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IDeaS: Ideal Pricing vs. Only Pricing: Revenue Strategy Beyond Price

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 7 August 2017
Hospitality experts agree that hotels can’t maximize profitability by managing rates alone. When your revenue strategy only focuses on managing price, you can’t deliver optimal results. Managing only price works well when your inventory is not perishable; however, when it comes to hotel rates, your strategy requires a higher degree of sophistication.


nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 3 August 2017
Earlier this year we partnered with IDeaS to launch a product that fundamentally transformed the way hotel revenue managers and marketers make decisions [link to press release]. The technology combines algorithmically enhanced historic data (what powers Revenue Management Systems) with new data that shows consumers online search behavior now for future hotel check in dates (what powers advertising technology targeting). Since then, we’ve seen firsthand the “ah hah” moments when hundreds of hotel revenue managers and marketers from around the world when first understand how futurecasting helps make them better at what they are already doing.

IDeaS: Taking the Direct Approach

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 13 July 2017
Today’s highly competitive hospitality environment makes increasing the amount of direct business a hotel secures a top priority for all property owners. Direct business comes with fewer third-party fees, higher profit margins and ultimately supports a hotel’s bottom line, and there are several tactics and strategies that help drive more direct bookings for hotel properties.

WSJ: Maximizing Revenue in Hospitality

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 30 May 2017
Faced with increasing competition and more options for booking travel, how can hospitality CMOs deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing revenue?

nSight for IDeaS: A Crystal Ball for Marketing & Revenue Management

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 27 February 2017
Owners and operators are dead set on obtaining more direct bookings for their hotels to maximize their profits. Revenue management and marketing, more than ever, must align in order to achieve what their owners are asking for. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Clay Jackson, President for nSight Travel Intelligence, to discuss what travel intent data is and how hotels can utilize these insights to gain a competitive advantage and drive more direct bookings.

Accenture Top Technology Trends for 2017

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 13 February 2017
Check out the presentation from Accenture. Organizations using data more effectively is an underlying theme. Never before has the hotel industry has the hotel industry needed this type of innovation!

The Key to Success in 2017? Transient Rate Growth.

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 13 February 2017
The hot topic at all industry events so far this year is predicting how many more positive years are left in this historic RevPar growth cycle. Conventional wisdom is that, broadly speaking, the hotel industry will see at least a few years of growth at a modest 1-3%.

Is Your Hotel Getting Its Fair Share?

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 20 April 2016
It’s a constant battle. Trying to win your fair share, or more, of guests coming into your market. The ability to gain or steal share is dependent on a range of factors from your rate and competitor rates to overall market demand and seasonality. The best way to understand your share is to first see how you’re benchmarking against competitors for consumer search and booking on travel websites. It’s a strong indicator of hotel awareness and competitive position.

Are You Ready for the Next Industry Downturn?

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 13 April 2016
Since 1980, the hospitality industry recorded six periods of RevPAR recessions that coincided with five economy recessions. It’s projected that the 2010+ recovery will be marked by an inevitable decline. Is the industry ready to respond differently than in the past to avoid potential rate spirals and ADR decline? The hospitality industry, despite its access to high quality historical data and no shortage of smart professionals, falls into the same old pattern during every growth cycle. It builds analysis, projections and channel strategies around a perpetual growth curve and runs its core RMS and CRM systems using algorithms that depend heavily on historical data.

Increase Hotel RevPAR by Targeting Today's Consumers

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 26 February 2016
Every hotel wants to fill their rooms, but knowing who is actively shopping and what they want is the only way get the optimal rate for each hotel stay. Often hotels have unique guest trends on weekdays vs weekends, requiring them to adjust the product and the rate. Make sure you are not just lowering rate to fill your need period. Look at the demographics and how they change during the week to guide your marketing and rate strategy for maximum ADR and revenue performance.

How to Increase Rate Growth Despite A Softening Market

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 16 February 2016
There’s concern in the hospitality industry that 2016 will be a transition year. A year that turns the corner from what has been one of the best runs for the industry with record-setting occupancy levels, ADRs and RevPAR growth. So what can you do to protect yourself in case the market turns?

Why Revenue Management Systems Fall Short on Unconstrained Demand

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 22 November 2015
Today’s revenue management system (RMS) tools help hotels forecast overall occupancy and rate for future arrival days largely based on historical data from previous years. That’s where current tools come up short. They don’t go beyond the hotel to see the bigger picture of market opportunity. Right now, RMSs provide no insight regarding true demand available from the significant transient segment, including both leisure and unmanaged business travel.

Why don't Revenue Management Systems do a better job of supporting hotel Marketing?

nSight | Humanizing Travel Intelligence 19 November 2015
There’s new life in the revenue management market. New players are coming on with unique approaches to the data they present for hotel decision making. Despite this progress, one shortcoming still remains. A big opportunity for Revenue Management Solutions (RMSs) is to provide marketing teams with information they can use to do a better job of capturing demand. Enhancing marketing information would is a massive opportunity for RMS providers to yield properties at an even higher level.

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