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    December 5–6, 2018
    Dubai, UAE

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    April 10–11, 2019
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IDS Next to Exhibit at HITEC Dubai and Promote It's New, Innovative FX1 Platform

IDS Softwares 20 November 2018
IDS Next, a leading global provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry, will be showcasing the world's first "Intelligent Hotel Platform" at HITEC Dubai 2018. FX1 is the revolutionary solution designed to decrease operational costs, increase guest satisfaction and help hoteliers drive incremental revenues. Attendees and media are invited to meet with the IDS Next team at HITEC in Dubai and view live demos.As the leader in emerging markets, IDS Next has been at the forefront of innovation and now, with the introduction of FX1, the company is delivering the true next generation platform for the hotel industry. With 1000 of its 4800 hotel clients in the MEA area, IDS is confident that our latest pioneering technology will empower both current and future users to exceed their operational and guest engagement goals.FX1, a cloud, and native mobile platform focuses on optimizing the following:Front OfficeHouse KeepingIncident ManagementCRS and POS modulesAn Open API to Distribution, Financials and CRM solutions"The Guest" is and was the primary focus when developing FX1," explains Binu Mathews, CEO if IDS. "Over and above all the transactional needs of a hotel, this platform is embedded with guest experience enhancement capabilities that cover pre-stay, during the stay and post-stay engagement. Our innovative AI-powered technology also empowers hotels to increase revenue through upselling and cross-sell of services, amenities, and facilities."With the new FX1 platform IDS Next is giving hoteliers the power to know their guests better and increase return visits to the hotel directly. This is what today's hoteliers want, to be aware of the guest behavior and provide offers that meet or exceed their expectations.Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is the world's largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand. HITEC Dubai 2018, takes place December 5th and 6th and is hosted at Madinat Jumeirah Conference & Events Centre.Visit stand number #C116 to experience the future of the hospitality industry or visit to learn more.
Article by Binu Mathews

Hotel Technology Implementation and Support Challenges in Emerging Markets

IDS Softwares 8 November 2018
The ability to provide implementation and support services in the local language is a key challenge. Africa alone has a high linguistic diversity with 1500-2000 spoken languages. Of the 890 million Africans, about 17% speak an Arabic dialect, 10% speak Swahili, 5% speak a Berber dialect, and about 5% speak Hausa. If your staff will need to field customer service calls from countries of Africa, South Asia, ME or the Mediterranean, they need to find ways to counter the language barriers over the phone.Fortunately, modern technologies such as global intranets, video-conferencing etc. contribute effectively to the bridge the gap created be geographical distance. However, even these advanced communication tools often falter when it comes to language barriers.It's these differences in language and culture that have made it notoriously difficult for businesses to effectively branch into emerging markets; thus, supporting customers in local languages becomes inevitable. With all this in mind, it is crucial for:(a) Companies to ensure staff has the right skills to converse effectively(b) To make sure that they have trained locals(c) Have invested in direct offices(d) Have also invested in training and building up resourcesAnother challenge that businesses face can be found in the multiple statutory needs of doing business.For instance, within Africa & Middle East alone, we have multiple statutory requirements ranging from Revenue Authority certifications, Fiscal printer interfaces, VAT compliances, Police & Tourism interfaces and more. These requirements are also evolving and are privy to frequent enhancements. With this in mind, a deep understanding of local statutory laws and certifying authorities is necessary to deliver the right hotel technology. To develop a local knowledge base, it's important to participate in the decision-making process -- meaning hotel technology providers need to adopt strategies to stay more local and shed the "one size fits all" approach.It's also interesting to observe the way in which emerging markets span across different time zones. From Africa to SE Asia we have 10 to 12 time zones. With hospitality being a true 24/7 operation, technology providers need true 24/7 support to manage these markets and to counter challenges stemming from difficulties in reaching target customers.Ultimately, having country-specific operations, supported by locally developed capabilities and talent leads to stability in your business. To make sure emerging markets are successful, you need long-term technology players who demonstrate investments in local resources with a commitment to support globally with 24/7 availability.
Article by Binu Mathews

