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New Research Shows 81 Percent of Consumers Want Experience Recommendations from Their Hotels

ALICE 23 April 2019
NEW YORK - ALICE, the hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences, today released new research that found a sweeping majority (81 percent) of consumers would like to receive local experience and hotel upgrade recommendations from their hotels. The "Hotels' Digital Divide" report, commissioned by ALICE and conducted by third-party research firm YouGov, highlights the shifting expectations of modern hotel guests, as well as travelers' technology preferences and the role that technology plays in providing more personalized travel experiences.Revitalizing a Hotel's Best Resource: The ConciergeIn order to meet evolving guest expectations, hotels should equip their concierge with the most up-to-date information about nearby attractions and cultural experiences. Of the guests that want to receive recommendations from their hotels, more than one in four (27 percent) want dining recommendations for nearby restaurants, and more than one in five (21 percent) want to receive experience or room/service upgrade recommendations.Travelers are most interested in experiences such as:Food tastings / food tours of local cuisine (40 percent)Guided tours of the town they are visiting (36 percent)A learning center to learn more about the culture / life of the city they are visiting (33 percent)Spirit/wine/beer tours of local distilleries/wineries/breweries (27 percent)Technological Integration is Key Not all guests are interested in the latest emerging technologies - as more than half of consumers (56 percent) said they did not want to interact with robots during their stay, however, 52 percent did express interest in touring hotels in AR or VR. Consumers also conveyed a demand for improved in-room technology, and the research found that this was a leading priority for modern guests. In fact, they're willing to give up other amenities in exchange for it, such as:A business center (34 percent)A fitness center (27 percent)A spa (24 percent)Room service (15 percent)Fresh towels delivered daily (11 percent)Later check out times (11 percent)In addition, more than two in five of those who want hotels to better match their home life (43 percent) list in-room technology to integrate with their personal devices among their top three wishes. However, not all guests are alike - and it's important for hotels to provide travelers with multiple options to make service requests. The research found that among those who want to use either their personal or a hotel-provided smart device:For in-room technology:Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) want to use hotel-provided smart devicesTo order room service and housekeeping:More than 3 in 5 (63%) want to do so from a hotel-provided smart deviceNearly 2 in 5 (37%) want to use their personal devicesTo make reservations for dining/spa:More than 2 in 5 (41%) want to do so on hotel-provided smart devicesNearly 3 in 5 (59%) want to use their personal devicesFor check-in and check-out:2 in 5 (40%) want to use hotel-provided smart devices3 in 5 (60%) want to use their personal devicesCreating a Home Away from Home: Where Personalization and Hospitality CollideWhile guests are seeking new and unique experiences during their travels, the research also revealed that consumers seek lodging experiences that feature a level of comfort that's close to their home lives - from additional blankets in-room to the ability to select bedding and more. Top amenities of interest to those looking for a "more like home" experience include:A better Wi-Fi connection than currently offered (59 percent)Their preferred coffee / tea selection in-room (38 percent)Their preferred toiletries in-room (33 percent)A white noise machine (20 percent)An option to select their room's layout (18 percent)A selection of books to read at their leisure (16 percent)"The digital revolution is at the forefront of the hotel industry - but not all guests need to be wowed by the latest and greatest technology like robots at the front desk," said Alex Shashou, Co-Founder and President of ALICE. "Hotels should focus on providing both technologies and recommendations that can be used to elevate their staff's ability to provide hospitality - not replace it. When designing optimal guest experiences, hoteliers must find balance between providing new, unique experiences coupled with the feeling of a home away from home. Above all, hotels must center their services around choice."The full report is available at MethodologyALICE commissioned YouGov -- a third party, professional research and consulting organization -- to poll the views of 1,207 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between January 3-4, 2019. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

ALICE Accelerates Expansion Throughout Europe

ALICE 3 April 2019
ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, expands its reach in Europe with the placement and hiring of several hotel technology sales experts in key markets across the continent. ALICE has grown rapidly worldwide, including 250 hotels signed in Europe in the last 12 months alone. This team will accelerate ALICE's already swift expansion throughout Europe and provide market guidance and support for key European regions.Jessica Kramer, ALICE's VP of Enterprise, has been relocated to Stockholm to help roll out the company's European operations. Her responsibilities will include hiring in-market Sales Directors and Customer Support specialists, connecting with hotel groups that need better operations and communication tools, and continuing to support major in-market accounts, including flagship client Nordic Choice.ALICE's recent appointments in Europe include Gaston Richter, Director of Enterprise Sales based in Spain, Darren Panto, Director of Enterprise Sales based in London, and Colin Barnett, Director of Sales, also based in London.ALICE is an ideal fit for regional brands, which the company has successfully partnered with in the United States, Mexico, and now increasingly in Europe. Europe's hotel market is comprised largely of independent hotels and regional brands that can be uniquely helped by ALICE's suite of operations and guest engagement solutions.Hotel PartnersALICE's flagship European group is the innovator Nordic Choice Hotels, one of the largest hotel groups in Scandinavia. ALICE is also currently piloting its technology with the region's largest hotel group.Other prominent regional clients include: Yotel, numerous clients from Leading Hotels of the World and Preferred Hotels, and tens of Forbes Five-Star properties, alongside over 250 independent hotels.Growing the TeamGaston Richter, Director of Enterprise Sales, will focus on providing assistance and guidance to European hotel groups committed to enhancing the guest experience and staff efficiency. Gaston brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked in hospitality and travel for over 20 years for some of the biggest names in the industry, including, Barcelo Hotel Group, Innwise, and TrustYou.Darren Panto, Director of Enterprise Sales, is looking forward to offering European hotel groups a cutting-edge, efficient tool to be able to manage all hotel operations from one platform in a consistent way across hotels. Another veteran of hotel and hotel technology Sales, Darren has gained extensive knowledge of resorts, hotels, destinations and customer expectations, building successful business relationships from small independents to the largest global hotel companies. Darren joins ALICE from iRiS Software Systems, where he was most recently VP of Sales for Europe, delivering leading solutions for guest-facing technology.Colin Barnett, Director of Sales, will continue to expand ALICE's presence in Europe, after a successful 18-year career in the hospitality, travel, and technology markets, most recently as GuestTek's VP Sales Europe.ALICE's VP of Enterprise Jessica Kramer summarizes the regional opportunity: "Regional brands have been some of the greatest contributors to new ALICE functionality, from preventative maintenance to portfolio management tools to group reporting and filtering. I can't wait for our introduction of ALICE Housekeeping this year, which will provide transformative efficiency and cost savings for all of our hotels. I've been inspired by our rapid growth in Europe in the past year and I'm looking forward to accelerating further with a strong local team."ALICE's Enterprise and Independent sales teams will be attending HITEC Mallorca, April 9-11. Email to schedule a customized demo.

"We Love ALICE Because It's a One-Stop Shop"

ALICE 20 March 2019
The newly-opened EXchange Hotel Vancouver has chosen ALICE to optimize hotel operations and enhance the guest experience in Vancouver's first LEED Platinum Heritage Conversion. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.Housed in the original Vancouver Stock Exchange, EXchange Hotel prides itself on being both green and technology-focused. Meeting challenging standards for sustainability and energy conservation, EXchange is also innovating with guest and staff-facing technology - using tablets to communicate with guests in each of its 202 rooms, and investing in ALICE's operations platform that empowers hotel staff to deliver on the hotel's promise of the best of past and present.Prior to opening in August 2018, the hotel had been looking for ways to ensure seamless communication between staff. Hotel management had considered implementing HotSOS, but selected ALICE for its "one-stop-shop" of operations and engagement tools.Since launching ALICE, EXchange Hotel staff now enjoy clear communication and task tracking with ALICE's digital ticket dispatching and to-do lists. Radios are now only used for emergencies or communication within a department, benefitting the property in many ways, especially because radio chatter is no longer overheard by guests. Operations Manager Bonnie Li appreciates the accountability provided by the ability to dispatch tasks directly to staff: " I love that there is always one person taking ownership of each issue and follow through," she says.Bonnie is not only wowed by the product but also by ALICE's support team: "Sometimes I don't even know what ALICE can do for me. So I have a conversation and tell them what I am trying to achieve, they will walk through the process with me and ensure the system compliments our path to the goal."

