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What You Need to Know About Facilitated Bookings

Koddi Blog 13 December 2017
When looking at how to improve a metasearch campaign, there are a good number of levers at our disposal regarding bidding. However, there are also a lot of external factors outside of our direct control–such as whether or not an advertiser’s landing page is optimized to help guide customers through the booking funnel.

Scaling Koddi's Travel Solutions

Koddi Blog 7 December 2017
Today is a tremendous day for the Koddi team. This morning, we announced the acquisition of the former HookLogic travel business from market leader Criteo. Here’s a link to the announcement we made this morning. I wanted to provide additional color as to why this is not only important for the growth and success of Koddi and the new team joining us, it’s an important step to help our travel partners do a better job connecting with their customers.

Five Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Koddi Blog 4 December 2017
If the goal of your metasearch campaign is to get clicks that turn into bookings, it’s important to create a smooth booking experience for users once they land on your website. We looked at multiple hotel sites to gather data on some of the ideal practices to improve conversion rates for bookings.

How AI is Changing the Travel Industry

Koddi Blog 2 November 2017
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are words that are often seen in today's business technology headlines. Are robots taking over the world? Or are they just here to help you find the best hotel for your next holiday? Artificial intelligence may seem like the bane of some futuristic, The post How AI is Changing the Travel Industry appeared first on Koddi | Metasearch and Facebook Ads for Travel Brands.

SCORE-POWERED Metasearch with IgnitionOne

Koddi Blog 29 September 2017
This week we announced a partnership with IgnitionOne that will enable Koddi to deliver SCORE-POWERED Metasearch to our clients. This newly integrated capability enables marketers to leverage IgnitionOne’s SCORE-POWERED Audiences for metasearch – and use the intelligence of first-party user engagement to inform bids for sponsored listings on metasearch results pages.

The Importance of Rate Parity for Travel Brands

Koddi Blog 19 July 2017
When it comes to pricing, travel brands are currently facing two sets of online competition. The first is fellow travel brands within their competitive set, with whom they’re vying for visibility and popularity among the same group of customers. The second is their own rates, as represented across the rest of the web from other advertisers.

Understanding Price Competitiveness

Koddi Blog 11 May 2017
It may sound like common sense that when searching for the perfect hotel, price matters, but the rate displayed by a hotel advertiser can have a larger impact than simply attracting a customer. In addition to making your ads more attractive to potential customers, being price competitive can lead to: The post Understanding Price Competitiveness appeared first on Koddi Hotel Ads and Metasearch Optimization.

Why (and How) Price Accuracy Will Affect Your Performance

Koddi Blog 11 April 2017
Of the ad quality metrics for Google Hotel Ads, price accuracy is king. Not only can poor price accuracy push your campaign’s positioning into terra incognita, it will also impact your CVR once users start landing on higher prices than they clicked. This is why we take price accuracy very seriously at Koddi and built real-time price accuracy alerts into the platform from day one.

Drive More Bookings With Occupancy Data

Koddi Blog 5 April 2017
Metasearch is one the most effective channels to drive bookings to in-need properties. The availability of flexible bidding tools in the metasearch channel allows advertisers to be very specific in the way they prioritize budget and target users. By utilizing these bidding levers and internal occupancy data, it is possible to drive incremental bookings where and when they matter most. When done correctly, advertisers are able to improve current campaign performance in the following ways:

3 Fundamental Practices of Metasearch Management

Koddi Blog 23 November 2016
We all know the power of 101 – fundamental knowledge. In practice, what is fundamental leads to advanced applications and continuous pursuit of improvement. Today we wanted to share some fundamental practices of metasearch campaign management that we have always found helpful.

How To Add Basic Hotel Booking to Chat

Koddi Blog 7 November 2016
In the past years, we’ve seen an explosion of chat bots across multiple industries. Many times we are asked what can a chat bot do, and how would it benefit our product? In our experience, chat bots need to be tailored specifically to what a client would want otherwise, there is a very generic feeling to these bots (much like calling into an automated call center). So how can we make a bot succeed in an area crowded with thousands of existing bots?

Interesting Places AI is Being Used In Travel

Koddi Blog 26 September 2016
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that is applied to an entity that mimics cognitive functions associated with human behavior. This mimicry occurs as the result of many concerted systems, each of which is tasked with processes such as learning, decision making, and language comprehension. The research and developmental efforts put forth into these systems is considerable, and the results of these efforts often push the boundaries of technology, as well as our own imaginations.

Schema.org 3.1: Hotels and Hospitality Just Got A Lot More Structured

Koddi Blog 15 August 2016
Imagine you’re traveling for work last-minute (difficult, I know). Time is of the essence, and you couldn’t book a hotel room before you left: Like 74% of hotel bookings made from a mobile device, you need a room to check into today. You conduct a search for hotels near you, and instead of a big block of local search results, Google serves up a couple of the nearest options to where you are as a large, card-style result. Each card tells you not just where the hotel is, its review ratings, and the nightly rate, but the size of the bed, square footage of the room, and could be booked with two or three quick taps right from the search result.

Common Hotel Ads Price Accuracy Issues

Koddi Blog 23 December 2015
Price accuracy in meta is a critical piece for campaigns to run smoothly. Having the rate display accurately between the ad and the landing page is a significant factor for conversion rates on all sites, but it is especially important on Google Hotel Ads since its price accuracy is always being scraped and can significantly impact your cost per click. To understand and resolve these issues can be a big challenge since it often involves syncing up multiple teams across the publisher and client-side. Due to this, it’s easy to have simple problems drag on and impact your performance. Today we want to describe some common issues we see and some steps for troubleshooting. But first, let’s talk a bit about what your accuracy score is.

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