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protel Enlists Hotel Tech Report to Deliver Next Generation App Store Experience

protel 13 December 2018
protel has partnered with to bring ratings and reviews to protel's App Store. protel clients can now research top rated hotel management software applications and instantly set them live, from directly within the protel Services Marketplace.By leveraging live data from Hotel Tech Report, the premier global research platform for hotel technology, protel is now able to deliver a truly next-generation app store experience for its clients. This partnership enables hoteliers to access Hotel Tech Report data and product recommendations right from within the protel Services Marketplace."Researching and implementing new hotel software is incredibly complex and time-consuming. Hotel Tech Report has quickly become an industry standard for hoteliers looking to simplify technology research," says protel CEO Ingo Dignas, "When we look to what leading platforms like Google Play and the Apple App Store are doing - user reviews are central to those cutting-edge digital experiences. Hotel Tech Report's unrivaled content breadth and depth enable us to make data-driven product recommendations for our clients in real time, thus supporting our commitment to best-of-breed solutions."Research shows that more than 80% of users check an app's rating before downloading (Source: Google). With this partnership, thousands of crowdsourced reviews from Hotel Tech Report are displayed in real time via the protel Services Marketplace. Unbiased reviews enable protel clients to make better, faster and more informed decisions when researching new technology solutions for their properties."Ultimately hotel managers want to know what people like them think about new technology products," says Hotel Tech Report's Adam Hollander, "The protel team is extremely customer-centric. They came to us because they wanted to help their clients easily discover the best solutions for their properties without risk, complexity, and uncertainty associated with adopting new technologies. Together we're helping hoteliers identify the best solutions for their business needs and then go live with the click of a button - it's a gamechanger."Ratings and reviews were first popularized by companies like TripAdvisor nearly 20 years ago but have only gone mainstream for hotel technology vendor selection in the last 2-3 years. As an industry pioneer, protel is the first major PMS to embrace this level of transparency, thanks to its innovative Hospitality Platform, based on Enterprise Service Bus technology.Hoteliers across the world can now leverage the protel Services Marketplace to unify their systems and bring Apple App Store like convenience, ease, and transparency into their hotel operations.About Hotel Tech ReportHotel Tech Report is the premier global research platform for hotel technology, having helped more than 130,000 hoteliers and investors research technology solutions for their properties. The site helps buyers save time identifying the best technology products for their properties by easily comparing vendors based on unbiased reviews from verified users. The Hotel Tech Report global community spans 50+ countries, includes employees from every major hotel brand and thousands of independents.

protel Hotelsoftware Opens New Offices In Eastern Germany

protel 18 October 2018
Dortmund, 18 October 2018 -- In January, the new protel support team in Leipzig is scheduled to start supporting hotels around the globe. The office located in the Fugger Business Park near the grounds of the Leipzig Trade Fair is ready for its new occupants. The training of the first group of employees to start working at the new Leipzig offices has already begun at the company's headquarters in Dortmund, and the recruitment of further employees is in full swing. With the opening of the new location in Leipzig, the Dortmund based property management software provider is further expanding its global support team and shortening the distances to its customers in the eastern parts of Germany.Manfred Osthues, Managing Partner, emphasizes: "We are very pleased about our international success. The opening of our US subsidiary in Atlanta last year, for example, was an important milestone in the company's history. But we are just as proud of the many regular customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have been loyal to us throughout the years. We are doing everything we can to support all our customers as effectively as possible. The expansion of our support department with a further location sets an important new accent here"."Leipzig is an ideal location for the new team," says protel's Ken Greeley, Vice President of Global Support. "In addition to our international customers, we also serve many customers in the eastern parts of Germany and around the greater Berlin area. We have found that personal proximity is very helpful, especially for installations and the training of hotel staff. That's why we've decided to position our new team in Leipzig. We are confident that this strategy we will enable us to attract many talented applicants with hotel experience to join our extended team."The first group of employees for Leipzig have already started their training as protel hotel software supporters. They are getting to know the hotel management software from the ground up at the company's own academy located at the protel headquarters in Dortmund. The training is made up of introductory training units and practical exercises in which the new supporter looks over the shoulder of an experienced colleague on the job as a so-called "shadow". Equipped with the necessary expertise and practiced work processes, the first group of supporters in Leipzig will move into their offices in January and will start making their contribution to serving protel's customers.As of January, the training of further new employees will take place at the Leipzig offices. Even after the opening, the team will continue to grow. Therefore, anyone interested in working in the Leipzig protel support team is welcome to apply.protel is a fast-growing company that is continually hiring. In addition to job vacancies in support, there are also many openings in other departments. The company provides information about current job offers in the careers section of their website.More about the mentioned positions in the support team and further information about current job vacancies at protel can be found in the careers at protel section in our website

