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Blockchain In Tourism: Hope Or Hype | 18 June 2018
Blockchain technology is the focus of many companies these days contemplating its benefits. Blockchain in tourism also has its future according to experts.Blockchain is now being tested by some companies in the financial industry and other sectors, and already applied in daily operations. Where the journey goes, experts have not yet agreed. The hype surrounding Bitcoin and the speed at which cryptocurrencies spread, already has visible global implications for the economy, states and society. And one can guess the consequences of the underlying technology - the Blockchain - in the future.

The Dangers Of Hotel Wi-fi Connection | 18 June 2018
For many travelers it is a routine. When you arrive at a hotel or restaurant, firstly you ask about wireless connection. However, experts warn that hotel wifi may be very dangerous, though the risks can be avoided.Upon activating WLAN search on a mobile phone, one usually gets dozens of results, regardless where he is. Whether it is a hotel, restaurant or a cafe. It is obviously a good thing to offer free internet to customers. More and more public places also have the so-called hotspots. Smartphone users like to take advantage of this offer, be it because they want to save data volume or because they are in non-EU countries, for example, and have no data tariff there.However, experts warn that a simple connection can bring great danger. The problem is that public Wi-Fi is not the same as private Wi-Fi. The sticking point is the router that transmits the data. Anyone who has control over the router also has control over the data - and can use it for illegal purposes.

Hotel Technologies Embraced By The Sector | 9 April 2018
With new advances being made on a daily basis, modern hotels around the world are starting to catch up in terms of technology. Most of them now use virtual reality (for employee training programs and offering pertinent information to the customer), in addition to wearables (smart electronic devices), robots, chatbots, or Artificial Intelligence applications aiming to optimize the services offered to their customers, who are eager to enjoy new experiences. Hotel technologies are changing the industry.The growing expectations of the guests about hotel services have become one of the biggest reasons to implement new hotel technologies in the hospitality sector that, aware of the business opportunities that tourism implies, doesn't want to stay behind the international competition.The increase in IT investment continues to place the hotel sector at the forefront of the global industry. Currently, and in order to meet the customer's technological expectations, the hospitality sector has been investing mainly in three areas:

Private Data Are Highly Precious For Tourism Industry | 3 April 2018
Modern tourism industry promotion is based to a great part on analyzing available data about potential travelers and customers. The private data stored by Facebook naturally are quite attractive to many companies.Cambridge Analytics was presented at ITB as an intelligence service provider for tourism industry, having prominent clients already, like a first-class airline and several high-end hotel chains. Their data manager, Alexander Tayler, explained that the old advertising methods were dying, replaced now by the creation of customer profiles, which allows the product to be divided into segments based on the travelers' preferences.The director of the company is Alexander Nix, the man that negotiated with the people in charge of Donald Trump's campaign to encourage and manipulate the votes towards the republican candidate. The private data of about 50 million people came from Facebook, the website were the information was obtained.

Tourism Industry May Benefit From Blockchain Application | 29 January 2018
As far as identity verification and luggage tracking goes, it has a great potential in modern tourism industry. The blockchain applications seems to have a lot to add in the process of verifying the traveler's identity, as well as simplifying and improving luggage tracking.The blockchain is the technological infrastructure that was behind the launch of bitcoin in 2009. At its core is a highly encrypted P2P network that stores information as a database, but in the blockchain each node in the network saves a complete copy of the record book.This system prevents the data from being altered by only one of the parties, which guarantees that they maintain their integrity and that it is practically impossible to hack them.The blockchain technology together with the mobile and biometrics, can put an end to inefficiency and the traveler's frustration, that has been caused until now by the use of disconnected and outdated systems.

Artificial Intelligence: A Good Deal For Tourism? | 11 December 2017
It is already here, and especially in the travel industry, taking the form of chatbots or algorithms. Artificial intelligence (AI) gradually made its way. For many people however it is scary.These are the findings of a study by Opinion Way. For example, 66% of the French citizens fear that completely automated services might affect the security of their personal information. For the time being, only 38% of respondents trust new technologies for a purchase without any human interaction. Similarly, few are still inclined to take a seat in an autonomous vehicle, which inspires reluctance to 38% of the respondents.

Digital Revolution To Change Business Tourism Massively | 11 December 2017
According to the second cross-cutting statement, travel managers are well advised to strategically redefine their role."Robots are the next level of automation," said Yvonne Moya, associate of bot supplier Festive Road. Several sessions showed where Chatbots and artificial intelligence are already in use and which possibilities are about to become ready for the market.

Virtual Reality In Tourism Becoming More Real | 20 November 2017
Virtual reality has a place in the tourism industry; stakeholders around the world are realizing this fact and integrating it into their customers' purchasing experience. In this way, the Australian Tourism Office is offering a 360deg video via its YouTube channel allowing people to take a virtual tour of the country and New Caledonia has set up a web-based virtual game.As far as travel agencies are concerned, since 2016, Cub Med has been offering the possibility of watching 360deg videos of its destinations and "Pret a Partir" is even testing virtual reality headsets at the moment.

Hotel Industry Offers Jobs To Robots | 9 October 2017
Thinking of hotel run by robots is creepy? What sounds like a fantasy movie is reality in Japan. Instead of human employees, a local hotel is in the hands of robots. Even though this is an extreme example, innovative robot technologies are used in various areas of the hotel industry. So where exactly can one encounter such innovations?

Top 5 Tech Trends To Impact The Travel Industry | 25 September 2017
Technology is moving forward and with it all the other sectors that are related. Any industry not willing to stay behind needs to adapt to the newest demands in order to be successful. This obviously applies to travel industry, as one of the key sectors of many economies. Travel technology company Sabre Labs put together the Radar Report, analysing nine technological trends that are expected to affect the travel sector. team named Top 5 Tech Trends to Impact the Travel Industry based on the report.

The Big Data Revolution In Tourism | 18 September 2017
As a first consequence, digital transformation and technological advances can radically change the way people consume and get informed. A digital scenario that brings with it new forms of business management. To ensure their survival, all businesses are being forced to adapt to the online environment.Tourism sector is not an exception. The data analysis benefits tourism in all its areas, exploiting its possibilities and presenting new business opportunities.

Tourism Technology Changed The Way We Travel | 1 August 2017
Technology and, more specifically, Internet, are changing the way tourism is organized and commercialized. On the one hand, users do not travel the same way they did a few years ago because they now have many more possibilities. And, on the other, the companies of the sector and even the tourist destinations themselves are immersed in full digital adaptation.User's digitalization has managed to implement the transformation of a business model. Tourism technology is now essential for any travel company.The customer is much more demanding and has a more experienced and digital profile. The target is changing and the tourist has gone from being a passive subject that needs a service to a key piece immensely involved in the process.

Chinese Tourism: Travel Technologies To Shape The Sector | 14 March 2017
The rapid development of modern technology introduces smartness and convenience to all aspects of our modern life and environment, including the efficient operations of private businesses, government/non-government organizations alike. With travel technologies being maximized and embedded in planned developmental goals of the Chinese government to grow and revolutionize Chinese tourism industry, the standard of living and quality of life and services is bound to improve.The total revenue of the travel and tourism industry in China is currently estimated to be valued at a whopping 3 trillion Yuan. As the sector continues to flourish the country is strategically positioned to become the world's second largest tourism economy after the United States of America.

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