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Europe's Hotels See Profit Drop

Duetto Research Blog 17 July 2018
Hotels in Europe saw their first drop in profit in 12 months in May 2018, with gross operating profit per available room down 3.6%, according to figures from HotStats.

Seeing Hotel Industry Threats as Opportunities Opens Up Revenue Strategy

Duetto Research Blog 13 July 2018
The hospitality universe is constantly shifting and, more importantly, growing. In his opening message at RSS 2018, Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth encouraged the hoteliers, asset managers and technologists gathered there to see opportunities for better Revenue Strategy, where others might only see obstacles.

RSS 2018: Revenue Strategy Begins With Strong Leadership

Duetto Research Blog 12 July 2018
The sixth annual Revenue Strategy Summit brought together technology innovators and hospitality industry leaders, including brand executives and asset managers, to examine the challenges hotels face in maintaining rate growth and managing a distribution landscape that gets more complicated by the day.

Marriott Looks For 'Intuitive' and 'Frictionless' Technology

Duetto Research Blog 9 July 2018
The key to the future of travel is a digital one, according to Marriott International’s Brian King, chief global digital officer. King talked to Tasting Table about Marriott’s “model room” at the company’s headquarters, as well as experimenting with hotel technology that will transform the guest experience.

Use Data Analytics as a Framework for Driving Rate

Duetto Research Blog 6 July 2018
Hotel revenue teams are in a peculiar spot these days: Average hotel occupancy and demand metrics are at all-time record highs, yet hotels have been unable to drive rate growth like they have during past peak times.

Booking Summit Recap: How to Drive More Direct Business

Duetto Research Blog 5 July 2018
This year’s Direct Booking Summit Europe, held in Amsterdam at the end of June, delivered productive debate on how to drive more direct business and retain the customer. Joe Pettigrew, director of revenue maximisation for Europe Hotels at Starwood Capital Group, delivered an inspiring presentation on how to “Unlock the potential of every acquisition channel – including the OTAs”. He highlighted the need for a central revenue strategist within each organisation who can build a testing culture to experiment with various technologies and techniques to identify what works best for each consumer segment and focus on customer retention. Sentiment analysis by channel, including capturing the data consumers are looking for on the branded website and tracking it, alignment of revenue strategies and continuous experimentation all resonated with the audience.

Personalization Brings Higher Conversions, More Satisfaction, Better Loyalty

Duetto Research Blog 2 July 2018
Seven trending news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy. 1. Personalization is Re-Shaping Hotel E-Commerce Today's hotel industry is using new technology-driven tools to help them streamline the booking process and create a more seamless guest experience. When potential guests are shopping on a hotel's website, there's a clear opportunity before a booking The post Personalization Brings Higher Conversions, More Satisfaction, Better Loyalty appeared first on Duetto.

Hotel Owners: DORMs Who Drive Profit Are 'Cool'

Duetto Research Blog 27 June 2018
While revenue managers can often be pigeonholed as nerdy numbers guys in the back office, once they start pulling levers and driving significant revenue, they’re often the coolest kid on the block.

Global Travel Brands WeChat Their Way to Chinese Customers

Duetto Research Blog 26 June 2018
Seven trending news stories that will have an impact on your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Travelport Betting Big on Blockchain for Hotel Distribution

Duetto Research Blog 25 June 2018
Major players are experimenting with blockchain to solve some of the most intractable problems in the travel technology ecosystem. Travelport’s chief architect Mike Croucher, for example, thinks blockchain has a chance to streamline hotel distribution.

What Keeps Hotel Distribution Leaders Up at Night?

Duetto Research Blog 22 June 2018
Some of the most influential leaders in the hotel distribution space are looking to machines and artificial intelligence to help remove friction in the process and improve distribution best practices.

HITEC: Hotel Owners Discuss Shifting Tech Landscape

Duetto Research Blog 20 June 2018
Hoteliers understand the importance of technology to the future of their industry and are looking for tech partners to ramp up innovation around a few key areas, they said Tuesday to open HITEC 2018 in Houston. In a general session titled 'Technology and the Power of the C-Suite,' a panel of executives from brands, ownership The post HITEC: Hotel Owners Discuss Shifting Tech Landscape appeared first on Duetto.

Inn of the Mountain Gods Announces Revenue Strategy Partnership with Duetto

Duetto Research Blog 19 June 2018
Duetto, hospitality’s only Revenue Strategy Platform, has partnered with Inn of the Mountain Gods, an enterprise of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, to implement three of its cloud-based Revenue Strategy solutions at the integrated resort.

