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6 Top Travel and Hospitality Technology Trends for 2019

Handy Travel Blog 14 December 2018
As we approach the end of the year, we look at some of the top technology trends hitting the travel and hospitality industry in 2019. As hotel rooms and booking processes become increasingly digitized and connected, traveling has become more convenient and personalized. The coming year will take this to the next level through wider technological adoption and proliferation.

How Can AI Technology Manage the Hotel Guest Experience

Handy Travel Blog 29 November 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is estimated to increase hotel revenues by over 10% and reduce costs by 15%.Some of the practical examples of how hotels can manage the guest experience include increasing operational efficiencies, improving in-stay experiences through targeted communication and personalization brought about by AI technology.

Why Hotel Complimentary Smartphones Can Refresh Your Travel Experience

Handy Travel Blog 29 August 2018
Smartphones have significantly transformed the way we travel. A study by Google and PhocusWright indicates that over 70% of US travelers ‘always’ use their smartphones when traveling now, as opposed to a much lesser 41% back in 2015. What warrants this new trend?

The New HotelPortal Statistics Dashboard

Handy Travel Blog 10 August 2018
A new way to analyze your statistics — The New Hotel Portal Statistics Dashboard introduces better visualization with a simpler and more intuitive approach. Meet a familiar user experience that continues to deliver up-to-date insights to keep hotels in the know. See how many devices are online, activated, and in use at a glance. What’s the difference? We’ve included a list of important terms below to bring you up to speed on what’s what. Keep reading!

10 ways to engage with your guest using handy Push Messages

Handy Travel Blog 9 August 2018
handy Push Messages can help you stay connected with in-stay guests. Bring focus to other parts of your business as time-consuming, day-to-day tasks are eliminated. Behavioral insights and guest preferences fuel more personalized communication — send a welcome note from the General Manager, celebrate a guest's special occasion or simply remind your guests to leave a review before departing the hotel.

The Power of Hotel Technology Integrations on Guest Experiences

Handy Travel Blog 30 July 2018
Gartner research predicts that the hospitality industry is projected to be the fastest growing enterprise IT sector between 2018 and 2021 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1 percent. In the past 12 months companies have shifted their focus to the interoperability of systems.

VR-Amplified Hotel Guest Experience

Handy Travel Blog 27 June 2018
VR (Virtual reality) is fast growing with the sales of hardware headsets projected to increase by 2.2 billion in 2017 to 19 billion USD in 2020. The consumer market for VR is expected to have an annual growth of 70% over the next five years, and travel brands are pushing their experimentations with VR to deliver a new experience.

Amplifying the Hotel Guest Experience with Virtual Reality

Handy Travel Blog 27 June 2018
VR (Virtual reality) is fast growing with the sales of hardware headsets projected to increase by 2.2 billion in 2017 to 19 billion USD in 2020. The consumer market for VR is expected to have an annual growth of 70% over the next five years, and travel brands are pushing their experimentations with VR to deliver a new experience.

Hotel In-Room Technology Trends in Southeast Asia

Handy Travel Blog 30 May 2018
Southeast Asia has remained a strong performer in hospitality and tourism, attracting 120 millions visitors. To accommodate the increasing demand, the number of hotel rooms is on the rise. According to Hotelworks 2017 hotel residences market trends report, Southeast Asia is expecting hotel room growth to 45,000 by 2020.

Why Hotels Should Enhance In-room Dining with Technology

Handy Travel Blog 26 February 2018
Hotels have recently begun to question the use of in-room dining as part of their hotel service, so much so that the New York Hilton Midtown has stopped offering room service completely. While some hotels no longer see the benefit of having this service, there still remains a high demand for the amenity from guests.

7 Hospitality Technology companies providing the future of In-stay experience

Handy Travel Blog 29 January 2018
With so many new hospitality technologies entering the market, it can be challenging for hotel managers to know what to consider. It’s important that the hotel industry keeps up with other travel companies to increase guest personalization and loyalty. According to a case-study by EyeforTravel there are seven guest experience solutions that hoteliers should consider when looking for the right technology, we’ve categorized them as below.

