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The HSMAI Region Europe Awards 2017

HSMAI Europe 12 April 2018
We have new criteria this year, recognizing the entire specter of commercial leaders from the whole industry, which will go hand in hand with our new initiatives - Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge and The HSMAI Day.The entertainment was provided by NeedMusic and the highly popular Norwegian singer/songwriter Alejandro Fuentes, clearly contributing to the high spirits throughout the night.The list will "live" the whole year through, and you will meet several of the Top 20 winners at The HSMAI Day, taking place in the city they are based in during the fall - or in London in September, at The HSMAI Day there. They will be invited to share some of their experiences as leaders. Both success stories and what has been less successful. They will also share experiences about how their leadership style developed over the years.Here are the criteria: The HSMAI Region Europe Awards 2017 will recognize the people deserving to be awarded for their great work in Hospitality, travel, and tourism this year. Join us to celebrate the Europe's Top 20 Extraordinary minds and contributors to the industry of Commercial & Revenue Optimization Leaders.The hospitality and travel industry requires creative thinkers, innovators and team players. The HSMAI Region Europe Top 20 honors these top achievers in leadership, sales, marketing, and revenue optimization of hospitality, travel and tourism organisations for their accomplishments. HSMAI Region Europe recognizes leaders that are high achievers who stand out through their creativity and innovation, cutting-edge programs, triumph in challenging situations that result in dramatic gains. The people nominated for this list have also made incredible contributions to the industry as a whole, not just the companies they are representing.-The hospitality and travel industry requires creative thinkers and innovators. The HSMAI Region Europe Top 20 honors these top achievers in hospitality, travel, and the tourism industry for their accomplishments. The people nominated for this list have also made incredible contributions to the industry as a whole, not just the companies they represent, says HSMAI Region Europe President and CEO Ingunn Hofseth.Press here to see all the winners!

European HSMAI initiative to go global with Mike Leven onboard

HSMAI Europe 6 April 2018
-For many years HSMAI in Europe has nurtured plans for the Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge concept, an initiative made to improve the quality of service and to assist companies and organizations to develop their Service Pledge - internally and externally, to increase pride and satisfaction among employees and thereby contributing to increased profitability, says HSMAI Region Europe President and CEO Ingunn HofsethThe Mike Leven Mentor ProgramWinning for Customers - The Service Pledge based on Mike Leven's philosophy-For many years I have wondered what strategy is most important amongst the many. I now believe the Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge is the single best,' Mike Leven says in a recent remark.Most companies have a vision. Many also have a set of values. It is HSMAI Region Europe's conviction that it should be equally important to have a vision that relates to the company's service delivery, service recovery and service reputation. These are among the things the Service Pledge program will help create. The program is based on four pillars; Customer Service, Company Culture, Communication and Service Recovery, integrated, seamlessly and positively, to make a considerable difference in how the organization's customer service and the credibility of its Service Pledge are perceived.Coaching for execsIn addition to the Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge program, an international platform for mentoring travel and hospitality executives is underway, in the form of The Mike Leven Mentoring Program.'We see a need for coaching in order to reach our goal. General Managers and head office employees need coaching, too, which is why the mentor program has to go hand in hand with the Service Pledge initiative. For the HSMAI Region Europe Mentor Program we will start with the leaders who have the right passion and attitudes,' Hofseth explains.'We will reach out to those who show their passion for developing others and are willing to share insights and experience with other industry professionals. The mentor program will be held in Mike Leven's name. We believe in his leadership philosophy. We want to handpick the mentors who have the same values and the same passion to implement that philosophy,' she says.The planned initiatives include mentor coaching in Florida with Mike (for potential mentors), a 2019 summer camp in Europe, video and webinars, material og video clips for the knowledge bank and more.-For the last four years I have spent a lot of time with Mike and we like to work together,' Ingunn Hofseth says, adding: 'The two initiatives are closely related. Mike Leven will provide a donation of USD 100,000, divided on USD 50,000 each year for two years. In addition he will assist us in our coaching. We are now looking for persons and companies who share the same vision and passion, and will help us to fund and be part of this wonderful initiative'.The launch of the initiative will take place in London in September. Please contact Silvia Kolk at sk@hsmai.eu for more information.About Mike LevenMichael A. Leven, also known as Mike, has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Georgia Aquarium, Inc. since January 2015 in his sort-of-retirement years.Before that he was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp.A longtime industry leader and a "hotel icon", Michael is currently the Volunteer Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Aquarium. He has an impressive career in hospitality with over 50 years of experience in top positions in hotels. Until 3 years ago Michael has been the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation where he leveraged his sales and leadership skills to turnaround the largest hotel gaming company in the world. His previous managerial positions also include the President and COO of Holiday Inn Worldwide and the President of Days Inn of America, as well as the Vice Chairman of the Marcus Foundation, a philanthropic organisation founded by Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot, Inc.Michael is a great supporter of HSMAI in the US. He has also been the past international Chair of HSMAI. In the US the HSMAI Leadership Day is named after him in honour of his extraordinary leadership skills and his lifelong commitment to developing the industry. Together with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation Michael made a generous donation totaling at $1.5 million to HSMAI in the US.Michael is a co-founder of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) which now has over 7,000 members. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and a Master of Science from Boston University.Mike Leven quotesI measure success on what you have done to other people not what you have done for yourself .I developed an early sense of the customer and satisfying that customer. I always objected to some of the resistance from the financial side of the industry, which prevented the satisfaction of the customer.Lots of people can make financial turnarounds and grow businesses, which I've done. But when you have a chance to establish an idea and an organization that changes the course of history and changes the course of many lives, well that stands out as a very important accomplishment to me.(When speaking of his accomplishments in co-founding AAHOA)Status Quo is a Prescription for FailureMike Leven's principles for running a business include:-- The customer is not always right, but is always the customer-- Every employee is a human being who deserves dignity and care, and it is OK if they ask why, rather than simply accept an order because people often need an explanation for why they should do things. If you have to fire one, make sure you never take his or her dignity away-- Listen more than you talk-- Participation in industry activities is not only a giving experience to others, but is a learning experience for yourself-- Remember this is a human industry where you can touch thousands of people and build friendships. Competitors are not enemies-- No matter how much money you make, someone always makes more - and somebody else makes less-- You should enjoy every obligation because with obligations done, responsibility is earned and success follows. But despite what you hear, realize that 'don't sweat the small stuff' is a bad strategy. Your life is made up of small stuff so live with it-- The boss is not always right, but is always the bossPhoto: Mike Leven (stock photo).


