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Goodbye to the cumbersome PMS, hello open innovation·Requires Registration 20 June 2018
“Today hotels differentiate by intensive use of technology but existing property management systems (PMS) make it very difficult for hotels to innovate,” says apaleo Business Developer Philip von Ditfurth.

How to turn your AI into the grandest lobby boy of all·Requires Registration 13 June 2018
In a guest post from Frank Reeves, a speaker at EyeforTravel Europe last week, he attempts to demystify what artificial intelligence actually means for hotels

China, a unique and rising mobile travel market·Requires Registration 12 June 2018
Anyone looking at China’s travel business should bear one point in mind – just because it ranks as World No. 2 in terms on time spent on smartphones does not mean it is easily accessible. That time spent, says Chinese online news channel, People’s Daily, is mostly on videos, due to “lack of leisure activities”, rather than buying trips on foreign sites.

Is the travel research faff half of the fun?·Requires Registration 11 June 2018
New travel companies trying to help the customer book a holiday in minutes could be missing the point. According to Rod Cuthbert, former chairman of Viator and founder of Rome2rio, an online travel planning and booking agency, spending weeks researching a family trip is half the fun.

EyeforTravel Europe 2019·Requires Registration 11 June 2018
Change How Travel is Sold.

EyeforTravel San Francisco 2019·Requires Registration 11 June 2018
West Coast's largest digital travel conference.

3 Takeaways from EyeforTravel Europe·Requires Registration 7 June 2018
Has blockchain technology been overhyped? Absolutely. Should travel companies be considering the future promise of this nascent technology to deliver a new kind of Internet – an Internet of Value? This question dominated many discussions at EyeforTravel Europe this week where 90% of delegates attending a blockchain workshop, and numerous C-Level executives over the course of the two days, admitted to being unprepared.

5 online travel tech tunes for June·Requires Registration 1 June 2018
At EyeforTravel’s flagship European show next week, expect chat on everything from chatbots to travel distribution, blockchain, revenue management, marketing and more.

Sassy, cosmopolitan Rose - the bot with brand power·Requires Registration 24 May 2018
Rose, the concierge chatbot of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, has delivered on her initial vision to drive more direct bookings, and will soon be linked to the hotel's loyalty programme.

Building a Smarter Journey·Requires Registration 23 May 2018

Blockchain in travel: which journey are you on?·Requires Registration 3 May 2018
Blockchain may be able to deliver the ‘Internet of value’ but early use cases are likely to be in creating inter and intra-company efficiencies. Pamela Whitby hears why

AI Breaking New Ground: Fuelling the Future of Customer Engagement and Experience·Requires Registration 27 April 2018
AI Breaking New Ground: Fuelling the Future of Customer Engagement and Experience

Working Creatively with Personalization: Measure Your Customer, Not Your Marketing Channels - Successfully Leverage Data & AI to Personalize and Delight Your Customers at Every Touchpoint·Requires Registration 27 April 2018
Working Creatively with Personalization: Measure Your Customer, Not Your Marketing Channels – Successfully Leverage Data & AI to Personalize and Delight Your Customers at Every Touchpoint

The Use of Chatbots And Machine Learning in Travel - Get to Grips with Your Customer Data and Transform Your Marketing Strategy Using Valuable Customer Insights·Requires Registration 27 April 2018
The Use of Chatbots And Machine Learning in Travel – Get to Grips with Your Customer Data and Transform Your Marketing Strategy Using Valuable Customer Insights

Why Airbnb believes machine learning needs 'thinking'·Requires Registration 24 April 2018
New technologies like machine learning are considered to be the next generation in travel pricing, but it doesn’t have to be a black box. Tom Bacon shares the insights he gleaned in Miami. Machine learning is necessary to create and maintain more personalised pricing in a complex, constantly changing marketplace. Revenue management (RM), which is already highly sophisticated, fundamentally based on millions of historic data points and designed to be responsive to market and competitive dynamics, becomes exponentially more complex when modified for ‘personalisation’.

How quantum computing can aid machine learning·Requires Registration 19 March 2018
Mar 19, 2018 Ever wondered why seating 10 people round a table at a dinner party is such a headache? In Part 3 of a series of articles by theoretical physicist Joerg Esser, you are about to find out. Machine learning is about finding the best solution from among an enormous number of different combinatorial options. Quantum computing helps as it checks multiple options simultaneously and facilitates statistical sampling.

