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Booking.com Leads The Way in Accommodations Listings, Visual Content Themes in Hospitality Marketing in 2018, and Sabre Launches Property Management System

Snapshot Blog 16 April 2018
The inventory arms race has started and Booking.com is in the lead with over 5 million listings on its website, while Airbnb trails closely behind with 4.85 million. Although Airbnb claims they will reach the 5 million mark by the end of June, keep in mind that Booking.com's statistics only include "nontraditional listings" of homes, apartments, and other unique rentals. When adding in their hotel listings, Booking.com has over 27 million listings on its platform. Read the first article to see why it's not just a numbers game and how Airbnb is planning to compete with the OTA giant. Marketing methods have evolved over the years and as digital marketing becomes more and more prevalent, its crucial for hospitality marketers to create relevant visual content. Our second article provides tips for marketers in the hospitality industry on how to directly reach its audience through various apps and social media channels. Property management systems are the backbone of a hotel's operations and Oracle Hospitality has been an industry leader, particularly for upscale hotels. However, now entering the competition is Sabre with its newly launched SynXis Property Hub, a cloud-based property management system. Read the third article to see how Sabre plans to shake up the property management system market.

Mark Twain, blockchain and other game changers

Snapshot Blog 2 March 2018
Only a few more days to go until ITB 2018! Are you as excited as we are? Just in case you still have some free time and would like to join us for a drink, simply scroll down to the end of this blog, click on the "Count Me In" link and we’ll save you a chilled SnapSHOT.

If I'd had more time, I would've made more data-driven decisions

Snapshot Blog 28 February 2018
Twisting Mark Twain’s famous “If I had more time” quote, David Turnbull, SnapShot’s Founder & Chief Commercial Officer discusses the recent launch of SnapShot's new Data Warehouse as a Service Product, SnapShot on Demand, reflecting on what would happen to the current generation of hotel revenue managers if the pains of collecting and storing data were simply removed.

Tech Investments, CEO Roundtables, and Bleisure Millenials

Snapshot Blog 23 February 2018
The latest weekly reads is out! This week we focus on the correlation between hotels investing in technology and guests investing in hotels. Which technologies are actually worth their money and serve not only the hotel, but also the guests? Our second read is piece by USA TODAY about their annual hotel CEO roundtable with the CEOs of David Kong, Elie Maalouf, Patrick Pacious and Jamie Sabatier, discussing the latest developments in security, technology and room service. Read number three includes findings of a survey about the digital interaction of Millenials during bleisure travel journeys.

Travel Startup Trends, Google and Hackable Hotel Keys

Snapshot Blog 16 February 2018
We have some important reads for you this week. First off we start with an interesting read about 4 major trends that will have an impact on the travel startup ecosystem. The second article is a new read about how Google wants to move forward in owning travel. The last read is about the hackability of digital hotel keys, a technology nowadays used in more and more major hotel chains.

Voice recognition, OTA love-hate and artificial intelligence

Snapshot Blog 9 February 2018
Did you know that speach recognition technology is more precise than ever, with an error rate of only 8% ?How this effects travel marketing? Well, Frederic Gonzalo gives a detailed report in our first read. Skift sat down with hotel CEOs to find out what their strategies are to compete with OTA giants such as Expedia, Google and Airbnb. Will all hotels soon be leaving online travel agencies? Should you quite your relations with OTAs, too? Get the answer in our secong read. Read number three takes up the actual topic of artificial intelligence and describes what the term "intelligent hotel" really means and which exciting trends the hospitality industry can look forward too. Happy reading!

Disrupting OTAs, big name technology vendors and Japanese robot slippers

Snapshot Blog 2 February 2018
We have some great reads for you this week. First, we discuss if Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the OTA business. Then, we found an exciting opinion article by Jos Schaap, Founder and CEO of StayNTouch about the fact that choosing big names when buying new technology is not always the best idea. And lastly, we would like to introduce you to a traditional Japanese hotel and it´s very own way to integrate robot technology into their daily routine. Happy reading!

Putting an End to Silos: How To Wow with Integrated Technology

Snapshot Blog 15 December 2017
Putting an End to Silos: How To Wow with Integrated Technology A fly on the wall of a conversation about hotels and technology will almost invariably hear the word silos. How technology silos are holding us back, for instance. Data silos are a barrier in any organization, but this term doesn't adequately convey the true mess that the hospitality finds itself in. The problem is that silos suggest order. Some logical grouping of like things. But this is hardly what we have in hospitality anymore.

