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Integrated Data Is Key to the AI Kingdom

Adobe Digital Marketing 5 October 2017
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving as an important part of the underlying technology that enables companies to target and track customers. The use of AI to anticipate what a customer needs and wants in order to deliver better, faster service is a new frontier for the financial services sector. The volume and scale of today’s digital interactions means that financial services companies need automated technology that can understand and interpret human emotions. AI has the capability to facilitate consistent, cross-platform experiences that would be impossible to deliver manually.

Quality Customer Experiences Build Trust, Revenue for Financial Services

Adobe Digital Marketing 12 September 2017
Financial services companies that want to expand their digital offerings know as they are implementing new strategies, they need to continue to build their customers’ trust at the same time. This is one of the key conclusions of the 2017 Digital Trends in Financial Services and Insurance survey of 850 respondents by Econsultancy and Adobe.

Don't Destroy Silos (Yet). Eliminate the Problems They Cause.

Adobe Digital Marketing 21 August 2017
Technology silos. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re everywhere. Their abundance comes from, as marketing technologist guru Scott Brinker says, the over 5,000 technology solutions in the marketplace today—3 times(!) what was available just 3 short years ago. The average marketing team uses a staggering 20 solutions or more. Naturally it’s a common challenge to figure out how to get those silos to integrate with one another well. More often than not, there are organizational silos that make it difficult to get departments on the same page working toward a common goal. The same is also true on a micro level across organizations, for example with separate teams within marketing departments trying to coordinate across email, mobile, web, search, offline channels, etc. It is thus typically painful to try to provide a meaningful, cross-channel experience for the customer. But not doing so can cause other problems—leading to declining loyalty, infrequent purchases, and decreasing brand advocacy.

Investing in Technology to Reach Audiences

Adobe Digital Marketing 14 August 2017
The financial world can be complex and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. For the past three decades, Morningstar, Inc. has made it a goal to simplify even the most complicated financial investment and make it accessible for everyone, whether they’re a professional financial analyst or a home investor. Morningstar was one of the first financial news outlets to jump onto the Internet, providing financial news over the web. The company understands the importance of keeping ahead of the digital curve, but over the past several years, the company’s in-house tools began to fall behind. To provide more futuristic services, Morningstar needed to upgrade its digital experience.

Advance Your Bot Filtering Powers

Adobe Digital Marketing 3 August 2017
Bots have been driving added frustration amongst companies lately, and across more teams. IT puts up with the additional server load, Operations often worries about proprietary data that bots are collecting, and Marketing deals with increased data noise. The good news for marketers using Adobe Analytics is that we have enabled our customers with several options for dealing with this influx of bot traffic that may be significantly affecting data quality. As described in this blog post, our built-in IAB Filtering plus manual bot rules are ideal for staying on top of the most recently identified bots and removing them from your report suites. Unfortunately, bots are advancing quickly and it’s become somewhat of an arms race to get rid of them.

Take TV Beyond the Living Room With a Unified, Multiscreen TV-Delivery Platform.

Adobe Digital Marketing 19 July 2017
In Anytown, USA, a family of four is gathering in the living room to watch some TV, but they’re not all watching the same show. Mom and son are streaming Stranger Things on Netflix, Dad is catching the fifth inning of the Cubs game on his iPad, and their ‘tween daughter is glued to this week’s episode of The Great British Baking Show on her smartphone. And, as Mom heads to the gym and the kids leave to hang out with friends, each of them expects their mobile devices to pick back up right where they left off.

How Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Drive Today's Retail Personalization

Adobe Digital Marketing 22 June 2017
When something changes in the customer landscape, Walmart knows. And they know just how to react. “Walmart has a massive inventory with millions of products,” says John Bates, senior product manager for data science and predictive marketing solutions at Adobe. “And they adjust that inventory to better align with certain types of products, depending on what’s happening in real time.” For example, if a hurricane is in the weather forecast, Walmart will shift its inventory to have the things they know from past experience their customers will want to buy — extra grocery staples, bottled water, sandbags, wet/dry vacuums, chainsaws, and generators. Simultaneously, merchandise that is less likely to sell in this weather — again, according to Walmart’s data — is taken off the shelves.

The Expanding Role of Marketing - and Artificial Intelligence - In Experience Business

Adobe Digital Marketing 21 June 2017
Disney Magic is alive and well. Take its MagicBands — the all-in-one wristband that connects us to our entire Walt Disney World vacation, letting us enter the parks, unlock our hotel rooms, and buy food and merchandise. Even more magical, or so it seems, is how Disney shares surprises personalized just for its visitor, such as an occasional photo of the family on the ride they just finished or awarding fast passes for the day. Those experiences might feel enchanted, but MagicBands actually use artificial intelligence (AI) with data compiled from all its visitors so Disney can provide memorable experiences along every point of our visit.

Adobe & Econsultancy Release New Research: 'Technology Companies Lead the Way in Digital Experience Delivery.'

