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Hotel trends in 2018

Mews Blog 5 January 2018
Every year, the colour experts at the Pantone Colour Institute read the proverbial tea leaves and proclaim a colour of the year. For those that missed it, this year it’s Pantone 18-3838, also known as ultra violet, and, according to the company, it alludes to the mysteries of the cosmos and the unknown…

How to find the right price

Mews Blog 4 December 2017
90 percent of the world’s hotel properties still don’t use a proper revenue management solution despite the potential revenue uplift it could give of over 20 percent. Why? Because it is hard to do. To do it right, hundreds of thousands of pricing decisions would need to be taken every year. Curiously, those 90 percent who don’t have a proper solution mostly use a manual entry spreadsheet that can't forecast anything. Ideally hotels should be trying to guess what customers are actually willing to pay but it takes some complex statistics and heavy science to get close. In short, to do revenue management in a smart way is too costly and time consuming for individual hotels to achieve.

All you need to know about hotel door locks

Mews Blog 17 November 2017
Locks and keys are undergoing a rare historic shift from mechanical to electronic, after having evolved little for millennia. The foundations for the current change were laid in 1975 when Tor Sørnes patented the first electronic keycard lock and opened a new market for programmable locks and the potential for a range of authentication methods. Half a century later, it seems we are only now starting to glimpse the potential for electronic lock technology.

Transparency: The Final Frontier (in PMS sales)

Mews Blog 13 November 2017
The decision to change property management systems for many hotels can be a daunting affair to say the least. Data migration, changes in operational processes and the inefficiency to re-train staff are just a few of the major concerns which hotels and hostels raise when switching to a new PMS. In fairness, these reluctancies are understandable, considering the implementation process which many PMS providers currently offer.

Why a demo environment is key when switching PMS [Mewscast]

Mews Blog 13 November 2017
In this episode of Mewscast, Richard, Matt and Greg discuss the on-boarding process for hotels when switching to a new PMS and the importance of a demo

The future of hotel housekeeping

Mews Blog 6 November 2017
Frictionless internal communication is what creates the “magic” guests feel when entering a well-run hotel. But there are some departments that have an intrinsically high level of miscommunication and misunderstanding that, if not corrected, can lead to open rivalry and blame games between employees whenever things hit the proverbial fan. The traditionally turbulent relationship between the front office and housekeeping department is too often the headline act and, as with any sibling rivalry, is based entirely on the quality of communication between the two.

Key takeaways from the Hotel Technology Revolution Forum

Mews Blog 1 November 2017
Last month, the great and the good of the hotel tech industry gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the future of hospitality and the trends in hotel tech. If you missed out, here are the key takeaways from the conference that featured hundreds of attendees and dozens of hotel tech solutions at the bleeding edge of the hospitality industry.

Why moving from offline to online payments will future-proof your hotel

Mews Blog 9 October 2017
The seamless automation of payments using an online payment gateway is becoming essential for both an excellent guest experience and robust cyber security. Do you have any credit card data stored in your back office? If so, then, like many hotels, you may be at grave risk. The threat of data fraud is real and using clunky payment terminals or asking guests to fax or email card details is like leaving your back door open for hackers and fraudsters.

How hotels and hostels can supercharge direct bookings

Mews Blog 11 September 2017
The reality within the hotel industry is that online travel agencies (OTAs) are increasingly favoured by travellers who would rather have one seamless booking option than dozens of confusing booking engines offering irrelevant products and outdated loyalty schemes. For all of us within the industry, this is no longer news and persistent marketing campaigns by the likes of TripTease have served to underline it.

Podcast: Removing the reception desk, the demands of the millennial traveler and how to overcome the challenges of implementing new technology

Mews Blog 22 August 2017
Can you remove the reception desk from a hotel? Matthijs, Richard and Greg discuss the many challenges of innovating traditional processes from within a hotel. “There’s always been this need in hotels, to be be behind this desk, and it's never changed” explains Greg. But as Matthijs explains, Richard did this successfully in his first hotel project at The Emblem hotel. He actually said, "I'm going to remove that reception desk and we'll see what happens." Listen to the podcast below to find out what happens when you remove the reception desk, how you can automate your billings process and why guests actually prefer online check-in.

The trouble with being an Oracle (Why the move to a Cloud mindset is always painful)

Mews Blog 31 January 2017
When Oracle purchased Micros back in 2014 for $5,3 billion, they gave us all the expectation (and instilled a fear in companies like ours) that they were taking this industry-leading product and were going to improve on it. Since then, most of us had expected that there must be a secret, hidden product being built, and once released it will have retained all the value of the existing version, while expanding functionality and ease of use. To this day, I wonder if the acquisition incorporated a process where actual customers, who work with the system day-in-day-out, were asked which features and improvements would make its solutions a front-runner once again.

Mews Systems raises 1.5m EUR to accelerate and innovate hotel management

Mews Blog 25 November 2016
Mews Systems announces that it has successfully raised a 1.5m EUR investment from Axivate Capital, to help accelerate the growth of its Property Management Platform. Mews has built a complete cloud enterprise solution for hotels and hostels, and the only solution which features a fully integrated online check-in procedure. The fully mobile solution comes with integrations into 35 industry partners, guest concierge application, web booking engine, open APIs and a fantastic user interface that allows quick and easy training and onboarding.

General Managers: 7 changes you could make today to make an instant improvement across every department

Mews Blog 19 October 2016
As a general manager, every decision you make is scrutinised by your staff, and so being a leader requires you to affect every department in your hotel. However, managers often rise through the ranks of a specific department, and are, understandably so, not necessarily comfortable leading some of the other departments.

