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Cruise Insiders Highlight Industry Challenges and 7 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations 14 April 2019
This week in tourism, cruise execs discuss the importance of sustainability and diversity, while the CEO of a Hong Kong-based think tank talks frankly about modern capitalism. Plus, be sure to check out our newest Skift research report, where we look at overtourism from a unique angle.

Travel and Tourism's Good, Bad and Ugly Sides - Destinations 9 April 2019
Yes, travel and tourism is a wealth and job creator, but the industry needs to recognize how it plays a central role in some of the world's biggest problems.

SeaWorld's Rebound Appears to Be Sticking - Destinations 28 February 2019
The news has been consistently positive for SeaWorld lately after a long stretch of disappointing results. With new leadership and a strategy that has been working, 2019 is shaping up well.

U.S. Customs Isn't Protecting Traveler Data After Electronic Searches - Destinations 12 December 2018
It should come as no surprise that the government isn't following its own rules when it comes to securing the traveler data it seizes from personal devices. Another reminder to take precautions, even if your chance of getting searched is rather low.

Upgrading U.S. Highways Will Require Increased Gas Tax and Tolls - Destinations 9 December 2018
President Trump's pledge to invest in U.S. transportation infrastructure never materialized. It's going to take a sustained, decades-long investment as traffic increases and puts increased pressure on bridges, tunnels, and highways.

What Zuji's Suspension for Missed Payments Means for Asia's Online Travel Pioneers - Destinations 7 December 2018
All is not well with Zuji, a pioneer in the online travel space in Asia-Pacific. An ownership that is more adept at aviation than running an OTA may be an issue, but it's clear the entry of global OTAs flush with marketing wherewithal and expertise are making it difficult for the pioneers to compete.

Here's Why Hyundai's Is Investing Another $250 Million in Ridehailing Service Grab - Destinations 7 November 2018
Grab is the go-to for motor companies wanting a piece of Southeast Asia's future mobility market, as Hyundai's additional tenfold investment shows.

Tourist Towns Look to Tech for Shark Attack Solutions - Destinations 9 October 2018
We welcome new technologies that promise to make it safer to swim in the ocean. But destinations need to clamp down on activity organizers that bait sharks, too.

Leaning In to Find New Twists on Travel - Destinations 27 September 2018
The world is a brighter place because of travelers and millions of them increasingly want to spend their vacations doing good rather than showing off their new bathing suits or selfie sticks.

Disney World's Latest Pricing Changes Take Aim at Crowd Control - Destinations 26 September 2018
Disney shifted to seasonal pricing a couple of years ago, and the entertainment giant is drilling down even more with the latest changes. Visitors will likely grumble at the more complicated new system, but we don't expect Disney's business to suffer.

SeaWorld, Ex-CEO Agree to $5 Million Settlement in Blackfish Fraud - Destinations 18 September 2018
More than five years after the Blackfish documentary made a splash, SeaWorld is finally facing the music for lying to the public about the impact. In a way, though, the company has been paying a price for years: A $5 million settlement is a drop in the bucket compared to quarter after quarter of lost revenue.

Free Beer Is Helping SeaWorld Recapture Some of Its Crowds - Destinations 6 August 2018
SeaWorld is rebounding, with higher attendance and revenue than a year ago. Will it last? And how much free beer will the continued recovery take?

The Business of Longevity and 14 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations 4 August 2018
This week in tourism, don't miss our sixth anniversary digital book, which tells the backstories of six major travel brands, and how they achieved long-lasting success. And don't miss these roundups of our best stories and podcasts from the last six years.

Top Korea Hotel App Takes Majority Stake in Singapore Startup Zen Rooms - Destinations 29 July 2018
Southeast Asia is one of the world's fastest-growing travel markets, and companies that want in on the excitement could learn from Yanolja and Zen's localized apps that are making waves in the region.

The Digital Strategies Helping Cities Connect with Locals and Visitors - Destinations 26 July 2018
Municipal city governments have been investing heavily in smart city technologies, but in many different ways. Bloomberg Associates' new research puts forth some best practices to help cities learn how others are using various digital tools to engage locals and visitors effectively.

