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The Beginner's Guide to Basic (but Essential) Hotel Technology

trivago Blog 12 April 2018
Hotel technology. It’s now paramount to a hotel’s success in the digital age. And yet, it’s still a baffling mystery to many of today’s hoteliers. To help demystify hotel technology for all the hotel managers, marketers, and owners out there looking to modernize their businesses to keep up with the times, we’ve put together a basic guide on the topic. And here it is.

Johannes Thomas to Give Keynote Interview at Hotel Tech Forum

trivago Blog 4 April 2018
This year’s Hotel Technology Forum is set to take place in Vienna on April 27, the 2nd day of the HOTREC Annual Congress. A hospitality summit that connects promising hotel technology startups with hoteliers and investors, the HTF is at the forefront of digitalization in the industry. And initiating Hotel Technology Forum 2018 is trivago Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer Johannes Thomas. The day-long event will start with Johannes’s keynote interview, conducted by HOTREC President Susanne Kraus-Winkler and Myhotelshop CEO Ullrich Kastner.

The Top 3 Features to Look for in a Hotel Booking Engine

trivago Blog 22 March 2018
Every hotel that wants to hold on to and grow its direct bookings is going to need a booking engine. A booking engine enables a hotel to accept direct bookings online through its official website. And as travelers increasingly book their hotels online, having a booking engine will make all the difference between staying competitive and giving up a growing amount of direct business.

Recap of Webinar: Technology Solutions to Gain More Bookings

trivago Blog 1 February 2018
On Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st of January, we hosted a webinar for independent hoteliers who are keen to look into technology which brings in more booking. In 2025, the number of online bookings will most likely have overtaken the number of offline bookings. If hoteliers don’t want to solely depend on Online Travel Agencies to generate those online bookings for them, they need to start embracing certain technology solutions to get ready and take their share of the online booking pie. Many hoteliers are overwhelmed with the available technology options though. Which technology is worth the investment? And what to look for when spending money on technology for your hotel? During this webinar, we walked hoteliers through the 3 stages of the online traveler’s journey and the accompanying technology solutions that are needed to capitalize on each of these stages. Watch the video or read the summary below.

Hotel Marketing, Tech, and Trends: Our Most-Read Articles in 2017

trivago Blog 29 December 2017
As we get ready to bid farewell to 2017 and gear up for a promising 2018, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months. What new marketing techniques proved especially effective at capturing the fickle attention and growing business of travellers? What emerging technologies become crucial for driving bookings in the online distribution landscape and satisfying guests during their stays?

How the Interplay of Technology & Traveller is Changing the Industry

trivago Blog 16 November 2017
We’re charging full speed into the era in which technology and human existence are inextricably intertwined, each informing the future of the other. Evolving traveller expectations are fueling technology innovation, just as breakthroughs in technology bring about changes in consumer behavior, which technology then rushes in to cater to. “I think I am as concerned as I am excited,” admitted Johannes Thomas, trivago’s Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer, during his executive interview at the recent Phocuswright Conference 2017 — held this year in Miami, Florida — with Phocuswright’s Director of Research, Maggie Rauch.

What's Happening with Rate Parity in the Hotel Industry?

trivago Blog 5 October 2017
Recent developments in legislation throughout the world have made rate parity an important topic in the hospitality industry. But despite its frequent appearance in the news, rate parity remains a complicated issue, and one that takes a different form from one market to the next. To understand what exactly is happening with rate parity in the greater hotel industry, our researchers examined it on a global scale. Presented here, their findings offer a comprehensive look at rate parity from its origins to its current legal status in countries around the world.

Glossary: Hotel Technology and the Online Distribution Landscape

trivago Blog 7 September 2017
It’s a brave new world of online hotel bookers, hotel technology, and hotel distribution out there. Here’s a glossary of the key players and tech solutions that’ll help hoteliers navigate today’s online distribution landscape and steer their hotels toward business success. Hotel industry terms: the online distribution landscape Who are the key players and how do they operate?

Hotel Technology: 4 Trends That Are Here for the Long Haul

trivago Blog 17 August 2017
Whatever the laws are that set the pace of human evolution, they clearly have no authority over the evolution of technology. While there are those predictable advances in hotel tech that can be seen coming from a mile away, the natural progressions of developments years in the making, there are just as many that erupt on the scene, taking the industry by surprise and by storm.

