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TrustYou's Direct Guest Messaging Tool Enables Compatible Connection With Amazon Echo

TrustYou 20 September 2017
"Direct, fast communication and problem-solving is the key to a satisfied and happy guest, which can, in turn, result in good reviews and a loyal customer. Since our hotel is designed to appeal to a young and tech-savvy clientele, Amazon Echo seemed like the perfect match to receive guest requests from the room. Since we were already using TrustYou's effective messaging tool and dashboard for direct guest communication, the combination of the two was the next logical step", says Jim Harness, General Manager at Acme Hotel.Amazon Echo devices were installed in all rooms at the beginning of 2017 with the help of Volara, a voice-based guest engagement software. This proved to be a successful investment, as guests rate the innovation positively in their post-stay reviews and state that they like this hassle-free possibility of communicating with the hotel. The most frequent questions for "Alexa" revolve around ACME's Free Morning Joe coffee service, setting alarms, as well as information about the weather and traffic. The Acme Hotel reports that the integration of "Alexa" has not lead to more requests or a higher workload, but merely offers the modern guest an additional way to communicate with the staff."We are proud that our tool has all the makings and the necessary technology to bring the hotel's guest communication to the next level. Innovative hotels like the Acme Hotel Company are pioneers for the digitization process and thereby stay ahead of the competition. The combination of Amazon Echo with our messaging feature is a great example of how TrustYou brings flexible and customizable connections to clients and partners to improve the overall guest experience", adds Jennifer Graziano, Head of Sales U.S. at TrustYou.For more information, visit www.trustyou.com

Hotelchamp partners with TrustYou and offers review content to users

TrustYou 13 September 2017
"We are very excited to offer our Meta-Reviews to Hotelchamp and their client base, which complements well with their great product portfolio. We believe that our review data and integration possibilities support Hotelchamp's mission to help hoteliers gain control over direct bookings and benefit from customer engagement through guest reviews. Showcasing a good online reputation across the web is the key to more direct bookings as 95% of all travelers read reviews before they make a booking decision" says Michael Menzel, VP Strategic Partnerships and CRO at TrustYou.As the world's largest guest feedback platform, TrustYou's mission is to improve the travel experience, from finding the right hotel to having the perfect stay. "The power of TrustYou's millions of guest reviews, combined with Hotelchamp's smart technology, further enhances the guest experience on the hotel website. We are keen to be joining forces with TrustYou to provide hoteliers with the most advanced solutions to drive direct bookings" says Kristian Valk, CEO of Hotelchamp.TrustYou is the world's largest guest feedback platform. It collects and analyzes guest reviews, surveys, and social posts from all across the web, every week, for hundreds of thousands of hotels. This helps hotels to gain valuable insights to improve the overall guest experience. TrustYou's platform is made up of various components, one of them being TrustYou Meta-Reviews* - verified global review summaries displayed on travel and search sites like Google, KAYAK, and Hotels.com. Other features of the platform are the sophisticated post-stay survey solution for hotels and the elaborate analytics software to manage, monitor and reply to reviews.*TrustYou Meta-Reviews only contain verified reviews and do not include reviews from TripAdvisor.HotelchampFounded in Amsterdam in 2015 by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk, Hotelchamp offers the leading marketing and sales platform for the hotel industry. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Hotelchamp has grown in two years to a team of 50+ employees, and boasts a portfolio of clients including The Mandeville, Hotel Palazzo Versace in Dubai, De L'Europe in Amsterdam, Meininger Hotel Group, StayOkay Hotel Group, Bilderberg Group, Amrath Hotels and more. Hotelchamp is the trusted solution for over 1,000 hotels from more than 45 countries.Find more information at www.hotelchamp.com and www.trustyou.com.

TrustYou Accelerates Global Success With New Hotel Partnerships And Rapidly Growing Client Portfolio

TrustYou 16 August 2017
Munich -- TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, expands its client portfolio and reports successful new partnerships with numerous independent and chain hotels across the globe. Thereby, the platform reinforces its global market presence and continuous growth in the field of feedback management, guest communication, and review marketing.The internationally operating NH Hotel Group, with almost 400 properties in 31 countries, recently integrated TrustYou's Meta-Review and Rich Snippets onto their brand website with the goal to also add independent, third-party review summaries to their direct booking experience. NH Hotels registered immediate improvements to conversion and traffic as well as to the resulting revenue. Due to this positive experience, the hotel chain recently also started to utilize the semantic analysis of TrustYou's guest feedback platform to enhance the overall customer experience, operations, and quality of their properties.Wyndham Vacation Ownership, headquarter in in Orlando, Florida, USA, has started to utilize TrustYou's guest feedback platform for their resorts across the US, Canada, Mexico, and many more countries. The convenient portfolio function allows the management of chain to keep track of the reputation and quality of their 200+ properties in order to ensure maximum guest satisfaction. "A positive guest experience is the main goal for all our Wyndham Vacation Ownership resorts. TrustYou was the ideal solution to monitor scores, quality, and operations from a guest perspective. Managing all properties in one tool helps us to identify shortcomings immediately and accelerate issue resolutions, which results in better scores and, eventually, in more bookings", says Tiffany O'Connell, Director of Digital Engagement at Wyndham Vacation Ownership.Berlin-based Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts operates 11 properties in Germany and Austria, focusing on vacation and leisure with a very personal vibe. The group chose TrustYou in spring 2017 to analyze, manage, and reply to feedback in all properties to guarantee the best possible interaction with the guests - before, during, and after the stay. With TrustYou's survey solution, Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts can easily enquire about their guests' experience directly after their stay.Best Hotels relies on TrustYou's review analysis features for its 30 hotels on Spain's mainland and islands locations since spring 2017. The goal is to improve the overall guest satisfaction and service quality across all properties. In order to increase direct bookings and to improve the user experience, Best Hotels furthermore integrated Meta-Reviews and rich snippets on their hotel website.In Japan, the boutique hotel chain Villa Fontaine recently decided to work with TrustYou's platform. The 17 properties in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe will analyze, manage, and solicit their own guest feedback with TrustYou's analytics solution and post-stay surveys to increase the volume of reviews and positive ratings.In the Asia Pacific region, the Erawan Group, with an extensive hotel network in Thailand and the Philippines, designed the Hop Inn Hotels for the budget conscious, business, and leisure travelers and joined the TrustYou client portfolio in July 2017. Hop Inn Hotels use the feedback platform to better oversee and examine guest reviews for its 26 existing and four soon-to-open hotels in 2017.Additionally, numerous renowned independent hotels chose TrustYou for guest feedback management, such as Hotel Lancaster in Paris (FR), Hotel Allgau Sonne in Oberstaufen (DE), Hotel Sonnenburg in Lech am Arlberg (AT), and Chancellor's House in Oxford (UK)."We look back on a very successful first half of 2017 with exciting new partnerships across the globe and we are proud to have gained the trust of so many hospitality partners to rely on our guest feedback platform. TrustYou provides the technology and features that meet today's requirements of both, internationally operating hotel chains and independent hotels, to market, manage, and collect guest feedback in a mobile-first society", says Benjamin Jost, CEO at TrustYou.More information about TrustYou can be found at www.trustyou.com.

Elite Hospitality Group Showcases Impressive Improvements In Operations And Review Scores Using TrustYou's Feedback Platform

TrustYou 1 August 2017
The Elite Hospitality Group is a leading name in the hospitality business in the Kingdom of Bahrain and currently operates four All Suites Hotels and three Luxury Residences. The group offers a wide variety of lifestyle accommodations to its guests, catering to both the business and leisure traveler."We are proud to be working with such a driven hospitality group, who cares deeply about the guests' feedback and their experiences", says Philipp Hahn, TrustYou's Senior Director Enterprise Sales for EMEA. "Elite Hospitality Group is a clear example of the value that our platform brings in matters of operations, visibility and positive online reputation".Among other results of using the TrustYou platform, Elite Hospitality Group was able to:improve the response rate by a remarkable 60%increase the overall TrustScore by 4%receive 2.5% more positive reviews in 2016 compared to previous yearsturn the TrustYou survey into their second most important review sourceAs Meena Gurung, Marketing Executive at Elite Hospitality Group notes, the improvements are due to the fact that "Being able to monitor guest reviews gives us the opportunity to see things from our clients' perspective and focus on elevating our service levels. This way, we are making sure that negative issues that have already been communicated don't occur again in the future."A full case study focused on the results of the partnership between TrustYou and Elite Hospitality Group is available for free download.For more information, visit www.trustyou.com
Article by Benjamin Jost

