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Google Maps Adds More Hotel Search Filters - Digital 23 April 2019
Google Maps is plotting a clear course in the direction of becoming a superapp for travel and dining. We'll continue to track the trend closely.

Grab Enters Travel Booking With Hotels Now and Flights Next - Digital 23 April 2019
In the face of a fast-growing and innovative rival, Grab's foray into travel, starting with hotels, could give it an edge over arch-rival Go-Jek, which does not do travel -- yet.

Fosun's Venture Capital Arm Backs Israeli Booking Site in an Ongoing Travel Push - Digital 15 April 2019
While Western media tends to focus on the funding moves of corporate venture capital arms of regional brands like JetBlue and EasyJet, it's also important to see how key investment players in Asia, like Shanghai-based Fosun, are investing, such as in Splitty, a hotel booking startup.

Vista Global Buys Uber-Style Private Jet App - Digital 10 April 2019
Vista is getting bigger, as more and more companies realize it's way easier to rent a jet rather than own one outright. Now, this most recent acquisition makes booking seats even easier, but who knows if it will catch on with luxury travelers.

Klook Receives $225 Million SoftBank Investment in Nod to Tours and Activities - Digital 9 April 2019
For the first time, an Asian startup, Klook, is attracting the highest funding ever in tours and activities. For the last time, can skeptics of this travel sector please bow out?

Vancouver Shuns Uber While Chinese-Language App Kabu Thrives - Digital 3 April 2019
The underground ride-sharing app has big plans for growth, with an English version coming soon. By the time Uber gets on the road, it may find itself up against a solid competitor.

Lyft IPO Teaches Lessons to Other Rising Travel Startups - Digital 3 April 2019
Several travel startups dream of going public. Lyft's initial public offering shows that profitability isn't necessarily as important as growth in the eyes of some investors, among some other key lessons.

AirAsia CEO Looks to Disrupt Again, This Time in Online Travel - Digital 3 April 2019
Tony Fernandes is taking AirAsia on "the final part of the company's evolution," one that will see the airline become a tech player. But it's one thing to disrupt legacy carriers, and another to disrupt the disruptors in the online travel space. He disagrees, of course.

TravelSky's Monopoly in China Helped Boost Annual Revenues - Digital 29 March 2019
TravelSky, China's state-owned airline distribution and software services company, reported solid revenue growth in 2018. But the company's insulation from market competition risks creating complacency, and some signs suggest Chinese airlines are frustrated.

Amadeus Buys Airport Self-Service Baggage Firm to Diversify Further - Digital 21 March 2019
Automated bag drop technology may be widespread at major airports, but the rest of the world still has to add the equipment needed for passengers to scan their own bags. Amadeus aims to help sell those machines now that it has bought ICM. Amadeus is positioning itself to compete assertively with airline-owned SITA for airport tech sales.

The Dirty Business Targeting AirAsia Indonesia Just Got Dirtier - Digital 18 March 2019
It appears that AirAsia has a bigger problem on its hands than it can possibly imagine. Now, even the largest local tour operators have stopped selling its flights on their online platforms. Whatever the outcome, one thing is clear: Online travel booking is such a powerful weapon.

Did AirAsia's Rivals Arm-Twist Online Travel Agencies to Stop Selling Its Low Air Fares? - Digital 13 March 2019
Any form of industry players conspiring to protect their self-interests should be thoroughly investigated. Hopefully this unsettling episode in Indonesia will end soon and everyone can go back to booking the best deal they can get without lame invisible hands interfering with the process.

BookingPal Raises $12 Million for Rental Software: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital 8 March 2019
This week travel startups BookingPal, Instawork, Withlocals, Ayenda Rooms, and Questo together announced more than $30 million in funding. Of note, famous venture investor Bill Gurley took a stake in Instawork's hiring marketplace, and mammoth investor Softbank's bet on Ayenda Rooms as Colombia's version of budget hotel franchisor Oyo. Hums Along With Growth Despite a Narrow Business Base - Digital 7 March 2019 is still too dependent on its mainstay business of loyalty currency swaps for just a few major travel suppliers that are primarily in the U.S. Hopefully, its new cross-marketing deal with Amadeus will help.

TripAdvisor Plots Inspiration Path in Google's Shadow - Digital 6 March 2019
CEO Stephen Kaufer seems confident that the "new TripAdvisor" will be successful. We'll have to wait until later this year before we know whether it is helping the company earn more cash.

How TUI and Rezdy Fit Into Ctrip's Growth Strategy Outside China - Digital 5 March 2019
China slowdown? Meituan rivalry? Naaah, Ctrip had a fab 2018. Domestic travel remains strong, but it is international travel growth that's exciting. Now we know what drives its latest partnerships with TUI's Musement and Rezdy.

Saudi Arabian Travel Firm Al Tayyar Aims to Expand - Digital 4 March 2019
One of the kingdom's largest travel companies, Al Tayyar, could receive a cash boost if it sells its stake in a car-hailing company to Uber as expected. The Saudi Arabian travel firm will need to invest the windfall wisely if it wishes to avoid the troubles facing companies like TUI and Thomas Cook.

Brits Could Lose Free Mobile Roaming When Traveling to EU - Digital 3 March 2019
Brexit would have a steep price, and no longer escaping mobile roaming charges for Brits traveling to the UK, and for European Union citizens traveling to the UK, could be one of the components. Were leave voters thinking of that?

Standard Hotels Spins Off One Night Booking App: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital 1 March 2019
It's not clear there's enough market demand for a mobile app that books only independent and boutique properties. But some hoteliers might welcome the new app One Night if it can bring down its distribution costs, even marginally.

Berlin App Has Grand Ambitions to Handle All Transport Modes - Digital 18 February 2019
The app sounds like a good idea, but it remains to be seen whether all of the incumbent transit systems, with their vested interests, will hop along for the ride.

Virtuo Raises $23 Million for Car Rentals: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital 15 February 2019
Three interesting companies announced investments this week: Virtuo, a car rental service, aims to replace service counters with mobile-first customer service. May Mobility builds autonomous vehicles for smart cities. NuStay offers hotel price-comparison.

Transportation Booker GoEuro Changing Name to Omio - Digital 14 February 2019
A new name shows that GoEuro has ambitions outside of Europe. Can it deliver on this promise?

Uber Plans On Disrupting Itself With All Kinds of Transport - Digital 8 February 2019
As the company prepares for its IPO, it wants investors to know that its ambitions are big. But it's hard to imagine scooters becoming wildly popular, and its an expensive investment, especially at a time when growth of its core business is slowing.

2nd Address Raises $10 Million for Rental Bookings: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital 8 February 2019
The market for long-term business lodging is being dragged, thankfully, into the digital era by companies like 2nd Address. Plus, fundraising news for Festicket, Oaky, and Operto.

Why Does Travelzoo Have a Big China Problem? - Digital 6 February 2019
The company has been hoping for a turnaround in Asia Pacific for years now, but so far business in the region is weak. If trade tensions continue to squeeze the company, will progress get even slower?

The State of Marketing Technology in Travel 2019: New Skift Research - Digital 29 January 2019
The role of marketing technology in the travel industry has passed the threshold of adoption, but significant attention is still required to bring the technology at work into its true and central role -- industry-wide.

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