Megatrends Video: Brands Embrace Diversity Message Amid Rising Neo-Nationalism - Destinations 18 July 2018
Today we're releasing a video related to our 2018 Skift Megatrend, 'Brands Embrace Diversity Message Amid Rising Neo-Nationalism,' sponsored by Intrepid Travel.

Downtown Albuquerque Is a Meeting Planner Portal to the Future of Innovation - Destinations 11 July 2018
The new Innovate ABQ building in the Albuquerque Innovation District provides a one-stop shop for meeting planners to connect with local thought leaders in high-tech industries and some of the most advanced scientific research in the century.

Uber Is Expanding Its Electric Bike Rentals Into Europe - Destinations 9 June 2018
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is on a "charm offensive," as this story points out, trying to expand into markets that have proven tricky in the past. Will it work?

WeChat to Smooth China's Border Process for Travelers Between Hong Kong and Mainland - Destinations 6 June 2018
When people pass between Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China, they have to present border documents, called permits. A new feature on the popular WeChat app could replace the need for the documents someday, according to a proposal. Here's hoping.

Facial Recognition Startup Hoping to Solve Brexit's Ireland Border Conundrum - Destinations 16 April 2018
A London-based facial recognition startup has talked to the U.K. government over how it can help manage border crossings between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland following the U.K.’s departure from the European Union. Iproov, a six-year-old company, has received interest from the U.K. government about working on border crossings and other possible use cases, Andrew Bud, Iproov’s founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview. “We had a great deal of focused and high-level interest in our technology,” he said.

Chinese Tech Companies See Their Shot at Expansion as Outbound Travel Grows - Destinations 14 February 2018
This month, 6.5 million Chinese will travel abroad for the Lunar New Year holiday. They’ll bring luggage, smartphones and a desire to use the same technological conveniences they’ve grown accustomed to at home. For China’s tech companies, that’s a potent combination — one that may help them finally compete in overseas markets.

Chinese Attractions Invest in Augmented Reality to Attract Tourists - Destinations 14 February 2018
A holographic moon crystallizes on a wall of mist. Amid the ooh-ahhs and clicking of cameras, jam-packed tourists gape at a 10-minute water and light show of tortoises, dolphins and virtual models donning the latest fashions of leather and fur.

The Next Generation of Transportation Tech Is Happening In UK Cities - Destinations 12 February 2018
Advanced manufacturing productivity grew three times faster than the rest of the UK’s economy during the decade from 2005 through 2015. The sector consists of more than 90,000 companies, employing 2.7 million people across the UK. Advanced manufacturing contributes over US $216 billion to the UK’s economy, making it 9th in the global economy, and it accounts for almost 70 percent of the total spend across all industries. The UK is especially competitive in metrology (science of measurement), and it’s growing rapidly in 3D printing, advanced composite materials, sensors and micro-electronics.

Bristol is Emerging as The UK's Leading Virtual Reality Hub - Destinations 7 February 2018
Bristol, England illustrates the level of innovation sweeping across the UK in regional cities. Ben Trewhella — a local software developer who launched a mobile app company over a decade ago, before shifting his focus to virtual reality — started a meetup for local VR developers in 2014, which led to developing a VR conference in 2015. Last spring, Trewhella’s 3-day VR World Congress 2017 attracted 1,200 delegates from 37 countries, tripling attendance from the year prior.

Video: Q&A on The Shift Toward Traveler Authenticity and Meaning with American Express Travel - Destinations 18 October 2017
Today, travel goes beyond planning a trip, booking it, and arriving at the destination. Travelers are looking to take trips that allow them to spend time with their loved ones, gain rich, valuable experiences, and accomplish personal goals. Understanding these changing consumer mindsets—and the shifting bucket list—is key to engaging the modern traveler.

Tech Investors Are Still in Love With London Despite Brexit - Destinations 10 July 2017
Ever since the UK voted to leave the European Union, there has been an expectation that London’s position as the leading tech hub in Europe would come under threat. The country might be 18 months from the formal exit date, but at the moment, investors are showing no sign of losing their appetite for spending money in the capital.

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