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Why the Era of Water Efficiency Has Arrived

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 18 February 2019
The Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria opened in 2017. As you can imagine, no expense was spared to ensure its guests would enjoy some of the most elegant accommodations to be found, not just in Southern California, but anywhere in the world. Moreover, with room rates ranging from $700 to more than $4,000 per night, their guests expected nothing less.

Don't Miss This Year's Green Lodging Trends Report 2018

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 15 February 2019
Be sure not to miss one of the most highly anticipated survey reports of the year—the 106-page Green Lodging Trends Report 2018. Produced by Greenview, it is accessible for download through this link.

Green Lodging News Adds Sharc Energy Systems to Its Directory

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 12 February 2019
Green Lodging News welcomes Sharc Energy Systems to its Green Product & Service Directory in the Waste Heat Recovery/Recycling category. Every day, a tremendous amount of warm water is used once before ultimately being discarded down the drain. Wastewater provides the ultimate renewable energy source, with an inexhaustible supply of thermal energy.

Nuvola Launches Housekeeping Productivity Module

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 7 February 2019
Nuvola, a hotel optimization and guest engagement software company, has launched its latest module, Housekeeping Productivity. The addition of this new module completes the company’s primary product offerings, enabling hotels that deploy Nuvola to manage all aspects of operations from one easy to use software system.

Honeywell Shortens Training Requirements with INNtool, EngINN

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 4 February 2019
Honeywell, a global leader in connected hospitality, is shortening training and installation requirements for hotel properties around the world with its design, commissioning and sales software offerings, INNtool and EngINN.

New Report from JetBlue, Nature Conservancy Uses AI Technology to Evaluate Impact of Natural Resources on Tourism

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 28 January 2019
JetBlue, along with The Nature Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends, released a new report focusing on the connection between natural resources and tourism. The report’s results revealed that the Caribbean is more dependent on tourism than any other region across the globe and highlights new data on the benefits that coral reefs provide to the travel industry and the region’s economy.

Finalists for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards Announced

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 23 January 2019
The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced the 15 finalists for its 2019 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. The 2019 finalists are organized into the following new categories: Climate Action, Investing in People, Destination Stewardship, Social Impact and Changemakers. The Changemakers Award will put a special spotlight on fighting the illegal wildlife trade through tourism, an issue that is also a focus of WTTC with its Buenos Aires Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade launched last year.

Awair Secures RESET Accreditation for Omni Air Quality Monitor

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 23 January 2019
Awair, the creators of intelligent air quality monitoring solutions, announced that RESET, the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program, has officially certified the Awair Omni air quality monitor as one of its Accredited Grade B monitors. With this certification, Awair Omni is now one of the few air quality monitors that building professionals can use to achieve the coveted green building standard for their properties.

Their Mission: to Recover Laundry 'Waste' Heat Before it Drains

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 22 January 2019
Using different technologies, two innovative suppliers are making sure that the energy housed in laundry machines is not just sent down the drain after each wash load. Hotel owners investing in such systems are saving money, water, energy and helping to reduce their environmental impact at the same time. The two companies are AquaRecycle and SHARC International Systems. While AquaRecycle has been helping hoteliers for many years, SHARC International Systems is just beginning to establish a presence in the lodging industry.

Why You Should Choose an Eco-Friendly Mattress

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 21 January 2019
Nowadays, people are very conscious about what they put in their bodies. The primary concern is about the foods they eat and the drinks they take. However, many overlook their outside environment. Part of your external environment is the mattress you sleep on. Considering you typically spend a third of your life on your bed, it is about time you upgrade to an eco-friendly one. Sure, they cost more initially, however, the quality of your life and the lifespan of the mattress ultimately rounds out to an excellent bargain.

Net Zero Hotels Made Easy with Modular Engineering, Tesla Solar Technology

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 14 January 2019
The pieces to put together a net zero hotel are here and ready to go—and at a cost less than typical hotel construction. So says S2A Modular, a Murrieta, Calif.-based company specializing in electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes and commercial buildings such as hotels. S2A Modular combines modular construction techniques with Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls (Powerpacks for larger buildings such as hotels) to create structures that get by without electricity provided by a utility. In fact, S2A buildings are built to provide surplus energy to the local utility when possible, creating “surplus energy income” for the building owner.

New Dodge Report: Global Green Building Activity Continues to Rise

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 12 December 2018
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced the results of the Dodge Data & Analytics World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report, to which USGBC is a contributing partner. Overall, global green building activity continues to rise, with significant increases expected in 19 countries over the next three years. Importantly, nearly half of survey respondents expect that most of their projects in the next three years will be green buildings.

ChargePoint Secures $240 Million in Series H Funding

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 29 November 2018
ChargePoint, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announced that it has secured $240 million in Series H funding, the largest in its history. The investors reflect a diverse set of participants, from early market to institutional investors across the energy, financial, venture capital, oil and gas, utility, manufacturing, technology and automotive sectors.

