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New Castle Hotels & Resorts Benefits from Maximized Data Management Efficiency and Transparency Since Partnering with ProfitSword

ProfitSword 18 June 2018
SHELTON, Conn. -- ProfitSword, hospitality's premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has been credited with maximizing operational decision-making efficiency at New Castle Hotels & Resorts, a hotel management company that, since partnering with ProfitSword, has gone on to adopt its full suite of data management solutions. Having partnered with ProfitSword since its founding and originally implementing ProfitSage as a stand-alone solution, the hotel management company now boasts maximum efficiency in all data management processes as a result of the implementation of additional ProfitSword solutions, including ProfitPace, ProfitPlan and ProfitWizard.Like many companies, New Castle Hotels & Resorts previously relied on a time-consuming spreadsheet process, which required data to be entered manually, often leaving room for human error and increasing the potential for a negative impact on productivity. Since implementing the ProfitSword suite, company managers have noted an enhanced ability to work quickly and efficiently, while benefitting from information provided in real time that ensures any decisions made are based on accurate and actionable data.One of the four solutions implemented, ProfitPace allows managers to see trends in sales team productivity by analyzing prior year activity and comparing sales pace to forecast or budget accordingly. ProfitPace also works to ensure that sales goals are on track to be met consistently. Additionally, with ProfitPlan, New Castle Hotels & Resorts staff gains the ability to monitor the success of annual plans or monthly and weekly progress with access to data that includes market overview, demand outlook and analysis of key competitors. Standardized web-based reports and customizable templates allow ProfitPlan to provide business owners and partners with the visibility needed to connect them to their business, improving not only efficiency but also communication and transparency."As an organization responsible for overseeing the performance of multiple properties and brands, the ability to quickly access and share data is critical to ensuring business success and maintaining a high level of trust with property owners," says Gerry Chase, strategic advisor and former president and COO at New Castle Hotels & Resorts. "Since the beginning of our relationship with ProfitSword, we have been able to implement an effective data management strategy that ensures all information is always readily available and comprehensible, and that all relevant parties have access to the exact same information, further enhancing efficiency while serving as proof to owners that we have their best interests in mind."By also implementing ProfitSage, New Castle Hotels & Resorts further gains the ability to automate accounting functions such as income journals and accounts payable, along with budgeting and forecasting functionality using the entirety of a financial statement. With the ability to integrate data from disparate third-party systems into one centralized data warehouse, ProfitSage provides a user-friendly dashboard where staff can instantly access reports such as daily revenue, daily labor analysis, cash handling and profit and loss statements. With ProfitWizard, New Castle Hotels & Resorts can further combine business intelligence, decision support, performance management and ad-hoc reporting for an even greater in-depth analysis of data."We are in an age where transferring and translating data into something that is useful is an absolute must," continues Chase. "Hoteliers simply don't have the time to outsource data anymore, yet we nonetheless require the means to implement strategies that maximize our potential for revenue growth. ProfitSword delivers on this precise need and in a way allows us to act instantly, using data that is still relevant and that paints a complete picture of business performance at the time that a decision is required to be made."As an exhibitor at HITEC 2018 in Houston, taking place June 19-21, ProfitSword is set to showcase ProfitPace, ProfitSage, ProfitWizard and ProfitPlan at booth #1200. To schedule a demonstration during HITEC or to learn more about how ProfitSword solutions can enhance productivity and increase revenues, please contact Paul Bennie or Michele Mott at (407) 909-8822 or (866) 930-6543.

ProfitSword Optimizes Sales Pace Data Tracking for a Leading Hotel Management Company

ProfitSword 12 June 2018
ORLANDO, Fla. - June 12, 2018 - ProfitSword, a leading developer of business intelligence and data integration software for the hotel industry, announces the successful implementation of ProfitPace and its custom-built NorthStar platform by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, a global hotel management company with more than 500 properties around the world. A solution developed specifically to manage sales data, in order to provide effective forecasting and budgeting, ProfitPace is now used alongside Interstate's NorthStar sales incentive system by more than 80 full-service Interstate managed properties across the United States, as well as 13 properties internationally.Interstate previously relied on a cumbersome process which depended on manual data entry, a time-consuming process often subject to keystroke error and resulting in a negative impact on productivity. Since implementing ProfitPace, hotel-level sales data is automated, which can be instantly accessed whenever needed. Able to communicate and integrate with an array of disparate systems, ProfitPace allows users to quickly and effectively monitor all sales team efforts at both local and regional levels. It also provides the ability to fully analyze business performance to ensure that all sales goals are consistently met."Since using ProfitPace, our corporate sales executives have been able to instantly access a wealth of data from either individual properties or groups of hotels, and can compile actionable reports in a matter of hours as opposed to what used to take days," says Hunter Webster, senior vice president, digital marketing at Interstate Hotels & Resorts. "Opting to work with ProfitSword was an easy decision to make, given that they already have all the protocols in place to capture and seamlessly present all necessary data, and will even work with their customers in designing a platform that addresses specific needs."In developing and implementing NorthStar specifically for Interstate Hotels & Resorts, ProfitSword is credited with providing the ability to calculate individual sales manager sales performance against predetermined goals. The platform also significantly allows them to calculate incentive pay and create a journal entry for accounting systems. With the ability to recognize and incentivize sales associates according to their performance, Interstate can ensure that hotel sales professionals work to their full potential and that such efforts are reflected in enhanced property sales and revenue achievement.As an exhibitor at HITEC 2018 in Houston, taking place June 19-21, ProfitSword is set to showcase ProfitPace at booth #1200. Other solutions include ProfitSage, ProfitWizard and ProfitPlan. To schedule a live demonstration during HITEC or to learn more about how ProfitSword solutions can enhance productivity and increase revenues, please contact Paul Bennie or Michele Mott at 407-909-8822 or 866-930-6543.