Another First for protel. Click-to-Install Interfaces!

protel 18 June 2018
Continuing in their path of hospitality innovation firsts, protel today launched their SERVICES MARKETPLACE to coincide with the opening of HITEC, the world's largest hospitality technology show, this year in Houston, Texas.protel, the Germany-based hotel technology innovators, now also headquartered in Atlanta, USA, are uniquely positioned as the platform provider among PMS vendors. The delivery today of the protel SERVICES MARKETPLACE is another piece of solid proof of its 24-year commitment to invigorating the hospitality sector.The Integration breakthrough has been enabled by the development and implementation of the open data-highway, protel I/O. Using this robust architecture, the SERVICES MARKETPLACE finally addresses significant industry concerns.How can hotels and hotel groups rapidly deploy a multitude of different technological solutions from different vendors?Mix both legacy and modern interfaces securely?At the same time break the data silos to get all their real-time business data in one place, cost effectively?How do these different mission-critical systems from a diverse array of technology vendors efficiently subscribe to, contribute to, and enrich that high-quality data feed?The SERVICES MARKETPLACE allows vendors and hotels to collaborate openly, in many cases using a simple click to install. Alternatively, hotels can choose to upgrade from freemium test-drive to premium pay-to-use versions of the Apps on offer. Thus ensuring the hoteliers the ability to connect business technology tools quickly, and the integration developers that the tools they develop are road-tested, fit-for-purpose, quick to deploy and cost-effective."The protel SERVICES MARKETPLACE is a unique take on the App store concept. It has been created from the ground up as a developer toolkit, an App store, and automatic deep, full 2-way integration into the data layer beneath. We can now enable developers to embed their applications directly into the PMS. protel I/O provides a real-time transport and translation between all software components in the hospitality ecosystem." cites protel CEO and technology evangelist, Ingo Dignas.Dignas continues: "We are encouraging technology vendors from across the industry to develop their solutions to be readily available to protel's existing 14,000-strong customer-base, by offering a streamlined developer tool-kit labeled protel BUILD. We offer access to the API library, the sandbox environment, and the anonymized pseudo-hotel datastream. We also offer the possibility of seeing proprietary functions embedded in other 3rd-party applications including the PMS, for example at front-of-house, or via POS terminals. We have invested in building the tools that allow the mapping of any vendor's proprietary messaging structure to and from the HTNG-standardized API layer in protel.I/O." Hotels can access the app store to browse, choose and be inspired by all the technology they already know while having the ability to mix-and-match any components they feel add to their operations and growth strategy. "Our goal is to be the first real Hospitality Platform Provider. We can only achieve this by being vendor-neutral for all products hoteliers choose for their hospitality ecosystem, be it POS, CRM through to PMS and all classic interfaces. We want to empower hoteliers, enabling them to choose best-in-class over proprietary lock-in" quotes Pete Simpson, SVP Global Business Technology at protel.Simplified, standardized integrations. All certified Apps work together to extend the hospitality ecosystem. Each subscribes and contributes to the same instant stream of real-time messaging data. This data stream is available to all connected technologies. This is what a true Enterprise Hospitality Platform looks like!It is available now only from protel.Booth 839, HITEC HoustonBook a tech-talk here:

protel - US headquarters in Atlanta open for business!

