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Can IoT reduce energy costs for retailers?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 12 February 2019
This Is the third and final installment of a series of posts discussing promising use cases in retail and the benefits of adopting IoT technologies in 2019. What will be the ground-breaking new application of IoT and analytics that drives an epiphany and spurs widespread adoption?

Lessons learned from a real-world AI implementation

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 15 November 2018
When describing their business model, our customer, Epipoli (one of the leading gift card companies in Europe), tells the story of the ancient Limoncello makers of Italy. Limoncello is an intensely lemon-flavored liqueur famously produced in Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, and the island of Capri. The drink started as a local tradition, but quickly spread to the rest of Italy and then to the rest of the world.

The myths and realities of AI in health care

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 2 November 2018
Health care is facing an unprecedented need to reform, drive quality and cut costs. Growth in targeted, specific treatments and diagnostic technology, coupled with a rise in people with long-term and multiple chronic conditions, is creating unsustainable demand on the system. To thrive – or even merely survive – health care organizations must adapt and find ways to deliver better, more efficient care.

The supply chain of things: IoT in supply chain

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 15 October 2018
What if you could automatically detect supply chain anomalies as they happen, or even predict them in advance? You'd be able to take timely corrective action and help maximize revenue, margins, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

What could you create if nothing were impossible?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 19 September 2018
Referred to as the instigator of innovation, Mick Ebeling works to expand the human possibilities of technology through his company, Not Impossible Labs, whose mission is to change the world through technology and story.

Five ways that AIoT delivers value to utilities

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 14 September 2018
What’s that buzz on the power line? It’s AI, of course! But what is AIoT, you ask? It is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to data from smart devices connected by the Internet of Things (IoT).

12 real-world examples of smart grid analytics

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 6 August 2018
Looking for use cases for analytics to derive value at an electrical utility? We have identified over 125 ways you can use analytics to improve the business processes at an electric utility. I recently posted a series of blog posts discussing four different use cases. Now I'd like to share 12 real-world examples of smart grid analytics was published on SAS Voices by David Pope

7 tips for operationalizing analytics

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 13 July 2018
One of the biggest challenges we’ve been hearing from customers lately is that they need help operationalizing analytics to extend the value of their modeling efforts. In many cases, they’ve hired smart data analysts who can transform data and create sophisticated models, but their work is used for a single purpose and then it sits on a hard drive somewhere.

What can Michael Chui teach you about AI?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 6 July 2018
Are you still learning about artificial intelligence and researching how it can be applied to your business scenarios? In a recent Harvard Business Review webinar, moderator Angela Herrin had an opportunity to discuss the value of AI to organizations with both Michael Cui and Brain McCarthy of McKinsey. Their discussion covered best practices for successful AI deployments and predictions about the future of AI.

Will artificial intelligence replace humans?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 19 June 2018
We have entered the 'second machine age.' The first machine age began with the industrial revolution, which was driven primarily by technology innovation. The ability to generate massive amounts of mechanical power made humans more productive.

Shining a spotlight on human trafficking

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 12 June 2018
My local middle school publishes a weekly paper. Very recently, I noted an article in that paper regarding an expose on human trafficking overseas, "World Slavery: The Terrors Our World Tries to Forget." The eloquent article in part highlighted how children have been exploited in the fishing industry in Ghana and identified organizations that assess and combat human trafficking. It was written by a young woman who has watched my children on a number of occasions. I was impressed by this, that someone so young would take the time to investigate and discuss this issue, focusing on something above the day-to-day that surrounds us in our suburban community.

We're in this IoT thing together

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 8 June 2018
It will be years, perhaps decades, before we fully realize how the Internet of Things (IoT) changed our lives for the better. By then, we won’t be calling it the Internet of Things, or IoT, anymore, and some of us will wax nostalgic as we reflect on the good ol’ analog days.

Toward the artificial intelligence of things

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 30 May 2018
Called out as two common IT threads in my December blog post, how do artificial intelligence and automation connect with another prominent movement, the Internet of Things (IoT)? First, consider these 2017 predictions in the IDC FutureScape on IoT.

How will electric vehicles contribute to the smart grid?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 30 May 2018
Remember when electric vehicles were a new thing? Just a few years ago, everywhere we turned there were opinions, white papers, and articles espousing the wonders of electric vehicles, and an equal chorus of voices warning of the dangers and challenges of electric vehicles. Would they blow up half of a utility’s transformers while leaving half of their drivers stranded with drained batteries? Or would they create new opportunities for revenue or even load management? The possibilities were mind-boggling at times.

Could analytics improve electric vehicle adoption?

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 23 May 2018
In August 2017, Britta Gross spoke about General Motors’ perspective on bringing electric vehicles (and their derivatives) to market. Her point of view reaffirmed GM's research on consumer awareness of electric vehicles (only 60 percent) and consumer adoption concerns with this emerging technology. She also revealed the portfolio of cars and trucks GM plans to offer the global market and its electrification strategy.

AI and trust

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 21 May 2018
Andy Dufresne, the wrongly convicted character in The Shawshank Redemption, provocatively asks the prison guard early in the film: “Do you trust your wife?” It’s a dead serious question regarding avoiding taxes on a recent financial windfall that had come the guard's way, and leads to events that eventually win freedom for Andy. And it’s also a dead serious question being asked today with respect to AI.

