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Award-Winning Opus Hotel Selects Ivy Smartconcierge to Exceed Guest Expectations

Go Moment 6 December 2018
Go Moment, the world's leading provider of real-time artificial intelligence guest communication solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced that they have welcomed OPUS Vancouver to a rapidly expanding roster of notable clients. Now, following check-in, guests staying at the luxury property are greeted by Go Moment's smartconcierge Ivy, who actively responds to common questions, and personalizes their stay at every touchpoint, enabling guests to communicate with the ease of messaging.The OPUS hotel is the only boutique hotel in Vancouver to receive the coveted Forbes Four-Star rating from 2013 through 2018. They have also been honored for three consecutive years on Conde Nast Readers' Choice Awards 2018 Top 25 hotels in Canada and named "Top 5 Trendiest Hotels in the World" by TripAdvisor. Featuring the highly-rated Italian Restaurant La Pentola and fitness center, and known for planning epic excursions for their guests, the upscale property, located in the hip Yaletown neighborhood, remains one of the most popular choices for business and leisure travelers alike.By implementing Ivy, OPUS has already benefited from increased service levels and efficiencies. "Enhancing the experience for our guests has always been a top priority for us, and we are extremely excited to have Ivy as part of our team," explains Nicholas Gandossi, General Manager at the hotel. "We are already getting fantastic feedback from our guests about how much they love their super helpful 'personal' concierge. Through Ivy, our guests learn and seamlessly book exciting outings, dinners, massages, spa appointments in and around Vancouver. Ivy not only created a personalized experience for our guests, but she has developed a personality as a member of our team. People always ask to meet her and thank her for her help!"Powered by advanced technologies including AI, Ivy utilizes text or voice messaging and leverages human expertise and automation to resolve guest requests instantly, freeing up hotel staff to focus on high-value interactions and enhancing the overall guest experience. By leveraging intelligence gained through tens of millions of interactions, Ivy uses exclusive data to understand guest behaviors, ensuring communications are natural and intuitive. The engagements are designed to not only increase revenue per guest stay but also to provide guests up-to-date information on hotel services and activities at their fingertips."We have worked with many technology products in our 16 years, Go Moment is the most personalized and fun to engage with," adds Gandossi. "The roll-out process was quick and seamless, and the platform, which integrates to our PMS, is completely turn-key, offering us incomparable insights and opportunities to expand our business well into the future."Ivy is also responsible for checking in on guests' satisfaction mid-stay. In the event of a negative response, Ivy passes the issue along to the hotel, allowing for a proactive fix to be made before a negative review comes in."When OPUS Vancouver first reached out to us, they were seeking a new virtual concierge solution that was innovative, responsive and efficient," said Raj Singh, founder and CEO at Go Moment. "Once we demonstrated Ivy's pioneering guest engagement capabilities and in-depth analytics, their team had the confidence to make the switch. We're thrilled to partner with OPUS and look forward to helping their leading hotel drive higher service, loyalty, sales and ROI."To learn more about Ivy and Go Moment, visit About OPUS Vancouver OPUS Vancouver is more than a boutique hotel to stay, it is something to be a part of. Perfectly situated, adjacent to picturesque False Creek waterfront and surrounded by the city's best restaurants and lounges, we're perched in the best location in downtown Vancouver. At OPUS Vancouver we think cookie-cutters are for baking, so we threw ours away when we designed our award-winning 96 room downtown Vancouver boutique hotel. With striking design, personality plus, and a fabulous location, OPUS appeals to savvy travelers who prefer their lodgings with a little more flavor. Check out our virtual tour to see for yourself! About Go MomentIvy, powered by Go Moment, is the world's first smartconcierge for hotels. Ivy brings together human expertise and machine intelligence in a seamless experience for the guest. Via messaging, Ivy answers routine guest questions like "What's the Wi-Fi password?" in less than one second, reducing calls and disruptions to the hotel staff. Ivy provides conveniences like fulfilling guest requests, booking restaurant reservations, and accessing offers that enhance the guest experience from anywhere, at any time. Ivy has served tens of millions of guests, and she's often recognized in TripAdvisor reviews for providing exceptional service.
Article by Raj Singh