protel 16 June 2018
For nearly 25 years, protel has successfully developed hotel management solutions that are in use in more than 14,000 hotels and over 90 countries. protel is the established market leader for PMS in Switzerland and Austria. To continue its strategic expansion, the company opened a branch in North America in mid-2017, where the protel team recently positioned itself in Atlanta. This has a clearly defined goal: acquiring hotel chains and groups along with individual hotels looking for a modern IT eco-system to centralize their heterogeneous system landscape.Customers around the world appreciate the specialized protel know-how and cutting-edge developments which revolve exclusively around hospitality. "We specialize in the hotel business, we speak the same language and have the same concept of service," says Manfred Osthues, co-owner of protel. "We handle the technological challenges, the digitization, the hotel-specific requirements and support the industry with cloud-based and on-premise solutions that enable centralized hotel management and, above all, are secure!"The protel team offers the full range of its expertise in Atlanta, from business development, sales, and product management to such services as implementation, training, and support.Green light for protel.I/O - the integration platform for the hospitality industry!The future of successful hospitality IT is a "best-of-breed solution"! These solutions pose great challenges to IT development since the central and usually heterogeneous management solutions are often compiled from different solutions, of different ages, by various providers.Previously there have been attempts to combine solutions, realize 2-way communication and establish a clean and central database. The requirements are getting more specific, open interfaces are desired and, understandably in today's market, some hotel chains also work with various PMS solutions that should ideally be connected. The technological solution is relatively simple: Creating an IT eco-system to be used for management tasks by utilizing a data warehouse and central hotel administration.The protel Hospitality Platform comprises:protel.I/O - the protel integration platform, incl. an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), developed on the basis of standardized technology:XML-based HTNG protocol standard to connect third-party systemsHTTPS calls or web sockets for 2-way communicationJSON format for APIs, such as the WBE (Web Booking Engine)Dedicated registration criteria for a secure information flowprotel SERVICES MARKETPLACE - the technological breakthrough which enables on one side, the vendors to both design and market their existing and future hotel technology directly to the hotel audience that demands it. On the other, it delivers an existing buyer's market plus a set of developer tools to ensure smooth implementation and adherence to the HTNG-defined protocol, in turn guaranteeing fast and secure deployment of the product. Vendor-neutral and fully collaborative, both parts are powered by the real-time data messaging provided by the protel.I/O infrastructure, to deliver:Faster integrationFaster implementationHotel innovationprotel GENIUS - the protel data warehouse, delivered via the SERVICES MARKETPLACE, where all incoming information is combined. Apache Cassandra is used for a professional and secure data administration. Identified with a time stamp, the information is stored individually - nothing is lost, even if a hotel switches from one chain to another chain, for example. The existing data are processed online in the linked PMS systems and other connected technologies such as protel's own WHISPER screens, or in printed form for various dashboards and reports.The recommendation engine in protel GENIUS delivers predictive, prescriptive and actionable business intelligence from across the hotel group, in real-timeThe powerful dashboards in protel GENIUS can be deployed throughout the management teamsprotel CENTRAL - the central hotel management platform for hotel groups. protel CENTRAL ensures communication with all systems connected to protel.I/O, including those of various providers. The user interface enables the following central tasks:Configuration of individual hotels - also changes in the hotel codes when switching to another chainCustomer data management, incl. match & merge and synchronization with connected CRM systemsIdentity management - the key to a secure systemReservation management - availability and rates incl. synchronization with connected CRS systemsManagement of rates and restrictionsParity across all connected platformsprotel supports the hospitality industry worldwide. Customers appreciate the specialized know-how and cutting-edge developments which revolve exclusively around hospitality. The provider-neutral platform protel.I/O enables entirely new management strategies and supports the customer journey from start to finish. This innovative solution was a finalist for the HTNG TechOvation Award in 2018.protel are presenting their solutions during HITEC in Houston from June 18-21, 2018, booth 839. Visit and talk tech with one of their specialists, who will be ready to impress you.You can make an appointment with protel here:

