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Tech That Will Interest Event Planners from the Apple Launch

EventManagerBlog.com 14 September 2017
Apple is taking further steps in carving the future of technology with the launch of three new iPhones. From facial recognition to AR, here are some of the key features and what they could mean for event professionals. On Tuesday, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook took to the stage for the first time in the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park campus in California, for the company’s latest Apple event. But what do event planners need to know about Apple’s new releases?

Is Blockchain The Silver Bullet For Attendee Experience?

EventManagerBlog.com 23 August 2017
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are hot topics at the moment but the underlying architecture, Blockchain, could be the attendee experience silver bullet eventprofs have been waiting for. Everyone in the finance sector is talking about cryptocurrency. In its most simple form, a cryptocurrency allows people or businesses to exchange money without involving banks or any kind of centralized administration. With that, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also secure by design, allowing transactions to go through the system without any personal financial information being exposed.

8 #Hoteltech Trends Disrupting Hospitality and Tourism

EventManagerBlog.com 8 August 2017
Room service? There’s an app for that. Consumer demands are changing and hoteltech is responding. Here we look at 8 hoteltech trends currently disrupting hospitality and tourism. For many years, the process of booking into a hotel and accessing its benefits during a stay has remained largely unchanged. Although room and resource booking have been largely electronic for some time, some booking applications are little more than a simple electronic diary. However, things are on the move. Keyless entry systems are being linked to booking systems and many of these features are becoming accessible by way of an API (Application Programming Interface), giving access to external agents. This type of access allows event planners to manage room blocks in full with event management & ticketing software.

15 Things Venues Have to Do to Attract Event Planners

EventManagerBlog.com 10 May 2017
Do you want to attract more event planners to your space? Here are a few ways to do it based on what they need. Competition is fierce for venues, particularly for traditional ones as more and more event planners are looking for unique options to thrill their audience. But here are 15 ways to get more event planners interested in your venue.

Get Ready for the Rise of AI in Events

EventManagerBlog.com 26 April 2017
With technology advancing rapidly, a new age of artificial intelligence is upon us. Are eventprofs ready for the rise of AI in events? AI (artificial intelligence) has arrived and in some capacity, you’re probably already using it. Whether you’re asking Siri to play your favorite songs or simply using your satnav, AI is there in the background, thinking about things so that you don’t have to.

Humans To Replace Telepresence Robots At Events

EventManagerBlog.com 30 March 2017
Look out robots, the humans are coming to replace you! At least, that’s the case for one human who wants to replace telepresence robots. Meet Stefan Wabner, actor, mime and part-time robot. When he isn’t traveling around the world with his theater group “Pantomime Popkultur”, Stefan likes to get into character as a mime robot he calls Steve the Machine. Recently, Stefan found a new use for Steve. Thanks to an upgraded face (a video screen), Steve now has a new job as a telepresence robot. Yes, that’s right, it’s a human dressed as a robot, filling in for a human.

Artificial Intelligence And Events [Infographic]

EventManagerBlog.com 28 March 2017
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing events. Here are just some of the ways AI is having an impact on the event industry. Last week we launched the 2017 edition of the Event App Bible, the most popular and comprehensive report about event mobile apps and chatbots. Artificial intelligence is already being used within many apps and this handy infographic sums up just some of the advances we are seeing.

How Technology Delivered Success for ibtm Arabia [Case Study]

EventManagerBlog.com 16 March 2017
All event planners dream of finding an event technology solution which can help them to realize their vision through a single platform. This case study looks at how ibtm Arabia achieved their specific objectives and got results.

3 Hotels Using AI To Improve Guest Experience

EventManagerBlog.com 8 March 2017
The age of AI is here and it’s coming to a hotel near you soon. The AI concierge is the new best friend of travelers and hoteliers alike. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a regular news item these days, perhaps most notably for fears that it will ultimately replace humans. This isn’t one of those articles. One area where AI and humans seem to be in harmony is with AI-powered personal assistants. Over the past few years we’ve managed to become relatively comfortable with the voice activated assistants living in our pockets and we’ve even begun inviting AI to help us control our homes. Now, the same kind of technology can be found in the form of an AI-powered hotel concierge.