ProfitSword Experiences Unprecedented Growth in First Quarter of 2018

ProfitSword 24 April 2018
ProfitSword, a leading developer of business intelligence and data integration software for the hotel industry, announces the addition of 126 properties from six hotel management companies to its current roster of hospitality customers during the first quarter of 2018. These numbers represent a 74 percent increase in growth rate over the prior year's sales pace, positioning ProfitSword as a leading provider in hospitality data management, as it continues to experience strong company growth in the hotel sector."Data integration is continuously evolving and has become a top priority for efficient hotel management. Hoteliers continue to adopt new technology systems and solutions that require the use of effective data management and integration tools to get the most out of their data," says Colin Findley, VP of business development at ProfitSword. "We develop and deliver exceptional data management and finance management solutions to all of our clients, and strive to ensure that the most effective management tools are available to streamline their hotel operations."Providing the hospitality industry with a comprehensive suite of software applications dedicated to efficient and effective data management and integration, ProfitSword's platform consists of ProfitSage, ProfitWizard, ProfitPace and ProfitPlan. These cost-effective tools are specifically designed to help business professionals better manage their data for faster and more well-informed decision making, as well as detailed reporting.A solution developed to effectively manage sales data, ProfitPace allows businesses to efficiently monitor sales team efforts to ensure that the company is on track to achieve individual and company sales goals. It also allows for the comparison of sales pace to forecast, budget, prior years and same time last year trends. ProfitSage provides hoteliers with a user-friendly tool that integrates with standard business operation platforms for data collection and management. Using ProfitPlan, hoteliers can incorporate stylized report templates to produce several types of reports required to manage daily tasks and information. ProfitSword's data analysis tool, ProfitWizard, combines business intelligence, decision support, performance management and ad-hoc reporting for efficient analysis of data."We ended 2017 strong with revenue growth nearly 20 percent over 2016. However, with such a successful Q1 in 2018 and a pipeline that is expanding daily, we are excited to see where the rest of the year takes us," adds Findley. "We continue to grow our market share in the hospitality industry around the globe due to our innovative software systems aimed at making data, operational and financial management easier and more efficient for everyone involved."For more information on ProfitSword's portfolio of business intelligence optimization tools, please visit

ProfitSword Taps Plan A PR & Marketing as Agency of Record to Support New Market Growth Initiative

ProfitSword 5 February 2018
Orlando, Florida -- Plan A PR & Marketing, Inc., a full-service PR, marketing and communications firm specializing in the global B2B hospitality sector and related industries, has been selected as the Agency of Record (AOR) for ProfitSword, LLC, an industry leading provider of business intelligence solutions that are designed to streamline the business decision-making process and enhance profitability for hotels, resorts, senior living facilities and other vertical markets.As of January 2018, Plan A has been chosen to represent ProfitSword to hospitality trade media outlets, as well as those focused on other markets, including senior living, student accommodation and multi-family housing. Plan A will also be responsible for initiating targeted PR and marketing strategies that will serve to enhance ProfitSword's rapidly growing market presence."As a result of Plan A's extensive expertise and reputation in delivering favorable outcomes within multiple industries and global regions, we believe that this new partnership will provide even greater momentum to the success and growth that ProfitSword is currently experiencing," said Colin Findley, vice president of business development at ProfitSword. "With our company continuing to gain strong footholds in new markets, we are fully confident in the abilities of Plan A to deliver on our goals of aggressive expansion and in generating wider awareness to all those who stand to benefit from our platforms."With a reputation for taking its hospitality technology clients to the next level by maximizing media exposure and leveraging a diverse range of marketing opportunities, Plan A ensures that all strategies align with the ideals and goals of its clients. The focus of the ProfitSword campaign will center on further cementing the company's well-established presence within the hospitality industry, while also maximizing brand visibility within other vertical markets via the use of media relations, targeted content creation, corporate communications and integrated marketing strategies."With a range of proven solutions and a loyal client base that includes some of the most prominent names in hospitality, ProfitSword has earned a distinguished reputation in the industry," said Andrea Mane, president of Plan A. "Their comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence tools is unmatched in the hotel sector, and we look forward to communicating that to new markets, in order to facilitate their continued growth."For over two decades, Plan A has represented an elite roster of clients spanning the hospitality industry, many of whom create advanced and highly specialized technology solutions for optimizing services in this dynamic global industry.For more information, please contact Andrea Mane at +1 407.905.0608, or to learn about ProfitSword's portfolio of business intelligence optimization tools, please visit

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