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What is Hotel PMS

Hotel F&B 14 January 2019
A Hotel property management system (Hotel PMS) is a software that helps hotels efficiently organize, schedule and manage their daily operations. It enables hotels, both small & independent and groups to handle front office workflow including booking, guest check-in & checkout, assigning rooms to guests, delegating housekeeping tasks and billing etc. Also referred to as a Hotel Software and working as the nerve centre of hotel operations, it ensures the seamless flow of interdepartmental information. This helps hotel staff to better coordinate the operational functions across all the departments. In simple words, a hotel PMS automates and streamlines operations, saves man-hours and helps serve guests better.

63% of Young Adults Use Third-Party Delivery Apps: Study

Hotel F&B 11 January 2019
Young adults with annual incomes of less than $10,000 per year are more likely to use a third-party delivery app to order food, according to study conducted by Zion & Zion. This study, conducted by the Zion & Zion market research team, was based on a nationwide survey of 2,928 U.S. consumers ages 18 and up, and reveals the demographics and usage trends of users of third-party food deliver apps.

Is Your Business Center Computer an Incident Waiting to Happen?

Hotel F&B 9 January 2019
Did you see the DA’s closing argument on your hotel’s… business center computer? I did. Perhaps not on your company’s business center computer, but quite recently I encountered such a document on a hotel’s business center computer. Beyond this document it appears that an individual from the hotel’s parent company used the computer as well. Someone had connected to their OneDrive account and left everything that OneDrive was synching on the business center computer.

2019 Plea to Hotel PMS providers for Distribution Cost Tracking Functionality

Hotel F&B 7 January 2019
Over the last few years there has been much discussion in the the world of hotel revenue management on managing GOPPAR and NREVPAR over only REVPAR. Understanding the cost of distribution is vital to the financial success of every hotel. For this we would need our systems to support us in registering and calculating such costs. Unfortunately many hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) have not yet evolved sufficiently in this area.

Upgrade Your Guestroom in 2019 with These 5 Technologies

Hotel F&B 7 January 2019
Anytime we consider adopting new technology for business, there is risk that we are too far ahead of a trend or too far behind it. The art becomes knowing when exactly is the right time to adopt technology and that rarely means being the first or the last to do so. So how do you know when to adopt a new technology for your hotel business?

Designers Add Fireplaces To Attract Guests To Hotel Public Spaces

Hotel F&B 4 January 2019
The lobby fireplace has long been a staple in certain types of lodging properties—from ski-in resorts to country inns. With an ever-growing focus on making public spaces more engaging and attractive to guests, hotels across a variety of markets and segments are increasingly designing indoor and outdoor spaces to include fireplaces and fire pits. These natural gathering places are designed to draw guests in and encourage them to linger longer.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Know your Current System is Outdated

Hotel F&B 4 January 2019
In the hospitality world, a hotel’s ability to remain ahead of industry trends can — in many ways — make or break its ability to appeal to new travelers, as well as maintain long-term guest loyalty.

Will a New Marriott-Expedia Contract Signal a Sea Change in the Direct Booking Wars?

Hotel F&B 3 January 2019
Until the details are finalized, the jury's still out on the impact of a Marriott-Expedia agreement. But suffice it to say, these frenemies still depend on one another.

Lodging Forecast 2019: Industry Threats Yet Growth

Hotel F&B 3 January 2019
Reading forecast content from the plethora of prognosticators out there can drive one into craziness. Clearly, the current economy has strengths like consumer confidence, employment levels, low oil/gas prices, and purchasing managers sentiments as expressed by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been growing at a strong 3 percent +/- rate and most pundits expect a 2-3 percent increase in revenue per available room (RevPAR), largely attributed to average daily rates (ADR).

Hyatt Andaz London Liverpool Street Hotel Talks Energy Savings with HT

Hotel F&B 3 January 2019
In early November, Hyatt won a 2018 Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Award for its Monitor & Save project in collaboration with Andaz London Liverpool Street hotel. Hyatt works with Quimera Energy Efficiency to optimize Hyatt's central cooling plants, heating plants, air handling systems, and building automation system. London-based Quimera is an international company that adopts a retro commissioning approach to energy efficiency, focusing on generating energy savings and minimizing emissions and carbon footprint by implementing IoT related solutions under a performance-based scheme.

Best of 2018: Marketing technology news and trends

Hotel F&B 2 January 2019
Roundup of our fan favorite pieces on marketing technology from 2018. Feat: rapidly growing startups, big name acquisitions, trends in martech, and more.

