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FCS Messenger V1.3 Release Maximises Hotel Staff Communication Efficiency and Security

FCS Computer Systems 2 November 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services, has unveiled FCS Messenger V1.3, the latest version of its advanced hotel staff mobile communication app. This innovative mobile solution ensures the instant and secure transmission of task details and updates across a hotel property and its various operational departments. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the latest version of FCS Messenger ensures that employees are able to effortlessly connect with each other via a push-to-talk walkie-talkie style platform that also offers the ability to seamlessly store and retrieve message information whenever needed."Effective staff communication is such a vital component of running an efficient hotel, reducing costs and ensuring guest satisfaction that we wanted to ensure customers are able to fulfil all of their communication needs through the use of a single mobile app," said William Choo, Product Manager for FCS Messenger. "The latest enhancements to FCS Messenger build off of a proven platform already recognised for enhancing task-related communication, yet goes a step further by adding features designed to ensure that no message or task detail is overlooked or misunderstood."Never Drop the Ball on Staff Communications Vital to FCS Messenger's ability to offer superior value, as opposed to traditional walkie-talkies or competing mobile apps, is its ability to record and play back previous conversations. Able to be effortlessly stored and retrieved at any time, staff communications via FCS Messenger ensure a high level of message and task clarity by allowing users to replay conversations in order to guarantee accurate interpretation. Any need for further information can be instantly addressed by using push-to-talk to contact the appropriate person, no matter where they may be located. Staff Messaging Functionality That is as Flexible as it is SecureFCS Messenger also stands apart in its ability to provide a push-to-talk group chat feature that allows users to simultaneously speak with other staff members at the same time, allowing for far greater efficiency in disseminating task updates and general responsibility issues. Able to serve as a standalone solution, FCS Messenger can now also be integrated with FCS Connect, FCS Housekeeping and FCS Engineering mobile apps in order to further boost task completion efficiency and accuracy for guest service, housekeeping and hotel maintenance departments respectively. The solution also works to guarantee the secure transmission of any communication by solely operating on a hotel's private network, ensuring that only those authorised by management are able to gain access to potentially sensitive information.For more information on the full benefits of FCS Messenger V1.3, please visit www.fcscs.com/messenger/.

Launch of FCS Analytics Provides Hoteliers with Total Business Intelligence Solution

FCS Computer Systems 18 October 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services, announces the launch of FCS Analytics V1.1, the latest addition to the company's growing portfolio of hotel technology solutions. A new state-of-the-art business intelligence platform, FCS Analytics offers a comprehensive overview of a hotel's entire operation through a single interface that fully integrates vital data from FCS and third party property systems. By providing complete customisation of the data that is presented in user-friendly analytical reports, FCS Analytics V1.1 ensures that hotels are equipped with the precise information needed to make informed decisions that maximise property efficiency and revenue."With the sheer number of systems that properties need to run their operations effectively, hoteliers are routinely inundated with a wealth of data that can be leveraged to fine tune services, enhance guest satisfaction and boost profits," said Richard Leong, Product Manager for FCS Analytics. "Yet because such a large amount of information is not easily consolidated and analysed, hotels often find themselves missing critical opportunities for improvement. FCS Analytics V1.1 therefore ensures that all relevant data is seamlessly brought together in a way that is easy to understand and that allows hoteliers to quickly implement any necessary changes."Know the Workings of Your Property Inside and OutFCS Analytics works by automatically extracting raw data from hotel systems and translating it into standardised information that can be easily interpreted. The system then stores the information within a data warehouse that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Data that can be stored and reviewed includes guest and sales information that can be used to determine the profitability of specific services or promotions. Department performance can also be analysed and compared to determine if there are any areas that require improvement or that could be streamlined to lower costs. Data Insight Whenever and However You Need It A key advantage of FCS Analytics V1.1 is the ability to customise the type of data and amount of detail analysed. By logging into a single program, users can instantly create personalised dashboards by dragging and dropping various data visualisations, in order to easily obtain a complete picture and make assessments between an array of different system sources. Featuring a convenient report builder and scheduler, the system also allows hoteliers to automatically compile the desired information to be sent to them on a specified periodic basis.For more information on the full benefits of FCS Analytics V1.1, please visit. www.fcscs.com/analytics/

FCS Computer Systems Raises Bar on Hotel Housekeeping Efficiency with Release of FCS Housekeeping V3.1

