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[WATCH] Triptease meets Cendyn to talk GDPR, CRM and driving direct bookings

Triptease Blog 20 March 2018
Hospitality software provider Cendyn works with 30,000 hotels in 143 countries and its CRM platform has been market leader for more than 20 years. So when we got the chance to quiz them about the most important topics in hospitality right now, we didn’t hesitate. We sat down with Michael Bennett, Cendyn’s Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development, at ITB in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. Watch the below video to hear what we discussed, including industry anxiety over GDPR, the new European Union data protection legislation due to come into force in May, and why CRM is increasingly becoming a priority for hoteliers. We also tackled the status of the Direct Booking Movement, up and coming hotel brands and why he is “very optimistic” about the industry’s prospects in 2018.

[WATCH] CRM: A Hotelier's Guide - the webinar

Triptease Blog 14 March 2018
Missed any of CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide? Fear not — Triptease’s Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond, was joined by Revinate’s Erica Rich for a webinar dedicated to customer relationship management and it’s right here for you to enjoy! Charlie and Erica revisited all the key learnings from the Hotelier’s Guide blog series, including what to look for in CRM software and the value of segmentation in email marketing. They also had a lively debate on automation and how to bring it into hospitality without losing the personal touch the industry is famed for.

Messaging, chatbots, and AI: What hoteliers need to know now

Triptease Blog 13 March 2018
We at Triptease don’t get too far these days without hearing the words, “messaging”, “artificial intelligence”, and “chatbot”. That’s partly because we’re immersed in all three thanks to engagement feature Message Porter, chat tool Front Desk and our new automated chatbot, Auto-Agent. It’s also because these are the hottest topics in travel right now.

Embrace the new era of automation

Triptease Blog 26 February 2018
There's a new wave of automation coming, and we believe that it will bring first-class luxury experiences within reach of most hoteliers and guests for the very first time. Triptease was founded on a very simple idea. We believe direct is best. We believe the best place to buy a hotel room online is from the hotel itself. When a customer and a hotel transact together, everybody benefits. So, our strategy is simple. We want to shift the world to direct by dramatically improving the guest experience for direct bookers.

CRM: A Hotelier's Guide, part 5 - How to maximize CRM

Triptease Blog 26 February 2018
Over the course of the CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide blog series we’ve looked at what customer relationship management is, why it’s important, what it’s involved for hotels and its potential results. So it makes sense that we now explore how to truly embrace CRM and squeeze every last drop of value from it. And who better to advise us than Cendyn, a hospitality software company working with 30,000 hotels in 143 countries, whose CRM platform has been a market leader for more than 20 years.

Will automated re-booking sites ruin my revenue management strategy?

Triptease Blog 21 February 2018
It's the start of the season. You've got a healthy base of early bookings, you've adjusted your rates to snare in some more, and you're settling down for an early night before a long day of revenue management in the morning. But then, all of a sudden, you get a cancellation. And then a couple more. Before you know it, a handful of those secure early bookings have cancelled their reservation with you - and re-booked via an OTA at your recently-lowered rate.

Moving to direct and fighting for parity: the life of hotelier in Asia-Pacific

Triptease Blog 13 February 2018
Asia-Pacific, the world’s largest regional travel market, is arguably also its most exciting. An influx of visitors, especially from China, means there are opportunities aplenty for ambitious hoteliers. But competition is tough, with new businesses emerging all the time seeking to capitalize on this wave of demand.

CRM: A Hotelier's Guide, part 1 - The building blocks

Triptease Blog 6 February 2018
Hotels train staff to ask that question. But should they? We don’t think so. Firstly, posing that question to a returning guest will likely leave them feeling pretty underappreciated. Second, technology today makes it simple to find out your guests’ history and welcome them accordingly. Knowing your customers matters because it leads to better service and, all things being well, valuable repeat business.

Interview: What will Gopher do for the direct booking revolution?