Discover How Hoteliers are Saving Service Costs with Chatbots

Handy Travel Blog 29 January 2018
Chat communication has become the norm for many people over the last few years due to it's easy and efficient nature. With more consumers preferring chat messaging over phone or face to face communication, it’s important for the hospitality industry to consider their services. According to research conducted by PhocusWright, “39% of people surveyed said they are completely comfortable using chat to contact the hotel front desk, while only 7% said they would not be.”

5 Top Hotel Technology Trends for 2018

Handy Travel Blog 18 December 2017
2018 will see a breakthrough in five technologies for the hospitality industry.Some hotels have already acquired and tested the technologies on this list.We anticipate hotels to continue expanding their service portfolio to guests through them.

The Best Hotel Technologies For Learning About Your Guests

Handy Travel Blog 13 November 2017
Guest service technologies are changing incredibly quickly. Every week we’re hearing announcements about new products designed to improve the delivery of guest services and improvements to the ones we already use. Most of these products and improvements are based on the use of smart technologies that are able to learn from their interactions with people and improve their service, and we’re quickly reaching the tipping point where the usefulness of these products becomes great enough, and the cost low enough, for widespread use.

Which Technologies Are Impacting the Hospitality & Travel Industry?

Handy Travel Blog 7 November 2017
Traveling used to be finding out about yourself, and getting lost in the adventure. Enjoying the mystery of the unknown. But when information is available instantly at your fingertips, it’s easy to let the mystique go and focus on all the useful things you can do with the technology in your pocket. Several new technologies are changing the travel and hospitality landscape. Some brands are getting ahead of the game by adopting new tech early, and are even setting up their own development studios. It’s a positive sign of how seriously the industry as a whole is embracing technology. Here are the top six technologies that we see making a serious impact on the travel business.

The Future Of Guest-Facing Hotel Technologies

Handy Travel Blog 16 October 2017
Guest facing hotel technologies are undergoing a fundamental shift. Over the next few decades guest-facing technology is going to take a central and interactive role in hospitality. We already know it’s going to put a lot of people out of jobs, but still, it’s hard to imagine that interactive technology could ever actually ever take the place of the hospitality industry’s most valuable resource: helpful, friendly people. It is certain, though, that interactive smart technologies will add a new dimension to guest service that we’ve never seen before.

How To Increase Hotel Bookings And Ancillary Revenue On Mobile

Handy Travel Blog 22 September 2017
Mobile search and direct mobile bookings (especially in-destination bookings) have increased sharply over the past several years and are expected to continue growing. Although consumers still tend to research across devices, and continue to prefer to make bookings on desktop devices, the growing importance of mobile can’t be denied. These trends reveal powerful opportunity to increase direct bookings -- especially from travelers already in-destination.

4 Things Hotels Should Consider when Investing in Technology

Handy Travel Blog 15 May 2017
Hotels are looking for innovative and efficient ways of delivering high quality experiences to keep up with both competitors and customer expectations with more than half of hotels (57%) planning to spend more on technology in 2017 than they did last year. From online booking to checking-out, hotels are relying on technology to deliver high quality service throughout the entire customer journey. According to Hospitality Technology magazine, in 2017 the top strategic goal for hotels is to improve digital customer engagement (52%), helping to create better experiences for guests before, during and after their stay.

How Can Hotels Uplift RevPAR with New Ideas

Handy Travel Blog 24 April 2017
The future of hospitality is not necessarily a bleak one, but certainly an environment of change. Globally, there is a weakening demand for hotels yet a steady increase in competition. PwC Hospitality Directions predicted the lodging supply growth to accelerate to 1.9% in 2017, approaching the long-term average of 2.0%, for the first time since 2009 when supply increased at a faster pace than the long-term average.

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