Increasing Guest Engagement and Revenues Using a Smartconcierge

Go Moment 29 November 2018
Enter the smartconcierge. Leveraging a common activity that consumers already comfortably do messaging the smartconcierge is a next evolutionary step for hotels to provide exceptional guest service. Unlike rudimentary chat bots with limited scripted responses, todays smartconcierge combines machine intelligence with human customer service in a seamless experience for the guest. Even better, a smartconcierge continues to learn and become even smarter over time.Inspired by their human counterparts, smartconcierges anticipate and meet guests needs by context, preferences, and prior requests, then deliver timely and relevant alerts, content, and offers. Without such intelligence, how else could a guest who asks, I need help getting Gwen Stefani concert tickets tonight not only get a 2-minute response, but also have tickets delivered via email, with a text notification ten minutes later offering transportation to the concert? How could a mere chat bot know where in the world this guest was, when tonight was, where the concert location was, and if there were seats available to book? Thats the power of the smartconcierge.Benefits of SmartconciergesUnlike a human concierge -- who wouldnt be expected to help book a return reservation or help dispatch housekeeping -- smartconcierges serve as the guests single point of contact for their entire visit. In the spirit of hospitality, why are hoteliers today taxing the guest with figuring out which department to route their query to? By reading between the lines in the guests message, smartconcierges automatically route issues to the appropriate staff member. This enables the guest to control their entire hospitality experience with a few taps on their mobile device from anywhere, at anytime.Smartconcierges are more successful at delivering exceptional guest experiences because the smartconcierge constantly learns to cover every scenario that may arise in a guests journey. That learning is retained and used in future situations. This breadth helps fulfill not only the guests service needs, but it truly transforms the request fulfillment process. Simple transactional asks like more towels, the hotel WiFi password, or borrowing a phone charger and even more complicated ones, like booking dinner reservations or finding show tickets, can be satisfied with record efficiency by the smartconcierge. This speed and effectiveness reinforces smartconcierge usage. Many guests even report finding the smartconcierge experience fun -- like a game or buzz, the way the back-and-forth of everyday messaging is! When this kind of interactivity works well, it drives guest engagement to new highs without requiring more staff. What hotelier wouldnt want that?Pleased with unprecedented convenience, guests quickly learn to message the smartconcierge first, which frees up human staff for customized requests. What used to take a hotel up to eight separate staff members to address can now be handled by one smartconcierge, enabling the hotel to regain as much as 30% of guest service man-hours. The smartconcierge can also be seen as an amenity and an enhancement to the on-property staff, who may not have time to handle simultaneous guest requests during peak hours.Using a messaging-based smartconcierge comes naturally to most guests. Messaging now represents 12% of the five hours per day that US consumers spend on their mobile phones, and 86% of travelers already say they want to interact with their hotel via their smartphones. To todays guest, this means not having to pick up the hotel room phone and call someone, possibly wasting time having to wait on hold before even being able to ask for help. With their handy smartconcierge, even off-premises guests can easily message for assistance, which gets provided with the same immediacy as if the guest were on-site. The real-time gratification provided by the AI-powered smartconcierge has led guests to use it ten times more than calling for human assistance. Plus, AI-powered smartconcierges are mindful of etiquette and exhibit a can-do, positive disposition 24/7 smartconcierges never get harried or have a bad day.But smartconcierges do more than just respond to inbound guest inquiries. Their hybrid programmed and organic intelligence also enables them to proactively anticipate needs by checking on guests and asking them questions that can enhance their stay, avoid guest issues, and deliver up-serve revenue opportunities. For instance, offering a guest a late check out for a modest fee, an incentive for extending their stay, or even food and drink suggestions all adds revenue to the hotels bottom line.With each positive and satisfactory guest experience comes incremental improvement in brand reputation and customer loyalty. The new-ness factor of these intelligent smartconcierges still has the ability to delight the guest with each interaction, so much so that guests often write about these smartconcierges in glowing online reviews using words like classy to describe their enhanced experience. One guest from Nobu Las Vegas raved, Excellent guest service by Ivy at this hotel. Shes efficient and friendly and never misses a beat with ours needs. This is why we return to this hotel time after time.To the guest, AI-enabled smartconcierges seem like a simple, enjoyable, and frictionless way to get an improved customer experience. And though the technology that powers them is anything but simple, to the hoteliers who benefit from positive guest perceptions and reviews, experiences, and revenue gains, these smartconcierges are simply fantastic, too. One day, as with the iPhone, we may look back and wonder: How did ever make do without a smartconcierge?