A Platform Approach to Feedback

TrustYou 12 July 2017
To answer the first question, a significant majority of guests expect that the hotel will initiate communications upon booking; 80% of consumers expect an email confirmation, so our view is that "guests" earn that title the moment they make a booking decision (and have expectations for the hotel).In terms of communication requests:Most (73%) prefer their communications to be through online channels. This includes e-mail, social media and text messaging (SMS). In general, e-mail was the most common form of communications, with nearly 70% of people using the channel.A majority (75%) prefer to communicate one-on-one with a person on site. It makes sense intrinsically that guests may have questions about local happenings or special requests that they feel are more likely to be met if they speak with someone who's in the actual building they're staying in. However, combined with the previous point, it speaks to the need to create systems and policies that enable front desk employees to communicate directly with guests through electronic means.Of course, not all feedback and communication happens before the actual stay. Guests will check in and have interactions with the hotel staff while on the premise. One of our more interesting findings had to do with when guests will provide feedback about an issue. Roughly a third of guests acknowledged that they were most likely to address an issue while they were in the checkout process, rather than when the issue arises. This puts hotel leaders in a tough spot; they can't fix an issue that they don't know about.This again points to the need for hotels to have a way for guests to use electronic communications to address the front desk. In a separate analysis, we looked at 10,000 messages that had been sent through our platform, and found that roughly 2/3rds of them were actionable requests (more than a quarter of them had to do with the room). In other words, people were more comfortable providing real-time feedback when they were able to maintain some sort of anonymity. Using our real-time communication app TrustYou Messaging, hotels can stay up to date with any issues, encouraging a better experience.Moving beyond the stay, feedback is most often created after a person has checked out. This can be through online reviews, social media or surveys.Online reviews can, and should, play a critical role in how a hotel operates. After all, this information is from actual customers, offering a first hand look at their experiences. No one wants to be considered "high maintenance," but the internet allows for airing of grievances without personal attachment. Hotel executives will often find the most critical, and most honest, feedback online.This isn't to say that all online feedback is aimed at the worst parts of a hotel experience. In fact, 80% of online feedback for hotels is positive. Managers in properties should understand that addressing the 20% of negative feedback is a priority.Another important component of the feedback loop is social media. Facebook and Twitter can be among the most important parts of improving the guest experience. These sites help shift attitudes and respond to grievances, as well as bring in new customers. Negative reviews can be responded to in public, and when done correctly, can greatly change the perception of the hotel to potential and past guests. Responses can define the values of the hotel, to show the human side of the industry, and spotlight positive experiences.Facebook is the #1 source for travel inspiration, and garners around 1.6 billion daily users, so a well-reviewed profile for a hotel can greatly increase the likelihood that potential guests will see the hotel. When exploring potential travel locations and lodging, customers rely on images just as much as reviews. Seeing happy travelers and an engaged hotel staff on social media is a good way of knowing what the experience will be like in reality. The way a hotel is represented online helps discern what the hotel will be like in person; if the hotel pays attention online, they likely pay attention offline. When hotels are responsive and show appreciation for their staff, potential travelers will recognize it. Much of guest satisfaction stems from direct responses to their experiences; hotels benefit greatly from personalized contact and an engaged media presence. "Liking" and commenting on posts goes a long way, it reminds people that the hotel cares about their feedback and experiences.Twitter also provides a way to engage, but in a distinctly different way. Twitter users expect to receive multiple relevant posts a day as they scroll through their feed. It requires constant engagement and quick replies. Of its 307 million users, 26% utilize Twitter to give feedback. For travelers, this form of contact can be a way to receive immediate information about a hotel, as well as a platform to express grievances. It is important to reply to all mentions, positive and negative, as, when done in good taste, this can be an actionable way to reach an even larger audience. Being personal and showing the human side of the business remains important here. Users tend to retweet and favorite comical and informative content, expanding the influence of the hotel.Social media platforms help build a community, positively impact hotel reputation, and help assess guest satisfaction in real-time. While social platforms do provide a form of "anonymous" reviewing, as the guests are likely no longer at the hotel capable of being the "high maintenance" customer, they do not provide the same kind of anonymity found in a post-stay survey.While it's easy to think of post-stay surveys as something that's nice for a hotel to do, surveys can actually have considerably more impact than most people understand. The obvious benefit to a post-stay survey is that it gives guests the anonymity that makes them feel more comfortable in sharing their experiences, while giving the hotel access to a more robust set of data. The hotel sending the survey can control what's being asked in order to pinpoint problem areas and reduce future negative feedback, as well as glean more thorough responses from reviewers.Generally speaking, information and data gleaned from post-stay surveys tends to be 4-8% more positive than online reviews, so this information can actually have positive impacts on internal metrics and customer facing numbers. On the latter point, many hotels pipe this information into the scores and search result details that customers performing a search will see. This means hotels can positively influence the ratings customer will see on sites like Google, Kayak and Hotels.com with real reviews.4-8% may sound minimal, however, a huge number of hotel guests (almost 90%) will immediately filter out any hotels that have less than 3 stars. For properties at 2.9 stars, this 4% can open an entirely new world of potential guests. It is a difference that can increase revenue; inflating both the price tag and number of travelers. Moreover, the reviews provide tangible complaints to act upon in order to increase satisfaction overall; eventually moving the hotel's star-rating up on its own accord.Since guests expect to communicate with their hotel prior to their stay already, and communications during have been shown to increase positive experiences, after-the-fact communications should be just as much a part of the guest experience. By allowing a chance to express grievances privately, as well as providing a platform to communicate directly with a hotel staff, guests are more likely to associate positive attributes to a hotel. As such, it is important to establish substantial means of communication across media and messaging applications.The effects are undeniable. Companies who chose to ignore feedback and neglect interaction with guests see a deleterious effect in regards to booking.So, when does a customer become a "guest"? The moment they make a booking decision. The moment they can actively begin to enjoy their communications with their chosen hotel, and express a valid opinion.Getting the traveler to that point is the bulk of the battle. Since they rely upon the opinions of previous guests, it is imperative that hotels communicate, receive feedback, and brand themselves in a good light.Reprinted from the Hotel Business Review with permission from www.HotelExecutive.com

TrustYou Strengthens Its Market Presence in France and Belgium With Balladins Hotels Cooperation

TrustYou 28 June 2017
Munich, 28 June 2017 - Balladins Hotels offer a great hotel experience at a fair price with its 2- and 3- star hotels across France and Belgium. In order to utilize guest reviews better to improve operations and add value to their brand, Balladins Hotels decided to rely on TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform. The easy-to-use tool enables the hotel chain to manage, analyze, and respond to all guest reviews from across the web. The sophisticated survey solution, embedded into the platform, helps to conveniently gather post-stay feedback and receive first-hand information from guests after their stay. A higher review volume leads to a better online reputation and visibility. This will help Balladins to increase their number of bookings and, ultimately, its revenue."Parntering with Balladin Hotels is a significant step for TrustYou to strengthen our presence in the French speaking market. We are very excited to be the chosen review platform and we are convinced that the analysis and management of guest feedback will contribute to Balladin Hotels' overall success. Reviews are the second most important decision-making factor after price when travelers are booking a hotel.* It's more important than ever to be ahead of your online reputation", says Vincent Roux, Director Enterprise French Speaking Markets at TrustYou.Balladins Hotels represent a core brand of the Dynamique Hotel Management Group and look back on more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Close communication with the guest and maintaining a personal touch are their main targets to ensure guest satisfaction."TrustYou complements our customer centric approach", mentions Fabrice Beyer, Commercial & Marketing Director at Balladins Hotels. "With the convenient portfolio view, we can now see the reputation, performance, sentiment, and response rates for all 63 hotels combined as well as individually for each property. One of the major reasons we chose TrustYou is because we are able to solicit, analyze, and reply to all reviews. This way we can make sure we value every guest individually and further improve our offers based on solid information."More information about TrustYou can be found at www.trustyou.com.*See White Paper "Consumer Research Uncovers Travelers' Online Search and Booking Behaviors", 2017

TrustYou and Welcome Systems Form Strategic Partnership To Help Hotels Collect Guest Reviews

TrustYou 16 May 2017
"When it comes to bookings hotels need to be on top of their reputation to assure a positive reputation", adds John Jones, Managing Director at Welcome Systems. "We are excited to collaborate with TrustYou to provide post-stay surveys and offer this additional service to our users for free. Our brand stands for constant innovation and we aim to partner with the best players in the industry which led us to the decision to work with TrustYou and its sophisticated survey solution."Welcome Systems benefits from over 30 years of experience in the hospitality sector with the goal of delivering a great customer experience and the ability to drive profitability in any sized business. TrustYou's expertise lies on providing the best possible platform for feedback management enabling hotels to manage, market and react upon all reviews, guest surveys and social posts and comments worldwide.Michael Menzel, CRO and VP Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou explains: "TrustYou Stars Lite is designed to give hotels important insights into their guest's opinions in an easy and user-friendly way. Our survey solution fits very well to Welcome Systems' existing services and goals to improve the hotel's operations. We are convinced that we can help a myriad of hotels to solicit and analyze feedback and thereby positively influence their review scores and ranking, as 85 percent* of all guest feedback is positive. This partnership is an important step for TrustYou to solidify our presence in the British hospitality industry."More information about TrustYou can be found at www.trustyou.com.*According to TrustYou's data evaluation.
Article by Benjamin Jost

