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Planning for a Future Beyond PCI: Risk-Based Security for Hotels

Lodging Magazine 8 January 2019
When you mention the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)” to people in the hospitality industry, you usually get one of three reactions: 1. “The cost and complexity associated with PCI DSS is so overwhelming, we’re just not doing anything and crossing our fingers.” 2. “We’re compliant; we’ve checked the boxes on all 12 requirements.” 3. “We’re compliant; in fact, we think PCI is great because it gives us our security framework.”

Upgrading Hotel Game Rooms with Virtual Reality

Lodging Magazine 8 January 2019
Long gone are the days of hotel game rooms with arcade machines, pool tables, and bowling alleys. Today’s youngest guests are accustomed to technology that has moved well beyond what many hotels are offering in terms of on-site entertainment. Although those older games still engage guests of all ages, kid vacationers often want to experience games that they can’t get at home. Vander Caballero, founder and CEO of Minority Media, which produces virtual reality (VR) systems and manages indoor activities for 50 hotels across the United States, says, “You don’t see any pool tables on Instagram.”

HotStats: U.S. Hotels Suffer Profit Plunge in November

Lodging Magazine 4 January 2019
Hotels in the United States did not have much to be thankful for in November as they posted a 5.2 percent year-on-year drop in profit per room—the single biggest margin of decline thus far in 2018, according to the latest HotStats data tracking full-service hotels.

How Guests Are Using In-Room Tablets

Lodging Magazine 3 January 2019
Technology has permeated nearly every aspect of society today with the goal of making life easier. Following the examples of how individuals are using technology at home, hotels are integrating technology throughout guestrooms, often in the form of bedside tablets—a familiar device for many guests.

The Room Key: Responding To a Crisis

Lodging Magazine 14 December 2018
Fortune favors the prepared, so when the worst happens at your hotel, the best defense is having a plan. Hoteliers need to be able to anticipate crises, from fires to active shooters to cyber threats. Have drills so everyone knows what to do and where to go. Call your local police department to arrange for active shooter training and if you don’t have a cybersecurity group, get one, immediately. This minimizes damage upfront.

Norfolk Waterside Marriott Begins Next Phase of Renovation

Lodging Magazine 7 December 2018
On the heels of updates to its two restaurants—Shula’s 347 Grill and The Dining Room—the Norfolk Waterside Marriott is in the early stages of a three-year plan to bring new life and bookings to its convention destination. Originally completed in 1991, the 24-floor building is currently under renovation with updates taking place from the lobby to the penthouse suites, creating a more architectural, clean, and modern aesthetic.

The Room Key: Transitioning Staff To a New Revenue Management System

Lodging Magazine 7 December 2018
I have decided to move my property to a new revenue management system (RMS). How can I make sure my team is on board with the switch? Do you have any tips for training them on the new system?

WalletHub Names Best Hotel Loyalty Programs of 2018

Lodging Magazine 4 December 2018
WalletHub has released its 2018 Hotel Rewards Report evaluating loyalty programs at the 10 largest U.S. hotel chains. The personal finance website compared 21 key metrics—such as the average value of a point, point expiration policies, and the volatility of award-night pricing—to determine the best hotel rewards programs.

Three Technology Investments Hoteliers Should Consider for 2019

Lodging Magazine 4 December 2018
Admit it: When you first unboxed your Amazon Alexa, you thought it was going to change your world. Your favorite song would begin playing when you walked in the door, curtains would open, coffee would be ready in the morning, and the lights would turn on right when and where you needed them. Life at home would be so easy.

World Series Boosts Boston Hotel Performance in October

Lodging Magazine 3 December 2018
U.S. hotels recorded their highest level of profit per room for the year in October, attaining revenue increases across all departments despite mounting costs, according to the latest full-service hotels report from HotStats.

Identifying the 'Shadow Guest

Lodging Magazine 3 December 2018
Identifying the “shadow guest”—or the unknown guest—presents an opportunity for digital marketers to increase their contact list for future retargeting. Touchpoints and technology can help identify those guests and retrieve their consent to market to them.

Austin Hotels Record a Banner Month in October Thanks to Grand Prix

Lodging Magazine 30 November 2018
U.S. hotels recorded their highest level of profit per room for the year in October, attaining revenue increases across all departments despite mounting costs, according to the latest full-service hotels report from HotStats.

The Room Key: Getting the Most From Your Hotel's Distribution Mix

Lodging Magazine 30 November 2018
The answer is moving from the legacy approach of Revenue Management (built on targeting top-line revenue) to the more holistic discipline of Revenue Strategy (built on profit contribution goals). Owners and operators can better focus on a shared goal of higher profit contribution if they align their goals to achieve the highest net revenue possible and expand coordination across revenue teams.

U.S. Hotels Record 2018 High for Profit Per Room in October

Lodging Magazine 29 November 2018
U.S. hotels recorded their highest level of profit per room for the year in October, attaining revenue increases across all departments despite mounting costs, according to the latest full-service hotels report from HotStats.