FCS Computer Systems 26 September 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services, has announced the General Availability (GA) of FCS Housekeeping V3.1 with new features that serve to further boost housekeeping department efficiency and guest satisfaction. The latest release includes the ability to implement task assignment rules that can adapt to changing priorities throughout the day. Other useful enhancements include instant access to guest profiles via mobile app, greater report customisation and the ability to view or update an array of additional information via mobile device."FCS Housekeeping has been an industry game-changer in housekeeping efficiency since its initial launch, and the newest version continues this legacy by providing staff with even greater oversight over the tracking and management of tasks," said Shannon Lau, Product Manager for FCS Housekeeping. "With the new features, properties can further streamline task related data to ensure the swift and effective completion of all assignments or responsibilities."Housekeeping Assignment Rules That Change When Priorities DoWith each guest room continuously undergoing changes in room status, from an active task to completion and being ready for a new guest, it is vital for an efficient housekeeping workforce to be able to rely on an assignment list that reflects current priorities. That is why one of the key features included in the FCS Housekeeping upgrade is the ability to configure specific assignment rules that can be sent to staff depending on the time of day, and that run repeatedly with the use of pre-set time scheduling. This ensures that room attendants adhere to specific responsibilities that reflect what is needed to be completed at a certain time, such as attending to a rush room or working on an arrival room.Enhanced Performance Reporting Abilities FCS Housekeeping V3.1 also equips hoteliers with far greater control over how and when performance reports are generated and sent, as well as what sort of information is included. Specific fields such as guest room activities, status tracking or time taken to complete tasks on a certain floor, can now be grouped and sorted based on user preference. This functionality provides hoteliers with even greater oversight by allowing them to narrow reports down to specific data, facilitating the ability to analyse and make performance comparisons where needed. Reports can be customised to offer either summary or detailed descriptions, and can be automatically generated by using a pre-set schedule. Sent via email as an attachment, each report can also be submitted to multiple recipients.Guest Profile and Guest Room Details Available On-the-Go Via Mobile DeviceThe latest version of FCS Housekeeping now allows staff to access a guest's profile from mobile devices. With the ability to instantly look up a guest by room number or name, room attendants can view essential information, such as personal preferences and profile notes, increasing their ability to provide customised service and complete satisfaction to each guest. Further enhancements made to the FCS Housekeeping mobile app also include a job posting confirmation message that allows staff to verify the accuracy of information before being submitted. Users can also review job posting history for each guest room, in order to avoid duplicate job requests for tasks such as repairs needed, minibar restocking and linen replacement.As a significant overall enhancement to the FCS Housekeeping platform, V3.1 also includes a list of other performance enhancing abilities that include:Optimised room matrix user interface that offers the ability to view more rooms and hoursNew pop up screen that allows users to perform multiple actions such as room assignments, room and cleaning status changes at the same timeNew room assignment rules based on room number and guest preference codes which can be sorted in ascending or descending orderRemarks and notes that remain linked to a specific guest room until guest check-out, then stored within system history archiveGuidelines for inspection checklists, minibar items, linens and amenities can be tailored based on guest room type For more information on the full benefits of FCS Housekeeping, please visit. www.fcscs.com/housekeeping/.

Next Generation FCS Connect Raises Bar on Hotel Guest Request Efficiency

FCS Computer Systems 19 June 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading provider of operations-enhancing technology solutions and services, has announced the launch of FCS Connect, an update to its leading hotel guest service management solution."With this new release we have focused on optimizing FCS Connect for the cloud, resulting in greater speed, efficiency and scalability in our cloud deployments," said Jason Ling, Vice President of Marketing and Digital at FCS. "This together with several other new features we have added ensure FCS Connect remains the leading solution for hoteliers to deliver the best guest experience possible."Cloud OptimisedWith FCS Connect being able to support cloud based installations - whether for one property or multiple properties, only minimal capital investment is needed thanks to there being no requirement for purchasing costly hardware. Besides the flexible deployment options available, a cloud ready FCS Connect provides access to the platform from virtually anywhere, ensuring that hoteliers can oversee and manage their guest request operations at all times. As an online-based solution, FCS Connect is also capable of receiving instant software updates that enhance the solution's ability to operate with the highest level of efficiency. The new version of FCS Connect is further equipped with more features that make guest request management even more powerful.Additional FCS Connect features:A translation function for service requests is now expanded to all content within the system including ad-hoc comments or remarks.Hotels can now take guest requests via SMS from guests directly. Guest only need to send an SMS message to the contact number provided during check-in for any service requests, FCS Connect will then create and assign jobs automatically.When integrated with supported PMS, hotels can make use of the mobile information available in the PMS and send SMS messages to guests for any updates or to ask for additional details on a request.FCS Connect now provides a media library, where requests, voice messages, files and images can be stored and quickly retrieved when necessary.Staff can scan QR codes with the mobile app to report their location and ensure requests are being completed in the right place.The mobile app also features the ability to send voice messages and images that can be associated with a particular job request.Always be there for your guests with FCS ConnectAble to always ensure that each request or task is completed promptly with total efficiency, FCS Connect is not only recognized for its ability to maximize guest satisfaction, but also for streamlining hotel operations in a way that preserves resources and minimizes costs. To learn more about how FCS Connect can enhance hotel services and guarantee that each guest enjoys their stay regardless of occupancy levels or time of year, please visit www.fcscs.com/e-connect/.Drop by and Say Hi at HITEC TorontoAs the industry's leading innovator of operations streamlining solutions, FCS Computer Systems is set to demonstrate its latest innovations during HITEC 2017, taking place June 27th-29th in Toronto. With demonstrations and further information available at booth #2215, those interested in scheduling an interview with an FCS representative during exhibition hours can contact Mark Howbrook atmark@planapr.com. Further details on FCS' full array of solutions are also available by visiting www.fcscs.com.