HSMAI Europe 6 April 2018
We are getting excited to welcome Steven Bartlett to the#HSMAIEuropeROCDOC2018! Steven is the 25-year-old CEO of The Social Chain Group and will be enlightening us on what is next for #socialmedia and how to stay ahead of the curve this year![?] Sign up today for the #HSMAIEuropeROCDOC2018: hsmairoc.eu/roc-and-doc/[?]Join our Linkedin Group for the 2018 conference to connect with others and start discussions: www.linkedin.com/groups/13586147

Join HSMAI Region Europe in Amsterdam on 10 and 11 April!

HSMAI Europe 23 March 2018
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) and HSMAI Region Europe, the Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Association International, are pleased to extend their partnership and co-locate their european activities again in April 2018. HSMAI Region Europe will co-locate its Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) and its Digital and Distribution Optimization Conference (DOC), as well as their other events with HFTP's HITEC Amsterdam - and we would very much like to see you there!HSMAI Region Europe ROC & DOC is the number one annual event offering the latest trends and news in revenue optimization, digital marketing, and distribution for the hospitality industry, bringing together more than 250 executives in Amsterdam. Thought leaders and inspirational speakers will share their insights on revenue management strategies and trends, digital marketing and distribution. In the evening you will enjoy great music, dinner, networking and our Awards Ceremony - The HSMAI Awards will take place on Tuesday evening 10 April 2018 at Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City while HITEC Amsterdam will take place from 11-13 April 2018 at the nearby RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.11 April, HSMAI Region Europe, launches its new global concept called Curate - An HSMAI Executive Insights Forum. This event is by invitation only, and the attendees at Curate must be senior executives providing unique opportunities for strategic conversations across all disciplines of, sales, marketing, distribution, revenue management as well as culture and people in customer centric environments.11 April, HSMAI Region Europe also host an interactive Revenue Management workshop, after which the participants will complete the globally recognised CRME certification exam: http://hsmairoc.eu/2017/02/02/crme/Parallel to the above, on the 11 April, HSMAI will organise The MeetConnect for professionals involved in events and conferences. In addition to serving as a marketplace for buyers and providers of events, HSMAI will present their Event Trend Barometer followed by a debate about meetings and events and the future."We are looking forward to see HSMAI members and non-members alike at these content-packed events", says HSMAI Region Europe President & CEO Ingunn Hofseth.For more information about the above activities or membership and more, please contact us at postbox@hsmai.euPLEASE NOTE: As qualified registrants for HSMAI events , HITEC Amsterdam will provide you with one complimentary, non-transferable registration which entitles the recipient to two days access to the HITEC Amsterdam exhibit hall and general sessions. HITEC Amsterdam concurrent educational sessions are not included. Comp registrations are only available to qualified attendees directly from the hotel and travel industry and cannot be used by suppliers or vendors, consultants, nor personnel, dealers, distributors, subsidiaries, investors, partners/associates or family members of exhibiting companies. HSMAI Region Europe will automatically register all qualified registrants directly with HITEC Amsterdam. Your contact information will be provided to HFTP, the host of HITEC Amsterdam, for the purpose of communicating with you about your registration. If you prefer to NOT be registered for the complimentary exhibit hall pass, please email us at postbox@hsmai.eu