ALICE helps the Luxury Chable Resort take Communication and Staff Operations to the Next Level

ALICE 13 March 2019
Para leer el comunicado en espanol, haga click aqui.ALICE provides Chable Resort & Spa with an operations system to record and track internal guest requests for effective and efficient communication.The Leading Hotel of the World Chable Resort has selected ALICE's full suite of staff communication and task management tools, as well as white-labeled app for their guests, to improve staff communication, enhance operations, and better engage guests across its 40 luxury villas located in the Mayan jungle. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. In 2017, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.At the time of implementing ALICE, Chable Resort had developed standard operating procedures (SOPs), but had yet to fully distribute and communicate them to all departments (the Resort opened in 2016). By implementing ALICE, SOPs are now stored as Logbookitems, which makes them easily accessible to all staff members. When changes to SOPs are made, additions are uploaded as new Logbook items and immediately available to every department. This was a new feature in ALICE designed specifically for the resort and it ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to following procedures.Another aspect that had impacted operations at the resort prior to ALICE was communication amongst management, and staff in general. Previously, personal cell phones were used by management to communicate requests or report anything that needed to be addressed. This had two further implications. One being that the only way for management to see if a task had been completed required scrolling through a chat history, and the other being that on days off, management would still receive messages that were often unrelated to their team.By upgrading to ALICE, managers will no longer be bothered by messages on their personal cell phones and will only receive requests that exclusively pertain to their areas, allowing for managers to fully disconnect from work. The issue of identifying if a task has been completed has also been addressed, as ALICE workflows enable the manager to see when something has been completed through the ticket history.Moving over to ALICE has also meant that radio is no longer the main channel of communication. This has benefitted the property in many ways, especially because radio chatter is no longer overheard by guests.For Rooms Division Manager Eva Lopez, the transition to ALICE has been a positive one. "There's a big difference. Right now, we can record every internal and guest request and now we know how long each request will take."

How Luxury Hospitality Brand AKA Standardizes Operations Across 10 of Their Properties

ALICE 6 March 2019
Luxury hospitality brand AKA has partnered with ALICE to standardize operations across ten of its properties. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every staff department through one platform for all communication and guest requests. Over two thousand hotels and luxury residences around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communication with a single platform.AKA balances the space and comfort of a fully-appointed luxury condominium with the style and hospitality of an intimate hotel. Designed for weekly and monthly stays in some of the most desirable destinations across the globe, the AKA experience begins at the moment of reservation. Whether it's a month in advance or after the resident arrives, AKA offers a multitude of luxury services, from curating a personalized grocery order to be delivered upon arrival, to booking the best tickets or the hottest restaurant reservations, to custom fitness and wellness programs. By improving resident request tracking, staff communication, and maintenance management through a single software platform, AKA is able to deliver its services to residents seamlessly.The partnership began with a rollout at AKA West Hollywood, and from there continues to expand, eventually to be implemented in ten AKA properties. Jessica Maidat, AKA Portfolio Operations Director explains, "After a demo with the ALICE team, we easily saw how ALICE was the solution to enhancing our operations, communication, accountability and overall productivity. This system has assisted us in our continued dedication to operate smoothly and efficiently, while elevating our residents' experience."Before ALICE, AKA Resident Services team members used a variety of systems to facilitate interdepartmental communication. Although resident requests were always handled as promptly as possible, the team felt a streamlined system would be more beneficial, with all communication in one place preventing delays or miscommunication. Indeed, ALICE allows team members taking requests to send them directly to the team members handling them, ensuring all tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, all team members can now view the workflow of each and every task -- everyone is always on the same page in real time.The AKA team members are thrilled to have a toolset that allows them to meet resident expectations without a hitch. With ALICE, accountability has increased; team members can create reminders and alerts for requests, check task status, and respond to resident requests or concerns with lightning speed through SMS. Furthermore, the volume of resident requests can now be tracked effectively; staffing levels have been aligned to these metrics, making better use of operational budgets and ensuring complete coverage at the most needed moments.AKA management recognizes a deep impact not only on staff communication, but also on resident engagement and satisfaction. With today's technological norms, guests appreciate the ability to have quick and simple interactions via text as opposed to phone calls or emails. While travelers still enjoy the face-to-face nature of the hospitality industry, mastering these technological conveniences is key in offering the most elevated and complete resident and guest experience.With eight AKA properties already successfully launched on ALICE, two more properties will follow in the coming months. Of the support team, Jessica notes, "The ALICE team is equally supportive from the discovery phase, through implementation, to post launch. They ensure each property's operation is running smoothly after launch, assessing each property's database to ensure the system is being well used."

Forbes Travel Guide Chooses ALICE as Their Official Staff Operations Technology for 2019

ALICE 26 February 2019
Para leer el comunicado en espanol, haga click aqui.ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations platform, has been chosen by Forbes Travel Guide (FTG) as their Brand Official Staff Operations Technology for 2019. ALICE has held this distinction since FTG created their Brand Official program in 2017. This recognition is, once again, confirmation of the platform's ability to meet and promote the highest standards of hospitality at some of the world's most excellent hotels.The FTG Brand Official program is designed to point the world's best hoteliers towards products and services notable and worthy of endorsement. Thousands of hotels across the country and around the world use ALICE to improve staff operations and guest satisfaction. For Forbes Travel Guide Star-Rated hotels, ALICE assists them with meeting some of FTG's rigorous 900 standards, and enables a variety of customizations to guarantee exceptional guest experiences."We carefully select Brand Officials that help our Star-Rated properties enhance the guest experience through their service or product," says Micarl Hill, Executive Vice President, Brand Development at Forbes Travel Guide. "In the case of ALICE, its technology enables staff members to communicate to one another quickly and efficiently, which ultimately means that they are better equipped to serve guests.""We are very proud to have selected ALICE once again among our collection of Brand Officials," says Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. "The company is an innovator in the hospitality technology space, always listening to the hoteliers and expanding its products to meet the needs of the industry and helping better the guest experience."ALICE is looking forward to building on the innovative ways the company leveraged its Brand Official status in 2018. ALICE partnered with FTG during their annual Verified, The Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit in the Spring of last year to showcase the event's first text messaging-powered concierge service. The service allowed the tech-savvy, but very busy crowd of hotel general managers, owners, and managing directors to request concierge-style services and information during a packed few days of events. ALICE's Customer Success Specialist and former concierge, Valerie Coello, was on hand to help fulfill attendees' needs, which included requests for dinner and spa reservations, event logistics and information, confirming RSVPs, and even a very last-minute tux fitting. By offering the Summit's hundreds of attendees concierge service at the push of a button, ALICE demonstrated to some of the world's best hoteliers how convenient and compelling text messaging is in delivering a superior guest experience.ALICE has also looked to provide value to FTG-rated hotels by partnering with other Brand Officials. The company announced an integration with Brand Official Intelity last year to offer hoteliers a complete suite of hotel management and guest engagement tools. Through Intelity's enterprise platform, hotels can access important guest-facing tools such as a customizable mobile app, in-room tablets, mobile key, voice, TV casting, and more. Through ALICE's operations platform, hotels gain a best-in-class back-of-house operations system that streamlines staff communication and centralizes task management across staff departments. This integration seamlessly connects the two platforms and offers hotels by far the most sophisticated way to coordinate operations with guest activity that is available on the market today. More than a third of all FTG-rated hotels currently use Intelity or ALICE, or, in many cases, both. You can learn more about the partnership and integration here.Alex Shashou, Co-Founder and President of ALICE comments: "We are delighted to continue our partnership with Forbes Travel Guide. Their mission aligns with our vision of delivering exceptional hospitality. We are learning a lot from their team, their other Brand Officials, and their hotels on how to deliver Five-Star service. This is a partnership that helps us deliver on our promise to be much more than a software provider to our customers."

