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The Room Key: How to Handle An Angry Guest

Lodging Magazine 16 November 2018
The Room Key is LODGING’s advice column for hoteliers, managers, and team members at all levels of hospitality. Experts will answer questions on everything from operations and F&B to finance and marketing.

Budgeting Accuracy: Why U.S. Lodging Performance Fell Short of 2017 Expectations

Lodging Magazine 14 November 2018
In 2017, the actual achieved levels of 
occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), total revenue, and profits for U.S. hotels were less than their respective budgeted amounts. After a five-year period (2011 through 2015) of extremely accurate budget projections, this marks the second consecutive year that owners and operators failed to meet their operating goals.

MCR and BLT Joint Venture Close $647.5 Million Portfolio Financing for 53 Hotels

Lodging Magazine 13 November 2018
A joint venture of MCR and Building and Land Technology (BLT) has completed a $647.5 million financing across a 5,958-guestroom national portfolio of 53 Marriott and Hilton select-service and extended-stay hotels spanning 15 states and 31 markets. Thirty-three of the hotels are Marriott-branded, while 20 properties operate under Hilton brands. On average, the portfolio’s hotels are 12 years old and generate RevPAR of $90 and RevPAR Index of 120 percent.

Choice Hotels Enables 'Book on Google

Lodging Magazine 8 November 2018
Choice Hotels International has enabled Book on Google, making it possible for travelers to search, select, and reserve hotel rooms at Choice properties in a few clicks by completing a reservation online on Google using their saved Google credentials.

Three Hospitality Leaders on the Role of Revenue Management in Today's Industry

Lodging Magazine 8 November 2018
At the 2018 Revenue Strategy Summit, hospitality leaders spoke about the role of revenue management in today’s hotel industry.

Phoenix Hotels Recorded a Jump in RevPAR in September

Lodging Magazine 7 November 2018
Phoenix hotels recorded a 32.6 percent year-on-year increase in GOPPAR on the back of a 15.6-percent uplift in RevPAR, according to the latest HotStats report. An increase in both volume and price drove top-line growth, the report found.

Five Ways To Build Trust and Transparency Between Marketing and Revenue Managers

Lodging Magazine 7 November 2018
While occupancy continues to grow, the hotel industry struggles to gain ADR and profitability. This battle is constant—and unfortunately systemic. Many of the revenue channels the industry has come to rely on—including OTAs and third-party meeting/event lead generators—provide quick but temporary revenue relief. There is an urgent need for revenue management and marketing teams to work together to promote a “direct first” strategy. However, this “direct first” understanding and partnership cannot exist without two essential components: transparency and trust.

Three Hospitality Technology Innovators of 2018

Lodging Magazine 6 November 2018
A multi-faceted industry, there are more opportunities in hospitality to innovate, disrupt, and generally shake things up than in other business arenas. Innovating is exactly what hospitality leaders love to do. They incorporate new technologies in surprising ways, create inventive new processes and procedures, and break new ground wherever they go. In our October print edition, LODGING turned the spotlight on more than a dozen executives and companies making a unique mark on the industry and influencing the course of its future. Below are a few of the innovators in hospitality technology.

Why Revenue and Marketing Managers Should Be Working Together

Lodging Magazine 6 November 2018
“You might feel a slight sting.” These are the last words we hear before the prick of the needle, but with that little sting comes the reassurance that we’re on the road to better health.

San Francisco Hotels Saw a Profit Increase in September

Lodging Magazine 6 November 2018
In San Francisco, profit per room increased by 17.2 percent year-on-year (YOY) in September as demand levels were driven by major technology conferences, according to the latest data tracking full-service hotels from HotStats.

Hotel Room Meets Rental Car in This Autonomous Travel Suite Concept

Lodging Magazine 5 November 2018
Traveling across the country is often made complicated by check-ins, connecting flights, and crowded airplanes and trains. But an Autonomous Travel Suite (ATS)—a concept for a driverless, mobile suite that won this year’s Radical Innovation Award—would combine the cost and functions of transportation with a hotel room. Rather than calling a cab, booking a flight on an airplane, and reserving a hotel room, travelers could simply use an ATS to reach their destination.

Beyond Numbers: Putting Big Data To Work

Lodging Magazine 2 November 2018
Thanks to technology, today’s hotel owners and managers benefit from a nonstop stream of information, and ever-improving dashboards keep it always at the ready. But all too often, valuable, potentially actionable data is simply channeled into reports that are dutifully produced on a monthly, weekly, even daily basis, only to be lost in a numbers overload. By understanding which data points offer the most value to their organization, managers will have more time to focus on those and analyze them effectively, leading to smarter decisions and ultimately better results. Here’s what to look at, and how.

Hotels Add Vehicles To Room Packages To Enhance Guests' Stays

Lodging Magazine 1 November 2018
Between planes, trains, rental cars, bike shares, and ridesharing apps, travelers have more options than ever for getting from point A to point B. Even so, for guests staying at a hotel without their own vehicle, not all attractions are easy or affordable to get to. To help guests enjoy a scenic drive or an afternoon road trip, some hotels have begun offering room packages that include a set of wheels.