Adobe Digital Marketing 26 May 2017
The 2017 Digital Trends in Technology report is based on a sample of over 900 respondents working in the technology sector who were among more than 14,000 digital professionals taking part in the annual Digital Trends survey.

Hey Marketers, the Bots Are Coming

Adobe Digital Marketing 26 May 2017
The trend of automated messaging services is no longer just a trend. Chatbots are taking over, and you should consider their marketing impact now and into the future. See where they can add value and how to implement into an existing strategy.

What You Need to Know About the Cornerstone of Data-Driven Marketing: Data Management Platforms

Adobe Digital Marketing 17 February 2017
Marketer’s live in a world where data (and consumers) run everything around them. Thanks to technology regarding data-driven marketing, today more than ever, marketers have a wealth of data at their disposal. This invaluable data is informing and defining virtually every aspect of a brand's digital marketing strategy. But data is useless if you don’t have the tools in place to extract and implement its worth. Herein lies the importance of the data management platform (DMP).

How Are High-Tech Organizations Countering Intense Competition?

Adobe Digital Marketing 15 December 2016
How are high-tech organizations countering intense competition? What are their challenges and priorities as they shift their organizations to digital? We wanted to delve into the depths of high-tech organizations to get an update from one of the most competitive and dynamic industries. So, this summer, we partnered with Ovum to take a closer look at the strategies that high-tech organizations are pursuing to get ahead. Following is a sneak peek of what we found.

Building A Winning Strategy That Drives Engagement, Loyalty And Revenue

Adobe Digital Marketing 29 November 2016
Somewhere in the world — right at this very moment — there is a good chance a customer is engaging with your brand. We’re living in the age of buyer empowerment, an era in which digital devices provide customers with access to information they want — whenever they want it. This dynamic has given marketers a lot to contend with. Such challenges include understanding the contexts of customers engaging with your brand, their dispositions toward your brand when doing so, and the fragmented ecosystems within marketing departments that keep teams from working together to obtain a single view of the customer. Just as architects don’t build homes without an established set of blueprints, connecting with the always-on customer doesn’t happen without first building a winning strategy that drives engagement, customer loyalty and revenue to your brand. Where can your brand start?

Are You Riding the Third Wave of Enterprise Technology - or Being Drowned by It?

Adobe Digital Marketing 21 November 2016
We can’t say it enough — you are now in the experience business whether you like it or not. Customers everywhere want experiences, and they will judge your brand by the quality of those experiences. If you do not excite them in the first few seconds of their online visits, you will most likely lose them — for good. Your digitally sophisticated customer is judging you most on the basis of the digital experience you offer. Is that fair? Doesn’t matter! That’s the way it is. Experiences are now the prime considerations when consumers make their purchasing decisions — and that must be at the forefront of your company’s discussions. You must learn how customers are changing their behaviors when it comes to how they interact with brands.

Watching Primetime TV? Get to Know Your TV App.

Adobe Digital Marketing 18 November 2016
Our journey starts at eight o’clock on a Tuesday evening, and you’re a television executive with digital oversight. Do you know how viewers are engaging with your mobile app? Even broadly speaking, do you know whether people are using your app as their first or their second screen?

Driving Competitive Advantages With Enterprise Mobile Apps

Adobe Digital Marketing 31 October 2016
The mobile app landscape is changing — no one can argue with that. But, the results of the 2016 Enterprise Mobile Apps Report — conducted by Edelman in partnership with Adobe — shine a very bright light on a key corner of the industry: the enterprise app landscape. These internal-facing apps are changing industry-wide discourse in many ways, pushing companies to reexamine not only their enterprise mobile strategies, but also the processes and workflows that have often defined these businesses since day one.

The Future is Social, and Martech is Finally Catching Up

Adobe Digital Marketing 18 October 2016
The desire for human connection is hardwired in our DNA. Over the decades, the way people form connections has evolved exponentially. The internet introduced ways of communicating that cavemen could only dream of. Now, in our socially driven world, people are more connected than ever. Take a look at the numbers: every 60 seconds, 1.25 million images are uploaded across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Snapchat alone. If that doesn’t amaze you, think about this: 90 percent of the content in the world today has been generated just in the last two years. On top of people’s inherent need to broadcast their every move on social, they can now do it on their desktop, smartphones, tablets and wearables. This obviously sets marketers between a rock and a hard place. Brands used to be able to broadcast one-way messages to reach their audience, but that doesn’t fly anymore.

Running the Marathon: How to Understand and Leverage Customer Experience to Increase Sales

Adobe Digital Marketing 24 August 2016
If you are like most CMOs, you periodically find yourself up to your ears in sales data, trying to find some way to meet this quarter’s sales goals. All brands want to increase their sales. It’s easy to get caught up in digging through your numbers and metrics reports to find ways to increase your revenue and profits year over year.