South Congress Hotel Graduates from Google Hangouts to Software Optimized for Staff Communication and Task Management

ALICE 20 February 2019
Alongside its sister property Hotel Ella, South Congress Hotel has selected ALICE to optimize staff efficiency, organization, and communication for a flawless guest experience in the heart of Austin's iconic South Congress shopping, dining, and entertainment district. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.Prior to using ALICE, staff at the South Congress Hotel communicated primarily via Google Hangouts. While a useful consumer app, Hangouts is not optimized for integrated communication on such a large operational scale; at times, managers could find themselves a part of as many as 10 Google Hangout groups between departments. On some occasions, key requests could be missed if managers were away or out of the office, and there was no way to easily track items discussed in Hangouts, which challenged accountability. Moreover, if a past message needed referencing, the amount of scrolling back to find it could become both tedious and overwhelming.ALICE was launched at South Congress Hotel in August of 2018 and many transformative changes have been noted since. Now, staff can enjoy user-friendly workflow tracking, as well as internal messaging included directly on each task. These improvements have increased productivity, accountability, and improved the flow of interdepartmental communication. This enhanced organization and efficiency has revolutionized the process of task management and the ability to pinpoint the status of any request at any given time with ease.Moreover, the calendar feature within ALICE is a welcomed improvement in time and information management for South Congress Hotel, ensuring events or schedules don't get lost in the scrolling of previous messages. Scheduled events no longer need reminders and stand-ups, they are now logged directly and tracked via the calendar, meaning expectations can be met consistently and without headache.Guest service and engagement has been positively affected by this communication revolution, and staff now feel empowered by the use of the platform. Across the board, staff are confident using the new tools and seeing how they improve the guest experience. With operations inefficiencies largely removed, staff find themselves better informed and more accountable to one another, enabling them to better serve their guests.Furthermore, as reception agents double as concierge staff at South Congress Hotel, ALICE's digitized vendor database has revolutionized the way staff interact with guests. "We've been able to input every preferred vendor; we can input the menu, hours, walking distance, the map feature is incredible--- just the ability to say 'You know what, give me one minute' instead of having to go dig around a filing cabinet for a list. We don't have to then waste more time looking around for a resolution, we can quickly find one in ALICE. It's heavily impacted our guest experience and concierge capability," explains Jennifer Bumgardner, Assistant Front Office Manager.South Congress Hotel leaders shared that they were happy to get everything on a single platform. Their favorite thing about ALICE is the customization it offers, reflecting the needs of the property. The adaptability of ALICE has also proven to be a key component for South Congress Hotel.Of the ALICE support team, Amanda Wasnock, Front Office Manager, notes, "there's the aspect of the team recognizing what could work best for our property and then bringing new ideas in for development with future implementation. It helps us understand that our needs are being met by the ALICE support team, and that really speaks to itself."

"Bahia Hotel & Beach House Takes Service and Operations from 'Great to Excellent' "

ALICE 14 February 2019
Bahia Hotel and Beach House has chosen ALICE to streamline internal and guest communication, and keep track of historical information that will serve as guidelines for improvements year over year on service, offerings, and overall guest experience. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.Prior to implementing ALICE, staff at Bahia Hotel used a variety of different channels to communicate, including: daily briefings, radio, cell phones, email, and messaging applications. This was a challenge for the property, as key information amongst staff and departments would get lost over time. Ultimately, it inspired Managing Director Felipe Rebelo to look for "an integrated platform that covers the needs other platforms alone could not." By upgrading to ALICE, staff can now communicate across a single channel.Using an operations platform has also made it much easier to keep track of overall property performance. Different data can now be collected, which has given the property greater insight into performance, and management can now set key performance indicators against a variety of metrics. Additionally, the Managing Director "can measure the way in which the tasks are accomplished in order to make operations more effective."Bahia Hotel is renowned for its personalized customer service, and delivering on guest expectations is key to this. With ALICE, staff can now contact guests via the app and SMS prior to their arrival on property. This means that information can be obtained ahead of and during guests' stays to personalize their experience and lead to a higher level of guest satisfaction. The move to ALICE hasn't gone unnoticed by staff either, "everyone embraced ALICE and were thrilled about all the features and how their job will be so much easier and simpler now," says Rebelo.

ALICE Sweeps the 2019 HotelTechAwards

ALICE 12 February 2019
ALICE is the winning-est hotel technology at this year's HotelTechAwards. Recognized in six awards categories, ALICE proves once again why it's the industry leader in hospitality operations software. Over two thousand hotels around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communication with a single platform.The HotelTechAwards (produced by Hotel Tech Report) announced this year's top-rated technology companies and products based on more than 20,000 hotelier ratings and data points. The HotelTechAwards are the industry's only data-driven awards platform, with winners determined not by a handful of judges, but by a global community comprised of thousands of verified hotel technology users across more than 120 countries.Customers rallied to crown ALICE:#1 Concierge Software#1 Preventative Maintenance Software#1 Guest App#1 Best Place to WorkFinalist in Staff Collaboration & Task Management SoftwareFinalist in People's Choice"ALICE won 3 category awards this year and topped the 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech - a first for any company in HotelTechAwards history. This feat is a testament to ALICE's laser focus on both customers and employees. This combination means that hotels that work with ALICE aren't just getting a top-rated product today but a best-in-class partner for years to come. It's no secret that the accommodations market is getting more competitive each year and it's nearly impossible for hotels to deliver truly differentiated service without top-rated technology partners like ALICE." - Jordan Hollander, Co-Founder, Hotel Tech ReportThe awards cap a momentous year for ALICE, and mark an auspicious start to 2019. Over the past year, the company has forged partnerships with major industry players like Sabre, as well as launched the industry's first enterprise smartwatch with Samsung, which improves staff communications, speeds responsiveness to guests, and enhances customer service. ALICE also opened a groundbreaking partnership with the Government of Puerto Rico's Tourism Company, making the island the first tourism destination to adopt a customer service platform designed to elevate the visitor's experience. ALICE continues to outpace the competition in 2019. In addition to sweeping the HotelTechAwards, the company was also recently designated the Official Staff Operations Technology of the Forbes Travel Guide - a distinction held by ALICE since 2017 and confirmation of the platform's ability to meet and promote the high standards of some of the world's most exacting hotels.To read customer reviews and view ratings of ALICE's suite of solutions head to the company profile on Hotel Tech Report, and visit to schedule a customized demo.
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New Research Finds a Majority of Hotel Guests Rank Unfriendly Staff as Most Frustrating Part of Their Stay

ALICE 8 February 2019
ALICE, the hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences, released new research uncovering what factors influence hotel satisfaction and found that almost two-thirds of guests (62 percent) with complaints said unfriendly staff are the most frustrating part of their stay.The "Hotels at Face Value" report, commissioned by ALICE and conducted by third-party research firm YouGov, also revealed the changing expectations of modern hotel guests.Modern Hotel Guest Priorities According to the research, when booking hotels nearly three in five (59 percent) guests who prioritize amenities care most about high ratings and reviews, and almost half (49 percent) prioritize friendly hotel staff - calling attention to the need for hoteliers to ensure staff are attentive and welcoming, delivering more favorable guest experiences to ultimately drive positive reviews.During their stay, guests with frustrations expressed a demand for hotels to improve their operations and guest-facing technology. When discussing the most frustrating experiences about hotel stays:Nearly two in five (38 percent) said the front desk taking too long to complete requestsMore than one-third (34 percent) said outdated technology in roomsNearly one in three (31 percent) said delays in service from hotel staffDiversity of Communication Channels When communicating needs to hotel staff, nearly a third (32 percent) of guests said they prefer to do so by walking up to the concierge, front desk or other staff member directly. However, this preference is not representative of all guests, as the research indicated hotels should provide a diversity of communication channels. When it comes to how different generations prefer to make special requests, nearly one in every seven (15 percent) millennials (ages 18-34) want to text message with hotels, almost one in five (17 percent) of 35-54-year-olds want an email survey from the hotel before they arrive, and roughly two-thirds (66 percent) of those 55 and older prefer to call hotels directly."No hotel guest is the same, which is why, above all else, hoteliers must perfect the practice of personalization and deliver tailored experiences to every single guest. Knowing that a majority of guests pay the most attention to staff friendliness and attentiveness, hoteliers cannot afford to forget the art of hospitality," said Alex Shashou, President and Co-Founder of ALICE. "Hospitality is a feeling guests get, and personalization is how it is delivered. If hotels don't want to be viewed as a commodity, then they need to stop treating their guests like one. The biggest brands in the world are looking across their entire customer journey to create experiences and hotels do the same. A guest is so much more than their reservation. Guests deserve to be treated like family. Once they are, meaningful relationships will not only forge, but flourish."Research MethodologyALICE commissioned YouGov -- a third party, professional research and consulting organization -- to poll the views of 1,219 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between December 12-13, 2018. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