dailypoint by TS&C GmbH Announces Technology Partnership With protel

protel 8 March 2018
Munich -- dailypoint and protel hotelsoftware GmbH, provider of on-site and cloud-based advanced property management systems (PMS), have today announced a technology integration to enable the whole of the protel customer base to connect into cloud-based dailypoint CRM and Central Data Management software using a standardized and highly efficient enterprise bus solution.protel customers exchange and centralize all important data sources. With dailypoint they have access to patented data cleansing functionalities for the creation of a central and clean guest profile enriched by artificial intelligence. dailypoint creates fully automated interests and guest preferences based on the consolidated data sources like protel, the hotel website, email newsletter, guest questionnaires and many others. The main focus of this technology integration is: Deep data exchange between both systems Patented data cleansing and AI processes to create a central guest profile Transforming data into usable knowledge for a more individualized CRM and guest services"dailypoint is the leading data consolidation platform for a strategic Central Data Management. Only through our patented processes hoteliers are able to benefit from the ever-growing amount of data. With the integrated modules the cooperation between protel and dailypoint offers hoteliers a one-stop solution for CRM, Loyalty or Analytics to drive more direct and profitable business," said Dr. Michael Toedt, Chief Executive Officer, at dailypoint."dailypoint have always impressed us with their holistic view of hotel data collection and enrichment, and this is a key reason our products work so well, together, for our clients. protel's commitment to the new hospitality platform protel.I/O has been matched by dailypoint, as today's successful certification demonstrates. The vendor-neutral future for our shared #hoteltechnology starts here, with this innovative collaboration" said Jeremy Armes, VP of Marketing at protel.The integration via protel.I/O allows dailypoint to connect to otherwise disparate PMS and other data sources, offering different functionality through a standardised interface. So whether a client is using the protel AIR web-based PMS or an on premise solution, they can take immediate advantage of dailypoint' s offering including its solutions kissCRM by dailypoint - a plug and play CRM offering - and the dailypoint360deg Central Data Management and CRM solution. Both come with a Privacy Dashboard as an important step towards GDPR compliance.

carathotel Dusseldorf City partners with protel hotelsoftware for a new strong cloud PMS alliance

