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Agoda's Robert Rosenstein says Travel is Still a Market of Monsters, Copycats and Startups 18 October 2018
As WiT Singapore 2018 took its first steps Through the Looking Glass at Marina Bay Sands this morning, Robert Rosenstein (co-founder & chairman, Agoda) sat in the hot seat to reflect upon how the travel industry has evolved in his years running Agoda.

Shifting Away from the PMS as the Data Warehouse 17 October 2018
Traditionally, the PMS has been considered the primary hub of hotel operations, but as data management becomes more complex, the limitations of the PMS, as this primary hub, are becoming increasingly apparent.

The State of the MetaSearch 2018 16 October 2018
Last week, we had the privilege of attending the Direct Booking Summit in Dallas and with so many changes going on in the metasearch space, the panel covered a lot of ground during the 40-minute session.

From eyesore to icon: Converted workspaces get bigger and better 15 October 2018
Refurbished industrial sheds are increasingly in demand as companies across technology and creative sectors seek out the versatility offered by these ultra-large, adaptable workspaces.

Power to the People! Should Plugging-In Whilst Travelling be an Inalienable Right? 15 October 2018
Mid-Atlantic at 30,000 feet and catastrophe strikes, slowly the fuel supply counts down to zero, only minutes are left for last minute messages to loved ones, regret turns to grief and grief turns to blame: Sounds like a film scenario? This is so much worse.

Airports Are at a Tipping Point. Digital Transformation Offers a Solution 10 October 2018
There's hyper competition throughout the travel industry and airports of all sizes are not immune to this phenomenon, but they’re at a tipping point, airports need to re-evaluate traditional approaches to technology and embrace digital transformation.

If You're Not Growing Profit, You're Losing It 8 October 2018
Hotel competition across the Asia-Pacific region is fierce—and it only continues to grow and evolve with changing business models and sharing economy entrants.

Belgium hotel market recovers from terror attacks 1 October 2018
As shown in the annual HOSTA report from hotel consultant Horwath HTL, the hotel market in Belgium has recovered from the downturn following the terrorist attacks in Brussels in 2016.

Hotels Forecast 2019: Brexit uncertainty to stall growth 27 September 2018
Hotel trading growth is set to flatten in the year ahead due to economic uncertainty, weak business travel demand and an influx of new rooms scheduled to open across the country.

2019 Budgeting Trends Whitepaper 26 September 2018
With budgeting season comes the time to analyze digital marketing initiatives and plan for trends that may arise throughout the year and when constructing your budget, think about upgrades your property needs to make regarding digital technology and marketing strategy.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel 26 September 2018
The Problem: At the beginning stages of the travel planning journey, visitors have shown intent to travel to your destination and are clicking on your marketing ads, however, these people are still browsing and shopping around – not yet ready to make reservations and using valuable marketing dollars.

Trivago under the microscope over hotel price advertisements 26 September 2018
The ACCC has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against trivago NV alleging it made misleading hotel pricing representations in its television advertising and website, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law.

Why Apartment Blocks are Adding Coffee Bars to the Mix 23 September 2018
For many people living in Europe’s cities, coffee isn’t just about a quick caffeine fix on their daily commute, it’s also about relaxing and socializing in cafes whether it’s Monday lunchtime or Friday night.

Are business travel programs barring basic economy? 20 September 2018
Basic economy fares introduced last year by many airlines are typically cheaper, but come with restrictions, and business travel programs are not on board with them, according to new research out today.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball during a Crisis 19 September 2018
Crisis management mistakes can cost you: In this guest post Tim Scerba, multinational reputation and crisis management expert, explains a deceptively simple problems that impacts crisis teams around the world.

China leads the charge on automated retail 18 September 2018
Unmanned stores are starting to emerge around the world as retailers of all shapes and sizes experiment with different formats, yet one country in particular is at the forefront of the concept and for a glimpse into the future – and what automation means for retail – experts are looking to China.

To Q3 and Beyond: Forecast for San Diego, Arizona, Colorado, and other US markets 17 September 2018
US Economy: Companies are reporting solid revenues as well as profits: Q2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 4 percent, the best quarter in five years, plus business and consumer confidence and spending are strong and future growth for 2019 looks good.

Travel providers must bridge the personalization gap 13 September 2018
Emerging technologies have created unprecedented opportunities for travel industry providers to offer seamless, context-relevant and personalized experiences, however reliance on legacy systems and siloed data has led to fragmented personalization efforts and a customer expectation gap.

Robot-made pizza 13 September 2018
Earlier this year, we were quite impressed with the restaurant Spyce, you can read what we wrote in 'High Tech meets Haute Cuisine', Zume Pizza takes the concept of robot cooking to the next level.

The Inexorable Rise of Google Travel 7 September 2018
Google's entry into metasearch may be more than half a decade old, but it continues to be a closely watched obsession for the travel industry.

Predictive Personalization and How It's Revolutionizing Hospitality 4 September 2018
The concept of leveraging technology to improve the user experience and increase hotel revenue simultaneously is what we call Predictive Personalization.

How Important are On Hold Messages for Hotels? Very 4 September 2018
Whether it’s a current guest who pressed 0 and needs to speak to a staff member or a potential guest who wants to ask questions about booking a reservation, having relevant, effective and regularly updated messages are an often missing ingredient in many hotels, big and small.

Hands Off My Data - How to Stay Safe on the Road 3 September 2018
Securing our personal data can be a challenge while traveling: Being away from home and the office sometimes forces us to connect to unknown networks.

Robust rate growth drives punchy profit increase for hotels in Europe 1 September 2018
Hotels in Europe recorded a 17% year-on-year increase in profit per room in July primarily fuelled by a 11% increase in achieved average room rate.

Hotels: Are you a Clunker or a Sports Car? 31 August 2018
'The most successful technological innovation should feel so natural to the user that it’s almost completely invisible, we only notice things when the user experience is awkward or clunky, or when it simply doesn’t work'.

In Hospitality, Technical SEO is One of the Least Understood and Very Much Ignored Digital Technology 30 August 2018
Technical SEO plays a major role in influencing Google and other search engines to rank your hotel website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which results in qualified website visitors and bookings.

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