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An introduction to GraphQL

Sabre Corporation Blog 12 April 2019
GraphQL is a protocol for communicating with APIs. API stands for “application programming interface.” These are the digital tools that software developers use to build their sites, apps and services. Highly capable APIs accelerate teams towards success.

A time-tested path to greater productivity

Sabre Corporation Blog 12 April 2019
Want to work 26 percent faster? Sabre Red 360 will show you how. From new routings to restrictive fares to bundled hotel rates, travel suppliers continue to differentiate their products, and travelers are looking to the professionals for help navigating an increasingly overwhelming marketplace. Today’s travel consultant is expected to master new offerings, offer personalized service, and habitually increase revenue.

Four steps to get started on your NDC journey

Sabre Corporation Blog 16 January 2019
The time for the travel industry to transform into intelligent retailers is now. Airlines and agencies are focused on new NDC retailing and distribution capabilities to support this transformation. The technology is here. Now what? Getting started can be overwhelming but driving this change doesn’t need to be. In Chapter 4 of our eBook, NDC to the Power of Sabre, learn how organizations like yours can get started transforming your travel retailing and technology strategies to align with the personalization demands of today’s consumer – and how Sabre can help.

10 technologies that a programmer should learn in 2019

Sabre Corporation Blog 27 December 2018
I consider end-of-year a time to reflect. As I consider 2018, I feel it’s been a good year for me at Sabre. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many smart people as we delivered a lot of good travel solutions together. While I’m satisfied with my personal results, I can’t help but think about things that remain undone.

Possibility vs. reality: Bringing NDC to life

Sabre Corporation Blog 31 October 2018
NDC is poised to have far-reaching effects in the travel industry, but with all the preparation that is happening, the key statistic of the IATA Leaderboard is an indicator of the timing of these effects. By 2020, 20 percent of the leaderboard airlines’ third-party volume is forecasted to be sold through their NDC API.

Innovating Beyond NDC

Sabre Corporation Blog 28 September 2018
IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) opens new possibilities for airline retailing and has the potential to deliver value to key players across the travel ecosystem. Alone, however, it is only a standard and doesn’t drive innovation.

Spending tons of time creating customer proposals? Here`s how to fix it.

Sabre Corporation Blog 19 September 2018
The rise in online shopping technology is changing the way potential travelers approach booking a trip. With access to an incredible amount of information, the savvy traveler now browses numerous travel sites (nearly 40, on average) to kick off the trip planning process. Creating a seemingly endless number of trip combinations across multiple providers and ranges of dates, they consider a variety of price points, brand preferences, and even destinations before coming to a decision.

Embracing technology and demographic changes

Sabre Corporation Blog 5 September 2018
In our last Twitter poll, we asked readers, “In your travels, how many times could Freebird have saved you from excessive flight delays?” The results were equally divided.

Searching for the best air offers with the Bargain Finder Max API

Sabre Corporation Blog 4 September 2018
We offer an API called Bargain Finder Max. It’s a highly capable service empowering software developers to access Sabre’s advanced air shopping product to find the best fares. It’s built to be fast and flexible.

A Win-Win-Win for the Travel Ecosystem

Sabre Corporation Blog 14 August 2018
We often talk about travel being a “people” business, and it is little wonder when we consider the multiple relationships, complex value chains and interdependencies at play in the travel ecosystem.

Informed by decision science, Sabre NDC initiatives fuel competitive differentiation

Sabre Corporation Blog 7 May 2018
The NDC standard was created by IATA to help airlines differentiate their product offerings, so consumers are served the same brand experience in indirect channels as they would be if they went direct to the airline’s individual website.

The Connected Flight Deck - Progressive Technology Facilitates Ground-To-Flight-Deck Connectivity

Sabre Corporation Blog 18 April 2018
With airlines and their flight crews keen to embrace the latest technologies and strive toward a vision based around a connected flight deck, there are multiple challenges and potential headaches awaiting an airline while navigating its way through the various components of software, hardware, aircraft manufacturer airframe design and safety concerns, as well as regulatory requirements.

Putting technology and data in sync

Sabre Corporation Blog 7 March 2018
How Unified Technology Platforms Produce Actionable Insights That Lead To Optimal Decisions When considering investing in information technology, one question comes to mind: Will it save money? While the answer is often “Yes” in the long run, the notion that better technology can help airlines deliver on their respective brand promises, and even deliver improved financials, can help reframe the capital-expenditures conversation.

Beyond NDC: The Sabre fast-forward approach to deploying personalized retail

Sabre Corporation Blog 13 February 2018
As the world's leading travel technology company, Sabre is in constant forward momentum. Sabre is investing beyond NDC in a fast-forward approach to next-generation retailing and distribution. A key component of this vision is deploying new product using the IATA (International Air Transportation Association) NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard by the end of 2018.

The personal touch: How OTAs are using insights to inspire customers to buy more

Sabre Corporation Blog 5 February 2018
How can online travel agencies (OTAs) encourage customers to book more than the basic fare? It’s all about the personal experience. The way people search for travel has changed dramatically over the last 10+ years. Advances in technology mean more travelers are shopping on the go – browsing and buying travel on their mobile devices. They’re doing a lot more ‘travel snacking’, searching for inspiration. And they expect to find the right deal for them with a simple click.