Free Webinar: Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology-Here's How

trivago Blog 12 May 2017
Free Webinar: Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology-Here's How After the success of our first webinar with Tnooz, we're teaming up again to present a second exclusive free trivago-Tnooz TLearn webinar for hoteliers: 'Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology-Here's How.' � In this TLearn webinar you'll learn: * How hoteliers are missing out on bookings by not leveraging available technology * Why hoteliers need to get online as quickly as possible * What difficulties hoteliers are facing when using technology-and how they can be overcome * Why it's important to automate different stages of the guest experience, starting with the online journey * How hoteliers can utilise online technology to create a seamless booking experience * How hoteliers can manage multiple vendors and distribution channels simultaneously Technology represents one of hoteliers' greatest struggles today. Free Webinar: Hoteliers Are Missing Out on

Executive Interview with Johannes Thomas at Phocuswright Europe 2017

trivago Blog 10 May 2017
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating in the fourth annual Phocuswright Europe 2017, May 16 – 18. This year’s conference is taking place in Amsterdam, with the theme “New. Power. Distribution.”

3 Tips from HITEC on Choosing the Right Hotel Technology

trivago Blog 6 April 2017
As an independent hotelier, you don’t want to buy 10 different hotel technology solutions. You need to spend your money wisely, and invest only in those technologies that will add value to your business and, importantly, grow your profits. But how can you know which hotel technology will accomplish this?

HITEC Amsterdam: 'The Times They Are a-Changin'

trivago Blog 28 March 2017
HITEC Amsterdam kicks off today, and I'm thrilled to be attending the event as a guest blogger this year and meet with hotel experts and hoteliers. Amsterdam is going to be teeming with hospitality professionals from all over the world. But for a popular destination like 'Mokum' (the locals' nickname for their city), dealing with The post HITEC Amsterdam: 'The Times They Are a-Changin' appeared first on trivago Hotel Manager Blog.

The Future of Travel Comes to Life at ITB Berlin 2017

trivago Blog 8 March 2017
The Future of Travel is upon us here at ITB Berlin. The theme of the conference? Disruptive Travel: The End of the World as We Know it. Think it’s a bit drastic? Think again. Trends in tech advancements, artificial intelligence, and destabilization of popular tourist retreats are affecting the world and travel industry as we know it. Day one at the world’s leading travel trade show has revolved around the impact of these topics.

Hoteliers are Utilizing Hotel-Tech to Run a Better Business in 2017

trivago Blog 16 January 2017
The way hotels are running their business is changing. Stay ahead of the curve with our hotel-tech trend forecast for this year. Subscribe to the blog at the bottom of this post and get the latest trends right to your email box each month throughout 2017 and beyond. Complimentary shampoo and continental breakfasts will no longer cut it in 2017. Instead, savvy hoteliers can stand out by leveraging, and not ignoring, the industry’s impressive technological advancements. Hotel managers who digitize their operations and services in 2017 will be better positioned to earn direct bookings and grow the bottom line.

Hotel Tech Is the Key to Better Business in 2017

trivago Blog 13 January 2017
Hotels are changing the way they run their businesses. Stay ahead of the curve with our trends forecast for hotel tech in 2017. Subscribe to the blog at the bottom of this post and receive tips on the latest trends right in your inbox each month, this year and beyond. Complimentary shampoo and a continental breakfast will no longer cut it in 2017. Instead, savvy hoteliers will need to stand out by paying attention to—and leveraging—the impressive technological advancements to have recently emerged on the hotel scene. Hotel managers who digitise their operations and services in 2017 will be better positioned to earn more direct bookings and grow their bottom line.

Our 5 most-read hotel marketing articles of 2016

trivago Blog 28 December 2016
As 2016 comes to an end, it's time to look back and reflect. This year, the trivago Hotel Manager Blog team filled their days conducting interviews with hoteliers and industry professionals, studying hospitality trends, and writing about the latest in travel technology and metasearch marketing. As the analyst behind our blog, I have to say The post Our 5 most-read hotel marketing articles of 2016 appeared first on trivago Hotel Manager Blog.

