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Creating hotel distribution strategies tailored to guests' regional preferences: 4 key takeaways

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 2 August 2017
The distribution strategy that led your hotel or chain to revenue growth last year won’t necessarily continue to be successful in the months ahead. And the strategy that led you to big wins in one part of the world may not translate well around the globe, even for the same brand and similar traveler demographics.

Bing is bringing bots to local businesses. Here's how hoteliers can prepare for this new technology

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 12 July 2017
Chatbots allow brands to communicate and sell to customers in a way that’s informal, easy-to-use and fun. And they’re quickly becoming a key information and shopping channel, with eMarketer reporting that 67 percent of Millennials say they’re likely to buy products or services via chatbot.

Emerging technologies hoteliers can leverage now: Chatbots, augmented reality, location beacons and more

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 20 March 2017
It's an exciting time for hoteliers. New technologies are enabling deeper understanding of guests and providing a host of opportunities to enhance operations, service and support. Our recent webinar, “Emerging Technologies Redefining the Hotel Experience,” provides a window into how and why new developments will impact guests’ expectations and hoteliers’ ability to leverage technology to streamline and enrich the guest experience.

How your hotel can stand out in a crowded marketplace - and drive more revenue

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 9 March 2017
Research shows that the GDS will remain a key channel for hoteliers to consider when creating their strategies in 2017 and for quite some time to come. But common sense says that the only way hotels can capture a bigger share of higher-value frequent travelers is to be seen by those who do the booking.

6 questions to ask before investing in a property management system

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 2 February 2017
You’re probably familiar with the saying, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Good advance planning is critical for business success. While it’s possible to overthink and overanalyze any business decision, when it comes to a technology investment, hoteliers need to think well beyond the status quo and consider a wide range of use cases and possibilities.

The 5 biggest hospitality trends of 2016 - and how they'll keep impacting your business in the year ahead

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 17 January 2017
For the hospitality industry, 2016 was a year of ups and downs – a year that saw clear signs of growth, but that left us with continuing uncertainty about the future. As hoteliers plan for that future, here’s a look back at the five topics that left a mark on the hospitality industry in 2016, plus a look ahead at how each of these will continue to impact your business in the new year.

Maximize your hotel's direct bookings: Watch the Sabre & IDeaS webinar

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 11 December 2016
When it comes to pricing and revenue management, one of the biggest challenges for hoteliers is creating a strategy that captures as much revenue as possible while also considering guests’ needs. If you missed our recent webinar presented by Sabre and IDeaS Revenue Solutions, here’s your chance to learn how technology can power revenue management and distribution strategies that can help you maximize revenue from direct bookings and increase profitability.

It all adds up: How your property management system directly impacts your hotel's operational efficiency

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 16 November 2016
Hoteliers put their guests first, making sure they feel welcomed no matter when or where they may travel. We call this True Hospitality – the ability to know your guests’ unique expectations and deliver experiences that exceed those expectations, time after time. And the only way to provide that high level of service is to run an efficient, agile operation that’s well-supported by technology.

The technology platform bringing True Hospitality to life

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 25 October 2016
Every time a guest walks onto your property, you have a chance to tell your hotel’s story and to be a part of your guest’s experience. The challenge is knowing what your guests expect, and being able to deliver experiences that not only meet but exceed those expectations. This level of guest service takes strong partnerships, and a strong technology partner is key to making sure that the value of a stay with your hotel or brand is clearly demonstrated throughout the stay. To fully deliver on this promise of True Hospitality, you need not only an industry-leading technology provider, but one that works as hard as your staff members do – one that continues to push the boundaries of innovation and find new ways for technology to make the hospitality experience more personalized, and more personal.

The Platform at the Heart of True Hospitality

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 21 September 2016
We all long to be understood and to feel like we belong. This is true no matter who we are and no matter where we might travel, or why. Hoteliers know this, and I believe many would say this is why they love their jobs. Every day brings a fresh wave of guests, each one with his or her own experiences, expectations and reasons for being on the road. And every day, our customers – hoteliers at over 32,000 properties in 160 countries – go above and beyond to deliver experiences that make those millions of guests feel truly known and welcomed.