Triptease Blog 29 January 2018
Until last year, the word gopher simply referred to a puffy-cheeked, fur ball of an animal. Now it's a tool many hoteliers will have on their radar. Launched in November by the team behind The Guestbook — the rewards programme for independent and boutique brand hotels — Gopher, an internet browser extension, powers up while customers are searching for rooms via OTAs. It pledges to "dig up a better deal" than the OTA finds and when it does, it redirects the customer to the hotel website to complete the reservation. We spoke to The Guestbook founder and veteran hotelier James Gancos about the product, what's in it for hotels and the current mood in the hospitality industry.

Blockchain for hotels: What you need to know (and what you don't)

Triptease Blog 19 January 2018
Here are three reasons why we think blockchain should be something that hoteliers have on their radar: It has the potential to vastly reduce the market share of OTAs and intermediaries. It could make it a lot easier (and cheaper) for hoteliers to introduce new technology to their operations. It might just be one (possible!) solution to the problem of rogue wholesale rates.

Booking engine conversion rates: How do you measure up?

Triptease Blog 8 January 2018
If there's one thing we know about at Triptease, it's online conversion rates. The funnel leading from curious website visitor to satisfied hotel guest is one we spend every day tracking, tweaking and optimising for the thousands of hotels we work with - and we know that some hotels are being held back by a booking engine that's simply not working hard enough for them.

[WATCH] Charm your guests with a chatbot concierge

Triptease Blog 4 January 2018
When it comes to the chatbot debate, we're reminded of that sage advice, given by Hyatt's Sanchit Rege at the 2017 Direct Booking Summit. While many of the world's hotels are just beginning to dip their toe into the world of live chat and chatbots, consumers worldwide are getting used to the whole of their online activity being centred around messaging. For many people, having the option to message a business or service is the expected norm.

Year in review: 12 months of Triptease

Triptease Blog 19 December 2017
Was it just us or did 2017 go really fast? But they say time flies when you’re having fun and we had a truly amazing year. From working with thousands of incredible hoteliers, to hosting not one but two Direct Booking Summits and opening the doors of our Singapore office - we packed a whole lot into the past 12 months and we had a blast doing it. Read on for our best moments of the year…

What's in store for hotels in 2018?

Triptease Blog 18 December 2017
With 2017 drawing to a close, Triptease is taking a look back at the past year in hospitality and to make some predictions for the coming 12 months. Neither is an easy task when you consider just how different the industry looks today than it did on January 1st; who would have thought that by December we’d be talking about the potential for direct bookings to come through OTAs? But since we love a challenge, we’ve given it a go anyway.

The OTA that chats back: Booking.com's chatbot rolled out worldwide

Triptease Blog 13 December 2017
The 'Booking Assistant' chatbot feature will now be available to English-language bookings worldwide, Booking.com announced yesterday. According to Booking, the chatbot 'empowers customers to get first-line support for their upcoming bookings, including timely responses to their most common stay-related requests, all through a single intuitive chat interface.'

OTA commissions are up, but you're still winning. Here's why...

Triptease Blog 13 December 2017
"A year of hard work and my OTA commissions still went up!" Sound familiar? At the end of a year in which we learned that 'Book Direct' campaigns really do work, it's surely frustrating to many hoteliers that their OTA commission fees have only continued to rise. While the big brands might be managing to keep their numbers flat (thanks to a focus on loyalty, and investment in 'Book Direct' marketing spend), smaller properties might be seeing as much as 25% growth in the cash they spend on OTAs each year. So how do you measure the success of a 'Book Direct' campaign if it feels like you've already lost the battle? How much of a growth in commission is too much? Well, things may be better than they seem.

Live Chat: A Hotelier's Guide

Triptease Blog 22 November 2017
Chances are, the answer is yes. Live chat may have been optional in 2017. In 18 months' time, it's going to be as necessary for charming guests as free wifi. For hotels, messaging is uniquely important. The 'business' of hospitality is based on communication and relationships between people. Increased automation should not mean the loss of people-oriented service; indeed, it's the technology of live chat that will allow hoteliers worldwide to deliver their individualised service at scale.

The best of hotel tech from the 2017 PhocusWright Conference

Triptease Blog 14 November 2017
Anticipation is always high leading up to the PhocusWright Conference. What new ideas are being pitched? Which startups are getting traction? Who will be the next disruptive influence on the travel industry? Below are a few of the best hospitality startups we came across at the event. These companies are driving the type of innovation that can really impact hotels.