Is your Hotel Family Friendly? 7 Ways to Let Guests Know

trivago Blog 12 December 2016
Every time I travel with the family, I notice how tough it can be to find places that can accommodate groups of three or more. But it shouldn’t be this way. Families make for highly lucrative guests, since they’ve got more people to budget for (compared to single- or double-room occupants). By positioning your hotel as family friendly, you can attract more families to your business and boost your profits. Minor tweaks to your current marketing strategy can get you started. Here are seven time- and cost-effective ways to position your hotel as a family-friendly one.

Revolutionise Your Hotel with the Internet of Things

trivago Blog 5 December 2016
The Internet of Things. It refers to the wireless connections between things—devices, objects, vehicles, systems, buildings, and more—that allow them to share information and data. It’s the next industrial revolution, and with it is coming a whole new set of guest expectations, concerns, and business opportunities. Are you aware of the rapidly developing changes your guests are experiencing in their homes? Are you prepared to offer them the same experiences? Take a moment to consider the following innovations, because if you implement them, you’ll both impress your guests and run a more profitable business.

Search Volume: The Secret to Setting Unbeatable Rates

trivago Blog 2 December 2016
‘Tis the season to be jolly, deck the halls, and reconsider your pricing strategy for the upcoming spike in holiday-related travel. In the coming weeks, people will be crisscrossing the country and the globe on planes, trains, and automobiles. And whether they’re travelling to spend the holidays with family or to get away from the hustle and bustle of the merrymaking crowds, you can bet many of them are looking for hotels. Actually, we know for sure they are—we see it in trivago’s search volume data.

Strong Business Connections Need People (and Not Just Technology)

trivago Blog 4 November 2016
In the digital age we are more connected than ever before: thousands of mobile applications and tools now make communication in the hospitality industry, between hoteliers, Millennials, and tech companies, lighting fast and incredibly easy. But nevertheless, there often seems to be a lack of authentic conversation within the industry when it comes to fully understanding the daily pains hoteliers are facing, and supporting them in their efforts to connect with travellers and provide an ideal guest experience. It’s why we built the Industry Management team at trivago: market experts with extensive knowledge in revenue management, hotel technology, distribution channels, direct marketing, and about the latest trends in travel and hospitality.

Rate Insights - the Shortcut to a Smart Pricing Strategy

trivago Blog 2 November 2016
Savvy hoteliers know how to set competitive rates. They know what prices will beat their competitors' and be the most attractive to travellers shopping around-and still be high enough to increase their revenue. How do they know what rates to set? By spying on the competition, of course. Keep tabs on the competition-they're keeping tabs The post Rate Insights - the Shortcut to a Smart Pricing Strategy appeared first on trivago Hotel Manager Blog.

10 Ways Hotel Managers can get Serious about UX

trivago Blog 4 October 2016
Do you believe in love at first sight? You should. While I’m not here to talk romance, today’s topic could be considered a love story of sorts. You see, it’s about how to get travellers to fall in love with your hotel the first time they lay eyes on its website. It’s about user experience—UX for short. Now that booking online is far and away the most common means for making hotel reservations, wise hoteliers need to focus on their websites. They have to focus on building a website that visitors will instantly fall for. If it’s not love at first sight, then it’s increased bounce rate: aka, a pitfall for your overall e-commerce strategy.

3 Trends to Follow in the Hotel Industry Right Now

trivago Blog 16 August 2016
Recent tech trends in the hospitality industry are opening up new opportunities for hotel managers to take greater control of their business success. So, there’s a lot to love about summer ’16 right now. In addition to the cold beers on the patio and the sun-kissed cheeks, business is booming. Travelers are booking left and right. The pool decks are crowded, the suite floors are covered in sandy footprints, and profits—just like guests’ spirits—are high. But this business can be feast or famine. You know what I mean: when it’s good, it’s great. But the off-season can be downright disheartening, not to mention tough to weather sustainably.

Exclusive Interview with the President of HOTREC

trivago Blog 25 July 2016
It was a privilege for me to speak with the voice of the European hospitality industry, Ms. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, president of HOTREC, the trade association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Europe. And I’m glad to share with you the global insights and trends about our sector that she revealed to me in our exclusive interview. HOTREC represents an industry that includes around 1.8 million businesses and provides 10.2 million jobs, and brings together 44 national associations representing the sector in 29 different European countries. Question – Thank you for your time. It’s a pleasure to interview a person of your calibre, with over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry. It would be interesting to know why you chose to work in this sector.

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