How Viceroy Los Cabos Creates an Immersive Guest Experience

ALICE 6 February 2019
Para leer el comunicado en espanol, haga click aqui.ALICE is excited to share that the alliance with Viceroy Hotel Group continues to grow. Marking the fifth Viceroy property partnership, Viceroy Los Cabos is the latest to begin standardizing their operations through the ALICE platform. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. ALICE recently acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.The Viceroy Los Cabos property is a stunning dreamscape with minimalist architecture from renowned Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragones. Located alongside the Sea of Cortez, Viceroy Los Cabos offers guests an astounding visual and natural experience with wraparound water, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a full-service spa, and a myriad of on-property restaurants that showcase local ingredients.In addition to these entrancing amenities, Viceroy Los Cabos is now creating an even more immersive guest experience through Volara voice technology, powered by Amazon Alexa and integrated with ALICE. Viceroy Los Cabos is notably the first property to implement Volara voice technology in the Mexico region. The integration between ALICE and Volara allows guests to place requests by voice and have those requests be seamlessly handled by staff, for an enhanced guest experience.Overall, guest reviews have been increasingly positive as a result of the implementation of ALICE and Volara: "The impact has been strong and we see this being fed back to us by the great reviews we've been receiving, most of which compliment our service as above and beyond," comments Cat Lloyd, Director of Sales & Marketing for Viceroy Los Cabos. "The nice thing to see is that when we do have the occasional guest that requires something replacing or adding to their room, their request is executed swiftly and seamlessly!"At the operational level, through ALICE, Viceroy Los Cabos now has resort-tailored solutions to key areas of opportunity in operational fluidity and communication:A Rooming Update Facility was created to bridge the communication gap and minimize the margin of error when changes are made to a room assignment or departure. Prior to using ALICE, communication between Front Office Staff, Housekeeping, Engineering and F&B was a challenge, and many times information was not being shared effectively, and sometimes not at all. Now, as a result of this facility created specifically for the property's needs, communication is streamlined and all staff members are informed, minimizing hindrances to guest service and operational efficiency.A Site Inspection Facility has been created to inform the team about inspection status in real time. As Viceroy Los Cabos has a large number of daily site inspections, it was difficult to have to sift through emails and find all the detailed information necessary for a successful experience. After implementing this specialized functionality, all staff members have an up-to-the-minute way to view workflow and see what inspections are happening throughout the day, as well as the status."Communication is one of the most important tools for any resort and is the reason everything happens so smoothly - however, as simple as this sounds, it's not without its problems!" Cat Lloyd observes that "internal communication between different departments can be time-consuming and things can slip...that email that is sent to a manager who may not be sitting at their desk can go unread before something needs to be actioned. By then, something is missed and you're already behind."The impact of enhanced communication has been powerful for Viceroy Los Cabos. Previously relying heavily on interdepartmental meetings, the paper trail was also heavy; now, with ALICE in place, Viceroy Los Cabos is happy to eliminate that trail while simultaneously becoming an even more ecologically-sound resort. All departments are informed efficiently and rapidly, speed of service increases, and the paper trail is drastically minimized.Staff at Viceroy Los Cabos is proud and excited to be using an empowering platform such as ALICE. All departments now enjoy effective means of communication both with guests and with each other. Furthermore, the sales team is now more effective in showcasing their beautiful resort with tools specially designed for their needs. "Viceroy Los Cabos is such a striking and forward thinking resort that it made perfect sense for us to select a ground-breaking platform that is changing the way we communicate internally. It's also flexible, and fully customizable which was key for us."

ALICE Announces the Appointment of Alissa Hendel as Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnership and Brands

ALICE 24 January 2019
"We are pleased to welcome Alissa to the ALICE family,"said Justin. "Alissa has a proven track record of partnering with leading hotel brands to drive strategic and operational value across the hospitality industry, and we're excited to leverage her industry knowledge and expertise at ALICE."Alissa brings to ALICE over 12 years of experience at Sabre Hospitality Solutions where she served in various leadership roles, including VP Strategic Sales for North America and VP Business Development for Enterprise Accounts. Alissa was Sabre Hospitality's global sales leader for 5 consecutive years and brought various Sabre solutions to hoteliers including Four Seasons, Leading Hotels of the World, IHG, Loews, Club Quarters, Morgans, Dream, Trump, Denihan, among many others."I'm thrilled to be joining the dynamic team at ALICE. ALICE's platform revolutionizes a hotelier's ability to manage staff work and guest communication across all departments," said Alissa. "I'm excited to engage with world-class hotel brands and management companies to save them money and man hours."Alissa graduated from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and currently sits on the Dean's Council of Young Alumni for the Hotel School. She also serves as the Regional Vice President for the Cornell Hotel Society where she provides strategic leadership to Alumni Chapter Presidents from New York, Boston, and Toronto.

ALICE Celebrated as the #1 Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech 2019

ALICE 23 January 2019
ALICE is excited to share we have been named 2019's #1 Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech by Hotel Tech Report. HTR surveys thousands of hotel tech employees around the world about what it's like inside the operations of the industry's greatest technology companies, and topping this list is truly an honor and a testament to our commitment to our people.With a #3 ranking in 2018, ALICE is thrilled to have jumped to the top spot in 2019. In the past year, ALICE has grown rapidly, recently surpassing the 100-employee threshold, and expecting to hit 150 global team members by the end of 2019. Throughout this growth, we've been able to create a great place to work by encouraging transparency, opportunities for career development, and our globally-connected team culture.2019 scoring for the Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech is based on seven key data points, which include employee engagement, employee confidence, and values alignment. ALICE topped industry scores across all seven, but we're particularly proud of the foundations we've put in place this year to support personal development and growth prospects.Reports HTR: "ALICE ... invests heavily in career development. Employees participate in a company wide book club, receive access to free Udemy courses and are nurtured along a very clear path to promotion. ALICE employees talk about the clarity of path to promotion more than any other company's employees on our list. Setting a clear path to promotion is important for making employees feel like they're constantly progressing and puts them at ease knowing that there's always room to grow internally. Major consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey have perfected this art but rarely do we see startups who are able to provide such transparency to their staff."While 2019 is already off to a banner start - we won three of the five hotel technology product categories in which we were nominated in this year's Hotel Tech Awards (Concierge, Engineering, and Guest App), as well as placed top 10 in HTR's Global People's Choice Award - taking top honors when it comes to the Best Place to Work is particularly special and an essential step towards our mission of becoming the global operations platform for the hospitality industry. As HTR writes about the purpose of the survey, "Understanding organizational culture is important for software buyers because companies that create great work environments retain employees longer, service customers better, and innovate faster."

