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China Online Travel Faces Unprecedented Regulation - Digital 29 September 2018
Chinese online travel may be imperiled from increasing regulation as well as the trade war and aggressive rhetoric between the U.S. and China. On the other hand, the Chinese middle class will not be denied; their passports are ready.

Travelsify Raises $5.8 Million for Hotel and Restaurant Tech: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital 28 September 2018
Accor's backing of Travelsify is eye-opening. It suggests that the hotel giant will take advantage of the startup's artificial intelligence-powered engine, which collects data about hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals to boost online marketing and discovery.

Alibaba Helps U.S. Cities With Mobile Payments for Chinese Tourism Wave - Digital 26 September 2018
The trick to getting more U.S. businesses to invest in mobile payments will be to convince them that more demand will also soon come from U.S. travelers, who are still largely cash and card-carrying consumers for now.

Expedia Believes Tech Is Key to Helping Travelers Plan the Perfect Vacation - Digital 20 September 2018
How can companies use technology to make the perfect recommendations for travelers? That's what everyone is trying to figure out.

TripAdvisor CEO on Moving From User Content Toward Professional Reviews - Digital 18 September 2018
TripAdvisor will start showcasing content from long-dismissed professional reviewers so it can be more of a resource to visitors who aren't ready to book. Is nothing sacrosanct anymore?

Travel Providers Need to Embrace Digital Payments or Risk Becoming Irrelevant - Digital 17 September 2018
Consumers are increasingly using digital and mobile payments both while planning their trips and while in-destination -- which means travel providers looking to have a global reach need to prioritize their digital payment experiences.

Video: Sabre CEO Believes Airlines Can Get More Creative With Fees - Digital 14 September 2018
Sabre CEO Sean Menke is right when he says consumers want the ability to comparison shop before they make travel plans. But his ideas about making airline fees more complicated -- and lucrative -- might not be so popular.

Blockchain and Travel: Distributed Ledger Technology is Changing the Business of Airlines and Travel Agencies - Digital 4 September 2018
Travel tech leaders are betting on blockchain to transform nearly every aspect of the travel journey, making transactions simpler, more affordable, and more trustworthy, for both providers and consumers.

Why Hotels Envy Airlines When It Comes to Managing Revenue - Digital 22 August 2018
The revenue management industry picked an odd time to have an identity crisis, given the opportunity for additional profit that new rate-setting and distribution software could bring.

Video: Why Travelport Is Betting Big on Payments and Mobile Booking - Digital 17 August 2018
Travelport has worked hard over the last few years to develop new airline merchandising and travel payments solutions on a global level. Next comes the challenge of driving wider adoption in the marketplace.

On the Beach Buys Classic Collection for $25 Million as Package Rules Get Upended - Digital 16 August 2018
Online player On the Beach is making a play to attract the business of offline travel agents by creating a new online dynamic-packaging portal. Got it? In online travel, as in life, it sometimes pays to be flexible, and to buy stuff.

Booking Holdings Sacrifices Growth and 7 Other Digital Trends This Week - Digital 12 August 2018
This week in digital news, we looked at earnings from Booking Holdings and the company's adjusted growth expectations, plus a broad view of the future of metasearch.

Booking Holdings Says Half Its Customers Now Come Direct: Will It Be a Game Changer? - Digital 9 August 2018
Some hotel groups will be jealous of Booking Holdings' ability to have one out of every two of its customers booking travel on its brand sites and apps without having to buy online ads to acquire them.

How Customer Data and Dynamic Inventory Can Deliver Better Travel Buying Experiences - Digital 9 August 2018
Today's travel consumer faces a needlessly complex online shopping experience. There are too many choices, and offers are not customized to address buyers' unique needs. To solve this problem, travel brands must use what they already know about their customers to simplify, streamline and personalize the purchase process.

Booking Holdings Sacrifices Growth for Profit - Digital 9 August 2018
The online travel titan faces a reality check after years of extraordinary growth. Booking Holdings forecast that third-quarter growth in its accommodation room nights booked rate would be between 6 percent and 9 percent, well below the 20 percent range typical in the past.

Klook Raises $200 Million to Expand Activity Bookings - Digital 7 August 2018
Given its new lofty valuation of more than $1 billion, Klook has become too expensive for most online travel companies to justify as an acquisition. But would a possible IPO within a few years be successful?

Skift Tech Forum 2018 On-Stage Videos Are Now Live - Digital 3 August 2018
Our inaugural Skift Tech Forum in June gathered travel executives from around the world in Silicon Valley for a day of conversation on personalization, distribution, and digital strategy.

CEO Interview: MediaAlpha's Steve Yi on the Need for Real Transparency in Travel Search Media - Digital 2 August 2018
The word 'transparency' is one of those buzzwords that ad networks love to throw around -- but most traditional networks still operate in a black box that makes smart media buying difficult for travel brands. MediaAlpha wants to fix this.

Amadeus Signals Interest in Acquiring TravelClick - Digital 31 July 2018
TravelClick offers respected business intelligence tools for major hotel chains. That's a solution that Amadeus lacks in its new hospitality software platform. But what price might Amadeus pay for TravelClick that its owners would accept? A price above $1 billion would be another sign of a market bubble.

Sabre Sees Gains After Tech Investment Turnaround - Digital 31 July 2018
Think of travel tech giant Sabre as being like an orchestra. CEO Sean Menke has been like a conductor replacing lead players and changing the tune. So far, investors like what they hear.

Hotel Tonight and Expedia Offering New Twists on Hidden Hotel Deals - Digital 31 July 2018
It's so rare to see something new in online travel. Expedia's Add-On Advantage appears to be a new wrinkle, and HotelTonight's Today's Daily Drop is a flash sale variation that disappears within 15 minutes. Both gives hoteliers new ways to target travelers, who may find some good deals in the process.

WeChat Pay May Be Missing a Global Expansion Opportunity - Digital 28 July 2018
Maybe WeChat Pay will change its mind about how far it can reach globally, especially if, as the writer posits, "one day, chat plus wallet will be as obvious a combination as mobile phone plus camera."

How Amazon and Netflix are Inspiring a New Generation of E-Commerce in the Hotel Industry - Digital 26 July 2018
Following the roadmap of platform-focused businesses like Netflix and Amazon, the hospitality sector is moving toward more comprehensive and personalized online experiences that encompass the broader aspects of travel beyond the hotel walls.

Trivago Lays Off Staff in Strategy Shift to Emphasize Profitability Over Growth - Digital 25 July 2018
A lot of Trivago's problems, including an advertising diss from Booking Holdings, are beyond the company's control so it is doing what it can, namely reducing advertising spend and headcount in an attempt to get into the black. Speaking of Booking Holdings, Trivago may need a dot-com-like Priceline comeback to right the ship.

Sabre Blends Distribution Network and Airline Units Under New Leadership - Digital 18 July 2018
The travel technology giant has bowed to investor and airline demands for a management team more focused on software solutions that help with the retailing, distribution, and fulfillment of travel as an end-to-end journey, not just siloed by function.

Everyone Wants Inflight Wi-Fi, So Why Is Gogo Struggling? - Digital 13 July 2018
Financial pressures and stiff competition is making life tough for Gogo, so much so that it is considering breaking itself up. Perhaps it is more likely that one of the company's many rivals will come knocking with an offer.

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