators took the stage to demonstrate groundbreaking applications and solutions that are set to change the travel industry. The winners represent the best of this elite group."As the research we presented today shows, Europe is ahead of the curve in mobile and technology adoption," said Phocuswright's manager, research and innovation, Michael Coletta. "We were delighted to feature a diverse set of innovators from around the continent who are applying cutting-edge technologies and bringing new ways of thinking to tackle challenges across hospitality, tours, transportation and media. We look forward to seeing how they evolve and have a real impact on how we travel."The EMEA Travel Innovator of the Year winner and runner-up are chosen by the Dragons, a panel of judges comprised of travel and technology experts. Attendees of Phocuswright Europe determined the People's Choice Award.EMEA TRAVEL INNOVATOR AWARD Winner: conichi Runner-Up: bookingkit GmbHPEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER An unprecedented tie for 2017: conichi and SharewoodABOUT THE COMPANIES conichi provides seamless check-in, digital key and mobile payment solutions for hotels. bookingkit GmbH is building a global GDS for tours and activities. Sharewood is a P2P marketplace for listing and renting outdoor gear.The EMEA Travel Innovator of the Year Award winner - conichi - moves on to demonstrate at Summit, held during the U.S.-based Phocuswright Conference held Nov. 7 - 9 in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida.The next startup Battleground will be held on September 12 in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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