Jungceylon Phuket Shopping Mall Maximizes Maintenance Efficiency with e-Engineering by FCS Computer Systems

FCS Computer Systems 14 June 2017
Phuket, Thailand -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading provider of operations-enhancing technology solutions and services, has announced the implementation of FCS e-Engineering at the Jungceylon Phuket mall in Thailand. An internationally renowned shopping and leisure center, the facility now also holds the distinction of being the first mall to adopt FCS' industry leading automated maintenance-tracking technology. With the platform now in place, mall leadership has since reported a substantial improvement in managing and tracking the progress of engineering-related projects, as well as a reduction in any associated costs.Since its launch, FCS e-Engineering has been leveraged by multiple hotels and resorts around the world. With its implementation at the Jungceylon Phuket, the solution now also demonstrates its ability to enhance maintenance services, reduce operational costs and maximize customer satisfaction within an array of commercial environments. As a multilingual web-based application, e-Engineering provides mall management with the benefit of an easy-to-use dashboard that offers real time insight on all maintenance activities by time, date, equipment required and employees assigned. With its automatic job dispatch, monitoring and tracking abilities, e-Engineering also guarantees superior control over assignments and ensures that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. Work orders are sent electronically and, with its mobile-compatible component, e-Engineering allows maintenance teams to remotely receive and instantly update tasks, regardless of location."As an immense building that covers 200,000 square feet and that experiences high customer traffic on a regular basis, it was imperative for us to identify a method that could effectively and consistently cope with the high demands on our infrastructure," said Mr. Paul Rochel, General Manager at the Jungceylon Phuket. "In researching FCS e-Engineering's capabilities, we were pleased to discover a solution with a proven track record of providing superior maintenance management, regardless of a facility's size or specific circumstances. Since implementing the platform, we have not only amplified our ability to quickly make repairs, but have also been able to more effectively monitor third party work progress and ensure appropriate payment for services rendered."Facility managers at the Jungceylon Phuket also stress the value of e-Engineering's ability to schedule preventative maintenance on a routine basis. With this feature, facilities can ensure that equipment remains functional at all times and that costly repairs are minimized. Scheduled checkups can be implemented, based on location, priority and equipment codes, among other criteria. The solution further facilitates cost savings by measuring the amount of energy consumed by facility equipment and amenities, and provides comprehensive reports that allow users to set benchmarks for energy usage and expense.For more information on FCS and its full range of operations enhancing solutions, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Streamlines Connectivity and Efficiency with Integration of CosmoPMS and FCS Unicorn

FCS Computer Systems 1 June 2017
Singapore - 1 June, 2017 - FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading provider of operations-enhancing technology solutions and services, has announced the integration of its FCS Unicorn call accounting and interface gateway solution with CosmoPMS, a cutting-edge SaaS-based property management platform designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller properties. As a solution that provides these hoteliers with the tools needed to streamline operations such as guest reservations, rate pricing and room availability, CosmoPMS' compatibility with FCS Unicorn now further ensures the ability to attain full operational efficiency via seamless communication and management of backend systems and services. This exclusive new feature not only offers instant connectivity and integration with FCS' full line of operations enhancing solutions, but also provides streamlined and centralized access to data from a host of third party platforms.With its recent launch meant to finally address the industry's virtual non-existence of PMS platforms that cater to properties outside of hospitality's largescale and high end segments, CosmoPMS' new integration represents a continuation of the solution's mission to provide underserved hoteliers with the same high level of efficiency across their operations. Now capable of directly communicating with a host of third party property systems such as PABX, guest internet and keycard issuing platforms, CosmoPMS' integration with Unicorn ensures that all data can be seamlessly accessed and stored within one solution for enhanced productivity and quality in service. This functionality provides several advantages once out of reach for small scale hoteliers, including the ability to automatically charge guests for using a property's Wi-Fi services or when consuming guestroom minibar items. The integration also equips CosmoPMS with the ability to share data such as guest check in/out status or room occupation status with third party platforms, ensuring all departments remain updated with the latest information necessary to maintain high service level standards. As a result of relying on just one platform for the flow of information, hoteliers can additionally benefit from simplified support services, as only FCS needs to be contacted should any sort of issue arise."CosmoPMS now integrates fully with our complete suite of hospitality operations management solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of PABX and other hotel systems," said Jason Ling, Vice President of Marketing and Digital at FCS. "We are proud to make such powerful functionality easily accessible to hoteliers who until now have had limited options available to them."For smaller hoteliers desiring the ultimate in efficiency, cost reduction and guest satisfaction, Unicorn's integration with CosmoPMS can also provide properties with a direct line of communication to FCS' full array of operations streamlining solutions. Platforms such as FCS e-Connect, e-Housekeeping, e-Laundry, e-Recovery, e-Engineering and e-Concierge, each renowned for their respective abilities to automate and track guest requests, room attendant assignments and laundry operations, can now all work together to provide hoteliers with a comprehensive property-wide view of all activities, sources of revenue and costs. Able to access such data remotely and in real time, hotels leveraging CosmoPMS alongside complementing FCS solutions can therefore always rest assured of their ability to maintain full productivity while being able to implement strategies that result in consistent revenue growth and guest satisfaction.A solution that is free to use for properties averaging 300 or less reservations a month, hoteliers interested in testing CosmoPMS' abilities can do so free of charge by clicking here. For more information on FCS and its full range of operations enhancing solutions, please visit www.fcscs.com.
Article by Eric Rogers

