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How To Sell More Rooms Via Last Minute Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 October 2018
It is common knowledge that the hotel business is extremely time sensitive. A room unsold for a night, will be unsold forever. It’s done, it’s history. There is no way to recover from that loss. You could, of course, use different hotel occupancy strategies and find ways to make up for that loss, but very objectively speaking- the time sensitivity is immense.

Online Travel Agencies Looking Elsewhere for Growth; Why Hotels Need to Embrace Innovation

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 9 October 2018
Take note hotels and hoteliers – you need to start innovating to drive direct bookings. Online travel agents are active in their search for new revenue streams amid changing consumer trends, slowing levels of growth and the effect of the recent Package Travel Directive in the EU. Expect heightened M&A activity in the short term.

The Hidden Costs Of Sold-outs

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 5 September 2018
Did you know that securing a new customer costs between 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing client? Although several factors can lead to losing a customer, booking failures and sold-outs have a major impact on customer loyalty.

Government of Puerto Rico Partners with ALICE to Redefine Hospitality and Empower Hotels with a Mobile Service Solution

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 August 2018
ALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations platform, has partnered with the Government of Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company (PRTC) and Roca Marketing to develop an innovative destination concierge service and trip planning platform available to every hotel and visitor. The new mobile hospitality app, “My Puerto Rico,” will improve hotel performance and the guest experience, and bolster the island’s reputation as one of the world’s leading holiday destinations.

Mews Systems Expands Distribution With STAAH Partnership

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 July 2018
The integration of the mobile friendly PMS with the STAAH’s channel manager will allow properties full access to web bookings and their selected online travel agencies (OTAs), thereby streamlining their online distribution process.

How Hotel Inventory Distribution Impacts Revenue Management

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 12 July 2018
Effective and efficient inventory distribution plays a major role in the overall revenue management strategy for hotels. A well-thought-out inventory management strategy helps revenue managers to sell the right room via the right channel to the right customer at the right time to maximize revenue.

The Rise Of The #Bleisure Industry And How You Can Capitalise On It

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 11 July 2018
As hospitality professionals we all know what, or who, a typical traveler is. We are all too aware of the difference between a business traveler and a leisure traveler. Business Travelers are on business. They want low to no hassle, comfort and convenience, and will most likely spend a lot of time in their room working, or at the bar (working of course), and of course they will be up early, eat and then leave with little to no contact with the staff.

7 Secrets to Increase Your Conversions on Direct Bookings, Revealed!

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 25 June 2018
Have you ever wondered what it is that OTA’s do that kicks their conversion rates through the roof? What is it that they do to make their presence so well felt and received? Why are they so successful in obtaining bookings and why can you never seem to achieve the same with your own direct bookings platform?

Wyndham Hotel Group, United Airlines, Amazon, Skyscanner and More to Convene in Las Vegas on Oct 18 - 19 2018

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 15 May 2018
Wyndham Hotel Group, Google, Amazon, United Airlines, Accor Hotels, Skyscanner,, Marriott International, Choice Hotels and more set to convene in Las Vegas for 20th anniversary

Hotel ICON Turns to IDeaS for Best-Practice Revenue Management Capabilities

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 10 May 2018
IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software and advisory services, announced today their reformed relationship as the revenue management technology provider of choice for Hong Kong’s upscale and award-winning Hotel ICON.

GDPR - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers For Hoteliers

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 1 May 2018
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) replaces the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive and is the most significant piece of European data protection legislation to be introduced in the last 20 years. In short, the regulations are centred around protecting an individual’s rights regarding the collection and processing of their personal data, across Europe.

When to Use Voice as a Customer Engagement Tool - Outside of the Hotel Room

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 17 April 2018
For businesses of all sizes, the move of people from screen to voice search and interactions may seem a long way in the future – however, when two (if not all) of the big four of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are investing billions in the technology that underpins the behaviour then there is only one ‘direction of travel’.

Revenue Management: Not Just for Guest Rooms

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 16 April 2018
The heat is always on hoteliers to increase profitability. From acquiring new customers to driving repeat business and loyalty, making the right operational decisions and running a hotel with optimal efficiency is an ongoing challenge for hotel executives. However, with increased focus on the best ways to drive total-hotel profitability, what exactly does the industry’s C-suite need to know about revenue strategy and profit optimization today?

Authenticity and AI in the Age of Social Influence

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 12 April 2018
There was a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the domain of Hollywood movies, a technology deemed too futuristic for day-to-day use. Then came Alexa, Siri and the smart home revolution. AI and machine learning are now transforming the way businesses operate and playing an increasing role in B2C interaction. This is true of all industries, but it’s growing impact on hospitality and travel is particularly noteworthy.

