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Hotel booking sites to make major changes after CMA probe 15 February 2019
The CMA has secured a victory for UK holidaymakers as some of the biggest online hotel booking sites make formal commitments to change their ways. Expedia,, Agoda,, ebookers and trivago have been the subject of CMA enforcement action due to serious concerns around issues like pressure selling, misleading discount claims, the effect that commission has on how hotels are ordered on sites, and hidden charges.

Bangkok set for aggressive expansion of city's mass transit rail network 15 February 2019
Thailand’s leading mass transit condominium developer, Ananda Development taps into a rail network that will more than triple from 90 to 286 stations by 2030 for 466km of track - making it longer than the London Underground or New York Subway.

The future of travel - ITB Berlin 2019 15 February 2019
Besides escalating overtourism conflicts and the impending climate catastrophe, changing transportation systems and the shift in customer demands will be the key topics at the ITB Berlin Convention from 6 to 9 March 2019.

The Role of Next Gen Venue Technology in Profit Optimisation 13 February 2019
With a brand-new year stretched out ahead of us, the hospitality industry continues its forward momentum towards a more streamlined, personalised and more importantly — optimised — group business landscape for planners and hoteliers alike.

Trend-setters: Outbound tourism from China drives growth across Asia Pacific 1 February 2019
Over the course of less than two decades, China has gone from being a minor player to being the world’s largest and most lucrative source of outbound tourists. In 2017 alone Chinese nationals made more than 131m trips outside of their national borders, spending approximately $300bn in the process.

Lonely Planet and Abu Dhabi launch the 'Abu Dhabi Adventure Builder' video 25 January 2019
From today, travellers can experience the majesty of Abu Dhabi before setting foot in the emirate thanks to a new, first-to-market partnership between world-leading travel media company Lonely Planet and the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi.

Asia Pacific visitor forecasts 2019-2023 25 January 2019
Between 2018 and 2023, the Asia Pacific region is expected to enjoy a steady average increase in international visitor arrivals (IVAs) per year and with this growth, the IVAs are predicted to reach a record high of almost 900 million by 2023.

Pillars Behind lm Group's Dynamic Packages' Stellar Performance 25 January 2019
lm group expects to sustain the growth of its dynamic packages business, which has grown by more than 10 times over the last four yearsl and the group believes that its prowess is growing owing to its robust inventory, business processes, algorithms and enhanced perception among travellers around dynamic packages.

In the Age of AI, Emotion Still Matters. 25 January 2019
Even though 80% of businesses already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020, over half of consumers believe the future should entail a combination of human and automated interactions.

ITB Berlin: what is the role of analogue touchpoints in the age of the digital revolution? 23 January 2019
Concentrated expertise and the ’human factor’ as a theme heading at the ITB MICE Forum: qualified experts from the industry will be examining a range of topics, including what those involved in the meeting and event industry can do in the future to ensure that creativity and expertise become more valuable resources.

New global partnership between NYC & Company and Mastercard 23 January 2019
New York City is one of the most visited cities in the world, delivering unrivaled experiences and events across culinary, theatre, music, sports, arts and more, hence in a move to enable people to further experience all this unique city has to offer, NYC & Company and Mastercard announced a new global, multi-year partnership.

Turning Small Group Bookings Into Big Business 22 January 2019
'How can I get the most bang for my buck?' — This is a concept that has guided consumer buying behaviours for decades, with each dollar spent or invested, we hope to receive the best value and/or return.

How Hotels Are Using Apps to Enhance the Guest Experience 10 January 2019
An app can help a hotel enhance the guest experience: it’s a way to increase self-service and saving time – which guests interpret as deeper, better service, App makers agree - a customer is communicating their loyalty if they download your app. It’s a busy moment at the front desk. More guests are waiting to check-in than there are staff members to assist them. What are they doing – hopefully, patiently – while they wait? It’s likely something involving a mobile device.

The Challenge: Finding Out How Much Technology Your Guests Actually Want 7 January 2019
The recent shifts in what a consumer expects from their travel and hotel experience have forced hotel operators to rethink all aspects of their hotels, add to that the emergence of online travel agents, travel apps, and room sharing services, and the need has become more urgent for hoteliers to incorporate new and emerging technologies to stay competitive and maintain the interests of guests.

What Hotel Chains Are Learning from Industry Disruptors and You Can Too 4 January 2019
Part of the problem with disrupting the hospitality industry (or any industry, for that matter) is that if you are successful, others will emulate: The changes sparked by AirBnb and OTAs like Expedia cannot entirely be patented or trademarked – if they could, an army of lawyers would slap down any encroachment on its business model.

Record exhibitor numbers at the eTravel World 3 January 2019
Fully booked, bigger and with even more international exhibitors, the eTravel World now occupies three halls – Over 250 Travel Tech exhibitors are expected to attend – Payment solutions are a key topic – New segment at ITB Berlin: the marketplace for Technology, Tours & Activities (TTA).

Designing for Millennials and Baby Boomers 3 January 2019
Renovating rooms, lobbies, restaurants and other common spaces to cater to younger travelers’ preferences is smart business and the smartest hotels and designers know how to do that without alienating baby boomers.

Travel Trends for the Near-Term Future 2 January 2019
The leading-edge luggage company has an advisory group they call their '2018 Travel Vanguard' whom they describe as 'visionaries who are transforming the industry'.

Heightened focus on cybersecurity in the air transport industry drives investments 1 January 2019
Pace of delivering concrete projects to tackle the increasing threat remains a challenge, while cybersecurity remains high on the agenda and is a spending priority for both airport and airline CIOs, faster progress towards implementation of concrete cyber prevention and management initiatives remains a challenge.

Singapore Airlines moves to further enhance its digital capabilities 31 December 2018
Singapore Airlines (SIA) has acquired a minority stake in Australia-founded Data Republic, in a move to further enhance its digital capabilities.

Digital maturity a significant factor in tapping into today's generation of technologically advanced travellers 25 December 2018
Dubai Tourism has unveiled a third-party research report on the digital maturity of hotels in the emirate, with the objective of further improving the competitiveness of the travel and tourism industry.

Complete 2019 data & AI benchmarks with Emirates, Expedia and TripAdvisor 20 December 2018
We are living in an era where adjusting to disruptive technologies and advanced analytics is affecting your bottom line.

Your roadmaps for hotel technology success in 2019 19 December 2018
The following are a few key takeaways from Starfleet Research on next-generation hotel technologies, based on research conducted with more than 450 hotel executives, managers and staff.

Book: Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes launches in Portuguese language. 17 December 2018
Gestão de Projetos em Processos de Abertura de Hotéis, explorando melhores formas de gerir a abertura de novos hotéis: More than eighty-five occupations, across a wide variety of functions and industries, use project management to plan and execute projects efficiently and effectively and hospitality is not one of these industries, despite high growth on a global scale.

IATA launches platform to share turbulence data 16 December 2018
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched its Turbulence Aware data resource to help airlines avoid turbulence when planning routes tactically in flight, it augments an airline’s ability to forecast and avoid turbulence by pooling and sharing (in real time) turbulence data generated by participating airlines.'s mantra for China - be prepared for the change 27 November 2018
Booking Holdings’ journey in China has spanned nine years, but the group is keen on being nimble, running operations in an autonomous way and also open to learning from local companies.

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