SnapShot and CS-Solution Join Forces to Provide First Class Hotel Analytics to Hoteliers in Vietnam

Snapshot Blog 17 October 2017
SnapShot, leading provider of fully integrated applications for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has entered a partnership with Vietnamese PMS and Technology company CS-Solution. Through this partnership, CS-Solution clients can now use the complimentary SnapShot flagship product, Analytics, which allows hoteliers to apply in-depth analysis of their property happenings, on and offline.

SnapShot Collaborates with RevMax, Vietnam's First Professional Revenue Management Consultancy, to Provide Hotels with Cutting-Edge Analytics

Snapshot Blog 13 October 2017
SnapShot, leading provider of fully integrated applications and analytics for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has joined forces with RevMax, Vietnam´s first professional Revenue Management consultancy. By the forge of this new partnership, RevMax becomes an authorized distributor and reseller of SnapShot in Vietnam. RevMax´s customers can now have complimentary access to SnapShot´s trademark Analytics dashboard, which provides hoteliers with extensive insight into their properties happenings, on and offline.

Calling Hotels: Take a Part in HEDNA Hotel Analytics Working Group Survey

Snapshot Blog 13 October 2017
analytics survey.png As announced during the Dublin conference in June, HEDNA has launched a new Hotel Analytics Working Group, tasked with establishing best practice guidelines that will empower hoteliers to optimize how they collect, store, analyze and action their data to make intelligent decisions about their distribution strategies.

Weekly Reads 15.09.2017

Snapshot Blog 15 September 2017
This week’s reads are divided between a deeper and critical look at PMS technology and suggested marketing improvements for your hotel. A recent study on PMSs, their features, their interoperability and their security has confirmed an underlying trend: we operate on a "do as we have always done" basis. So how should you move your technology into the future? Our Head of Marketing, Margaret Ady has the answer. On the marketing side, we are focusing on 2 different channels this week, SEO and Facebook: 7 ways for your hotel to be found on Google and why hotels need to be on Facebook and what to post. Happy reading!

Is it Really Technology that Makes a Smart Hotel?

Snapshot Blog 4 August 2017
Tech gadgets and mobile control over the nooks and crannies of a hotel room are all the rage right now. Hotel brands, such as Aloft, are heavy hitting on in-room technology in order to stand out from a sea of competitors. As Brian McGuinness of Starwood notes, there was a time when travelers were drawn to hotels because hotels were better than home, but then “’people started doing great things to their houses and hotels needed to catch up’” (Travel and Leisure). Hence, the move in recent years to make hotels more interesting and innovative than the average home.

SnapShot and StayNTouch Partner to Provide Hotels Across the US with a Smarter Analytics Tool

Snapshot Blog 18 July 2017
SnapShot, leading provider of fully integrated applications and analytics for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has joined forces with the American hotel property management systems company, StayNTouch. Through this partnership, StayNTouch customers will have complimentary access to SnapShot’s trademark Analytics dashboard, which provides hoteliers with in-depth insight into their properties’ happenings, on and offline.

High Tech or High Touch? What Hotels Need to Know About Technology Adoption & Guest Service

Snapshot Blog 12 July 2017
Hotels worldwide are playing with just how much can be automated. Comfort Hotel Xpress in Oslo opened in 2011 to media fanfare over an almost entirely automated process—check-in, key, checkout and so forth. Housekeeping comes every four days. There’s no restaurant, but there is some food in the lobby. It sounds from reviews like they ended up needing a floating staff person downstairs. Not a surprise.

HITEC E20X Recap: Where Is Hotel Technology Going?

Snapshot Blog 5 July 2017
The annual Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), hosted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), took place last week in Toronto. We enjoyed catching up with all the tech exhibitors, particularly the newcomers who were exhibiting and pitching at Entrepreneur 20X (E20X). It’s where the best of the best and the newest of the new meet up to show off their tech innovations. After meeting with all of the E20X exhibitors, we noticed a few key trends. Here’s what we learned:

SnapShot Expands US Business With New Clients and Growing Teams in New York and San Diego

Snapshot Blog 14 June 2017
SnapShot, a leading technology provider for the hospitality industry, has seen significant growth since opening its doors in the US just six months ago. The company has signed several new partnerships with leading property management systems, including Cloudbeds, StayNTouch and Bay Lakes Information Systems. To support this growth, SnapShot has expanded its team in San Diego and has opened a second US-based office in New York, led by Clive Wood, the company’s newly appointed Vice President of Business Development for the East Coast.

How To Evaluate Technology So That You Can Fail Fast & Succeed

Snapshot Blog 7 June 2017
The only way humans learn to walk is by falling. Over and over and over again. We are creatures programmed to learn through failure. Over time, though, we condition ourselves to run from risk. To play it safe, become book smart for the grade, avoid crashing and burning at all cost. This is not a recipe for success. Failure is a necessary ingredient for innovation.