Spotlight on... Direct Booking Strategies

Triptease Blog 13 November 2017
How do the industry's most successful hoteliers achieve their goals? Download the report for guidance on OTAs, live chat, metasearch, loyalty and

WTM report: The chatbot debate - are they a do or a don't?

Triptease Blog 8 November 2017
At WTM this week and away from the enormous crowds, the Thai boxers, the Brazilian samba dancers and the mini jungles (courtesy of Costa Rica's stand!), a data scientist from Expedia Affiliate Networks was quietly arguing the case for chatbots in hospitality.

Where to find the hotel industry's best-kept secrets

Triptease Blog 25 September 2017
Direct booking demigods. High-occupancy heroes. How do the best hotels do it so well? There's still time to join us at the Direct Booking Summit in New York this week, where we'll be asking some of the industry's highest-profile hoteliers to share the secrets to their success. When we were planning the Direct Booking Summit, we had one criteria for speakers. They had to bring real-life strategies to the table. If hotels are going to take time out of their jam-packed schedules to attend our event, we want to make sure we're delivering the highest-quality content that is going to make their jobs - and lives! - a whole lot easier. Luckily, both hoteliers and tech providers were more than happy to step up to the plate.

Ilio, meet Ilio: introducing the Direct Booking Platform to its namesake

Triptease Blog 28 July 2017
Yesterday, Triptease HQ in London had the incredible honour of welcoming Ilio Chiocci to the office. Legendary among barmen and hoteliers the world over, Ilio is the true embodiment of hospitality in every sense of the word. Full of stories, humanity, and warmth, Ilio truly lived up to everything we were trying to achieve with the Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition.

Sometimes it's the simple things

Triptease Blog 27 July 2017
I spent today at the Revenue Strategy Summit hosted by Duetto, SHG and Kalibri Labs. There was much talk of technology’s role in improving guest experiences and shaping the role of the Revenue Manager. Topics close to my heart. But as I thought about my last few hotel stays, something quite different jumped out. I recently took my wife for a four-day break to Turks & Caicos - two nights in one hotel, and two nights in another. In the first hotel I encountered some minor issue and found myself asking for help at reception. It took a full hour to resolve, with the receptionist running back and forth between me and the GM - who was apparently sitting in an office directly behind reception. As I gradually became more frustrated, I asked whether it might be easier for me to speak directly to the GM, but he preferred to remain comfortably behind his locked door.

The undercutting trend you don't know about yet

Triptease Blog 21 June 2017
Hotels know they need to be watching their parity. Rate undercutting is so widespread that it's taken as a given, and, in this industry, a successful ecommerce business depends on the alert hotelier keeping their eye out for stray disparities. And, on an individual night basis, hotels aren't doing too badly at managing their rate parity. Across our client base, room rates shown for a one-night stay are being undercut around 5.8% of the time. But that undercut rate increases dramatically to 11% for a four-night stay - and 16% once the length of stay reaches 10 days.

Apple Business Chat vs. Facebook Messenger: what's best for hotels?

Triptease Blog 13 June 2017
Never one to lag behind, Apple are testing Facebook's mettle with the launch of their new iMessage integration, Business Chat. Apple's new feature will allow users to open an iMessage window from a variety of different apps and start a conversation with a business. Unlike Facebook Messenger, whose business functionality is centred around chatbots, Business Chat is currently limited to human-to-human conversations. But that doesn't mean it's all talk - businesses can also schedule appointments and process payments through their iMessage windows.

Tease of the Day: 3 Types of Loyalty

Triptease Blog 18 April 2017
We often hear that customer loyalty is a thing of the past. Easily comparable pricing and instant access to information put paid to brand partisanship. But maybe loyalty is just diversifying. On stage at the Skift Forum Europe, Mr & Mrs Smith co-founders Tamara Heber-Percy and James Lohan suggested there were three types of 'loyal' customers. Those fixated on points-collecting, those who value quality of service, product or brand, and those loyal to price above all else.

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