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A Hotelier's guide to GDPR compliance

Hotelogix Blog 25 April 2018
The General Data Protection Regulations has caused quite a stir in the hospitality industry of late. With the deadline for implementation, 25th of May 2018, drawing closer, we thought it would be a good idea to run you through the specifics. Understanding why? Living in a data-driven age, where we have access to ample information on various subjects, from the closing stock price of a particular company to scores of the latest game and other tabloid gossip. However, all this information may include individuals names, addresses, bank details and passport information.

5 benefits of modern accounting system for your hotel business

Hotelogix Blog 23 April 2018
Hotel accounting is one of the most important areas of a hotel’s management. Accounting in the hotel industry has moved on from the traditional methods of using spreadsheets to the modern hotel accounting software. As a hotelier, you need to adopt new technologies to effectively streamline this aspect of your business. Thus, to make the whole process error-free and to save time.

9 compelling reasons why your Hotel needs a Channel Manager

Hotelogix Blog 13 April 2018
Hotel channel management software play a huge role in seamlessly distributing inventory and rates on multiple OTAs. This entire process helps a hotel to maximizing bookings and, thereby, increasing revenue. By diversifying the sources of reservations for your hotel, you stand a higher chance of attaining full occupancy and Channel Managers come in handy in this endeavor. But here’s the catch! A Hotel channel management software brings with it lot more benefits than just increased bookings. This is why we recommend that every hotel invest in a channel manager. If you are still not convinced, we’ve listed 9 reasons why investing in a Channel manager is paramount to your hotel business.

6 benefits of Mobile Apps for the Hotel Industry

Hotelogix Blog 2 April 2018
Mobile hotel apps are indeed redefining the guest experience. As customer service holds utmost value in the hotel industry, the necessity to engage, interact and attract is vital. Guests are looking for convenience at their fingertips. The significance of mobile hotel apps has grown rapidly in the recent times with more and more hotel brands opting for apps.

Glimpse of Hotelogix's journey at ITB Berlin 2018

Hotelogix Blog 19 March 2018
ITB Berlin – 2018, considered as the world’s leading Travel Trade Show held from 7-11 March concluded with Hotelogix being one of the proud participants. Hotelogix showcased its enterprise grade cloud-based Hotel Property Management system along with its Mobile Hotel App. Hotelogix’s top management was at the venue, and leveraged the platform to build successful collaborations with hoteliers attending the event.

Hotelogix introduces Management Dashboard for Hoteliers to take informed business decisions

Hotelogix Blog 8 March 2018
Hospitality industry is growing with a good pace and so is the competition within the industry. Today’s hoteliers need to have all the critical data on their business at place. It helps them view everything in one dashboard for quick consumption of information. They can save time, analyze current hotel performance, and can take data-driven decisions.

8 simple ways to increase your hotel's direct bookings

Hotelogix Blog 26 February 2018
Increasing direct bookings would be one of the most rewarding (but just as challenging) tasks for any hotelier. Given the vast market size and share of third party booking sites, it is becoming in increasingly important for hotels to work towards maintain the right balance between OTA bookings and direct bookings.

Leverage direct messaging to transform guest experience

Hotelogix Blog 22 February 2018
Guest experience is fast replacing a lot of traditional methods to increasing revenue and the sooner you subscribe to this philosophy, the better your chances of success. Hospitality industry is beginning to understand the need to make life easier for their customers. One of the easiest ways in which hotels can transform guest experience is by realizing the importance of direct guest messaging. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand that has its own in-house messaging app or an independent hotel using WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. What matters is throwing open a line of communication with guests that is direct.

Five Core Benefits of switching from manual processes to a Cloud-based PMS

Hotelogix Blog 19 February 2018
If you grew up in the 90s, like me, chances are you are more familiar with the term MS Excel than the phrase cloud-based PMS. It was a revolution, this amazing spreadsheet, which could carry out a lot of complex calculations on its own (well, at least partially). What started out as one of the first electronic spreadsheets has steadily transitioned into something much, much more wholesome and in a way inevitable. From data entry to analysis, from budgeting to accounting, from reporting to visualizations, its business applications are innumerable.

New and Emerging Hospitality Technology Trends in 2018

Hotelogix Blog 7 February 2018
In our second blog on hotel technology trends, we took a quick look at the technologies in use and how these can help increase revenue while creating a favorable impression on the minds of the guest. Let’s take a deeper look at latest technology in the hospitality industry and how these can be used to improve revenue.

