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Casino Stocks Taking Too Many Hits

Duetto Research Blog 17 October 2018
Seven trending gaming industry stories that will impact your casino Revenue Strategy.

Taking Blockchain from Concept to Reality

Duetto Research Blog 10 October 2018
How can hotels harness blockchain technology? That’s exactly what innovator, strategist and Chief Operating Officer of citizenM, Michael Levie, hopes to uncover during the panel discussion he will moderate at RSF London on 5 November called, Hype or Hope: Is Blockchain going to change the industry, or much ado about nothing?

Are You Asking 'Who Moved My Hotel Revenue?

Duetto Research Blog 25 September 2018
The hotel industry is changing at breakneck speed. New disruptors are constantly entering the space. Think online travel agents, Airbnb, Google, Facebook et al. If you don’t continue to evolve, you will fall behind the industry.

STR: Inflation-Adjusted ADR is 'Mostly Flat

Duetto Research Blog 24 September 2018
The U.S. hotel industry reported positive results in the three key performance metrics during August 2018, according to data from STR.

Hospitality Technology's Moment of Truth: Who Will Transform the Booking Experience?

Duetto Research Blog 21 September 2018
Can you name three great enterprise technology companies in hospitality? Or even one? The answer is likely “no,” because most people have never been terribly impressed by the typical experience on a hotel’s website.

No Shortage of Revenue Strategy Best Practices at HDC

Duetto Research Blog 20 August 2018
The 10th annual Hotel Data Conference at the Omni Nashville opened discussion about many of the challenges and opportunities hoteliers are facing today.

Hotel Occupancy and Demand are Soaring. Why Can't You Drive ADR?

Duetto Research Blog 20 August 2018
Despite industrywide record demand and occupancy levels, historical data shows that hoteliers — specifically general managers and revenue teams — are struggling to drive rate at paces they’ve seen during past peaks.

Shifts in Revenue Culture, Technology Needed to Optimize Group Bookings

Duetto Research Blog 15 August 2018
Hoteliers gathered at RSS 2018 acknowledged that the group business side of the revenue equation remains as important as ever, but the sales process for securing contracted and negotiated bookings often lags behind advancements made for the transient side in modern Revenue Strategy.

Russian Hotels Score Rate Wins From World Cup

Duetto Research Blog 14 August 2018
Russia may not have won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but its hotels certainly proved winners, with properties in Moscow reporting a 52% increase in revenue per available room (RevPAR) to RUB7,700 for H1 2018, according to data from JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group.

Airbnb Looks More and More Like a Hotel Company

Duetto Research Blog 13 August 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Using Technology to Light the Way

Duetto Research Blog 10 August 2018
One of the largest owner-operator hotel management companies in London, glh Hotels has a portfolio of more than 5,000 rooms spread across five unique brands.

Owners, Asset Managers Emphasize Need for Leadership in Revenue Strategy

Duetto Research Blog 9 August 2018
Hotel owners and asset managers led the charge at RSS 2018 for revenue-focused leadership that would help them and the major brands whose flags they carry. A more holistic Revenue Strategy that maximizes profitability is within reach, RSS attendees said, but it requires greater collaboration among all stakeholders, as well as all departments of a property.

Expedia, Hotel Tonight Pushing More Discount Opportunities

Duetto Research Blog 6 August 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Kalibri Offers Guide for Finding Optimal Business Mix

Duetto Research Blog 2 August 2018
The success of any hotel depends on dozens of factors — some within your control and some outside it. But one thing is certain, hoteliers can maximize profitability by determining their Optimal Business Mix.

Red Planet Looks to Millennials for Expansion; Turns to Franchisors

Duetto Research Blog 31 July 2018
Seven trending news stories that will have an impact on your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Adapting to a New Hotel Customer Journey

Duetto Research Blog 23 July 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Europe's Hotels See Profit Drop

Duetto Research Blog 17 July 2018
Hotels in Europe saw their first drop in profit in 12 months in May 2018, with gross operating profit per available room down 3.6%, according to figures from HotStats.

Seeing Hotel Industry Threats as Opportunities Opens Up Revenue Strategy

Duetto Research Blog 13 July 2018
The hospitality universe is constantly shifting and, more importantly, growing. In his opening message at RSS 2018, Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth encouraged the hoteliers, asset managers and technologists gathered there to see opportunities for better Revenue Strategy, where others might only see obstacles.

RSS 2018: Revenue Strategy Begins With Strong Leadership

Duetto Research Blog 12 July 2018
The sixth annual Revenue Strategy Summit brought together technology innovators and hospitality industry leaders, including brand executives and asset managers, to examine the challenges hotels face in maintaining rate growth and managing a distribution landscape that gets more complicated by the day.

Marriott Looks For 'Intuitive' and 'Frictionless' Technology

Duetto Research Blog 9 July 2018
The key to the future of travel is a digital one, according to Marriott International’s Brian King, chief global digital officer. King talked to Tasting Table about Marriott’s “model room” at the company’s headquarters, as well as experimenting with hotel technology that will transform the guest experience.

Use Data Analytics as a Framework for Driving Rate

Duetto Research Blog 6 July 2018
Hotel revenue teams are in a peculiar spot these days: Average hotel occupancy and demand metrics are at all-time record highs, yet hotels have been unable to drive rate growth like they have during past peak times.

Booking Summit Recap: How to Drive More Direct Business

Duetto Research Blog 5 July 2018
This year’s Direct Booking Summit Europe, held in Amsterdam at the end of June, delivered productive debate on how to drive more direct business and retain the customer. Joe Pettigrew, director of revenue maximisation for Europe Hotels at Starwood Capital Group, delivered an inspiring presentation on how to “Unlock the potential of every acquisition channel – including the OTAs”. He highlighted the need for a central revenue strategist within each organisation who can build a testing culture to experiment with various technologies and techniques to identify what works best for each consumer segment and focus on customer retention. Sentiment analysis by channel, including capturing the data consumers are looking for on the branded website and tracking it, alignment of revenue strategies and continuous experimentation all resonated with the audience.

Personalization Brings Higher Conversions, More Satisfaction, Better Loyalty

Duetto Research Blog 2 July 2018
Seven trending news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy. 1. Personalization is Re-Shaping Hotel E-Commerce Today's hotel industry is using new technology-driven tools to help them streamline the booking process and create a more seamless guest experience. When potential guests are shopping on a hotel's website, there's a clear opportunity before a booking The post Personalization Brings Higher Conversions, More Satisfaction, Better Loyalty appeared first on Duetto.

Hotel Owners: DORMs Who Drive Profit Are 'Cool'

Duetto Research Blog 27 June 2018
While revenue managers can often be pigeonholed as nerdy numbers guys in the back office, once they start pulling levers and driving significant revenue, they’re often the coolest kid on the block.

Global Travel Brands WeChat Their Way to Chinese Customers

Duetto Research Blog 26 June 2018
Seven trending news stories that will have an impact on your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Travelport Betting Big on Blockchain for Hotel Distribution

Duetto Research Blog 25 June 2018
Major players are experimenting with blockchain to solve some of the most intractable problems in the travel technology ecosystem. Travelport’s chief architect Mike Croucher, for example, thinks blockchain has a chance to streamline hotel distribution.

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