The Receptionist is Dead - Why Hotels Need to Embrace Automation

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 27 March 2018
The world is becoming more and more automated in all aspects, and this trend will continue. Automation has two main functions. The first is that it makes life easier for everyone. And secondly, and the most important for businesses, is that it helps increase revenue. With this in mind it raises the question: Why are hotels so awfully slow at adapting new technologies?

How Hotels are Using AI to Provide an Awesome User Experience

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 1 February 2018
In the 21st century, industries that remain adamant about integrating new technological revolutions are most likely to regress in their course of development. Businesses across the globe have realized how important it is to include contemporary digital technology to drive constant growth and revenue. The last decade has seen incredible innovations and breakthroughs in the The post How Hotels are Using AI to Provide an Awesome User Experience appeared first on Hotel Speak.

Revenue Management 3.0 - Where Next?

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 17 January 2018
As the role of revenue management continues on its evolutionary path from yield management through to a commercial role, we look at how more affordable technology is picking up day to day revenue tasks, and how better data insights through AI and analytics, and new benchmarking tools mean that the role of revenue manager is set for upheaval once again.

Why Slow AI Adoption is Posing a Threat to Hotels

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 20 December 2017
Personalisation today is a must, not longer a maybe. Research from BCG suggests that brands which create personalised experiences by integrating advanced digital technologies and proprietary data for customers are seeing revenues increase by 6% to 10% – two to three times faster than those that don’t.

18 Hotel Marketing Trends For 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 19 December 2017
At Net Affinity, we’re constantly keeping an eye out for the latest digital marketing trends, looking for additional opportunities to generate more direct bookings. Buzzwords like Blockchain Technology, AI, AR, Chatbots and so many more are being discussed in the hospitality arena on a day-to-day basis, which can all seem like a lot of white noise!

How Artificial Intelligence is Set to Revolutionise the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 29 November 2017
Frank Reeves, Co-founder and CEO of hotel technology company Avvio explains how the use of artificial intelligence in technology will revolutionise the industry. Since its launch in 2002, Avvio has grown year-on-year by continuously developing and investing in cutting-edge technologies, including most recently the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create the next generation of The post How Artificial Intelligence is Set to Revolutionise the Hospitality Industry appeared first on Hotel Speak.

What A Popular Weather Chatbot Can Teach the Hospitality Industry About Guest Messaging

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 28 November 2017
At first blush, the pairing of Poncho (a cheeky chatbot that tells you the weather, with no obvious ties to the hospitality industry) and ALICE (a hospitality messaging product that doesn’t use chatbots) seems an unconventional choice to host a conversation at HX about chatbots and guest conversational interfaces. But, as a lively discussion between the panelists and audience made clear, there’s a lot hospitality can learn from the popular consumer product Poncho, and a lot more to messaging – especially in this industry – than chatbots.

Ask Anything Through Facebook Messenger - No Humans Needed!

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 31 October 2017
You can now ask anything through Facebook Messenger with no human help needed – AI does the work! The Portuguese startup HiJiffy increases Hotel’s revenues with direct bookings, whilst offering guests a top service, with a 24/7 communication channel.

Checklist For A Successful Chat Widget, Paving The Way For Chatbots

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 25 October 2017
We all know that the core aim for any successful business is to provide extraordinary customer service. Much like a traditional retail experience, sales representatives tuning into your prerequisites and proposing the right products significantly influence your purchasing behaviour, the same way a chat widget on your website can boost confidence and conversion. You’re providing real time customer service to your website visitors before they turn into your actual customers, while gaining a competitive edge.

Transforming The Travel Experience With Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 20 October 2017
Marketers in the travel space can leverage artificial intelligence to transform customers’ experiences with dynamic, real-time content. Learn how to notify travellers of itinerary changes, deliver live information like local weather updates to their phones, and offer relevant recommendations for nearby attractions or hotels.

4 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Hotel Chatbot Traffic

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 24 August 2017
Following our last article about 5 things you must have in your Chatbot, in this post we focus on easy and smart ways to increase the number of people using your hotel chatbot. For those who still don’t know us, at HiJiffy we offer hotels a conversational booking engine within Facebook Messenger. We decided to make this article because as we are still in the early days of chatbots, there isn’t still a widespread adoption by consumers, and hotels have to be proactive promoting the new service. This happens because most of the people are still unaware that they can use Facebook Messenger to reach companies.

Why Hoteliers Must Adopt New Voice Technology Now

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 4 August 2017
Hotels have an apprehensive relationship with technology. For an industry rooted in old tradition that makes almost every decision from a cost-benefit balance, the pace and unpredictability of tech is unsettling when guests begin to demand its incorporation. Should a novel piece of new tech begin a trend toward an inevitable ubiquity, hotels will just be beginning to pay attention. When the dueling disciplines are finally forced to intersect, as we see now with speech-enabled tech entering the hotel space, we witness a predictably slow and cautious merging of the two.

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