How a PMS differs for an Apartment and for a Hotel

Hotel F&B 2 January 2019
The world of accommodation has come a long way since the biblical times, in that there are numerous options for travelers today. There is something for everyone ultra-budget travelers, backpackers, students, business travelers, luxury travelers, long-termers, etc.

E-Menu Guys Introduces Restaurant Tablet E-Menus, Self-Ordering Kiosks

Hotel F&B 2 January 2019
E-Menu Guys recently introduced Electronic Tablet Menus, Automated Kiosks and a full restaurant management system for restaurant owners. E-Menu Guys’ automated kiosks will allow for the automation of cashier and order takers while tablet e-menus will reduce costs associated with printing of food menus.

Lake of the Torches Resort Casino to Launch Digital Gaming System

Hotel F&B 2 January 2019
Lake of the Torches Resort Casino and Playport Gaming Systems (PGS), a digital, instant-win game technology company, will offer players custom-designed, real-money mobile bingo-style Class II instant win and progressive games starting in March.

Farewell 2018 and Technology Predictions for 2019

Hotel F&B 1 January 2019
It’s the traditional time of year for taking stock of past progress and looking forward to future promises. At Triometric we’ve had a great year with a number of new clients on boarded including a major hotel chain and after much hard work by our developers, we will be shortly announcing the release of our next generation platform with extended functionality and capability for analysing XML traffic.

Duetto's Most Popular Revenue Strategy Blogs of 2018

Hotel F&B 1 January 2019
2018 was an exciting year for us here at Duetto. We launched our Revenue Strategy Platform and completed our $80 million Series D funding with Warburg Pincus - the largest ever non-acquisition investment in a software company serving the hotel industry.

The state of mobile payments going into 2019 and beyond

Hotel F&B 31 December 2018
Adoption of mobile payments in the U.S. is slowly but steadily increasing, something that can be accelerated as more Amazon Go stores pop up.

Best of 2018: Emerging technology news and trends

Hotel F&B 28 December 2018
Roundup of our fan favorite pieces on emerging technology from 2018. AI-powered content, industries using AR, chatbots in marketing, Magic Leap and more.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

Hotel F&B 28 December 2018
Influence marketing is all the rage now, and it’s fairly easy to understand why, as brands struggle to get their own organic and even paid content out to their target audiences.

A Look Back on HTNG in 2018

Hotel F&B 27 December 2018
Over the last 12 months, HTNG has continued to advance hospitality and move the industry forward. This piece will take a look at what has been produced by HTNG’s workgroups, the organization’s leadership/ecosystem and tight-knit events that all played a role in 2018 to get us to where the organization is present-day.

POS of the Future Predictions & Insights

Hotel F&B 27 December 2018
The customer is powering the point of sale as we move into 2019, and tech and trend prognosticators agree that guest preferences are driving what the POS of the future will look like. As restaurants grapple with how to enable more and more ordering channels and fulfillment from in-store, drive-thru, curbside and delivery, they are facing a — perhaps uneasy — reality in which sales are up despite a decline in in-store traffic. The point of service is becoming untethered from the point of sale. The next-generation point of sale is being shaped by the call for the POS to be all things for all people. To achieve this, suppliers and operators must pinpoint customers’ biggest pain points and solve for that.

Closing the Decade, Ready for the Future: Hospitality Technology Trends for 2019

Hotel F&B 26 December 2018
2019 looks to be a transformative technology year for hospitality. The phrase ‘by 2020’ has been attached to a lot of goals and initiatives—whether it be bringing outdated technology up to current standards or launching an innovative, new strategy. This is a year where we will see a real push to deliver on all the goals.

Blockchain for ad tech: an anti-fraud panacea or placebo?

Hotel F&B 24 December 2018
A lot of buzz has been devoted to blockchain in ad tech this year, but marketers are still uncertain how to separate what's real and what's not.

The 2018 Innovators in Travel, Hospitality and Aviation

Hotel F&B 24 December 2018
Hospitality is a creative act and by looking at who is doing things well, the entire industry can take away some necessary inspiration as they begin to execute 2019 plans.

Singapore hotel occupancy hits 10-year high

Hotel F&B 23 December 2018
Data from Cushman & Wakefield indicated occupancy at Singapore’s hotels reached 87 percent this year—the highest in a decade—driven by a continuing increase in visitor arrivals.

A Few of My Favorite Takeaways...

Hotel F&B 22 December 2018
I will admit that I am still slightly confused by when and why “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music became a holiday classic, but I’ll go with it to launch into this pre-Christmas countdown. Looking back at 2018, Hospitality Technology was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity for in-depth conversations with leading tech stars from hotels, restaurants, technology companies and beyond.

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