Can Hotel Software Be As Easy to Manage as Your Smartphone?

Snapshot Blog 6 April 2017
If I want to manage my money, I can download the Mint app. If I want to manage my image, I’ll pop open my Linked In app. If I want to manage groceries, menus, and food budgets, I can download an app for that, and then I can use a different app to have everything I need delivered to my door. I can use my Uber app to get transportation to an event downtown. And I can use any number of messaging apps to coordinate with my house cleaning service, my lawn people, the guy who paints the house, my friends and colleagues… There’s an app for medical records and one for finding the best gas prices. I can order books—and anything else I need—on Amazon’s app. I can adjust the lights and heating in my apartment. Looking for a date? There are a million apps for that. Syncing up calendars with a friend or partner? There’s that, too.

To Hotel Tech Companies: Focus on Innovation, Not Integrations

Snapshot Blog 21 March 2017
Hotels are spending more and more of their budget on technology, with hotel revenue dedicated to technology increasing from 2.6% of annual revenue in 2013 to 6% in 2015. These numbers are promising for hotel tech, indicating that hotels are open to and interested in new and useful applications. On the other hand, it is a crowded market with lots of competition, and even with a great idea, many tech companies find that hotel data and software is so fragmented that they get bogged down in integrations rather than focusing on delivering a great product.

Finding the Right Source for Hotel Data

Snapshot Blog 6 March 2017
As an industry, we're entering a transformative stage where technology for hotels is becoming the differentiator and heart of what will make amazing hotel experiences of the future. Hotels have always been about personalization and guest experience. The best hotels are also the best at creating those incredible experiences. The difference today is that technology has become advanced enough to the point where it can assist hotels and guests in getting a unique experience.

The Hotel Technology Revolution We've All Been Waiting For

Snapshot Blog 23 February 2017
Ask hoteliers about their biggest pain points, and technology integration will invariably be among them. Hotels require a complex array of software and data sets to operate, and most of them still operate in silos. This makes data inaccessible and difficult to analyze.

How To Make Your PMS Stand Out

Snapshot Blog 9 February 2017
Hotels have an insane number of choices when it comes to their tech stack. At the core of this stack is the PMS, and there are hundreds out there vying for each hotel, touting cloud-based software, seamless technology integration, mobile-friendliness, and so much more. We feel for you PMS providers, selling a complex, expensive system in an uber-competitive environment. Luckily, opportunity abounds with supply in most major urban markets expected to continue growing. When considering how to add value that will differentiate your PMS from the rest, consider that 74% of hoteliers expect a PMS to help them with performance reporting and business intelligence (Starfleet Research & Oracle). Further, the more visually appealing and accessible it is, the better. And what is currently missing for many hotels is a reporting platform that integrates all the moving technology pieces—the standard PMS performance data like RevPAR and occupancy along with industry benchmarking data, pricing strategy, website analytics, review data, and social media performance.

Big Revenue Management: Where the Rubber Meets the Road with Big Data

Snapshot Blog 25 January 2017
Sure, big data can be a marketing powerhouse, helping reach the right guest at the right time. Is there anything more important, really? Yes! Reaching the right guest at the right time with the right rate. However, that rate should not only be the product of what the guest will pay (because this can lead to a hotel full of low-paying guests) but also of what the maximum opportunity for revenue from that guest may be. This number is a dance of customer-centric data, as well as data external to the property data. The former includes historic behavior and future predicted guest behavior, and the latter encompasses competitive and other market data (events, weather, and so on).

2017 Predictions: Emerging Trends in Hospitality & Technology

Snapshot Blog 5 January 2017
Did you know that “complexify” is a word? It means, not surprisingly, to make something more complicated. As a big believer in the value of big data, it’s hard to say this, but thus far it seems that data has mostly served to complexify hospitality. CRM data, PMS data, review data, guest acquisition data, marketing analytics… these moving pieces are a bit like a solar system without a sun to anchor them. They float around serving little purpose rather than working in unison toward a common goal. To give data some gravitational pull, we must de-complexify it (this one may not really be a word, but you get the drift). As we move through 2017, almost every trend that surrounds hospitality and technology will revolve around making data more accessible, integrated, and useful. Here are five ways we believe big data will evolve in 2017 to better serve the hospitality industry so that the industry can better serve guests.

2016 Year in Review: Hospitality & Travel Tech

Snapshot Blog 22 December 2016
2016 turned out to be a very exciting year for the hotel tech industry. Most of all, it was a year where new technology was finally widely discussed and speculated upon, and even introduced and tested. New tools like analytics, messaging, chatbots and the like are now being adopted by hotels around the world. We as an industry are moving quickly forward in improving and modernizing the tools and workflows we use everyday in running our hotels and in building hotel technology.

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