protel 8 March 2018
Relying on protel hotelsoftware products, the German hotel group replaced their entire technology stack in all of their hotels within just 5-months. protel's hospitality platform protel.I/O empowers an overall solution with cloud-based PMS protel Air and renowned partners such as Duetto, Serenata, Siteminder, UpsellGuru, 3C, and Hafele."An exciting project, which has been characterized by mutual trust and professional cooperation from the very beginning, is now reaching its climax with the new property in the heart of Dusseldorf's center. On this basis, new paths have been explored and protel Air was taken live for the first time in combination with protel.I/O and various integration partners. I look forward to this mutually shared future for carathotels and protel and to a continued exciting and creative collaboration," said Simon Schwirtzek, responsible Global Technical Account Manager for protel.The open API of protel.I/O enabled carathotel Dusseldorf City to create their own custom-made booking engine, with further partners such as mobile-app Conichi or kiosk provider workmatrix to being able to integrate with protel Air."We want to bring hospitality to the next level, eliminating repetitive administrative tasks during the guest experience, freeing time and resources to provide true hospitality. We want to greet guests with a coffee, a warm welcome and a smile - not with a registration card, behind an awkward desk," stated Anika Deblin, General Manager of the recently opened carathotel Dusseldorf City."For our future business development, it is key to identify the most innovative providers in their respective fields and assemble them quickly to an overall solution with deep, seamless connections, providing our guests great, innovative service and giving us better, actionable data and knowledge across all systems. protel brought to the table several elements of this, including: a very stable, cloud-based PMS, a great integration framework, innovative and open-minded partners, and a team that is very experienced with building innovative solutions around a hotel's needs," said Marc Fries, VP Change Management at carathotels.For more information about protel hotelsoftware's capabilities, visit: carathotel Dusseldorf Citycarathotel Dusseldorf City opens its doors for the first time on March 9. Located right at the center of the Rhine metropolis Dusseldorf, the city hotel presents itself as a temporary living room and office to business guests while providing modern technology like mobile check-in, room access via mobile devices and an information and entertainment system provided by "Suitepad". It is one of the most innovative hotels in the hospitality sector in all Germany.carathotels currently operates 5 hotels in 4 cities - Dusseldorf, Munich, Basel/Weil am Rhein and Rudesheim. The various portfolio not only focuses on different locations but also on different segments from business to leisure. The hotels are operated by different operating companies and marketed under the brand carathotels, which stands for an especially relaxing night guaranteed by the exclusive caratbeds, and a perfect start into the day guaranteed by the 5 star caratbreakfast buffet. The scopes marketing, strategy, hotel construction, IT and finances are covered by carathotels partner AHM Antik Hotel Management situated in Naters, Switerzland.Further information:

protel and IDeaS Expand Partnership to Cloud Enable the Hotel Technology Stack

protel 1 March 2018
DORTMUND - Cloud technology and next-level integrations are accelerating the hospitality industry's ability to access, store and leverage data across multiple systems. Since 2005, IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management solutions (RMS) and advisory services, and protel hotelsoftware GmbH, innovative provider of on-site and cloud-based advanced property management systems (PMS), have jointly enabled hotels to drive efficiency and productivity through the integration of powerful solutions. This latest advancement provides a single integration to seamlessly connect between any of the best-of-breed-solutions offered by protel.I/O and IDeaS advanced RMS.Available now, protel's existing 14,000 hotel customers will be able to have direct, two-way access to IDeaS G3 RMS. This newly enhanced integration gives hotels ultimate flexibility to harness data insights and deliver next generation revenue strategy and optimize hotel profitability."Each platform delivers value to our business," said Thomas Behrendt, managing director, SI-SUITES, Stuttgart. "But seamlessly combining the power of IDeaS and protel allows us to elevate our guest and revenue strategies and enhance our performance across our estate."This partnership empowers hotels to break free from disparate systems operating in isolation to unite these valuable data sources. IDeaS and protel enable hotels with an autonomous technology platform flexible enough for the unique business needs of each hotel property. With protel.I/O hotels can scale at speed and build a 360 degree view of their business strategy that can then be deployed through IDeaS advanced RMS."In IDeaS, we have found a technology partner that is fully aligned with our primary objective of providing a robust, cloud-based and vendor-neutral platform. Here at protel, we are providing hotels the ability to create a technology stack with the very best solutions to improve operational efficiency and revenue productivity. This collaboration does just that, while preparing for the next generation of innovation in the industry" said Pete Simpson, SVP of global business technology at protel."Over the last thirteen years our partnership with protel has delivered meaningful and successful results to many mutual clients." added Sanjay Nagalia, COO at IDeaS. "As protel continues to be a driving force in the advancement of cloud-based property management solutions we are committed to delivering the very best analytically-driven revenue technology to support that vision of a unified technology platform."ABOUT IDEASWith more than 1.6 million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest revenue management software solutions and advisory services. Powered by SAS and with nearly three decades of experience, IDeaS proudly supports over 10,000 clients in 124 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers with insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing.IDeaS empowers clients to build and maintain revenue management cultures-from single entities to world-renowned estates-by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue.IDeaS has the knowledge, expertise and maturity to build upon proven revenue management principles with next-generation analytics for more user-friendly, insightful and profitable revenue opportunities-not just for rooms, but across the entire hotel enterprise. For more information, visit