Event Planning In The Hotel Of The Future

EventManagerBlog.com 20 February 2017
Fast forward to 2060 as we analyse how the changes in event technology will impact events and in particular, how they are planned. As one of the strongest drivers for change in the event industry, technology plays a prominent role in the planning and management of events. A report on the Hotels of the Future involved working with a leading think tank and members such as Dr. James Canton to discuss and analyse how future trends will impact on hotels by 2060. The findings were exciting, especially for event professionals thinking about how it will affect events and accommodation in the future.

5 Event Tech Trends To Watch in 2017 [Video]

EventManagerBlog.com 14 February 2017
In this new video, we talk about five event tech trends you should definitely take notice of in 2017. Every year our Event Trends Report is downloaded thousands of times. In this feature video Julius Solaris, Editor of EventMB, discusses five event tech trends that will be hot for event planners in 2017. We are delighted to partner with our friends at Poken, the 360° event platform built for engagement, to bring you this video.

Security, Streaming, Analytics. How Drones Will Change the Event Industry.

EventManagerBlog.com 13 February 2017
Drones are a recurring presence in more and events near you. How can you use them to make your event more secure, successful and engaging? I can see you going ‘whatever’ on me. I spent an hour with one of the top experts on drones in the US. Give me 10 minutes of reading time and I promise you will be interested in what I have to say about drones. I had a chance to spend some time with James ‘Heidi’ Fleitz of Avisight. With a past saving lives and completing missions as a drone pilot for the U.S Air Force, Heidi gave me some powerful insights into the potential of drones, still entirely untapped in the event industry.

10 Tips to Secure Investment in Your Event Tech Company

EventManagerBlog.com 8 February 2017
If you are looking to raise money for your event tech company these tips will help you to position your company in the right way and set expectations with future investors and customers. After 35+ angel investments and previous experience as Founder and CEO on different startups backed by strategic and institutional investors, I created a simple list of 10 tips that can help entrepreneurs to save time and set realistic expectations in front of investors.

22 Actions Your Concierge App Should Do

EventManagerBlog.com 2 February 2017
While we may still be a way away from flying cars, we have some pretty nifty technology out there and each day there seems like there's something new to try. If you haven't looked into concierge apps, it might be something you want to audition for your next event. If you're new to using a The post 22 Actions Your Concierge App Should Do by Christina Green appeared first on http://www.EventManagerBlog.com

The Rising Battle for Ticket Second Market

EventManagerBlog.com 18 November 2016
If you’re an event organizer, it’s hard to decide whether the ticket second market is a bane or a boon to your existence. This article sheds some light on what was once a rather shady practice and how it currently affects the market. The ticket second market holds interesting possibilities for event organizers and consumers. While it mitigates the risk for event organizers and keeps ticket prices high, it also creates inflationary demand, which drives immediate, emotional purchases. We will most likely continue to see legislation on both sides of the Atlantic and in other regions of the world as we all try to find the perfect balance between consumer protection and entrepreneurialism.

Digital Transformation in the Event Industry

EventManagerBlog.com 17 November 2016
Virtual Reality glasses for a breath-taking spatial experience, event information via an App or Smart Watches as a teleprompter. Cutting-edge, high-tech solutions provide a big wow factor and help to increase the appeal of an event. Digital transformation in the event industry is also apparent through new digital approaches, such as the use of cloud-based event management solutions and opportunities to revise and optimise existing processes. Going digital is not a short-lived fad but has become reality for all event planners.

Has the Event App Bubble Burst?

EventManagerBlog.com 18 August 2016
Has-the-Event-App-Bubble-Burst- This is a sponsored post written by Florian Courgenouil, Marketing Director, Goomeo. More information about Event Manager Blog's sponsored posts. Smartphone app downloads worldwide are slowing down considerably. In an industry battling to raise app adoption and engagement levels is this the beginning of the end for event mobile apps too?

Overwhelmed by Email? 19 Tips to Claim Back Your Inbox

EventManagerBlog.com 6 August 2016
Overwhelmed by Email? 19 Tips to Claim Back Your Inbox Overwhelmed by Email? 19 Tips to Claim Back Your Inbox August 6, 2016 How To Articles Ever feel like email is taking over your life or dictating your working day? Here is how to get your inbox back under control! Email is the probably the most important business communication tool, and unavoidable in working life today. In the fast-paced world of events, there seems to be a never ending stream of urgent emails demanding your immediate attention, especially nearing the time of the event. Before you chuck your computer out of the window, here are some easy tricks you can learn to master your inbox, and modern tools to help you do it faster.