Learning About APIs

TrustYou 27 April 2017
The technology ecosystem in the hotel space is changing at a rapid pace. In some cases, companies seem to be appearing from nowhere, offering a brand new solution that solves a problem many hotels didn't know that they had. In other cases, companies with extensive track records in other markets are performing pivots, taking everything that they've learned in their history and trying to apply best practices to the travel industry.While there's often far more noise than signal, there is a swath of companies, startups and incumbents alike, that are finding ways to help hotels improve their customer experiences. The ones that are most effective understand the tech stack in a hotel ecosystem, and are using APIs to seamlessly connect their offerings to the day-to-day operations of their hotel partners.Introducing APIsAn API (Application Program Interface), is simply a set of rules and protocols that establish how applications should interact with each other. Said differently, APIs are the pipes that connect applications across the internet, allowing secure passage of data between companies. Customers don't see APIs, but APIs are the means by which data is shared. Using an example to crystalize this concept, many hotel websites will incorporate Google Maps into each of the pages dedicated to their properties. This is one basic use of an API. Another common use of APIs has to do with social media. Companies like Hootsuite, which connect various social accounts for organizations, use APIs in order to foster those connections.Not all API uses are to share data that is customer facing. In many cases, hotels will use APIs to connect the various systems that keep a hotel up and running. For instance, many hotels will connect their data sources, like PMS, CRM or OTA. This can mean collecting data from a guest that booked using an OTA and using that data to remarket to that guest after their stay. We needn't go too deep down the rabbit hole of APIs, since as an executive, you've likely built a quality team of folks who can handle the nitty gritty details; your concern is likely more about whether things work, not necessarily about how they work. The important thing to understand is that if a data sharing process is automated, there's an excellent chance it's using an API.Using APIs to Improve the Guest ExperienceHotels can use APIs to improve their guest experiences in a variety of ways. One critical approach is collecting data across systems to make it available, and ultimately actionable. For instance, we know that guests will often provide feedback about their hotel experiences. This can come from post-stay surveys, be found on various websites and message boards, or show up in the form of a tweet, Tripadvisor review or Facebook post. Taken as individual pieces of information, or in the aggregate, this data can help hotels inform a variety of decisions. Does most feedback highlight friendly service? Perhaps hotel leadership should take a moment to praise the customer facing members of their teams. Is there a common thread that displays disappointment in the cleanliness of rooms? If so, perhaps it's time to enact new cleaning procedures (or consider changes to the staff, including hiring more people to get the job done).There is a variety of ways that hotels can gain access to this information. They can try to collect it on one-off basis or work with companies that offer solutions to connect to various networks or aggregate data. For the latter approach, there may be a multitude of APIs in use.Once the data is collected, hotel leaders can turn the information into actionable insights from first-hand customer insights that have been collected. Can a marketing department or campaign capitalize on the friendly service that has been discussed by guests? Is there a way to compare guest feedback to that of competing hotels to really differentiate in the booking process? The data collected through APIs doesn't have to be limited to individual properties either. Large chains can glean insights about how consumers perceive their brand based on this type of information.Regardless of hotel size, hotel leaders must recognize that guest reviews are an incredibly important part of the booking experience; our data shows that the only factor that has more impact than reviews is price. Finding ways to understand what's being said is critical to success, and APIs are often the easiest way to achieve this. .External APIsMany of the examples of APIs thus far have shown how companies can use APIs to learn about and improve various internal processes. This addresses about half of the use cases for APIs. Again, the most obvious use of an API in the travel industry is how hotels connect their PMS to OTAs in order to allow bookings, but there are many other use cases.Many hotels are using APIs to create a pipeline of information that can be shared with their business partners (such as OTAs). For instance, a hotel that gathers post-stay guest feedback can then seamlessly send that information to the pages that their guests are viewing before they make a booking decision. Again, feedback is a powerful tool; more than 90% of booking decisions are informed by the online reviews that potential guests see.Furthermore, hotels that solicit post-stay feedback can generally anticipate that the results of their surveys will be more positive than feedback that's left online; scoring based on survey results tends to be around 10% higher than those based on general online feedback. Piping this information to to booking engines and other partners allows hotels to put their best foot forward, and improve the chance of securing a guest's visit.In late 2016, we launched our own integration solution, TrustYou Connect, to do exactly that. Companies such as FASTBOOKING, Cloudbeds and eRevMax were among the first 20+ companies to take advantage of the offering, which connected guest feedback with guest information. These companies were, in turn, able to help their hotel customers influence every step of a guest journey. Shortly after its launch, we expanded the program through a partnership with hotel marketing platform, Leonardo. All of this was accomplished using APIs.How APIs Add Value to HardwareSomething that may be less intuitive, when discussing APIs, is how they can be used to decrease the total cost of ownership for hotel technology. Technology changes rapidly, but not every hotel has the financial wherewithal (to say nothing of the appetite) to do semi-annual technology refreshes to keep up. This is where APIs can play a critical role for hotels. A well written API will allow a hotel to extend the use of their core systems; it will be easy for new technology to "talk to" core systems through APIs.In practical terms, let's say a hotel wants to switch its choice of CRM platform. In doing so, they need to make a few considerations.How easy will it be to move data from an outgoing system to an incoming system (is it a matter of downloading from an old system, and then uploading to the new one)?How will the hotel continue adding new information to the new system (is there a way to automate the process)?For the latter consideration, it's possible that the new CRM system will be able to incorporate data from the hotel's PMS, meaning that the process can be automated and the most up-to-date information about individual guests is available in one location.APIs can be complex in nature, and for anyone outside of programmers, can be intimidating to consider. This article isn't meant to advocate for one API over another, nor is it meant to spark hotel leadership into having their tech teams open up their systems to connect to any website or service with an API.It is, however, meant to show hotel executives that there are options available that can open up a wide range of possibilities. While most hotel executives would agree that placing a spotlight on positive reviews is a good idea, many would be hard pressed to provide guidance on how to make that happen, or even how to start thinking about making that happen. Ideally, having read this primer, you'll be able to frame the discussion with your technology team; rather than asking them how to get more value out of Twitter data, you may be able to ask 'how can we use Twitter's API to gain actionable data?'.This article was reprinted with permission from Hotel Business Review.

TrustYou Expands Presence in Southern Africa Through Strategic Alliance With Distribution Partner Rainmaker Digital

TrustYou 19 April 2017
The world's largest guest feedback platform, TrustYou, places a higher emphasis on its presence in Southern Africa and introduces digital marketing expert rainmaker Digital as distribution partner. The Namibia-based company is specialized in managing and optimizing the entire digital presence and marketing for hotels, lodges, guesthouses, and tour operators located in Southern Africa. TrustYou's guest feedback platform and all of its features are now seamlessly included into the "5 Stages of Digital Success" program that rainmaker digital offers its clients. The partnership between rainmaker and TrustYou will assist hotels to: actively manage their reputation; optimize their digital presence and gain a higher online visibility; increase website traffic through Google to enhancing direct bookings; and ultimately achieve a better occupancy, translating into higher revenue and an improved ADR, RevPar, and EBIT. Hotels can explore the benefits of this partnership at WTM Africa, Booth A24, from April 19 to 21, 2017."TrustYou is an essential part of our unique and holistic digital success strategy that we offer to hotels and lodges in Southern Africa", says Thomas Muller, CEO and Co-Founder at rainmaker. "The review and feedback management tools from TrustYou complete our holistic approach to overall improving our clients' digital presence. We are excited that we can change and improve the hospitality landscape on scale in Southern Africa together with TrustYou."Rainmaker digital integrates TrustYou's Meta-Reviews, TrustScore widgets, and API data into its hotels' websites to showcase the online reputation and create transparency that leads to more direct bookings. Furthermore, it utilizes TrustYou's platform features to actively collect guest surveys, analyze and manage reviews from all sources, and improve the overall scores and performances. Thereby, hotels can immediately identify areas for improvement or necessary investments in order to guarantee maximum guest satisfaction and high scores across the web.Michael Menzel, CRO and VP Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou adds: "With rainmaker digital, we have found an expert for hospitality, tourism, and digital marketing to strengthen our presence in Southern Africa. The way the company introduces digital success to hotels corresponds well with TrustYou's guest feedback platform and services. We are convinced that together we can assist all types of accommodation providers to improve their online reputation, feedback management, and overall digital success."More information about TrustYou can be found at www.trustyou.com.