A HITEC Europe view from the stands

FCS Computer Systems 12 April 2017
Coming back from HITEC on Friday, I was left with that post-show glow one gets when knowing you made the right decision to exhibit. Everyone talks of this as the first European HITEC, which it was, but some of us have been in the industry long enough to remember the last "first HITEC" - though it was called HFTP Europe - held at the Hilton Amsterdam sometime in the 90s and I think survived two years. I still have the brass and leather coaster given to me to commemorate that first show. Somehow though, this event was very different.With Carl Weldon running the show, I knew the event was going to be special. He did great things with HOSPA, and the HOSPACE event was (and I am sure continues to be with Jane Pendlebury in charge) the go-to event in the UK. Now back to HITEC. The pre-event emails did give me a few challenges, but all worked out well and Monday evening Chloe (Cardy Stewart - EMEA Business Manager) and I flew into Amsterdam and promptly gate-crashed the HFTP dinner.Thanks to a rogue invite from Barry Thomas of Rosewood, we found ourselves at the Apollo in esteemed company including Frank Woolfe, Derek Wood, Carson Booth, Rich Siegel, Carl Weldon and his lovely wife, and of course Barry. A beer or two later the journey forgotten and a good catch-up ensued.As is always the case, I rarely manage to get to the seminars. I did attend the opening event though and it was interesting, she was a good talker and very engaging. One day there might be a live stream from the seminars to the exhibitor hall, but for now, after the keynote, I was back at my stand to press the flesh, meet friends, old and new.Tuesday evening was great. Following setup, a drinks reception was laid on, and it was a great chance to meet everyone and arrange further meetings for the next day. It was then off to the TELEADAPT event where the night continued. Thank you Gordon for the invite.The hard work started Wednesday morning, frankly we were kept busy by a fairly constant stream of visitors both during the breaks and seminars, so it was good to be available. Discussions were good, meetings went well and I am sure we will do significant business in the coming weeks and months as a result of our attendance.Our new friends at NEC were also busy and we did share quite a few discussions and introductions during the course of the show. I have always felt that hospitality is a big family - once you start working in this industry, you never want to leave. The attendee list was fantastic, just about everyone in attendance, delegates from across Europe, even the Middle East, made it a very valuable event to attend. I did hear rumour of it getting into four figures, which is quite believable.I am sure this is the start of something great, and HITEC Europe will continue to grow - attracting more local and regional chains next year. It doesn't need to rival the US event, and I am sure the character of this event will remain as something essentially European. I will look forward to being there again next year, though very happy to hear it won't be clashing with the last week of the FY this time...Thanks Carl and the team for a great show.

FCS Launches Cloud-based CosmoPMS Property Management System

FCS Computer Systems 5 April 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading provider of comprehensive hospitality technology solutions and services, has announced the launch of FCS CosmoPMS, its newly developed SaaS-based property management platform. Designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller properties, inns and even alternative accommodations, CosmoPMS offers a radically new approach to how properties oversee and manage their operations. A PMS portal that prioritizes easy user navigation and quick access to sought after information, the new platform offers an array of customizable features designed to simplify otherwise complex daily tasks and administrative activities. As a subscription-based solution, CosmoPMS will be offered free of charge to properties averaging less than 300 reservations a month, and provides hoteliers and property owners with the ability to obtain a holistic view of their operations.The latest addition to FCS' extensive portfolio of hospitality technology solutions, CosmoPMS continues the company's reputation of providing a comprehensive solution capable of streamlining hotel operations, in order to maximize efficiency and guest satisfaction, while reducing costs. This is accomplished by allowing hoteliers to customize the sort of information that the solution provides, including descriptions, rate codes and room type codes, for example. The platform then provides the ability to interpret and convert such details into actionable data with the use of user-friendly interfaces. In addition, the interfaces offer complete oversight over daily tasks, such as guest confirmation, check-in, check-out and the ability to see current room rates and availability in real time. With flexible rate code settings, hoteliers can also effortlessly manage daily rate changes, packages and discounts, as well as promotions for specific guest segments.In serving as a total PMS solution that covers every aspect needed to manage a property, CosmoPMS includes a range of other valuable features such as financial management tracking, with reports that detail all revenue, expense and tax requirements. The solution's reporting functionality also provides comprehensive insight into hotel performance on a daily, weekly, monthly or 24-month rolling basis. With tiered work level access, hoteliers can control the extent of information that a specific user may view or interact with. A platform designed with a focus on ease of use and convenience, CosmoPMS is also built from the ground up to be mobile compatible, allowing users to access reports and input data using their own smart devices from any location. With such vital information remotely available 24 hours a day, hoteliers can ensure that they always have the ability to make informed business decisions, regardless of time or location."In creating FCS CosmoPMS, our goal was to provide the hospitality industry with a simple and affordable solution that is robust enough to offer the precise results and level of management that each hotelier craves, and that is often unique to the needs of their particular property," said Jason Ling, Vice President of Marketing and Digital at FCS. "CosmoPMS stands apart in its ability to simplify and automate a vast range of processes. It is also unique in its scope as a platform that is available to hoteliers who, until now, have never had the option of leveraging the benefits of a property management system, due to property size or budget. This is a factor that we are very proud of accomplishing, and one that we feel will greatly benefit the industry as a whole."With FCS CosmoPMS, small hotels with less than 300 reservations a month are able to gain full access to the solution's benefits at no charge. Properties with a larger volume of reservations are charged a premium rate of $50 a month. However, if reservations fall below the 300 threshold, such properties can receive the following month free of charge. Hoteliers interested in trying CosmoPMS, can even do so without the need to supply credit card details. Those seeking more insight on all of the solution's features and benefits, can now gain firsthand experience with CosmoPMS for themselves by clicking here.For more information on FCS and its full range of operations enhancing solutions, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Computer Systems Appoints Hospitality Expert, Craig Dennington, as Commercial Director for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Markets

