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An Amadeus and Accenture Joint Hackathon Showcases the Future of Hospitality Technology

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 19 June 2018
What does the future of hospitality technology look like? What types of experiences will guests encounter at hotels, restaurants, stadiums, or casinos in the next few years? No one knows for sure, but Amadeus and Accenture are continuing to push the boundaries of innovation by expanding their strategic airline partnership to include Hospitality. Together, the leading technology companies will nurture new ideas and develop groundbreaking solutions for the hospitality industry.

Amadeus Supports E20X at HITEC Houston

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 14 June 2018
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), producers of Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®), is pleased to announce its Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) sponsorship agreement with Amadeus for HITEC Houston.

Amadeus Sponsored Tech Talks at HITEC Houston 2018

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 12 June 2018
The brightest minds in hospitality technology will gather under one roof this month at HITEC Houston! Over the course of 4 days, hundreds of the world’s leading technology companies will have the chance to network and learn what’s next for the industry during peer-led educational sessions. Amadeus is a proud exhibitor at this year’s event and is sponsoring several of the speaking engagements. Check out the descriptions of the sessions below, and make sure to join us for some interesting thought leadership!

Questions to Ask When Considering Automation for Hotel Operations [Free eBook]

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 4 June 2018
Day-to-day operations present countless opportunities to engage guests, elevate the guest experience and turn satisfied customers into brand advocates. Hotel operations, especially housekeeping, maintenance and guest service functions, demand the ability to execute flawlessly and at peak efficiency.

5 Ways You'll See Better ROI by Eliminating Paper Contracts and Authorization Forms

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 23 May 2018
Paper-based methods can say a lot about your organization in today’s digital-driven world. To some people, it shows that your company prefers an old-fashioned approach to doing business. And while there are still some advantages to having hard copies of documents, it’s worth incorporating digital tools into your business processes, specifically if they pertain to both contracts and payments, to maximize ROI at your organization. Moving to a paperless way of doing business is beneficial to not just your organization, but also your current and future customers!

Improved Booking Collaboration and Detailing in Amadeus Sales and Event Management Advanced

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 17 May 2018
In R28 we’ve added a few new features that make it easier for your team to collaborate on bookings and detail events. Our enterprise customers will also benefit from their orgs being able to support more properties and Competitor picklist values, as well as a streamlined workflow for entering lost business details. Review the R28 release notes for additional information on all new features and fixed issues, including BEO formatting.

Helping Select Service Hotels Increase Revenue, Lower Costs, and Improve Experiences

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 14 May 2018
A recent report from Smith Travel Research shows the pipeline of US hotel construction rapidly growing in the Select Service market.1 Key drivers for this growth are founded primarily on meeting the evolving needs of guests while also leveraging the cost efficiency of Select Service brands to increase profit margins. As more of these properties open their doors, they face an increasingly competitive landscape full of other hotel chains, home sharing options, and independent B&B’s. How do hoteliers effectively position and manage their property to differentiate from the competition?

A PMS Odyssey: From Integrations to Fragmentation

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 8 May 2018
Fragmentation has long been a challenge for the hotel industry. Multiple solutions, complex integrations, and scattered data has made it difficult for properties to track their business accurately, let alone their guests. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the evolution of hospitality integrations and how early software inspired the latest innovations shaping the industry today.

What to Consider When Changing Hospitality Technology

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 7 May 2018
We have technology readily available at all times, with our phones rarely out of reach. Mobile technology is constantly evolving, prompting us to download the latest operating systems and apps on what feels like a daily basis.

What to Consider When Changing Hospitality Technology [Free eBook Download]

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 6 May 2018
Armed with the right information — and the right partner — your company can transition technology solutions with confidence. In the Making the Switch eBook, we share key considerations before changing software so you will not only feel confident in your decision but excited by the benefits new technology can bring to your growing business.

Denihan Hospitality Group Case Study

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 2 May 2018
The Denihan Hospitality Group is a nationally recognized, independent owner and operator of luxury and boutique hotels including The James brand, the Affinia Collection, and luxury independents such as The Benjamin and the award-winning Surrey Hotel. With a guest-centric approach to hospitality, Denihan selected the Advanced module of Amadeus Sales & Event Management to drive productivity for their sales and catering business as well as enhance their customer relationship management.

Improving Your Website's Group Booking Conversion

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 26 April 2018
Online research is on the rise. With 72% of planners saying they get most of their information from a venue’s website,1 your website needs to do more than showcase beautiful photos – it needs to help you convert event business! Historically, venue selection required a lot of time and effort with RFP submissions, cycles of emails, venue visits, and rounds of proposal reviews. But this long process is in the midst of an evolution. Venues we’ve spoken with recently are seeing the event planning window shortening to as little as 6 – 8 weeks for large corporate events, with even shorter lead times for smaller board room style meetings. To support these shrinking lead times, venues need to provide more information to planners upfront before they ever get a chance to meet them.

10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Sales and Catering Software

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 23 April 2018
There are more technology choices for sales and catering software available today than there were just ten years ago. Maybe you’ve even had your current sales and catering solution for that long (we know some of you are out there). Whether you need to upgrade functionality or diversify your property’s offerings, buying new software can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with a technology provider that understands your challenges and can pose relevant and cost-effective solutions can take a lot of stress out of your decision making.

