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How Technology is Simplifying & Personalizing Travel

Hospitality Times 25 April 2019
Technology and travel go hand in hand. Millions of people who love travel use technology in their quest to explore exotic locales or visit well-travelled tourist destinations. The technology that makes travel easier and more enjoyable isn’t a new plane, train, ship, or car, rather its well-crafted apps that run on smartphones. Using such apps, tourists or visitors get the best deals at hotels and find the most affordable air or train tickets; however even these relatively new apps pale in comparison to others that promise a more enriching travel experience.

Use AI to Improve Customer Experience in the Hospitality Business

Hospitality Times 24 April 2019
The cost of cloud computing and smart software solutions have drastically come down since the turn of the present decade. Today, for a few dollars a month, small businesses can sign up for intelligent software services and optimize their business operations and revenue in the first year itself. This is a remarkable achievement.

The Hotel Yearbook publishes two special editions on trends in the hospitality sector: Technology and Digital Marketing 2 min

Hospitality Times 15 April 2019
On 10 April, The Hotel Yearbook is launching two specially focused publications. For the sixth year in a row, The Hotel Yearbook is publishing its annual look at key trends in technology in the hotel sector, and for the third time, it is also publishing an in-depth review of developments in digital marketing. Both of these e-publications feature editorial contributions from a wide range of experienced and internationally respected senior executives, consultants and academics.

Entrepreneurs behind popular StreetAway app launch new hospitality platform

Hospitality Times 12 April 2019
The entrepreneurs behind New Apex Ltd’s promotion app, StreetAway, are pairing with some big hospitality names as they launch a new smart hospitality management system. Spark will be released this month, and has been trialled across various Newcastle venues. The founders aim to help the region’s hospitality industry with new tech.

How Can IoT Bring a Change in the Hospitality Sector?

Hospitality Times 9 April 2019
For entrepreneurs, any technological progress is always welcome. Evolution is inevitable and certainly, very necessary. Every such progress is driven by our ambition of living a simpler life. Humans like to ease their world and this fondness has brought about extreme expansion in the world of devices, increasing their efficiency and utility.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market: Rising Uptake in Retail and Hospitality Industry to Accentuate Growth

Hospitality Times 8 April 2019
The global point-of-sale (POS) terminal market features a fairly fragmented landscape with an elevated level of competition among players of all types, notes Transparency Market Research (TMR). Over the years, the competition is likely to intensify accentuated by the entry of software vendors and aspiring players. They are focusing on launching advanced technologies that increase the functionalities of the POS terminals, to gain a competitive edge over others in the coming years.

Stepping backward': why blockchain in marketing isn't the answer yet

Hospitality Times 3 April 2019
It’s been 12 months, and that hasn’t exactly been the case. It certainly grew — from 88 companies to 290 as of February 2019, according to research from Brave — but underlying issues with blockchain’s design means that it’s not quite the problem-solver the industry had hoped it would be. At least not yet.

How Brands Are Improving Customer Experiences in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Times 28 March 2019
Technology has been steadily improving customer experiences (CX) across a breadth of industries, with travel and hospitality among them. But to truly see how CX marketing is changing how we vacation, consider how we now book trips.

How Technology Will Impact The Restaurant Industry

Hospitality Times 26 March 2019
Technology surrounds us, impacting every part of our daily lives. From communicating with friends and family to paying for groceries, technology is being used to simplify processes and make them more convenient. It’s been used with great success in the restaurant trade too. Things like POS systems, tabletop tablets for self-ordering and inventory tracking systems are streamlining mundane and repetitive tasks.

Hotel restaurants - the next boom trend for hospitality technology?

Hospitality Times 28 June 2017
Eating out has never been more popular. It’s no longer a special treat, but an everyday delight. People of all ages are embracing the dining experience, close to home and on vacation. Hotels can capitalize on this right now – but only if they have the right technology and strategy. Dining out is a vital part of the travel experience Over the last five years, eating out locally has become part of our daily lives. Not only that, but dining is now a much faster and more informal affair, leading to a boom in both casual and fast-casual restaurants. Unsurprisingly, this willingness to try local restaurants, experience ‘craft’ foods, make spur-of-the-moment choices, and eat in a more relaxed atmosphere, has altered the way we eat on vacation too.

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