Pan Pacific Hotels Group Appoints TrustYou To Manage All Guest Reviews and Surveys Through One Feedback Platform

TrustYou 16 March 2017
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, has been appointed by Pan Pacific Hotels Group to combine its online reputation management and the collection of guest surveys across its two brands, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts and PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts.Since the beginning of February, the Singapore-based hospitality company, which operates more than 30 hotels, resorts and serviced suites with over 12,000 rooms in Asia, Australia and North America, has used TrustYou's platform to analyze, manage and solicit guest reviews through easy-to-use dashboards. TrustYou collects and examines more than three million reviews, comments, and posts across the web every week and provides the largest database for analyzed review content worldwide."TrustYou's guest feedback platform supports our approach to offer guests a user-friendly and efficient way to let us know what they thought about their stay experience . Very importantly, it enables us to identify key KPIs in relation to guest reviews at one glance and take the necessary action," said Erik Anderouard, Senior Vice President Operations at Pan Pacific Hotels Group. "Providing property specific information, as well as a snapshot of the entire portfolio in the same dashboard, is a very valuable tool when it comes to service excellence and guiding operational decisions", he added.The collected reviews via TrustYou's guest survey solution TrustYou Stars automatically become part of the TrustYou Meta-Review ecosystem and have a positive impact on a hotel's overall visibility and reputation. Meta-Reviews, verified review summaries, are used by hundreds of travel sites including Google, Kayak, Skyscanner, Wego and Hotels.com and influence booking decisions of millions of travelers every day.Frederick Wong, MD & VP APAC at TrustYou, adds: "We are excited to be working with Pan Pacific Hotels Group and to be able to provide the services of our platform. Not only can they analyze feedback and collect surveys, but they can actively influence their reputation globally - all through one platform. This collaboration reinforces TrustYou's market presence, particularly in the APAC region."More information about TrustYou can be found at www.trustyou.com.

TrustYou Solidifies International Presence Through New Partnerships Around the Globe

TrustYou 6 March 2017
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, starts the new year with exciting new partnerships across the globe. Each new partner will incorporate various features of the platform to to improve their products and services by means of collecting, assessing and responding to guest feedback. The expansion of the portfolio includes renowned chain hotels as well as various independent properties worldwide. TrustYou plans to continue its growth through an enhanced presence at trade shows worldwide, such as ITB Berlin (Hall 10.1, Booth 10a).TrustYou's well-established partnership with AccorHotels has recently been extended, as the hotel group acquired the renowned Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel hotels and resorts. The 113 properties are now utilizing AccorHotels' "Voice of the Guest" platform powered by TrustYou. They can thereby analyze all customer feedback that is shared by travelers across the web and send out customized post-stay surveys to ensure the best quality for guests throughout all Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel Hotels worldwide.Germany-based Romantik Hotels & Restaurants with 200 properties in nine countries across Europe also decided to rely on TrustYou to increase and influence their online reputation by evaluating and soliciting post-stay feedback. "TrustYou combines all features in one convenient platform that we were looking for for managing our guest feedback. The fully automated surveys help us to gather first-hand information from our guests. We use the computed scores and sentiments to measure our performance and to analyze our strengths and shortcomings to improve operations for all properties", says Thomas Edelkamp, CEO at Romantik Hotels & Restaurants.Indonesia's distinguished hotel chain PHM Hospitality operating the brands "The Haven", "The 1O1", "The BnB", "FRii" and "PHM Collection" makes use of a variety of features of the TrustYou platform to ensure maximum control of their online reputation and visibility. TrustYou assists their hotels to increase the customer satisfaction through prompt and clear customer feedback management. The partnership also includes the integration of TrustYou's Meta-Review* into PHM Hospitality's hotel websites to enhance the user and booking experience on their websites and to increase direct bookings.In Japan, TrustYou adds the "the b hotels" to its client portfolio, currently operating 13 hotels in 4 areas with more than 3,000 guest rooms. The guest feedback platform was chosen to facilitate the management of all guest opinion's across various brands including "the b hotels" and their own boutique hotel "Brand".Galaxy Entertainment Group is the latest partner using TrustYou's feedback platform including analytics and survey features in Macau. They are currently operating the luxury 5-star properties StarWorld Hotel on the Macau peninsula, Galaxy Macautm integrated resort and Broadway Macautm in the Cotai area.In terms of individual hotels, TrustYou also partnered with a variety of renowned independent hotels across the globe: Buddha-Bar Hotel in Budapest, Hungary; 7132 Hotel in Vals, in Switzerland; Good Hotel London in the UK; The King Jason Hotel in Cyprus; Axiom Hotel in San Francisco, U.S.; Watermark Beach Resort in British Columbia, Canada; Panari Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya."These new partnerships are heralding a promising year 2017 for TrustYou and we are excited to work with great hotels and brands across the globe. Last year we completed our guest feedback platform with TrustYou Stars and TrustYou Messaging. With this outstanding technological asset we are now able to provide the best possible platform. TrustYou caters to all needs, regarding guest satisfaction and hotel services, around the world," adds Benjamin Jost, CEO at TrustYou.Find out more about TrustYou at ITB Berlin in Hall 10.1, Booth 110a and at www.trustyou.com.
Article by Benjamin Jost

How Paying Closer Attention to Guest Reviews Can Impact Your Hotel's Bottom Line

TrustYou 20 February 2017
Each day, hotels across the industry put themselves at risk of losing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars... simply by doing nothing at all. These hotels, many of which are a few simple actions away from nearly doubling their pool of potential customers, fritter away opportunities because they don't know how to address the concerns that previous guests have shared on the internet. But inaction can be changed, and new revenue streams can be opened.To begin, hotel leaders need to understand the feedback that guests are posting online, whether the hotel is excited about that or not. There are millions of reviews written each week, and while not every review pertains to every property, nearly every hotel will receive online feedback on a regular basis.Understanding these reviews can be tricky... it's important to identify the tone of a review (positive, neutral or negative) along with the contents of the review (going beyond the tone to identify what's actually being discussed). Then, over time, hotels can summarize the sentiments and their statistical relevance to truly understand what impacts their hotel the most. For example, if half of the reviews your hotel receives over a 30-day timeframe mention room cleanliness could be improved, and suddenly your room cleanliness performance drops 35%, you know right away that you need to take action.So, once data is understood and contextualized, it must be operationalized. Identifying weaknesses in a hotel, based on guest feedback, requires a willingness of management to understand that all feedback is simply data, and data should inform decisions. It can be very difficult to accept that, for instance, an employee who's regularly happy-go-lucky in meetings may turn off the charm in guest service settings. However, if multiple guests complain about the cleanliness of their rooms, there is likely an issue that management must address. This may be by ensuring their employees are implementing the best practices the hotel has established. It may also be changing those best practices (or changing employees if one particular person isn't effectively completing their job).Using feedback as a tool to identify challenges based on what guests are experiencing first hand can lead to a variety of outcomes, from simple corrective action with employees to more drastic actions are required (such as employee termination) or realizing a particular approach is the wrong way to do things. It can also be used to identify standout employees. Perhaps guest feedback about a hotel's restaurant is always amazing on Tuesdays. At that point, hotel executives should look to see if there is a particular dinner special earning praise, or if there is a standout chef who deserves some sort of recognition.Remember, not all feedback is bad. In fact, nearly 80% of online reviews are positive.However, if online feedback falls into the 20% that's negative, hotels can, and should address it. If they have operationalized the data and are taking actions to correct an issue, explaining that in an online setting can limit the damage caused by a negative review. After all, it isn't just the reviewer who sees the review, more than 95% of booking decisions are informed by online feedback. Earlier in this piece, I referenced how hotels may be costing themselves hundreds or even thousands of dollars each night. This is what I was talking about.A hotel's review score is the second most important detail in the guest's booking experience (behind price, but ahead of things like hotel brand name). In our recently released study on how people search for and book hotels, we found that 88% of would-be travelers immediately sort out hotels that have less than 3 out of 5 stars (more about that here). Based on our research, hotels that fall under three stars are typically dragged down by one or two repeating flaws. For instance, guests regularly remark about unclean rooms, or have a common concern having to do with breakfast, or recurring problems at checkout.In short, most hotels with a score under 3 stars can dramatically improve their score with one or two improvements, as opposed to a dramatic overhaul of some sort. Identifying and understanding online reviews will allow these hotels to easily identify these problem areas (these areas are often quite obvious). This improvement will open up an entirely new pool of potential guests. This is also true of hotels looking to increase their feedback ranking from 3 stars to 4, or even 4 stars and above. We still find that revenue increases even when hotel ratings increase from 4.1 to 4.2. No jump is too small, and therefore, it should be striven for time and time again. The fact of the matter is, that hotels want to avoid being taken out of consideration, and with the vast amount of options travelers have, this is becoming harder to do. One of the best ways to stay in the pool of hotel contenders is to strive for excellence - ratings and otherwise.For some context on why hotels should respond (because millions of users see the response and do acknowledge the fact that the hotel cares about user feedback) and also how hotels should respond, TrustYou has published a suggested best practices document about how to respond to negative reviews. It can be found here. Generally speaking, we recommend responding to all negative reviews, including three key components in each response:A thank you to the guest, both for staying at the hotel and for taking the time to write a review.An acknowledgement, explaining that you have, in fact, heard their concerns, and if possible, outlining the ways the hotel is working to ensure their issue won't happen again.An invitation to come back to the hotel, offering to show that you're serious about the improvement.Prospective guests want to stay in a place where they know that the management team is looking out for the guest's best interest. Following these steps can help to limit the damage for a potential guest who's seen a negative review.There is another way to improve a property's feedback ranking; incorporating guest surveys into the mix. Services like TrustYou enable hotels to incorporate survey results with feedback from other online channels and display a summarized review (we call it the Meta-Review) on search engines like Google or on meta-search sites like Kayak and Skyscanner, as well as OTAs like Hotels.com.The Approach Has Serious MeritsLast year, we analyzed millions of online reviews, finding that almost half (44%) had been solicited by the hotel. Some hotels, such as Motel One, go further, generating more than two thirds of their feedback by asking for reviews. In general, guests who are willing to fill out a post-stay feedback tend to offer more positive responses than guests who go online to leave a review. This means there there is an opportunity for hotels to include more positive, verified hotel reviews into their online feedback.The best way to do this is by building a short survey questionnaire. Remember, your guests are doing you a favor by providing feedback; don't take up more of their time than necessary. A typical approach would be to include 1-2 dropdown/checkbox answers, 3-5 ratings, and one long text answer. This survey will take your guest about 5 minutes to fill out, which is usually the most time a guest will spend in a survey setting without some sort of incentive attached, which is important. Including incentives in these programs should not happen, as they can be construed as paid endorsements.There are ways to improve survey response rates. One method is to work with teams at the front desk to make sure they preview the survey with departing guests. We recommend telling guests that a on the way, including the length of time it typically takes to respond to, and why it is being sent. Like you, your guests receive many emails every day, so offering a preview will allow the guests who are most likely to provide valuable feedback to look for it in their inbox. Sending surveys through different channels will also increase the response rate. In fact, we found that asking for feedback via text message leads to open rates as high as 98%.Guests will continue to leave online feedback for hotels, regardless of whether it's something that hotel leaders are excited about or not. To understand the phenomenon, many industry insiders have asked questions like "how much damage can bad reviews cause to my bookings?" We have an answer, and the numbers are dramatic; nearly 90% of travelers will immediately eliminate hotels that don't have a certain, attainable level of positive feedback from their list of potential places to stay. Smart executives can view online feedback as a source of data from which they can derive actionable insights that improve guest experiences and generate more bookings. They can also utilize guest surveys to improve both the quantity and quality of feedback. Taking these steps will open up a pool of new potential customers, and in some cases, can easily double or triple the number of guests willing to consider staying at a particular hotel.Reprinted from the Hotel Business Review with permission from www.HotelExecutive.com.