HSMAI Region Europe welcomes TripAdvisor onto three new Advisory Boards

HSMAI Europe 4 September 2017
HSMAI Region Europe today announced that TripAdvisor has joined three new advisory boards: Service Operation, focusing on HSMAI Region Europe's newly-developed "Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge" programme; the Customer Loyalty & Relationship Advisory Board; and the Destination Marketing Advisory Board. TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, is already an active member of the Digital Advisory Board.TripAdvisor will be attending HSMAI Region Europe's leadership day in Frankfurt in early September, and the 2017 agreement also sees a number of TripAdvisor employees joining HSMAI Europe as corporate members."We are very happy to continue the partnership with TripAdvisor and to have them active on our Advisory Boards," says HSMAI Europe President and CEO Ingunn Hofseth," adding: "In business today it's all about the customer experience. Everything is getting more and more transparent, booking and search engines become more professional. Margins for errors are so small. Together with highly educated professionals HSMAI Region Europe has worked out a generic method and process to build a service quality strategy for change management and relation management and we are now hosting educational programmes for candidates who would like to become HSMAI-certified Executive Coaches for our new programme, Winning for Customers - The Service Pledge. TripAdvisor is the perfect partner for us."Helena Egan, TripAdvisor's Global Director of Industry Relations, adds "We are pleased to be expanding our cooperation with HSMAI Europe to engage with the hospitality industry and drive awareness of the benefits of working with TripAdvisor."About TripAdvisorTripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site*, enables travellers to unleash the full potential of every trip. With more than 535 million reviews and opinions covering the world's largest selection of travel listings worldwide -- over 7 million accommodations, airlines, attractions, and restaurants -- TripAdvisor provides travellers with the wisdom of the crowds to help them decide where to stay, how to fly, what to do and where to eat. TripAdvisor also compares prices from more than 200 hotel booking sites so travellers can find the lowest price on the hotel that's right for them. TripAdvisor-branded sites are available in 49 markets, and are home to the world's largest travel community of 415 million average unique monthly visitors,** all looking to get the most out of every trip. TripAdvisor: Know better. Book better. Go better.

The latest in hospitality Revenue Management, Distribution and Digital Marketing trends presented in Amsterdam 29-30 March

HSMAI Europe 22 March 2017
Europe's number one leading annual events for Revenue Management, Digital Marketing and Distribution for the hospitality industry is taking place in Amsterdam on Wednesday and Thursday 29-30 March, co-located with HITEC Amsterdam 2017 - and you are very welcome to attend."This is HSMAI Region Europe's 7th Revenue Optimization Conference, with the added value of Digital and Distribution Optimization, held as a two-day event in Amsterdam's RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre," says HSMAI Region Europe President and CEO Ingunn Hofseth, who is pleased to welcome professionals of the entire industry, as they convene in Amsterdam on Wednesday 29 March.Please visit hsmairoc.eu for further details."We hope to see as many of our esteemed colleagues as possible, for a day full of top experts and inspirational speakers, sharing their insights and tips on Revenue Optimization, Digital Marketing and Distribution. In the evening, find out who will get all the awards at the Awards Ceremony," she says, with an added reminder that the following day's schedule contains so-called think tanks on Digital Marketing, Revenue Management, Distribution, Customer Loyalty & Relationship Management, Sales, and an introduction to HSMAI Region Europe's Revenue Management, Digital Expert and Service Pledge training programmes.Day 1 programme: hsmairoc.eu/hsmai-region-europes-7th-annual-revenue-optimization-digital-marketing-and-distribution-for-the-travel-hospitality-and-event-industry-2017/Day 2 programme: hsmairoc.eu/think-tanks/CRME workshopA workshop, including exams for the CRME (Certified Revenue Management Executive) certification is also set to take place on the second day of the two-day conference, for which you may find detailed information on this page:hsmairoc.eu/2017/02/02/hsmai-region-europe-will-be-in-amsterdam-for-the-crme-certification-on-thursday-30-march/HSMAI AwardsBoth days will offer a host of leading experts within their respective fields, and then, of course, there's the HSMAI European Awards 2016, to be held in the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in the evening of Day 1.The Awards 2016 will recognise the people and companies that deserve to be awarded for their great work in Hospitality this year.HITEC Amsterdam 2017HSMAI Region Europe's ROC and DOC conferences are co-located with HFTP's HITEC Amsterdam 2017, also taking place in the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre between 28 and 30 March. Please vitis their designated event website here.

HSMAI Region Europe to Co-locate Revenue Optimization Conference With Premiere HITEC Amsterdam in March 2017

HSMAI Europe 27 June 2016
>Linda M. Ramberg, Project Manager at HSMAI Region Europe; Lucinda Hart, Chief Operations Officer at HFTP; Ingunn Hofseth, President & CEO at HSMAI Region Europe; Frank Wolfe, CEO at HFTP; Jennifer Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at HFTP; Carl Weldon, Chief Operations Officer - Europe at HFTP. New Orleans, Louisiana, 23rd June 2016.-->

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