Choosing the right hotel PMS: The key to enhancing guest experience while streamlining operations

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 15 September 2016
The right property management system helps hoteliers make their operations as efficient as possible while also enabling them to provide the best possible guest experience. This statement of what a hotel PMS does sounds very simple, and in a perfect world it would always work this way – and it would always work perfectly. In reality, however, a hotel PMS is often part of a complex set of solutions designed to help hoteliers serve their customers.

The 'Meet Cute': Instead of Counting Interactions, Build Relationships With Your Customers

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 22 June 2016
A new report from Sabre and TrendWatching identifies Human Brands as one of the six mega-trends with the largest impact on the hospitality industry. More specifically, this mega-trend identifies key components often overlooked when it comes to the discussion of loyalty. For hoteliers, the big question remains: How do I get guests to keep coming back? A new report from Sabre and TrendWatching identifies Human Brands as one of the six mega-trends with the largest impact on the hospitality industry. More specifically, this mega-trend identifies key components often overlooked when it comes to the discussion of loyalty. For hoteliers, the big question remains: How do I get guests to keep coming back? Hollywood has a term for the scenes when two characters meet and you know right away they'll end up together: it's called a "Meet Cute.” With that in mind, I think it’s good that Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand, defines a brand as “a relationship between an organization and an audience.” Gardner isn’t talking about having conversations with consumers on Twitter or getting likes on Facebook posts; those are merely interactions. A relationship is much larger, and much more meaningful.

Welcome to My Youniverse: Where Brands Customize Their Products and Make Them Younique

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 15 June 2016
Every day we read stories about how hoteliers and the hospitality industry must personalize in order to capture new customers and keep existing ones loyal. But how can brands truly understand each customer’s needs, preferences and tastes? How can brands read each individual customer’s mind? For the next few minutes, let’s make this article all about me. I’m going to be selfish, because I know I’m not alone: I’d really like the hotels I’m considering to know my preferences and offer me options and amenities that match my personality. I want to welcome you to my Youniverse – my individual consumer realm, a place where my individual tastes, needs and preferences reign. I want to engage with brands that get me.

The Next Evolution of Personalization: Know Your Guests Better Than They Know Themselves

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 6 June 2016
In every person’s life, there’s at least one friend, family member or colleague who could probably say, I know her better than she knows herself! or I can read him like a book. How do you get to know the people you’re close to that well? Without even realizing it, you’re observing them throughout their daily lives. Researchers know that the human mind interprets far more information than we’re consciously aware of, and that our glances, tones and motions convey a lot of information about our emotions and our interactions with the world around us.

TripAdvisor Rankings - How to Get More from Your Concierge

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 26 May 2016
David Temple, CEO of Hello Scout, guest blogs today, giving us practical advice on how to capitalize the power of free local advice. We recently set out to understand why concierges don’t get mentioned more often in TripAdvisor reviews. In TripAdvisor’s own research, nearly a quarter of reviewers listed “service” as the most important element of a hotel. And so it would make sense that a concierge would have a big impact on the reviews — after all, it’s an additional layer of service included free for the guest.

ICYMI: Webinar Shows How to Guide Guests From Inspiration to Conversion

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 28 April 2016
Hoteliers know the importance of the mobile channel. With 42 percent of travelers using smartphones to plan or book their trips [*], it’s not difficult to see the importance of making mobile booking easy and intuitive. Our recent webinar, “From Inspiration to Conversion,” offers an overview of common booking engine optimization topics, highlighting steps hoteliers can take to convert more website visitors into loyal customers.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions 2016 Customer Forum: The Heart of Hospitality

Sabre Hospitality Solutions Blog 11 April 2016
I’m back from Las Vegas and it’s taken me a couple of days to recover! There was no partying… unfortunately... but a lot of time spent ensuring that everything went perfectly during the event. Before I share some of the great collaboration and some of the topics that were delivered during the forum, I would like to praise our marketing team who spearheaded this event and executed flawlessly – this was an amazing event, and our customers and partners have already delivered great feedback!

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