TrustYou Introduces Next Generation Hotel Review Summaries to Have Greater Impact on Guest Decisions

TrustYou 17 November 2016
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, today launched an update to its Meta-Review product aimed at increasing its influence on online bookings. TrustYou Meta-Review 2.0 automatically generates natural sentences for more than 30 languages based on verified hotel reviews. This information is then displayed on a variety of travel sites and booking engines.In addition to the improved semantic display, Meta-Review 2.0 also includes badges for hotel rankings that identify standout hotels and hotel attributes across each city worldwide. For example, a hotel might be identified as being in the "top 1% of locations in Paris" or having a "top 2% rooftop bar in Berlin," based on guest feedback."We've made major improvements to our Meta-Review product to more readily meet the expectations of travelers, and to fit with our comprehensive approach to understanding guest feedback," said Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou. "We're now able to help our hotel partners easily comprehend feedback from each step of the guest journey, and our publishing partners to use the structured data to positively influence the search-shop-buy experience for travelers worldwide."At its launch, a variety of new companies are utilizing or about to start utilizing the Meta-Review 2.0 API, including GTA, Momondo, Travolutionary, online-express.ru, and wakanow, in Africa, among others. These new partners complement an impressive line up of companies using the platform, including Google, KAYAK, Skyscanner, Wego and hundreds of others.For more information, visit www.trustyou.com

TrustYou Expands The World's Largest Guest Feedback Platform with Fully Integrated Real-Time Messaging

TrustYou 6 October 2016
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, today announced the launch of TrustYou Messaging. This real-time guest messaging service is based on the technology provided by Checkmate, a company acquired by TrustYou earlier in 2016. The integration into the guest feedback platform enables hotels to operationalize and benefit from guest feedback at every point in the traveler's journey: while searching and booking before the stay, during the on-site experience, and after the stay while collecting post-stay feedback.TrustYou Meta-Reviews and TrustScore* - verified summarized review content and scores - are displayed on travel and search sites like Google Search and Maps as well as on KAYAK, Hotels.com, Skyscanner, and 100+ more. This widely spread reputation standard of a hotel has great impact on the booking behavior of millions of travelers, as Meta-Reviews allow guests to evaluate a hotel's key attributes quickly and at one glance. The new product, TrustYou Messaging, enables hotels to engage with guests prior to check-in and during their stay via e-mail, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other social channels. Instant feedback is gathered, enabling arising issues to be clarified on-site, which helps to prevent negative reviews. With TrustYou Stars, a sophisticated guest satisfaction survey solution, hotels can easily collect post-stay feedback and simultaneously push it to TrustYou's platform and to Google to positively influence the overall online reputation. TrustYou Analytics completes the platform, as the powerful analytics tool enables hotels to track, analyze and monitor all feedback from all online channels and sources and act upon it. All is connected and seamlessly works together in one SaaS platform and is accessible to users via one single login."With the addition of Messaging, TrustYou introduces a very powerful platform that makes all guest feedback from all channels immediately actionable. When it comes to feedback, TrustYou now handles the entire traveler journey. Whether it be the guest review data that helps travelers to book the right hotel, the on-site feedback allowing the traveler to engage with hotels, or the post-stay feedback collection, which feeds the online guest review data and again influences the booking behavior," said Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou. "For the first time hotels can positively influence traveler bookings on scale and dramatically improve guest experiences, leading to higher satisfaction ratings and increasing both new and return bookings."Modus Hotels, a Washington DC based Lifestyle Hotel Company, uses the platform to enhance the guest experience at all stages of the traveler's journey. "Guest feedback is paramount to the success of our hotel business", says Josh Runes, Digital Marketing Manager at Modus Hotels. "We were looking to find out how the incorporation of our guest messaging service increased guest satisfaction overall, and TrustYou was the ideal platform to help us do so."A full demo of TrustYou's guest feedback platform can be requested here.For more information, visit www.trustyou.com

IDeaS integrates TrustYou's review data to improve revenue performance

TrustYou 26 September 2016
TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, now provides its extensive review data to IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services. By integrating TrustYou's data into IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS), hotel clients are offered additional insights based on guest feedback to factor in when managing their hotel pricing.TrustYou's reputation management features are conveniently incorporated into IDeaS RMS to analyze review data to support, compare, and evaluate the overall hotel revenue management along with feedback data. As almost every traveler reads reviews before making a booking decision, it is vital for hotels to analyze and manage their feedback online. A positive reputation across the web helps hotels to increase bookings and has an impact on revenue and occupancy rates. TrustYou Research shows that travelers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with higher review scores; 76% of travelers state that they would pay more for a hotel with higher average review scores.Vivek Bhogaraju, Director for Global Strategic Alliances at IDeaS, notes: "The effects of reviews on bookings and the decision making process of travelers are significant for hotels. Incorporating TrustYou's review data is the next logical step for us to optimize our revenue management solution to make it even more accurate. We put the review data into context with key factors like RevPAR, ADR, and occupancy to help hoteliers to make the best decisions for their revenue management."IDeaS RMS features sophisticated data sets with in-depth evaluations that enable users to compare the average reputation scores in the market against their hotel's key performance indicators. Detailed analysis capabilities present and illustrate key performance indicators over time, allowing hotels to assess and evaluate opportunities for effective and intelligent rate decision-making through informed comparisons of competitor rates and reviews.Michael Menzel, VP for Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou, adds: "The partnership with IDeaS will help hotels globally to make the right pricing decisions and highlights the importance of guest feedback as a very important revenue driver. It is our vision to make our guest feedback platform accessible everywhere to achieve guest feedback ubiquity in the travel industry to benefit both, travelers and accommodation providers."
Article by Ellis Connolly

What's in Your Hotel Technology Stack? (And Why Your Stack Matters)

