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Crucial To Make Hay While Sun Shines During Big Events

AutoYield 3 May 2018
World first technology pioneered in Australia can maximise occupancy for accommodation providers in destinations hosting major global events.AutoYield has led the world in the creation and enhancement of dynamic variable pricing, to maximise yield across a range of industries by processing real time supply and demand.Chief Executive Officer Martin McConnachie says host cities can spend a fortune in pitching for, and marketing events such as the Olympic Games and football world cups, only to have opportunities squandered once they get underway."Sadly, we witnessed this failure to deliver on expectations recently during the staging of the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast," Mr McConnachie said."Visitor numbers fell dramatically short of what was expected for the Games, but it could have been a much better news story for tourism operators if they had used technology developed right under their noses."Mr McConnachie said tourism authorities can't afford to ignore dynamic variable pricing and risk losing customers deterred by what's seen as overpriced accommodation."If the price of rooms had been dynamically adjusted on the Gold Coast to reflect minute- by-minute supply and demand - everyone stood to win," Mr McConnachie said."There was a lot of sun shining during the games but unfortunately not much "hay" was made as thousands of rooms sat empty, along with the restaurants that should also have been thriving on the back of big visitor numbers," Mr McConnachie said.AutoYield's cloud-based software allows smaller operators to compete with the major chains.The technology, already used by, is set and forget - detecting either a shortage or excess of beds, before adjusting the tariff in real time to reflect actual demand.Accommodation managers set the parameters for the highest and lowest prices - and the market forces determine the right price for the right time."Long term benefits notwithstanding, there's no reason why major global events can't be delivering maximum yield as they are happening," Mr McConnachie said.Inquiries: Katherine McConnachie, 0403 613575

AutoYield Dynamic Pricing - A World of Possibilities

AutoYield 13 March 2018
AutoYield has been launched to provide core technology for a range of industries wanting to maximise turnover, while offering customers real-time pricing, based on supply and demand.CEO Martin McConnachie has pioneered the AutoYield platform, which can plug into the existing systems of hotel chains, travel agents, cruise ship lines, airlines, car rental companies, the heavy freight sector, the taxi industry and online retailers."From the business perspective, you're getting a much greater spread of sale based on inventory holdings and you're able to take advantage of peak times to marginally increase your rate and boost the bottom line," Mr McConnachie said."The savvy consumer on the other hand will know when turnover is slow, and pounce on the bargains when the AutoYield system reduces the price."AutoYield's capacity to embed within existing applications for point of sale, retail or distribution allows the automatic monitoring of sales, supply and demand, while generating rate variation within parameters set by any user."It's set and forget - maximising business turnover and offering customers the opportunity to time their purchases for best value," Mr McConnachie said.The development of the ground-breaking AutoYield technology began more 10 years ago, and since adoption by many tourism operators, it's been refined to allow its integration by business platforms of all sizes."This is all about levelling the playing field for all price-sensitive businesses at a time when some might be intimidated by the emerging giants such as Amazon," Mr McConnachie said."The smaller online companies can now compete with the big guys in real time. It's game on. There can be an army of 'Davids' to take on the Amazon-like 'Goliaths'.""AutoYield is not a massive expenditure - it's a simple API into which users can plug their own applications to compete with those much larger operators.""We're confident AutoYield represents the true 'science of profit' - a cloud based, automatic, price yielding plugin - delivering the right price at the right time based on real-time market conditions."Media Inquiries: Adam Walters +61 419 997372

Australian Pricing Technology Leads the World

AutoYield 6 March 2018
AutoYield has been launched as a universal software application to guarantee the right price at the right time for a range of travel industry operators.As a plugin to any transactional platform, AutoYield can adjust prices in real-time based on supply and demand, time to expiry if virtual and even reallocate unique inventory - if virtual -across multiple distributors.AutoYield can plug into the existing systems of:Property Management Software Vendors: (PMS) allowing your hotel customers to yield manage rates in real-time directly from your softwareCentral Reservation System Vendors: (CRS) now you can extend your services by adding dynamic pricing as a feature to sell to your hotel customersHotel Chains and Groups: easily implement real-time yield management as a SAS (software as a service) directly into your management system, without the hefty outlay in software investment.Hotel Channel Managers: provide the edge over the competition by offering real-time rate management based on supply and demand to maximize sales and profits to your hotel customers as an option.Online Travel Agents: (OTA's) you can now provide the right price at the right time all the time while gaining market share.AutoYield was conceived by Martin McConnachie twelve years ago, while investigating potential solutions for the yet to emerge Cloud market."We are proud to deliver AutoYield to the market and look forward to working with the myriad business opportunities that can benefit greatly from the use of this ground-breaking technology," Mr McConnachie said.AutoYield itself started as a component of a hotel distribution platform that allowed hoteliers to distribute inventory in real-time, dynamically, as well as yield rates based on supply and demand in real-time.The core technology behind AutoYield is controlled by sophisticated algorithms, finessed and ratified to exacting standards by the Professor of Mathematics at one of Australia's leading Universities.Once proven to be effective and able to handle volumes of concurrent transactions, products and customers, the technology was patented and the first version was released for the hotel market.Contact: Adam Walters +61 419 997372

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