Building the Largest Travel Data Co-op in the World

Lodging Magazine 31 October 2018
Earlier this year at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson described a battle that hotels are fighting on all fronts with technology companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. “We are in an absolute war for who owns the customer,” Sorenson said, adding that these “digital empires” are constantly seeking ways to monetize their relationships with customers. In a world where data is often collected without permission and shared without attribution, data ownership is a principle that travel data co-op ADARA takes very seriously.

Volara Creates Accuracy Engine for Amazon's Alexa

Lodging Magazine 29 October 2018
Guests each have their own colloquialisms and accents, and verbally convey their intents to hotels in a myriad of ways. Volara has developed a patent-pending Accuracy Engine to help Amazon’s Alexa better interpret hotel guests’ commands and requests appropriately and with greater precision. The technology leverages data sets, contextual awareness, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to reduce errors and increase guest satisfaction.

Travelport and IBM Partner on Blockchain, AI

Lodging Magazine 24 October 2018
Travelport, a travel commerce platform, this week announced it is expanding its longstanding partnership with IBM. Travelport has completed a proof of concept to streamline the validation, distribution, and settlement of hotel content between its own platform, travel agencies, and hotels through IBM Blockchain. Separately, Travelport is turning to the IBM Watson Data Platform to personalize customer experiences with new tools and traveler recommendations.

Five Luxury Hotel Experts Share Insights on Using Technology and Data

Lodging Magazine 16 October 2018
Guest expectations are higher today than ever before, and technology is a key component in helping the hospitality industry cope with continual change, according to a recently released ebook by Local Measure, a customer intelligence platform for hospitality and tourism. “Technology and the Guest Experience: Views from Five Luxury Hoteliers” draws insights from interviews with senior-level executives at luxury hotels discussing how technology has impacted the guest experience and where the guest experience is moving to in the future.

Profits Lift for Denver Hotels in August

Lodging Magazine 10 October 2018
In August, full-service hotels in Denver recorded a 5.7 percent year-on-year uplift in profit per room to $87.73, according to the latest worldwide poll of full-service hotels by HotStats. That number is second only to the GOPPAR recorded in June at $91.60, illustrating the strength of demand in the Colorado capital during the summer months.

Los Angeles Hotels Saw High Occupancy Levels in August

Lodging Magazine 8 October 2018
Hotels in Los Angeles performed well compared to the national average hotel performance in the month of August, led by a peak in the number of passengers handled at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), according to the latest worldwide poll of full-service hotels by HotStats.

TRevPAR Falls in August as U.S. Hotels Fail to Capture Non-Rooms Revenue

Lodging Magazine 3 October 2018
While RevPAR and GOPPAR levels exceeded the previous annual low recorded at U.S. hotels in January, failure to drive non-rooms revenue on the back of high occupancy levels drove TRevPAR down to an annual low, according to data tracking full-service hotels from HotStats.

Using Business Intelligence to Drive Hotel Restaurant Profitability

Lodging Magazine 3 October 2018
As managing a hotel restaurant grows increasingly complex with ever-changing labor laws, high employee turnover, and slim margins, operators are turning to technology to increase profitability, manage their workforce, and drive efficiency.

TravelClick Data Shows Steady Rates and Bookings for Second Half of 2018

Lodging Magazine 2 October 2018
The second half of 2018 has experienced stable rates and bookings across all travel segments—up 1.80 percent in average daily rates (ADR) and 0.51 percent in bookings in the third quarter when compared to the prior year, according to TravelClick’s August 2018 North American Hospitality Review (NAHR). Group travel in Q3 is also up 1.81 percent in ADR and 0.50 percent in bookings, and the transient segment overall is up 1.80 percent in ADR and 0.52 percent in bookings in the same time period.

Three Ways Hoteliers Can Leverage Big Data to Drive Revenue

Lodging Magazine 1 October 2018
Once upon a time, hoteliers had to rely on spotty and inconsistent feedback from the field and handwritten information stored in bulky, three-ring binders to make business decisions. Now, thanks to technology, the communication with the field can be consistent and real-time and the binders are history (for the most part). They have been replaced with essential digital metrics for hoteliers to slice and dice in limitless ways. But with an overwhelming supply of data, many hoteliers suffer from paralysis-by-analysis.

Wyndham Grand Partners with Yondr to Create Unplugged VIP Areas

Lodging Magazine 1 October 2018
Wyndham Grand is creating new VIP areas at its pools and restaurants with perks promoting quality time for guests at five of its hotels. The catch? You can’t check your phone.

IBC Hospitality Technologies Integrates with Amazon and PayPal

Lodging Magazine 28 September 2018
IBC Hospitality Technologies has completed integration between IBC’s proprietary software and mobile payment providers Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Three Factors Influencing the Value of Cryptocurrency

Lodging Magazine 28 September 2018
Cryptocurrency values have unique drivers, considering their unregulated nature. Here are three factors that can influence the value of cryptocurrency.

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