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[WEBINAR] How to visualize your data to drive success

Triptease Blog 2 November 2018
This one's a treat. Calvin Anderson, Chief of Revenue Optimization, sat down this week with Charlie Osmond to talk all things revenue management and data visualization. Calvin is a true believer in the power of data, but his approach is refreshingly free of the usual jargon or over-simplification that we're often exposed to in the hotel industry.

Triptease: Our four core values

Triptease Blog 26 October 2018
There's a great deal of debate about the 'right' way to set your company's values. From General Electric to Facebook, everybody has a view. At IHG, we launched a multiple-month exercise to solicit input from thousands of colleagues in order to articulate our company values.

Direct Booking Summit: Asia-Pacific announces venue, agenda and first speakers

Triptease Blog 23 October 2018
The inaugural Direct Booking Summit: Asia-Pacific will take place in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on February 27-28. The event, hosted by Triptease, will bring together hoteliers from across the region to discuss practical strategies to increase the number of bookings that come directly through the hotel website (as opposed to through online travel agents, or ‘OTAs’). The conference will specifically address regional challenges such as the problem of rogue wholesale rates, mobile UX challenges and the struggle to maintain rate parity in a fragmented OTA market.

"This is the only event really focused on how to get more direct bookings"

Triptease Blog 17 October 2018
The Direct Booking Summit really does just keep getting bigger and better. Our Dallas event on October 3-4 was our biggest yet: hundreds of hoteliers joined us at The Statler hotel to talk everything from advances in metasearch to evidence-based design. We'll be releasing plenty of content from the Summit over the coming weeks, but to whet your appetite we're bringing you all the highlights wrapped up in one handy video.

Two Roads Hospitality: become agile to avoid organizational silos

Triptease Blog 11 October 2018
Despite the availability of software products designed to unite revenue, digital and marketing teams, the threat of organizational silos remains. In the hospitality industry, this problem is widely recognised. Silos can kill a sharing culture, which impacts the success of achieving your company's goals and driving revenue.

"If you're not on that channel, you're ceding your business to an OTA"

Triptease Blog 10 October 2018
That's the message we took away from this year's Direct Booking Summit in Dallas. Google's determined push into travel is centered around its metasearch offering - Google Hotel Ads - and will see more and more hotel bookings swallowed up by the major advertisers unless hoteliers ensure they have a compelling presence on the platform.

The Direct Booking Summit: Americas - Last Day

Triptease Blog 4 October 2018
Tailored to every participant’s interests, the Direct Booking Summit kicked off its second day with interactive workshops. Based around various hot industry topics, workshops are designed to offer hoteliers a wide range of choice - ensuring that everyone takes home relevant, actionable tips.

The Direct Booking Summit: Americas - Technology in focus

Triptease Blog 3 October 2018
The Summit brings hotelier community together to discuss current challenges. The last focus of the day: technology and innovation in the industry.

Direct Booking Summit: Americas - Distribution in focus

Triptease Blog 3 October 2018
This morning The Direct Booking Summit: Americas once again opened its doors for the smartest minds in the hospitality industry. Delegates from across the US, Canada and the Caribbean joined us in The Statler in Dallas to discuss the current challenges they face and share their best practices for continuing to drive direct.

Infographic: Tools to experiment, target and drive direct bookings

Triptease Blog 3 October 2018
This quarter might just have been our busiest yet! With two brand new kinds of messages, configurable OTAs on Price Check, benchmarking data insights and a whole range of new targeting options, Q3 has been all about delivering what our clients wanted.

Direct Booking Summit: Americas opens its doors in Dallas

Triptease Blog 3 October 2018
After months of anticipation, the third annual Direct Booking Summit: Americas opens its doors today in Dallas. We knew we had to produce something special after our New York event last year, so we've been pulling out all the stops: stay tuned for superstar speakers (think IHG, Choice, TripAdvisor and Skyscanner), agenda-setting panel discussions and the world's first Direct Booking Bowling tournament.

The Google Travel lowdown: Hotel location scores, search evolution and more

Triptease Blog 28 September 2018
It's a big year for Google. The search giant has just turned 20 and to celebrate has announced a number of new features that confirm Google's influence over how we operate online shows no sign of waning.

Drive direct bookings even when you're being undercut

Triptease Blog 27 September 2018
At Triptease we believe that staying in parity is still one of the most fundamental pillars to have in place if you want to drive direct bookings. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that we are tracking accurate data in the Disparity Dungeon and that Price Check will always show your guests when you have the best rates available.