FCS Computer Systems 21 March 2017
Sydney -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leader in hospitality technology operations solutions and services, has tapped Craig Dennington to serve as Commercial Director for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Based out of FCS' regional office located in Sydney, Australia, Dennington will be tasked with further growing the company's market presence throughout the region and ensuring that its industry leading operations-enhancing solutions are available to all hoteliers in the area."Having worked in the field of hospitality IT and operations management for over two decades, it is with a high sense of pride and optimism that I take on a role that allows me to further contribute to the industry," said Dennington. "FCS Computer Systems is a company widely renowned for its reputation in leveraging technology to affordably maximize property efficiency and guest satisfaction. Its mission aligns perfectly with my own goals and professional aspirations, and I firmly believe that this new relationship will go on to benefit the industry as a whole."With an established history in the industry, Dennington began his hospitality career by serving at a traditional English pub in the UK. From there, Dennington expanded his commitment and expertise by transferring to Sydney and working in 5-star hotel operations. Dennington has gradually expanded his focus on IT and systems solutions supply, and over the past 5 years, he has been responsible for providing property management system solutions to a wide variety of clients across the globe. Increasingly focusing on product marketing, cloud solutions and SaaS, Dennington possesses a deep understanding of what hotel teams require to enhance their business, and is able to use such insight to tailor solutions that fit their precise needs.Prior to joining FCS Computer Systems, Dennington served as Director of Marketing & Partnerships for CMS Hospitality, where among his numerous responsibilities, he was tasked with strategic management of key accounts and ongoing sales for international clients. Having studied at the University of Huddersfield, Dennington is additionally recognized for his proficiency in revenue analysis, yield management and business management, among other skills.For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Computer Systems Becomes First Company in Malaysia to be Awarded 'Secured Software Assurance Certificate'

FCS Computer Systems 14 March 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, has become the first company with operations in Malaysia to be awarded the Secured Software Assurance Certificate by TUV Nord and LE Global Services (LGMS). The certification recognizes FCS' successful efforts in securing its solutions to protect against data vulnerabilities and circumvent the ongoing threat of online security attacks.Taking place during a ceremony at the FCS office in Kuala Lumpur, the certificate was presented to Director of Group Software Production, Mr. Moo Chii Der and Mr. Tan Ming Aik, Associate Director of Development. The ceremony was also attended by Ms. Eva Soo, Manager of Certification, and Mr. Fong Choong Fook, Director of LGMS, who also served as chairperson for the event.TUV NORD GROUP is one of the world's largest inspection, certification and testing organizations, providing a broad range of advisory, service, and testing services for a variety of industries. Established in 2005, LGMS has earned a reputation for integrity, value and best practices by providing world class professional services to clients in multiple sectors, locally, regionally and internationally. The two organizations established an official affiliation in August 2016 and introduced the 'Secured Software Assurance Certificate' program.Conducted by LGMS security assessors, the certification process involves reviewing a platform's source code and providing a collection of written computer instructions in human readable text, which is then assembled into an executable computer program. The program then functions to introduce and discover weaknesses or flaws in a solution's programming that can be exploited by hackers. By ensuring that any security vulnerabilities are discovered and rectified before a solution's production deployment begins, FCS maximizes security and peace of mind for its hotel clients using the company's solutions. This is bolstered by the Secured Software Assurance Certificate, which serves as further proof that the solutions undergo rigorous testing."FCS is as committed to maintaining the privacy and wellbeing of our customers, as we are to ensuring that each solution provides them with the most efficient and cost effective operations possible," said Moo Chii Der at FCS. "We take great pride in being honored with such an award, and are confident that this certification will allow customers to continue placing their trust in us to secure and enhance their businesses."Once a Secured Software Assurance Certificate is awarded to a company's solution(s), such recognition is valid for 6 months after issuance or until there is a change in software code, whichever occurs first. FCS will continue to work with the certification program, in order to guarantee that all of its solutions remain free of any potential security concerns.For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Partners with NEC Enterprise Solutions to Expand Hospitality Offering in EMEA