Hotel Guest Experience Innovator Go Moment Celebrates Record-Breaking Year

Go Moment 27 November 2018
Go Moment, the worlds leading provider of real-time artificial intelligence guest communication solutions for the hospitality industry, today released its list of significant company gains and achievements. The five-year-old company and creator of the award-winning smartconcierge Ivy, has experienced a landmark year that included record-setting volumes of guest interactions, new hotel clients, company executive and advisory board expansion, new technology integrations, and key new partnerships.Go Moment attributes its trajectory of success to the fast-growing demand for Ivy, its game-changing SMS-based hybrid human & AI guest service technology. Ivy delivers exceptional, frictionless 24/7 communication to guests and revenue opportunities for hotels. Ivy welcomes every guest after check-in and seamlessly addresses and automatically resolves guest questions and requests, freeing up staff to focus on delivering top-notch service. Ivy also provides up-sell and marketing opportunities to generate additional revenue.In 2018, Go Moment achieved these significant milestones:Successfully rolled out Ivy in tens of thousands of new hotel rooms, nearly doubling the number of new hotel clients year-over-year ranging from 70 room independent properties to 3000+ room casino resorts, as well as national chains and global travel enterprises.Celebrated the timely and reliable rollout of Ivy to the majority of hotels across the Caesars Entertainment portfolio. Caesars won the 2018 HT-NEXT Visionary Award for its implementation of Ivy and Chief Experience Officer of Caesars Michael Marino recognized Go Moment for its tried and true implementation model.Solidified Ivys presence at over 30% of the rooms on the Las Vegas strip with its smartconcierge solution to become the largest player in the casino resort messaging space.Achieved record usage: Ivy is now available to more than 25 million guests, representing a 100% year-over-year increase in messages and a 55% year-over-year increase in guest usage. In order to support its expansive portfolio, Ivy performed over 100 million actions autonomously.Secured investment from Plug and Play Ventures and Google.Pioneered voice integration with Google Assistant virtual personal assistant.Expanded Ivys hotel technology integration suite to include Amadeus, HotSOS, Springer Miller, Maestro, Quore and Genesys.Ivy and Go Moment received prominent national and trade attention including being featured on FOX and NBC and in The Economist.Were seeing a massive shift in guest preferences towards on-demand service, asserted Go Moment CEO Raj Singh. Expectations used to be set by the hotel down the street, now theyre being set by Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb. Those are the kind of competitors that we now have in the hotel industry from an experience standpoint. Messaging with guests is almost table stakes at this point. The question is, what more can we do for the guest beyond simple text messaging? Can we satisfy 30-40% of the guests queries instantly? The best way hoteliers can market today is to have great product, and deliver a great experience. Singh has been a featured speaker at more than 10 top-tier travel industry events this year including HITEC, Carlson Wagonlit, Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Plug and Play Travel, and Hotel Interactive BITAC.Go Moment has also continued to deliver on its commitment to ongoing innovations, which include an Ivy voice experience and other offerings focused on driving direct bookings and incremental revenue for its hotel clients. In 2018, Go Moment was first-to-market with an enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI) solution called Ivy Analytics that provides unparalleled real-time insights into guest experience and hotel operations performance.To learn more about Ivy and Go Moment, visit

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