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Friday Freebie: Rate parity matters... but so does Promo Parity

Tambourine Blog 13 April 2018
Les Roches students get to enjoy a range of exciting and eclectic activities, clubs and societies. One such example is the Les Roches Wine Club, where keen oenophiles (that’s wine lovers, by the way) gather to discuss, taste and learn about some of the world’s finest vintages. However, Les Roches’ relationship with wine goes deeper. For the past three years, we have organised the World of Wines exhibition, otherwise known as the WOWExpo2018. Run by students and held at Les Roches’ Bluche campus, the one-day event showcases the quality and diversity of Swiss wines, as well as unusual vino from around the world. The third instalment of the WOWExpo takes place on Saturday 21 April and will welcome six different wine-producing regions and their best producers to present. But when it comes to wine tasting, what are the basics? How do you tell a good wine from a bad one? Our blog has all the answers.

Why Do Some Hotel Marketers Get Everything They Want?

Tambourine Blog 13 March 2018
With the hotel industry enjoying a period of record performance, posting all-time highs for occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, one of the most talked-about ways to improve performance (and delight ownership) are to reduce the cost of guest acquisition. And that begins with fully understanding a vital metric: your hotel’s CLV-to-CAC ratio.

Friday Freebie: Reduce Booking Abandonment with This Easy Fix

Tambourine Blog 23 February 2018
Today’s travelers are looking for honest, seamless transactions. However, many hotels are still making a terrible mistake: Throwing in fees (Resort fees, we are looking at you!) at the most critical point in the purchase journey – right before asking for credit card information!

Friday Freebie: Stop Giving Money Away, Kill the Promo Code Box Today

Tambourine Blog 26 January 2018
Modern travelers are savvy, deal-seekers. If a hotel deal exists, they’ll find it, use it, then expect it every time. Such is the case with that prominent ‘promo code’ field found on practically every hotel’s booking engine. That prominent discount or promo code field makes online visitors doubt their purchase decision and will convince them that if they start trolling coupon sites, they can get money off of the room rate. If they’ve made it far in the booking process that means they were likely dead set on completing the reservation before the irresistible appeal of a promo code field sent them off on a search for elusive promo codes!

Hotel PPC: 7 Ways to Improve ROI

Tambourine Blog 29 September 2017
Managing hotel PPC campaigns can be a beast. From researching extensively for keywords, to monitoring which terms convert into traffic or bookings, to making adjustments depending on the season, weather, destination, special events…yikes. It’s a lengthy and thorough process that requires more time than most hoteliers realize. The good news: Hotels that take the time and effort to learn what really matters will see an uptick in their ROI and conversions.

Creating Perceived Value to Stimulate Direct Bookings

Tambourine Blog 15 September 2017
One of the more impactful, yet simplest, ways you can convince people to book direct is to create perceived value. OTAs have hundreds of thousands of properties on their websites, they cannot keep up in real time with the perks and inclusions at all of them.

Mobile Bookings Are Up. Why Aren't Yours?

Tambourine Blog 15 August 2017
Hotel booking engines need to look and feel more like apps. image1 Everybody is talking about the rise of mobile bookings. In fact, a study by eMarketer estimates that by 2021, half of all digital travel sales will be made from smartphones or tablets. Chris Bendtsen, an eMarketer forecasting analyst, told Travel Weekly that consumers are booking more travel plans on their smartphones and tablets for a variety of reasons:

Marketing vs Revenue Management: 4 Ways to Bridge the Gap

Tambourine Blog 11 July 2017
It’s time to improve cooperation between hotel marketers and revenue managers. Is there an unspoken divide in your hotel? Revenue managers and hotel marketers are often at odds, one department focused on balancing ADR and occupancy, while the other focuses on awareness, demand and “branding.”

Are Siri and Alexa Interrupting Hotel Search Marketing?

Tambourine Blog 27 June 2017
Just within the past few years, voice-driven search and virtual assistants (also referred to as ‘digital assistants’) have experienced a meteoric rise as more and more people turn to Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Google Home or Amazon’s Echo to research information. In fact, the Echo and the Echo Dot were Amazon’s best selling products in 2016. Now, with Apple’s recently announced Apple HomePod (to be released December 2017), virtual assistants will be making their way into more homes and into our daily lives, routines and reality.

The 5 Dumbest Hotel Website Design Mistakes

Tambourine Blog 30 May 2017
Excuse us for stating the obvious: but of all the hotel marketing tools and tactics that exists today, nothing will ever be more vital and essential to your hotel’s success than your own direct booking website.

Stop Dangling the Wrong Carrots: How Revenue Incentive Plans Hurt Profits

Tambourine Blog 7 March 2017
Occupancy is high. You’re crushing your RevPar Index. And, you’re on pace to surpass your quarterly revenue targets as well as last year’s revenue. From the look of things, your revenue team (this includes marketing and revenue management) is blazing to success and should be credited and applauded for driving huge profits to your property.

Is the iPhone Killing Your Hotel Revenue?