NIZUC Resort & Spa Selects ALICE to Enhance Guest Satisfaction and Achieve Operational Excellence

ALICE 9 January 2019
PUNTA NIZUC, Cancun, Mexico, - NIZUC Resort & Spa, the award-winning luxury resort, has selected ALICE to enhance their internal communication, employee accountability, and guest satisfaction. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, creating a unified hospitality experience. The tool connects all hotel departments within one platform enabling staff to interact with both the guest and each other to deliver the best service possible. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offerings.Part of the Brisas Group, NIZUC Resort & Spa is one of Mexico's most sought-after destinations. The implementation of ALICE allows all staff members to fulfill the hotel's mission to offer a highly customized level of service and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of each and every guest."ALICE has helped us change the way we communicate, giving us the opportunity to improve our service, and, of course, to turn around our performance on the guest experience at the hotel," said Victor Reyes, NIZUC Resort & Spa's Director of IT.Before ALICE, NIZUC Resort & Spa used walkie-talkies and spreadsheets to handle guest and staff requests. However, this meant management did not have any insight into what was happening on the property in real-time. Upgrading all departments to ALICE has made an immediate improvement on staff alignment and accountability, "It is incredible to see how employees now use the phrase 'Ya subsite tu ALICE?' meaning 'Did you submit your request through ALICE?' If not, team members will encourage others to submit tickets," highlights Reyes.Reyes states that the impact of using ALICE over the past year has been evident, "Not only has ALICE improved our staff communication and accountability, ALICE helped us to achieve an important award - the AAA 5 Diamond Award - and after using ALICE for less than 8 months, our TripAdvisor rating went from #5 to #2."NIZUC is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts and is the flagship property of Las Brisas Hotel Collection's elite luxury resort line called NIZUC Resorts & Spa brand.For further information on NIZUC Resort & Spa, visit the website at Oliveira - Public Relations Manager: NIZUC Resort & Spa ( - Once a base station for Mayan astronomers and later a presidential retreat for world leaders, NIZUC Resort & Spa, which opened in March 2013, offers a 29-acre exclusive beachfront escape just fifteen minutes away from the Cancun Airport. Numerous artistic talents collaborated to create a destination that fuses a uniquely modern sensibility with an authentic Mayan ethos - a perfect blend of site-specific architecture and design that is evident throughout the property's 274 suites and villas, as well as its meticulously appointed public areas. The resort's extensive collection of amenities boasts multiple pools, a stunning 30,000 square-foot ESPA facility with dedicated hydrotherapy rooms, as well as six world-class restaurants. NIZUC has two secluded white sand beaches with on-site water sports, and is surrounded by the region's natural wonderings, archaeological sites and amazing attractions including the world's first Underwater Art Museum.

Award-Winning Perry Hotel Finds a Better Way to Engage with Guests

ALICE 5 December 2018
The Perry Hotel Key West has chosen ALICE to optimize staff communication and enhance the level of guest service at the highly-rated property in Key West, Florida. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.Prior to adopting ALICE operations at the hotel were carried out via radio. Without the ability to record exchanges and requests, staff were often unsure when or if a task had been completed, making it difficult to keep track of staff activity and accountability. By implementing ALICE, staff are now provided with a single channel of communication, enabling operations to become streamlined and efficient as employees can save valuable time.Introducing ALICE has improved the Perry Hotel's approach to guest service management. Along with staff communication, task management is another element of operations that has been centralized via ALICE. Now, all guest requests and internal work orders are handled through ALICE. Via the application, guests can submit requests from anywhere on the property, with the staff member closest to the guest addressing the issue. This improves the staff response time and means that guests no longer need to follow up with staff to check on the progress of their requests. For staff, this single source cuts down on the steps needed to complete requests and provides assurance that requests and work orders are going to the right department.An additional benefit of ALICE is that it also creates a history so that patterns can be detected. This has been particularly useful for the maintenance department who can catch recurring issues sooner. Maintenance also appreciates ALICE for other functionality, like photo attachments. Now, if there's a crack in the wall, they can take a photo and the manager will receive a text message immediately. If this hasn't been accepted by the manager after 5 minutes, then a notification will be escalated internally. For staff this hasn't gone unnoticed. "ALICE has proven to be a very effective tool for both our staff as well as our guests." Says Adelheid Salas, Assistant General Manager of The Perry Hotel, "we always have it at our fingertips."

Sabre Signs Technology Agreement with ALICE to Offer Rich Suite of Additional On-Site Hotel Operations Capabilities to its Sabre Hospitality Solutions Customer Base

ALICE 28 November 2018
ALICE, the premier hospitality operations platform, today announced an enhanced technology agreement with Sabre, the leading technology provider to the global travel industry.Effective immediately, Sabre Hospitality Solutions customers can easily purchase and incorporate a rich set of ALICE capabilities designed to help hoteliers optimize daily on-property operations and improve guest interactions through incident management and workflow tracking. ALICE's complete suite of operations and guest engagement tools complement the distribution, operations, retailing and guest experience management capabilities of Sabre's SynXis platform."We are constantly evaluating how to help our customers overcome their biggest challenges," said Mike Rodger, Vice President of Product Management for Sabre. "Offering them direct access to the ALICE suite of solutions allows them to easily implement a best-in-class workflow tracking and guest communication component that complements several elements of our SynXis platform, including our guest-centric property management system, SynXis Property Hub.""I think we all see a future for hospitality that is connected for the entire end-to-end guest experience," says ALICE CEO Justin Effron. "Sabre has impressed us, pushing full steam ahead with this vision, and we feel this partnership is a promising first step towards this goal."

Intelity and ALICE, Forbes Travel Guide Brand Officials, Announce Integration and Partnership

ALICE 7 November 2018
Los Angeles, CA (November 7th, 2018) -- Intelity, the global travel industry's leading enterprise mobile and in-room technology platform, and ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations platform, announced today they have teamed up to offer hotels the most complete suite of tools available to manage their hotels and interact with guests.Through Intelity's enterprise platform, hotels can access important guest-facing tools such as a customizable mobile app, in-room tablets, mobile key, voice, TV casting, and more. Through ALICE's operations platform, hotels gain a best-in-class back-of-house operations system that streamlines staff communication and centralizes task management across staff departments. This integration seamlessly connects the two platforms and offers hotels by far the most sophisticated way to coordinate operations with guest activity that is available on the market today.Technology, and providing the ease and efficiency hotel guests demand, is critical. Studies show that guests want hotels to continue investing in technology and to offer tools that allow them more control over their hotel experience. Guests want to be able to use their smartphone and a mobile app to control various aspects of their booking and stay, and in the hotel room, they want the types of technology they are accustomed to at home. Sixty-five percent of hotel guests say they are willing to pay higher rates and are more likely to return to a hotel that offers access to the technology they consider important.While Intelity and ALICE are great platforms separately, together they provide an amazingly full guest journey that addresses what guests want. They can check in with the mobile app on their smartphone, bypass the front desk, and use their device as a room key. During their stay, they can request services and place orders, which are processed through ALICE's platform. Intelity, which is in the process of merging with the cloud-based guest experience and management platform KEYPR, lets guests connect easily with the hotel, its staff, amenities, and the neighborhood.ALICE tracks to-dos, ensures staff accountability, and provides advanced reporting so owners and managers know exactly what's happening on their property at all times. Routing guest requests and communications directly to the applicable staff member saves time, reduces the chance of error, and redefines operational excellence."After 10 years in the industry, we've seen a lot of companies come and go," says Intelity CEO David Adelson. "But ALICE stands apart. The team at ALICE has built a great platform that is highly successful and in demand. We are happy to have brought this integration live, and look forward to our future collaborations.""We are excited to deliver this joint solution to our customers," says ALICE President, Alex Shashou. "Intelity is a company that has been at the forefront of in-room guest technology for years. The industry is starting to see some really positive data around the impact of mobile and in-room tablets on the guest experience."Both Intelity and ALICE are Forbes Travel Guide Brand Officials, and more than a third of all Forbes Travel Guide hotels use Intelity or ALICE - or both. To request a demo of both platforms, visit The companies are offering 10% off both solutions and a free integration if signed in 2018. About ALICEBy joining all the departments of your hotel onto a single operations platform for internal communication and task management, ALICE helps your staff act as a team to provide consistently excellent service. Since the company was founded in 2013, ALICE has gained serious traction in the industry working many of the world's leading hotel brands, including Two Roads Hospitality, Dream Hotel Group, Grupo Posadas, SIXTY Hotels, NYLO Hotels, and Leading Hotels of the World. The company acquired concierge technology provider GoConcierge in 2017. For more information, visit Intelity Solutions, Inc.Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is the creator of the world's first and most widely used integrated guest services platform, ICE (Interactive Customer Experience). With certified integrations to all major hotel back-end management systems (POS, PMS, Ticketing, Spa and Room Controls), Intelity's complete guest service platform is a centralized property-automation system that delivers concierge-level services, guest request tracking and fulfillment, business-intelligence analytics, marketing/messaging capabilities, and a full content management system. Since beginning operations in 2007, the Inc. 5000 company has gained a reputation as a leader in hospitality technology with installations across six continents, including most major brands and many celebrated independent properties. Intelity was recently designated as the "Official Mobile & In Room Technology Provider" for Forbes Travel Guide, as well as the "Best Mobile App in Hospitality" from Travel Weekly's Magellan Awards and the "World's Leading Hotel Brand App" from the World Travel Awards. For more information, please visit