Cost is still king for travelers - but how you deliver the lowest fare is key

Sabre Corporation Blog 23 January 2018
Travelers are becoming more demanding. They want personalized travel experiences. They want convenience and the ability to book quick and simply. And they want to know they’re getting the best options available. It’s no surprise that air shopping – where travelers can access a vast array of airline schedules and fares to create their ideal itinerary options – continues to grow year on year.

The best fare is a YES fare!

Sabre Corporation Blog 23 January 2018
With travelers looking beyond the lowest fares to personalized travel experiences, it’s important for airlines to realize the benefits of offering ancillary content across all channels. Historically, air shopping has always been about providing the lowest fare in any given market. However, we’re now seeing that travelers want more than just low fares.

Best GDS nine years in a row - Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards

Sabre Corporation Blog 17 January 2018
For the 9th year in a row, Sabre was voted Best GDS by Travel Weekly readers in North America. These awards honor the best of the best in the travel business, from airlines, hotels, cruise lines, destinations, tour operators and more, and are chosen through a 2-phase voting process with Travel Weekly readers. Award winners represent a who’s who of the travel industry.

Ride the wave - The impact of automation on airlines

Sabre Corporation Blog 29 November 2017
There is no question a new wave of automation throughout the workplace is upon us, thanks to recent and continuing advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics. These technological advances will impact almost all jobs within the workplace today and may even eliminate a few altogether. Airlines, too, will be affected by

Crossing new territory: Succeeding through international expansion

Sabre Corporation Blog 2 November 2017
Digital technology and disruptive innovation have empowered organizations of all sizes to toss their hats into the competitive arena and leverage opportunities for expansion and growth. Travel industry research firm Phocuswright forecasts global online bookings will grow to $567 billion this year, an increase of $54 billion from 2016. Because e-commerce has a global reach, being competitive isn’t optional — it’s imperative for business relevancy.

Revenue Optimizer: A paradigm shift leveraging every revenue opportunity

Sabre Corporation Blog 25 October 2017
Discovering new revenue streams and growing revenue is essential for today’s thriving airline. Therefore, airlines must continually implement the latest technology to support these goals and maintain a competitive edge. Game-changing revenue-optimization technology is now available that enables airlines to leverage every revenue opportunity, leaving nothing on the table.

Pricing Optimization: Leveraging external examples

Sabre Corporation Blog 16 October 2017
Amazon, Google Adwords, and Uber – what do these companies have in common? And, what can your airline learn from them? While the airline industry is vastly different from the sharing economy platforms and online retailers of the world, there is much to be learned from these players about effective pricing strategies. In fact, the majority of leading Internet marketplace companies use dynamic pricing as a solution when confronted with a scarcity of supply.

SeatMap Cache: A more complete view of seat availability on every flight

Sabre Corporation Blog 11 October 2017
SeatMap Cache design and functionality represent a better, more efficient approach to maximize the most up-to-the-minute measure of seating opportunities, thus better serving the broadest range of customers on every flight.

Innovation in an ever-changing travel industry, and addressing the needs of airline, agency and consumer

Sabre Corporation Blog 6 October 2017
Emerging technology and digital innovation in the travel industry were front and center in Dallas this week, as executives gathered for the 10th annual “The Beat Live” conference, featuring travel industry executives representing airlines, hotels and travel management companies. Sabre CEO Sean Menke kicked off the first day of sessions with a keynote highlighting the continued growth of low-cost carriers and downward pressure on airline pricing, factors driving new technology in the travel space. One major takeaway was Menke’s commitment to leverage the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) in ways that benefit both airlines and travel agencies – and ultimately, the consumer.

Pricing Optimization - The next chapter of Total Revenue Optimization

Sabre Corporation Blog 3 October 2017
The airline industry is under constant pressure to increase revenue. Today, if airlines truly want to achieve total revenue optimization (TRO) and get a truly comprehensive, 360-degree view of all revenue streams, they must look beyond revenue management alone. Pricing is one area of focus that offers vast potential to airlines looking to grow revenue and stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. Ultimately, if airlines engage in their pricing strategies to help them tell their story, they can increase customer satisfaction, discover unique points of differentiation and achieve total revenue optimization.

Mobile innovations that reshape the business travel experience

Sabre Corporation Blog 15 September 2017
Smartphone usage continues to grow at an astounding rate as fast mobile Internet access transforms nearly all facets of life. The boundaries on when, where or how we access information or services no longer stand as a limitation. Just how prevalent have these devices become? Today, roughly three-quarters of Americans (or 77%) now own a smartphone, according to a Pew Research Center study conducted November 2016. Astonishingly, smartphone adoption has more than doubled since the Center began surveying this topic back in 2011. The study also shows that smartphones are nearly ubiquitous among younger adults –– 18- to 29-year-olds –– with 92% owning one. What’s more, Strategy Analytics latest 2017 report from Wireless Smartphone Strategies shows a 44% smartphone penetration rate worldwide, reporting the penetration rate will increase globally to 59% by 2022.

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