Tambourine Blog 21 February 2017
The explosion of smartphone usage over the past few years has been staggering. And not just iPhones, but smartphones of other brands as well…The Pew Research Center reports that 75% of Americans now own a smartphone and half the population own a tablet. Not only is usage increasing and technology getting more sophisticated, consumers are more reliant on their mobile devices. In fact, 9 out of 10 American consumers keep their smartphones within reach 24 hours a day.

The Hidden Chasm: Why Your Bookings Keep Falling into the Abyss

Tambourine Blog 7 February 2017
The guest’s road from your hotel marketing campaigns, to your website and finally to online booking is a delicate, razors’ edge journey filled with several opportunities for the customer to bounce, turn back, and never return. However, many hoteliers assume a booking is guaranteed once a visitor is on the website and ready to buy. But, beware. There is a dangerous “chasm” between your hotel website and your booking engine, where potential guests can likely ‘fall off” if you’re not cautious.

Friday Freebie: One Simple Way To Stay On Top Of Your Comp Set

Tambourine Blog 21 October 2016
The fight for bookings is a round-the-clock battle. It’s easy to get so focused on your own marketing details, goals and campaigns that you may lose sight of competitors siphoning your rightful share of the market.

The Pros And Cons Of Building An App For Your Hotel

Tambourine Blog 4 October 2016
Modern travelers expect your hotel to be mobile-friendly. After all, they use their devices during all phases of the travel, from dreaming, to planning, to booking, to experiencing and finally… to sharing. So, you need to be there every step of the way. Hotels must embrace the mobile guest. They are not just the future for hotels, but the “here and now.” And, there is no longer any viable excuse to delay offering an all-encompassing mobile presence for them. However, the question most hotels get caught up on is whether or not a custom mobile app is necessary for them to stand out from their competitors, attract more bookings and enhance their guests’ experience.

Friday Freebie: Reduce Friction In Your Booking Engine

Tambourine Blog 23 September 2016
This week’s freebie: Eliminate unnecessary friction in your booking engine and watch revenue instantly climb! Remember the days of arranging a taxi cab to take you to the airport? You would call the cab company, talk to a dispatcher, arrange a pick up time, then worriedly wait for them out on the curb, never knowing if the driver was 1 minute away or 20. Then, came Uber.

Friday Freebie: Up Your Virtual Appeal To Get More Bookings

Tambourine Blog 26 August 2016
Contrary to what many believe, people make purchase decisions based on emotions and how something makes them feel — not on facts or figures. Luckily for hotel marketers, evoking powerful emotions from your target audience is as easy as a few simple tweaks to your existing materials. Out of the five senses, it’s the sense of sight that remains the most important way for hotels to gain recognition, convey the guest experience, and most importantly, impact booking decisions. Here’s one easy way to maximize your hotel marketing’s visual appeal to encourage more bookings:

3 Things Revenue Managers Can Learn From Psychologists

Tambourine Blog 9 August 2016
For most hoteliers, establishing rates is a rational, practical task based on analysis of the market and historical trends. But, your hotel’s bottom line could be missing a key dimension when deciding on room rates: price psychology. Every hotelier must understand the psychological pricing factors that influence travelers when making purchase decisions. Getting smart about buyer behavior means healthy revenue and robust profit margins. A lot of research has been done on hotel pricing psychology and how it affects sales. This isn’t about manipulating travelers into booking, but rather understanding how and why they book so you can adjust your room rates accordingly.

3 Ways To Overcome The Perception That OTAs Are Cheaper

Tambourine Blog 2 August 2016
It’s all too easy to blame OTAs for your hotel’s shrinking profits by pointing fingers at their costly commissions and frustrating policy of withholding customer contact information. But, in reality, the biggest battle you face isn’t so much against the OTAs, but rather the mindset of OTA customers. The truth is, your profit margins are being squeezed because of the general public’s assumption that OTAs offer the cheapest rates! According to a Tnooz survey, 75 percent of travelers between the ages of 18-64 believe that they can find the best hotel prices on an OTA. It’s time to poke holes through this OTA myth and sway customer perception with the truth.

3 Big Reasons Hotels Need To Track Inbound Phone Calls

Tambourine Blog 25 July 2016
We all know how important it is to monitor data from digital marketing campaigns that boost hotel direct bookings. However, usually those analytics only track online activity and engagement. One of the best ways to bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing activities is by tracking your phone calls using simple new digital tracking technology. Travelers often want to know more about the experience they’re about to embark on. And, they want to interact with someone on your hotel staff or reservation center to get the answers. This is especially true at resorts or destination properties, where it is extremely common for guests to call and want to speak with someone personally before pulling out a credit card to make a reservation.

Three Secrets Your Hotel Booking Engine is Dying To Tell You

Tambourine Blog 6 July 2016
Your booking engine is more than a place of transaction or a page for your guests to check prices, room types and availability. Your hotel’s booking environment also holds a goldmine of free data, but only if you take the time to unearth it. Sadly, most hotels aren’t doing so. By taking the time to dig deeper to find this smart data, you’ll take massive strides to outpace your comp set in the battle for bookings and profits. Here are three pieces of revenue-generating data trapped inside your hotel booking engine:

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