Hotel Technology Trends for 2018 and why your hotel should consider some of these (Part 1)

Hotelogix Blog 31 January 2018
Emerging hotel technology trends are automating and simplifying many tasks in our day-to-day lives. For instance, cloud technology, big data and artificial intelligence are indeed changing the way we live and work. While there have been many diverse opinions about technologies such as these, we can’t deny the importance of it particularly when it comes to hotel technology.

Download eBook: Learn how to automate your hotel's room distribution process with the help of smart technologies such as a Channel Manager

Hotelogix Blog 30 January 2018
A channel manager is the key element to a successful online hotel distribution. Hotel owners looking to sell more rooms to increase their revenue need to embrace smart technologies. A hotel channel manager shifts the focus from traditional and manual methods of room distribution to a smart new method powered by technology. Hotel owners and their staff can save time to offer personalized services to their guests with a smart channel management software in place.

Top 4 ways you can super simplify check-in/check-out at your hotel

Hotelogix Blog 23 January 2018
A hotel’s check-in system has certainly evolved over the years. A quick service is one of the topmost priorities for any guest. An automated check-in ensures guests can quickly proceed to their rooms without spending time at the front desk. Hotels that still employ traditional methods of manual entries increase the waiting period for guests and risk making the wrong impression on the minds of the tired travelers. This simply indicates a “bad service” – a tag best avoidable for your hotel brand.

Tips to optimize ADR and occupancy rates at your independent hotel

Hotelogix Blog 10 January 2018
The Average Daily Rate or the ADR in the hotel industry is often a primary concern for most hotel owners. However, in today’s times, every hotel owner including independent hoteliers can definitely improve the ADR using simple tactics to lend a boost to profits. A hotel’s occupancy rates are often a source of worry for hoteliers who need to constantly reinvent their revenue management strategies to work around a hotel’s ADR.

Exciting Offer: This Holiday Season, Gift Your Hotel the Best in Hospitality Tech!

Hotelogix Blog 7 December 2017
The holiday season is on and Christmas and New Year are almost around the corner! For hotel owners, this is the time to celebrate, and see the year in retrospect as well. Now is the time to rethink your strategy for the New Year on how you can improvise your hotel operations and the bottom line with a hotel property management system.

[Infographic]Ten Things City Hotels Need to know When Choosing a Hotel Property Management System

Hotelogix Blog 12 October 2017
The selection of an appropriate hotel management system can be a tricky one for hoteliers. With the market flooded with innumerable options, it’s easy to feel a little unsure about the kind of hotel management system one is looking for. Every hotel property has a different set of amenities and caters to varied target groups. While the leading names in the hospitality industry have already moved towards using hotel property management system (hotel software) for automating their daily functions, the small and mid-sized owners are left in a state of debate.

Have You Chosen the Right Hotel Reservation System to Manage Your Property?

Hotelogix Blog 10 October 2017
Hotel reservation systems make it easy for hoteliers to manage daily operations for a hotel with great ease. In the recent times, small, midsize and large hotel owners are slowly embracing the change towards online reservation software. The trends reveal it all – MMGY Global states 82% of Gen X book travel online and 71% research their travel through OTAs. With an explosive growth in mobile bookings, 80% of travelers use the Internet for travel information and bookings according to Training Aid.

Smart Hoteliering on the Go! Come, Meet us at ITB Asia 2017 Hospitality Tech Event

Hotelogix Blog 4 October 2017
Hotelogix, is a proud participant at the ITB Asia – 2017 event. As a pioneer in cloud-based hotel management software, we will lay a strong emphasis on ‘Enterprise mobility’ – enabling you to efficiently execute, coordinate and monitor your hotels from the convenience of your smartphone. We will be launching the Hotelogix Mobile Hotel mobile app at this event. Meet us and get to know the benefits of mobility in the hospitality space. With information available at your fingertips, the Hotelogix Mobile app helps you keep an eye on how your hotels are being run with access to data on your smartphone, anytime and from anywhere.

