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How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search: A Comprehensive Guide | Infographic

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 4 March 2019
Voice search is changing how users search for information—and, more important for marketers and businesses, how websites provide that information in order to be featured in voice search results.

B2B Tech Marketing in 2019: Budget, Content, and Strategy Trends

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 4 March 2019
Most marketers who work for B2B technology firms expect their budgets to grow or stay the same this year, according to recent research from Spiceworks.

What You Need to Know About GDPR and Data Privacy: Lisa Loftis of SAS Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 28 February 2019
On May 25, 2018, the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) took effect. Some companies ignored it and now need to know how to proceed. Others worked quickly to come into compliance with GDPR's stringent rules about data collection and privacy; those companies are now finding ways to benefit from their status as GDPR-compliant. Whichever group you're in, you might be wondering how GDPR has changed our industry.

Caught Between Technology and Creativity: Can Marketers Strike a Balance?

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 7 February 2019
To define the current balance between data and creativity in marketing, we first have to look to the past for context. Millennial marketers have never known a world without tech and data. But for veteran marketers, the growth of technology use in marketing may seem a slow evolution, despite the rapid pace of change.

Your Guide to Credit Card Processing Fees and Rates [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 7 February 2019
Small business owners have enough to worry about without getting into the nitty-gritty of credit card transactions. As long as your process works and you're able to accept payments from your customers, then you have more important things to worry about.

How Voice Search Can Drive Phone Calls to Your Business [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 31 January 2019
When you type in a search request, it's logical that your next step is to click through to a website. So when you use voice search, what's your next step?

13 Psychological Pricing Hacks to Increase Sales [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 28 January 2019
What’s the difference between $1.00, $0.99, and $0.98? More than you might think. We’re not talking about a few cents here. We’re talking about pricing psychology, which is explained in this infographic from Wikibuy, a browser extension that finds lower prices at other sellers while you shop on Amazon.

How Customer Participation Builds Trust in the Age of GDPR

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 24 January 2019
The term "customer participation" is sometimes used interchangeably with "customer engagement," but to do so misses the mark on why the former is so much more than the latter.

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Chatbots [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 13 December 2018
There are over 300,000 active bots on Facebook's Messenger platform, Facebook reported earlier this year. And with 8 billion messages being exchanged between customers and businesses every month, chatbots are now an essential part of any customer service and marketing strategy.

Four Considerations Before Investing in AI for Marketing

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 8 November 2018
The use of artificial intelligence is growing quickly, especially in marketing. Industry leaders, bloggers, and many others are discussing the dramatic changes AI could bring. In fact, found that 15% of enterprise companies are already using AI, with an additional 31% planning to start in the next year.

Four Answers to Your Business Questions About Voice Search

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 22 October 2018
Voice search is the next big frontier in consumer behavior, business visibility, and technological evolution. Voice-based technology, based on the simple premise of asking questions out loud, is poised to create a major disruption in the digital industry.

Six Ways to Increase Revenue With Email Personalization

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 15 October 2018
The growing use of marketing technologies has introduced a sea change to customer experience and expectations. Nowadays, consumers expect personalized content and services as part of their purchasing experience.

How Marketers Can Be Strategic Influencers, and Why Their Input Is Key for Companies [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 24 September 2018
"Marketing's strategic input is essential for companies looking to succeed in today's continually transforming business environment," according to an infographic created by Vya, a simplified marketing systems provider.

Budgets, Channels, and Technologies: Stats About Marketing Today [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 20 September 2018
The marketing landscape is varied and evolving, and there's a lot for marketers to keep up with. This infographic by NCC Home Learning offers statistics about customer preferences, marketing best-practices, marketing budgets, and more—all in one place.

Tips to Optimize Your Results for Voice Search [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 10 September 2018
Last week we explored many aspects of search. Today, we'll focus on one aspect that's moving from trendy to norm: voice search.

Eight Ways to Reduce Search Ad CPA and Boost Conversions

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 4 September 2018
Search engine marketing, specifically paid search, can be the fastest way to generate leads with a positive ROI. The challenge, however, is doing so with a healthy cost per acquisition (CPA). Indeed, there's no point in running search ads if they're not profitable.

Marketers Know AI Is the Future, But Do They Understand AI Today?

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 30 August 2018
Here's a quick reality-check for the next artificial intelligence (AI) pitch you hear: Ask what the company's solution optimizes for. If the answer is along the lines of "anything you need," that should raise a red flag.

How to Measure the ROI of Your B2B Content Marketing Campaigns

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 16 August 2018
Many companies these days see the benefits of content marketing. But, although content marketing's popularity (and necessity) continue to increase in the eyes of B2B marketers, 47% of them say they do not measure their content marketing ROI.

Why Your Company Needs a Chatbot (and How to Get One): Bot Academy Founder Andrew Warner on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 16 August 2018
Play the episode: Tweet inShare Andrew Warner spends a lot of time on Facebook Messenger, but his business hasn't exactly suffered. In fact, it's booming! Because Andrew isn't whiling away the hours: He's refining the use of chatbots to help companies reach potential customers and nurture them through conversion.

The State of Marketing Technology in 2018

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 6 August 2018
In 2018, nearly two-thirds (65%) of companies will increase their marketing technology budgets from 2017 levels, according to recent research from Walker Sands and

Creating Weekly SEO Reports Doesn't Have to Suck

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 30 July 2018
Whether you are in charge of the SEO internally for a company or for external clients, you need to demonstrate ongoing improvements to the program and, possibly, the return on investment (ROI).

Voice, AI, and the Future of Search: SEO Expert Jeremiah Smith of SimpleTiger on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 26 July 2018
Artificial intelligence is powering the world's most powerful learning machine: Google. As the search engine gets deeper insight into what makes people tick, it's adjusting search engine rankings to bring the most relevant, engaging content to the top of the search rankings.

Unanswered Calls: The Plague of Paid Search ROI [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 26 July 2018
When shoppers want immediate communication with a company, they often (still!) pick up the phone and call. That's especially simple to do now as online and mobile click-to-call features become more popular.

10 Steps Marketers Can Take to Prepare for 'California's GDPR

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 26 July 2018
If you're tired of hearing about GDPR, just wait until you start dealing with CCPA. The California Consumer Privacy Act is coming... and, marketers beware, it will change everything. If you collect consumer data in California, you need to prepare for a slew of new data management obligations. And, considering that one in eight Americans resides in the Golden State, it's highly likely the CCPA applies directly to your organization.

SEO Pricing: How Much Agencies and Freelancers Charge

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 23 July 2018
Most search engine optimization (SEO) agencies and specialists charge a monthly retainer for some or all of their services, according to recent research from Ahrefs.

72 Voice-Search Stats, Facts, and Tips [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 16 July 2018
Here's everything you wanted to know about voice search compiled into one infographic—created by SEO agency advisor SEO Tribunal—which includes a timeline, usage stats, device comparisons, and more.

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