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Mission automation: AI can boost sales and forecast better·Requires Registration 30 November 2018
The TUI group is on a mission to automate in order to reduce margins for error, according to Aaron Sugarman, the company’s chief commercial architect. Sugarman, the opening keynoter on Day 2 of EyeforTravel Amsterdam, said that this was proving useful in forecasting demand and predicting cancellations. Another insight was that TUI aims for small data science teams of no more than ten people, because they are able to “get on with things and deliver”.

Air Canada: not alone in the dark with blockchain·Requires Registration 20 November 2018
In October, Air Canada joined the growing gang of airlines that are working with Winding Tree on building a blockchain-powered decentralised infrastructure for travel. Pamela Whitby caught up with the two companies.

How scientific evolution is changing the way we travel·Requires Registration 19 November 2018
Carlson Wagonlit’s Utpal Kaul drills down into what and what not AI is doing for travel and says empathy is where humans still have an edge – well, for the moment at least!

Hotel metasearch platforms have everything to play for, says a new report·Requires Registration 14 November 2018
A new white paper from EyeforTravel finds that 73% of travellers regularly compare hotels, which are increasingly turning to the search giant for their marketing needs.

Press Releases - The State of Hospitality Distribution Report Series: Metasearch·Requires Registration 14 November 2018
Metasearch Is critical to the travel research process now finds new report, with 94% of travelers reporting that they use metasearch when booking hotels and 73% doing so regularly.

Lost in machine translation? Call on Jeenie·Requires Registration 13 November 2018
Travel can be stressful. From long-haul flights and lack of sleep to explaining your dietary requirements and negotiating ground transportation, the last thing you need is to get lost. Lost on the way to the hotel or, for that matter, lost in translation.

Thanks SAS, but not only travellers deserve simplicity!·Requires Registration 12 November 2018
Business deserves simplicity too. In Stockholm airport Joerg Esser, who is no ‘extravagant freak’, was delivered a marketing message by Scandinavian Airlines that inspired him to expand on why.

APIs, AI, getting hyper-personal and the human touch·Requires Registration 22 October 2018
Whether you are focused on data, technology, marketing or RM the message from Day 2 of EyeforTravel North America was that you need to understand the ‘why’.

How EasyHotels is making a neat bed in budget·Requires Registration 17 October 2018
As prices continue to rise in travel, the future looks bright for budget, and the future looks orange.

AI and why the lucky ones get to play musical chairs·Requires Registration 16 October 2018
The artificial intelligence genie is out the bottle but it needs to learn kindness and sensitivity, but travel reps may not be the best people to learn from!

Deutsche Bahn builds start-up culture into its digital DNA·Requires Registration 15 October 2018
How does an established megacorp like Deutsche Bahn (German Railways, DB) develop the toolkit needed to drive its next phase of growth in the rapidly digitalising travel market? For a start, its strategy includes teaming up with digital start-ups.

Expedia lets Google in on the voice action·Requires Registration 11 October 2018
In the week that one of the world’s biggest OTAs adds Google Assistant to its voice offering, Pamela Whitby catches up with Expedia’s head of research

When marketing and RM walked into the sunset·Requires Registration 8 October 2018
RM and marketing have typically been two distinct functions but with new ancillary fees, the drive towards personalisation and greater demand for clever merchandising, this is changing, writes Tom Bacon.

AI, machine learning, blockchain: for the many not the few·Requires Registration 11 September 2018
Big, big data is needed to power worthy AI predictive models, but that is still a work in progress, says a former lead investor in Google DeepMind.

3 counterintuitive ways to drive smart travel conversions·Requires Registration 10 September 2018
For almost every travel brand, the marketing and sales funnel is notoriously porous. Fickle consumers are known to hop from one site to another in the planning phase, and low numbers ultimately deliver those all-important bookings.

Customer-centricity: the new competitive edge for airline RM?·Requires Registration 4 September 2018
Traditionally, revenue management has sought employees with expertise in pricing and economics if direct RM experience is unavailable. Understanding the basic economics of supply and demand, the application of price discrimination, different approaches to market segmentation, and the process flow of customer purchase decision-making, are all useful in forecasting flight demand, and allocation of scarce seats across different price points.

