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Millennials choose hotels based on tech, social media 10 January 2019
A strong online and social media presence is really important if a hotel hopes to attract millennials, according to a new report.

Tech-enabled personalization in hospitality 10 January 2019
More than ever, hoteliers have access to an incredible amount of data spread across a variety of individual systems.

Why the travel industry is blockchain's best bet 7 January 2019
The travel industry is uniquely suited to benefit from blockchain, and one of the best places to watch where blockchain is heading. There are many different players involved, and all need to collaborate seamlessly. When someone wants to travel, they need to deal with airlines, book hotels, find activities, navigate airports and maybe rent a car. They will also have to change their currency so they can shop at their destination.

Of bots or brawn: The changing booking trends in travel 9 October 2018
Bots talking to bots? Now that is a future worth talking about. At the recent Digital Travel Summit in Las Vegas, the word of the hour was "chat bot." For most of us, these are an annoying inconvenience, as we know, despite friendly jargon and seemingly responsive wording, the only thing human behind the name is the programmer that created it.

Corporate travel giants partner with Sabre on NDC initiative 8 August 2018
American Airlines, American Express Global Business Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Flight Centre Travel Group will be launch partners in Sabre's Beyond NDC program. The travel management companies said partnering with GDSs will be key in advancing NDC solutions.

Could an AI book your next vacation? 8 August 2018
Wego’s CTO discusses travel trends and letting an AI book your next holiday. For Tien Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer at Wego, travel is something of a second nature. In the last eight years, the company has risen to become the number one travel metasearch in the Middle East, and Nguyen’s own journey since starting as a Senior Software Engineer in 2010 is one that he enjoys reflecting upon.
commercial ordered to amend Swedish price parity clauses 7 August 2018
After the ban of price parity clauses in Belgium last Friday, the Swedish Patent and Market Court issued its judgement forbidding to impose parity clauses in its contracts with hotels from 20 October 2018 onwards.

TripAdvisor taps machine learning to auto-select primary hotel photos 3 August 2018
TripAdvisor has launched a new feature for primary property photos, which uses machine learning to auto select high-performing images for accommodation listings.

Sabre bookings grew nearly 8% in Q2 1 August 2018
Sabre reported strong second-quarter financial results, with a 9.3% increase in revenue from $900.7 million to $984.4 million, largely attributed to growth in its Travel Network business.

Cvent pushes globalized, modernized & unified vision 1 August 2018
The company is making major investments to grow its international footprint, modernize and unify its technology platform and capitalize on a data-intensive market.

Hotel tech study reveals surprising alignment between hoteliers and vendors 30 July 2018
Fuel Travel,, and StayNTouch joined forces to conduct an extensive study of hundreds of hoteliers and suppliers with a goal to learn where the industry can improve from a technology perspective.

Open pricing: A new strategy for maximising hotel revenue 26 July 2018
Open Pricing is changing how hoteliers set hotel room rates. It has the potential to increase revenue and forever change revenue management practices.

Forecast: Global airfares, hotel rates to rise in 2019 25 July 2018
Room rates are expected to rise by more than 5 percent in Asia and Europe, by 2.1 percent in North America and to fall by 1.3 percent in Latin America. The CWT/GBTA 2019 forecast said the rise in hotel rates would be driven by an increased demand for air travel, which would fuel demand for rooms.

HRG deal complete, Amex GBT's CEO talks next steps 25 July 2018
When Amex GBT renegotiates with hotels on contracts "will more or less line up with existing contract terms, but we're looking at that as an opportunity for our supplier partners to deepen their reach and distribution across the client base.

Vertical Booking partners with Hotelbeds Group to extend distribution 25 July 2018
With this agreement, Vertical Booking aims to increase its connectivity partnership program. Hotelbeds Group, the best player in the market, which distributes its portfolio to a wide range of over 60,000 travel partners including tour operators, OTA’s, travel agencies and airlines over 185 source markets is a wise choice.

Google hotel search results testing 'price insights' 24 July 2018
Is the hotel you are about to book a good deal? Google can now tell you if you should book that hotel now. Google is now testing “price insights” in its hotel search listing results. Price insights show a searcher if they are getting a good deal or not for a specific hotel, date range and hotel they are looking at. When you are looking at a specific hotel, Google might show you a box that reads “this hotel costs more than similar hotels nearby.” That button will let you explore hotel price insights in Google search.

UK: As Airbnb bookings explode, hotels need to hit back over unlevel playing field 24 July 2018
Latest research concerning the rise of Airbnb must galvanise traditional hotel operators to fight back, particularly against the unfair advantage whereby the new "disruptors" in the hotel business do not pay business rates.

Apple's Business Chat signs Four Seasons 24 July 2018
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts will allow guests to search for any property and engage with “Four Seasons Chat,” a multi-lingual service that will connect guests with the hotel’s team for any need.

Most voice assistants 'unskilled' for travel planning and booking 23 July 2018
For all the skills in Amazon's Alexa voice marketplace, the majority can still be described as "unskilled" for travel planning and booking tasks. Voice recognition has made huge strides in accuracy; natural language recognition rates have now surpassed those of humans. But planning, booking and servicing travel requires visual feedback and specific answers that are largely inaccessible through voice-only interfaces such as the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers.

CWT rolls out hotel price monitoring solution 13 July 2018
The Price Tracking technology continually monitors prices for hotel rooms, checking them against existing bookings. When the system identifies savings, CWT cancels and re-books at the lower price. CWT partnered with airfare and hotel price-tracking services provider Yapta for the technology.

New software uses machine learning to increase hotel website conversions 13 July 2018
By predicting visitor behaviour, the product segments users in real-time and identifies the ideal offer for each one, allowing the hotel’s website to be automatically customised for each individual user. While in the past hotels were able to personalise the experience of bookers based on their purchase history, website activity and preferences discovered during their stays, Oraculo’s predictive capabilities also enable hoteliers to personalise the experience of those that haven’t booked or stayed at the hotel at all.

Facebook's AI researchers task 'tourist bots' with finding their way in NYC 12 July 2018
Facebook is getting guide bots to help tourist bots explore Hell’s Kitchen in a virtual New York City. The setup for Facebook’s “Talk the Walk” research experiment involves throwing a “tourist” bot onto a random street corner of NYC and getting a “guide” bot to direct them to a spot on a 2D map.

Talking up travel industry 'chatbots' 6 July 2018
After a few false starts, these automated programs that answer basic questions, find deals or secure refunds are slowly coming into their own. And they might be worth trying.

Business travelers feel 'nervous' about ridesharing 5 July 2018
Despite a rise in the use of ridesharing services, business travellers report feeling safer in taxis. A recent survey shows business travellers around the world feel marginally safer in traditional taxis than they do in ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Best Western taps IBM Watson to offer personalized travel planning tips 4 July 2018
Best Western is the latest hospitality and travel brand to leverage AI to provide vacation-planners with more personalized experiences. Best Western partnered with IBM Watson Advertising on a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ad that offers personalized vacation planning with travel tips and tricks, accommodation recommendations and offers based on travel preferences, the company announced in a news release.

Airbnb tests earlier payouts for hosts 4 July 2018
Airbnb is testing a new payments feature for hosts, letting them get partially paid out at the time of booking. This feature isn’t rolling out to everyone just yet, as Airbnb says that this is just a preliminary test to gauge interest. Invited hosts simply opt in to payout splitting to check out the feature.

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