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Effect of hotels' price discounts on performance recovery after a crisis

Meetings Today Blog 25 April 2019
Hotels often must manage unexpected external shocks, such as crises, which can threaten the sustained profitability and viability of the firms. While the literature suggests that hotels’ crisis management capabilities can be improved by evaluating the efficacy of crisis-coping strategies used for a past crisis, a limited number of empirical studies have focused on such assessment.

How to Improve Booking Experience for Your Guests

Meetings Today Blog 17 April 2019
Hospitality is the fast-driving industry. Adopting customer-centric strategies will focus on guest satisfaction. When you are into hospitality, your main aim will be making your customer happy. So, there are a lot of ways to improve your guest experience and take your hotel into the next level. One of the easiest ways is to give a good booking experience for your guests. A booking engine plays a major role in increasing your conversion rate. We will tell you how to improve the booking experience for your guests.

OTA & Travel Distribution Update: Expedia unable to stop withholding ofcritical airline data; Accor partners with Middle Eastern distributor

Meetings Today Blog 12 April 2019
In the continuing saga of United Airline versus Expedia, a federal judge in NYC ruled last week that Expedia was not entitled to a court order prohibiting the airline for cutting off access to critical fare and schedule data following the September 30 contract termination. According to the court, while Expedia was able to demonstrate a “likelihood of success” on the merits of its breach of contract claim, it was not able to satisfy the requirements needed for an immediate injunction.

Hotel profits from AI to Z: How Artificial Intelligence will improve your ratios

Meetings Today Blog 9 April 2019
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world over, yet there is no need to be scared, as we’re far from the Terminator. AI can already be found in cars, computers, websites, and even watches.

Energy-efficient models can be a cost saver for hotels

Meetings Today Blog 7 April 2019
Energy savings is an important part of a hotel’s operational plan. And while that usually includes technology platforms that identify peak and non-peak times, and regulate lighting and temperature controls, or initiatives like solar panels, even the small things can add up to large savings over time. For many hotels, the guestrooms feature all sorts of appliances—fridges, alarm clocks, cooktops, microwaves, etc.—some of which are on all of the time. So how should a hotel plan for an energy-efficient operation?

Max Levchin's Affirm Raises $300 Million for Payments Tech

Meetings Today Blog 3 April 2019
With this investment, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin has raised $800 million to grow Affirm, which lets consumers pre-qualify for loans to buy flights, hotels, rental cars, seat upgrades, and non-travel products. Who said payments aren't sexy?

How 5G Will Help Make Hotels Feel Like Home

Meetings Today Blog 2 April 2019
There’s no doubt that 5G is a revolutionary technology, with its super-fast speeds, massive bandwidth and latency many times faster than the blink of an eye. But how does the hospitality industry leverage this revolutionary technology? Hotels face a unique challenge.

MaintainX Raises $3.8M to Digitize Workflows for Deskless Employees

Meetings Today Blog 27 March 2019
MaintainX, a workflow management platform for deskless employees, received $3.8 million in seed funding to grow its teams in San Francisco and Montreal, further develop its platform, and amplify its rising daily usage and retention, which includes more than 1,600 businesses that joined the platform and are ready to start using MaintainX daily.

Hotel Pricing Strategies: Using Room Types as a Strategic Yield Tool

Meetings Today Blog 26 March 2019
The rooms of your hotel are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a revenue manager. It allows you to segment and position the hotel product, differentiating yourself from the competition. If segmented correctly it also allows you to build a revenue management strategy based on a comprehensive demand based yield or rate grid.

OTA & Travel Distribution Update: BookingSuite pivots; TripAdvisor expandssponsored placements; rate detection services benefitting from wholesalerabuses

Meetings Today Blog 15 March 2019
This week’s Update includes a heavy dose of TripAdvisor updates. Once the dust settles a bit on this past week’s big news – the announced acquisition of Hotel Tonight by Airbnb – we’ll update everyone on the acquisition and its anticipated effects. Is it a game changer? I don’t think so. Does the acquisition expedite the inevitable standardization of products and services across all the major online travel distribution platforms, definitely. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Update everyone.

Hotelogix & POSist Announce Integration To Serve Enterprise-Grade Hotels Globally

Meetings Today Blog 6 March 2019
Hotelogix, a leader in cloud-based Property Management Systems has announced the integration of its PMS with POSist, a point of sale solution provider. This partnership aims to help hoteliers with in-house restaurant management through automation, and by offering them granular insights about their FnB business through real-time reporting and detailed analytics.

