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LiveRamp 2019: Using IdentityLink to level the playing field for identity on the open internet 12 March 2019
LiveRamp has made their IdentityLink solution available to all DSPs. We talked with their VP of Strategic Partnerships on how this move will shape adtech.

Four takeaways for CMOs from Mobile World Congress 2019 7 March 2019
Nearly 110,000 people attended last week's huge event in Barcelona. 5G prototypes, D2C tech brands, and GDPR were just a few of the main takeaways.

GeoEdge CEO Amnon Siev about ad integrity and safety 26 February 2019
Interview with GeoEdge CEO Amnon Siev on how their technology keeps up with malicious malware and addresses issues of ad integrity and safety.

The IoT 2019: Many 'things' ahead, but here are four predictions 15 February 2019
Bain & Company forecasts that the market for the Internet of Things will grow to about $520 billion by 2021. Here are four predictions for the IoT in 2019.

Q&A with Absolutdata CEO on AI-powered decision making 15 February 2019
Interview with Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata, on their company, their technology, where they're headed, and how they're using AI to drive better decisions.

Marketing planning goals: Past, present, and future 12 February 2019
Marketing planning goals have undergone quite the changes over the years. From year-end analyses to now instant, new tech continues to change the game.

Amazon Advertising class: Nail these 7 essential growth hacks 8 February 2019
As of late 2018, brands have reallocated up to half their Google Search ad budgets to Amazon. New Amazon Advertising class to learn 7 specific success steps.

Five trends shaping digital transformation in 2019 8 February 2019
The digital space will continue to evolve quickly in the year ahead. Adobe’s Stacy Martinet discusses the trends marketers must know to stay on top.

Martech news roundup: Facebook integrations, Kustomer funding, Adobe & Microsoft acquisitions 28 January 2019
Zuckerberg wants to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger by 2020. This presents several important privacy and antitrust concerns — not to mention an engineering challenge.

Meet, the AI-driven software that's personalizing consumer engagement 24 January 2019
Using AI-driven technology to automate communication between a brand and its customers since 2016, Palo Alto-based is quickly changing the face of engagement.

How Walmart is going all in on artificial intelligence 22 January 2019
Walmart is experiencing its highest sales figures in nine years. Artificial intelligence is a huge part of the company's plan to keep them there.

Why mobile messaging might be your next top revenue channel 22 January 2019
Think for a second: How many unopened emails do you have right now vs unread texts? Here's why brands are using mobile messaging with consumers instead.

How to design a complete immersive AR experience 21 January 2019
Tips from an AR expert on how to plan, build, and perfect an immersive AR experience. How to keep users engaged, prototype, and make something awesome.

Voice commerce 2019: Will this be the year it catches up to voice search? 10 January 2019
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this week, Google announced that Google Assistant will be available on 1 billion devices, including TVs and kitchen appliances, by the end of January. Meanwhile, Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices as of the holiday season. Voice search has never been more popular; voice commerce, less so. Could 2019 be its year?

Online ad fraud in 2018 hit $19bn: How blockchain could eliminate it 19 December 2018
The DOJ recently indicted a massive digital ad fraud ring. Insight from Brave, Lucidity, Rebel AI, and AdLedger on how blockchain could have prevented it.

Tips for retaining clients and growing recurring revenue 11 December 2018
Like any healthy long-term relationship, retaining clients requires trust, open communication, and a willingness to commit from both parties.

Blockchain can give torrenting a much-needed makeover 29 November 2018
Torrenting has a bad rep, but can use blockchain and tokenization to encourage a more responsible user base, rewarding users for contributions.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday 2018 sales 26 November 2018
Cyber Monday is estimated to be on track for $7.8 billion in sales today, an 18% YoY increase from 2017. If we hit these numbers, Cyber Monday 2018 will be the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history.

AI is better than ever, so why is our messaging so far behind? 23 November 2018
74% of consumers (including me) are willing to give up data for a more personalized ad experience. Why am I being chased around the internet with T-rex pjs? Here are a few examples of innovative companies who use AI to create messaging that matters.

AI's role in mobile app monetization 20 November 2018
Expect AI to benefit mobile app developers and publishers in three key ways: improved ad pricing, optimized user experience, and mobile ad fraud removed.

How brands can use AI to boost their email marketing metrics 19 November 2018
AI makes hyper-personalized experiences possible, and has an eye for details and patterns that humans fail to recognize to improve email marketing metrics.

Think AI is just for enterprise? Think again. 19 November 2018
Many businesses, especially SMBs, mistakenly believe that AI is only for enterprise. Here are AI use cases for businesses of all sizes.

Why all the hype around AI in marketing? 13 November 2018
AI can help marketers make experiences so relevant, timely, and consistent, that it's estimated every new piece of software will include it by 2020.

Can you explain the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin? 8 November 2018
Not every marketer can, which is why AdLedger and several (competing) global advertising agencies have partnered on a blockchain education initative.

Voice engine optimization: It's easier than you realize 7 November 2018
More customers are using voice search, and many brands aren't ready for them. Voice engine optimization can help you meet customers where they're searching.

Using AI to personalize your marketing strategy 5 November 2018
Consumers are looking for quick, accurate, relevant information. Using AI can bring personalization to marketing at a scale that humans alone can't reach.

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