TrustYou 31 August 2016
What's your stack look like? No, that isn't a pick-up line - it's technology lingo to describe what software and programs a hotel uses in their day-to-day operations.It's a term I've only recently seen applied to the hospitality industry, despite the fact that many other industries have been analyzing technology stacks for years.So why should you care what's in your hotel technology stack and how can it help you achieve your goals this year (such as increased direct bookings and improved guest satisfaction)?First, let's look at what a technology stack is.What is a hotel technology stack?A hotel technology stack is made up of all the software and programs you use to manage your digital marketing, operations, booking software, revenue management, third-party distribution, guest services and even more. In other industries, you might hear the term marketing stack or sales technology stack which specify the types of tools you use in those departments. For our purposes here today, we're going to focus on the entire suite of technology that you use to power your hotel's operations.The technology options for hoteliers are increasing year-by-year; as well, it's hard to compete if you don't have the right tools to do your job.What should your hotel technology stack include?In Skift's latest trends report, they broke down the ideal hotel IT solution by categories - which are similar to the ones that we'll be looking at here; specifically Marketing tools and Hotel Operations.Hotel Technology Stack: MarketingThese include tools that help you market your property online and on third-party travel websites like OTAs. To market your hotel effectively, you need tools that allow you to easily manage your online marketing, distribute your hotel on third-party travel websites, build loyalty with customer satisfaction tools, analyze your marketing and spend with analytics, and manage revenue and reservations.Here are some tools that you might use in these categories:Online marketing: Leonardo and BookingSuite both offer a digital marketing system for hotels to build their own websites and mobile sites; they differ on the other features included (for example,Leonardo offers third-party channel distribution; BookingSuite offers revenue management tools)Third-party distribution: Fastbooking's Distribution Manager lets you update your room availability and pricing for all third-party travel channels, using just one interface. Fastbooking also offers website development, SEO and a booking engineAnalytics: Google Analytics should be installed on your website to, at the very least, track which pages your audience are visiting (page views and sessions), how long they're staying (time on page) and on which pages they're leaving (bounce rate)Loyalty: TrustYou offers an online reputation management program and its new acquisition of Checkmate also makes it easy to build loyalty with guests since you can actively engage with guests before arrival and on-siteRevenue management: Rainmaker offers revenue optimization and analytical solutions to transform complex data from numerous sources into actionable insights. For example, their guestrev tool uses data to forecast demand and set room rates and their revcaster provides revenue managers with data on comp-set hotel pricingHotel Technology Stack: Hotel OperationsThese include tools such as your property management system; think of anything that enables you to manage guest requests, facilitate smoother check-ins and check-outs and deal with guests' issues (maintenance).Here are some tools that might make up your hotel operations technology stack:Guest relations: StayNTouch - Their Zestweb product enables guest check-in via mobile (guests receive a "pre-engagement email" inviting them to check-in or out via their smartphone and desktop - no need to download an app). Rover Front Office allows front desk staff to be mobile - and thanks to their live integration with the hotel PMS, staff can check guests in and out from anywhere as well as deal with any guests' concerns. Rover Housekeeping allows housekeeping staff to use any mobile device to keep track of room statuses, clean lists for the day etc.Sales and catering: An events program like SocialTables may be your go-to technology to manage meetings and eventsScheduling: A booking engine tool like JackRabbit can help increase direct bookings and increase conversionsMaintenance: You might manage maintenance with a tool like hotel ServicePro that automates the scheduling and reporting of safety requirements, guest requests, preventative maintenance and more.Why it's beneficialIn 2015, there were over 1,876 different marketing tools on the market, an increase from just 974 in 2014. As more and more technology tools enter the market (with many vendors focused exclusively on the hospitality industry) and as more travelers demand the latest, most innovative technology to book hotels, it's easy to get caught up with questions like Should I be using that tool? Is the hotel down the street tracking that? If we don't start using that tool, are we going to fall behind?If those questions have caught your mind, you're not alone. 50% of hotel professionals surveyed by Skift said they plan to invest more in operations technology this year.Using the latest technology isn't always the answer; instead, you need to evaluate if the technology that you have is making it easier to do your job and is improving the experience of your guests.Take a moment to analyze your own hotel technology stack:Start by writing down all the categories we've included above and then list the tools that fall into each categoryAre there any gaps? For example, do you have too many marketing tools but no analytics or guest loyalty tools?Then, ask your staff to rate the tools that you're currently use in terms of preference and also in terms of how often they're using themFinally, cross-reference the information you've gathered with your goals for the year: if increasing bookings from destination websites and OTAs are a goal, do you have the right tools for the job? If decreasing maintenance spend is a focus, are you investing in any tool to make your processes more efficient?It may seem like a difficult process but knowing what tools you use and why is the first step to not only a more efficient operation but also a more successful one.We'd love to know: what tools make up your hotel technology stack?

Petit Palace Hoteles Increases Revenues and Improves Guest Experiences Through TrustYou Partnership

TrustYou 29 August 2016
TrustYou (www.trustyou.com), the world's largest guest feedback platform, has powered significant guest experience improvements and positively affected the bottom line for Petit Palace Hoteles, which operates 31 boutique hotels throughout Spain. Since 2013, the companies have worked together to surpass a certain threshold of reputation scores and boost visibility in booking sites in a way that has generated up to 200% in revenue for specific properties at Petit Palace Hoteles.Among key accomplishments, Petit Palace Hoteles was able to dramatically increase its response rate, a measure of management's commitment to the guest experience.Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou, explains: "Hotels have the ability to understand and improve upon each step along their guest's journeys. Petit Palace Hoteles has capitalized on this opportunity, and built an entire corporate culture based on incorporating feedback."Petit Palace Hoteles utilize each of TrustYou's products:TrustYou Meta-Review: Summarizes guest reviews and displays them prominently on Petit Palace Hoteles websites and popular travel sites.TrustYou Stars: Advanced survey tool that increases verified reviews published across the web.TrustYou Analytics: Analyzes and manages guest feedback to improve the hotel experience.The comprehensive approach to gathering and understanding data is a key driver of the hotel's dramatic growth.Alfonso Castellano, CEO of Petit Palace Hoteles remarked, "We cannot stress enough how important guest-centric information is to drive our business decisions. At Petit Palace Hoteles, we strive to make use of all information delivered by TrustYou. Moreover, we continuously attempt to gain the most out of the tool, since our decision making model is based on integrated and reliable data."TrustYou analyzes millions of hotel reviews, guest surveys, and social comments and runs the most comprehensive guest feedback platform worldwide. TrustYou displays its review data and TrustScore on hundreds of search and travel sites such as Google Search and Maps, KAYAK, Skyscanner and Hotels.com and influences millions of booking decisions every day.A full case study highlighting the results of the partnership between TrustYou and Petit Palace Hoteles can be found at: http://www.trustyou.com/resources/petit-palace-hotels-case-study-shows-remarkable-results
Article by Valerie Carboni

Using Mobile Technology to Improve the Guest Experience

TrustYou 23 August 2016
Technology, namely our smartphones, is an extension of our lives at this point. We use our phones to do just about everything, having the world at your fingertips really is all it's cracked up to be. So it comes as no surprise that 90% of US travelers use their phones while they travel, according to TripAdvisor. With so many travelers on their phones, there's a lot of value your property can bring to the guest experience. There are a number of useful ways to interact with your customers when they're on and off your property. Here are just a few ways you can get the most out of mobile technology.Your WebsiteIn 2016, most people want to talk about how apps are the go-to mobile solution for your property. While a mobile app isn't a bad idea, it's unlikely that the first interaction a guest will have with your property will be through a proprietary app. Instead, your website is where most people will go to by default to find information like your phone number, address, and other information.That's why we highly suggest having a mobile-optimized website and testing every page on multiple devices. Not only does Google penalize non-mobile websites , it provides a bad guest experience. You can almost bet that people who access your website while already traveling are doing so on a mobile device.Your website is also a great place to include information about local restaurants, attractions, and events. Your front desk staff and concierge can direct your guests to your website to access this helpful information. The first step to creating a good onsite experience through mobile is pretty basic in terms of mobile, get your website mobile optimized and add some great content.Instant MessagingToday, most people would rather text than pick up a phone to ask a simple question or address an issue. Most hotels only offer an in-room phone to contact the front desk or order room service. But now technology can empower your employees to provide an extra level of service.Platforms such as TrustYou's product, Checkmate, enable hotels to communicate with their guests via text. Not only is Checkmate a texting platform, but it's a tool to help keep track of important customer information and compile a complete list of previous communications. With a texting platform like Checkmate, your staff has the infrastructure to complete tasks in a timely matter. No more lost messages or shuffling through endless emails to remember a request sent last week.The best part about these types of texting platforms is that there isn't any extra software for the guest to download. All a guest has to do is shoot a text to the number you provide them. We've seen plenty of proprietary hotel apps that enable some sort of text-based conversation. But, getting a guest to actually download an app and then use it has proved difficult. Using basic text provides the best guest experience.Social MediaThere's no better place to leverage mobile technology than on social media. During their stay, guests are snapping, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, among other things, and in all likelihood, your property will make some sort of cameo. That's why it's important for properties to create some sort of hashtag, and make sure their location check-ins on Facebook and Instagram are set up correctly.You can also perform keyword searches, such as your property name, to see what your guests are saying about their travels. You can then use these keyword searches and property check-ins to comment, repost, and like your guest's posts. For example, if a guest uploads a picture of their drink at your pool you can comment something like "it's a perfect day to be poolside, let us know if we can help you out with anything " is a great way to interject your brand and show your customers that you're listening.Because social media is predominantly mobile-based, it makes sense to put some time and effort into building an infrastructure where you can find and respond quickly to your guests' posts, especially if they include urgent requests.Also, social media platforms, like Facebook are making it easier for guests to communicate with them. Facebook has made a lot of changes to their business messenger platform, and now it is easier than ever for guests to message you via Messenger. Guests can now scan a business' messenger code, which operates like a QR code to quickly send a message. Facebook encourages businesses to post their Messenger code on their website as well as physical promotional materials. Or, guests can type in the username that you designated for your page in their messenger app. Both tools are a new way to help your business interact with your customers. You can read more about how to use these features here.As smartphones and other mobile technologies continue to become more popular, it's in your property's best interest to embrace the trend. There are so many different ways for you and your employees to increase guests' satisfaction through mobile. Your website, instant messaging, and social media are just a few ideas to help scratch the surface. Part of providing a great experience is being wherever your guests are, and today, they are on mobile.

