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Insider Perspectives: Michelle Mu, Director of Revenue at Refinery Hotel

Travel Tripper Blog 18 October 2018
This week, we invited our client, Michelle Mu, Director of Revenue at Refinery Hotel, to share the hotelier’s perspective and get a glimpse into her personal and professional experiences.

Insider Perspectives: Joan Evelyn Lee, Vice President of Operations at Travel Tripper

Travel Tripper Blog 3 October 2018
Welcome to “Insider Perspectives”, a new series in which we interview travel industry insiders and veterans to hear their insights and stories, drawing upon their unique and impressive backgrounds.

Directly Speaking with Travel Tripper, Ep 5 -- Why "Hotel Websites" is an Outdated Concept

Travel Tripper Blog 4 September 2018
Hoteliers often spend thousands of dollars building beautiful and stunning websites in the hope to attract more visitors and drive more bookings. However, these hotel websites often turn out to be digital brochures that are so disconnected from the hotel’s booking engine that they cause inconveniences for hotel revenue managers and marketers and fail to deliver satisfying results.

Latest trends in the fast changing world of revenue management

Travel Tripper Blog 14 August 2018
In June, Travel Tripper, IDeaS, and OTA Insight joined forces to host roundtable discussions on current trends in the fast changing world of revenue management.

How to do a health check on your hotel website using the server log file

Travel Tripper Blog 6 August 2018
Ensuring that your hotel website has a good technical SEO setup is crucial for the success of your SEO strategy. Otherwise you may jeopardize your site's search ranking if the backend isn't set up properly. Conducting a server log file analysis can help ensure that your site is indexable-meaning that search engines can correctly detect the content on your site-and it also allows you to detect other potential issues.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How the Digital Travel Industry Took Off

Travel Tripper Blog 18 July 2018
The travel industry has come a long way since the invention of the first automated booking system in 1946. Do you know which major events and milestones changed the game and propelled the industry to move forward?

Are hotel reward and benefit platforms worth investing in?

Travel Tripper Blog 12 July 2018
The sheer scale of the hotel industry means that hotels are in a constant battle for attention. In this increasingly competitive online booking space, they’re often forced to drive down room rates to incentivize bookings.

Innovative ways travel brands are using virtual reality

Travel Tripper Blog 22 June 2018
Over the past couple of years, virtual reality has received a serious amount of hype in the travel sector. Yet initial early excitement has faded somewhat and there’s a sense that nobody is entirely sure whether VR really does have long-term staying power.

[SLIDESHARE] 5-step guide to building a hotel website

Travel Tripper Blog 15 May 2018
Planning to redesign or relaunch your hotel website? If not, you will be soon—with an ever-changing online travel market, hotels need to make major updates to their websites every 2-3 years. Our five-step guide will give you an overview of all the key areas you’ll need to take into consideration when redesigning your site.

Understanding the true cost of distribution: Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring your direct channel?

Travel Tripper Blog 8 May 2018
Hotels can make the biggest impact to their bottom line with an optimized direct channel. But a recent white paper by HEDNA found most independent properties are underinvesting and undervaluing this crucial part of their business.

Behind the Screens with Travel Tripper, Ep 1 - Attribution and why it matters

Travel Tripper Blog 10 April 2018
We’ve started a vlog! In our first episode, Tris Heaword and Ben Hanley, our Directors of Digital Marketing, talk all about attribution in hotel marketing. What is it, really? Why is it important? And how are marketing agencies using attribution to pull the wool over your eyes? All this—and a special easter egg at the end!—in our very first episode. Watch the video below or listen to the SoundCloud file as a podcast.

[SLIDESHARE] 5 tips for reducing your hotel cancellation rate

Travel Tripper Blog 5 April 2018
Cancellations on OTA channels can reach as high as 40%, making it difficult for hotel revenue managers to properly plan and fill their rooms nightly. Below are five revenue and rate strategies your hotel can employ to help counter high cancellation rates.

How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR

Travel Tripper Blog 13 March 2018
The post How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper. RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) is one of your hotel's most important performance metrics. Yet while commonly used and heavily relied upon, it's a metric that isn't without its faults. In the following post, we'll show exactly how RevPAR can be distorted, highlight the potential impact this can have on your business, and offer solutions to mitigate the risk. Calculating RevPAR Hotels often use RevPAR as a way to measure... The post How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper.

How blockchain might be used in travel

Travel Tripper Blog 7 March 2018
There’s been a lot of buzz about blockchain in recent years—a topic we summarized in our booking trends for 2018 post. Yet despite the hype, the majority of people don’t really seem to understand what blockchain is actually all about. With huge potential and growing levels of investment, it’s a topic that demands closer attention. In the travel sector, blockchain technology shows a serious amount of promise, from revolutionizing loyalty programs and increasing security, to breaking up the reliance hotels have on OTAs.

What is social proof, and how can you use it on your hotel website?