Exploring the intersection of AI and human creativity

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 14 May 2018
In a recent #SASchat we explored the intersection of artificial intelligence and human creativity. Posing questions like, "How is AI impacting human creativity?" And, "What will it take for the public to fully trust AI?"

Optimistic about AI and the future of work

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 8 May 2018
I have good news to share about the future. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the future of work in a world with artificial intelligence (AI) is not all doom and gloom. And thanks to a research-backed book from Malcolm Frank, What to Do When Machines Do Everything, we have data to prove it. Also, thanks to new educational approaches, we are better equipped to prepare students and misplaced workers for a future with AI.

Magic vs monetization: AI tips for manufacturing executives

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 7 May 2018
Remember the military computer Joshua from the 1983 Matthew Broderick movie WarGames? Joshua learned how to 'play a game' by competing against other computers, got confused about reality, and nearly started WWIII. As depicted in that movie, Joshua isn't all that different from Google's DeepMind, which became a superhuman chess Magic vs monetization: AI tips for manufacturing executives was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas

Analyze ticket sales using location analytics and customer segmentation in SAS Visual Analytics

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 26 April 2018
Analyzing ticket sales and customer data for large sports and entertainment events is a complex endeavor. But SAS Visual Analytics makes it easy, with location analytics, customer segmentation, predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities – and more. This blog post covers a brief overview of these features by using a fictitious event company called InsightEvents. In this demonstration scenario, the company looks after marketing and ticket sales for a number of stadiums in the Los Angeles area. As a business analyst, I’m looking into our current subscriber data base since we noted a decrease in ticket sales compared to last year.

IoT use cases on display at new innovation centre

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 25 April 2018
A future of flying cars and Minority Report-styled predictive dashboards may still be some time away, but the possibilities of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation are a reality today. From connected cars to smart homes and offices, we see daily how big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way industries and societies work. As we collect big data from sensors and devices, analytics becomes increasingly important in making sense of today’s connected world. Data not analysed is value not realized. And that is an opportunity cost to organizations. Examples at a recent event include brain wave detection and image recognition to enhance manufacturing operations. Keep reading to learn more about the event and these exciting innovations.

How machine learning is disrupting demand planning

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 17 April 2018
The impressive advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) over the past decade are supported by supervised deep learning: training ML algorithms to perform narrow, single-domain tasks. The learning is supervised because you're telling the algorithm the correct answer (the label) as it is exposed to many examples using big data. We're now seeing unsupervised learning systems that learn faster, require less data, and achieve impressive performance. These supervised and unsupervised “intelligent automation” techniques can help experts achieve automation while enriching their domain expertise to do their work more effectively, not eliminate them.

AI for fraud detection: beyond the hype

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 12 April 2018
The financial services industry has witnessed considerable hype around artificial intelligence (AI) in recent months. We’re all seeing a slew of articles in the media, at conference keynote presentations and think-tanks tasked with leading the revolution. AI indeed appears to be the new gold rush for large organisations and FinTech companies alike. However, with little common understanding of what AI really entails, there is growing fear of missing the boat on a technology hailed as the ‘holy grail of the data age.’ Devising an AI strategy has therefore become a boardroom conundrum for many business leaders.

Gartner names data science and machine learning leaders

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 9 March 2018
I bet many of you didn’t even know the term machine learning five years ago. But Gartner did. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms, 2018 was just released, and SAS has been in the leader’s quadrant for five years straight. According to Gartner, “This Magic Quadrant evaluates vendors of data science and machine-learning platforms. These are software products that data scientists use to help them develop and deploy their own data science and machine-learning solutions.” While classical machine learning has been around for a while, innovations around artificial intelligence (AI) are providing organizations new ways to improve efficiencies and unlock better outcomes for their customers.

The Inspiration of Things: technology shines at youth chess tournament

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 27 February 2018
Chess has been intertwined with Computer Science since, well ... forever. Long before supercomputer Deep Blue, loaded with human-crafted chess algorithms, beat reigning world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Well before AlphaZero AI defeated all of human chess knowledge with just a few hours of study. Way before computers even existed, mathematicians studied problems like the knight's tour -- starting in the 9th century. We know chess can inspire mathematical and technology pioneers. But how about the other way around: inspiring top youth chess players to become science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) heroes? That was our goal, with help from Lenovo, at this past weekend's North Carolina youth chess tournament, 2018 NC K-12 Chess Championship. And Internet of Things (IoT) technology played a big part in the weekend-long endeavor.

Who's ready for AI? Notes from NRF

The Analytic Hospitality Executive | SAS 29 January 2018
Enochlophobia. It means “fear of crowds,” and I have it. I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near Times Square on New Years’ Eve, and how did I ever endure the stadium-sized rock concerts of my youth? I’m thinking all this as I navigate the sea of people at the National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show at the Javits Center. Representing retailers across market segments and geographies, attendees traverse the show floor en masse, making uncomfortable human contact inevitable. It’s flu season, I think.

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