Why One Hotelier Says Listing on Airbnb Just 'Makes Sense'

Duetto Research Blog 18 June 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

The Future of Hotel Technology Will Be on Display at HITEC

Duetto Research Blog 15 June 2018
For decades, the hotel industry has lagged its peers in the adoption of technology to optimize business, and it doesn’t appear to be catching up anytime soon. Just this week, Sabre CEO Sean Menke said at the Skift Tech Forum that hotel technology is about a decade behind the airline industry’s solutions for pricing, distribution and personalization. Meanwhile, travelers’ wants and needs are evolving at such a rapid pace that hotels often find themselves caught in a tough cycle: chasing the “next best thing,” falling short and providing a lackluster experience. The fragmented nature of the hospitality industry is holding back innovation, leaving hoteliers unable to do what they do best: anticipate their guests’ needs and deliver an experience that compels them to return. As such, disruptors are having a feeding frenzy at the industry’s expense.

Revenues Soar At European hotels

Duetto Research Blog 12 June 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy. 1. European Hotels Enjoy 19% Uplift in Profit Per Room The arrival of better weather has helped bolster business at hotels across Europe. In April, Europe's hotels enjoyed an 18.9% increase in profit per room, according to the latest poll by HotStats.

NYU Panelists Say Siloed Data is Holding Back Innovation

Duetto Research Blog 11 June 2018
How can hoteliers avoid being disrupted by using the available guest data and technology for good — to drive traveler satisfaction and also increase hotel profitability? That question was at the heart of a conversation among hotel technology experts on a panel at the NYU Investment Conference called “Technology, Data and Travel Disruptors.”

Hotel CEOs: Technology Will Determine Future of Hospitality

Duetto Research Blog 7 June 2018
In a hotel industry starved for innovation, it’s not surprising hospitality leaders on stage at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference focused much of their attention not on real estate opportunities but instead on how technology will continue to push the industry forward. Conference chair and Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan M. Tisch opened this year’s conference by putting hotel technology directly in the spotlight.

Hotels Embrace Shifting Role of Revenue Management

Duetto Research Blog 5 June 2018
Having been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years – starting as a concierge at the Hyatt Regency Delhi, and working his way up the ranks in various brands, roles and locations in Dubai and Australia – Murtaza Rangwala has been witnessing first hand the evolution of revenue management. Today, he pounds the ground evangelising evolutionary, and sometimes revolutionary, revenue management practices to hoteliers in Australia and New Zealand. We recently chatted with Rangwala about his mission and market observations.

Direct Bookings Benefit Hotels in More Ways Than They Can Count

Duetto Research Blog 4 June 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Keeping Pace With Dubai's Constantly Changing Dynamics

Duetto Research Blog 1 June 2018
Dubai welcomes 15 million visitors a year, making it the fourth most popular tourist city in the world. It’s also an extremely profitable destination: annual overnight visitor spend exceeds $28 billion. Yet, in recent years, hoteliers have been complaining of stagnant RevPAR.

Lean Luxury: Using Technology to Streamline the Guest Experience

Duetto Research Blog 30 May 2018
Founded in 2013, Munich-based Ruby Group claims to be breaking new ground with its Lean Luxury philosophy of hotel operations. Led by founder and CEO Michael Struck, Ruby Hotels have a lean organisational structure that aims to deliver a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for the modern traveller.

5 Reasons Your Hotel's Conversion Rate is Low-and How to Fix It

Duetto Research Blog 29 May 2018
Getting customers to your hotel’s website is one thing. Converting their clicks into bookings is quite another. According to Sam Weston, marketing manager for 80 DAYS, conversion rates for hotel websites average between 1.7% and 2%. (If you’re looking at anything higher than that, you’re doing great.) But even in the best-case scenarios, where a hotel might be seeing a 5% conversion rate, 95% of visitors are still abandoning.

APAC Travel Execs Outline Pressing Hotel Tech Issues

Duetto Research Blog 22 May 2018
A large part of loyalty marketing today is being driven by technology, an observation shared during a recent marketing roundtable in Asia hosted by Marketing Interactive.

What's Your Hotel's Revenue Strategy for Memorial Day Weekend?

Duetto Research Blog 21 May 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Group Business Optimization Starts with Collaboration and Technology

Duetto Research Blog 18 May 2018
A breakout session at the recent DuettoX conference to discuss current and future capabilities of the BlockBuster application dealt with more than just optimizing group business. Attendees and Duetto strategists agreed that hotels and casinos should fundamentally change the way sales and revenue management departments collaborate.

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