Is blockchain the golden ticket for tours and activities?·Requires Registration 29 August 2018
“Blockchain is no more than a database so get over it,” says Mike Croucher, a travel industry veteran and the chief architect at Travelport. That is not to say, however, that Croucher, who has 34 years experience in IT in travel, including as head honcho of IT at British Airways, as well as in various roles at Galileo and Scandinavian Airlines, is not interested in the potential for blockchain.

What inflight WiFi needs for take-off·Requires Registration 28 August 2018
Not all airlines are ready for take off when it comes to introducing WiFi. A recent survey from satellite group Inmarsat says that around one-in-four planes currently in service offer some form of WiFi onboard. It continues that less than half of passengers surveyed (45%) have had access to inflight WiFi in the past year. However, it is clear that the demand is there. The survey finds that 65% of passengers who found WiFi connectivity available in-flight elected to use the service.

Why there should be no boundaries for travellers with disability·Requires Registration 21 August 2018
In London’s Kings Cross station a real-world marketing campaign seems to be resonating strongly with passers-by. A pop-up exhibition titled ‘No Boundaries’, featuring the works of 20 artists living with disabilities – both visible and invisible - was commissioned by National Rail to coincide with the launch of the ‘digital disabled persons railcard’.

Privacy vs security: first fines reveal shift in data protection landscape·Requires Registration 15 August 2018
Over two months since ‘GDPR Day’, most organisations are still successfully processing personal data, but travel companies beware. With regulation now enforceable, consumers more empowered and security – a small part of GDPR – becoming an increasing focus, the Information Commissioner’s Office is keen to show it has teeth. Since May, several fines have been levied against companies making everything from annoying sales calls to not being rigorous with privacy and security. While the ICO has not fined any companies under the EU GDPR or UK Data Protection Act 2018 yet (the breaches happened before May 25), the value of these fines does appear higher.

Converting the Customer·Requires Registration 13 August 2018
From understanding where the customer is in their journey, to delivering personalized content, to creating fantastic digital experiences, we are investigating exactly what will drive customers towards your brand and push them over the line to make a booking. Download this completely free report now to optimize your conversion process and generate higher revenues.

Blockchain innovation: serendipitous, random, crazy·Requires Registration 9 August 2018
Blockchain technology holds promise for the travel industry, but does it have the power to disrupt how travel today is distributed and where exactly is it likely to deliver the most benefit? Views on this are divided.

Moscow shows the world how to do smart city·Requires Registration 6 August 2018
For the thousands of football fans travelling across Russia for the World Cup, smart technology was unlikely to be on their ‘check it out’ lists. Yet, the digitally savvy could have saved themselves local hassle on transport at least - Moscow is one of the world leaders in Smart City development and another 18 cities are taking part in a national smart technology project.

Lessons from Moscow in how to do smart city·Requires Registration 6 August 2018
For the thousands of football fans travelling across Russia for the World Cup, smart technology was unlikely to be on their ‘check it out’ lists. Yet, the digitally savvy could have saved themselves local hassle on transport at least - Moscow is one of the world leaders in Smart City development and another 18 cities are taking part in a national smart technology project.

Booking-Didi Chuxing - it's not about the money·Requires Registration 30 July 2018
The recent deal between the world’s biggest travel company and a Chinese ride hailing giant is pure strategy One thing that the Booking Holdings - Didi Chuxing just announced partnership deal is not about is money. For all that Booking is putting $500 million into the Chinese ride-hailing giant, the gains are strategic. This is a coup for Didi, taking it nearer global dominance as it contemplates an IPO, and it puts Booking apps in front of a huge new audience in China’s vast domestic market.

EyeforTravel Europe 2018 Round-up·Requires Registration 25 July 2018
See how Europe’s top travel brands are negotiating the changing travel space through our round-up of our flagship European show

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