ALICE Co-Founder and President Alex Shashou to be Presented with "Next Gen Leader" Award at HX: The Hotel Experience 2018

ALICE 6 November 2018
ALICE President and Co-Founder Alex Shashou has been selected for the "Next Gen Leader" award, by the Hospitality Media Group (HMG), which recognizes the brightest young leaders shaking up the hospitality industry. The award will be presented at this year's HX: The Awards ceremony.The "Next Gen Leader" is awarded to a young professional making a difference with at least five years of experience in the field. It celebrates a leader who thinks differently to contribute positively to the hospitality industry and consistently asks "why" and "why not" in order to spark conversation, inspire others, and reimagine what's next.Alex's achievements and impact on the industry clearly demonstrate the imagination and inspiration of a next-gen leader. This award is a testimony to the positive contributions and innovation that Alex has brought not only to ALICE, but to the industry as a whole.As ALICE President, Alex runs the company's brand, culture, and management teams. ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations platform, was recently awarded Best Place to Work, Best Concierge Software, and a Top Staff Task Management & Collaboration Platform by Hotel Tech Report in 2018. Founded by Alex and his two co-founders, CEO Justin Effron and CTO Dmitry Koltunov, in 2013, ALICE has become one of the fastest growing companies in the hospitality technology space, having raised a total of $39M across three funding rounds with strategic investor Expedia and acquiring its largest competitor GoConcierge in 2017. ALICE has a team of over 100 globally-distributed employees and a customer base of over 2,000 hotels.In 2016, Alex was awarded the HFTP President's Award, which recognizes a person who has made a significant contribution to the hospitality industry. Born and raised in London, Alex grew up in the hospitality industry, with his family operating 90 hotels across three hotel chains in the UK. He regularly speaks on technology and innovation in hospitality at conferences around the world.

Redefining Traditional Hospitality Through Technology, YOTEL Boston Upgrades Operations Efficiency

ALICE 25 October 2018
YOTEL Boston, a cutting-edge, tech-savvy hotel located in the innovative Boston Seaport district, has selected ALICE to enhance their internal communication, preventative maintenance, concierge operations, and guest engagement. This central Boston hotel is uncompromisingly designed for the guest experience, and is revolutionizing the traditional view of a luxury hotel stay by focusing on everything guests need, and nothing they don't. Through implementing ALICE, YOTEL Boston will create a seamless level of communication staff-to-staff, and guest-to-staff. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. ALICE recently acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.Before partnering with ALICE, YOTEL Boston was using an alternative software to manage staff work and facilitate staff communication; unfortunately, this platform left much to be desired, including a wider range of reporting capability. There was a lack of ability to track hotel performance and operations, and it was difficult to know what was happening on the property in real-time. Moreover, emails and handwritten reports were still necessary for sharing information. "ALICE allows everything to be done very instantly, so that's what we're looking forward to seeing-- tracking productivity, and spotting trends before our guests and crew, making it altogether more intuitive," says General Manager Trish Berry.YOTEL Boston shines with outstandingly smart and well-designed spaces in a bustling central location, providing guests with a 21st-century experience emphasizing digital efficiency, minus the hefty price tag. Before launching ALICE, staff used hotel and/or personal phones for communication with guests. YOTEL wanted to transform guest communication into something more effective and professional, eliminating the constant need to be on a cellphone. ALICE is helping to bridge those communication gaps by offering an optimal channel for both staff and guest communication through alternative devices, elevating the level of service while increasing efficiency for all parties. "Texting the guest, we didn't have the ability to do that before. Many of our guests check-in [electronically] and we don't touch them, so the ability to text guests right after they arrive [and check-in] allows us to give a more personal experience, even though it's through technology," comments Trish. As Boston continues to become a flourishing tech hub, it will be exciting to see hoteliers advance efficiency and guest touch through the ALICE platform.ALICE is also increasing effectiveness on the maintenance front, as well as bridging the language gap with multilingual software. Spanish-speaking staff members are now integrated, and "to be able to train in the language, and to be able to have that language available for my cabin crew (housekeeping) and have it in Spanish is phenomenal," notes Trish. "Cabin crew" staff can now also take photos and immediately send them to maintenance, greatly increasing the speed of resolution in regards to these types of concerns. All staff are on the same page when it comes to requests, and this only adds to the seamlessness that YOTEL has been seeking.Hotel staff is thrilled to be using ALICE, creating a "one-stop shop" for all hotel operation and maintenance needs, and management is excited with the level of service provided by ALICE support staff. "It's always been great, with personalized attention to detail," said Trish. "We are absolutely using every feature that's available through ALICE; it's consolidating a lot of the main reports that we now do, and the time we save will allow us to be more guest-interfacing and create a more seamless guest experience."With aligning goals in innovation and excellence, ALICE and YOTEL will nimbly partner together to perpetually elevate brand efficiency and guest engagement. ALICE is currently launched at YOTEL Boston, and plans to launch as a brand standard for other YOTEL properties beginning with New York and San Francisco. YOTEL currently operates 7 hotels under the YOTEL, YOTELAIR and YOTELPAD brand, with 19 new properties due to open in the next few years.About YOTEL Inspired by the luxury of first class travel and uncompromisingly designed around guests, YOTEL takes the essential elements of luxury hotels into smaller, smart spaces and deliver extraordinary value and a sense of community with areas for co-working, social gatherings and exercise. Premium Cabins include YOTEL's signature adjustable SmartBed with rejuvenating rain showers and smart TVs, multi power and USB points and easy connectivity.YOTEL currently operates four airport hotels in London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris, Charles de Gaulle airports and three city centre hotels in New York, Boston and Singapore. YOTEL is expanding rapidly with new projects under development globally, including Istanbul New Airport, San Francisco, Singapore Changi Airport, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Geneva, Amsterdam, Miami, Dubai, Mammoth and Park City.YOTEL's major shareholders include a controlled affiliate of Starwood Capital Group, the Talal Jassim Al-Bahar Group, United Investment Portugal and Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT).YOTEL was created by YO! founder Simon Woodroffe OBE, who inspired by first class travel, translated the language of luxury airline travel into a small but luxurious cabin ( for more information.

Nordic Choice Selects Unified Hotel Operations and SMS Messaging Platform to Reduce the Complexity of Siloed Systems Across Their Diverse Brand Portfolio

ALICE 6 September 2018
Nordic Choice Hotels, one of the largest hotel groups in Scandinavia with 190 properties, has selected ALICE to standardize their hotel operations and guest engagement across their diverse brand portfolio. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering. The signing of Nordic Choice Hotels is ALICE's second major enterprise deal following Grupo Posadas S.A.B. de C.V., the largest hotel operator in Mexico.Before ALICE, the Nordic Choice Hotels team encouraged their brands to find their own solutions and initiatives to streamline their hotel operations and guest engagement on a property-by-property basis. With around 200 hotels and growing, the senior management wanted to select a tool to unify guest and staff communication on a single platform, thereby eliminating silos and allowing for actionable communication.Nordic Choice Hotels is the Nordic and Baltic region master franchisee of Choice Hotels International and is well-recognized for their innovation. From being one of the first hotel groups trying blockchain for distribution to implementing augmented reality views of their hotel rooms, Nordic Choice Hotels continues to lead innovation by partnering with third-party vendors who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry."ALICE was ahead of the curve in developing a hospitality operations platform enabling staff-to-guest and staff-to-staff communication," said ALICE's CEO, Justin Effron. "The signing of ALICE continues Nordic Choice Hotels' focus on partnering with cutting-edge technologies to pioneer innovation within the hospitality industry."With ALICE, Nordic Choice Hotels hope not only to reduce the complexity in siloed system maintenance and training, but also to improve the communication between their guests and the hotel staff. Guests staying at Nordic Choice Hotels can use their guest-facing app and SMS texting, to request housekeeping and maintenance services, and communicate directly with the front desk."Our region of the world is very advanced when it comes to embracing new technology and our guests love the possibility of having direct and easy contact with hotel staff. This also eases our way of delivering the best possible service to create the best guest experiences in the industry. Nordic Choice Hotels aim to be the digital frontrunner in the industry, and the partnership with ALICE fits perfectly in that vision, says Kenneth Hervik, Director Digital Guest Experience at Nordic Choice Hotels.In addition to implementing ALICE's guest text messaging, the rollout of the ALICE platform across the Nordic Choice Hotels' portfolio includes ALICE's suite of front of house tools for the hotel's Concierge, Front Desk and Guest Services teams, and back of house tools for Maintenance, Housekeeping, Security, and Food & Beverage.XXXAbout Nordic Choice HotelsNordic Choice Hotels is one of the Nordic region's largest hotel groups with over 190 hotels and 16,000 employees. The group markets the Comfort Hotel, Quality Hotel and Clarion Hotel brands as well as around 24 independent hotels. All hotels are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