6 Habits of the Forward Thinking Event Business

EventManagerBlog.com 22 April 2016
6-Habits-of-the-Forward-Thinking-Event-Business Technology is ubiquitous and touches every part of our lives. We can no longer rely on 'old' methods of planning and producing events. We need to rethink, retool and for many, change some day to day practices. This has to start with the tools we use daily to run our businesses, because digital disruption has The post 6 Habits of the Forward Thinking Event Business by Tahira Endean appeared first on http://www.EventManagerBlog.com

10 Tech Gadgets for Eventprofs

EventManagerBlog.com 19 April 2016
Event professionals love technology. Technology can be very helpful for event professionals. Here are 10 gadgets every event professional should own. No secret – I am a geek. I love technology and gadgets. I don’t get the latest, but I strive for the greatest. With the tough busy life we all conduct, tech can actually be very helpful. Of course it can be a great distraction, of course watching cat videos on Youtube is not going to help to get things done. At the same time I cannot imagine my life without some tech gadgets that have changed my effectiveness, health and organization.

6 Questions to Challenge Your Event Tech Supplier

EventManagerBlog.com 1 April 2016
Event technology can provide a “wow” moment for attendees or a headache. Asking the tough questions of your tech supplier ahead of time can save everyone from a bad experience. Events have enough surprises. Your tech shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re an early adopter of technology or one who waits to embrace the new systems, as an event planner you need to ask tough questions of your tech supplier on behalf of every attendee. Never assume you’re hearing everything you need to know. Even the best of vendors with years of experience don’t know your organization or event like you do.

7 Trends Affecting Venue Selection

EventManagerBlog.com 2 March 2016
Last week we launched The Venue of The Future, a free report about how event professionals select venues. Here are 7 trends affecting venue selection. When carrying out the research for The Venue of the Future we looked at the answers of over 1,000 event professionals from around the world. For the first time, we also asked event planners to give us open ended answers to their biggest frustrations and their vision of the future. The results immediately caught our attention. As Meetingsnet summed up incredibly well, eventprofs are fed up with practices of the past.

Will Technology Replace the Event Planner Role?

EventManagerBlog.com 19 February 2016
Eventtech is certainly changing the face of events. But will it eventually spell the end of face to face events and meetings and the role of the event planner? Hands up all of those who have not had a talk with a client with regard to technology at events? Keep your hands up while I have a count up, can’t quite see London, New York is that a hand up? OK got it….no one, not one single person. We are all having event technology conversations everyday! Let me share a perspective that will help.

5 Popular Questions About Live Streaming Answered

EventManagerBlog.com 1 February 2016
5-Popular-Questions-About-Live-Streaming-Answered The surge toward live video has surpassed mere trend reporting as early adopters grab audiences hungry for video content on everything from Periscope to Facebook Live. Here are 5 popular questions about live streaming answered to help you find greater success in your live streaming efforts! 1. Is live streaming a fad? Live streaming is The post 5 Popular Questions About Live Streaming Answered by KiKi L'Italien appeared first on http://www.EventManagerBlog.com

How to Find the Perfect Event Technology

EventManagerBlog.com 21 January 2016
How-To-Find-the-Perfect-Event-Technolog (1) This is a sponsored post written by Kristen Carvalho, Sr. Content and Social Media Manager at etouches. More information about Event Manager Blog's sponsored posts. Technology is what makes our events tick. Think about it, in this day and age how would you even begin to host an event without using one piece of technology? The post How to Find the Perfect Event Technology by Guest Author appeared first on http://www.EventManagerBlog.com

An Audacious Plan to Make Event Technology Easier

EventManagerBlog.com 7 December 2015
The event technology landscape is complex. There are almost too many platforms and apps to consider, and integration, interoperability, and expense are consistent challenges. Event planners need a way to ease the pain of automation and bring down the costs. The answer is in the Cloud.

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