Dometic Reintroduces Basic Line of Minibars

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 18 November 2018
Dometic reintroduced its Basic Line of minibars at the BDNY show November 10 to 11. These minibars are manufactured in Europe.

Urban Solar Releases Streamline Solar Series

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 18 November 2018
Urban Solar announces the release of an all new solar lighting product line, the Streamline Solar Series. To meet the demands of a growing commercial solar lighting market for a compact and aesthetically-pleasing area lighting solution, the Streamline Solar Series is the first system in Urban Solar’s lineup to incorporate lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, recyclable and can be replaced by the user at the end of their lifecycle.

Study: Wellness Tourism Now a $639 Billion Market

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 8 November 2018
Wellness tourism grew from a $563 billion market in 2015 to $639 billion in 2017, or 6.5 percent annually, more than twice as fast as tourism overall (3.2 percent).* And it’s forecast to grow even faster through 2022 (7.5 percent yearly) to reach $919 billion. North America drives the most wellness tourism revenues ($242 billion annually) and Europe the most wellness trips (292 million)—but Asia-Pacific is the eye-opening growth leader, with wellness trips growing a whopping 33 percent in the last two years.

Aprehend Now Available to Fight Bed Bug Infestations

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 6 November 2018
Aprehend, a mycoinsecticide developed by researchers at Penn State University, may now be the best weapon available on the market to manage bed bug infestations, which have surged in recent years. And, that’s just the kind of tool the founders of Centre Hall, Pa.-based ConidioTec want the pest-control industry to deploy in the fight against a seemingly relentless and insecticide-resistant nuisance.

Telkonet Launches EcoTouch Flex WiFi Thermostat

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 5 November 2018
Telkonet, Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent automation solutions, announces the launch of its next generation thermostat, the EcoTouch Flex WiFi. The EcoTouch Flex WiFi features the ability to provide individualized WiFi thermostats for markets beyond hospitality. Positioning Telkonet to further expand into the residential market, the EcoTouch Flex WiFI allows residents to control and automate their thermostats with the Symphony Sonata mobile app.

Green Lodging News Adds ClearWater Tech Case Study to Website

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 16 October 2018
Green Lodging News has added a ClearWater Tech case study to its website. Jim Massey’s Cleaners and Laundry, of Montgomery, Alabama, was looking to eliminate their high costs of hot water and chemicals used in their textile and garment restoration department. John Massey provided proof of the effectiveness and payback by using EcoTex Cold-Water Disinfection Systems on their washers.

ICERA Adds Malibu II Back-Outlet Toilet

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 1 October 2018
ICERA’s new Malibu II Back-outlet toilet features a powerful, water-efficient and quiet gravity flush. The Malibu also features a chair-height, compact elongated-bowl for maximum comfort. The simple connectivity eliminates potential installation challenges, while the sleek styling compliments a wide variety of bathroom décors.

WTTC Launches Annual Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 26 September 2018
The World Travel & Tourism Council is calling on tourism organizations to showcase their achievements by entering in the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2019.

Honeywell Launches INNCOM Spectre Energy Control

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 24 September 2018
Honeywell, a global leader in connected hospitality, announces its new INNCOM Spectre Energy Control, an easy-to-install, efficient lighting and power management system that fulfills California Title 24 requirements. Spectre extends occupancy detection to guestroom lights and outlets to conserve energy while also offering welcoming lights when a guest enters the room. Spectre from Honeywell integrates with its e-Series thermostats to combine lighting and power management in retrofit and new build projects. Spectre will be available for installation in September 2018.

ChargePoint Commits to 2.5 Million EV Charging Spots by 2025

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 20 September 2018
At the Global Climate Action Summit, ChargePoint, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announced a global commitment of 2.5 million EV charging spots by 2025, laying the groundwork for a future fueling network that will support the significant global increase in electrified mobility in the years to come. ChargePoint’s commitment will allow drivers to avoid nearly two million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Summit’s mission to inspire climate action.

Bartco Expands LED Luminaire Series for Wet Applications

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 17 September 2018
Bartco Lighting, a leading innovator in lighting manufacturing, introduces the Fathom Series, which includes eight clean, sleek, contemporary low-profile, remote- and integral-driven, linear LED luminaires that perform in wet outdoor locations.

Hand Dryers

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 11 September 2018
Excel Dryer’s expanded and enhanced product line features the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers, the first in the industry to receive Environmental Product Declaration certification from UL Environment. Enhanced standard features include adjustable speed and sound controls, adjustable heat settings (high, medium, low and off), an externally visible Service LED and multi-voltage options. Offering the most options and complete line of accessories in the industry, Excel Dryer’s signature products create the most hygienic and best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. Call (888) 998-7704 for more information.

Zenique Hotels Installs INNCOM e7 Thermostats

green lodging news | By Glenn Hasek 11 September 2018
Honeywell, a global leader in connected hospitality, announced that Zenique Hotels installed Honeywell’s INNCOM e7 Thermostats at its new 127-room Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton hotel in California.

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