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Ask Anything Through Facebook Messenger - No Humans Needed!

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 31 October 2017
You can now ask anything through Facebook Messenger with no human help needed – AI does the work! The Portuguese startup HiJiffy increases Hotel’s revenues with direct bookings, whilst offering guests a top service, with a 24/7 communication channel.

Checklist For A Successful Chat Widget, Paving The Way For Chatbots

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 25 October 2017
We all know that the core aim for any successful business is to provide extraordinary customer service. Much like a traditional retail experience, sales representatives tuning into your prerequisites and proposing the right products significantly influence your purchasing behaviour, the same way a chat widget on your website can boost confidence and conversion. You’re providing real time customer service to your website visitors before they turn into your actual customers, while gaining a competitive edge.

Transforming The Travel Experience With Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 20 October 2017
Marketers in the travel space can leverage artificial intelligence to transform customers’ experiences with dynamic, real-time content. Learn how to notify travellers of itinerary changes, deliver live information like local weather updates to their phones, and offer relevant recommendations for nearby attractions or hotels.

4 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Hotel Chatbot Traffic

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 August 2017
Following our last article about 5 things you must have in your Chatbot, in this post we focus on easy and smart ways to increase the number of people using your hotel chatbot. For those who still don’t know us, at HiJiffy we offer hotels a conversational booking engine within Facebook Messenger. We decided to make this article because as we are still in the early days of chatbots, there isn’t still a widespread adoption by consumers, and hotels have to be proactive promoting the new service. This happens because most of the people are still unaware that they can use Facebook Messenger to reach companies.

Why Hoteliers Must Adopt New Voice Technology Now

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 4 August 2017
Hotels have an apprehensive relationship with technology. For an industry rooted in old tradition that makes almost every decision from a cost-benefit balance, the pace and unpredictability of tech is unsettling when guests begin to demand its incorporation. Should a novel piece of new tech begin a trend toward an inevitable ubiquity, hotels will just be beginning to pay attention. When the dueling disciplines are finally forced to intersect, as we see now with speech-enabled tech entering the hotel space, we witness a predictably slow and cautious merging of the two.

5 Must Haves For Your Hotel Chatbot

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 July 2017
After my last article on what you need to have before developing a chatbot, this second post (in a three-part series) discusses 5 key things you must have within your chatbot. At HiJiffy we offer hotels a conversational booking engine within their Facebook Messenger branded page. Since the booking process happens in a messaging app, it’s a new channel where guests can check prices & availability and book their stays. We already launched chatbots for more than 100 hotels where we learned some tricks on how to increase the engagement and bookings through Messenger.

5 Lessons That Can Help You Embrace Voice and Chat Interfaces

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 14 July 2017
We’ve been working with voice interfaces (VUIs) and chatbots for a while, and have 5 key lessons to share that can help you make the most of this new breed of interface. With the likes of Alexa, Siri and Google Home capturing the hearts and minds of tech enthusiasts around the world, it’s clear that a new kind of interface is upon us. With analysts estimating Alexa could be a $10B megahit by 2020, the sky seems to be the limit for conversational interfaces.

What Should A Hotel Marketing Manager Be Doing To Increase Yield?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 12 July 2017
Most hotels don’t have the luxury to employ a revenue management specialist. The task of increasing revenue and maximising yield often lies with the marketing manager. So what are the basics this person should be covering off? Through STAAH I interact with a number of independent accommodation providers. Often the owners or employees of a property wear multiple hats. I am not surprised anymore when I see the owner acting as the marketing, sales and revenue manager – that’s a lot to take on! Here are some suggestions I often offer to accommodation providers looking for revenue management tips.

Are Bots Worth the Bother? [FREE Whitepaper]

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 9 July 2017
The rise of mobile has created a huge and constantly engaged user base in social and messenger apps. Whereas the biggest travel apps have millions of downloads, the biggest social media players have billions. Furthermore, the amount of time spent in these kind of apps is rising faster than any other. So, how can you harness this to your advantage? One approach that is already finding success is artificially intelligent bots that can help customers in a myriad of ways. These chatbots can create new booking channels, provide communication with hard-to-reach consumers, help customer care teams and answer a host of queries.

7 Ways To Get More Direct Bookings & Increase Your RevPAR

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 28 June 2017
There are ways to increase your direct bookings without compromising your relationship with OTAs. Russell Logan, STAAH’s Head of Sales for Europe explores.

Happy Birthday Edward! Edwardian Hotels' Virtual Host Turns One

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 15 June 2017
Hotel Speak first met Edward™, Edwardian Hotels‘ Virtual Host, at EyeforTravel Europe 2017, when the man fundamentally responsible for ‘his’ creation, Edwardian’s Director of Information Technology, Michael Mrini, presented the Artificial Intelligence technology to a very enthusiastic crowd.

The Impact Of Chatbots On The Hotel Industry

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 13 June 2017
The ‘chatbot’ has been a buzz-word over them past twelve months across a wide range of industries. In two years time the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse – according to Gartner. 2017 so far has seen an explosion of various chatbots available on popular messaging apps coupled with easier methods of design, implementation and management due to new platforms and integrations available to developers and organisations. All of this in collaboration with access to Artificial Intelligence engines and machine learning tools makes the modern chatbot something which has already started changing the face of the hotel industry.