FCS Computer Systems 9 March 2017
Hilversum, The Netherlands -- -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS) and NEC Enterprise Solutions EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), both leading providers of advanced ICT solutions to the hospitality sector, have inked a partnership agreement that incorporates FCS solutions into the NEC Hospitality offering for the Hotel sector in EMEA.The FCS suite of hospitality interface and operational solutions, encompassing billing interface, voicemail, job dispatch, engineering, housekeeping, glitch management and more, are fully tested and integrated to work with NEC's range of IT and communications servers, and will be available directly to order through NEC's business partners in EMEA.Eric Rogers, FCS' Vice President EMEA, will be working closely with his team to support NEC partners in their rollout of these solutions."This partnership is not just only about call accounting and voicemail, but also about providing NEC partners a fully featured range of new solutions to offer their hotel partners, thereby enhancing the value and relationship of new and existing customers," said Rogers. "I have been working closely with Kees Van Donk (director of hospitality EMEA for NEC) and his team to make this a reality and am delighted to say that today the partnership is now in full effect, and I am looking forward to working closely with NEC's Hospitality team, and the wider NEC partner family to support this new agreement." Smart Hospitality "We are extremely pleased to work with FCS in close partnership," confirms Van Donk. "With our Smart Hospitality drive and Executive Hospitality Partner Program we are continuously building onto our in-depth experience and expertise in serving the hotel industry worldwide and supporting our business partners with integrated solutions that enable them to go-to-market more successfully. This partnership with FCS is a valuable addition to the solutions we offer in our NEC Smart Hospitality Framework."Under the new agreement, NEC Enterprise Solutions, NEC partners and their hotel clients will have access to FCS' full suite of hotel operations management applications. The multi-language, web-based applications streamline a multitude of back-of-house and guest-facing hotel operation needs, from real-time maintenance requirements to housekeeping management to guest issue tracking and a comprehensive customer relationship management platform. The applications can seamlessly interface with the hotel industry's most popular property management systems, and can be implemented either a la carte or as the full comprehensive suite. The applications feature mobile apps, allowing hotel staff to stay connected from anywhere on property. Recently completed installations at Hilton Hotels in Amsterdam and Rotterdam represent the first of many hotels to see the benefits of this partnership.To learn more about FCS and its full suite of productivity solutions for hotels, please visit http://www.fcscs.com.

FCS Computer Systems Relocates World Headquarters to Singapore

FCS Computer Systems 1 March 2017
Singapore - 1 March, 2017 - FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leader in hospitality technology operations solutions and services, has announced the relocation of its global headquarters to Singapore. Situated at New Tech Park in Serangoon, the strategic location of the new FCS headquarters is expected to further expand the company's rapid business growth, enhance customer service and support for existing and new clients in the region, and create new global business opportunities for the company."Known for its vibrant technology industry, the move to Singapore was a strategic one to support our goal of bringing the most innovative hospitality technology solutions to market," said Yoon Mun Chiew, Group CEO. "As an international business hub, we are fully confident in Singapore's ability to serve as a solid base as we continue to expand our presence globally."FCS will also leverage the resources of Singapore's burgeoning digital ecosystem to support its upcoming launch of CosmoPMS, a newly developed cloud-based property management system designed for small hotels from the ground up.FCS' comprehensive suite of hospitality operations and management solutions currently consists of e-Housekeeping, e-Engineering, e-Connect, e-Concierge, e-Recovery and e-Laundry, each designed to maximize back-of-house operations and guest-facing services. Due to the relocation, more hoteliers than ever will be able to leverage each platform's ability to provide instant inter-department communication, efficient task assignment and tracking functionality, and superior guest satisfaction.The Singapore office currently houses FCS' leadership team, as well as employees from all of FCS' functional departments. With a goal of expanding its pool of professional expertise, FCS is also set to tap into the talented local market with numerous employment opportunities in the near future.For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Computer Systems Expands Operations into Vietnam with Newly Opened Regional Office

FCS Computer Systems 6 February 2017
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, has announced the opening of its newest office location in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Situated at 46 Dach Bang 2 Street on the first floor of the Kicotrans building, the new office will be tasked with supplying regional hospitality professionals with industry leading solutions designed to streamline backend operations and maximize guest satisfaction."With a domestic and international tourism industry that continues to grow within Vietnam, we are pleased to be able to provide hoteliers in the region with the tools necessary to successfully cater to that growth," said Dang Nguyen, Commercial Director for FCS Computer Systems in Vietnam. "With our comprehensive range of department and guest service enhancing solutions, Vietnamese properties can be assured of their ability to operate efficiently, reduce costs and most importantly assure that each guest receives the same high quality experience."FCS customers visiting the office in Ho Chi Minh's Tan Binh District will be greeted with a modern and stylish office setting, complete with an inviting welcome area and sales room. Once there, visitors can learn about how each FCS solution fits into the overall objective of streamlining services and increasing revenue. FCS' hospitality operations management suite for instance, consisting of e-Housekeeping, e-Engineering, e-Connect, e-Concierge, e-Recovery and e-Laundry, are each renowned for their ability to enhance a multitude of back-of-house operations and guest-facing service needs; from housekeeping management to maintenance requests or real time guest requests and complaints. Able to seamlessly integrate with a hotel's PMS system and remotely accessible via personal mobile devices, each solution also ensures that staff have all the necessary information needed to complete tasks effectively and in the most professional manner possible.To contact FCS' Vietnam office for more information or to schedule an appointment, please phone: +84.8.3848.8298 or email: sales.vnfcs@planet1world.com.