More Than a Drop in the Bucket: Conserving Water With Low-Flow Showerheads

Lodging Magazine 29 November 2018
In the quest to make their properties more eco-friendly, hoteliers are always looking for ways to operate more sustainably—without impacting the guest experience. Many hoteliers have looked to cutting back on water consumption as a means to achieve this goal, namely by installing low-flow showerheads in guestroom bathrooms. Brian Marton, national sales manager, hospitality, at Speakman Company, which produces bathroom and plumbing products, describes what hoteliers should consider when switching to more sustainable shower heads.

Three Ways Luxury Hotels Can Use Technology To Improve Service

Lodging Magazine 29 November 2018
As the travel and tourism industry grows, the global luxury hotel market is expected to reach $232 billion by the end of 2025, according to QYResearch Group. As one of the major customer service industries globally, luxury hotel brands are expected to offer the highest grade of service. With this in mind, hotels are adopting technology that helps them meet the expectation of a seamless, luxury stay. Technology is a brand’s greatest ally in delivering extraordinary customer service and gaining a sizeable share of the market.

Three Ways To Improve Air Quality in Hotels

Lodging Magazine 27 November 2018
Due to their size—and the sheer number of factors at play—it can be a struggle for hotels to maintain high air quality throughout the entire property. However, more and more guests are conscious of the quality of the air that they’re breathing. So how should hoteliers respond? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are three ways to improve indoor air quality: source control, improved ventilation, and air cleaners.

RLH Corporation Selects IDeaS Revenue Solutions To Optimize Revenue

Lodging Magazine 20 November 2018
RLH Corporation is working with IDeaS Revenue Solutions to optimize revenue. The company plans to align its revenue management, pricing, and yielding insights with marketing and sales to create a more powerful overarching commercial strategy using IDeaS.

A Six-Step Strategy for Increasing Hotel Profitability

Lodging Magazine 19 November 2018
While the rate of revenue growth has slowed nationwide, the U.S. hotel industry has seen increasing profits for eight consecutive years. Hoteliers can narrow the disparity between lagging revenue and increasing profitability by taking proactive measures in management and operations. Here is a six-point strategy that can be used to increase profitability.

The Room Key: How to Handle An Angry Guest

Lodging Magazine 16 November 2018
The Room Key is LODGING’s advice column for hoteliers, managers, and team members at all levels of hospitality. Experts will answer questions on everything from operations and F&B to finance and marketing.

Budgeting Accuracy: Why U.S. Lodging Performance Fell Short of 2017 Expectations

Lodging Magazine 14 November 2018
In 2017, the actual achieved levels of 
occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), total revenue, and profits for U.S. hotels were less than their respective budgeted amounts. After a five-year period (2011 through 2015) of extremely accurate budget projections, this marks the second consecutive year that owners and operators failed to meet their operating goals.

MCR and BLT Joint Venture Close $647.5 Million Portfolio Financing for 53 Hotels

Lodging Magazine 13 November 2018
A joint venture of MCR and Building and Land Technology (BLT) has completed a $647.5 million financing across a 5,958-guestroom national portfolio of 53 Marriott and Hilton select-service and extended-stay hotels spanning 15 states and 31 markets. Thirty-three of the hotels are Marriott-branded, while 20 properties operate under Hilton brands. On average, the portfolio’s hotels are 12 years old and generate RevPAR of $90 and RevPAR Index of 120 percent.

Choice Hotels Enables 'Book on Google

Lodging Magazine 8 November 2018
Choice Hotels International has enabled Book on Google, making it possible for travelers to search, select, and reserve hotel rooms at Choice properties in a few clicks by completing a reservation online on Google using their saved Google credentials.

Three Hospitality Leaders on the Role of Revenue Management in Today's Industry

Lodging Magazine 8 November 2018
At the 2018 Revenue Strategy Summit, hospitality leaders spoke about the role of revenue management in today’s hotel industry.

Phoenix Hotels Recorded a Jump in RevPAR in September

Lodging Magazine 7 November 2018
Phoenix hotels recorded a 32.6 percent year-on-year increase in GOPPAR on the back of a 15.6-percent uplift in RevPAR, according to the latest HotStats report. An increase in both volume and price drove top-line growth, the report found.

Five Ways To Build Trust and Transparency Between Marketing and Revenue Managers

Lodging Magazine 7 November 2018
While occupancy continues to grow, the hotel industry struggles to gain ADR and profitability. This battle is constant—and unfortunately systemic. Many of the revenue channels the industry has come to rely on—including OTAs and third-party meeting/event lead generators—provide quick but temporary revenue relief. There is an urgent need for revenue management and marketing teams to work together to promote a “direct first” strategy. However, this “direct first” understanding and partnership cannot exist without two essential components: transparency and trust.

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