Travel Tripper Blog 25 January 2018
Shop on the web for a short time and you’ll quickly realize how integral social proof is to the online shopping experience. This social proof comes in numerous forms, from customer reviews and testimonials to star ratings and Facebook Likes. All of which let shoppers know that the service or product they’re interested in comes recommended by others.

Common UX mistakes you might be making on your hotel website

Travel Tripper Blog 18 January 2018
The post Common UX mistakes you might be making on your hotel website appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper. Is your website losing bookings by making some common user experience mistakes? Plenty of seemingly modern hotel websites have subtle flaws that might not be obvious at first glance, but consistently end up hurting conversion rates. Clunky navigation, a poorly optimized call-to-action button, and slow loading times can all have a negative impact on booking revenue. In the following post, we'll point out 7 common UX mistakes that your hotel... The post Common UX mistakes you might be making on your hotel website appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper.

The importance of data transparency in hotel marketing

Travel Tripper Blog 7 December 2017
  Data has been a boon to marketers, but the recent rise of big data and analytics has also led to a lack of data transparency. This has now become a big problem in the marketing sector. In fact, 64% of marketers say they're not clear about the origins of their data. Close to 25% of brand managers and agency buyers also admit they're unsure how frequently their data sources... The post The importance of data transparency in hotel marketing appeared first on Travel Tripper.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Upselling and Cross-selling in the Hotel Business

Travel Tripper Blog 26 October 2017
Do you know the difference between upselling and cross-selling when it comes to hotel bookings? Our latest infographic explains the key difference and how that should influence your hotel marketing strategy to maximize revenue.

Could video chat become a new customer service trend in hospitality?

Travel Tripper Blog 5 October 2017
In August, Delta Air Lines introduced video chat as part of a customer service test at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Five kiosks with “interactive screens” and phone receivers have been arranged to allow a two-way conversation with Delta representatives about anything from changing flight reservations to providing feedback. This latest move represents Delta’s innovative approach to customer service. The company already has a multi-digital service strategy that includes Twitter, Facebook, email and phone.

Takeaways from our webinar, 'The 3 tech maxims that will make or break your hotel in 2018'

Travel Tripper Blog 3 October 2017
A tipping point has been reached where it’s no longer possible for hotels to survive without technology. From marketing to operations to sales, the modern hospitality industry relies on a range of tools and software to support virtually every area of business. As the digital industry matures, is your hotel equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

Are all hotel booking engines made equal?

Travel Tripper Blog 8 August 2017
For many hotels, choosing the right booking engine often comes down to price. Rather than investing in the best product, the CRS vendor offering the cheapest deal can seem like the most attractive option. But price shouldn’t be the only factor when you’re weighing up your booking engine’s potential ROI. Long-term, the performance of the product can have a major impact on your bottom line and direct booking revenue. In the following article, we’ll describe why choosing a superior booking engine really matters, and we’ll also outline the ways it can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your business.

Creating the right rate plans for your hotel

Travel Tripper Blog 27 July 2017
One of the most complex aspects of revenue management is creating the right rate plans for your hotel. But what exactly is a rate plan? It is the technical term given to different rates you see on a hotel website when you search for a set of dates. Rate plans work their magic behind the scenes so guests can have different options to choose from when planning a hotel stay.

Hotel Data Security: Understanding the difference between PCI and PII compliance

Travel Tripper Blog 13 July 2017
Data security is becoming an increasingly important issue in the digital age. In the past few years, companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo have all suffered from high-profile breaches that have involved personal details of their users being leaked. When it comes to data security, the hospitality industry has proven to be especially vulnerable to attack. A 2016 report by Trustwave revealed that the hospitality sector had the second largest share of data incidents by industry at 14%. In February 2017, InterContinental Hotels Group announced a series of unauthorized charges had been carried out on payment cards of their guests.

The latest in hotel booking and travel apps

Travel Tripper Blog 15 June 2017
As the amount of bookings continue to rise on mobile, there’s been an explosion in the amount of hotel and travel apps flooding the market. Today, travelers can search for last-minute deals, seek curated concierge services, and “talk” with a chatbot about their booking through sophisticated, user-friendly apps.

How hotels can counter high OTA cancellation rates

Travel Tripper Blog 30 May 2017
To entice consumers to book early, OTAs frequently advertise a free cancellation policy. Along with booking well in advance, the same tactic is used to encourage consumers to book multiple properties, which they can then choose from later. But this all comes at a heavy price for hotels. Guests are incentivized to book without worrying about whether they’re certain about their choice. After all, they can always cancel if they change their mind. Unsurprisingly, this tactic has led to notoriously high OTA cancellation rates.

What Google's pivot to an 'AI first' company means for the travel sector

Travel Tripper Blog 20 April 2017
At ITB Berlin in March 2017, Google announced that it now considers itself an 'AI-first' company, moving away from its mobile-first position. This fascinating shift in focus reveals how Google expects artificial intelligence to infiltrate our lives in the coming years, and it comes with some significant implications for the travel sector. Google is already shaping a world where artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding beyond our desktops and smartphones into... The post What Google's pivot to an 'AI first' company means for the travel sector appeared first on Travel Tripper.

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