FCS Launches New Corporate Website with Streamlined Solutions and Enhanced Functionality

FCS Computer Systems 5 January 2017
Singapore -- FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, is pleased to announce the launch of a fully redesigned corporate website aimed at providing visitors with all the tools needed to learn about the latest offerings in hotel operations technology. The new website features a restructured and streamlined grouping of FCS' comprehensive solutions portfolio that clearly demonstrates how each one functions to maximize efficiency within a specific area of hotel operations. Together, they work to provide total guest satisfaction across a property's range of guest services. Along with updated product information and videos, the website also offers valuable insight on the newest additions to the FCS portfolio: FCS Enterprise Reporting and CosmoPMS. The FCS Enterprise Reporting solution is designed to provide detailed insight into guest behavior, while CosmoPMS serves as a full service, Cloud-based PMS solution for hotels.One key change reflected in the new FCS website is that, rather than organizing solutions under FCS Rainbow or e-Solutions, as FCS had previously done, the website now groups all company offerings under the newly formed Hospitality Operations Management, Hospitality Gateway and Voice and Property Management System categories; providing visitors with a firmer grasp of where each product fits into the overall goal of maximizing property efficiency, revenues and guest satisfaction.When visiting the FCS Hotel Operations Management Applications category page on the site, for instance, industry professionals can learn how solutions from e-Connect, e-Housekeeping and e-Laundry to e-Recovery, e-Engineering and e-Concierge, work together to ensure that all hotel departments benefit from instant communication, in order to ensure the efficient completion of any task. Serving to complement and enhance the abilities of these backend solutions is FCS m-2Talk, a next generation tool for internal hotel communications that allows staff to seamlessly update each other on tasks via walkie-talkie style conversations on personal smart devices. With its own dedicated page on the new website, m-2Talk also helps to overcome language barriers with its multilingual functionality, a particularly critical advantage in today's diverse hospitality market."With the goal of helping our hotel clients to operate an efficient and highly responsive property, the new FCS website serves to reflect our mission of making operations management ever more simple, affordable and effective," said Jason Ling, Vice President of Marketing and Digital for FCS Computer Systems. "Thanks to its much more advanced and responsive design, the website ensures that visitors are able to enjoy a visually appealing experience, while effortlessly locating sought after information, including details on our latest solutions, FCS Enterprise Reporting and CosmoPMS."Ensuring that clients are able to take full advantage of all data accumulated by its solutions, FCS Enterprise Reporting is featured prominently on the new website as a cutting-edge tool that provides hoteliers with a 360-degree view of hotel operations, expenses and revenue-enhancing opportunities. With a webpage that lists key features and provides streamlined access to brochures for additional reading, website visitors can quickly learn how FCS Enterprise Reporting features, such as customized dashboards and reporting, work to provide hoteliers with the exact data needed in order to maximize guest satisfaction and profits.To learn more about CosmoPMS, FCS' new Cloud-based platform specifically suited to meet the PMS needs of 3-star or below properties, website visitors can submit a 'register for interest' form. Preliminary details to be provided on the solution will include how CosmoPMS is both user- and mobile-friendly, ensuring that anyone can access and benefit from the solution from any location via any internet-enabled device.While enjoying a more intuitive design, hospitality professionals are also able to leverage enhanced navigation tools for both web and mobile versions of the website; ensuring quick access to relevant information and newly created videos demonstrating the latest advantages that FCS solutions have to offer.For more information on FCS' comprehensive range of hospitality technology solutions, please visit www.fcscs.com.

FCS Raises Bar on Guest Request and Task Management Efficiency with General Availability Launch of e-Connect V3.1 and m-Connect V3.1

FCS Computer Systems 9 November 2016
FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, has announced the general availability of FCS e-Connect V3.1 and m-Connect V3.1, providing hoteliers with a means to streamline even more functions related to guest request and work order dispatch management. Already recognized as an industry leading solution for enhancing property wide communication and task status tracking functionality, the latest versions of e-Connect and m-Connect are expected to push the envelope on a hotel's ability to deliver excellence in service.As a solution that functions as a centralized call center for runner profile maintenance, inventory control, job escalation and courtesy call management, e-Connect automatically manages resources and assigns responsibilities to personnel depending on skillset and location; allowing hotels to achieve unmatched efficiency and consistency. With the recent upgrades, the solution can now additionally boast features such as the ability to attach files to assignments; providing staff members with even greater task insight if needed. Other new functions and conveniences include:Printable job slips with scanable barcodes for quick job status updates.Instant grouping of engineering request tasks based on location.Send marketing SMS messages to guest devices (Via Opera PMS).Implement new (delayed) job status for timing out jobs.Full integration with third party systems including Creston, Maximo, Solution Expert Limousine system.Supports E11, MySQL 5.7, MSSQL 2012 and Windows 2012 R2.In order to speed up response times and eliminate breakdowns in communication, e-Connect's companion mobile app, m-Connect, is specifically designed to run on staff personal devices via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. By leveraging m-Connect, hotel staff are able to instantly receive, send and update tasks from any location; ensuring employees are always fully aware of their daily responsibilities and are able to prioritize accordingly.Equipped with the newest version of m-Connect, staff members are now able to take photos and link them to a specific job; offering clarification on issues such as maintenance requests. This new feature is also accompanied by the ability to attach voice recordings to jobs when even greater description is required. m-Connect's new barcode scanning ability additionally allows employees to retrieve task details in an instant when presented with printed out job slips.With a hotel's employee demographic often consisting of individuals from diverse national backgrounds, m-Connect is further able to sidestep communication barriers with its new translation engine that lets staff view task details in their native language. The platform also adds the additional benefit of allowing employees to automatically convert their replies into the preferred language used by hotel management. Since the latest update, m-Connect has also been imbedded with m-2Talk, an FCS solution that allows staff to participate in walkie-talkie style conversations using their own smartphones, streamlining communications and efficiency even further. m-Connect V3.1 is additionally compatible with Android 5.x and IOS 9.x, making the platform more accessible to a wide array of personal devices.To learn more about FCS and its full suite of productivity solutions for hotels, please visit http://www.fcscs.com.