The Direct Booking Summit Party announcement: vintage bowling & rooftop pool!

Triptease Blog 20 September 2018
The Direct Booking Summit has already established itself as the world’s leading platform for discussing the industry’s challenges. The Triptease team works hard to make each even better than the previous one: past attendees have given us a 98% satisfaction score! The question is: how do we score a hundred?

Wholesalers: A new perspective

Triptease Blog 18 September 2018
Watch Direct Booking Coach Moriah Olschansky take us through her experience at an international wholesaler. Get the inside scoop of why rate violations occur and what both hoteliers and wholesalers can do to prevent them. Plus, what's the optimal percentage of distribution to allocate to wholesale - and how will wholesale evolve for the future?

Meet the Triptease Direct Booking Coaches

Triptease Blog 17 September 2018
We recently announced the evolution of our Customer Success Managers into Direct Booking Coaches. Our coaches provide one-to-one support to our partner hotels from the moment they sign up to our Direct Booking Platform.

Revenue Management: Your guide to success with L19 Hospitality Management

Triptease Blog 17 September 2018
It’s an exciting time to be a Revenue Manager. We are seeing more disruption and innovation in this space than we have for some time - and there are plenty of opportunities for the savvy Revenue Manager to break from tradition and take an integrated, data-driven approach to the role.

Meet our speaker: Gil Harel, Skyscanner

Triptease Blog 11 September 2018
On October 3-4, the hotelier community will come together in Dallas to discuss the biggest challenges in the industry. The representatives of the hospitality’s biggest players will share their invaluable insights during the Direct Booking Summit’s workshops, keynote speeches and panel discussions.

How to take on

Triptease Blog 7 September 2018
On July 20, Sweden's Patent & Market Court asserted that's narrow price parity clauses (which dictate that a hotel cannot offer a better price on its own website than on the OTA) had the potential effect of restricting competition in the online travel market.

Product Updates: September 2018

Triptease Blog 6 September 2018
We’re very excited to announce we’ve taken the first step towards providing quick access benchmarking data in the Triptease Insights Dashboard. You can now compare your searcher conversion rate with all the other hotels using Triptease whenever you log into the platform.

Are hotels missing out on ancillary revenue?

Triptease Blog 30 August 2018
The size of the ancillary market for airlines was estimated at over $82 billion last year - over four times what it was ten years ago. Over the last decade, airlines have identified how much money there is to be made in ancillary sales and embraced the opportunity with open arms. We're still yet to see the same level of focus in the hotel industry - and hotels are potentially missing out on billions of dollars of revenue as a result.

Meet our speaker: Marissa Brady, The Leading Hotels of the World

Triptease Blog 30 August 2018
The industry’s leaders will travel to Dallas to share their best practices for driving direct bookings. They will participate in keynote speeches, panel discussion and workshops, ensuring that every Direct Booking Summit guest takes home their actionable insights.

New from Triptease: Direct Booking Coaches!

Triptease Blog 28 August 2018
At Triptease we provide one-to-one support to our clients from the moment they sign up to the Direct Booking Platform. Our global Customer Success team is made up of smart, talented and truly dedicated individuals across three continents, each with their own areas of expertise. While hoteliers must always be performing the balancing act of maintaining a website, filling rooms, acquiring new customers, and lots more besides, our Customer Success team remain laser-focused on finding new ways to optimize the online guest experience for potential guests. Our partner hotels can draw on this resource in order to supplement their own experience and truly superpower the Direct Booking Platform's performance on their website.

The Direct Booking Summit: Americas - Speakers Announced!

Triptease Blog 15 August 2018
The Summit continues to attract more and more hoteliers from around the world. This October, the industry experts are joining us in Dallas to share their exclusive insights behind the closed doors. They will run multiple workshops, panel discussions and keynote speeches to shed light on the current challenges and propose actionable solutions.

The Direct Booking Summit: Americas - Agenda Announced!

Triptease Blog 15 August 2018
2016 marked the beginning of our industry changing Direct Booking Movement. As the movement flourished, the Summit grew with it. On October 3-4, it will once again bring the hotelier community together to discuss the current challenges and find workable solutions.

[WEBINAR] Unlocking value from every channel - including the OTAs

Triptease Blog 1 August 2018
We were joined in the office by Joe Pettigrew, Director of Revenue Maximization at Starwood Capital Group in Europe, for a live Q&A about his stellar presentation at the Direct Booking Summit - the video of which is available here.

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