What You Don't Want to Miss at HITEC Dubai 2018

IDS Softwares 25 October 2018
HITEC Dubai is just around the corner and it comes as no surprise that we have another great conference ahead of us. To start with, it's taking place in Dubai, better known as one of the most vibrant and awe-inspiring cities in the world and the designated tech hub of the Middle East. With HITEC representing a now global presence in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, hoteliers and guests alike can look forward to the discussion and celebration of hotel technology and the impact it has (and will continue to have) on our industry. HITEC Dubai will give Middle East buyers -- who currently represent over 75 billion USD in buying power -- access to the top, global solution providers in the hospitality market. Through means of a top-notch education program planned by the expert HITEC Dubai Advisory Council, as well as an exhibition debuting the latest in hospitality technology, HITEC participants will have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the future of hospitality.So, what should you focus on while attending HITEC Dubai? Below are a few things that will ensure you get the most value of your visit to Dubai.Dubai, The CityOf course, you're visiting Dubai for a hotel technology event -- but that doesn't mean you should pass on the opportunity to extend your stay and explore the city. Take a few days to be a tourist and explore Old Dubai with it's narrow streets and gold merchants, or the Mall of the Emirates where, if you're in the mood, you can slap on some skis and hit the slopes in an indoor ski hill. In the mood to shop? Check out the Dubai Mall with over 1,200 shops, 150 restaurants, an indoor waterfall, the giant Dubai Aquarium and an Underwater Zoo. You can also spend some time in some of the most amazing hotels on the planet including The Oberoi Dubai, Atlantis - The Palm and The Jumiera Rotana (located on a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree) and the Burj Khalifa. Oh, did I mention that the Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest tower standing at 828 metres high? The HITEC Dubai Exhibition FloorThis year you will be able to see true hotel technology innovation coming to life on the exhibit floor. From platforms that enhance guest engagement (a prevalent theme as of late), to systems that encourage environmental sustainability, HITEC has no shortage of exciting displays and demonstrations. You might even see the introduction of Augmented Reality into the guest experience, as mobile devices are physically attached to almost every traveler globally.HITEC PresentationsDo not miss the presentation titled "The Future of Hotels - Humans, Robots and Everything in Between". This is a topic that has seemingly taken over every hotel board room as of late, promising a dramatic impact on the ways in which our industry deals with advanced technology while ensuring that hotels remain true to their core beliefs. The question HITEC will strive to answer is this: How can hoteliers better deliver guest service that instills long-term loyalty, with the help of AI/VR technology and more? After all, we have all seen the images of robot from desk agents in Japan but is this something that will take hold or is it just and oddity? Time (and our expert panels) will tell.Also try to make time to see the presentation titled "Stay Connected - Better, Faster". As 5G becomes more widely introduced, what impact will it have on our guests but also on revenue streams that some hoteliers have been able to keep alive? Will it mean that all the money the industry has spent on Wi-Fi infrastructure will be pitched down the drain, or is 5G just so far off that hoteliers need to enhance their current Wi-Fi solutions to keep up with guest demands? As a hotelier looking to thrive in the mobile era, this is your chance to find the answer(s) you need.NetworkingLast but certainly not least -- do not forget the networking opportunities!There will be several events hosted by HFTP (as well as other groups) that you should make a point to attend. After all, the hospitality industry is built upon the creation and cultivation of relationships -- an understanding which holds equal importance internally within our industry. Think about it this way; what other opportunity will you have to share the room with 600+ hospitality stakeholders, 60+ solution and service providers and 30+ industry expert speakers? Take advantage and connect with likeminded leaders during one of the most exciting hospitality conferences of the year!We are incredibly lucky to be involved in such an amazing, technology-focused industry. Hospitality impacts every corner of our world from small villages in the Swiss Alps to the Mega cities like Dubai. Of course, an industry like ours is constantly evolving and often re-inventing itself, so if you want to keep up with today's pace of innovation, attending events like HITEC Dubai is undeniably essential.Attendees and media are invited to meet with the IDS Next team at HITEC in Dubai. Come and visit us at stand number #C116 to experience the future of hospitality industry.
Article by Binu Mathews

Horizontal Hotel Technology vs. Best of Breed in Emerging Markets - What is the Best Approach?

