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MGM Resorts Embarks on Two-Year Cost-Cutting Plan - Hotels 3 January 2019
MGM Resorts' CEO says it clearly: We're in the last stages of economic expansion this cycle. Hotel chains will begin to prepare themselves for what comes next.

Expedia to Hoteliers: Vacation Rentals Won't Steal Your Business - Hotels 6 December 2018
Expedia officials can try to assure hoteliers that the rise of alternative accommodations is no big deal for their businesses. But you can be certain that figuring out how to manage this changing dynamic is of paramount concern for all parties involved.

U.S. Hotels' Summer Occupancy Saw Second Largest Drop Since Recession - Hotels 16 November 2018
The United States thankfully had fewer hurricanes this year. But because of that good news, some hotel markets are posting occupancy drops because fewer people needed them this year. That's likely indicative of how soft those markets were before the storms hit.

Choice Hotels Sees Room Revenue Hurt by Hurricane Florence - Hotels 8 November 2018
The bigger question the hotel industry is no doubt asking itself is this: Was this third quarter just a one-off? Or was it a sign of tougher times to come?

Millennium & Copthorne Blames Struggles on Rising Costs in Hospitality - Hotels 2 November 2018
The abrupt departure of a CEO and falling profit set off plenty of alarm bells. Will Millennium & Copthorne be able to turn things around, or do its struggles represent the start of a wider industry slowdown?

Hilton Wants to Change the Conversation About Direct Booking With New Ad Campaign - Hotels 28 September 2018
Hotel industry to consumers: You should still stop clicking around, (obviously!), but you should also expect a lot more from us when you (1) book direct with us, (2) join our loyalty programs, and (3) stay in our hotels.

Ian Schrager on How Hotels Get Technology Wrong - Hotels 27 September 2018
The hospitality industry shouldn't forget its humanity, while continuing to innovate - just in a sensible and appropriate way. Strong message.

U.S. Hotel Industry Commits to Giving Panic Button Safety Devices to Workers - Hotels 6 September 2018
Implementation of panic buttons, or employee safety devices, for hotel employees is a good start, but it should just be the beginning of the much broader measures the entire global hospitality industry should take to ensure the safety of every single person who walks through its doors.

How Independent Hotels are Reimagining Loyalty Programs - Hotels 16 August 2018
Independent hotels don't have the global resources of major chains when it comes to building traditional guest loyalty programs. But independent hoteliers are pushing the envelope and finding creative ways to reward loyal guests and guests who book direct.

IHG CEO: Amazon Is a Threat to Online Travel Agencies, Not Hotels - Hotels 7 August 2018
IHG CEO Keith Barr's take on how we'll be using technology now and in the future is both contrarian and perhaps more pragmatic than the views of some of his travel industry peers.

Melia Tests Oracle's Wearable Tech at Its Resorts and Nearby Merchants - Hotels 7 August 2018
Meliá Hotels has begun offering guests electronic bracelets that serve as a payment method while on its properties in Magaluf, a popular Spanish resort. While other travel companies have introduced wearable tech for payments, Meliá’s effort stands out for also being able to work at nearby participating merchants, such as a Starbucks coffee shop, a Mango fashion store, and a shop at the Katmandu theme park.

Wyndham Hotels Maps Out Growth Plans in First Earnings Call Since Spinoff - Hotels 1 August 2018
Having finally stepped out on its own, Wyndham Hotels is in pursuit of what every major hospitality company is today: more scale, improved guest experiences, and more bookings.

Trump Must Contend with Lawsuit Over D.C. Hotel Profits - Hotels 25 July 2018
Unlike his popularity, Trump's legal woes continue to grow.

Hotel Direct Bookings Remain Flat Despite Big Marketing Push - Hotels 25 July 2018
New data shows that hotel guests in North America aren’t necessarily booking direct more often than in years past, according to the latest annual J.D. Power and Associates North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey. The annual survey of 55,000 hotel guests who stayed at a hotel between May 2017 and May 2018 found that direct booking numbers for hotels are flat — despite the fact that guests are more satisfied with their hotel experiences than ever before in the survey’s 22-year history.

Tapping Into Hotel Suites to Compete in an Era of Airbnb - Hotels 23 July 2018
Hotels have long underutilized their high-value inventory, which means losing out on a huge opportunity to compete with vacation rental platforms. Suiteness, a new solution to the hotel marketplace, helps guests get the space they need and helps hotels increase their average booking value.

Scandic Hotels Delighted With Restel Integration as Profits Rise - Hotels 20 July 2018
It sounds like the Restel deal has gone relatively smoothly for Scandic. Might the company now set its sights on other targets? Or will it become a target itself?

Opportunities for the 15 Ways Travelers Use Mobile: Skift Research - Hotels 17 July 2018
If there is a common thread throughout the in-destination journey today, it's mobile. Even so, gaps exist in mobile usage between parts of the journey and the key players in each part. For those that are behind, it's urgent to play catch-up.

All The Ways U.S. Travelers Use Mobile at Destinations: New Skift Research - Hotels 10 July 2018
From finding things to do, to making spontaneous bookings, and more, mobile has a role to play at each part of the in-destination journey. Travel brands that can add value to this mobile journey have a lot to gain.

Technologies Every Hotelier Needs to Understand: Latest From Skift Research - Hotels 3 July 2018
The hotel industry needs to catch up with the times when it comes to technology, and we're not just talking about cloud offerings and software-as-a-service technologies. The smart hotelier of today is investing in next generation tech capabilities such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice capabilities, virtual reality, robotics, and more, but all with the guest experience in mind.

New Skift Research Report: Challenges for Hotels to Streamline Back-End Technologies - Hotels 26 June 2018
The hotel tech stack of today should focus entirely on the customer journey and be arranged so that it provides guests a seamless experience. A hotel tech stack that is not integrated on the back-end will feel fragmented on the front-end.

Viceroy Hotels Is Using Smartwatches to Be More Hospitable - Hotels 14 June 2018
When guests check into the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills in California, they shouldn’t be surprised to find members of the hotel staff, from housekeeping and maintenance to the bellmen, all sporting the latest Samsung smartwatches on their wrists. That’s because the hotel is using those smartwatches as part of a strategy to improve the overall guest experience and deliver better customer service.

Hilton Is Wary of the Risks of Hyper-Personalization - Hotels 12 June 2018
Hyper-personalization may be all the rage, but so is respecting the customer's data. Hilton wants to be on the right side of that fine line.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Hotel Distribution Smarter - Hotels 12 June 2018
Today's hotel distribution landscape is a complex one -- but artificial intelligence is expected to help solve the issues plaguing the current system. While the technology is still maturing, it's not as far off as some might think.

Rethinking the Tech Stack: Hotels Find Hidden Benefits as They Seek to Streamline Revenue and Distribution - Hotels 8 June 2018
The hotel industry is slowly making headway updating its "tech stack" software. While this type of technology has long been focused on helping properties boost revenue, today's solutions offer a range of cross-functional applications and benefits that can 'connect the dots' between a wide variety of business goals.

How to Solve the Hotel Content Conundrum - Hotels 17 May 2018
There's still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to how hotels can tell their story through content and distribution. Here, Dee Thomas of DerbySoft talks about the current state of content in the hospitality industry.

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