Internationally operating Tune Hotels count on TrustYou to manage guest feedback and increase bookings

TrustYou 3 August 2016
Tune Hotels' approach to high lodging quality at an affordable price is an extreme success across the globe, operating 23 hotels in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Indonesia and India. With a complex and diverse portfolio, the hotel group recognizes the need to have a centralized approach to manage guest feedback. TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, is the chosen solution of Tune Hotels to meet its strategic needs.TrustYou's simple dashboard enables Tune Hotels to collect unlimited surveys, analyze its entire online review ecosystem, and make positive improvements on how over five billion travelers see their reputation. Tune Hotels uses the premium customizable survey solution, TrustYou Stars, to collect its own post-stay feedback from their guests. The hotel group uses these surveys to gain valuable insights and market intelligence in order to identify and solve internal issues, improve services, and stay ahead of the competition. Research shows that hotel-solicited feedback is up to eight percent* higher than feedback from OTAs or other review websites, giving Tune Hotels the opportunity to increase its overall reputation score.TrustYou Analytics and its features help Tune Hotels to gain a full overview about their performance, for both individual properties as well as the entire hotel group. Hotels can easily monitor, manage, and reply to feedback from all online feedback sources. The hotel group uses the exclusive "Impact Scores" to visualize and understand the top sentiments with the most overall impact - positive and negative - to focus its improvement efforts. Analytics also provides the opportunity to benchmark against competitors and set up customized reports to identify and track important KPI's for both the entire Tune Hotels group and individual hotels.The positive and actionable results are then displayed to the over five billion travelers viewing TrustYou summarized data, the TrustScore and Meta-Review, on sites including: Google Search and Maps, Hotels.com, KAYAK, Skyscanner, Wego and many more.Frank Trampert, CEO Brand and Hotel Management at Tune Hotels, adds: "TrustYou addresses an important gap through clever technology when it comes to proactively managing a brand or properties' online representation. The easy to use platform provides detailed analysis on current and historical performances as well as the possibility to efficiently screen reviews and reply. The ability to split data by brand, cluster, as well as property level, enables us to swiftly identify critical areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. We wanted to work with a provider that had substantial international experience as well as support support and the team at TrustYou surely delivered."Frederick Wong, MD & VP APAC at TrustYou, says: "We are excited to be the trusted partner of Tune Hotels' for guest feedback management. Our guest feedback platform is ideal to outline the most valuable factors, from the guests' perspectives, that could be improved to help optimize the performance and eventually transparently market the the overall reputation."*based on an internal TrustYou study

TrustYou acquires Checkmate and integrates live messaging into its guest feedback platform

TrustYou 12 July 2016
TrustYou (www.trustyou.com), the world's largest guest feedback platform, today acquired real-time messaging specialist Checkmate, enhancing its platform to incorporate real-time guest feedback. The acquisition of Checkmate enhances the TrustYou platform, allowing hotels to actively engage guests before they arrive and while they are on-site in real-time through SMS, email, and even Facebook messaging. For hoteliers, this drives engagement and allows hotels to always be informed about their guests' experiences.Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou, explains: "Checkmate provides an outstanding real-time messaging product for hotels to communicate with their guests at all times, which fits perfectly into TrustYou's guest feedback platform. With this addition to our platform, we are one step closer to powering the entire guest feedback cycle for the global hospitality and travel industry."Real-time communication also prevents negative reviews before they occur by giving the hotel the opportunity to resolve complaints quickly. This helps to improve the hotel product and its global reputation, which drives bookings on scale.Checkmate's CEO and co-founder Drew Patterson says: "The combination with TrustYou helps realize Checkmate's vision of real-time, personal interaction between guests and hotels. TrustYou's scale accelerates hotel adoption, and their expertise in powering guest feedback strengthens the Checkmate product. Together we can shape the future of guest communication and feedback."TrustYou analyzes millions of hotel reviews, guest surveys, and social comments and runs the most comprehensive database for review content worldwide. TrustYou displays its review data and TrustScore on hundreds of search and travel sites such as Google Search and Maps, KAYAK, Skyscanner and Hotels.com and influences millions of booking decisions every day.

DER Touristik announces partnership with TrustYou: DER hotel brands use the global feedback platform

TrustYou 25 April 2016
DER Touristik, one of Europe's leading tourism groups, partners with TrustYou - the world's largest feedback platform - to analyze, benchmark, and influence the online reputation of their own hotel brands across the entire web. TrustYou collects and evaluates feedback for 500,000 hotels worldwide and displays well-structured data by means of a sophisticated tool.Family-friendly "Club Calimera" and the exclusive "lti Hotels" use TrustYou Analytics to manage and react to feedback in order to constantly improve. The comprehensive evaluation of review data also enables the analysis of different areas, such as service, comfort, rooms, and amenities, to show which positive and negative attributes influence the overall reputation most. Thereby, hoteliers can adopt appropriate measures for improvement and optimization. Furthermore, targeted evaluation of competitors leads to conclusions regarding the positioning of hotels and necessary investments. The resulting improved reputation of the DER Touristik hotels becomes part of TrustYou's feedback platform and has an impact on millions of booking decisions worldwide. TrustYou's overall score of verified reviews, the so-called TrustScore, and the well-structured summaries of hotel feedback - Meta-Reviews - are incorporated into hundreds of sites such as the Google Search and Maps, Kayak, TUI and Hotels.com. Thereby, they are visible for millions of uses across the entire web.Club Calimera Hotels values transparency regarding its reputation through a visual integration of TrustScore widgets, derived from the Meta-Review, which are a trusted third-party seal of approval. This review information about the hotel offers travelers additional value, particularly transparency and a neutral rating.Helmut Henke, Project and Brand Manager at DER Touristik, explains: "TrustYou's product portfolio and first-class service immediately convinced us. We can consistently compare KPI's for all the hotels of DER Touristik and assess them in a simple and time-saving manner within the Analytics dashboard as well as various reportings. Hence, we have already drawn valuable conclusions in order to improve our offer. Additionally, TrustYou's cooperation with Google and providing review data on Google Search and Maps was a crucial point for our partnership decision."Michael Menzel, VP Strategic Partnership at TrustYou, add: "We are excited about our partnership with DER Touristik and being able to support the hotels to further improve and influence their online reputation worldwide. We are convinced that our program fulfills the requested requirements, since they can monitor, compare, and analyze individual hotels as well as the entire portfolio. Each improvement of a hotel immediately reinforces the DER product portfolio, has a positive impact on the TrustYou Platform, and influences millions of travel decisions."