Technology is the Next Frontier to Combat Plateauing Guest Satisfaction

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 8 June 2017
After years of steady growth, hotel guest satisfaction plateaued in 2016. Customer satisfaction surveys suggest many of the go-to hotel perks, such as free Wifi, complimentary breakfast and premium linens, are no longer brand differentiators – rather they are the new norm. Increasingly, customers are looking for authenticity, personalisation and convenience in their travel experience; and technology is stepping in to meet these new expectations. The shifting customer mindset presents several opportunities for hotels to enhance the guest experience by leveraging technology to remove common pain points and offer more tailored on-demand service.

Man vs Machine - No Contest!

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 23 May 2017
A couple of weeks ago I was moderating this year’s Eyefortravel Europe conference. There was a mammoth line-up of speakers covering all the important topics of the day. We talked about mobile, personalisation, data, artificial intelligence, disruption and so on. It was a really absorbing event with lots to learn.

5 Quick Ways To Power Your Guest Experience With Your Hotel Management System

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 17 May 2017
With competition getting fierce in the hospitality industry, it is extremely important for hotels to ensure great customer experience. Not only should guests feel they made the right choice, they should be impressed enough to come back for more.

5 Ways Online Forms Can Automate Your Hotel Operations

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 9 May 2017
If you work in the hotel industry and are wondering how to provide your guests with exceptional customer service then look no further. These online forms and workflows can offer an unlimited number of benefits to your business, particularly with eliminating repetitive manual tasks. Although the Henn-na Hotel in Japan recently introduced a robot to greet guests, other hotels have introduced iForms as a way of generating automated workflows to greatly improve customer service.

Hotel Chatbots Aren't The Future. They're The Present.

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 4 May 2017
There’s been much discussion around hotel chatbots being the ‘next big thing’ in hospitality. Indeed, the Internet is rife with discussion about hotel marketing automation and how hoteliers can use chatbot and AI technology to enhance their guests experience and, importantly, leverage them as an additional revenue channel. The term ‘conversational commerce’ is popping up at conferences and blogs everywhere.

Automation Opportunities for Luxury Hotels & Travel

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 20 April 2017
Hospitality – ‘the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests’, according to the Oxford English dictionary. Synonymous with warm welcomes, ‘good hospitality’ has inherently been the product of human interaction – from the Concierge welcoming a guest upon arrival right through to the General Manager wishing them a pleasant onward journey when they leave. Consequently, hospitality and technology have long been awkward bedfellows. Whereas other industries have been able to incorporate the automation of tasks with relative ease, hospitality has lagged a little behind. How can technology replace the intuitive ‘feel’ a front of house manager has when handling an unhappy guest? And why replace ‘face to face’ time with technology?

PressReader & Forbes Travel Guide Report: Next 5 Years Will See Hotels Focus on Tech to Improve and Personalize the Guest Experience

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 4 April 2017
PressReader and Forbes Travel Guide partnered to survey hotel executives from around the world, getting insight into how they plan to enhance the luxury stay experience with digital content over the next three to five years. Nearly 40% of the executives surveyed said they’ve already switched from printed newspapers and magazines to a digital-only offering, or plan to make the switch in the next three years.

How Upselling Can Enhance Guest Satisfaction And Maximise Revenue

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 28 March 2017
Upselling done right is a great way to increase guest satisfaction and maximise revenue for your property. We tell you the differences between upselling and cross-selling, and give you some tips on how you can utilise these for your property.

Leveraging Unsold Rooms: Newest System to Combat Attrition Penalties

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 21 March 2017
Even with the best planning and negotiations, hotel room attrition penalties can be one of the most challenging issues a group coordinator can experience. Meetings.com and HotelPlanner introduces an Attrition Protection” system, a new program designed to mitigate attrition penalties. Planners now have the ability to place unsold rooms up for sale through the company’s private sales channels to minimize or eliminate attrition fees. By working closely with the hotel and client throughout the entire process, Meetings.com and HotelPlanner are able to provide a breakthrough solution that addresses the issue for both sides.

How to Choose the Best Property Management System for your Hotel

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 2 March 2017
Accommodation owners and operators are already time poor with the many duties the role encompasses. This is why a system that removes repetitive tasks and automates time consuming processes, is a vital component for front desk and back office operations.

5 Tech Trends for Hoteliers in 2017

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 5 February 2017
Technology for the hospitality industry is always improving to create a seamless guest experience. These are five tech trends we predict will see growth and implementation in 2017. We have also included some ways in which you can incorporate these trends for your property.

5 Reasons Your Hotel Should Have Self Check-In

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 5 November 2016
With the launch of their hotel self-service and check-in kiosk, Clock Software share their thoughts on how hoteliers can improve both their own operations and the customer experience of their guests.

Hotel staff have always been mobile. It's time to give them mobile tools.

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 18 August 2016
Hotel staff have always been a mobile workforce. From runners to the advent of the pagers, to radios and more recently department specific systems, there has always been a need to transfer information across staff and departments to service a guest or internal need. It is rare that the person receiving the request is the one delivering or servicing it. Think to the last time you walked past the front desk and asked for your room to be cleaned. It is not the person who received the request who is going to perform the service.

Cloud Based Vs. Cloud Hosted Systems Explained

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 15 August 2016
Hotel technology is changing and for the better. These changes should bring about greater operational efficiencies and allow the hotel to reach out to the wider world. Of course, like many other things in life, the Internet has brought the ability to allow enterprises to get ‘connected’. For so long, the only piece of software that the hotel had to worry about was their Property Management System (PMS). This would be sitting, if you were lucky, on a server in an air conditioned room, along side the telephone exchange. In many cases, most likely it was a broom cupboard. I remember the days of Fidelio and the nightly ritual of changing the tape backup when I was a young Hotel Night Manager.

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