Defying the Odds - The insanity of building your own PMS

Mews Blog 29 August 2016
Richard and I met each other 6 years ago at a Czech Fashion Show, where they were presenting last season’s collection to a crowd of hipsters, bloggers and 2 misplaced hoteliers. Richard told me about his vision for a hotel he was building in the heart of Prague, and how technology was going to be a big factor in making it the most forward thinking hotel in the city.

A painless PMS switch - dream or reality?

Mews Blog 12 August 2016
Back when I was 25, I worked as the Front Office Manager at the Hilton Prague, a monster hotel of 800 bedrooms with a front office team of 65 persons. One unfortunate night we ran into a problem with our PMS and we learned that it was going to take several hours for the system to come back up and our latest backup report was 6 hours old.

Overcoming the Challenges of Revenue Management in Hostels

Mews Blog 22 July 2016
A revenue manager's role is like playing financial Tetris in that you are trying to smooth out your inventory, leave no inventory free across any bed category (this will ensure people get rates and availability returned when searching 4 or more nights), knowing when to sell a bed as a bed category, keep enough rooms for the groups department, group together bed bookings to ensure rooms stay on sale...the list goes

How Booking.com, Expedia & TripAdvisor are helping hotels drive more direct bookings!

Mews Blog 6 June 2016
Let’s be honest, if you’ve visited the Internet lately, it’s not hard to find AdWords ads from Booking.com, Expedia or TripAdvisor. Big spenders! During my time as a Digital Solution Manager at Booking.com - focusing primarily on helping hotels with their online branding - I noticed that many hotels were complaining about Booking.com and it’s online “presence”. Spending millions of dollars yearly on Google Adwords has made hotels feel as though Booking.com was trying to steal their thunder. Luckily for hotels, they still have the billboard effect. And although the latest studies have shown that this effect (a term OTAs use to describe their ability to provide free exposure to hotels and hotel brands to consumers who then make their booking at the hotel’s website) is on the decline, it is still there. Use It!

5 common mistakes to avoid when deciding on a Cloud Platform

Mews Blog 30 May 2016
When we started our business 3,5 years ago and built our PMS solution as Cloud-first, we thought we would get a lot of resistance from hoteliers on the safety of the cloud and potential Internet connectivity challenges. Looking back, this was probably the least of our worries in selling our solution to hoteliers. Most small independent hotels we initially focused on, were still receiving bookings from leading OTA’s via fax machines, processing credit cards by hand and manually entering bookings and payments into the PMS. The security of a Cloud system was the least of their worries.

Checking-in, Receptionist or Robot?

Mews Blog 26 May 2016
I recently read an online story where I found out that actual robots are running Hotel reception desks in Japan, not just any Robot, a Dinosaur Robot! Now although this gimmick would initially be a novelty, I’m not sure that when I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi or I’ve locked myself out of the safe in my room that said Dinosaur would be able to assist me to find a resolution to my problem. I find that although they have made a stand and gone with actual Robots to run their desks, Reception desks worldwide are already filled with Robotic sounding team members!

The Future of Hospitality

Mews Blog 16 May 2016
Many of us look at today’s world and see that our lifetimes have been marked by relentless innovation, no matter how large or small. As for myself (born in 1983), I am officially part of the last generation to have known an unconnected world without mobile devices. It is strange to note how much these devices, which at first seemed to be used only as portable telephones, are now capable of making our lives so much easier and more natural. We often forget how unnatural things like credit cards, locks and keys actually are. They were essential technologies back in the day, but now, since we can carry all these things in one device which can also serve as an easy verification of our identity, there's less need for these kinds of barriers.

The joy of... Promotions

Mews Blog 13 May 2016
We've decided to highlight another of our favourite, but highly under-utilised features of Hotel Booking Engines: "Promotion Codes". Creating custom landing pages on your website, for different types of guests, can drive significantly more conversion and direct bookings. Landing Pages I thought I might just start out here, because this might be a bit of a new thing for those of you making your first steps into the world of E-commerce marketing and explain the basics on Landing Pages. These are, in effect, a clever tool with which internet marketers make sure that you are guided to a specific page, which can be targeted to generate a specific action - whether it is to generate clicks to gain access to a specific service, or just to make sure that the user can gain access to a specific page dedicated to one piece of information you are offering (here's a great primer - full disclosure, I hesitate to link to it, as its a commercial site designed for landing page optimisation. Alternatively you can get started with more affordable tools - this is a good list).

Hotel Housekeeping - Are we turning the Technological Hospital Corner?

Mews Blog 13 May 2016
Throughout my career in Hospitality I have had the pleasure of working with many experienced and very much understated Housekeepers and Housekeeping Managers, the daily grind of ensuring only the highest level of cleanliness certainly takes its toll on your limbs and lumber back and the physical aspect of such an integral part of Hotel operations is often under estimated and undervalued. The quiet, un-imposing members of this department speedily glide through your Hotel floor to return your chosen dwelling to the pristine state you found it in.

7 ways how hotels can instantly improve sales by cleverly using their guest data

Mews Blog 12 May 2016
When I first started in a commercial role in hotels about 10 years ago, I remember the data-gaps in our knowledge, based on which we had to make serious business decisions. Some of the interesting things I remember that came up from our PMS reports: - A huge amount of guests came from Afghanistan, which seemed strange for a hotel based in Prague with no direct flights

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