IDS Softwares 11 October 2018
Over the years, there have been technological advancements that have defined our industry. Changes regarding the operational aspects of a hotel, changes in the way hotel's market and sell their rooms and changes that now affect how hotel's build relationships with their guests. All of this, new and innovative technology is, at most times, disparate for each other. There is a need to connect all of these systems together and this can be a daunting challenge. When you're putting together the best technology solutions for your business, you often have two choices. Either you look for a provider of a platform that addresses most, if not all, technology aspects of your hotel or a "best of breed" approach that marries together many different systems.Is a horizontal hotel technology provider preferable and advantageous than having a best of breed in emerging markets, where you have an array of choices in technologies and services?Should we even debate about choosing one over the other?Yes, we need to understand that even though what works for you may not work for others. Therefore, it matters because making the right technology decision for your hotel could mean profitability or loss.Hoteliers need to be proactive and well-informed about the guest's preferences. They also look for service providers who can develop and deliver simple and uncomplicated horizontal platforms yet can integrate with various other technologies to provide meaningful solutions--and potentially revolutionize the entire hospitality industry.The emerging markets have seen high staff turnover. There are many reasons for this and one of the prime reasons is high growth and demand. While it is great to have high demand, you seldom have enough time to fully engage and train all of your staff who interface with technology and with your guests. Horizontal solutions offer the comfort that there is one vendor to go to and undergo the technological training for all your hotel needs.Hotels can focus on guest loyalty, guest retention and most of all, can focus on increasing profitability by opting for training their staff one a single platform rather than on multiple technology systems.The integration of multiple hotel technology providers is expensive and time-consuming. Hotels today want to acquire open-platform solutions that reduce the friction between new systems and older systems. They also want to acquire new emerging technologies to plug and play with newer solutions.Hoteliers are looking for software products that can seamlessly integrate with third-party systems. This way the communication can flow effortlessly between different units and the central platform.A horizontal technology vendor is preferred for smooth functioning of primary systems such as PMS, Booking solutions, CRS and Distribution. Using a single solution provider could mean more timely support resolution as they tend to be more customer centric in their approach. This also negates the finger pointing of one vendor over the other for any discrepancies that arise related to interface problems and using a single provider enables the hotelier to hold one single vendor accountable.In emerging markets, these challenges are amplified due to the location of properties, the lack of multiple vendors of horizontal solutions and the support readiness of product-based companies. All in all, looking towards the future, a horizontal platform provider of key technology elements will be a hoteliers best bet within global emerging markets.Attendees and media are invited to meet with the IDS Next team at HITEC in Dubai. Come and visit us at stand number #C116 to experience the future of hospitality industry.
Article by Binu Mathews

Emerging Markets and Hotel Technology - What does the Future Hold?

IDS Softwares 27 September 2018
Currently, there are many new hotels in the pipeline in South Africa, and with the explosion of travel into emerging markets, this trend is sure to continue. North Africa, particularly Egypt, Ethiopia & Morocco fares in the top five countries by new number of rooms this year. This rings true for the rest of Africa as well as other developing markets. More so than ever, travelers today are seeking out an authentic "bucket list" trips to exotic locations far from the typical norms such as London, Paris, New York, and Berlin. Companies able to bridgehead into these regions or already have a strong foothold will be the ones to watch when it comes to the implementation of hospitality technology. A recent PWC report focused on the hotel industry and its growth in this area. You can see from the chart that tourist areas in Africa are beginning to see dramatic room revenue growth and this upward trend is expected to continue into the year 2021. This same trend is forecasted for India, the Middle East, and APAC.There are some challenges that the industry faces, one of which is the fact that we are in the midst of what can only be termed as "technological chaos." With so many different companies delivering the promise of innovations that drive revenues and guest loyalty, one must wonder how the General Manager of a hotel or the VP of IT for a larger hotel chain can successfully vet what is most suitable to their respective needs. Is mobile the way to go or does it make more sense to stay with an on a premise-based solution? The decision becomes even harder and more complicated when dealing with newer markets. These regions offer their own complexities, whether it is the lack of IT infrastructure, or the basics of language issues or the proper way to conduct business in these markets.There are several very large players in the hospitality technology industry that have the resources to enter these emerging markets with full force, but do they really appreciate what it takes? Do they understand the impact of what they have built for other regions of the world and if it will even be applicable within an emerging market? Do they know how to foster the sales relationship in different cultures or to support the solutions once they adopted and implemented? Also, will their solutions even function in an emerging market? It will depend entirely on country, region, and location. These are all very important questions to ask when looking at emerging markets within your overall growth strategy and yes, there are many more.Companies that want to enter emerging markets will also need to be cognizant of new technologies and issues that are now impacting our industry - or will do so in the future. Some of these innovations and issues include:Smart Rooms and the associated Mobile DeviceMobile Check-in/out and Mobile KeysVoice IntegrationPersonalizationSecurityAIVRThis isn't to say that emerging markets should just be abandoned because at first glance they appear to be too hard to penetrate and support. However, they need to be well-researched from a business and personal perspective before any organization makes the leap of faith. Emerging markets are indeed the future of hospitality technology growth, but tech companies must do their homework.

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