How Concierge Patrick Trevor Creates Special Memories for Guests

ALICE 30 August 2018
ALICE interviews concierge Patrick Trevor on his thoughts on technology in the hospitality industry, providing the best recommendations, and how he creates everlasting memories for guests staying at Mr. C Seaport.How did you get into the concierge profession?I started doing concierge work before I even knew what a concierge was. When I was 12, I began volunteering at the local high school and cultural center, providing different recommendations to visitors who came through. After school, I started in the service industry in restaurants, working my way up from dishwasher, to line cook, to kitchen manager. From there, I decided to make the transition to the other side of the service industry - hotels. When I was working as a bellman at Smyth a Thompson Hotel, I received a rare opportunity to fill a vacant spot on the concierge team. I continued to grow my concierge experience there until Mr. C Seaport, a Cipriani family owned hotel, opened and they selected me to be a part of their opening team.What keeps you interested in hospitality?I have an unhealthy obsession with food, music, and Broadway shows, and I have a really big passion for recommending fun and unique activities to not only the guests that stay at Mr. C Seaport, but to my friends and family as well. So when I leave work for the day, my job is not done, I am always on the hunt for the newest restaurant, the coolest music venue, and the most anticipated Broadway shows.How do you keep current with your recommendations?Other than my concierge associations, which is a great way to gain local insights, I am a professional member of the James Beard Foundation. My membership allows me to attend different culinary events around New York City, sample different chefs, and rub shoulders with other foodies and restaurant leaders. During these events, I always try to get the inside scoop from the attendees on the newest and best restaurants at the current moment. Beyond that, sometimes the best way to get recommendations is hitting the New York City pavement yourself and discovering new experiences.For a novice front agent who may not be the most comfortable making suggestions, it's nice to have platforms such as like ALICE that can help them recommend a wonderful, unknown speakeasy within seconds, rather than the dive bar down the street with overpriced drinks.What the best and most challenging thing about being a concierge?I know this may sound contradicting, but sometimes the best and most challenging thing about being a concierge is the same thing. For example, a few weeks ago we had a family staying at our hotel and unfortunately the daughter was battling a critical illness. Our team was notified about the situation before the family arrived and wanted to help make her dream trip to New York a reality. So every day, our team did something special for them. We delivered fruit and breakfast pastries to their room, another day we provided complimentary food for our in-house restaurant, we even a got robe embroidered with their names as their parting gifts. Creating these precious moments for our guests is the most rewarding feeling, but on the other hand, you have to understand some guests will have limited time to relive the memories they create at our hotel, so we try to make it as special as possible at the moment.What do you think of the impact of technology on the profession?I'm not against technology, but I think the hospitality industry lies in the service, and when you start replacing people with computers you lose the genuine people-to-people feeling.With that said, hotels are hectic, and technology can help us do our jobs more efficiently and increase our productivity. Technology helps eliminate the phrases "One moment please" or "We will get right back to you" from our staff's vocabulary. It's crucial in helping us find the correct answer, right on the spot.

The Government of Puerto Rico Partners with ALICE to Create the First-Ever Customer Service Platform for a Tourism Destination

ALICE 22 August 2018
ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations platform, has partnered with the Government of Puerto Rico's Tourism Company (PRTC) and Roca Marketing to develop an innovative destination concierge service and trip planning platform available to every hotel and visitor. The new mobile hospitality app, "My Puerto Rico," will improve hotel performance and the guest experience, and bolster the island's reputation as one of the world's leading holiday destinations.With the PRTC's forward-thinking vision, Puerto Rico is seizing the opportunity to revamp the tourism destination, and with it, the visitor's experience. In partnership with ALICE and Roca Marketing, the island's governmental tourism agency has conceived a solution designed for the modern hotel and traveler."My Puerto Rico mobile app was developed focusing on improving the visitor experience in our destination, as part of the efforts to strengthen our tourism offer. In order to compete globally, we need to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the needs of a modern traveler, who carries out all his efforts from the mobile phone," said the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello Nevares.Unlike anything that has come before, the "My Puerto Rico" mobile application will provide a unique experience that connects guests to the island and helps hotels in Puerto Rico deliver the kind of personalized service that differentiates them from any other destination in the world. The partnership enables each property on the island to benefit from ALICE's state-of-the-art concierge software, as well as progressive single island app and innovative guest SMS service."We are excited to work on such a unique project with the Government of Puerto Rico and the PRTC. Together we are positioning the island as the first to roll out a destination-wide initiative of this kind. In hospitality, we often focus on differentiating hotels from one another, but in this case, the PRTC is bringing hotels together to delight all who visit the island. The goal is to elevate the guest experience," said Justin Effron, CEO of ALICE.ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. The company recently acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its concierge technology and customer service offering."We are not only pleased to officially announce our partnership with ALICE, but also very confident that the "My Puerto Rico" mobile app will redefine hospitality on the island and enhance the experience for everyone who visits us in the future. This initiative represents a great opportunity to position our destination's tourism offering at the forefront of technology and innovation, which is one of Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares administration's main priorities", said PRTC's executive director Carla Campos.Aptly referred to as the Ultimate Traveler's Experience Platform, "My Puerto Rico" promises to add value for guests by allowing them to directly communicate their needs during and after their stay through a free downloadable app and/or SMS.In addition to this, the ALICE solution empowers hoteliers by enabling them to engage more freely with guests and use the information they receive to deliver the kind of exceptional service that significantly improves both their hotel ratings and guest retention rates."My Puerto Rico" is a highly progressive solution that blurs the communications barriers between the hotel and its guests, placing the destination at the forefront of hospitality innovation and setting the standard for all future regional tourism and hotel management strategies.###ABOUT The Puerto Rico Tourism Company: The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for stimulating and regulating the development of the tourism industry. It provides visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors; evaluates tourism facilities and establishes standards of quality; and regulates and oversees gaming operations.ABOUT Roca Marketing: Roca Marketing is a travel and tourism strategic advisory and project management firm. Through robust research, Roca empowers their clients with data driven business intelligence and a set of customer centric solutions aiming to create growth and differentiation. In the project with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Roca provided the strategic advising, content recommendations and functionalities assessment to build the platform that will create a competitive edge.

ALICE Helps Adults-Only Resort Stay Intimate by Silencing Radio Communication for Hawaii's Hotel Wailea

ALICE 16 August 2018
Hotel Wailea, Hawaii's only luxury adults-only resort, has selected ALICE to enhance their internal communication and align their staff task management within the most exclusive retreat community on Maui. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.Prior to implementing ALICE, Hotel Wailea used radios for communication across their 15 tropical acres and printed checklists to assign staff work. However, communicating only by radio created many obstacles for Hotel Wailea's staff. First, this method challenged accountability because there was no written or time-stamped documentation on tasks. Second, due to the constant radio chatter, the front desk would turn the volume down on the radio to avoid guests overhearing. Because of this, the housekeepers and maintenance staff had difficulty contacting the front desk as they would not hear the radio calls. Finally, housekeepers would utilize the in-suite phones to contact the front desk, which increased call volume for agents and hampered productivity.Now, all guest requests and internal work orders are placed by staff directly into ALICE. Each department has easy access to internal work orders and guest requests, and staff members can see who is responsible for a specific task and receive real-time status updates through to completion. "It was definitely an eye-opener for our front desk to see how many housekeeping & maintenance requests were made daily," said Chris Mitsumura, Hotel's Wailea's Director of Operations. "With the implementation of ALICE, the ability to monitor and manage all requests in real time, allows for better communication via staff and guests. This also gives management the opportunity to adjust procedures to become more efficient, by retrieving accurate data upon demand".Employees on property appreciate how easy it is to use ALICE, and how fast communication has become between staff members. Management has also noticed a decrease in guest complaints, "Our guest reviews have always been excellent, however, one thing we've noticed is we have virtually eliminated any complaints about housekeeping and maintenance service," highlights Mitsumura. "The overall fluidity of our communications has improved immensely, which correlates directly with our guest feedback."ALICE has additional benefits for Hotel Wailea beyond aligning staff on property. Hotel Wailea overlooks three Hawaiian islands and has an abundance of activities for their guests to indulge in, including complimentary Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing Tours and Tropical Mixology classes. With ALICE, the staff can now create itineraries that allow for a "more professional experience for our guests and keeps them informed on all the details for their bookings," comments Mitsumura.

