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Why Sound Matters for Your Hotel: A Report on Sound, Music & Hotels From Rightsify

Rightsify Group LLC 26 July 2018
Pasadena, CA, -- Rightsify, a global music licensing agency that provides custom music services to hotels, restaurants, retailers, gyms and shopping malls in over 30 countries has today released their second in a series of reports on how music is used in businesses.For the second edition, 'Why Sound Matters For Your Hotel', Rightsify explains some of the psychological and physical affects of music and sound and how they affects the mood and behavior of both guests and hotel employees.The report also provides tips and techniques for hoteliers, GM's, F&B Managers, Marketing Directors, and Operations Managers on how they can benefit and monetize on the sounds used in their hotel.They key sections of the report are:- Body and Mind- Physical- Psychological- Valuable Sound- The Halo Effect- The Value of Sound- The Perception of Quality- Music and Employees- Putting It All TogetherThe report is available to download for free.For more information on the report or any press inquiries, please contact Rightsify.

New Report Shows How Music Helps Hotels Increase Revenue and Improve the Guest Experience

Rightsify Group LLC 29 May 2018
Pasadena, CA -- Rightsify, a global music licensing and royalty collection agency based in Pasadena, California, has today published their first in a series of reports on how music is used in businesses and how it benefits different industries across the world.For the first edition, 'Music & Hotels: An in-depth review of the influence of atmospheric music in hotels', Rightsify dives into deep detail on how music is used at hotels and how music helps hotels increase revenue and improve the guest experience.For example, music affects the way guests react to everything from the check-in experience, to the pool & gym to the bar and restaurants. The types of music played make an impact both for how the guest perceives the hotel but also can lead to increased spending on drinks and at hotel retail stores.The report can be downloaded for free and is useful for professionals in the hospitality, retail or food and beverage industries to get a better understanding of how music benefits their business.For more information on the report, please contact Rightsify.

Rightsify Creates a New Way for Hotels to Enhance the Guest Experience With Rightsify FM

Rightsify Group LLC 11 January 2018
Pasadena, CA -- Rightsify has today launched their Rightsify FM service to hotels and resorts globally.With Rightsify FM, hotels get custom designed music playlists that match their brand and every zone of their property, along with an online radio station and branded mobile music streaming application.From boutique hotels to global brands, Rightsify FM is an all new and innovative way for hotels to connect with their guests with music while enhancing their brand.With unique and custom music for each area of a hotel from the lobby to the restaurants, gym and spa, Rightsify creates for hotels their very own branded online radio station and mobile music application so they can broadcast music and communicate with their guests anytime, anywhere.With Rightsify FM, hotel guests can see what music is playing throughout the hotel at any time by simply downloading the hotels branded music application and can continue listening after they have checked out. In addition to the music features, Rightsify also offers optional integrations such as in-app messaging, loyalty rewards, e-commerce, reservations or food/service ordering, thereby adding ancilliary revenue and additional ways to communicate and connect with guests.Rightsify's custom playlists for hotels are based on 24-hour periods, ensuring that the music is always fresh and never repetitive.The mobile music applications are built for both Android and iOS, thus covering 99% of the global smartphone market.The online radio station can be used as a standalone website for a brand or embedded onto a hotels main website where followers of a hotel brand can listen anytime, anywhere in the world, on any device.Rightsify FM is available in every country worldwide and can be used from boutique resorts in the Asia Pacific to global chains based in the US. Now for the first time ever, hotels everywhere in the world have the ability to create their very own branded music experience.To find out more about Rightsify FM for Hotels, please contact Rightsify.

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