protel hotelsoftware and SHR Announce First-Ever CRS/PMS Whisper Technology Alliance

protel 22 June 2017
HOUSTON and DORTMUND, Germany -- Sceptre Hospitality Resources, SHR, a leading provider of advanced distribution technology and creator of the best-in-class central reservations system, Windsurfer(r) CRS, has partnered with global property management system (PMS) innovator, protel hotelsoftware, to bring hoteliers and their guests an enhanced booking experience by way of a unique predictive analytics data interface.This agreement, which gives SHR access to protel's 14,000 global hotel clients' transaction and preference data, makes the company the first CRS provider to have such deep data integration via a service bus concept, enabling them to, in turn, offer their hotel clients highly-relevant data before, during, and after the guest experience."At SHR, we are firm believers that more sophisticated system integrations are needed to help simplify the confusing swirl of hospitality technologies currently on the market," said Drew Rosser, VP of Sales for SHR. "The team at protel has taken this belief, kicked it up to the next level, and acted on it. We are very excited to see the innovative solutions that will undoubtedly come out of this common vision."Development of protel's Genius analytics platform started in March of this year, making protel the first company in its field to bring this technology to market. "No one else but protel is doing this, and this is the first time any CRS vendor has gained access to predictive analytics information generated by the entire hospitality ecosystem," said Linda Vallner, VP of Business Development for protel. "It's really the future of PMS meets the future of the CRS."Traditionally, the CRS and PMS talk to each other via a point-to-point interface. The protel system provides a multi-point connection to the entire hospitality ecosystem via its enterprise service bus, protel.I/O. The service bus extracts data from the PMS as well as from other vendors such as restaurants, spas, and any other connected systems. It stores the data in its data warehouse, protel Genius. Genius then analyzes the data and feeds only the most relevant guest intel and upsell recommendation data back. This can be delivered at every guest touchpoint using what is known as "whisper" technology. Subscribing systems such as the CRS can then pull these focused recommendations for booking, stay, and post-booking purposes, providing hoteliers with not only vital guest preference and spend information, but also calculated recommendations to create a more personalized and engaging guest experience.The protel team has been providing PMS services to the market for 22 years in over 90 countries throughout Europe and Asia, garnering deep PMS knowledge over that period. "We were one of the first hospitality vendors to realize that traditional interfaces could not provide the high levels of integration and data sharing needed to drive the unique levels of guest recognition that will delight today's savvy traveler. We wanted to work with an agile, like-minded CRS Partner," said Pete Simpson, SVP of Global Business Technology for protel. "With SHR's technical prowess and reputation for embracing only the best of the new, we knew we'd found a great match."The company plans to introduce the new system at HITEC Toronto next week at a special Consultant Briefing breakfast held in, of all places, a bank vault. "We've all been to our share of breakfast briefings before, and a unique product calls for a unique venue," said Vallner. "We believe our technology is dead on the money, and we want our guests to come away understanding that it's true."About SHRSHR is a leading provider of advanced tools and services that help hotels execute their best distribution strategy while delighting guests and optimizing profitability. The technical maturity of SHR--having built not one but two Central Reservations Systems (CRS)--is second to none. In addition to serving thousands of properties around the globe with Windsurfer(r) CRS as well as the Internet Booking Engine, TopSailtm, the company also provides Revenue Management for Hire to brands, chains, and management companies. SHR brings hoteliers the best in nimble technology, intelligently supported by tested industry experts--keeping hotels competitive. For more information, please visit is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company.Media Contactsprotel hotelsoftwareJeremy Armes, VP of Marketing & PREmail: Phone: +49 231.915.930 Emanis, VP of MarketingEmail: jemanis@shr.globalPhone: 713.333.9944

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