Driving Revenue with Cloud-Based Property Management System

Hotelogix Blog 29 September 2017
Today, guest behaviours and booking patterns are changing so rapidly that having a robust revenue management strategy is not a question of choice. It is imperative for hoteliers to follow holistic revenue maximising practices to realise dramatic impact on their profitability. Revenue management is the process that lets a hotel dynamically adjust its inventory pricing based on sales trends, past data, and other forecasts. As a result, hoteliers can derive maximal value from every sale and boost their bottom line. When effective revenue management processes are set right from the early stages of a hotel’s lifecycle, it informs everyone about the hotel’s direction and what measures the group should collectively take to achieve that goal. This is where a fully integrated, cloud-enabled property management system can help hoteliers accomplish that goal.

Transform Guest Experience by Leveraging the Latest Hotel Technology Disruptions

Hotelogix Blog 26 September 2017
Hotel technology is fast evolving and of late has become integral in the ever-changing hospitality industry landscape. Just as Artificial Intelligence is touted to be the future of customer care and services, there are many technologies that have paved the way into the hotel industry. For instance, guest experience management has evolved with the rapid adoption of technology to meet the demands of the well-read and updated travellers. Every time guest checks in, he/she has a different set of expectations. When a hotel meets those expectations or possibly goes the extra mile, it acts as the sole motivator for choosing the same property for their next stay or referring it to their friends and families.

Leverage Historical Data on Bookings and Guest's Profile to Drive More Revenue

Hotelogix Blog 23 August 2017
With the entry and dominance of online travel agents (OTAs) hotel owners are interested in employing dynamic rate adjustments to maximize bookings and revenue. This is where revenue management comes into the picture. Hoteliers accept that proper revenue management strategies can boost occupancy rates and increase revenue.

How to Avoid Hotel Overbooking

Hotelogix Blog 4 August 2017
More bookings is good business. Isn’t that right?Well, not always. Any hotelier’s greatest and unpleasant nightmare is the overbooking of hotel rooms. What follows next can be damaging to the reputation of your hotel, adding to the revenue loss. You may have to accommodate the irate guests on other hotels at higher costs. In any case, unhappy travelers often choose to mention their plight on popular review sites (e.g.: TripAdvisor). Which is why, hotel overbooking is a calculated risk that may lead to serious consequences. This can bring down the number of visitors in the long run. The new age traveler is well-read, well-informed, and can indeed make better decisions to avoid such hassles.

Finding the Right Hotel POS System

Hotelogix Blog 31 July 2017
Managing the operations your hotel brings with it a host of responsibilities. Apart from room revenue, your hotel’s point of sale (POS) acts as an additional source of income. Multiple POS outlets may set the cash registers ringing. While this should bring in more cheer, the situation behind the scenes is far from reality.

It's Never Too Late to Choose Right Hotel Management Software For Your Apartment Hotels

Hotelogix Blog 13 June 2017
Hotels both luxury and budget have always been the undisputed choice for tourists. But they are not always the ideal choice. The demand for apartment hotels is growing as the hospitality industry continues to mature and gain awareness among business and leisure travelers. A significant part of this growth is attributed to millennial’s travel habits. According to Knight Frank’s 2016 Global Cities Report, over the past seven years, the number of serviced apartments has grown by 80 per cent and totals to more than 750,000 properties globally. Given the scenario, serviced apartments are likely to reap the economic rewards in the coming years. Serviced apartment not only offer the cleanliness and safety that a hotel offers, but they also provide ‘home away from home’ options with well-equipped kitchens, comfy living spaces and other facilities.

HITEC 2017: Hotelogix All Set to Showcase its Groundbreaking Features

Hotelogix Blog 9 June 2017
Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is one of the top platforms to showcase the most current hospitality-driven applications and technologies that enhances guest experiences. And Hotelogix is all set to go! Our founders Prabhash Bhatnagar and Aditya Sanghi are joining the four-day event (June 26-29, Toronto, Canada) that brings together the best minds from all facets of the hospitality industry to showcase the latest in technology products.

Hotelogix all Set to Showcase Its New Features and Enhancements at HITEC 2017

Hotelogix Blog 9 June 2017
Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is one of the top platforms to showcase the most current hospitality-driven applications and technologies that enhances guest experiences. And, Hotelogix is all set to go! Our founders Prabhash Bhatnagar and Aditya Sanghi are joining the four-day event (June 26-29, Toronto, Canada) that brings together the best minds from all facets of the hospitality industry to showcase the latest in technology products.

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