25hours Hotels Rely on TrustYou's Global Feedback Platform for Reputation Management for its Eight Design Hotels

TrustYou 14 April 2016
25hours Hotels represent extraordinary design, innovation, and outstanding service. The current eight hotels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are individually adapted to each location, and also tailored to fit the diverse requirements of the cosmopolitan guests. 25hours Hotels rely on the world's largest guest feedback platform to optimize quality management and to influence the online reputation across the entire web. TrustYou collects and analyses guest feedback for 500,000 hotels worldwide. The TrustScore and Meta-Review, the summary and analysis of all verified reviews, are integrated into hundreds of websites such as the Google Search and Maps, Kayak, TUI, FTI, and Hotels.com and have an impact on millions of travel decisions.TrustYou Analytics helps 25hours Hotels to analyze and react upon guest reviews as well as to benchmark against competitors within many top destinations. Thereby, the hotel chain can develop its strengths at each location, ensure quality standards, and immediately recognize and make use of potential for optimization. The platform also highlights the areas that have the highest impact on the different properties of 25hours Hotels that require dedicated attention to maintain the reputation at a high level. TrustYou also puts a strong focus on the evaluation of social media data. Thus, hotels can view all tweets, posts, and blogs to help directly analyze and actively market feedback in the social networks. The better hotels optimize their practices with TrustYou, the faster the global reputation increases through the TrustScore as well as the number of positive reviews. This, in turn, leads to more bookings, better visibility on all portals, and an increase of guest willingness to pay higher room rates for a good hotel product.Each individual 25hours hotel embeds the TrustScore and verified reviews into its own website to provide travelers with a direct reputational overview. Thereby, travelers benefit from the same user experience as numerous travel websites and OTA's, which reinforces the direct booking channel.Alexander Schuster, Digital Marketing Manager at 25hours Hotels, adds: "From our point of view, TrustYou is the best possibility to easily keep track of guest feedback and affect our reputation directly and positively across the web. We have already drawn comprehensive conclusions for our hotels to react quickly and professionally to the feedback of our guests. Since every property follows a different concept, it is even more important for us to be able to assess the performance of each single hotel from the guest's point of view. Customer loyalty begins with a very good product and TrustYou is an integral contribution to continuously enhance our products and offers."Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou, states: "We are excited that 25hours Hotels uses our feedback platform to optimize their properties every day. With our solution they can learn from guest feedback, become more transparent, and increase the brand's online visibility, all of which result in more direct bookings."

WoodSpring Hotels chooses TrustYou to manage the reputation of its portfolio of hotels

TrustYou 14 March 2016
WoodSpring Hotels, operators of the WoodSpring Suites and Value Place brands, has selected TrustYou's guest surveys and review analytics suite to manage the online reputation of their hotel portfolio. With the reach of TrustYou's review scores and Meta-Review summaries on Google, Kayak, Trivago, Skyscanner and hundreds of other review web sites, WoodSpring Hotels can now track and respond to guest feedback quickly and easily for all their hotels. The hotel chain will use the sophisticated guest survey tool TrustYou Stars. The collected reviews will be sent out to guests during and after their stay and will become part of the TrustYou Meta-Review summary and TrustScore ecosystem.With TrustYou Analytics, WoodSpring Hotels can now analyze the performance of their entire hotel portfolio, including over 200 locations across the U.S. TrustYou Analytics monitors and reacts to reviews and receives an overview of all sentiments written by guests on the web and from issued surveys. In order to gain a competitive advantage and outperform industry peers, TrustYou Analytics also enables benchmarking against direct competitors and brands."With TrustYou's broad reach in the online travel segment, we're confident that we have chosen the right partner to strengthen our online reputation. The ease at which we're able to survey our guests during and after each stay is great. The analysis tool provides us with a comprehensive picture of our hotels' reviews and allow us to respond accordingly," says Victor Hernandez, SVP of Quality Assurance for WoodSpring Hotels.Ellis Connolly, Executive Vice President at TrustYou, notes: "We are excited to be working with the team at WoodSpring Hotels. The extended stay segment is an area we have been adding tremendous value with our "Mid-Stay" survey feature and powerful sentiment analysis, which both played a role in this new partnership. TrustYou's technology and review data have a huge influence on a hotel's reputation. WoodSpring Hotels will be leveraging us to impact their portfolio's reputation on scale and increase visibility through our partners like Google, Kayak and Trivago where our data drives bookings."About WoodSpring HotelsWoodSpring Hotels is the company behind the nation's fastest growing value extended-stay hotel brand with more than 200 hotels system-wide located in 30 states. The company owns 93 hotels and provides management services for both company-owned and franchised locations under the WoodSpring Suites and Value Place brands. WoodSpring Suites, as well as its enhanced brand extension, WoodSpring Suites Signature, are hotels for good people with practical needs, down-to-earth attitudes and a comfortable style, and who appreciate the value of life's necessities - done really well. For more information, visit www.WoodSpring.com.

TrustYou Launches Advancement of the TrustYou Radar App: "Social Radar" Enables Hotels to Receive Social Data in Real-Time

TrustYou 10 March 2016
Today, TrustYou announces a major advancement to its well-established app - TrustYou Radar - which is the mobile addition to TrustYou Analytics and connects all users with TrustYou while on the go. The newly developed "Social Radar" features collect and display different kinds of social media data about the hotel in real-time. This enables hoteliers to immediately analyze and react to social media posts that are tagged with the hotel or in the location. These include Facebook posts, tweets that mention the @handle of the hotel on Twitter, and Instagram pictures tagged in the geo-location of the hotel. TrustYou Radar now channels the huge amount of social media data across the web in a mobile-friendly way and shows the most recent posts to the user in a straightforward interface.Furthermore, in-app notifications pop up as soon as a new post is written and hotels can easily and directly respond to these social posts from the app. This leads to a positive customer relationship with guests and encourages interested travelers to book the hotel. Moreover, useful insight into the property's performance can be drawn and operations can be improved in real time, meaning the guest can be directly addressed while still on-site to ensure a satisfying stay.Additionally, hotels can use the collected social content for marketing purposes with the newly introduced Social Gallery widget, which can be incorporated into the hotel's own website. Social Radar allows users to highlight their preferred posts with a star, which then automatically pushes them to appear within the Social Gallery. Including user generated content enhances trust among travelers with their peers' opinions whether it is in the form of social media content or guest reviews - such as TrustYou Meta-Reviews - on hotels' websites. Furthermore, additional content increases direct bookings due to a high level of provided information right at the source.Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder at TrustYou, adds: "We are able to collect all guest feedback from every channel and transform them into trackable data points for hotels - from guest surveys, to reviews, to social posts and pictures happening in and around the hotel in real time. The simple integration of social content into the hotel website through the Social Gallery widget adds an emotional value and gives insights into experiences with pictures and personal stories in order to encourage travelers to book direct."TrustYou Radar with its new feature Social Radar is now available on iOS and Android.

TrustYou announces partnership with PLP Tourism and opens a new office in South Africa

TrustYou 29 January 2016
Today, TrustYou announced its new partnership with PLP Tourism and its Managing Director, Ms. Thembi Kunene, to firmly establish its position in South Africa. The newly appointed partner will be representing TrustYou across the entire African continent. TrustYou's online reputation management products and review data are used worldwide in the travel and hospitality industry. The newest addition to TrustYou's product portfolio is TrustYou Stars, an advanced guest satisfaction survey tool that allows hotels to gain more reviews and enhance their content on Google.TrustYou's CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Jost says "Africa is an important market for us. In order to have the best possible foundation to further market our products and data on the African Continent, we decided to partner with the local experts of PLP Tourism. We aim to reinforce our leadership position in online reputation management in Africa with this new partnership.""Being appointed as an official partner for TrustYou products makes our work much more meaningful towards enhancing the quality and service excellence of accommodations and destinations for domestic and international tourism. This also helps to position us favorably in the South African market, as PLP Tourism is majority owned by professional Black women'," said Ms Kunene.For more information about TrustYou visit www.trustyou.com. For more information about PLP Tourism visit www.plptourism.co.za.

TrustYou Releases TrustYou Stars To Help Hotels Gain More Reviews and Enhance Content on Google

TrustYou 19 January 2016
Munich, Germany and San Diego, USA - January 19 2016 - TrustYou has launched a new product, TrustYou Stars, aimed at helping hotels gain more reviews and enhance their review content by seamlessly pushing guest satisfaction survey reviews to Google. These reviews are also incorporated into TrustYou's TrustScores and Meta-Review summaries, which appear on hundreds of sites worldwide, including Google, Trivago, KAYAK, Skyscanner, Wego, Sabre GDS, and more.Hotels that are already using TrustYou Stars have seen promising results:Ayres Hotels has seen a 4% increase in its TrustScore (TrustYou's overall review score) alongside a 3000% increase in the volume of their Google reviewsB&B HOTELS saw a 2.5% increase in its TrustScore in just two months along with a 740% increase in Google reviewsMeininger Hotels saw 200% more Google reviews than in all of 2014 after just a few months using TrustYou StarsBenjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou, emphasizes: "Our newly developed product, TrustYou Stars, gives hotels the possibility to create more review content and thus more visibility on Google. It works beautifully together with our reputation management platforms, TrustYou Analytics, Radar and Meta-Reviews."Hotels looking to test TrustYou Stars can do so by signing up for a free 90 day trialhere. Or, learn more about TrustYou and TrustYou Stars at www.trustyou.com.

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