Playa Hotels & Resorts' Direct Bookings Get Major Boost from Hilton's Loyalty Program, Revamped Website

Meetings Today Blog 6 March 2019
During Playa Hotels & Resorts fourth quarter 2018 earnings conference call on March 1, Chairman and CEO Bruce Wardinski discussed how the company was maximizing revenue and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Cisco Calls for Privacy to be Considered a Fundamental Human Right

Meetings Today Blog 8 February 2019
Cisco issued a call to governments and citizens around the world to establish privacy as a fundamental human right in the digital economy. Today, connectivity and technology have become the foundation for peoples' economic, social, and cultural opportunities. With IoT, 5G, and AI promising to soon reshape how we interact with technology, Cisco is urging governments to adopt comprehensive and interoperable data protection laws to secure that right.

Final flourish secures annual profit growth for UK hotels

Meetings Today Blog 5 February 2019
A strong finish to 2018 secured a second consecutive year of GOPPAR growth for UK’s hotels, as they sidestepped challenging economic and political conditions.

Dubai's concierges welcome Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode

Meetings Today Blog 29 January 2019
Dubai’s concierges have largely welcomed the newly introduced Google Assistant feature, ‘Interpreter Mode’, which debuted at CES 2019. The Interpreter Mode allows Google Assistant to translate languages in conversations between two people, and currently supports up to 27 languages – including Arabic, Mandarin, English, and Russian.

Five Cybersecurity Practices You Need to Implement to Keep Your Data Safe

Meetings Today Blog 29 January 2019
Cybersecurity for hospitality does not have to be complicated. There are some practices that you can implement today to keep your company’s data and customer data safe from cyber exploits.

Further Visibility for All-Inclusive Revenue Management

Meetings Today Blog 24 January 2019
Gone are the days in which staying at an all-inclusive resort meant cheap vacations and boring food and beverage offerings. Nowadays, all-inclusives are built to target different market segments, from adults-only to families and guests of all ages, preferences and budgets.

Best practices: How to resolve rate audit failures

Meetings Today Blog 23 January 2019
The RFP and Rate Loading seasons are winding down. Next up on the negotiated rate calendar? Auditing season. Unfortunately, during January and February many hotels will learn they have failed a preferred rate audit.

Learn These 4 Elements of AV to Enhance Your Event

Meetings Today Blog 28 November 2018
Think about a meeting or event program you are working on and how the four key elements of audiovisual can be woven into the overall experience to create an engaging and interactive environment for your participants.

Ask the Air: The Amazon Echo and Event Marketing

Meetings Today Blog 9 February 2018
Where did you go to find your latest local event? Did you ask the air? Did it answer back? Chances are good that if you didn't ask a voice-assisted device about local events this week, you will soon. A recent report from stated that 67 million voice-assisted devices will be in use in the U.S. by 2019. That got me thinking about how much has changed in the relatively short amount of time that I've had Amazon's Echo-a smart speaker device, for those not in the know-in my own home. The Amazon Echo connects to the voice-controlled 'Alexa' service, which works as a sort of virtual personal assistant. You can wake up the device with your voice by saying, 'Alexa,' 'Echo,' 'Amazon,' or 'Computer' followed by your command or request. For instance, if you say, 'Alexa, turn up the volume," the speaker volume goes up. Apple's Siri and Google Assistant are two other popular examples of virtual personal assistants. These smart devices are invading millions of American's homes, hav

Marriott Planner Clash: What's Commission Got to Do With It?

Meetings Today Blog 2 February 2018
In Houston and Puerto Rico people are still homeless and without power. Though I have no statistics, I imagine some of those people are in the hospitality industry. Flu is spreading around the United States and killing people; many cities are without shots or medicine or IV bags, the latter made in Puerto Rico. Among those getting the flu are workers who don’t get paid sick leave and some, no doubt, work in our industry or the wider hospitality industry.

9 Universal Truths About Our Industry

Meetings Today Blog 4 May 2017
Universal Truth 1: 'Der mentsh trakht un got lakht.' This Yiddish saying is widely translated as: 'Man plans and God laughs' or further considered to mean, 'Humans plan and the universe laughs.' Sounds like a universal truth about what we do for a living as meeting and event planners, doesn't it?! Most of us in the meetings industry consider ourselves to be so detail-oriented and precise. How could anything ever go wrong after countless hours of preparation, right? I've always wondered about the influence of the universe on meetings and events. I mean, really-what about the storms that pop up when you've planned the perfect outdoor event? Or the client who, after you've done so much work on selecting a site for their meeting, changes the whole program? And I wonder if there are 'universal truths' for what we do in an industry* we all refer to differently.

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