Say All the Right Things With Personalized, Real-Time Marketing Offers

Adobe Digital Marketing 27 July 2016
Helping a customer solve a problem by delivering the right real-time offer can be a big win for your marketing campaign. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, however, can be detrimental to your brand image, resulting in a poor experience that leads to decreased loyalty, lower conversions, opt-outs, and lost revenue. According to Zimm Zimmerman, vice president of personalization at Merkle, “Personalization isn’t a technology; it’s a strategy. It’s a conversation with the customer, and to do it well you have to listen to people and respond accordingly.” The best conversations arise from a deep understanding of your audience and what matters the most to them at any given time. When customers receive on-target offers across their digital devices in precisely the moments they are ready to consider them, you are joining them in conversations that are critical to the success of your brand.

Keeping Data Security as Top-of-Mind Saves Time and Money!

Adobe Digital Marketing 26 July 2016
In the past few years, there have been enough data breaches in the news to convince us that we don’t want to be there. The bad reputation will cost you in current business and seriously impair the prospects of gaining new business — and that is all on top of the millions of dollars in immediate cleanup costs. Marketers are taking notice. In a recent survey, 51 percent of respondents cited security concerns as the top reason their companies delayed the acquisition of marketing technology. This makes sense. Taking reasonable steps up front to ensure good security certainly saves time and money down the road and puts your company in a much better position to prevent problems, react to new vulnerabilities, and lessen the impact of any breach or suspected breach. The right marketing-platform provider will help you to form a secure foundation for your marketing efforts.

How to Drive User Engagement With Mobile-App Messaging

Adobe Digital Marketing 5 July 2016
I want to tell you a story about peanut-butter sandwiches. I grew up eating them all the time. Flash forward to now. One Saturday, when it was time to make lunch for my kids, I figured, “This’ll be easy! I’m going to nail it.” I put the sandwiches together and called the kids downstairs, but when they got to the kitchen and saw my creations, they all made sour faces. It turns out that peanut-butter sandwiches are preferred in a slightly different way by each of my children. One of them wanted the crust cut off, and the other one doesn’t even like peanut-butter sandwiches — she wanted a cheese sandwich. In other words, personalization is critical to driving user engagement. It’s the same thing with your mobile messaging: 25 percent of apps are never even launched after users download them — and 50 percent are never launched again after six months. That’s because — like my kids with their sandwiches — users are skilled at sniffing out non-personalized offerings, which they quickly reject. In fact, they’ll probably delete them altogether.

Programmatic Display: Make the Most of Your Data With Today's Technology

Adobe Digital Marketing 29 June 2016
By 2019, 50 percent of display ads are forecasted to be transacted programmatically. Access to data and technology is driving this growth. Advertisers have access to increasing amounts of data, including site-visitor and partner information, demographic- and business-attribute data, and even offline info such as customer-relationship management (CRM) data — and all that can be used for targeting. Advertisers also have access to advanced technologies — like demand-side platforms (DSPs), ad exchanges, and data-management platforms (DMPs) — that they can use to target users in real time across channels and devices.

Marketing Across Wearables and OTT Devices: Should Your Brand Take the Leap?

Adobe Digital Marketing 3 June 2016
Brands working right now to create apps for wearables and over-the-top (OTT) devices are getting a head start on the competition while establishing valuable footholds across these expanding digital channels. The post Marketing Across Wearables and OTT Devices: Should Your Brand Take the Leap? appeared first on Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe.

Create a Whole Customer View by Combining Digital and Non-Digital Data

Adobe Digital Marketing 31 May 2016
Recently, I spoke with a financial-services company that was building a data lake from which all customer information would be available for mining. When I asked what actions the company would take once their data was pooled, the response was familiar: “We don’t know yet.” In the 1990s, data about online-marketing activities (websites) was owned by the information technology (IT) team. Anyone who wanted access to that data had to get in line. Decision makers today have much more access to data-driven insights with tools like Tableaux, Power BI, and Domo that can pull information out of data warehouses and put it into the hands of business users. The problem, though, is that only specific types of questions can be answered using these tools. Fully understanding who your customers are is MUCH harder: “Who drove this spike in traffic?” “What did these people do before they took this action?” are the kinds of questions smart tools can answer that others just cannot. AND, these are the questions that drive meaningful improvements in the customer experience.

Is Your Hotel's Optimization and Personalization Strategy on Target?

Adobe Digital Marketing 31 May 2016
This year marked my 10th Adobe Summit, and it was one of the best I’ve been to. There was so much interest in optimization and personalization strategies. We talked about new and exciting ways marketers can interact with customers. For instance, I shared with the audience how I have taken hundreds of pictures of my sons’ toys over the years. It’s never been easier to share — and even personalize — those photos before today! And, the same applies to marketers. This point was brought home during a session I had with MGM Resorts International’s vice president of revenue optimization, Geoff Waldmiller. I shared results from the Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation survey of hospitality executives from Fast Future and Amadeus. Ninety-two percent of those surveyed acknowledged that, in the future, “hotel guests will expect their stay to be personalized around a set of choices they make at the time of booking or prior to arrival.”

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