Shiny new travel tech 'absolutely does work', says GCH Hotels·Requires Registration 7 March 2018
From chatbots to virtual and augmented reality, a German hotel management chain says tech drives engagement, direct bookings and loyalty Daniel Wishnia, a digital marketing consultant at GCH Hotels, is a strong believer in investing in new technologies. In fact, his day starts with news from multiple sources that focus on the latest trends in tech. “At GCH Hotel Group we always try to be one step ahead,” says Wishnia, who is confident that technology, which both assists the traveller and leads to operational efficiencies for hotels, will succeed in becoming part of the ‘tool box’.

The Death of Cash in Travel?·Requires Registration 5 March 2018
The way people pay for travel is reaching a new level of complexity. There are now a host of local players offering e-wallets, currency cards, peer-to-peer exchanges, and credit and debit cards, all hoping to compete with cash. Download this free report now to understand how payments are diverging and how you can take advantage of the new environment as a travel brand.

Quantum computing: imagining a weird step forward·Requires Registration 27 February 2018
Are you a travel industry executive with an imagination and penchant for scientific weirdness? Then part II in a series by theoretical physicist Joerg Esser is for you Getting one’s head around what quantum computing is all about is, as I said last week in Part 1, a good place to start. As good as any, if you have an imagination and are interested in ‘weirdness’!

Quantum leap into a new kind of machine learning·Requires Registration 21 February 2018
In a series of articles, starting today, theoretical physicist Joerg Esser ponders the question: is quantum machine learning the next step in the AI journey and should businesses be worried yet? When I sat my doctoral exam 20 years ago, I was asked about the potential impact of quantum computing and whether this theoretical idea would ever become a reality. At the time it was impossible to say, but ever since I have been following developments in this exciting field with interest.

Urban flying taxi to get lift off on a blockchain·Requires Registration 20 February 2018
Pamela Whitby has been looking at applications for blockchain technology and hears that success is most likely in entirely new markets With the hype around blockchain in travel reaching fever pitch, why not toss something else into an already complicated equation – an initial coin offering (ICO) for an electrically charged flying urban taxi.

5 sirens that could signal the wrong kind of change·Requires Registration 19 February 2018
Embracing new technologies and strategies may seem like a good idea, but Tom Bacon is worried that, without clear direction, airlines could end up on the rocks With rapidly changing markets and technology, leaders in every industry are advising: ‘Embrace Change’. The travel industry is no different.

Trainline: focused on efficiency and getting things done·Requires Registration 14 February 2018
In an interview with Trainline's chief executive, Pamela Whitby hears how the online platform for rail travel continues to innovate with a customer first approach In the four years since Clare Gilmartin has been CEO of Trainline, quite a lot has happened. The online platform for rail travel now has 50 million visits a month, operates in 36 countries in 14 languages, has partnerships with 144 different rail carriers, most recently with Japan rail, and has expanded into coach travel. There has been significant investment into mobile, which now accounts for 80% of visits, as well as AI innovation, and most recently voice.

TUI gives artificial intelligence a big tick, but what next?·Requires Registration 8 February 2018
From being one of the first to dabble in blockchain technology to driving forward with AI-fuelled partnerships, the TUI Group is on a mission to remain a travel heavy weight. In a recent move, the world’s biggest travel company has signed a deal with Seattle-based AI firm Utrip, to up its game in offering a deeply personalised experience throughout the customer journey.

Transforming the guest experience with tech·Requires Registration 6 February 2018
Apps, chatbots, RFID, in-room devices, and the Internet of Things all can help to improve guest satisfaction but there is a fine line to walk Hotels often feel held hostage by TripAdvisor reviews, but property apps, digital concierges and more are helping hotels reach the guest and react far better to their needs, finds a recent report from EyeforTravel. Hotels can now monitor and track guests around their properties using installed apps that can access the guest’s location or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tied to keycards. They can then log every guest request through AI-driven concierges operating through chatbots or smart speakers. This means that the guest no longer needs to ring down to front desk. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), which can be controlled either from a single device in the guest’s room or from an app, means the hotel can now know the guest’s preferred room temperature, what entertainment they watch, and when items need to be replaced.

Getting visual with RM·Requires Registration 5 February 2018
Tom Bacon outlines how new visualisation techniques can give revenue management a boost Revenue management is not easy. Maintaining complex, sophisticated systems requires RM analysts with an often tough-to-find mix of market knowledge, business acumen, analytical and communication skills. Many travel companies invest heavily in training and recruitment for this high impact and strategic department. New visualisation techniques, however, can further improve RM performance, broaden understanding, and invite new perspectives. “Visualisation” is now a common topic of discussion at revenue management conferences.

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