FCS partners with Neorcha to offer integrated solution for Rotana Hotels

FCS Computer Systems 9 May 2016
FCS Computer Systems (FCS) and Neorcha, both leading service providers in the hospitality sector, have partnered to deliver an integrated back-of-house and front-of-house solution for Rotana, one of the leading hotel management companies in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe.FCS' e-Connect system is a back-of-house application that enables automated dispatch of guest requests and inter-department work orders. Functioning via a centralized call center, e-Connect enables hotels to achieve optimum efficiency and consistency in guest service levels at minimal cost by streamlining all guest requests across different departments.Neorcha's myHotel application gives hotel guests instant access to real time information on hotel accommodation, food and beverage, and entertainment options, enabling guests to make the most of all the hotel facilities offered and make requests, such as refilling the minibar, requesting a mobile charger or ordering extra bedding."Increasingly, hotel chains require an application that will bring added value to their guests by centralizing the benefits of multiple systems and services in one common platform. FCS and Neorcha together provide hotel chains with multiple services that will offer guests a more satisfying hotel stay, since guest requests are issued directly from the app and dispatched directly to the correct department, who then follows operational escalation procedures," says Eric Rogers, Vice President EMEA for FCS.The integration of FCS' e-Connect with Neorcha's myHotel completes the service delivery cycle, making sure every service request is completed, along with status updates."Neorcha offers strategic value to our partners, because our platform plays an integral role in providing integration services for the hotel's operational systems, and putting those systems at guests' fingertips," says Roger El Khoury, Managing Director of Neorcha. "By integrating the two systems, hotel guests have access to a number of leading features, including the ability to create a new request from the myHotel app by selecting an option from the job list available via the FCS system."Via FCS' e-Connect, the technology records a complete list of requests made for the duration of the guests' stay and provides hotel management with clear and detailed statistics to identify areas of improvement at any part of the process.To learn more about FCS and its full suite of productivity solutions for hotels, please visit http://www.fcscs.com.To learn more about Neorcha mobile services, please visithttp://www.neorcha.com/solutions/
FCS' e-Laundry Automated Tracking Solution Helps Hotels Go Green and Streamline Laundry Operations
PRODUCT FEATURE – FCS Computer Systems

FCS' e-Laundry Automated Tracking Solution Helps Hotels Go Green and Streamline Laundry Operations

FCS Computer Systems 17 March 2016
FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, announces the launch of e-Laundry, an automated alternative to manual laundry and linen tracking. The new e-Laundry solution is designed to help hotels eliminate paper trails, while gaining greater perspective into real-time inventory, operational needs by shift, and future consumption forecasting. e-Laundry is especially suitable for hotels with more than 300 rooms, mega resorts and casino hotels with an exceptionally heavy demand for laundry services.The hub of e-Laundry is the Management Dashboard, which provides an overview of each day's performance for laundry and linen activities. Accessible from the Management Dashboard are four modules designed to track all linen activities with inventory management and consumption forecasts, based on reservation and occupancy data. The Laundry Module tracks all laundry transactions and related activities in real time, while the Linen Module manages linen activities, inventory and forecasting. e-Laundry's Transaction Module integrates with each hotel's Property Management Systems (PMS) to post directly to the guests' folios or separate internal finance accounts for staff. Finally, the Report Builder and Scheduler Module creates customized reports based on operational needs.e-Laundry also supports multiple languages, which is essential for international operations. Its multi-property capabilities allow hotels to expand their current system to other locations. Other features include the ability to define user access, digitalized laundry forms, slip/bill printing, laundry allowance entitlement, forecasting and even job status tracking via e-Connect.With the introduction of e-Laundry, FCS has taken a modern approach to laundry and linen tasks by bringing all activity online. This web-based solution allows hotel management to eliminate inefficient paper tracking and use hard data to create better staff schedules and budgets, in order to make accurate future forecasts. Like most FCS solutions, e-Laundry can be used as a stand-alone product, but is best when used in combination with other FCS technology solutions. e-Laundry seamlessly integrates with e-Connect, e-Recovery, e-Concierge, e-Housekeeping and e-Engineering creating the FCS e-Solution. These six FCS products share the same login and database for consolidated data and workflow management.To learn more about FCS and its full suite of productivity solutions for hotels, please visit http://www.fcscs.com.

Using automation to support sustainable success

FCS Computer Systems By Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers of FCS Computer Systems asks, how can we leverage all the benefits new technologies have to offer while respecting the traditional values of our sector?

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