Chief Concierge of The Jung Hotel and Residences, Claudette Breve, Sees the Industry Growing Stronger in The Next 5 Years

ALICE 9 August 2018
ALICE spoke with Chief Concierge of the Jung Hotel and Residences of the New Orleans Hotel Collection, Claudette Breve, about the impact of technology on the concierge profession, the current challenges that face the industry, and where she sees the see the profession going in the coming years.How did you begin your career in the concierge profession? In 1981, I walked into The Hyatt Regency New Orleans and told them I would be a great asset to their Concierge desk. I was told there were no openings but my persistence paid off and after several tries, they finally agreed to bring me on board. Within the course of 4 years, I went on to become the Assistant Concierge Manager and finally Concierge Manager, running the Club Level and lobby desk. Currently, I am the Chief Concierge at The Jung Hotel and Residences. I personally believe those in this industry are born to serve and that it is in my blood.What's the best and most challenging thing about being a concierge? When you love what you do, and I love being a concierge, it pours out of you. The best thing about being a concierge is sharing my passion for this industry and making people happy by showing them the New Orleans I love through my eyes. If I can touch every interaction in the most positive and helpful way, then I am one step closer to achieving a guest for life.On the other hand, the challenges can come in many forms. I learned many, many years ago that "NO" is not a word in my vocabulary, so if a guest gives me a challenging task or attitude, I do my best to turn it around quickly. A good concierge is creative with any challenge, and as long as the guest sees you are trying to assist them, it usually turns a negative into a positive.What is the biggest challenge in the profession? The biggest challenge facing the profession in New Orleans is hotels bringing in tour and transportation companies to act on behalf of a concierge position behind the front desk. These third-party tour companies sell specific tours and are not allowed to recommend any other company, causing biased recommendations that do not satisfy the guests' needs. More importantly, these companies lack the expertise and knowledge of the local area and strain the trusted relationship between the concierge and guests. Many of the local associations disapprove of these companies and I will continue to fight and protect our profession.Where do you get your concierge news/news about the industry?To stay abreast of constant changes in the New Orleans market, I subscribe to local publications and newsletters. I have also been a member of the New Orleans Concierge Association since it's conception, so attending our monthly meeting and socials allows me to network and discuss any news, changes, or challenges in our city. This year, I hope to achieve my Gold Keys, which will extend my network even more.What do you think of the impact of technology on the profession?Technology, such as platforms like ALICE, has changed the way we do things, giving concierges the ability to find things at lightning speed and helping us become better at what we do. However, I believe technology does not compete with the knowledge of a truly experienced concierge, but it can help us achieve things much quicker and more efficiently.Where do you see the profession in the next 5 or so years? I see it getting stronger. Not only are we valued in hotels, but our profession is now being used by corporations and businesses, hospitals and physicians, real estate companies, retirement communities and travel companies. It seems like everywhere you turn, some type of Concierge service is being offered.

ALICE Celebrates Eli Gerard As Director of Sales While Company Gains Traction in Mexico and Latin America

ALICE 7 August 2018
ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, celebrates Eli Gerard as Director of Sales for Mexico, overseeing hotel partners in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Manzanillo, Puebla, and Veracruz.Eli joined ALICE in March 2018 after the company's acquisition of concierge technology GoConcierge in September 2017. The increased traction in the last year has necessitated a tripling in the size of ALICE's salesforce across Mexico and Latin America. This has resulted in impressive wins for the company in the region, including new clients Grupo Posadas, the largest hotel operator in Mexico, which selected ALICE to standardize operations across their portfolio of 147 properties, and the luxury midsize groups Tafer Group and Villa Group.With over 10 years of hospitality sales and a strong track record of business development for new sales and client retention, Eli began his role as Director of Sales for Mexico to keep the company strategically aligned with the pace of new inbound opportunities.ALICE's VP of sales for North America, Wendy Zapach, highlights, "With the success we've seen in the most well known and prestigious chains and independent hotels in Mexico, we wanted someone who could leverage their knowledge of the industry with the number of growing opportunities. Eli's expertise in the market will allow our team to foster new relationships and partnerships with clients and elevate ALICE's status as the premier hospitality operations partners to the best Mexican properties."Prior to joining ALICE, Eli initiated sales efforts to drive revenue of some of the most prestigious resorts and spas across Mexico, including the Hilton Cancun Golf and Spa Resort, the Westin Resort and Spa Cancun, the JW Marriott Resort and Spa Cancun, the Marriott CasaMagna Cancun Resort, the DoubleTree by Hilton, and the Hilton Garden Inn Mexico City Santa Fe. The move from hospitality to technology sales feels like a natural transition for Eli, "Through my experience of hospitality sales and knowledge of the Mexican hospitality landscape, I understand the needs and wants of the hotelier from a technology standpoint. I can put myself in their shoes and show them how ALICE can improve their work and achieve excellent service that will elevate the guest experience."Eli is a graduate of Universidad de las Americas Puebla in San Andres Cholula Puebla Mexico where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel Management. In his spare time, Eli enjoys cheering on his collegiate American football team and his favorite NFL team, the Denver Broncos.

The Chateaux Deer Valley Uses ALICE to Give Guest the Chance to Experience Everything the Mountain Town Has to Offer

ALICE 2 August 2018
The Chateaux Deer Valley has selected ALICE to improve staff communication and enhance its guest services at its ski hotel nestled amid the majestic Park City mountains. ALICE is the hospitality industry's leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. Last year, ALICE acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its technology and customer service offering.As part of Stein Collection, The Chateaux Deer Valley joins sister properties, Stein Eriksen Residences and The Residence at The Chateaux Deer Valley, on the ALICE platform, allowing consistent staff operations and guest engagement at all three properties. Before ALICE, The Chateaux Deer Valley staff used walkie-talkies, excel sheets, and email to manage staff work and facilitate staff communication with one another while on property. However, not every staff member had a company email address, which meant management would often print out notices and use shift clipboards to transfer information between employees. "We were looking for a technology platform that would bring us out of this dinosaur age of using printed excel sheets," said Ryann Wynn, Guest Services Manager at The Chateaux Deer Valley. "After extensive market research, we chose ALICE because we can keep track of all requests on one system and we were able to build a platform that met the specific needs for the property." Located within steps of the world-renowned Deer Valley Resort, returning guests to this skiers' paradise feel the hotel's value lies in its excellent service and its proximate location to the ski slopes and mountain trails. Before ALICE, coordinating the guest's ski service and providing up-to-date trail conditions was difficult to organize and dispatch correctly, especially if they did not have the clipboard at hand. Now with ALICE, the staff can promptly implement every guest request, such as complimentary ski gear storage, private lessons, and bus shuttles. "It is a lot easier to track the special services we provide guests with ALICE, than [using] the passing clipboards," highlighted Wynn. "Since multiple staff members can use the system at one time, one staff member is assisting a guest, while another person on the team can coordinate the different services we have to offer. It aligns our team better and provides less confusion." The Chateaux Deer Valley is the perfect home base for adventure and relaxation year-round. With so many seasonal activities, The Chateaux Deer Valley staff is also using ALICE to improve their guest engagement after the peak season. Wynn emphasizes, "We are now able to send out better itineraries with the help of ALICE to highlight the activities that happen all year-round, so the guests can start booking sooner."

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