How to Influence Approval for A New Hotel Management System

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 23 April 2018
So, You’ve Decided That You Need A New Hotel Management System. Some time ago, you decided that your existing Hotel Management System probably needs an upgrade. Maybe reliability or security have been an issue. Perhaps you don’t have some functionality that you need for guest satisfaction or labor efficiency, or your system cost is too high. There are some steps to take to ensure that you get buy-in along your decision process and, crucially, can up your odds of winning approval and funding.

Putting the 'Custom' in the Customer Experience

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 9 April 2018
Leverage technology to put customers first, make smarter business decisions, and deliver on your brand promise. The hospitality industry continues to grow at a record setting pace. New hotel construction in the United States was up nearly 12% in 2017 compared to the year before, with 65% of that construction dedicated to properties in the Limited Service sector. Travelers are easily lured in by the budget friendly room rates, sleek modern design, and unique amenities. The soaring demand has chains eager to continue building. Limited Service hotels are considered low risk by developers because they are affordable to build and potentially offer a better return on investment since they’re designed to run at a low cost.

The Top Reasons Hospitality Professionals Upgrade Software

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 5 April 2018
If you’ve purchased hospitality software in the past, you know that upgrading the technology your team uses day in and day out can have a significant impact on overall performance. You also know that wanting to upgrade doesn’t necessarily translate into the ability to do so. There are a lot of factors involved in hospitality software upgrades from ROI to budget to data migration and training time, not to mention prioritizing among other business needs.

8 Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 3 April 2018
Hotels face rapidly changing guest behaviors, preferences, and expectations. Properties that are able to deliver a memorable experience through unique amenities, personal touches, and stellar customer service will be rewarded with repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and positive reviews on social media. If you’re looking for ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction at your property, consider these eight proven strategies.

Hotel Management 2020 - eBook

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 28 March 2018
Today’s hotel managers are facing new challenges, but they are all driving towards familiar goals. Hotel Management 2020 identifies key challenges in the industry and actionable solutions that your team can begin to implement today. Learn innovative ways to manage guest expectations in hotel reservations, ensure sustainable growth in sales and catering, and deliver flawlessly in operations.

The Top PMS Challenges for Chains, Independent, and Managed Hotels

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 12 March 2018
Our job as technology providers is to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and develop modern day solutions for modern day hoteliers. In order to better understand the challenges they face, we reached out to 200+ individuals last year with influential roles in the property management system (PMS) procurement process. We have already revealed the most popular features driving purchasing decisions for a PMS solution in our first infographic series.

How Technology Can Help Limited Service Hotels Win More Group Business

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 5 March 2018
2018 is shaping up to be another profitable year in hospitality, as hoteliers predict prices to increase by 2.8%. [1] This is especially encouraging for Limited Service hotels that depend on room rates as their main revenue driver. Offering rooms at the right price is critical – if rates are too high then occupancy drops; if the rates are too low then profits can be tight. Hoteliers have a range of technology choices when it comes to marketing their occupancy and at what price. However, these tools or channels treat room rates as standalone revenue and fail to incentive guests in other ways. Having additional sources of non-room revenue can help eliminate budget concerns and set up the business for long-term success.

7 Methods for Measuring and Improving Hotel Performance

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 22 February 2018
Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Occupancy Rate are two important key performance indicators for hoteliers. But the KPI that many consider being the most important of all is RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room). A well-known metric throughout the hotel industry, RevPAR helps hoteliers measure a hotel’s performance.

Things to Consider When Selecting Technology to Support Guest Interactions and Staff Safety

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 15 February 2018
With the number of guest intimacy and staff enablement solutions on the market today, how do you decide which ones will bring the most value to your guests and your employees? Amadeus recently joined some of our platform integration partners at an open forum in Las Vegas. The sessions provided venues with practical business scenarios with time allocated to answer questions about the offerings.

Calculate and Improve Your ADR with 6 Proven Strategies

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 5 February 2018
Do you know how to calculate your hotel's ADR (average daily rate)? If you're looking to develop an effective revenue management strategy and improve profits, understanding your hotel's ADR is important. Beyond just knowing your ADR, you must understand what action you should take to improve it. Average Daily Rate Explained You're probably somewhat familiar... The post Calculate and Improve Your ADR with 6 Proven Strategies appeared first on Amadeus Hospitality.

The Top Technology Priorities of Limited Service Hotels in 2018

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 30 January 2018
What defines a Limited Service hotel? Is it the amount of guest rooms? Is it the amount of meeting space? It’s become less clear as hotels stretch the boundaries of the traditional business model. Instead, properties are increasingly focused on the outcome of the guest experience, adding value through amenities and personalization features to entice today’s travelers into a repeat stay and a glowing review on social media.

Three Considerations to Make While Preparing Your Hotel for GDPR

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 2 January 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact hotel industry practices worldwide. The controversial law aims to revolutionize data privacy across Europe, expanding rights for consumers, while mapping out strict new guidelines for businesses. The GDPR applies not only to European companies but to all companies processing European consumer data, making it the most far-reaching legislation of its kind in 20 years.

Exploring the benefits of integrating key hospitality systems

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 26 November 2017
There’s a lot of buzz around cloud technology, open systems, and the integration of big data and social media. But the fact remains that many hotels are running on legacy IT systems. This means data fragmentation and guest centric views are not yet answered for. And when you think about the two key hospitality solutions hotel chains and properties run – Property Management Systems (PMS) and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) – many are fragmented legacy systems.

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